House Charts for 2011!

December 31st, 2011

Zer0 One - Remixed
Gage-Sharp Eyes EP
Grimehouse - Drumstep Devil
Macabre Unit Vs Rowl (ICU)-Think About Time
Sorrow-Broken Moments EP
Whyrez Feat Abi Flynn-Six In The Morning EP
xKore - Lazershark EP
Digibox - I See You
Andy Mccall - Spirit 2011 Remix
JP And Jukesy - Back Into Time
Valex - Helichopter
Valex And Andy Farley - Dr. Dot
Zarina Taylor-Maybe That Someone Could Be You
VA-Dance Classics New Jack Swing Vol.2
VA-Dance Classics Summer Edition
Electric Balkan Jazz Club-Balkan Dogs
Systema Solar-Systema Solar
VA-Cumbia Bestial
Bishop feat Ant Johnson-The Into Orbit EP-WARPED045-SEXY NEW YEAR
Cube Hard and Darwin-Dark and Light Passion Is Obsession-HUDIGI032-SEXY NEW YEAR
Darwin and Fracus-I Try Madjik-HUDIGI034-SEXY NEW YEAR
RoughSketch Vs Ozigiri - Doppelganger Genocide
Alex Sonata-Wait For It
Alex Tasty-The Fortune
Andrew Stets And Inside The Sound-November Days
Andrey Subbotin And Kristian Black-Happy New Year
Andy Rojas
Andy Rojas
Axion-Drnk Txts (Original Mix)
Bart Alevsen
Benani Omar
Bits And Buzz-Last Your Shadow
Chris Hover-Lost Identity
Chris J
Chris Summers - Disco Stomp
Cyrus.Strictly And Sullivan-Moment In The Distant
Dario Assenzo And John Gucci Feat Saeeda-Leave Me (Original Mix)
Dishop-Camino A Tepetan
DJ Arkangel-Farther Down
DJ Ramsa Ghost
Domenico Cetrangolo-Soraya (Original Mix)
Drumflow-Breakspace EP
E.F.G-Musical Kit
Egmundo-Rising Melody (Original Mix)
Eitan Carmi
Fady Aswad And Ceasar K
Gaspanic-Keep Love On Your Side (Original Mix)
Iio-Itll Be Like (Remixes)
Inout Feat Rachel
Kunterbunt-Cello Slash
Lew Asby-Lost Asilum
Lui-Sundown Records
Mac Monroe And Mooli-On My Way Home
Marco Zappala Presents Alma Nata
Meandthee-Lost Memories
Michael Lambart-Break Point
Miguelstyle And DJ Site-Silvania (Original Mix)
Mikkel Ymer-Zom (Original Mix)
Nicola Veneziani feat Sam Wood - One Night-(GO 2902902)
Nicoloas Dominguez-Drusila (Original Mix)
Oraine In A Million
Patrick Del Rey-Disconnected (Remixes)
Progx Project-A New Beginning
Public Invasion Project
Richard Knott - Escape
Ricky Pedretti - Dont Try This At Home-(EXP 1547D)
Robert Sancho-Cloud Of Water
Rodrigo Hasson-Perfect Harmony (Remixes)
SCSI-9-Sunny Side Up Remixes
Simon Firth-Lemon Saturn
Spaceline-Tell Me
Sulumi-Too Late To Die Young
TH3-V0RT3X-Dream States
Tip Doris And Oleg Nych
Tolga Diler-I Miss You
Ultra Soul Project-Keepin It Deep
VA-Azuli Presents Global Guide 11
VA-Azuli Presents Ibiza 11
VA-Azuli Presents Miami 11
Vladimirson-A Ray Of Sunshine
Woox Feat Paolo Ravley-Overdose Of Sex
X-Mode-Its On You (Club Extended)
Zervos Panagiotis
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 933U
Baktun 130000
Acid Trooper-The Mentalist
Amplify-Rock It
Arjuna Project-Arjuna Project
Braindrop-Primitive Future
Corona-Deep Delicious
Cyklones-Paris By Night
Digicult-Into The Heartland
Digital Culture-Psychdelic Experience
Etic-Ready 2 Light And Body Resonance EP
Green Cosmos-Access Denied
Heterogenesis-Invisible Essence
In Lak Ech-Ground Zero
Interactive Noise-Undercover Agent
Jandb Project-Light On
Johann Bley-Ramp Up
Mechanimal-Dreamwalker EP
Mekanical Mind-Deadly Meeting
Mind Storm-Guiders Of The Storm
Organic Soup-Crystal Revelations
Paraphone-Plastic Voltage
Perfect Stranger - Nobodys Perfect (Rocky Remix)
Poli-Hollyweird EP
Psysun Vs. Ares-Ayahuasca Sagrada Remixes Compiled By Ares
Random Mode-Electronic LSD
Sonic Entity And Man Machine
Sonic Entity-Higher Overrun
Sonic Entity-Shell Shock
Space Vision-On The Time
Spoonhead-Liquid Limerick
Stereospheric-Psychodelic Question
Swingin Beats-Lights On
Tropical Bleyage
VA-Holographic Universe
VA-Psyconnection Part 2
VA-Vibers Sound Of Dream EP
Vortex-Digital Box
Wavemotion-Contrail Dreams
Alessio Mereu And Xpansul-Moldy Oscillator
Alpine-Galapine EP
Ambassador Inc - Melody Of Nature EP
Balthazar And Jackrock
Beatbastards - Invisible
Beatbastards - Remixes
Biodub-Reisegefaehrte Remixes (KI007)
Child-Ancient Tales Of The Smoke Viper (HAUL018)
Coone - The Challenge (Evil Activities Remix)-(DWX054)-Onesided Vinyl
Coone - Universal Language
Coone And Scope DJ - Traveling
Coone And Zatox - Audio Attack
Da Tweekaz - Nothingness EP
Dani Sbert-Crush Me Shadows
Demoniak - Fuck And Party
DJ Mystery - Choose Life
Dyno - Fango
Hollen-Re Smoke
Jose M And TacoMan-Four Double Six
Kasa Remixoff And Ahmed Khalaf-Pure Silver (Original Mix)
Kostya Koks-What The Fuck
M.A.N.D.Y. And Booka Shade-Home Remixes Pt 2
Marco Bailey And Tom Hades-Final Lap EP
Mladen Tomic-Sushi Evolution Part 2
Pablo Denegri - Fall
Picon-Summer Rain
Psyko Punkz - Dreamer No Fear-(DWX062)-Onesided Vinyl
Reverb-Pollen Colorless EP
Rob Stalker - Welcome To Hell
Roy Rosenfeld-Brownies Last Change
Ruthless And Fenix - Back2skool EP
Squaresushi-Nu Branzine
The Vision - History Of Life EP
Tim Wolff-Get Ready (WOLF022)
VA - Summer Sampler 1
VA - Summer Sampler 2
VA-Circle 2011 Part 2
VA-Material Digi 009
Duneflyer-Another World (Original Mix)
Majai-Sprite (The Remixes)
Spherical Bloom
VA-100 Minutes Of 2011 (Selected And Mixed By Dash Berlin)
VA-100 Minutes Of 2011 (Selected And Mixed By Markus Schulz)
VA-Trance 2k12 Music Is the Passion

December 30th, 2011

Chronos - Space Sweets And Logical Beats (SMR036)
Dubsective - Bitches
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 295
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 296
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 297
Audio Force-Hitting Switches (B2T 028)
Code Red-I Can Make You Dance (B2T 026)
Crazy Klubber - Donk Louder Vol. 2
Dream Dance Alliance - Frozen (The Mixes)
Gennadiy Adamenko
Iain Cross-Next Phaze
Jack And John-Let It Rock (BBR 3)
Kandy Rush - I Feel You
KS2 And Justin Daniels And Jamie R-My Level (B2T 022)
Section 1 - Kill The Silence Get The Noise
VA-Europa FM (Levantate Y Cardenas And Ponte A Prueba)
Xabbi R And Elias DJ Presentan-Everywhere (UR001)
Avis Vox Pres. Loolacoma
Bart B More And Rubix - Ari
Dare2disco And Futureflashs - Escape
Deckard-For A Better Tomorrow
The Bloody Beetroots - Church Of Noise (Remixes)
The Bloody Beetroots - Church Of Noise
Aboutblank And KLC Feat. DJ Bo-Gaensehaut (Im 7. Himmel)
Adam M And Frank Farrell - Sausage And Nuts
Anthony Louis feat. Rvj King-Jamaica (Incl. 2K11 Versions)
Buy One Get One Free - Single Pringle
Christian Sims - Acid Killer
DJ Absinth - Diva
Djsakisp - Fall In Love Again
Dr Kucho-Ill Be There For You
El Dusty - K Le Pasa
Felguk - Bassive EP
Gianni Vitale feat Reb - Freak It-(366158 5804574)
Grieche and Vokal - Kleiner Leuchtturm
Kolombo And Oliver Klein
Mar-T - Whos Got Samba
Mat Joe - Walking By and Fly Forever EP
Nathalie De Borah - Runnin
Niki Belucci Antonyo and Andreas - House Down
Paul Soir-Get Out
Pink Fluid feat Mr V - We Rock The World
Rob Estell and Stereoliner - You Talk Too Much
Simone Zino-Origins E.P
Stellar Project - Get Up Stand Up (Remixes 2011)-(361015 0277886)
Stereoliner and Sven Laakenstyk - No More Drugs
Thomas Heat - Bodypaint
Tim Mason
Tod Terry and House Of Gypsies-Samba Incl. Matteo Dimarr Remix
VA - Sunshine Live Mix Mission 2011
VA-Christmas House And Dance Selection
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 304
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 305
Yianna Katsoulos - Fais Moi Lamour Comme Un Francais-(361015 0395092)
Zoo Brazil - Slob
Marie Digby-Your Love
Mulo Francel and Evelyn Huber-Songs of Spices
VA - OE3 Greatest Hits Vol 56
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 101
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 162
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 163
Wim Mertens-Zee Versus Zed
Yanni-Truth of Touch RETAIL
VA-Assassinations - The Killers
Aldo Cadiz-Sere EP
B-Front - Virus
Billuks And Chris Weber-New Order EP
Julian Poker
Pathfinder - Destiny
Ron Costa
Umek-Split EP
CDJ Glamm - The Road To Japan
Chris Tanch-Love Will Find a Way
Dr Willis - Shake The Rules
Efedry-Moments You Were Here
VA-Armada Top 15 January 2012
VA-AVA Recordings Best Of 2011
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 40 Best Of 2011
VA-Magic Island Recordings Best Of 2011

December 29th, 2011

Aidan Baker-Bach Eingeschaltet Vierter Band
Jippah - Rock This
Kill Paris - Phat Lines
Dream Dance Alliance - Frozen
Alveol-Outside Of Time
Illoom-Passing Time Until Armageddon
Marius Modal-Holy and Grace EP
RushD and Omnius
VA-Best Of Selection
4 Da People-Crazy 4 Ya Luv EP
Aboutblank Feat. DJ Bo-Gansehaut (Im 7. Himmel)
Angelus Van Hohenheim
Anna Dmee and Alexander Spoilt-Christmas Tree
Anthony P-Federique Is My Party No Stop
Arnold Tempo-Dark Cloud
Asher Perkins-Hammers On Trees
Audio Killers and Daniel Verdun-Saturday Night EP
Burche-The Winter Sea
Carlos Barbosa-Music Never Sleeps
DJ Big Samy-Be Yourself EP
Jeff and Jessy-The Magic EP
John Stevens-Step By Step
Juan Deminicis - Eternal Journey
Karim - Tina Turner
Owen Breeze and Manuel 2Santons feat Mercy Grey-Le Grand (Original Mix)
Philgood Vs Simon Kiisk
Premeson-Getting Ready
VA-Capodanno 2012
VA-High-Jack Deep Sampler
VA-House Idealistics
VA-Music Trip
VA-Tech Size Prog Summer 2011 Compilation
VA-The Best Of Divided (The Remixes Part 2)
Rihanna-You Da One Remixes
VA - Exploration Of Space And Time
Matt Cooper - Death Machine
VA-Natura Viva 2011.2
VCMG - EP1 Spock
Ilogik - I Just Cant Stop
VA-Sexy New Years Eve (Delicious Progressive Trance)

December 28th, 2011

Dexter-Great Northern Diver
Messiah-World Eater
Skream-Gritty - Phatty Drummer
Christian And Yose-Zodiak Records EP
Paul Forcer-The Bounce EP 6 (LF 006)
Paul Forcer-The Bounce EP 8 (LF 008)
Tom Berry-Is Hard Bounce EP (AWSMBC 008)
VA-Young DJs Attack
Amoss-Rah Rah Take a Side
Config-My Lif3
Dub Professors-Rhythm Tactics
Jaydan Liz E and Harvest-The Witches
Keza-No Ghosts
Neonlight Fourward and Mefjus-The Frozen Tape
Paimon and Place 2B-Incidious EP
Prolix and Dose-No One Else Serial Sinner
Receptor-Samara Crematorium VIP
Replicant-Lucky To Be Alive
Triamer-Krasnodar EP
VA-Breaking The Ice LP
VA-Harder Louder Restart
Collide-Counting To Zero
Torul-In Whole
Torul-Partially Untamed
VA-Cooperative Music-(GOSERIES86)-MAG CD
VA-Minimal Machine
Adrenokrome Feat. Mc FK
Adrenokrome VS Skeletron-Radio Pro Gen
D Tox vs Igneon System-Illumina LOscurita Contain The Pressure
Detest-The Big Exit
DJ Ari
DJ D-Tox-Son Of A Bassdrum
Hungry Beats-No Escape
Hungry Beats-Vampire Exist
Hunterwolf-Digital Chaos
Komprex-Awake The Revolution
Micropoint-Exit Mankind
Progamers Feat. Loki Lonestar-Frenchcore Sil Vous Plait
Prototype Hardcore vs Skeletron
Prototype Hardcore-8 Bit In Your Ass
Prototype Hardcore-Unknown Player
Skeletron-I Am The Darkness
Subversion Feat. System 3-Soul Vending Machine
Subversion Feat. System 3-Trouble Makers
Subversion-Dominate The Frequency
Subversion-The Game
VA - Hardcore Essentials Vol. 05
Alvaro Dacoss and Juan Alarma feat Miss Lyntty
Alvaro Dacoss and Juan Alarma feat Miss Lyntty-Subemelo (Remixes)
Behling And Simpson-Behling And Simpson EP
Corduroy Mavericks-Girl Whats Up EP
Dada Life-Happy Violence (Fan Remix)
DEF Mike-Monday Morning
Di Venuto and Cinconze-Yes Like This
DJ Dony Pikota
Dr Feelx feat Steve Di Carlo-Feel Free
Flash Brothers-All Together
Gav Fraser
Hard Science-MIA In Miami
Jack Mazzoni and Bobo Landi feat Marasco-Where Is The Problem
Jan Blomqvist-Big Jet Plane
Jean Elan And CJ Stone-Freak Out
Mark Mendes Paris and Simo
Mr High-The Loft
Nouveau Yorican-Nueva Part 2
Pasquale Maassen
Paul Young
Richard Grey Feat. Gosha-Falling Down
Scott Diaz-Change My World EP-(CONNECTD008)
Spencer Parker - A Gun For Hire Sampler B
VA-Dance Feeling
VA-Deep Down Sound Of House
VA-Disco House Sessions Volume Two
VA-House Machine
VA-House Tools Vol 1
VA-Minimal Faces
VA-Minimal Space
VA-The Best Of Divided (Minimalism Part 1)
VA-Young Talents Vol 1
Virgo-Try (Produced By Marshall Jefferson)
Arctic Light-Winters Tale
Mensah Pulsar and DJ First Aid-The Resistance
Audiowomb-Amoebae EP
David Keno
Degos and Re-Done - Yes We Know
Mic-E - Who You Are
Paul Funkee-Atom Radiac
Quantec-Panta Rei
Thomas Hessler
VA-A Kind Of Kling Klong Vol 6
VA-Bowman EP (Vinyl Edition)
VA-Gael EP
VA-Gael EP (Digital Edition)
VA-Lost Bet EP (Digital Edition)
VA-Suara Showroom 14
VA-Thanks Stand Bye
VA-The Saga
Agustin Martin-Love Parade
Chris Enforcer feat Mark Enne-Can Be Realized
Dash Berlin feat Jonathan Mendelsohn-Better Half Of Me (The Remixes Part 2)
Ferry Corsten
George Acosta Feat Emma Lock-Never Fear Incl ATB Remix
Luke Bond Feat Emel-Amaze Incl Philippe EL Sisi Remix
Marq Aurel feat Meeshaill-Something (You Cant Be) (Radio Edition)
Marq Aurel feat Meeshaill-Something (You Cant Be) (Remix Edition)
Marq Aurel feat Meeshaill-Something (You Cant Be)
Menny Strong Happy End
Nikvocciante-The Seas Dream Destiny EP
Spectra Sonics
The Airstatic

December 27th, 2011

Ido Govrin-The Revisit
Leyland Kirby-Eager To Tear Apart The Stars
Untitled-Untitled 02
B-Qll-Bunga Bunga-(100358 43)
DJ Oskar Meets Andres Ballesteros-I Gotta Let You Go
Sins Of Sound-Te Gusta-(GBR 36)
Soranna-You-(100344 26)
Dany Cohiba - Night Life
Frank Alpine-Frank Alpine
Kai Pattenberg - Drunken Machin
VA - Beatitude (LOW005)
Vlad Brickle - Hij Del Gotico EP
16 Bit Lolitas-Faster Than The Speed Of Light Stoneagebeats
Afrojack-Lost and Found 2
Alex Dimitri Feat. Raf Passiante-Signed Sealed Delivered (Incl. Fabio Tosti Remix)
Alex Dimitri-Looking For Party People
Andy Holder-Dubplate Specials (the Instrumentals)
Anthony Nicholson-Invincible EP Vol. 1
Arsam-Be Easy EP
Avery Sunshine-Ugly Part Of Me (Incl. Mike Dunn and Pirahnahead Mixes)
Bart B More feat. TAI-Nobody Canna Cross It (Di Bus Can Swim) EP
Big Moses Feat. Kenny Bobien-Brighter Days (New and Old Mixes)
Bobby DAmbrosio Feat. Latasha Jordan-O Come All Ye Faithful
Cascandy-Escapade Escapade
Children Of The Underground Feat. Tracy Brathwaite-Oh Happy Day
Chris Rockford and Dj Credo feat The Phat Mack - One Hit Wonder-(MIE 8053264544683)
Danny Clark and Jay Benham Feat. Susu Bobien-More than Enough
Dee Mac-Melodic Moments EP Vol. 2
DJ FunkyT-Talking To The Deep EP
DJ Harris Feat. Dvine-Get Down
DJ Jesus
DJ Le Baron Feat. Deepvoice-Live Your Life (Part 2) (Incl. Remixes)
DJ Muzaville and Possessed Soul-Wisdom Of Tribal Dance-(UMBO 002)
DJ Wild-Lick It EP
DjjoelS-Dark Light EP
Festina Lente-I Dont Want You EP
Francesco Bonora-Hard Work
Furniture Is Music-Back to Those Days EP
Ghostnotez-Bilk (Incl. Jay Tripwire Remix)
Joe Pompeo-Parlor Trick EP (Incl. Sonny Fodera and Husky Remixes)
Kathy Brown-Tell Me Why
Louie Gomez Feat. Sandra-YOU (Got Me Going)
Lucien Foort Feat. I-Fan-Even Angels (Incl. Remixes)
Marc Sir Dane-Its Over Set Me Free
Mark Grant
Markfunk-Attention EP
Masss-Precious Thing EP
Richard Dinsdale-Artic Circle
Rodskeez-SBS Buddhas Paradise
SiKe DJs-Double Dutch EP
Simbad Feat. Paul Randolph-Share Your Light
TAI-X-Mas Detox Mixtape
Teva-Paris At Night EP
Toto Chiavetta-Where is Love Gone
Troy Carter Feat. Dana El Masri-Changing (Incl. Remixes)
Twisted Mind
Unclesound-Make A Move
VA-Ill House You Volume 4 (OBM358)
VA-Selections 3
Wil Milton-Oyas Dance (Power Line New Jersey Tribes Mixes)
ZuluMafia Feat. Zethu-I Cant Let You Go
Atma - Music Revolution
Phaxe And Haldolium-Tide Fusion EP Vol 1
VA - Israliens V.6 Close Trance Encounters
Alex Costa-Cave Man EP
Alex Piccini-My Little Chinese Cat
Antonio Piacquadio-Brooklyn Sleaze
Daniele Tignino And Carel
FrOhmage-Spirals Spirals
Jemmy-Suede Desert
Luigi Madonna-Sensation EP
Mathias Bradler-Cable EP
Motor - Man Made Machine Ft. Martin L. Gore
Renegade DJ - Crystals
Samuel Dan-Shake It
Tommyvita And Emanuele Jacopo
VA - Hardtechno 2011
VA - Till Daybreak Meets Album Sampler 03
Saltwater Band

December 26th, 2011

Matt U-Straightened Up
The Gulf Gate Project - Project X
3 Styles-Its Not Over (GL
Mario MG And Xelu DJ Vs. Alex Cervera-Rise Again If I Had You
Urchaga And Araiz Vs Anton
VA - Italo Vs Hands Up 8 (Extended Versions)
VA-Danceclusive 4 U Jump Edition
VA-Danceclusive 4 U Vol 6
Anthony Attalla And Tone Depth
Boys Noize - Power
Gisberto-Miammi Glamm
Kotey Extra Band-Full Length
Kotey Extra Band-Full Length
Nomenklatur-Fascinated by the Chaos
Ross Evana-Deep In Thought
VA-Juno Records Christmas EP
Acetronik-Monkey Do This
Audiohertz feat Jay Jacob
Bordeauxx-Mixed Bag EP
Cheeky D-Everything Is Under Control
Chrisson-Reach EP
Club Flamingo-Nobody (MOZZ030D)
Clubstone - Fur Dich-(HHXX 069)
Dan Mckie and Phil England-Burnin Desire
Divine X-Together EP
DJ Favorite and Theory
Ed and Jen-Left Groove
Funkabit Vs. Frank Agrario-Mininova (MOZZ015D)
Godwine-Smooth Fever
House De La Funk-Back To Paris (MOZZ029D)
Jack The Hustler-Run Up
John Croodow feat Miami Marc and Gladys-The Summer Is Over
Jonathan Jaramillo And Supabass-Kids Want Techno
Jordi Castillo-Dirty Disco
Kamei-Sugarland (MOZZ031D)
Kele Vs Sander Van Doorn Feat. Lucy Taylor-What Did I Do
Keynoise-180 Euros (MOZZ022D)
La Zebra-Feel The Music EP (MOZZ023D)
Le Babar-Thinking About You (MOZZ026D)
Linkwood-Secret Value EP
Michael Froh and Sandon-Bang Bang
Mozza-Move Now and Badaboom
Peter Heard-The Alarm
Ryan Enzed
Sweet N Candy - Feel Something Say Something
Telmo feat Ross Van Leeuwen
The Bounce Collective-All My Yesterdays
The Gulf Gate Project - Kounty Biller
The H20 Project-Under The Spell Of Faun
Utku S and Garen-Mother Fucker
Cathar-First Contact
VA - Feelings Compiled By Ovnimoon
Alexis Gor
Frontliner - Producers Mind Album Sampler 01
Gathaspar-Hurry Up Pony
Main Suspect - Freedom EP
The Bluestorm
The R3belz - Armageddon EP
THERMO-Lets Groove
Andre Van Reese and Kane Nelson Pres Arkane
Cylum and Velden-Waiting For Sunrise
Smart Apes Feat Andee
Souhail Semlali-Out Of The Dark
VA-Black Hole Radio December 2011
VA-Ferry Corsten Presents Corstens Countdown December 2011

December 25th, 2011

Balkansky and Loop Stepwalker
Balkansky and Luke Stepwalker
Sam KDC-Walk The Path EP
Synkro-Stop And Think EP-(MOM027)-(MERRY XMAS)
VA - Switch Sampler
Mr. Squatch - The Beez Kneez
Cascada-Night Nurse Incl Ryan Thistlebeck Vs Dan Winter Remix
Smp2k - Der Weihnachts Albtraum
Dub Phizix And Skeptical
Darius Bassiray-What I Always Heard But Never Understood
Future Mode-Truth Vibrations
Lakker-Spider Silk
Maceo Plex-High And Sexy EP
Optiv and BTK - Drop It - Whatever
Terry Lee Brown Junior Greg Parker pres Paralleles-Jungle Bar
The Force - The 24-7 EP
Al Storm-Mental Universe-(247HC 058)
Gisbo and Last of the Mohicans Ft Dionne-Digital Desire-(AAA 001)
Neophyte - Mainiak Chapter 1
Angel-A-Music In My Head (The Remixes)
Banana Groovz and Jackie-Funky House
Carolyn Victorian-Time To Bang
Chris Harris-Hudson Square
Devoted Few Feat. Alexandria Osborne-Make You Mine
Disco Kool-Nobody Dancing
DJ Gio Mc-505-Gaucho (Bullet 1 Of 2)
DJ Mike Dixon-Gypsy Candy
Erik Rico
Evren Ulusoy
Fabian Argomedo
Lady Gaga-Marry The Night (The Remixes)
Martijn-Londonberry EP
Montana and Stewart Feat. Kafele Bandele and Eliki-Love Is The Key
Moses McClean Feat. Diamond Temple
Myles Bigelow-Electric Samba (Part 1)
Nicolas Vautier Feat. Blick Bassy-To (Incl. Manoo and Boddhi Satva Mixes)
Olivers and Riggs-Magic Mixer EP
Patrick Bo Feat. Keith Thompson-Grown Folk Music (NightRhymes Remixes)
Soy Mustafa - Return Of The Anunnaki
Stereo MCs-Sunny Day (The Remixes)
TQC-Thats Love (Remix 2011)
V.Underground Feat. Charlie Mind Game-Where You Go
VA - Switch Sampler
VA-Back On Track
Various Artists-Curl Still In Paradise
Woody Guys-Village Of Shaman
X-Tof ft Jessy - Move Your Body
Yann Fontaine-Cold Winter Away
Alex Frost-Darks Memories-(DIVTECH 003)
Analog Tone-Zen Tactics-(100349 25)
Ben Teufel-El Diabolo
Boss Axis-Cologne Menco
Dapayk Solo-Lumpaumpa Earbsbeardub
Dmarc Cantu
Edoardo Spolaore-Minimal Flu
Electric Rescue-A Better Place
Eternal Basement - Momentanien
Felix Bernhardt-DER Traegerlose HUT 17
Joseph DL-Joseph EP
Manel Diaz-Killa EP
Martin Selle
Matteo Called The Butrags-Drugs Have A Big Green Speech
Maximiljan-Napalm The Remixes Part 1
Minimal Law-Push The Button
OnOff-Sandbox EP
Redondo And Sideburn Ft Mc Chase-Cant Keep Up Remix EP
Salz - Reworks Pt. 3
Sergey Shturman-DXM EP
SQL And D-Nox - Swarm
The Beast Project vs Loud Noize Ft. Aroa - We Are Hardstylers
VA - Global Hardstyle Pounder Vol. 1
Wahrlich And Carbon - Girlande
Abstract Vision And Elite Electronic-Always Exotic
Allan V-The Answer (Jbass Edit)-DLAR 162R
Ascendant and K4ne-Relax-(UO 010)
Aureal-Black Ice-(DLAR 166)
Costa Panatazis-Child of the Guillotine (Act 2)-(MCF 07F)
Dub Delay

December 24th, 2011

Fr33m4n - Sid Tight
Tony Anthem and Axl Ender Feat. Veslemoy-Autumn EP
ADBB-International Love This Miss Lover Uptempo Mix
ADBB-Mr Know It All You Dont Know A Thing Mix
ADBB-She Makes Me Wanna
Belen-Someone Like You (New Dance Remix)
Capt Kirk-It Will Rain
DJ Party Rock-The One That Got Away In Another Life Club Mix
Fil Renzi Project and Marcello Sound feat Chessy
Giuseppe Sessini-In The Loop
Krist Van D feat. R. Mika-Christmas Time (MERRY X
Max Fortuna feat BB Coki - Stand By Me-(361015 0379818)
Pierre Cardin-Christmas Remixes Vol 1
Riky Ric-I Watussi (Nel Continente Nero)
Single Gun Theory-Burning Bright (But Unseen)
Ultra Nate and Michelle Williams-Waiting On You
VA-Afro Christmas 2011
VA-Best Beats Top 100 Vol 2
VA-Ministry Of Sound Running Trax Gold
VA-Wild Summer 2012
Audio Dealers-Pump Up Drum N Bass 2011
DJ Guv and DJ Smoksta-Gun Man
Invisible Landscape-Inner Gangsta
Konichi-Get Out Of Here
Loxy and Resound-Burning Shadows LP Sampler
Sigma-Night And Day EP Part 2
VA-Hospital Christmas Cracker EP
Breathe Carolina-Blackout The Wideboys Remixes
Clubs For Boardgames-IXTLI-Tape-Limited Edition
Depeche Mode-Behind The Wheel-(Promo CDS)
Dez Williams
Die Braut
DJ Clent-Booty Wurk
DJ Kamikaze-Gucci Gucci
Eagles For Hands-Eagles For Hands EP
Glass Teeth And Doppelganger-Split-CDR-Limited Edition
Jonny Megabyte-Voodoo EP
Kit Pop-Smoke Cloud
Mater Suspiria Vision-Pi-CDR-Limited Edition
Mental Discipline-Fallen Stars
N-Ter-Maschinen Technology
Omebi-Album-CDR-Limited Edition
Papaya Republik-Galletas Calientes
Powwoww-Album-CDR-Limited Edition
Pyramids Of MU-Walk With MU-CDR-Limited Edition
Suicidal Romance-Memories Behind Closed Curtains
United Kingdom MU-God Save The MU-CDR-Limited Edition
VA-50 Dubstep Electro Anthems Vol 1 Mashup Dance Charts Edition 2012
VA-After Midnight Chill
VA-Deja Tunes pres Deja Move In The Meantime I Have Cooked Some Vegetables
Voices From Beyond-Music For Witch House Partys Vol. 1-CDR-Limited Edition
Zanshin-Rain Are In Clouds
Soul Destroyer - Rise From Darkness EP-(DARKUL010)-MERRY XMAS
Thorax - Bad Guy EP
2HoussPeople-Chicago Style
3ANGLE and Friends-Kobra EP
3ANGLE feat Ali Roots-Self Confidence EP
Adam Coley-Detroit Scene
Adam Cooper feat Alexander Amado Johnson-Let It Go
Address Unknown-Untitled 15 16
Aemkay-From The Thick and The Thieves
Aerodromme-Bells and Whistles
Ahn-Phantom Traveler
Aid To Soulless feat Desia Night Mixes
Aj Mora-SYNRG Sessions Vol 3
Al Jerry
Alan Gilmour-Jato Unit
Albin Mombrun
Alessxander-Mr Mustache
Alex OSN Feat Cj Keet-Her Name Was America
Alexander Zhakulin-City In The Clouds
Alexdoparis and Pierre Decastel-Mambo Mango
Alim Martin Volt and Le Que feat. Andy P. - Stay Or Go
Alvaro Vela-The End Unpublished
Andrea Kerubini feat Mario Bross
Andrea LP-Underground Network
Andrea Polysinth-Drive Me Crazy
Andrea Toma-Dreaming of Brazil
Andreas Schoeneberg-Weisse Nacht
AndreewB and Jorayo-I Do You Do We Do
Andrei Swipe Feat. Jen-Days Only
Andrey Subbotin
Andy Caldwell-Fear The Beard
Andy Tylo Vs Jaxx N Lowe-Feed Me Love
AS Projects
Ben Purple-Moustache On Fire
Benani Omar
Bin Fackeen-Sweetest Glove
Bizarboys-Dont Love
Blaeyp Cant Get Enough Rmx
Blizzard-The Storm Is Coming
Blow-Up-I Wanna Get High With You Forget About The Other Guy
Brain Mapping-Infusion EP
Brass Knuckles-Lie To You
Bruno Garcia
Caio Coppini
Capracara-House Of Dolls
Carlo Frasca-Aquarius Age
Carlos Inc-Jhama Namba
Che Armstrong and Vitodito-Insert Coin
Chymamusique-Jazz According To House
CnC Music Factory pres Scarlett Santana
Coach Roebuck-Records On The Radio Remixes BW There Was Disco
Colin Turnbull Feat Erica Lafay-I Dont Need You
Comic Stripts-Party Zone EP
Concrete Disco-We Make
Cristina Kisileff feat Lu Chase-Im Alive Its My Time
D.F.K. and Alexander Dennon-Get In Love
Dance DJ and Company-Dance Titanium
Dany Cohiba-In The Begin
Dany Cohiba-In The Begin (Remixes Part 1)
David Myerz
David Temessi-Fuckin Clown The Remixes EP
Deathshark-Youre Doing It Wrong
Demarkus Lewis-Anti Jack EP
Demetriou-The Clock
Dima Sinclair-To Space
Dinu Pancov
Dirt Sanchos-Marre D Etre Une Punk
DJ Eako-Be Freak
DJ Farouche-When I Look At U
DJ Makuil feat Kate Lesing
DJ Makuil-Come Back To 90s
DJ Mapeps-Back In Action
DJ Mystery and Jay Rodriguez-Tribal Evolution
DJ Nexus-Circus Of Cut
DJ Ramsa Ghost-Drop Of Music
DJ Shmel Eugene Noiz and Arrival Project-Meduza 2011
DJ X Change feat Chechi Sarai-Prince and Princess (The Remixes)
DMCEE-Party Like A Rockstar
Dylancheck-Take My Heart
E. Modigliani feat Domy Mas-Go Tow Freak
Easy Groove
El Fabiiani - Blue Poison
Enormous Dee
Enzo Elia-September Scary EP
Eric Tyrell and Flip Da Scrip feat Anda Adam-World Moves On
Erik Iker-Haunted EP
Fix-Dr Technofunkenstein EP
Florindo Vidale-La Danza
Fran Lk and Carlos Jimenez-Killing Me Part 1
Fuldner Vs Pooley
Funk Mediterraneo-Free For Nobody
George Lazovic-Stone Tone-(MMERRY XMAS)
Gigi Cerin and Luca Alberti-Moonlight Shadow
Gordon Lyu-Lyu Deep Tech
Grada-Disco Plazma Switch On
Hapkido-That Cool Back To 1950
Havin Zagross and Alex Saja feat Ida Corr-You Make My Heart Go
Hugo Barritt And Robert Owens-You Are
Igness-Berlin Morning
Invisible Brothers-Dust Secret Edition 2 0
Italian House Avantgard-Desperate House Guy
Jak Jaxon-Jacked Off
Jason Rivas feat Miss Lyntty-Ring My Bell
Jerome Ferra-Save The French Touch
Jochem Hamerling
Joe Calzone-Poker Face
Joel Vibes And Bhunu Brill-Music That Soothes Me
Jorge Monroy-The Fame
Jump Jump Dance Dance-Show Me The Night
Keith and Supabeatz-No Pressure Remix EP
Kristian Veron
Kulten Yeuk-Baby Mask On A Birthday Cake
Kyamran Silence
Kyamran Silence
Leivansky-Push On
Leonardus-This Jazz Record EP
Lorenzo Parodi
Lovework and LaBaci-Deep Trip EP
Lupe-Shake (The Remixes)
Macxis Diaz
Mamberto Real-Mamberto Real
Manuell-With You
Mariotron-Confusion Time
Matt G-Paint Your Way
Miki Mirrash-Get Funk RMXS 2
Miles Black Love-They Wont Go
Miss Shine-100 Percent Shine
Moonwise-Surface Will Collapse
Mr. Fluff-Kings Of The Night
Nicholas Mayer-Take Me Under
N-Sync-Close The Door
Obey-Road To Dancebang
Offir Malol Featuring Ido Politi-First Desire
Patrick Roulette
Peaceful Mind-Deep Pulse
Plump DJs
Pollux Beta-Distance Light Years
Provenzano pres The Fabulous-Mariguana Cha Cha Cha (The Remixes)
Puck-Take It To The Top Sweet Deposition
Qpid-Under The Radar
Rafa Kao-Give Me Some
Ramine-New Begining
Rasmus Faber feat Beldina-Good Times Come Back Part 2
Rasmus Faber feat Beldina-Good Times Come Back Part 3
Rico E Liso
Roderick Fox-Dooo EP
Santos-Dub Beats EP
Sawgood-Not So Funny
Simba-Uxorious EP
Sine Language-Let Go
Soul 2.0-Pure Sin
Soulfulhouse Collective feat Paula PCay-Believe In Me
Stanny Abram
Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo-Earthquakey People
Strange Talk-Sexual Lifestyle (Bart B More Remix)
Styles and Complete
Superbad-Beware Of The Future
The Mayan-False Arch
The Partycrashers-The Partycrashers Vol.6
The Partycrashers-The Partycrashers Vol.7
Tibo S-This Is The Bomb
Tom Keys - Jemadari
Tom Shade Feat Angelika Borof-Some Words
VA - 100 Ministry Of Sound (Tracks and Mixes Of The Year)
Va-989 Best Club Hits
VA-989 Best Dance Hits
VA-989 Best Funky House Hits
VA-Alejandro Montero Presents The Basement EP Vol 5
VA-An Eighttrack Recordings Recall
VA-Best Of 2011
VA-Best Of 2011 (Electro House Collection)
VA-Best Of Piston Recordings 2011
VA-Chillwinter Season
VA-Christmas Club Sounds
VA-Clique Series 001
VA-Closing 2011
VA-Club Session Essentials (Vol 2)
VA-Dance House Player
VA-Dance Infinity
VA-Detroit House Collective pres Edison Electric Bill
VA-Discover 2011
VA-Electro Happiness
VA-Electro House Feeling Vol 1
VA-Good Jobs
VA-Hits Collection Vol 46
VA-House Music Obsession Vol 1
VA-Housebeat Records The Best Of 2011
Valentino Reas-This Is The Night
VA-Maximum Electro House Vol 3
VA-Midnight Selection 2012
VA-Minimal Effects
VA-Music Tonight
VA-Nervous Rewind 2011
VA-November Saints
VA Night In St Moritz The Winter Session
VA-Playground House (Vol 1)
VA-Progressive House Vol 1 (Refreshing All Your Senses)
VA-Progressive Nation (Episode 3)
VA-Sexy Christmas House Tunes Vol 1
VA-The Best Of Bloque Traxx
VA-We Call It Party
VA-Winter Compilation
VA-Winter House Set (2011 Super Dance House Collection)
Vesco Lazovich-Diamond Girl
Wavemanx-Dance On The Floor
Worthy-No Cure EP
Xmas Allstars feat Fab-Do They Know Its Christmas 2012
X-Vision-Fortunes Of Sound
Yura Popov
Acidozer - Acidose 2011 EP
AMX - Give A Fuck
Smurf DJ - Are You Ready
Teck Clubber - El Vice
Avril Lavigne-Goodbye Lullaby-Bonus DVD
Boney M.-Best of
Christopher Cross-Doctor Faith
Modern Talking-Best of
OST-Rio-Music From The Motion Picture
Talanas-The Waspkeeper
VA-Booom 2012 the First
VA-Deejay Story Compilation
VA-French Lounge Vol. 2
VA-R N B Superclub 10th Year Anniversary Edition
VA-Radio Kiss Kiss La Piu Bella Musica Della Nostra Vita
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 932U
VA-RTL Hits 2011
VA-Smash Hits 2011
Brain Hunters-Global Army 001
Dynamic - Return Of The Source
Punchline-Drugs EP
Reactant-Alternate Source EP
Scorb-Reanimated Vol.1
Soniq Vision - Soundpixel
Twisted Reaction - Think About It
VA - The Vault Part II
VA-Dead By Dawn EP
Alex Tepper And Sante
Alexey Kotlyar-Dont Kill The Synth EP
Ambitech-All Cores Eaten
Crank - Thunder EP
Domagoj Radas-Wailuku EP
Hardconcept - Destinies Are Reborn
Martin Merkel-Dance All Night
Nick Olivetti-Hectic Guitar
Oliver Klein And Wollion And Mario Da Ragnio-We Aint
Sek-Fancy Twisted EP
Spoony Talker-Good Times EP
Sutura - Alles Aus Liebe
Thomas Vink-Turbulence EP
VA-Amam 2011 Highlights
VA-Hoehe 019
VA-Techno Vol 7 Finest Selection Of Techno Tracks
Wareika-Amber Vision
8ight Minus 8ight-Save My Soul
Arman Bahrami and Vitodito-E Musica EP 2
Christian Drost and DK Project-Always Connected
Frank Dueffel
Sergey Nevone and Simon Oshine-Last Goodbye
Stuart Trainer-Transition 24
Sungirl-We Are All Aliens
Tristan-Trance Odyssey EP
VA-50 Balearic Anthems (Best Of Ibiza Trance House Vol 1)
VA-Camouflage Trance Tactics 2k11
VA-Club Tunez Vol 2 Best Of 2011
VA-Defcon Autumn Sampler 2011
VA-Ir De Copas Vol 2
VA-Nemesis Bag Of Goodies (Best Of 2K11)
VA-Trance Classics 2012 Ultimate Techno Anthems
Wiegel Meirmans Snitker - Nova Zembla (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
Will Atkinson-Breathe It

December 23rd, 2011

1000names-Machine City EP
Dcarls and Maksim
iBenji-Split Mind EP
Skeptiks-Cobwebs Under the Bed
Skrillex-Bangarang EP
SPL-Terraform EP
Von - Louder
Zomboy-Game Time
Abdomen Burst
Barrcode Vs Journeyman-Summer of Dub
Bill Vega and New Decade-Head Rush
Davip-Take A Chance
Disk Error-The Boss is Back
Dusty Tonez-Ghetto Maestro
Eddie Voyager-I Need U Tonight
Hardnoise-Super Fan EP
Karetus-Loudness War
Silverfilter-Disko Dive
Sneaker and the Dryer-Tribute to Jack
Strange Rollers-Shantees Revenge
Ufo Project-Dub Era
Zipmix-Crystal Fear Under My Skin
D-Jastic Feat. Basti Woods-So Alive
Erika Jayne - Party People (Ignite The World)-(PMR 005)
Gimbal And Sinan
Glaukor - Loco-(100352 15)
Jens O.-Body And Soul
Jessy - The Ultimate Jessy
Jessy - The Ultimate Jessy
Exit 9-U Dont Know
Jazzatron-Keep In Touch
June Miller-Give Up The Ghost
Kryteria-Green Zone EP
Melo-With Me
Pryzma-Particles EP
QO-Vault 21
Subficial - Cityscape
This Chris Another
Unknown Artist - Coming Home Again Still Alive
VA-Collaboration Part 4
Wally D - Money And Beats
AC and Dell-Right Now the Remixes
Botbass-Twin Nation
Empresarios-Bestia EP
Impulsonic-Bust A Groove EP
Mustbeat Crew-The Feedback
Ram Skank-Nothin New Outta Somethin Old
The Funky Spanking-Brand Spanking New
The Funky Spanking-Suited Up Beats
The Sixth Letter Feat Sarah Scott
Timothy Wisdom and the Outlier-The Lollidrop EP
VA-Bromance 1
E-Noid vs Krad Evitagen - Maximum Armour EP
The Pitcher and Slim Shore - Im Alive
Va-Electronic Exclusives 20-Till Death Us Do Part 2
Va-Electronic Exclusives 20-Till Death Us Do Part 2
Alan Culvin-City Beats
Aura-Soul Search
Catz N Dogz-Jon Bovi
Dimitri Vegas Like Mike and Promise Land Ft. Mitch Crown
DJ Deepblue
Fake Plastic Trees feat Tigarah - Candy Whistle-(803407 7241259)
Fake Plastic Trees feat Tigarah - Candy Whistle (The Remixes)-(HNL 034)
Maxim Buldakov-Under A Layer
One Hand - Here We Go
Pallada-Purple Haze
Platinum Monkey-African Beauty EP
Poussez-Topless EP
Rene Sandoval
Superfunk And Ron Carroll - Lucky Star
Systemic Entropy-Free Cube
Tigerskin-My Desire
Tres Puntos And Pele-Zweifach EP
VA - The Sound Of MCM Vol 2
VA-Fingerprints 01
Cent-The Big 10
R.I.O-What if-Promo CDS
Smoove and Turrell-Slow Down
Funky Dragon - Secret Soundwaves
Synesthetic - Into The Vibe
Talpa - The Path
Alex Flatner-Break The House EP
Alphaverb - We All Shall Fall
DJ Fillter and Killaheadz feat. MC B-Kicker - Another Atmosphere
Miniminds-Submerge Serpentine
Romero And Jauregui
Siopis-Day Alive
Tiefschwarz Feat Mama-Dominate My Sensations
VA-Circle 2011 Part 1
Dennis Sheperd and Cold Blue Ft Ana Criado-Fallen Angel-HCR147D-MERRY XXXMAS
Lence and Pluton-Virtual Mirror-ER108-MERRY XXXMAS
VA-A State Of Trance Radio Top 20 Of 2011

December 22nd, 2011

VA - Campus Suite Christmas Lounge
Cerebral Theory-Nights In Mexico
Culprate-Curious George
Fonik - Altered Dimensions
NastyNasty-Poison Flavored EP
Radical Synthesis-The Scream
Deenk feat Kyla-Kansas City
DJ Food-The Search Engine
Alexandra Damiani feat J Be - The Beat Of My Heart-(MVCD 077)
California Loverz Feat. Clubb-Tuners-Rudolph The Red Nosed Human
Genik and Calandrino Project - Inside Of Me-(803407 7241532)
Hallux feat. Marcus-Ai Se Eu Te Pego
Manu Da Bas and Rusty J - Dream Control-(803407 7241600)
Onny - Like A Drum (The Tam Tam Song)
VA Club Promo Only January 2012 Part 1
VA Club Promo Only January 2012 Part 2
VA Club Promo Only January 2012 Part 3
VA Club Promo Only January 2012 Part 4
VA Club Promo Only January 2012 Part 5
VA Club Promo Only January 2012 Part 6
VA Club Promo Only January 2012 Part 8
VA Club Promo Only January 2012 Part 9
VA-Horse Meat Disco III
C.A.2K-Exhalation Machine Dreams
Cabbie-Something Different EP
Command Strange-Episode 91 Album Sampler
DJ Buzzin-Murda Sound
DJ Tricky-The Next Hype EP
Dossa-Big it Up
Emoshin-Arms Race EP
Fierce and Vicious Circle-Section VIP
Manifest-Nitty Gritty EP
Ozma-No Escape
Plug-Back On Time
Ruede Hagelstein-Soft Pack
VA-Fabriclive 61 Pinch
VA-Stereoheaven Presents Chilling Christmas Vol 2
Bishop Vs. Outburst-Cut That Bass
Lunatic and Miss Hysteria - Double Bind EP
Lunatic And Miss Hysteria - Double Bind EP-(BASS013)-SRG
Alex Guerrero feat. Elena Vargas-Coming Back Home
Alex Guerrero feat. Manu Gomez-Youve Got The Truth
Andrei Knight-Coffee Latte 2011 Rework
Angel Stoxx-Gurus Noise
Baby Noel-Beat Your Life
Cerebral Theory-Afraid Of Nothing
Chus Soler and Armando Tovar feat. Vanesa Klein-When The Heartache Is Over
Curt Savage
Dj Hermann - The Game-(DNL 065)
Drehwerk-Sittin On Da Groove
Ethernity - Desires-(MIE 8053264544515)
Guille Placencia and J.Shoes aka Javi Always-The Groove
Joe Perera And Miss Merilyn-License To Kill
Joseph Sinatra feat Adam Clay - Change Now-(GO 295295
Kevin Queen-Bang-(100357 22)
Leisuregroove and Kevin Andrews-Funky Beat
Maertz-and You
Marco Branky and Felix Barbieri feat The Mad Stuntman - Sexy Girls-(DNL 064)
Michael Brun-Dawn Incl Hardwell Edit
Misael Deejay and Roberto Sansixto feat. Samantha Moon-So Many Times
Monodeluxe-Deep House Sessions
MPJ - Sex Love House Music
Raul Cremona and Chus Liberata feat. Samantha Moon-Mondo Paradiso The Anthem 2011
Robert Abigail Philip D And The Gibson Brothers-Non Stop Dance
Submission DJ and Alexander Som
Submission DJ and Tony Loarces feat. Lerene-Things I Like
TMB Crew Feat. Adrian Vernet-Geil 2K11
VA-Mixmag Presents-Pete Tong Tracks of the Year 2011
VA-The Pack Vol 4 EP
Vincenzo-Wherever I Lay My Head Remixes
Zervos P. Feat. Odissi-The Last Sunrise
Basti Grub-El Gitarrro Motion Of The Night
Criostasis-Total Destruction
Dema and Paride Saraceni
D-Teq - Dark Energy
Elia Crecchi-Blacksmith EP
Fabio Neural-Canpasa EP
Hard Music Crew - Immortal Aeon EP
Hoodzie-Carol Of The Bells
Josh and Wesz - DSTRCTN RTHM
Marc Depulse-Lessons In Dub Part 1
Nilton Joao
Oliver Schories-Body Liquid
Pat B - Desperate Measures EP
Ruben Mandolini
Simone Tavazzi-Strike EP
Tim Xavier-Speeding Around The Universe
VA-Forward To The Past 2.1 (The Acid Flashback)
Greenhaven Djs-The Darkest Hour
Hardenbrook-A New Beginning
Nagijuana - Levitate
Noize Crank - Recycled
Rational Youth-City of Night Cite Phosphore 2011 ReHab Remixes
Sensi - Hallelujah EP
Stephan V. Star And Vasscon
Sunsvision-Fiery Wave
Tranzlift - Tranzlift EP

December 21st, 2011

Crone-Endless Midnight
Snakestyle - Snakestyle World Radio
Catacombs and Demon-Dimension and Chang Caine
El Kid
James Fox-A New Jack Swing
Thelem-The Thelem EP
Throwing Snow-Too Polite
Zhou-I Remain
Captain Planet-The Gumbo Funk EP
Captain Planet-The Ningane EP
Flo Rida Feat Sia-Wild One-PROMO-SPiKE
Katy Perry Feat B.O.B.-The One That Got Away (Remix)-PROMO-SPiKE
Mysto And Pizzi-Hymn-PROMO-SPiKE
Capt Kirk-Good Feeling (Cheer Squad)
DJ Cherry Bomb-Ass Back Home
Kandyman - Price Tag-(LNGS 0730)
N-Finity - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
Space Ranger-Chunky Guitar EP
WhoMadeWho-Inside World
Konichi-Three Thousand Pounds Wrongs
Landscapers-Palenque EP
Sensai - Hyperspace EP
Total Recall
ABCD 96wrld-Ritmo Kovos EP 2
Caural-Die Before You Die
Deep Shoq Fingalick-Ritmo Kovos EP 1
Laid Back Vs Soul Clap-Cocaine Cool
Juan Laya And Jorge Montiel-I Love The Funk
VA-Hardcore Help Foundation - Benefit Sampler Vol 1
Avenue D-Do I Look Like A Slut
David August-You Got To Love Me
EDX Feat. John Williams-Give It Up For Love
Frederik Mooij - Clap Yo Hands EP
Holger Zilske-Holz Remixes (Part 2)
Jet Project Feat Electric J
Jim Breese-Get Movin
Julio Posadas
Melon-Four Seasons Part 02
Nero-Reaching Out
Nick Corline
Nick Harris-White Leather EP
Serge Devant Feat Coyle Girelli-On Your Own-PROMO-SPiKE
VA-Deep Pressings Series Vol 2
VA-Deep Pressings Series Vol 3
VA-Deep Pressings Series Vol 4
VA-Deep Pressings Series Vol 5
VA-Deep Pressings Series Vol 6
VA-House Mini Mix 010 2011
Yuksek-Always On The Run-PROMO-SPiKE
Jens Buchert - Interstellar
Madonna Feat Justin Timberlake-Latte-PROMO-SPiKE
Prince Rama-Trust Now
Arne Weinberg-Integrity Restraint Part 2
Dirty Doering-Casino Aquatique
DJ Drops - Touch it
Johannes Heil-Heiliger Bimm Bamm Pt 2
Kid Rascal - Dont Stop that Pussy
Nick Curly-Still Not Sorry EP
Oscar Barila And Maiki-Zwitscherfuchs EP
Oscar Mulero
Pig and Dan-The Onolog Remixes
Reeko-Finding The New Matter
Santos-If You Have Meat Remixes Part 1
Sebastien Leger
Sepromatiq and Scott Kemix-In Your Dreams EP
Tobia Coffa-Pain And Love EP
Unifite And Adrenalize - The Resurrection
Andrew Rayel-Senta Believe
Bjorn Akesson And Jwaydan
Chakra-I Am
Dave Leyrock
Temple One Feat Neev Kennedy-Love The Fear Remixed

December 20th, 2011

Depatterning-The Blasted Heath-3inch CDR
Offthesky-The Door In The Wall-3inch CDR
The Haxan Cloak-The Haxan Cloak
The Humble Bee-The Royal Game-3inch CDR
Dev79 and Thrills-Loose Joints And Blunt Objects
Dev79-Get 2 Know
J-Sweet-Cant Stop My Grime
Stagga-Wild For The Night
Dan Wave-Music Obrigada
Miguel Valbuena - Your Valley-(TR 048)
Sandro Silva and Quintino-Epic Incl Radio Edit
Greg Packer - Bagpuss
Igneon System vs Lowroller-Great Violence Ultimate Weapon
Unuramenura-Razor Fist EP
VA-Screams Of Another
Anthony Rother-62 Minutes On Mars
Au Palais-Tender Mercy EP
Austra-Feel It Break
dDamage-The Truth
DieTRAX and FFF-Hiroshima vs Rotterdam
Flako-Carving Away the Clay
Hocico-Blood On The Red Square
IC 434
Infernosounds-Ways Of Life - Music For Deep Moments
Inflatable Matress-Pumped Up - Blue Mattress
Leila-(Disappointed Cloud) Anyway
Moon Wiring Club-Clutch It Like A Gonk
VA-Murder Channel Compilation Vol 2
3 Is A Crowd - Chiusi A Chiave-(DV 022)
A. Skomoroh-The Silence
Adam Cooper feat. Alexander Amado Johnson-Let It Go (Remixes)
Amine Edge-I Wanna Boogie
Arnaud Le Texier-Blunt Edge EP
Be-Pack Feat Ennovi - Pleasure-(FFD 036)
B-Sensual And No End - Sex Drugs Rock And Roll
Damian William-Le Sixieme Sens
DJ Flanger-Spring Sunset
Filth and Splendour and Dan Formless-Biggie Chunk
Futuristic Polar Bears and Joe Quinn-I Think Im In Love
Gabriel Batz-Ibiza To Montreal
Himan And Francesco Bonora-Cast Away
Jasper Forks - River Flows in You 2012
Jay Vegas-Dirty Sax
Jochen Miller-Flashback (Gregori Klosman Remix)
Maceo Plex-Under The Sheets
Mario Chris-Sunday Morning EP
Max Freegrant-Cosmic Stranger
Point Blank-Bust The Window
Ray Guarano
Salvatore Freda-Luv Cant Hurt
Sarah C and Eugene Prendi-All Im After
Starkillers and Nadia Ali-Keep It Coming
The Scumfrog feat. Vassy-Dont Give Up
VA-Juicy Music Classics Remastered By Robbie Rivera
Vinza and Cramby
Krusseldorf - From Soil To Space
Paul Anka-Songs Of December
VA-Full Tilt Remix Vol. 39
Atmos-Soundglider Incl Human Element Remix
Doruk - Astral Colours
VA - Christiania Selection
Darius Syrossian-Favela Kids EP
Frontliner-Producers Mind
Instigator - The Devastator
Ivan Carsten - Perfect Wordz Bomb MF
Jack Ostin - D.K.D
James Mile-White Lies EP
Nicko Vee-Bildfeld EP
Nico Stojan
Ozka-Edit Fourty
Picx-Kind Of Situation EP
Planetary Assault Systems-Deep Heet Vol 2
Saltzer - Naclicious EP
VA - Amazed Remix Project
VA-Dots and Pearls
Zurtracht - Elevation
Artento Livini
Gareth Emery-Tokyo (Ben Gold Pixel Cheese Mixes)
Johnny Yono
Justin Dobslaw - Middle Ground
Maarten De Jong-Tetra Rush
Marcel Woods-Black Angus
Paul van Dyk-Vonyc Sessions 2011
Rene Ablaze And Tonerush
Simon OShine-Calm Sea Last Sunset
VA-JOOF Anthology Volume 5
VA-Platipus Archive One

December 19th, 2011

Maps And Diagrams-The Town Beneath The Sea
Jon Convex-Bump And Grind
Chizzo And Maxim Feat Amanda Wilson-Runaway-PROMO-SPiKE
LMFAO-Sorry For Party Rocking-PROMO-SPiKE
Steve Aoki Feat Wynter Gordon-Ladi Dadi-PROMO-SPiKE
DJ Torny feat Giacomo Quentin - Il Tipico Ragazzo-(ARC 099)
Technorockarn - The Lonely Sailor
Avicii-Levels Remixes
BT-These Re-Imagined Machines
Dalglish-Benacah Drann Deachd
Mr Oizo-Douche Beat (Original Mix)
Switch And Andrea Martin - I Still Love You
Teebs-Collections 01-Japanese Retail
The S - Yuk It Up Remixes
The S - Yuk It Up
Bazar-Hard To Find
Dabruck and Klein feat Ollie James-I Found Love
Glenn Underground-Forgotten Art
John Dahlback - Are You Nervous (Rene Amesz Rework)
Lookback - Sudo
Michael Woods - Full Access
Nicky Romero
R3hab and Swanky Tunes Ft. Max C-Sending My Love (The Remixes)
Rishie And Nuno Lisboa - Latin Fiesta
Tom Trago-Iris In Dub
VA-Rebel Wave 2
VA-Warung Beach Club
Funki Porcini- Day
Galactic Warriors - Return To Atlantis
Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa Feat Juicy J-Smokin On-PROMO-SPiKE
Tony Bennett-The Classic Christmas Album
VA - Soul Seeker The Spirit Gentle Lounge Music
Frogacult - The Fluid Hammer
Naturalize - Its Like A Dream
Smoke Sign - Strange Tales
Xses - Rewinded
Audiofreq - Tear U Down
Elektro Guzzi
Frontliner - Producers Mind
Heardloud - Dreams
Organ Donors-5ths Of Fury
Presk And Cinnaman
Sound Freakerz - Hello
Toneshifterz - Till Daybreak Meets (Album Sampler Two)
VA - Till Daybreak Meets Album Sampler 02
Yoer-Rave EP
Binary Finary and Daniel Wanrooy-Isle Of Lies
DNS Project
Ferry Corsten-I Love You
Jochen Miller - Bamm
Mads Arp Feat Julie Harrington-Slow It Down
Matt Lange feat Cristina Soto-The Other Shore
Planet Perfecto Knights
Suncrusaders - Oceanic

December 18th, 2011

Obscenity And 1Point5 - Hexanite
Terror Danjah-You Make Me Feel Morph 2
VA-Euro 2012
Deep Dive Corp - Dubstyle EP
Krafty Kuts Feat Dynamite MC - Pounding
RxRy-Rx.VSNS EP (Remix Collection)
Sofi - Locked And Loaded Part 2
VA-Italo Disco Legends Vol 5
VA-Reebok IDA World DJ Championship 2011
A.S.Y.S.-Acid Glitch
Abati-Boombaboom-(PERI 36)
Alex Dimitri-Looking For Party People
Cajmere and Gene Farris-White Label EP
Felguk Vs Dirtyloud-NUDGE
G Funk-Trippin EP
J Paul Getto
Jay Baron-Big In Japan
Joel Alter Feat. Eric D. Clark-Rules Of Love EP
Kemmi Kamachi - In My Head EP
Knife Party-100 Percent No Modern Talking
Le Babar-Nightlife EP
Lonya And DJ Zombi
Martin L-You Bring Me You
Max Chapman-Rhythm Stick EP
Mike Dixon-House Gangsta
Rocco and C. Robert Walker-I Love The Night (Incl. Remixes)
Rocco and C. Robert Walker-I Love The Night (Louie Vega Remixes)
Samir Maslo and Alfred Azzetto-Can You Feel The Force
Sebastian Love-Julie Star EP
Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder On The Dancefloor
VA - House Clubhits 2012
VA-Essential Clubhouse The Winter Collection 2011 12
VA-Leap 001
VA-Seven Daze A Week
VA-Genetically Modified Organism
Alex Barreto-Active Body-(NR 102)
Arkus P - Meet the Time
Determinators - Raw Nation
DJ Grom - Afterwards
Dutch Master - Circles
Gus P - Searching Within EP
John Mitchell - Trace Work
Keja-Plaque De Trip 2507
Luky RDU - Game Over
Milano-The Fall
Ranieri - Monumental Situations
SCNTST-EARMILK Weekend Selector
Sound Freakerz - Hello
Stefan ZMK and Sifres-Full Circle
Stevic - End Time
VA - Angel in Hell
VA - Technoland EP
VA-Klemtoon 02
VA-Lune Rouge 01
VA-Tekno Sucks Records
Zurtracht - Elevation
Above And Beyond Feat Richard Bedford-Every Little Beat
Albert Sky-I Miss You-(UTR 026)
Etasonic - Resume
Giuseppe Masciarelli - Artery
Justin Prime - Secrets
Smokers Area and Noizzer
Suffuse - Aware

December 17th, 2011

Artroniks - Distrezzed
Girls Dont Want-The Clubs Are Burning
Inner Smile - Your Sun-(SRM 010)
MC Yankoo-Slatka Mala
Mike Candys and Evelyn Feat. David Deen-Around The World
VA-Dance All the Best Winter
Luis - D.J. Control
VA-Full Time and Antibemusic (Rare Tracks Vol. 2 Original Mixes)-(ANT. 110O)
VA-Full Time and Antibemusic (Rare Tracks Vol. 2 Remix Versions)-(ANT. 110R)
Celsius-Mutt and Dave Whalen vs Gerwin and Nuage
Symmetry-Break vs Sato
VA-Dimensions 5 EP
VA-International Battle Of The Year 2011 The Soundtrack
VA-Jarring Effects Since 1998
Ad Brown
At One-African Healing Dance
Beat Factory Feat. Melody-Love Note
Blaq Soul Feat. Thukie-Tshiyo Tshiyo
Brummer-Timmy In A Mess
Carl Louis and Martin Danielle
Carol Jiani-Hitn Run Lover 2011 (30th Anniversary Special Edition)
Chuck Daniels and Jeremy Joshua
Chuckie-What Happens In Vegas (The Remixes)
Chuckie-Who Is Ready To Jump (The Remixes)
Dakin Auret-Maybe Youre Right
David Guetta Feat. Sia-Titanium (Incl. Extended)
Fast Vision Soul and 60 Hertz Project-Tapta Beach (Incl. Remixes)-(GOGO 049)
Flapjackers-I Need Your Love
Husky-Something 2 Dance 2 EP
Joey Negro Pres. Sessomatto-1988 EP-(ZEDD12152)
JUST2 And Luca M - Selfish-EP Incl Tube And Berger Remix
Leventina - Revolution
MandS Feat. Shaun Escoffery-So Sweetly (Incl. Kenny Carpenter Remixes)
Mike Montano-Ethnic Breeze
Mr. Egg Germ Feat. Janvier Jones
Mr. Fuzz Feat. Tony Lindsay-Innocent Heart
Pat Bedeau and Steve Gurley Feat. Chanel Cant Wait (Incl. Doc Link Mix)
Pieper and Kappetijn-Hirari EP
Prince-Dance 4 Me
Ruffneck Feat. Yavahn-Get It Right
Save.As-Yep Nope
Shaheer Williams Feat. Stephanie Cooke-Show Me
Soul Creation Feat. SuSu Bobien-Its Allright
Soul Creation Vs. GMENA Feat. Tyrah J-Its Your Life
Soul Creation
Steve Mill-You Really Know EP
Suges-Ill Be There (Incl. Guy Robin Remix)
Taio Cruz-Hangover (Remixes)
The Defloristics Feat. Gary Poole-And She
The MuthaFunkaz-Muthaz Day
Tony Senghore-Go Tigers
Tradelove-Pum Back
VA-Afrika Disco Tech EP
VA-Best Of Rush Hour 2011-(RH 2011)
VA-Best Of Toolroom Records 2011
VA-For Djs Only 2011-07 - Club Selection
VA-Masterbeats (Best Of Tiger 2011)
VA-Papeete Beach Compilation Vol 16 - Winter 11
VA-Planet Funk Farm Vol 1 - London
VA-Proghouse 2012 Vol 1
VA-Suburbia Unmixed Vol.20
VA-The Annual Housesession Collection 2011
VA-The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 8
Victor John Junior-303 EP
Kylie Minogue-Aphrodite Les Folies Live In London
Mathias Grassow
The Boats-Do The Boats Dream Of Electric Fritz Pfleumer
The Verbrilli Sound
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 931U
Lamat - V
Liquid Soul - Hypnotic Energy (PQ268)
Paralocks - Underground Arrangement
Stigmouleur - Audio Umami
Janbaz - MRI-Transform EP
Toneshifterz - Till Daybreak Meets (Album Sampler One)
VA-Handz Up And Trance Vol 1
VA-Uplifting Trance Tunes Vol 6

December 16th, 2011

Jon Convex-Pop That P
Knowing Looks-Listen To My 45
Base B-Silence Incl Analyzer Vs. Yanny Remix
Dansynergy - Das Gefuehl-(ILFR 044)
Fil Renzi Project feat Luka Papa - Come On-(OTB 237)
Le Rock And Roxs-Der Schwarze Kanal Remixes
Rikah-Missing 2012 Incl PH Electro Club Remix
Robkay Feat. David Posor-Dein Lied Incl DJ Gollum Remix
Ron Bon Beat Project-Hello Incl Future Breeze Remix
Technoposse - Dynamite-(100345 00)
Zoo Reality-Colors Incl Crystal Rock Remix
Dionigi - Bomb The Italo Disco
Flowrian - Back To Reality EP
Ganja-Crystal Clear and Zen
Koznik - Back To My Fate EP
Limewax And Cooh-The Borger EP-(LB009EP)-2x12 Vinyl
Little Dragon-Little Man (Calyx and Teebee Remix)
Nanotek And Machine Code-Venus Nanomachine
Quarantine-Fierce and Vicious Circle
Soul R-Dub Phizix
VA-Commercial Suicide Compilation Part 3
VA-Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 4 Part 2
Neophyte-Mainiak Chapter 1
VA-Thunderdome Toxic Hotel
Chemars-Bedrock EP
Cledy West-Once Upon A Time
Clubzound - Kick It EP
Dennis Cartier - No Sabo
Florian Picasso-Muki EP
Ivan Pica
Jamie D-Ghetto Trip EP
Matt Samuels-Lost You
Murano Meets Toka Feat. Dumbstruke
Nora En Pure
Rodge-Orizaba-(EXKL 10109)
Roger Slato-Up To The Sky
Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party
Wasabi Vogue-No Mother EP
Woox Ft. Paolo Ravley-Overdose of Sex
Hans Zimmer-Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows (OST)
Solar Fields-Until We Meet The Sky
The Beach Boys
Solarix - First Sight
Anagenetic - Maximum EP
Caffeine And Bizerk-Roll It
Chris Hawkins - Snoopy Dash
Format-Solid Session
Inigo Kennedy
Lkid - Introducing Lkid
Paul Langley and the Jack Foundation - Legendary Series Part One-(10 Year Anniversary)
Psyk-Kraft EP
Ross Evana-Flash Mob EP
Samuele Buselli-Korova Vellocet (M016)
Sian and Psycatron-Dichotomy - Chinese Lantern (Samuel L Session Remixes)
Steve Parker-Mexilhao Remixes
The Style Creators-Demolition Evil Forces Harder Dance EP
Trevor Benz - Detroit Connection
VA - EGO Bomb No. 1
VA-Hardstyle Unlimted
VA-Platform B 11.16
Jordan Suckley-Flames (Sneijder 1AM Remix)

December 15th, 2011

Horsepower Productions-Justify - Good Ole Dayz
Skream-Skreamizm Vol. 6
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 292
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 293
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 294
Inna - Endless
VA - Dancefloor Winter 2012
VA-Bravo Hits Zima 2012
Blokhe4d-Bad Kat - Martyr
Chase and Status and Sub Focus-Flashing Lights
Critical Mass-Last Stand - Shining Lights
DJ Hidden-Drastic Dying Star
Flower And Mr Sizef - Gagarin
Muffler - Can You Feel
Phace and Misanthrop-Whats Wrong - Out Of Focus
VA - Metropolis
Absent One
Bjoern Peng - Servus
Click Click-Skin And Bones
Surkin-Ultra Light
Turbotronic-Disco Monster
Avesta and B Valley-Dutchano (Laidback Luke Edit)
Dustin Mccoi-Sine Music
Edgar Aguirre
Frank Cherryman-Stay In Nisos Paros
Guy Mantzur-Rubber Man EP
Jazzanova-Upside Down EP
Joe and Minerva - Dimmi Che Mi Ami-(SP 1291)
Kim Sozzi - Crystallized-(UL 3081)
Leo Blanco-Franco Is Dead
Manuel De Diego and Mario Larrea-To The Moon and Back
Mijail-So Stronger
Mirko Loko-Astral Sines EP
Moonbeam feat Pryce Oliver
Noyzers-Absynth Beach
Pier Poropat
Quick-Jaxx - Boots R Made 4 this
Rivero feat. Dani Vi-Il Mio Coure
Rory Tec-Electro Fying
Sharam-Our Love
Soultwister-Go Ahead
Soultwister-Rain Delay
T. Tommy-La Cocina De Mi Tia
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 10
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 301
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 302
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 303
Wade-El Chamaco De Puerto Rico
Wade-Ritos De Nigeria
The National Fanfare Of Kadebostany - Songs From Kadebostany
VA-Apres Ski Hits 2012 XXL
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 100
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 160
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 161
Atom Dub Mother-001.1 EP
Brian M Vs McBunn - The Dub We Play
Crucial Value - Grain Of Sand
Crucial Value - Grain Of Sand
Fapples-Ya Body
Forest People
G-Man-Quo Vadis - El Jem - Remixes
Kaiserdisco-La Familia EP
Noradrenalin - Pain In The Brain
VA - Brave New World
Ascension-For A Lifetime
Atmopera Dj Alliance-Maria Anthem
Criostasis-Dark Moon
Matt Pincer Vs Xam
VA-Trance Top 40 Best Of 2011
VA-Vonyc Sessions 2011 presented by Paul van Dyk

December 14th, 2011

Knife Party-100 No Modern Talking EP
Bob Sinclar Feat Pitbull And Dragonfly-Rock The Boat-PROMO-SPiKE
Dada Life-Kick Out The Epice Motherfucker-PROMO-SPiKE
Hyper Crush-Werk Me-PROMO-SPiKE
Kevin Lyttle-Hot Girls And Alcohol-PROMO-SPiKE
Lola-Party The Pain Away-PROMO-SPiKE
Qwote Feat Pitbull-Same Shit-PROMO-SPiKE
Sidney Samson And Lil Jon-Mutate-PROMO-SPiKE
Tim Berg-Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things)-PROMO-SPiKE
Yuksek-On A Train-PROMO-SPiKE
Dev And Enrique Iglesias-Naked-PROMO-SPiKE
Karin Nagi - All 4 Ur Love-(BLG 001)
Narany - You
Chilly Gonzales-Ivory Tower
Cooh And Lucio De Rimanez-Teroma I Scream
Detail-Lynx and Hellrazor
Lucio De Rimanez And Fragz-Rotation Splinter Cell
Ogonek - Tumpani
The Sect-Fractured State
VA - Hospitality Festival Drum And Bass
Jeremiah Jae-Rappayamatantra EP
Kool Keith-Drugs Remix EP
Light Club - Black and Gold EP
Lorn-Cherry Moon
VA-More Than Nine Lives
B-Sensual And No End - Say It Again
Da Funk-Need For Faith
DJ Sneak-What You Been Missing
DJ Tweek - Fatina
Ethyl and Flori
Fabien Kamb
Fedde Le Grand-So Much Love-PROMO-SPiKE
Ford And Lopatin-Too Much Midi (The Alan Braxe Remixes)
Geoff Bell-The Freddy Eiser Show
Ido Shoam - Captain 303-(MIE 8053264544553)
Jesse Voorn - Gazin
Jesus Gonsev-Floating City EP
Jordan Peak-Kinda Fine
Junior Sanchez-Feel It (At The Warehouse)
King And Vilante-You Want It
Medu-Organic Jam
Nicone and Sascha Braemer-Romantic Thrills Remixed
Nikola Gala-The Woman I Love
Omar Salgado-Monstre EP
Parker Pooley-Feel The Same
Shades Of Gray-Soul Machine
Shades Of Gray-The Departure
VA-Kompakt 12
VA-Tronic Treatment 2012 Mixed By Dosem
Wally Lopez
Rihanna Feat Jay-Z-Talk That Talk-PROMO-SPiKE
Steve Roach-Groove Immersion
Young Jeezy Feat Fabolous And Jadakiss-OJ-PROMO-SPiKE
Young Jeezy-TM103-Hustlerz Ambition-(Deluxe Edition)
Apparell-Destroyed Sonar EP
Brian NRG - To All My People
Djanny - No Time
Dualism and Sebastian Koch
Dualism-Future Perfect Part One
Eduardo De La Calle - Trilogy Part 1 (ASR010)
Geck-O - Bingo The American Bad
Jason Little - We Cant Live Without Bass
Kaster Cordalis-Shaded Moments EP
Legamen-Cyber Zone
Oliver Dodd-Black Ice
Peter Eilmes-Better Day
Sante-Raton EP
Toneshifterz-Till Daybreak Meets
VA-Numbolic Remix Contest Compilation 2011
Wally Lopez-House Of Mine
Bryan Kearney And Jamie Walker-Well Never Die

December 13th, 2011

Andy H-Rewind And Come Again
Littlefoot-Psychedelic Crew Vol. 3
Seiji-Seiji 5
A-Trak and Zinc
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Dance Traxx Vol 213
VA-Silver Blue
Los Charlys Orchestra-Funkanova Remixes
Dope Ammo-Goldstar aka Benny Page vs Dope Ammo and Resinate
SGN LTD-Serum and Northern Lights vs Foreign Concept
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs-Garden (Calibre Remix)
Trust In Music-Neonlight vs Fourward and Mefjus
VA-DJ Hype and Pascal present The Flavours EP Volume 2
Bitcrush-From Arcs To Embers
Dalot-Loop Over Latitudes
Eleventhfloorrecords-My Ultimate Friend
Friendly Fires-Blue Cassette (Tiga Remix)
Ghost Bike-Times Carcass
Moby feat Inyang Bassey-The Right Thing (Remixes)
Near The Parenthesis-Japanese For Beginners
Pillowtalk-Far From Heaven EP
Proem-Enough Conflict
Syntech - Atmospheres-(Limited Edition Reissue CDR)
Syntech - By Trial And Error-(Limited Edition Reissue CDR)
The Do - Both Ways Open Jaws Remixes
Tobias Lilja
VA-Opolopo Mutants
VA-The Reconstruction Of Fives
Agoria feat Scalde
Alec Carlsson-Paris Fried Chicken (Incl. J Paul Getto Remix)
Andrey Subbotin-3500 Miles
Andy King-Sativa EP
Atesh K
BDI-Decoded Messages Of Life and Love
Charly Petrone-Dreamlife Together
Christophe And Lukas-Maison De Cheval
Cottam - Deep Deep Down EP
Crazy P - Beatbox Remixes
Darin Epsilon And Tom Sela
Deep Mood
Dezza - Seven71
DJ DLG-Odyssey EP
Eddy T - Its Party Time-(BIM 02)
Felix Elektrolyte-Jump In-(100346 53)
James Johnston - There Is Always Time To Change
Jay Lumen-Night Glasses
Joris Voorn vs. Moby-After The After
Kaskade Ft. Rebecca and Fiona-Turn it Down (Remixes)
Kevin Saunderson Feat Inner City
La Familia-Magic Melody Incl Arrow Remix
Mell Tierra - Arashi Nagoya
Michael Calfan - Resurrection-(VENMX 1232)
Nic Fanciulli and Rolando-The Test
Sak Noel-Paso (The Nini Anthem)
Steve Aoki Ft. Wynter Gordon-Ladi Dadi (Part II)
Terranova-So Strong
The Tortoise - She Took The Tortoise Home EP
Tornado Wallace - Part Nine EP
Tristan Garner
Umek And Christian Cambas - Heroes Of The Night
VA - Pea Gravel EP
VA - Fresh Beats In Ya Face
Ben E. King-Original Album Series
Kid Creole and the Coconuts-I Wake Up Screaming
Los Charlys Orchestra-The Latin Edition
OST-Michael Giacchino-Super 8
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Urban Traxx Vol 176
VA-Ultimix Digital VIP Issue 8
Wilson Pickett-Original Album Series
Aeronautics vs Phunk Investigation-Electrica Salsa
Amazed vs Kodex - Endless Possibilities Chasing Stars
Carsten Rausch-Ballin EP
Daniell Sbert
Display FM-Kryptonite EP
Dr Berger-Golden Receiver
Dualism-Cognition Perspective
Dusty Kid-Beyond That Hill
Electric Envoy-Midnight Monk EP
Hauk N Baum-Mascotte Welmoed
Holgi Star-Statement 1
Kernel Key-Pass It On
Lineas De Nazca-La Gorgona EP
Luigi Rocca And Hugo-Torino Is Not Toronto
Muttersohnchen And Mark Deutsche-Want It
Oscar Barila And Maiki-Debbie White
Petar Dundov and Gregor Tresher-Duo Tone EP
Phase-Subraum EP
Red And Blue
Ross Evana And Yousef
Scot Project Derb-The Sound Incl Derb Mix
Siz.Da and L.A.R.S
Suedmilch-Lion EP
VA - Till Daybreak Meets Album Sampler 01
Witt And Halm-Holzwilm Kampfgeist
Andreas Mats-Elate Incl Mike Danis Remix
Chakra-Love Shines Through
Dj Kay Ft. Vicky Alex-The Island-(CD 001)
Liam Melly-Bomb Squad Whiplashed

December 12th, 2011

Bloodman-Mars I
Duffstep-Together EP
Gerry Read-Roomland (Distal Remix)
Julio Bashmore-Riff Wrath
Loop Stepwalker And Subshock-Kill You
Two Inch Punch-Love You Up
Jean Jeak and D Takers-Get Up EP
BTK and Optiv-Kingpin Gateway
Med School
VA-Energy EP Part 3
VA-RAM Records Drum and Bass Annual 2011
Wilkinson-Tonight Pistol Whip
Dylan Ettinger-Lion Of Judah
Stocker - Gamemaker (The Remixes)
Thorax - Bad Guy EP
4Peace-Feel The Vibe
Aaron Perez-Back Again EP
Adriano Dodici-The Italian Way EP
Alex Del Amo-Rising To The Top EP
Alex Sayz Feat. Christina Skaar - Falling Part 1
Alexander East-weAkcanbEstrong (Aes House Anthem Remix)
Andre Harris-Kissin U
Antonio Santana-Joia Funk EP
Arctic Light-Winter Love
Barbara Tucker Susu Bobien Wipe The Needle Audio Instinct-Selections 2
Baskerville vs. Henzel and Disco Nova-Gimme 5 EP
Bassmonkeys and Dominatorz-Dont Throw It Away (Remixes)
B-Ayce Feat. Stephanie-Hold On (Part 2) (Johnny Bravo Remixes)
Benny Royal-Driving Home For Christmas
Cheets Feat. Philippa Alexander-Back and Forth
Christian Alvarez and Lawrence Nadan-Get Up (Incl. Scott Diaz Mix)
Compton-Comptons Soul
DarqKnight-Hialeah Heat
David Vendetta Feat Max C - One More Time-(370057 8305503)
Dawn Tallman-I Am Free Volume II (Incl. Jovonn Mix)
Dimitri From Paris and DJ Rocca-Erodiscoteque EP 2
Dimitri From Paris and DJ Rocca-Erodiscotique EP2
Distant People Feat. Nicole Mitchell-Make Me Over (Incl. Remixes)
DJ Chus and Patrick M
DJ Garphie Feat. George Sida-Take Me Home
DJ Monxa-Summer In Space
DJ Pippi and Fabio Genito Feat. Asuncion-Ya Sta
Donn T-Grass Is Greener (Incl. Matthew Bandy and North of Center Mixes)
Echo Deep-Buyekhaya EP (Incl. Invaders Of Afrika Remix)
Eli Colorless David Mimram-All Over Again (The Remixes)
EnaWadan-Forever (Incl. Timmy Regisford and Adam Rios Remix)
Fisher and Fiebak-Western Polka
Foto and Chicken Lips Feat. The Bolton Tadcaster-Love Will Break Her
Francesco Tarantini-Apulia EP
Freska-Masquerade-(Incl Hernan Cattaneo and Soundexile Remix)
Funky Dice and Dezibl Feat. Vivi-Keep It Down
Gero Feat Virag-If Not Heaven (Remixes) (Incl. riCkY inCh and Yoyo Mixes)
Good Voodoo Society-So Much More
Graeme Lloyd and Lizzie Curious-All We Need
Hardsoul Feat. Ron Carroll-Back Together (Directors Cut Classic Club Mix)
Harley and Muscle Feat. Lem Springsteen-Number 1
Hennings Project Feat. Daryl Strodes-Cant Wait (Incl. UPZ Mix)
Homegroove Project-Sleepless EP
Imaani Brown-Arabic Nights
Jangatha and Jeff Service-Stir The Pot
Javi Colors and Nacho Vaio Feat. La Bilonda-Shined On Me
Jerry White and Jelly For The Babes-Here I Am
Karl Johan - Connections EP
Karlos Kastillo-Coming Back
Kenny Bobien Feat. Ann Nesby-Spread Love
Knee Deep-Mysterious (Incl. Bobby Dambrosio and Mirco Esposito Mixes)
K-nto-Beginning Of The End EP
Kowton And Tom Dicicco-Untitled EP
L.P. Mosalo-Underground Classics Sessions 2
Ladybird-Ladybird Album Sampler
Lank And Zajac - Juice Box Remixes
Laura Jones - Love In Me Remixes
Lego Rodriguez Feat. Anthony P-The Musical Revolution (Remixes Part 2)
Lonya and Ilya Feat. Meital De Razon-Spring Reign
M.A.N.D.Y. And Booka Shade - Home Remixes Pt. 1
MandGors-Finders Keepers
Martin Solveig And Dragonette Feat Idoling-Big In Japan
Maurice Joshua Feat. JV-Find A Way (Incl. Ospina and Oscar P Remixes)
Mauritzio Feat. Levern-Wanna Be (Alan Russell Remixes)
Melchyor A-Word Of Dreams (Incl. HMIDA Remixes)
Mihalis Safras-5 Years Of Material Series
Milty Evans-The Whitebeard Mixes 2011 (Dubs and Unreleased)
Ministry Of Funk
Mondello feat Charlie P - Mon Amour-(MSR 029)
Moodymanc Vs. Jamie Finlay-People Circulate
Moon Rocket Feat. Princess Of Controversy-Come Alive
Move D Feat. DJ Late-Serge And Josephine
Nhar - Motionless Betrayer
Nick Fiorucci Feat. Carl Henry-You Belong To Me (Incl. Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Niko Stojan - Callejera
NYC Peech Boys Michael Watford Massimo Gabba Tyron Dixon-Selections 1
Onoff-Brown EP
Pablo Fierro-I Dont Speak About House (Incl. Remixes)
Patric La Funk And DJ Chus-Bel Amour
Patrick Di Stefano And Luca Doobie-Get Through EP
Peacey P-The Revolution Part 2
Pete Dafeet
Problem Child-Lebowa EP3
Ralph Good-Freak Funk EP
Ralph Session-Say I Really Need You
Reegroove Feat. LT Brown-Find Me Some Love-(R5B 004)
Richard Beynon-Close To You
Richard Grey And Maboo Inc Feat Cosmo Klein-Turn This World Around
Rob Hayes
Ruben Amaya-Looking Tune
Ruben Mancias and Moon Rocket-56 Soul Kitchen
Sable Sheep - Painting My Fur
Sandy Barber-I Think Ill Do Some Stepping On My Own
Seamus Haji Pres. Mekkah Feat. Stephen Granville-Race Of Survival
Sebastian Davidson-Earthrise EP
Sebastian Krieg and Andrew Bennett
Sek-Turning Back EP
Shaboom-If You Need Me (Fred Everything and Blakkat Remixes)-(SHAB 053)
Sonny G Feat. Carloszouk-Salsa (Remixed)
SoulMates (4peace and Camille)-The Barrelhouse Blues
Stephan Evans Feat. Tamra Keenan-Lets Get Together
Steve Bear Sas Feat. Latrice Verrett-Whatever You Want (The Remixes)
Striker-Londonium (SKILLED099)
Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano-Lethal Industry
Terry G-Stick N Move (Incl. Kalven Swells Remix)
Terry Lex-On The Floor
Tim Rella-Fill Me In EP (Incl. Richie Kidd Remix)
Tom Novy-Take It (Remixed)
Tony Moran Feat. Jennifer Holliday
Torin Rea and Richard Lopez-People Everywhere
Triad-Vice EP
VA - Energy Mastermix Vol. 4
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 9
VA-Disco In Distress Pt 1
VA-Josh Milan Presents Honeycomb Music Vol. 1
VA-My Deep House Vol. 4
VA-Nets Work 10th Anniversary
VA-Phanzin and Groovin EP
VA-Subliminal Remixed Vol. 2
VA-Underground Classics Session 1
Wayne Williams-There Was A Place
Wil Milton and Rodney Carter Feat. Myra-If I Tell You
Wil Milton-Sweet Day
Zetbee-Here We Go
Zulumafia-Vaal Dam (Oscar P and C. Scott Remixes)
Ellipse-Verlorene Zeit
Analyzerz - To The Bone
Ligabue-Campovolo 2.011
Sense-Selected Moments Volume 1
Aquatica-Wild World
Logic Bomb - The Grid
Logic Bomb-The Grid
Neelix-Wagga Wagga
S-B Noise-Out Of Range
System Nipel-Save Us
VA - Painkiller And Friends
X-Noize-RMX X
A Made Up Sound-Take The Plunge
Andrea Bertolini and Vanshock-Plunked Phunk
Bleak - Ekko
David Moleon-Sublime Album Sampler 2
Dj Wild-Bizaz Remixes
Einmusik-Oceans Bottom
Fabio Alampi-Confiara EP
Findling And Pele-Soul Kitchen
Fun Police-Dance Floor
Gabriel Ananda - Live Series Vol.3
Goncalo M-Audio Family 12
Heardloud - The Life Offers
Hidenobu Ito
Horatio And Katoline-Mi Nombre
Ital-Culture Clubs
Kuruption - Torn Within
Leghau-Insane EP
Maetrik - No Entity
Marco Bailey-Oriental Concept EP
Morphosis-Too Far Dettmanns Definitions
Nightwave-Night Heat
Paul Ritch-5 AM On The Great Wall
Pele-Changes EP
Russ Gabriel-Ginger Pussy
S.K.A.M.-Gonna Make You Groove
Shockerz - Rise Like The Sun
Snilloc-Hazy Shade EP
Tim Baker-Down N Dirty
Tom Laws-Alien Pornography EP
VA - Toneshifterz Till Daybreak Meets
VA-DJ Networx The Best Of Vol 50
Zany and Nitrouz - Lonely Dark
Alex ORion-Changing Pace
Cressida And Natalie Paris-Easy To Forget
Marco V And Russel G
Noah Neiman
Orkidea-Unity Incl Solarstone Remix
Patric La Funk
Paul Miller Vs Robbie Seed - Sunshaper
Radion 6-B U Tiful
Shogun-Lotus Space Odyssey
Sied Van Riel-Audio 52
Vintage and Morelli-Flight Of The Phoenix EP

December 11th, 2011

Zed Bias-Stubborn Phase
Funk In A Can-Funk In A Can Volume 1
Illeist Collective Feat Ninelives The Cat
Renegade Alien-Fight For The Future
Shawn Davis And Dynasty-Vibe With Me
Giorgio - Knights In White Satin
Munich Machine - Get On The Funk Train
Puller Productions-Sentimental Feelings
Hyperion Vision
John Browne - The John Browne EP
VA - Roots Project Vol 1
A Made Up Sound-Take The Plunge
Jefr Tale-Start Again (Original Mix)
Korablove-Sociopaths Diary
Kosmas Epsilon And Shocker
Kosmas Epsilon And Shocker-Slick Remixes
Kosmas Epsilon Presents Shocker-Slick EP
Palov And Mishkin-Re-De-Troit EP
Robot Koch-The Other Side
Alejo Galvez Dj Kinx-Go Higher EP
Bassfort-Moon Shadow Moon Light
Chasing Kurt
General Base-Poison 2k11 Incl Rene De La Mone Mix
Hector Couto Vs Cuartero
Helmut Dubnitzky-We Walk Remix EP 2-(Incl Nick Curly Remix)
Hugh Cleal-Lucky 13 EP
Javi Bora and Melohman-You Love You
Julio Bashmore-Riff Wrath
Kyohei Akagawa-Vor Dem Fliegen
Lazzich- Love EP
Marco Carpentieri feat Ray Isaac - Catch Me-(MS 077)
Moodtrap-Body To Body EP
Morning Factory-Sultans Of Swing EP
MYNC and Wally Lopez feat. Laura Woods-No Pare La Musica
Pacco And Rudy B
Ray Okpara-Blues Me Blues-(MOBILEE088)-wWs
Romano Arcani and Diem-Time EP
Smokingroove-Goldeneye EP
Stefan Vincent-Dream Without Sleeping
Steve Lawler and Detlef
Terry Lee Brown Junior and Greg Parker-Eclosion The Remixes Part II
Tim Deluxe-Transformation EP
Toky-Ambell EP
Uner-Nuribo-(Incl Audiojack Remix)
VA-Mystic Spring Particles 2011
VA-Nick Robson Presents Primer 3
VA-Soma20 Phase 16
VA-Tiger Weapons 2012
VA-We Are Never Alone-(INMR-002)
Zemtsov-Detroit EP
Natural Notes-Modul8 Sex Machine
Allan Snowden - Who Are We
Butane-Little Helpers Edit 1
Daphnia-The Doors
Dave Goethals-Bits And Bops EP
Guy J-Soul In Arp Solar Flare
Heron-Rufus Remixes
Hollen-Nunca Te Rindas
James Barnsley And Tim Weeks-Park And Ride EP
Juli Holz
Jurek Przezdziecki-Tango Tan Go
Kenny Ground-Balia (Strictly Remixes)
Marcel Knopf-Blood Smell
Mass Digital-Annihilation EP
Matt Whittet
Mikael Pfeiffer-What And Trabs
Natalino Nunes-Cash Stereo
Nunzio Micari - Bass No Stop
Phil Kieran and Green Velvet-Series 001
Ray Okpara-Blues Me Blues
Rene Breitbarth
Ross Evana-Guillotine EP
Someone Else-Heartless EP
Tengo - Jasmin
VA-100 Top Techno Productions 2011 - Deluxe Edition
VA-Another Kingdown
VA-House Party Vol 4
Aaron Watton-Back To Reality
Ayon - Flying
Chris John-Never Walk Alone (Starstruck Remix)
Fast Distance - Envol
Imperfect Hope
Marcel Woods - Monotone Accelerate (The Remixes)
Mat Zo and Arty
Tristan D - Pacific Beach

December 10th, 2011

Escaping Monday
Callan Maart-Down Bit Fury
French Fries
Hatti Vatti-You EP
Jack Stat-Acid Step EP
Matta Feat Coppa
Pinch And Shackleton-Pinch And Shackleton-(HJRLP59)-BNP
Abdomen Burst - Epinephrine
Alter Form
Ben Venom-D3monz EP
CJ Electric-Hey Come On
CMC And Silenta Feat Penny-Funky Town
Cristian Paduraru-Unleashing Comfort
Diistortiion-Feel it
Dirty Dubsters-Skatty Riddem EP
Disk Error
DJ Hero-Another Day EP
Dubaxface-Jungle EP
Home Alone-Remix EP Part 1
Hoomicide-Pandemonium EP
Hyper and Beatman and Ludmilla
Narff-Nature EP
Quadrat Beat Me
Splitloop-Crackhouse Music
Vida G-Rolling EP
William Breakspear Feat Credit to the Nation Georgina Upton
DJ Nejtrino and Nikita Malinin - Hands Up-(GRM 06)
VA-School Of Hard Dance Vol.1
1point5-Double Rainbow
Dirty Dubsters-BBQ Bombs Vol 1
Dirty Dubsters-Feel Like Jumping EP
Agent K
Cut La Roc-4-4 Volume 1
Ellis Dee and DJ Twista-Touch Me
Empresarios-Sabor Tropical (Remixed EP 1)
Empresarios-Sabor Tropical (Remixed EP 2)
Rioyer No 1-Good Acid
Sei A-Frozen Flower
Shakka and Superfly-We Come Sweet
Angel-Distorted Thinking
7th Heaven feat. Donna Gardier-Elliott-Dont Make Me Wait
Alex Sample-Wind City
Bart B More Asia Tour Mixtape
B-Sensual and Noend
CCO-The Ruling Ideas
DAB and Sissa - Life-(MS 078)
Darragh Burke-Salt Shaker
Deep Voice-Light Seduction EP
Dezza pres. Ariose-Departure Said
Distantt-Hyperdrive EP
Emeli Sande Feat Naughty Boy-Daddy-Promo
Ensaime and DJ Fred.O
Filta Freqz-With Me EP
Herrb-Dragonfly On Dope (Remixes)
Jay Bliss-Take Me Home
Jesse Garcia and Kevin Andrews
Jozsef Keller-Move On
Kid Groove-Hit The Road Jack
Korn Feat Skrillex and Kill the Noise-Narcissistic Cannibal-Promo
Labrinth Feat Tinie Tempah-Earthquake-Promo
Marc Romboy And Kink-Sampledelics Vol 1
Marco Poggioli and Matteo Gariselli
Mark Castley-Bouncin Hammers
Markus Binapfl-Meganite-Promo
Matthias Vogt-Under The Radar
Monoline-Expose EP
Muzik77-La Ultima Hora
Pete Le Freq-Peer Pressure EP
Prolurv Charm-Holiday Eivissa
Promid-Gala Remixes
San Marchello-Take Off
Sascha Sonido And Angelica Fravi-Tanzania Koh Samui
Scott Harrack-Finding The One EP
Tamer Fouda-The Underground Mantra Album
Timofey and Emanuel Kosh
Tocadisco And Wally Lopez - Malditos Meteoritos
Trent Cantrelle-I Want A Freak
VA-Tech House Winter
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 930U
Deviant Species-The Chime Era EP
Eternal Bliss - Full
VA - From Dusk Till Dawn
VA - Still Fresh Vol 2
Vertical Mode - Push It Down
Wired-External Disturbances EP
Artur Grek-Moldavanka EP
Ascii.Disko - Digital Tropical
Audio Damage - Angel Of Death
Campaign For Love-The Lash
Chube.Ka-Drowned With Lies
Dee Dave-Slipp Remixes
Ditto - Consoul Torpedo
D-Nox And Beckers-Distance Remixes Part One
Dominik Eulberg - Diorama Remixes Pt. 2
Erman Erim-Never Ending Zoom Stories EP
Kondens-First Cut EP-(KM016)-BNP
Kondens-Second Coming EP
Kyle Geiger - Imperial
Livid And Sebas
Mat Weasel
Matador (IE) - Kingswing
Matyee And Groulih
Mr Cloudy-Music From Cellars
Nhow Nhow-Bel Ami EP
Psycatron and Detroit Grand Pubahs
The Echelon Plane-Black Dots In An Ocean Of White
VA - Biology 001
VA - Biology 002
VA-Hardstyle Team Vs. Jumpstylerz
VA-Kisses From Paris
VA-Plaque De Trip 2400
Wemms Project
Wemms Project-Sunlight Stream
Wickedsquad-Remixed EP Vol 1
Dash Berlin Feat John Mendelsohn-Better Half Of Me The Remixes Part 1
Red Eye-Rise Of Day EP
Steve Birch Pres Simpkin feat Laura Lost
Tellur-Ordinary Day
VA-Perfecto Records Best Of 2011

December 9th, 2011

Andrew Spencer - Forever And Always (The 2nd Album)-(404021 7005180)
Kindervater Feat. Julia Goldstern-Dont Stop
Leya - Everybody
Liviu Hodor feat Tara - Dream With you
Partytrooperz-Lovebirds Incl Discotronic Remix
Rob and Chris feat Sandberg - Durchgemacht
Shilton - Dont Stop Your Dreams-(IDM 003)
Tss Proyect Feat. Irantzu-The 2nd Album
VA-Hard Dance Class Of 2011
Bassnectar-Divergent Spectrum
Dirty Dubsters Feat Bass Nacho-Dirty Dub Plates Vol 1
Dirty Dubsters Feat Bass Nacho-Mr Brown
Dirty Dubsters-Dirty Swingers EP
Dirty Dubsters-Dont Mean A Thing if it Ant Got that Swing
Dirty Dubsters-Dubwise Riddims EP
Dirty Dubsters Jah Children
Dirty Dubsters-Ragga House EP
Dirty Dubsters-Ragga Jungle EP
Dirty Dubsters-Ragga Jungle EP Vol 2
Dirty Dubsters-School of Dub
Dirty Dubsters-Shot Gun Funk EP
Dirty Dubsters-Skanking with the Dubsters
Dirty Dubsters-Sound Clash EP
Dirty Dubsters-The Funky Rastaman EP
DJ Obese and Dirty Dubsters-Irish Moss EP
DJ Pippi And Tuccillo And Kiko Navarro-Back 2 Back
DJ Said Feat. Reelsoul-Joy Til Midnight (Alton Miller and Rasoul Mixes)
Jinx in Dub-Bass Bunker Dubz
Luku-Mish Mashed EP
Max Rubadub-Rubadub Riddims
Unique Strain
VA-Dirty Boots and Mashups Vol 1
VA-Dirty Boots and Mashups Vol 2
VA-Funk Party Jams Vol 1
VA-Ragga Party Jams Vol 1
VA-Ragga Party Jams Vol 3
Aaron Ross and Sterling Ensemble Ft. Ursula Rucker
Afrojack And Steve Aoki Feat Miss Palmer - No Beef-Promo
Agev Munsen and Roland Clark-The Thing About Deep (Remixes)
Angger Dimas-Kitchen EP
Bob Sinclar Feat. Sophie Ellis Bextor-F With You
Branimir Dimov
Cakewalk Club-Uluberia EP
Chez Damier-Forever Monna - Your Love - Why-(BR01US)
Club Allstars feat Fii - Power To The People 2012-(900879 8072392)
Cnc Music Factory Pres Scarlett Santana-Rain (the Remixes)
Daphnia and Ouroboros-Flat Sun Theory
David Harness and Chris Lum-Scavengerz Hunt
Dejan Dex-Too Many Days Part 1
Distant People Feat. Nickson-Unconditional Love
Divide And Conquer
DJ Fudge-Women of Africa
DJ Mo.Do
Flipgroove Feat. Jackie Kemp-Caught Up (Part 1)
Haldo with Henri Kohn and Miss Ann P-Feel Free
Hollen-Bagpipe EP
Housemaxx And Crystal Rock
Houseshaker Feat. Alexander-War Anthem Incl Dave202 Exended Mix
J and S Project vs Raffaele Rizzi
Jonny Montana and Blick Bassy-Boum-(CAM 023)
JUST2-Angry Fish EP
Kevin Kevin-Here And Now
Kris Menace - E Love EP
Luca M-21 Dont Let You Go
Luis Radio and Raffa Scoccia
Mad Raf and Tom Zenith-Dirty Carnival
Marco A. Barry Pres. Fantasy-Daily Life
Massa-Cascaval Fresco
Metodi Hristov And Matteo Matteini-Jym Tonic EP
Miss Chrysalide-Printemps EP-(Craig Smith Aka 6th Borough Project Remix)
Neil Pierce Feat. Adeola Shyllon-Love Therapy
Nik Frattaroli-Deep Summer EP
Patrick Bo Feat Keith Thompson-Grown Folk Music
Phil Weeks-Love Affair LP (DJ Sneak Vs The French Gangsters Remixes)
Polina Griffith and Miami Kidz-Feeling this Way-(Airplay Mix)
Rob And Joe-Lets Go
Rory Hoy-Hands In The Sky
S.E.X.Appeal-Poison Called Love (Remix Edition)
Sebastian Boldt-Los Trompetos
Shake the Dog Feat. Monique Bingham-Do it (Part 2)-(WARM DAYS 00005)
Sollmy-This Is The Beginning EP
Soul Therapy-Life EP
Stadi-Keep You Dancing
Stefano Prada And DJ Vaven-Try It Harder
Sterling Ensemble Feat Juliet Maisha-Another Love-(SBM 006)
The Booty Jocks-Movin On Up
The Nightworker
Tiger Rose-Food For Dreams
TL Cross-Best Kept Secret (the Remixes)
Tony Dee-Feel It
Tristan Fogel-A Given Instant
Tumelo-Release Your Soul
VA - Rene Rodrigezz Meets MC Yankoo - Sexy Selection
VA-Chris Coco Lazy Summer 2
VA-Happy Day EP-(PTMTM04)
VA-Murmur Remixes Vol 2
VA-Seth Troxler The Lab 03 (Unmixed)
Victor Montsaint And Carlo Marani-Deadeye Disco
Zaki Ibrahim-Swimming (Mixes)
Adriano Celentano-Facciamo Finta Che Sia Vero
Galactic Warriors - Return To Atlantis
Gianluca Grignani-Natura Umana
Gucci Mane And V
Luca Carboni-Senza Titolo
Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa-Mac And Devin Go To High School
VA-Funkymix 154
VA-Latino Lounge Deluxe
Alessio Collina-Somebody Is Gone EP
Alfa Romero
Cosmic Cowboys-Notre Jour Viendra
Denied-The Glorified Boondocks EP
Donovans-Rise And Fall
Geck-O - Its What We Are (Headhunterz Edit)
Ludovic Vendi-La Sobrina EP
Mark Fanciulli And Jordan Peak-Keep On
Masterflow - Power To The People
Narkosky-Amfitamin EP
Nostradamus - Destination
Paride Saraceni And Dema
Psyko Punkz - Lets Get Ill
Rich Oddie
Robytek And Shield-Way Of Life
Sascha Rydell-Mouvoir EP
Soulrack And Mikel E-Reshape EP
Spektre and Matt Cooper-The Chemist
Surrealism-Private Party
Tony Lizard-Pills Of Techno EP
Vince Watson
Akira Kayosa
Al Storm Vs. Hardforze-Dont Go Breaking My Heart (Mike Modulate Remix)
Andy Tau-Trip The Light
Blue Twinkle-Fate Valkyrie EP
Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt
Ferrit-Album Of Super Star
Milano And Dead-Perfect Motion
Oen Bearen
Ryan Farish
Static Skies-Catch Your Soul
Thomas Petersen-Dreaming Incl Raven And Kleekamp Remix
VA A State of Trance Future Favorite Best of 2CD
VA-A State Of Trance Future Favorite Best Of 2011
VA-Dash Berlin Top 15 December 2011
VA-Silent Shore Records Vocal Dubs Vol 01
VA-Trance Mini Mix 012 2011
VA-Underground Trance Anthems

December 8th, 2011

Boca And Gary Byrne-Ready 4 More
Gary Dyton-We Make The Music
Kittens - Im In Love (La La La)
Kittens - Persia
Lauryn feat Sunrise Inc - Gypsy Queen
Mark Van Dark Feat Dino-Beat The System
Noni - Give Me The Sunlight
Party Jumpers-It Will Rain (Club Dance Remix)
Technikal And Jonno-Rock Me
Trevor Dans-Not Long Now
Urban Contact
VA - Hitalow Compilation Vol 1
Voxis - Tell Me Everything
Switch Technique
Efdemin-Chicago Remixes Part 2
Mohlao Mi-24 Kowton - OHWL Four (OHWL4)
VA-Post Summer Sampler Part 1
Versalife Matti Turunen - Combined EP V2.0 (AFS009)
Benny Wave-Get Down EP
Bertie Bassett-Back To Underground EP
Bertie Bassett-Victoire EP
Ecco-Fresh EP
Kevin Dray Feat. Kaegon-Take My Hand
Maurizio Criola-I Like Boobs
Melissa Molinaro-Dance Floor (The Remixes)
Mike-D-Lie To Me
Omnibus-Magic Melody (2012 Dance Mix)
Party Starter-Take A Chance On Me
Petri Petro-Purple Night EP
Storm Queen-It Goes On
Tabb-Stop Your Sample
The Muthafunkaz-I Do Love You (Alliwannado)
The Muthafunkaz-I Do Love You (Alliwannado)
Umek And Beltek-Out Of Play
VA-20 Extended House Tunes
VA-Southpark Sampler Vol 1
Tiziano Ferro-LAmore E Una Cosa Semplice
Abstract Division - Form And Function Pt. 1 (DREF009)
Acid Bunny - Anger
Akiko Kiyama - The Duplicated Man EP (OPDISC027)
Audox And Gaz F-We Got It All Wrong
Bobby Dowell
DJ Bouncy B-F K Me In The Ass
D-Teq - Raise Up
DVS1 - Break Away (KW08)
DVS1 - Evolve Submerge (HUSH01)
Eduardo De La Calle - Trilogy Part 1 (ASR010)
Kidd Kaos-Your House
Kodex - Underworld
Neilio - Outside This World
No Boundaries - Modular Pursuits Remixes (PLE65340
VA - Jingle Bang 2011 Too Hard For X
VA - Punk Fanatic Naked
VA-Masters Of Hardstyle Vol 6
Yasuo Sato - The Hikari EP (AEST013)
Aftershok-You Tell Me
Laura Jansen-Use Somebody
Wait While-You Always Will Be Mine

December 7th, 2011

Counterstrike-Careful With That Axe Fucking Disgusting
Dave Pollansk feat Celia - Wanna Be With You-(900569 3119429)
Dj Andi feat Stella - Universe
Jai Alexander and Sarah - The Legend
VA - Starbeach Ultimate Winter Compilation
VA-Ultimix 176
Leventina And Andrew Bennett Feat Anita Kelsey - Tell Me
Phoenecia - Good Man Bones (DETUND15)
VA - Stilleben 33 (STILLEBEN033)
White Ring-Hey Hey My My-Limited Edition Vinyl
Alvin Tech-Drugged Driver
Andy Ward and Random Soul-Come Together (The Remixes) EP
Antoine Clamaran vs. Night Shift - Forever
Balcazar and Sordo-Playa Maria
Camouflage-Groovelab 20 EP
Carlos Jimenez feat Arena-Do 4 Love Remixes
Chris Kaeser - As Before
Coqui Selection-Valencia EP
Digital Dirt-Boom Boom EP
Francesco Diaz Ft. Michael Feiner - Where Do You Go (Remixes)
Gabriell-Baby Got House
George Perry
Holger Zilske-Holz Remixes Part 1
Javier Perez-Summer Sensations
Jay Marks-CHFM006 EP
Jesper Dahlback-Udda Katter
Luca Distefano
Manu L and Javier Gonzalez-Hazme Caso
Marco Lys-Kama-(GSR132)-wWs
Marvin Dash-Workshop 14-(WORKSHOP14)
Mike Richardson and Howard Sessions Ft KT Forrester-Looking Back EP
Misty-Get Down More
Piek - Burn Baby Burn
Premeson-Free Me-(100340 07)
Raul Fernandez and Karlos K Sound
Rene Amesz - Rude Boy EP
Ruede Hagelstein and The Noblettes-A Priori-(Incl Tiefschwarz Remix)
The Mae
Timid Boy-The Jazz Club Ep
Topher Jones Feat. Jess Underdown and James Bowers-Lost it All (Arty Remix)
Tyron Dixon Feat Miami Inc. - Dont Let Love Down
VA-Back On Track 3-3-(NUGR003)
VA-Beat Cubed Vol. 4
VA-Extra Dry Xmas 2011
VA-Moon Fusion
VA-ORS 1600-(ORS1600)
VA-Ritmikal Series Vol 3
Weekend Heroes-Plus One
Youri Donatz-Velder EP
Face One - Surplus Sampler 49
Mariah Carey And John Legend-When Christmas Comes-SPiKE
Sandy Barber-The Best Is Yet To Come Deluxe Edition
VA - Maximum Hit Music Best Of 2011
VA-Promo Only Pop Latin January
Fabio And Moon - Not Like The Otherz
Ritmo - Phrase-A (INM1MCD003)
Andrew Grant And Lomez-Little Helpers 27
Anton Stellz-Palma EP
Dany Rodriguez-Iremos Juntos Como La Sea
Federico Buratti-Irukandji EP
Gingy And Bordello-Body Acid
Hans Bouffmyhre-The Confession
Heron - Rufus Remixes (LIMI016)
Jon Seber Reagen - Juggernaut The Black Clock (EMINOR30)
Look-Alike-Sometimes Is It Deeper
Marco Bailey-Greedy Convention
Miss Groovy And Friends - Getting Back To HC
Mode Seven - Beneath the Surface EP
The Advent And Jason Fernandes-Control And Elevate EP
Thomas P Heckmann Vs G-Man-Drive Inn EP
VA - Inertia Vol. 1 (INERTIA1)
VA - Inertia Vol. 2 (INERTIA2)
VA - Inertia Vol. 3 (INERTIA3)
VA - Inertia Vol. 4 (INERTIA4)
VA - Surplus Sampler 50
VA-Boys Noize The Remixes 2004
VA-Super EP
Zoo Brazil-Smashing Thing
W And W Feat Bree-Nowhere To Go Incl Shogun Remix

December 6th, 2011

El Kid
Flux Pavillion-Bass Cannon (iNexus Remix)
Ital Tek
New York Transit Authority-Off The Traxx
Redinho-Stay Together
Sibian And Faun-Im Sorry
Slackk-Polar Bear
Untold-Little Things Like That
Anya - Fool Me-(843536 170139)
Cascada - Au Revoir
Dance Makers - My Dirty Game-(MIE 8032774613485)
Marvin Priest - Own This Club
VA-Dance Classics Italo Edition Vol 1
Valerio M and Luca Sala feat Dubfiller and Alfonso M - Remember Me
VA-ZYX Italo Disco Doubles Vol 1
Zleyr and Kiliani - Staubsauger Anthem
Duff Disco-Catch Me Out
Machine Code vs Nanotek-Venus Nanomachine
Xilent-Skyward EP
2raumwohnung feat. Jungle Brothers and Trio - 36 Grad
Bag Raiders - Sunlight Incl Armand van Helden Remix
Dappy - No Regrets
DJ Cooler-Super Remix
Empire Of The Sun - Standing On The Shore
Keep Shelly In Athens-Campus Martius E.P
Laing - Morgens Immer Muede The Remixes
Lego Feet
Nils Frahm
Olafur Arnalds-Living Room Songs
Rumpistol-Talk To You EP
Some Truths-Damnation Poisoned With Rainbows
VA-Composure Ambient Techno For Japan
Noize Suppressor - Pain Killer
Alex O N S-Go For Dreams
Analog K-Analog K
Andrea Raffa feat. Lauren Rose - Take You Higher
Arnold Palmer feat. Antoine Montana - Keep On Movin
Aura Dione - Geronimo The Remixes
Ava Rocks - Heart On The Dancefloor
Avicii - Levels Cazzette NYC Mode Mix
Bastian Van Shield - Nobody Incl Tujamo Remix
Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go - Close To Me
BerliNYC feat. Shane Gunn and MDK - See The Light
Bird O10C
Bob Sinclar feat. Raffaella Carra - Far Lamore
Brenda M-In You
Bullrush-Swedish Dream
Chuckie feat. Gregor Salto - What Happens In Vegas
Claudio Giordano-Valencia the Synth Mix
Coco Fay - Not The Same The Remixes
Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
Coldplay - Paradise The Remixes
Crazy Shuri feat. Juan Magan - Shuri Shuri
Dave Romans-Let Me Go
David Puentez feat. Max C - Things We Do 4 Love
D-Crow-In Japanese
Denny Sunshine
Digitalism - Circles The Remixes
DJ Hightech
DJ Sammy - Animal
DMCEE - Party Like A Rockstar
Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf Incl Dada Life Remix
Dynamic Illusion A Vision
Ebb and Flow - 85 At Union EP
Eduardo De Leon
Emde And Julio-Living With My Soul A Little Bit
Enrique Iglesias feat. Usher and Lil Wayne - Dirty Dance The Remixes
Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me Mike Candys Mixes
Filip Jenven feat. Max C - Lifting It Higher
Florence and The Machine - Shake It Out
Florrie - I Took A Little Something
Frost-Boogie Wonderland
Frost-To Match For Me
Get No Sleep Collective - Get No Sleep
Gramophonedzie - Number One
Hannah and Miami Calling - Taking Over Now
Hardsoul And Baggi Begovic - Survival
Hardsoul And Baggi Begovic
Hold Youth - EP Classics 01
Inna feat. Flo Rida - Club Rocker The Remixes
Jay C And Pray For More
Jesus Luz David Amo and Julio Navas feat. Selda - You Are Mine
Jules Spinner - Beat Dropz
Kaskade Ft. Mindy Gledhill-Eyes (Remixes)
Katy Perry - The One That Got Away
Lana Del Rey - Video Games The Remixes
Linda Pritchard - Wicked Game
Livelectric - Sensations
LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It
Marco Salva-Marco Salva
Mario and Vidis - Staar Wars EP
Markus Binapfl - U Sure Do
Marlon Roudette - New Age
Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger
Maurice Aymard-Italo Slot EP
Max Millan-Saxophone Loves Guitars
Medina - Execute Me The Remixes
Medina - The One The Remixes
Micah-Sing When Its Dangerous
Michel Cleis feat. Toto La Momposina - La Mezcla Incl Riva Star Remix
Mr. Fluff And LFS-The Great Unknown
Natalia Kills - Wonderland Incl Roger Sanchez Mixes
Niels van Gogh vs. Daniel Strauss - Punkd
OCP - Delta City
Patrick Mcculkgin
Pete Griffiths and Paul Thomas
Peter Luts - Cayo
Professor Green feat. Emeli Sande - Read All About It Cahill Mixes
Protoxic And Johnny Muse-Dont Know Your Name
Ralph Good feat. Polina Griffith - SOS Incl Tujamo Remix
Rasmus Seebach - Calling Nighthawk
Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack Gary Caos Mixes
Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris - We Found Love
Rye Rye feat. Robyn - Will Never Be Mine Incl Fedde Le Grand Remix
S Regalbuto
Sasha Plus
Shockolady - Get It On The Remixes
Smight-Zero Ticket
Studio Killers - Ode To The Bouncer
Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party - Antidote
The Naked and Famous - Young Blood The Remixes
The Saturdays - Notorious The Remixes
The Teachers feat. Dekay - House You
Theelement-Feel It
Theelement-Sucker Punch
Tyson - After Youre Gone The Remixes
VA-Joia Records Pres. 10 Years of Bad Things
Wally Stryk-Estacion EP
Lagy Gaga - Marry The Night
OST-Real Steel
Frechbax - Wolkenkratzer
Psymmetrix - No More Milking It
Tegma-Arriva Marsta
VA - Blacklite Tubes-Compiled By Blacklite Records
Adultnapper Feat Black Light Smoke-Idiot Fair
Alex Delia And Nihil Young-Rave-O-Lution Remixes Part 4
E-Max - Collab EP
Hermanez-Spank EP
Ismael Alonso And Mikel Ayerra-Pena Capital EP
Luiz Del Valle and Electricks-Sunset Cafe
Manuel Hierro-La Musica
Marco Dassi-Nature By Night EP
Marko Nastic
Mladen Tomic-Sushi Evolution Part 1
Namito-Of Mice And Hares
Namito-Of Mice And Hares (Pleasurekraft Remix)
Oliver Klein-Remix Gallery
Popof-Blue Dream
Powell-The Ongoing Significance Of Steel And Flesh
Reel By Real-Surkit Chamber The Melding
Re-UP-Shindi EP
Rrose-Merchant Of Salt
Santos-Primitive Cannible Remixes 2
The Analogue Cops and Blawan and Ryan Elliott - Big Family EP
Tiko Taco-Cosmic Chemical
Tish-Were High
VA-Tuneboy Presents Tunebeats Vol 2
Epock Project-Epock (Pete Farmer Remix)
Miika Kuisma

December 5th, 2011

Doubleheart-Salsa Apocalypto
Hxdb And 3rdeye
Infinite Livez-Warehouse Music
Joker-On My Mind
Kamikaze Space Programme
Kingdom-Dreama EP
Lazer Sword-Sounds Sane
Orphan101-Juan A
Randomer-Real Talk
Swing Ting
Pitbull feat. Chris Brown-International Love
VA-Floorfillers Old Skool
VA-Verdens Bedste Dance
Aruna-Love In Bloom
VA-Commercial Suicide Compilation Part 2
Mint Julep-Save Your Season
Pampidoo-Synthesizer Voice (Goth Trad Remix)-(GRED5021)-12Inch Vinyl
VA-Italo Disco Legends Vol 4
VA-Kitsune Maison 12 (the Good Fun Issue)
Vladislav Delay
Masters of Noise and The Beat Controller Ft. MC Tha Watcher - This Army Is Mine
The Outside Agency - Daze Of Old (Official Pandemonium Anthem)
The Outside Agency and Sei2ure-Undermind Pacifists
Alexkid-Shesgottoleave EP-(Incl Radio Slave Remix)
Andrew Bennett - The Orange Theme
Bara Brost-Elephancycle The Remixes Part
Bernard Jones-Late Night Vibes EP
Bingo Players - Mode
Cevin Fisher - Brazil-(SLIP 278)
Chemars-Cant Stay Away From The Jack EP
Dada Life - Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker
Davenport and Deutschmann-The Conspiracy
Dyro-Metaphor Magno
Echonomist-Real Love feat Mz Sunday Luv
Erick Morillo Feat Harry Romero And Jose Nunez - Build It Up
Four Walls-My Sweet EP
Funkyloco-So Sweet EP
Invisible Entourage-Kung Fu Scuffle
Inxec Vs Droog
Joe Rizla-Talk To Me
John De Sohn Ft. Andreas Moe-Long Time
Kick Punch Gang-Music We Like EP
Locarini-Effect Bonfires Para Bailar
Marcus Schossow-Las Vegas
Nico Purman-Fade Away
Reza - Bakongo
Ryan Truman-Therapy EP
Sam Project - Mr Gorgeous and Miss Curvaceous-(MIE 8053264544256)
Solarity-Tiny Black Circles Longwayupdown
Tash-I-5 Incl Luis Junior Remix
Tate and Diamond feat. Nicolai
The Disko Starz-Cape Town
VA-5 Plus 1 Sampler EP
VA-Focus On Atlantic Jaxx
VA-Full Body Workout Volume 8
VA-Second Chances and New Romances
VA-The Exquisite Sampler (Incl Eddie C and DJ Yellow Mixes)
VA-The Pack Vol 3 EP
B-D4VID - Lets Go
VA - Captain 2012
Asphalt Orchestra-Asphalt Orchestra
Blondie - Rapture (Parish Edit)
Jorge Carlos - Azimuth
Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings-Soul Time
Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings-Soul Time
Ye Mighty
DJ Thera - Tunnel Vision
Emptyset-Altogether Lost Ft Cornelius Harris (Behling And Simpson Edit)
Frequencerz - Revolution
Freund Der Familie-The Symbian Remixes
Gonzalez And Gonzalo-Le Fouet
Psycatron-Memories Of The Moment Incl John Digweed And Nick Muir Remix
The Black Dog-Liber Chaos (Book Ov Aiwass)
The Prophet and DJ Duro - Shizzle (2011 Remuxx)
Tom Laws-Stranger With My Face EP
VA - Solid Sounds Best Of 2011
Erick Strong
Exostate-Without Warning
Full Tilt Feat Deirdre McLaughlin
Gareth Emery - Tokyo
Grube and Hovsepian
Ian Solano
Jochen Miller - Bamm
Mark Sherry - Sangre Caliente (The Remixes)
Mobil-Purple Sky In Loving Memory
Ronski Speed Feat Renee Stahl-Out Of Control
Sied Van Riel Ft. Fenja - The Game
Sunny Lax-Viva La Revolucion Something Is Broken
VA-Black Hole Recordings Best Of 2011
Wezz Devall-The Big Adventure

December 4th, 2011

Secret Panda Society-Breakout EP
VA - Beat Hits Vol.56
VA-Hit Mania 2012
VA-Pianeta M2O - Vol. 23
Zinitzio Gambini Hits 2011 Christmas Edition
Riccardo Campa - The Italian Way
Dimlite-My Human Wears Acedia Shreds
Adam Harper-The Rabbit
Brazilian Dutch Project-Baby You Know
Debbie Tebbs-No Sex
DJ Fasten-Changed the Way You Kiss Me-(CORECDIG 016)
Franco Cinelli Vs Martinez-Da Beatz Pandemonium
Gregor Salto-Summer Selection
Laidback Luke And Sander Van Doorn - Whos Wearing The Cap (The Remixes)
Plastik Funk And Massimo Nocito - Lose Yourself
Tiger Stripes - Gospel
VA - Firstclass-The Finest In House Urban and Electro 2011
VA-House Charts 2012
VA-I Love Ego - Step Twelve
VA-Ministry of Sound-The Annual 2012-(SA Edition)
Zoo Brazil Feat Rasmus Kellerman - There Is Hope
T-Pain-Revolver-( Deluxe Edition)
VA - Deutsche Disco Box Vol.43
Lives-Blue Harvest
Artem Voytov-The One
Avsr Sunhize-Drift Away - Stardust
Croatia Squad-Between The Notes
Mell Tierra-Get It Played - Godspeed
Redub And MH20-Coastline
Santos Recordings-Whos House
Shazza-Ruby Gate 43
VA-Magic Feeling Remixes
Xelush-Fresh Cold Water
Yuji Ono-Yuji Ono - Eighty Ton EP
Alec Troniq-Passengers Remixed
Angy Kore-Anvedi Kerobba-(SPT 020)
Antonio Piacquadio-Hold Up
Benja And Reto Ardour-Raw Smoke Bonfire
Benno Blome-Go Loose EP
Daniel Stefanik And Vivianne Projects-Harry Klein Records 005
De Oliveira - Welcome
Emanuel Satie-Stab Me
Iperboreo - Atmosquares
Marcel Dettmann-Deluge Duel
Martin White-Cyber Sex
Newtone-Broken Cloud EP
Psyche-Neurotic Behavior
Smilla - Green Miles
Stuback - Musical Taste
VA-5 Years Part 2 of 3
VA-Etui Summer Camp 3
VA-Tombola Der Freisinnigen 2
Adagio - Manifestation
Alex Cue and Robert Lewis-Multi Player-(ROY 199)
Antolini and Montorsi - Are Am Eye
Dart Rayne - Azai
VA-VANDIT Records Best Of 2011

December 3rd, 2011

Coki-Dont Get It Twisted
Hazardous - Perseus Likes Bass (The Remixes)
Loops Haunt - Ark EP
Royalty - Purple Nights
Spekrfreks - Robot Ears EP
VVV - Across The Sea
Kim Wilde - To France (Exklusive X-Mas Version)
VA - Nachtschicht Vol 43
VA - Tekno 61-(533 710
ASC-Time Is Now EP
Cooh-Break Free
VA-Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 4 Part 1
Controls - Forever Techno
Sharam Jey And Deadbots - Obey Dub Sessions
Sharam Jey And Deadbots - Obey
The Saint Paul-Rewind The Time
Dark Sector - Feel it-(100352 19)
DJ Ruffneck - The Global Hardcore Gathering (Official Nightmare Anthem)
DJ Ruffneck - The Global Hardcore Gathering (Official Nightmare Anthem)
Aeonism-Dark Rhode Brasil
Alex Hentze-Simetria De Sosiego
Biatch - Electric Kiss
Biatch - Electric Kiss Jerome Ima-Ae Dub
Collective Machine-Fruit Carneval For Soul
Cristian Marchi and Syke N Sugarstarr feat. Lisa Millett - U Got Me Rockin
Damian Schwartz
Daniele Kama-Batida De Groove
Dexter Kane-Hook Line and Sinker EP
DJ Optick-October Promo Mix
Dual Method-Asante Remixes
Dual Method-Mobile Dick
Eddie Matos - Hypnotized
Francesco Gomez feat. Lety - I Get No Sleep
Inaya Day - One Way-(NOD 00006)
Jacksonville-Sometime Shortwave EP
Joe Babylon-Debut EP
Kenny Ground
Lowris-Carambar De Toi EP
Maya Jane Coles-Dont Put Me In Your Box EP
Philip Arruda-Kids Just Wanna Dance
Plastik Funk - Discofunk
Riccardo Sabatini-Another Groove
Ron Costa-Frina La Petale
Simone Godenzi
Sonic vs. Taste T - Nelson Mandela Incl Tom Wax Remix
Steve Forest and Nicola Fasano feat Fame Cohen - New York City-(805326 4544195)
The House Soldiers feat Ton Ramons - Mulata-(MIE 8053264542092)
Tiefschwarz Feat. Mama-Corporate Butcher Remix EP
Tom Novy and Veralovesmusic feat. PVHV-Thelma and Louise
Tony Sylla and Yves Larock - Viva Las Vegas
Tristan Heymans-Celebrate-(BRC 732011)
VA-5 Years Unreleased Digital EP 3 (The Bigroom)
Victoria Aitken - Queen Of The House
Victoria Aitken - Queen Of The House Denis The Menace Mixes
We Love 90 feat Luca Lento - Short Dick Man-(MIE 8053264543280)
Will Clarke - Kulture Got It
David Guetta-Nothing But The Beat-(Collectors Edition)
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 929U
Ciro Leone-The Mirror EP
Cristian Varela-Etiam EP
DJ PP-El Recreo Remixes
DJ Vortex - Eardrum
Matt Star-Rhodesse EP
Sascha Sonido-Made For Play EP
VA - Hardstyle Vol.24 Presented By Blutonium And Dutch Master Works
VA-Spanish Power EP
Dirkie Coetzee and Unique feat Litsa - Cest La Vie-(NS 2011069)
Grube and Hovsepian - Pressure
Jake Shanahan feat Marcie - Your Name EP-(CLUBPINK 12)
Matt Pincer-File Not Found
Moby - After Ferry Corsten Fix
Tigran Oganezov - Raptor
VA-Biggest Vocal Trance Tracks Of 2011

December 2nd, 2011

Skream-Anticipate EP
Mark De Clive
Azuro Feat. Elly-Toca Me Incl Dan Winter Remix
Brooklyn Bounce and Dafhouse - Canda
DJ Doddo vs Dance Rocker - You Are In My Life
Dj Hyo - Calling You-(100337 16)
Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam vs Benny Royal and Dennis van der Geest-Let The Beat Hit Em
Michael Newton-WOW (Hey Hey) Incl Cc.K Remix
Quentin Mosimann feat Sheryfa Luna - All Alone (Est-Ce Quun Jour)-(803407 7241501)
R.I.O. - Turn This Club Around
R.I.O. Feat. U-Jean-Animal Incl Spankers Remix
R.I.O.-Turn This Club Around
Scooter feat Vicky Leandros - Cest Bleu
Serenity And Spyer Feat. Tevin-Club Rockin Beats
Steve Buzz-Hard Buzz
VA - Fantasy Dance Hits Vol. 17
Chad Valley-Shell Suite And Remixes
CSS-City Grrrl
VA-DFA Records 2011 Sampler
Yelle-Comme Un Enfant
A.K.O.-Back to the Future
Afro Bros-Kids Playing
Alex Gray feat Monica Harem - PASTA
Andme-Purple Rain
Andrea Bertolini-Sticky Remixed
Andrea Dub
Coach Roebuck-Another Night
David Guetta Feat Sia-Titanium-Promo
DJ Falk-Boogie Man-Promo
Dj Sal feat Regina Miami - Our Xmas World (Mammamia Xmas Track)
Eli Clement-Magellanic Dust
Jean Alan Feat Cosmo Klein-Feel Alive-Promo
Jose Galvis-Take Your Gruuve EP
Joss Moog-2 Days In Chicago
Katy Perry-The One that Got Away-Promo
Kelly Rowland-Down for Whatever-Promo
Kovary - Let Me See U Dance EP
Le Kid-We Are the Drums-Promo
Mad Mark Feat Alexander - Anywhere You Go-(HW 112D)
Markus Gardeweg
Michael Newton-WOW (Hey Hey)
Molla and Marquis - Self Control
Nervo-Were All No One-Promo
Oliver Moldan-Icamole EP
Plastik Funk and Fragma-What Love Can Do-Promo
Professor Green Feat Emeli Sande-Read All About it-Promo
Qwote Feat Pitbull and Lucenzo-Throw Your Hands Up-Promo
R.I.O. Feat U-Jean-Turn this Club Around-Promo
R.J. Feat Pitbull - U Know It Aint Love Incl Markus Gardeweg Remix
Radio Killer-Dont Let the Music End-Promo
Riva Starr And Fatboy Slim Feat Beardyman-Get Naked (Promo Edition)
Robert Unique feat Sara Brillo - Future Sex
Roul and Doors-Forget Gita EP
Skrillex-Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites-Promo
Subb-An-This Place
Tmgk And Data Noise
Toscano-Double Fromage
VA-Bargroove Classics
Brain Impact - Apollo Kids
Taio Cruz - TY.O
V.A-Hot Tracks Music Letter Vol.2
Durs - Ludique
Johann Bley
Symphonix - The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 3
A. Balter - Vintage Lovers Unite
Arjun Vagale-Shaken Bake
Darksiderz - 2 Late The Wanderer
Gianni Ruocco-Snap Weekend EP
Samuel Dan-Funk Dealer EP
Tim Green-In Love Gum Stew
VA - Dumb Unit Dynasty 1
VA - Inertia Vol. 3 (INERTIA3)
VA - Inertia Vol. 4 (INERTIA4)
VA-Brood Techno 01
VA-Armin van Buuren presents Armind Best of 2011
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 December 2011

December 1st, 2011

Agia-Agia 1st Mini Album
Daniele Feat David Ferrari - Calientalo-(801999 1683286)
DJ Cry feat Daniele Meo - TVBV 2K11 Part 2-(IRD 068)
DJ Rynno and Sylvia - Feel In Love
Kaskade-Fire And Ice
Marc Korn Feat Mel-Der Mann Mit Dem Koks
VA-Everybody Dance Now 9
VA-Collaboration Part 4
VA-We Will Burn Pop Im
Addex-Memories Provides
Terry Lee Brown Junior and Greg Parker-Eclosion The Remixes Part I
80s Clash
Aldo Cadiz-Balance EP
Asaga-People Government EP
Bittersuite-Bittersuite Archives Vol1
Chris Domingo-Get Some
DAB and Sissa
Dave Martins-Deep Control EP
Dean Amo - Sirenas En Celo (XPM023)
DJ Lancaster-Booka-(ANR 191)
Doomwork-Earth Movement
Fusi And Johnson - Just Do It (IBOGACD77)
G Theofanidis-Odes and Midi EP
Jonathan Grossman
Jonathan Grossman-Listen Flip The Switch
Jules Moss-All in Hole
Kenny Summit-War Games
Kevin Gorman
Lazaro Casanova-Our Kind of Love
Le Rock And Roxs-Der Schwarze Kanal
Lucas and Hugo Sanches
Manuel Tur-About To Fall
Marco Ricci-Right Evolution
Mario Franca-Feel The Same EP
Materia - Response EP (LBR026)
Matthew Freedz-Im Deep Soul
Michel Cleis
Midav-Unreserved EP
Mike Ivy And Ellroy Clerk Ft. Joey Alvarado - Welcome To The Fiesta (SORRYSHOES031)
Ocean Gaya-Signs Of A Coming Era
Pascal Brockly and Joe Sympson-Airwaves EP
Pascal Brockly-Up Side
Roberto Perotti
Seraphine-Leave Us Alone EP
Sidney Charles and Sven Kerkhoff-House Witness EP
Solid Soul-Never Too Much
Soulight Here (Remixes)
Stefano Libelle-I Hear Voices EP
Takis M-Get Lost EP
Tocadisco - FR3E
VA - Best Of Global Music Vol. 1
VA - Elevennine
VA - Everything 06 Ibiza 2
VA - Everything 06 Ibiza
VA - Storytelling Sounds
VA-Elements Air
VA-Hypnotic Sessions Vol 5
VA-Most Rated 2012
Karl F - Going Crazy
Aedem - Ice
Christoph Kardek-Oraison Sonore
Pink-Bridge of Light
VA-The Best Of Lounge 2
El-Zisco - Sonora (SYNCD060)
Iacchus - Together As One
Insector - Predator
Mesca - Lap Trance (GCCD037)
Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Nirhtak And The Wave Inside (HS010)
Shpongle - The God Particle
Soulside - Deep In My Soul
The Freak Show - Freshness (MDCD98)
VA - The Third Encounter
VA - Transitions In Trance
Vacuum Stalkers - Revanche (SYNCD054)
Andres Gil
Bodyscrub-Replaced EP
Dusty Kid-Beyond That Hill
Grant Cameron-Meet The Monsters
Grant Cameron-Mysterio Listen Up
John Karagiannis and Paylipservice-Strictly Private EP
Nikosf-Temperament EP
DJ Belthazor-Place Of Understanding
Michael Jay Parker And Jan Miller
Sean Tyas-Lift Remixes Part 2
VA-Kontor Top of the Clubs Vol.53

November 30th, 2011

After School
Kalwi and Remi feat. Amanda Wilson - You and I
Propellaheadz Feat Mel - Catwalk-(361015 0296429)
Redd Feat Akon And Snoop Dogg - I M Day Dreaming-(MX 2272)
Trouble Maker-Self Titled
V.A-Happy Pledis 2012-Love Letter
Ramirez - A.M.Y. (RHD
Joanna Syze
Alex Pardini - And I
Azari And III - Indigo EP (TURBO085)
BP - Ballerina EP
Esque-Drone EP 1
Esque-Urban Legends
Gigolos At Work - Disco Bitch
Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom (ATOM12)-Whitelabel Vinyl
Mathew Jonson
Nikosf-The Forgotten Pieces EP
Northern Lite-Black Day
Pete Swanson - Man With Garbage (TYPE102)
Pete Swanson - Man With Potential (TYPE101V)
Theo Parrish and Burnt Friedmann - Meet Mancingelani and Zinja Hlungwani (HJP60)
TM Project - Panamera
Tonkproject-Unseen Unheard Untouched
VA-Red Bull Music Academy-(GOSERIES85)-MAG CD
Bob Sinclar and Raffaella Carra-Far Lamore (The Remixes)
DJ Sneak-Sur America
Fabrizio Maurizi-The Secret Garden
Gary Caos
Hayley Parsons-Class Act The Remixes
Holgi Star And Falko Niestolik - Waiting
James Shoji-Down In Chinatown EP
James Silk-Quarter to Midnight
Jason Rivas-The Rhythm Of The Night
Javi Blama
Joe Rizla-The Routes
Joe Rizla-Unreleased Material Two
Jose M Presents-Approve Marijuana
Julian Collazos-Blue EP
Kintar-Carpe Diem
Kleber-Calamares EP
Lesny Deep-Fade Away EP
Less Affair - Run-(100349 91)
Livin R and Pink Noise feat Nekk - To The Moon and Back-(MIE 8014090163752)
Marc Miroir-Black Amber
Matt Sanchez
Midnite Jackers-Coyotes Against ACME EP
Morgan Page Ft. Tegan and Sara-Body Work
Mr Y-Im Your Delay Something
Nina Kraviz-Ghetto Kraviz
Pizza Brothers Feat. K Casolani-Get Out
Redshape-On Da Floor
Rene Rodrigezz and Dirtyharry - Release The Insane-(693736 610690)
Shiloh-Primavera Incl Luke Chable Remix
Stonebridge Funky Junction and Chris Kaeser
Tiesto Ft. Kay-Work Hard Play Hard
VA-A Journey In Santorini
New Risen Throne-Loneliness of hidden structures
Vortex Rockdrill
Yannick Franck
2000 And One - Kreamm (BANG016)
Anytime Anywhere
Christopher Just-Disco Dancer
DJ Thera and Pavo - All Get Down
Fabio Alampi-Confiara EP
Florian Meindl-Space Bass EP
Johannes Heil-Heiliger Bimm Bamm Pt 1
Puresque-Vor Leitmotiv EP
Redshape-Son Of A
SP-X-Voltage EP
Tim Xavier-In A Dogs Year
VA - Italian Hardstyle EP
VA-Levitation EP
VA-The Best In Hardstyle (Limited Edition)
Zero Vision - Style Dropping
Zero Vision - Style Dropping
Dan Stone And Ost And Meyer And Norin And Rad
Dave Walker And Andy Raeside-The Chase
DJ Sakin And Weimar-Secret Incl DJ Space Raven Remix

November 29th, 2011

Counterstrike-Careful With That Axe Thats Fucking Disgusting
Dauwd-Whats There
Alycia Stefano-Vamos A La Fiesta-(361015 0291936)
Anniela-Party Crusher Incl Eric Shaw Remix
Beppe Giampa - Canzone-(MIE 803277 4613591)
Britney Spears-Britney Spears Live The Femme Fatale Tour-(Bonus CD)
Captain Jack-Saturday Night 90S Hitmix-(CJ 007)
Celia Feat Kaye Styles-Is It Love-(MX 2264)
Daniele De Bellis - Tu Non Sei Cosi Importante-(MIE 8032774613737)
La Syndicate - Levels
The Glam Feat Flo Rida-Trina And Dwaine-Party Like A DJ-(MX 2246)
VA-Mega Dance Top 100 Best Of 2011
Victor Ark-Daisy Daisy-(843536 170142)
Chairman Kato
Rudi Zygadlo
Seams-Focus Energy Motive Order
VA-Unart Sampler I-Limited Edition
Sequencer - Scrash EP
Tymon And The DJ Producer-Never Look Back The Difference Between
Andreas Janke-Move on
Anthony Louis-Milks Friends EP Vol 1- HR63
Coqui Selection-Beat Cox
David Jach and Sonntagskind-Basar EP
Denzal Park
Elektrik Bet-Welcome To My House-(SUN 1123)
Eleven Eleven-Infection EP
Fabio Neural
G Mat-Lets Do it
Gianni Kosta
Gregor Potter
Hardsoul Feat. Ron Carroll-Back Together (Tony Lionni Remix)
Ingo Boss
Itaka-Pussy Lover-(SUN 1125)
Jelly for the Bean
Jericho Ismael-The Lost Island
John Dahlback
Mark Stacey-Let It Go
Martin Villeneuve and DLayna-Come On Over
Massimo Santucci and DJ Pearl-Allegro Vivace
Max Vertigo and SevenEver-Come BC
Philipp Kox And Stereoliner - Faster
Phunktjan-Beautiful Life
Satoshi Fumi Vs Todd Terry-My Suga
Semen Tihomirov
Tash-Fake Plastique Incl Dousk Remix
Terrazi-Love Me Up
Three Drives - Letting You Go (Greece 2000) Incl Dabruck And Klein Remix
Tommy M and Ruben Db and Gemma Cruz
VA-Balance 019 The Single Collection Vol 3
Binum - Sneakerz
Amy Winehouse-Lioness Hidden Treasures
Cosmithex-Visions Of Sound
Ianuaria - Beware Of The Fish
Bass Kleph-Riff Machine
Philippe Rochard - 2day
Silent Servant - Hypnosis In The Modern Age (SD17)
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 8
Akira Kayosa
Andy Raeside-The Chase
Detoxline and Bootyshine-Ice Land
DJ Ammotastic-Im A Legend
Ehren Stowers-Surf The Lightning
Free Gate
Gregory Range feat Kate Lesing-All The Answers Gone
Inca EP
Jo Micali-Early Sunrise
Liquid Vision feat Di-Winds Of Change Phase 2
Lukas K-Puesta Del Sol
Magnetic Brothers Pres Spatree-Hearts Freedom
Martire Pres XandY-New Beginnings
Matt Holiday-Downtime Salvation Master EP
Physical Phase-Kyrie Eleison
Proyal-Tehrans Highway
Serenade-Serenade 2011
Simon OShine-Tears Of Memories EP
Steve Allen-Blurred Viision
The Madison-Tonight EP
Tommy Baynen-Evening Sky
Traces Traxx-Berlin Meets Waimea EP
VA-Tuning Hitz 11

November 28th, 2011

IU-Last Fantasy
Stefano Carparelli feat Alyjah - Lovemotion
VA-Dance Parade Compilation Inverno 2011
VA-DJ Selection 340 - Dance Invasion Vol. 87
VA-Hot Party Winter 2012
VA-Remix Heaven 2011
Zaira feat EL 3Mendo - Fly-(SUN 1122)
Dr. Ozi-Fresh and Tasty EP
FS-Get Up Ninja
VA-Critical Presents Sequence One
VA-Fifteen Years of Hospital Records
French Stereo-Cosmonaut in Space
Luis Leon-Moon Dust
Matthias Zimmermann-Isla Dub EP
Quadron-Pressure (Remixes)
The DJ Producer Vs Bong-Ra-The Abominable Blood Clot Techno
Miosa - Notorious EP
Re-Style feat. Nikkita - Assault of the Arena
Re-Style Ft. Nikkita - Assault Of The Arena
Acid Sam-True Passion
Andre Detoxx-She Believed In Me
Angel Lamar - Disco Rocker-(361015 0312556)
Ansola - Everybody In The Club
Anton Roll-Mind Blast
Arkis Elwood And Bryan Corr-Pictures EP
Balcazar and Sordo-Everynight 247
Camouflage-Above and Under EP
Chris M-Hair Spray
Christian Kurbanali Feat A Phake-Slow Down
Crazibiza and Kevin Prise - Reach Out
Dennys Festa
DJ Pete Farmer Featuring Marta Taylor-What I Need
DJ Vivid - Slow Down
Dominic Martin-Family Affair (Part Two)
Erik Kortiss And Steeve Aston-The Music In My Head
Etienne Jaumet
Felguk-Blow Out Remixes
Felipe Avelar-Funky Lift
Francesco Pico - Absolutely Flabbergasted-Limited Edition
Frost-Champion Sound
Frost-Disco Matic
Funky Truckerz - Piano Riders
Gino Russo - Dream Life
Gio Di Leva-Blood Pressure
Gregori Klosman
GRG-San Telmo Incl Kassey Voorn Remix
Groovematic Featuring Marcie-Purple Love
Guille Suarez
Hazardous Material-Project Bluebeam
Housebangerz - Explain
Inna-Un Momento (Remixes)-(3BEAT 064)
Inspiro - The Follower EP
Isaac Basker-Found and Lost EP
J. Mirgi and Josean Pardo-Tahiti EP
J. Mirgi-Graphics EP
J.J. Dekker-Space Is The Place
Jaksaw - Bad Company EP
Jason Rivas-Bambadam Remixes
Jayoza-Motorcity EP
Jaytech-Overdrive New Vibe
Joshy Rotten-Videoscape - Strange Journey
Juan Carlos Herrera-Everybody In My House
Juan Zolbaran-Russian Philosophy
Lee Mortimer Pres. Tymer-The Message and Jupiter
Manuel De La Mare and Luca Monticelli - B2B
Marius Laurentiu and Andrea Bigi-Behind A Mirror
Mark Simmons-Tear Us Apart
Martin Cloud
Matrick-Follow Your Heart
Matt Black-Painting The Future
Michael Mclardy-Blinded By Youth EP
Misha Kitone-Beyond The Rave
Moffit And Mixman-Deep In My Soul
Monica X-Esta Noche Remixes
Monica X-I See You
Monica X Day
Myomi feat. Amber Jolene-Sun In My Eyes
Nacho Marco
Oscar Yotomi Feat. Amanda-Super Funky Music
R.Varez-Magic Voodoo
Rebeca-Yo Te Siento Asi
Refresh (Italy)-Imaginary Life EP
Remady feat Manu L - Save Your Heart-(HW 105D)
Reverte and Vila-A Brand New Men
Re-Zone and Damasko-Fine Day-(AVA 475
Santiago Nino-No Matter What EP
Sav Vincent Manganaro - I Want To Dance
Secret Food - Remember Two
Shosho-Maybe Baby
Sidney Samson and Lil Jon
Smallpeople-Black Ice
Stefano Noferini - Deba
Steven Spassov
Sven Scott-Falling - The Chief Ep
The Ladies And Rodrigo Melo-U Wish
Tomcraft - Tell Mummy
VA-DJ Selection 339 - the House Jam Part. 89
VA-DJ Zone - Best Session 09
VA-Erotica Secret Session 2
VA-Toolroom Records Selector Series 7 D.Ramirez
Vince Nova - Connect
Vitaliy Ghost-Never Say Never
We Reset
Ziggy-Switch On
Zug Zug-Saxy Times
Julio Iglesias
Lady Gaga-A Very Gaga Holiday
Blazed - Entheos Rmxs
Ex-Gen-Genetic Users
Hi Profile - When Feelings Become Notes
Mesmerizer-The Dark Wave EP
Space Tribe - Peak Experience
Torog - Mountains Of Mist
VA - Goa 2011 Vol. 4
Yudhisthira - Sine Qua Non
Andre Crom and Martin Dawson-Need U Back
Bill Youngman
Chris Page
Ckos-Ethereal EP
Ckos-The 31th Pornocut
Dasha Rush
DJ Lion and Vlada Asanin-Spin It
Electric Rescue
Gabriel Dor and Bordoy-Cassus Belly EP
Jay Tripwire-From The Old School
Jon Rundell-Flex EP
Juized - State of Matter EP
Mark Fell-Periodic Orbits Of A Dynamic System Related To A Knot
Michael Canitrot-Blue Collision
Omid S-Lemba EP
Outback - Party Time
Paul-F Vs Tone And Hally - Suckin Titties
Planetary Assault Systems-Function 4 Remixes EP 1
Quivver And Shifter-Pipe Control Incl Cid Inc Remix
Ripperton-Lost In Colors Remixes
Sekond Skin
Steve Mulder and Redhead-Technoleaders EP
VA - A2 Records Unleashed Album Sampler 08
VA-15 Years Of Drumcode
VA-Recycled Phunk 2nd Edition
VA-Summer Time
Wigbert-Locean Damour
Yor-Rave EP
Aerofoil vs Marc Simz
Armin Van Buuren feat Adam Young
Dan Stone vs Ost and Meyer
Faruk Sabanci Feat Antonia Lucas-No Way Out Incl Airwave Remix
Helena Mace - Promise-(ISPD 1051)
Joey V-Laura Mae
Mitka - Pacifico
Oren - Dreamfields Winds Of Spring
Pluton-Dont Take Drugs EP
Rafael Frost-In The Air
ReLocate Vs Robert Nickson-Resource Prevening
Richard Durand feat. Hadley-Run To You
Santerna feat Vadim Kapustin-I Believe In Life (Part One)
Stoneface And Terminal-Leaving Earth
Tiesto-Love Comes Again Flight 643 Traffic
VA-Black Hole Radio November 2011
Vada-Fire In The Sky
VA-Magik Three Far From Earth Mixed By DJ Tiesto

November 27th, 2011

Cottam-Deep Deep Down EP
Dauwd-Whats There EP
Floating Points
Jack Dixon And Rick Grant-Running Man EP
Mizz Beats-Scientific Brainpriest
Robot Koch-The Other Side-(PMC084)-LP-BNP
Synkro-Presence Questions Memory-(Styrax Records Synkro)
VA - Tribesman EP
48K - Barb Wired
Aggresivnes - Futurasia
Duane Barry And Line Of Sight - Machina Mori
Aaron Stone - Animalisch
Alessia - No More-(594820 3013265)
Discoduck - Everybody Rock-(100337 15)
Inna-Un Momento-(MIE 8033993896680)
VA - Best Of Dance 4
VA - Tanecni Liga 2011 Best Dance Hits-(533 699
Sensai-Effect EP
John Beltran-Beautiful Robots EP-(Styrax Records John Beltran)
Luke Abbott
STL-4 Tracker-(Something Vinyl Series 10)
Syncronize-The HB Files
Wilhelm Tell Me-Excuse My French
Angerfist - Retaliate
Andrew Spencer - Hippie Dreams (Bonus Bundle)-(404021 7005104)
Asino Di Medico and Terry Stone - In My Mind
Ben Monroe-Siente La Musica
Bentu De Soli-Pearls Of Summer
Dario Nunez and Diego Gonzalez
David Guetta Feat. Usher-Without You (LNT Remix)
Dirty South and Thomas Gold feat Kate Elsworth - Alive-(361015 0264978)
DJ T. - Leaving Me
Dualton And Wollion
Gregor Salto Anibel Fortes Wesley Monteiro Ft. Melissa Forte
Inna-Un Momento (Da Brozz Remix)-(MIE 8033993896734)
Ivan Vela Feat. Bobkomyns
Jaykay feat Flo Rida Smokey and Git Fresh - What The Girls Like
Jean Danfield - Miami Nitelife-(693736 598691)
Juan Diaz and Jorge Montia
Koen Groeneveld And Addy Van Der Zwan - Disko Tek E.P. 5
M.A.N.D.Y. And Adultnapper - 201
Maceo Plex-High And Sexy EP
Manufactured Superstars-Freak On You Ep
Marco Lys And Michael Gray - Remember
Mitch LJ
Peter Johansson-Luxury Mechanical Bunnies
Ray Kajioka
Rio Padice-The Return Of The Luchador
Scotty - Feel Alive-(357005 9A45)
Silco Vicenzo Always feat. Vanessa Klein-Pray Remixes Part. 2
The Cube Guys and Luciana - Jump-(TIME 633)
The Warm Signal-Faded Love
The Wizard Brian Coxx and Alias Rhythm Ft. Sandy Spady-Rebound (Part 2)
VA-House Masters MK
VA-Chartboxx Winter Extra
Abyss and Judge - Melodia
Alex Q-Like A Summer Rain EP
Bruno Power - Robocopz
Bruno Power Presents DJ Nowy - Everybody
Dg Star And Monkey 1-Speaking Of Love EP-(FVN002)-Onesided Vinyl
D-Sens - 9out
Kino Internacional-Ciudad Jardin
Nicolas Duvoisin-Before You Know EP
Raf Enjoy - Energy
Simone Mangano
Tobias Hornberger-Unknown - Strands
Various Artists-Darkestral EP
Above and Beyond-Formula Rossa
Accuface - Pure Energy 2012
Activator Ft. Reinweiss - Rombee Kakee
Las Salinas - San Miguel
MPT Project
VA-Armada Top 15 December 2011

November 26th, 2011

Dodge and Fuski-The Sick EP
Hell Science Dept-Re Evolution
Pixel Fist-Our Sound EP
VA-Odd Number
Andy Faze-Alternative Kontrol
Boson-Methematic EP
Elastic Fish-No Time
Fletric-Planetary Impulses
Freak Da Bass-Stylish People
Kwerk-Kwerk EP
Lucas and Strange Rollers-The Plan EP
Marcus Gaunteltt-Rock Star
Matticulous Vs Gerry King-Feel My Energy
N Kick
N Kick-Chicken Run
N Kick-Summer Funk
Parallax Breakz-Silk Way EP
Rick Tyler-Turkish Policeman
ROMAY-Playing With Sound (ACSCLP001)
Run Riot-Vengeance Remix Comp Winners
Saqud-Road to Nowhere
Skaarj-Wicked Robot
The Analogeeks
VA-Swarm EP
Wes Beanz-Wah Ter
Brass Knuckles-Lie To You-SPiKE
Hardwell And Joeysuki-Munster-SPiKE
Highlander DJ feat Nilla Pizzi - Il Tango Delle Capinere-(DM 007)
Sander Van Door-Drink To Get Drunk-SPiKE
Andremo feat Coco - Music Is Turning Me On-(846624 009674)
Bryce feat J-Malik - Nothing Can Hold Us Back-(PPM 15)
Hitmakers Feat. KNA Connected - Restless
Ivan Fillini feat Miani - Tornero 2011-(ZD 231)
Sonny Flame - I Gotta Find You-(594820 3013333)
Sonny Flame - Top Of The World-(594820 3013395)
Sensitive - Driving
Stella Steevens - Butterfly
Drumsound and Bassline Smith-Freak-(NEWDJ053)-Promo Vinyl
Fade-Descent And Halogen
Actress-Rainy Dub
Audio Dealers-You Are the Energy
Cio Dor-Magnetfluss The Remixes
College-A Real Hero EP
cv313-Beyond The Clouds (Reprised) Versions
Deep Dementure-The Start Of Dementure
Deepchord Presents Echospace
Dirty Cat
DJ Krush-Koufu No Tsubasa - Breathe Of Wings
DJ Krush-Kuon - Far and Away
Extrawelt-In Aufruhr
Lewonder-Ruffneck Sound
Luska-Loose Elephants EP
Morphosis and Pinch and Shackleton-Boracay Drift
Nadja Lind-Brain Candy
Ricky Ryan-Maniac Mansion
The Fear Ratio-Light Box
Tomutonttu-Elavana Planeetalla
VA-United and Anarchic Vol 1
Alpha-Let It Go (A2REC023)
DJ Graim-The Morning Star Of Heaven (9008798071470)
Lancer-Delirium (HJMP040)
VA-Masters Of Hardcore Chapter XXXII - The Depths Of Despair
Alfie Vs A1 Bassline-Growing Apart Slow Rush
Andreas Saag-Back To Life - Wilderness
Audio Dealers
Christian Baez-Casa Blanca
Christian Malloni-Keep On Moving
Creative Swing Alliance-CSA EP
DJ Hippie-Habana Blues
DJ Raymundo-Fck It - In E
Elek-Fun Girl EP
Farswan-Hit The Rhode Jack-(HFS1143)-wWs
Franco Cazzola
Geshe Ewing-Voodoo EP
Jean Maxwell and Rosycheeks - Champagne
Jerry K
Kolombo and Loulou Players-This Is It
Marco Riemann-Capital Venture
Metrica-Chocolate Joe Crispy
Monkey Brothers-Trains Ep
Philipp Kipphan-Displaced EP
RED-Retrology EP
Rene Onze-Lucky Darkness
Rob Small-Phased EP
Solee-Jule (Remixes Part 2)
Swedish House Mafia Vs Knife Party-Antidote-SPiKE
VA-5 Years Unreleased Digital EP 2 (The Melodics)
VA-BBQ Techno
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 7
VA-John Dahlback
VA-Living Room Techno 2
VA-Sammy Peralta Pres. The Best Of Funkatronik Vol. 1
Yooj and Go Funk Urself-On One EP
Ed Solo and DJ Deekline-Wildlife Collective
Brianna-Marilyn Monroe-SPiKE
Naph and Chihei Hatakeyama
T.I. Feat Beenie Man-Im Serious-SPiKE
VA-21 Mexicana Chillout Mixtura (Coleccion Chillout Internacional)
VA-Mackitek 22
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 928U
Lost And Found-Decoder Bonus Tracks
Mesmerizer-Like A Machine
Tryon-Cube Sequence
Ultravoice Vs Azax Syndrom-Keep It Real
Anthony Rother-God Lucifer
Bukaddor and Fishbeck
DJ Hell and Anthony Rother-German Bodymachine
Hanne and Lore-Chateau De Krawall
Hans Staudinger-On A Salty Planet
Harry Axt-No Return
Joe Stawarz-Bee Bear-(SOMA325D)-wWs
Jonno Brien-Jus Groove EP
Kolsch-Speicher 70
Low Orbit Satellite-Light Years
Marcel Knopf-Your Wish Is My Command
Mark Wells-Broken Down
Markantonio-Analytic Trail Remix
Michael Knop-Glue Ear EP
Mikkel Metal-All Over Ball Under EP
Mounsie-Old Bobby
Neuroxyde-Made In A Hole
Oliver Huntemann
Philip Bader-Good For Nothing Talk About It
Phunk Investigation-Alien Disko
Remute-Bunga Bunga (Finale)
Roberto-Stairway To Devon
Slangsdorf-Roomshine EP
Unknown - Its Our War
VA-Because We Do
VA-Biology 003
Jon O Bir-Music Database
Luke Meyers - I Love You Babe-(100339 56)
Matt Holliday
Oliver V-Something Happened
VA-A State Of Trance Best Of 2011
VA-A State Of Trance Radio Top 20 November 2011
VA-Armada Presents Trance Essentials 2012 Vol 1
VA-Markus Schulz pres Coldharbour Recordings Best Of 2011

November 25th, 2011

Azuro Feat. Elly-Toca Me
Bangbros-Stampfen (Nachgeladen) Remixes
Chris Excess-Sunshine In The Soul
Christina Matsa - My Reason
Crystal Lake Vs Manian - FAQ-(PUNCH 028)
Daniel Slam - Your Love
DJ TLX-Rules On The Dancefloor
Italobrothers Feat Carlprit - Boom-(PNCH 036)
Marc Lime K Bastian And Ben Ivory-The Music (Full Edition)
Marc Reason Feat Crazy Z - Alee-(STM 0001)
Mario Lopez-I Can Stand It Remixes
Sheby - Come To Me-(100336 91)
Stoffe - Levererar (Radio Version)-(846624 009919)
Foretaste-Love On Demand
Kidstreet-Fuh Yeah
Scratch Massive-Nuit De Reve
VA-Crosstown Rebels Present Rebel Rave 2
Xplasm - The Pulse
Adam Mansell-Minimal Business
Alvatros-Coffee Pot
Basti Grub - Basti and The Gang
Basti Grub - Basti and The Gang
Benedetto and Farina-Im So Grateful
Bevin Kieksa
Crazy Erg-Electric Field
Da Fresh
David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium (Remixes)
DJ Madskillz-Liquid Air
DJ Serge Negri and Saycon-The Warrior EP
Dude And Sweet-Till Morning Comes
Extra Dry
Fine Touch Feat. Chandler Pereira-Angels Cry (Part 2)
Gabriel Ananda - Hey Blop (Remixes)
Gary Caos-Party People 2012
Gromee Feat. Jayden Felder-Open Up Your Heart
Halo Varga-Future Remixes
Jcs Ft. Patsy Fuller-Undecided (Jeremy Sylvester and Beppe Gioia Remixes)
Luv City-Happy Day Good Day
Max Denoise
Max Denoise
Max Farenthide Vs Hookmasters Feat Colin Rich-I Love Music
Maximus Bellini - Call Me Later EP
Michael Woods Ft. Duvall-Last Day on Earth
Migoo-Maschine Poetry
Nicolas Masseyeff - The Motherland
Pierre Deutschmann - Name Of My Dj
Sami Wentz-Finally Too
Sante-Ce Una
Seaside Clubbers-1000 Dezibel
Secret Panda-Breakout EP
Soulforge-Dreamfast EP
Sterling Ensemble Ft. Juliet Maisha-Another Love-(SBM 006)
Tensnake-Need Your Lovin (Tiger And Woods Remix)
The Muthafunkaz-The Muthalode Reloaded
VA - D-Nox And Beckers My Way
VA - Serious Beats 68
VA-Anjunadeep 02 (Unmixed)
VA-Best Of House 2011-The Hit Mix Part 3
VA-Soul Diamonds Vol.2
VA-The Henry Street Brooklyn House Party Mixed By Johnny D
Lady GaGa-Lady GaGa Presents The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden
VA - Future Fox Records Future X-Mas Hits Special
G-Style Brothers - Down South MF
Kiko - Blackout Girl
Miss N-Traxx - Army Of Universe
Nuta Cookier-Stark Ep
Stufenlos-Rapoza Mango-(357006 6A45)
Unbreakable And X-Pander - Gods Salvation
Vibreen-Smile In Your Face
Wild Motherfuckers - Wildest
Aeden-A New Birth
Alexander Byrka-Nightly Voices
Antonio Next-2 Hot Dianel
Artem Troitski-Millennium EP
Brett Wood and Identikal-Brett Wood EP
Calibre - Broken Bones-(LNGS 0845)
Costa-Morning Star
Cylum-In The Mood
David McRae and Chris Tetley
David McRae
Dj Vortex - Go DJ (Remixes)-(BLU 170)
Eddie Hallett
Evgeny Bardyuzha
Iversoon and Alex Daf
Jackd Up Boys-Blue Crush
Mac and Taylor-Error I Am 2
Michael Angelo feat Aneym-To The Moon and Back
Mike Demirele-The Light Of Life Nairi
Richard Z
Ronny Pacitti
Snoww and DJ T.H. feat Di-On and On
South Prison
Tensile Force-Elemental Beauty
Tigran Oganezov Pres Aboriginal
VA-Best Of Trance 2011-The Hit Mix Part 3
VA-I.M.Red Trance Dimension 2011 Mixed By DJ Ives M and DJ T.H
Vicky Devine-Give Me Love

November 24th, 2011

Eliphino-Undivided Whole EP
Psyman and Mojo - Drama
DJ Bobo - Dancing Las Vegas
DJ Chus-A Night Summer Dream
Miami Inc feat. Jason Mcknight-Last Christmas
Artone and Jullane feat Koev-Take My Hand
The KDMS-Tonight (Morgan Geist and Felix Martin Remixes)
Tommy Tempa-The Quixotic EP
Alex Agore-Get Away EP
Alexander Fog And Alberto Drago-Filtered Poison
Angel De Mota-The Premier EP
Arjona Javi - No Me Quieres-(ELS 014)
Avicii - Levels-Retail CDS
BandB-Ghetto Boy EP
Bucie-Get Over it (Incl. Ezel and Sun-EL Sithole Mixes)
Campogrande-Put Your Soul EP
Carlos Almanza-The Low Life EP
Chriss Ronson-Maconka Razbora EP (Part 1)
Cnc Music Factory
Cristian Manolo Magaletti-Back To Disco
Danism And Tasita Dmour-The Message
David Borsu-A Beautiful Sound EP
Demarkus Lewis-In My Youth EP
Dena Brown-Rip The Mic
DeProgres and Droplex-We Return From Physical
Devoted Feat. Kholi-Soul On Fire (American Edition)
DJ Aakmael-Crack EP
DJ Alex F
DJ Collee-DJ Collee Strikes Again EP
DJ Dealer and RaShaan Houston-Let Me Live
DJ Fist and Rio Dela Duna
DJ Funsko-Disco Classics 2
DJ Le Baron Feat. Deepvoice-Live Your Life (Part 1) (DTM012)
DJ Mistral
DJ Rheji Burrell Pres. Partey-Time To Funkin Party
DJ Tessen-Underground Re-Touch EP
DJ Wady Outcode Tavo-Disco Trip
Dominic Martin-Family Affair (Part One)
Edmund Feat. Sacha DFlame-Love Da Records
Eli Escobar-Desire (The Remixes)
Eliphino-More Than Me
Enzo Elia-Angels Rhodes
Evren Ulusoy and Sezer Uysal-On The Floor (Stranger Danger Remixes)
Felipe C - Taxi
Fourfeet-Fade Away EP
Fragma-Tocas Miracle (Luigi Rocca and Manuel De La Mare Remix)
Frankie T-Lalala EP
Freska-What Makes Us Loud
Gabe Ramos-Im Groovin
Groove Federation-Bobble Hats and Resin EP
Hideo Kobayashi and Tomoki Tamura-Banana Cargo EP
Inner Souls-Satisfy (Booker T Remixes)
Insect Elektrika-Raven and Crow EP
Ivan Project and DJ Turtle-Feel U
Jamie J Sanchez Feat. Ria Spencer-For You (382421)
Joe Stawarz-Deep Cut
John Oudo and the Sound Feat. Nicole Mitchell-Hold Me Tighter
Jois Audino
JR From Dallas-Be Town Jazz EP
Juan Gallardo-Dance In Darkness (The Remixes)
Katy Perry - The One that Got Away (The Remixes)
Ketel Juan-X-Files EP
Kid Enigma-The Orange Line Dream EP
Kosanost Feat. India-Si Te Digo No
Krummstoff-Ghetto Remixes (Part 1) (Incl. Ross Couch Remix)
Leach-Insert Coin
Lush and Simon feat Pier Giorgio Usai
Malibu Breeze
Marcelo Castelli and Tom Sawyer-Rastafari Soul EP
Marissa Guzman-Joy Road
Markus Binapfl and Armand Pena-La La Love Song (Part 1)
Martin East Project Feat. Lisa Donnelly-Wisdom Of A Million Years
Mastercris Feat. Melanie-So High
Mastercris-Our Choice
Melodic-The City Of The Come True Dream
Michael Canitrot and Ron Carroll-When You Got Love
Midnight Society-Dancin (All Night Long) (The Remixes)
Milton Channels-Esoteric EP
Milty Evans-Black Licorice
Ministry Of Funk-Funky Town EP
Mona Bode-Wait For Love
Moshun-Remedies EP
Nader Razdar and Matthew Codek
New Mondo Feat. Lisa Shaw-I Want Cha
Noir and Haze-Around (Subb-An Remix)
Paso Doble Pres. Man-K-When Afrika Began EP-(Melrec 010)
Perspex People Feat. S.U.Z.Y.-I Thank You (Incl. Remixes)
Peter Brown-Menage A Trois
Phil Fuldner-Last Soul For Tonight 99
Phonic Funk-Transparent EP II
Presslaboys-Saxophony Remixed
Ramirez Resso
Richard Grey
Roby Deep and Arty-Stargazer EP
Romain Curtis and Paul Cayrol
Rozzo-Meta Tracks Volume Three
Rude Soul-Sould In Africa
Santiago Garcia-Beyond That Rout EP
SF Express Vs. Midnight Sleaze-My Love Is Stronger Reboot
Sherry Vine-Looking For Good Time
Soul Essential Feat. Anelisa-No Looking Back
Squicciarini-My Way EP
Stefano Albanese-Old Touch
Steve Dare-Keep On Keepin On EP
Suela and Vivie Ann-With You-(MILE 155)
Sven Scott-New Jersey Kords EP
The Colonel and Charra Love-Real Love
The Cube Guys and Luciana
The Players Union-Pick Up The Telephone
The Shapeshifters And C-Dock-Nothing But Love For You
VA-Catwash Hors-Serie Vol. 05
VA-Hits Collection Vol 39
VA-Living In Another World EP
VA-Messages Vol. 5 Sampler (Danny Krivit Edits)
VA-Sampler Vol 35
VA-Sole Classics Deep Vocals Sampler
VA-Tom Flynn Presents Strictly Rhythm Vol. 8 Sampler
Voltolinas Feat. Vinicious
Wipe The Needle Feat. Lifford Shillingford-Dont Rush
Yohan Esprada-With Wine EP
Yves Getto-Bond James Bond
Britney Spears-Britney Spears Live The Femme Fatale Tour
Culcha Candela - Flaetrate
Natasha Bedingfield-Shake Up Christmas 2011 (Official Coca-Cola Christmas Song)
Yiruma - The Best-Reminiscent 10th Anniversary
Sonic Elysium - Mahaon
Apoplexy-What The F
Bruno Power - Censored
Johan Dresser and Juan Ddd-Medusa EP
Marcelus-EP 2
Mary Velo
Mojo - Carnival - Toybox
Patrizio Mattei And Danny Omich-Hardy Choice
Phuture Noize - Easy Killer
Prune Flat-Rough Nights
Raudive-Love Is The Devil
Skinnerbox-Mary Of Exeter
Szare-All Music Translated By 49557
Vito And Danito-Doswidanja No One Knows
Audiotec-Wild Dreams
Daniel Hairston-City Lights EP
Marcel Woods
Sean Tyas-Lift Remixes Part 1
Steven Pierce - Love
Talla 2XLC-The Realm Of India

November 23rd, 2011

VA - Future Trance Vol. 58
VA - We Are Hard Dance-Anthem Pack
VA Club Promo Only December Part 1
VA Club Promo Only December Part 2
VA Club Promo Only December Part 3
VA Club Promo Only December Part 4
VA Club Promo Only December Part 6
VA Club Promo Only December Part 7
VA-Massive Hits 80s Remix
VA-Massive Hits 90s Remix
VA-Promo Only Rhythm Radio December
VA-Ultimix 158
VA-Ultimix 161
VA-Ultimix 163
VA-Ultimix 164
VA-Ultimix 165
VA-Ultimix 171
VA-Ultimix 172
VA-Ultimix 173
VA-Ultimix 174
Venus Jones - Mr Know It All
VA-Mixed Remixed Vol 1
Paradox-Paralexia Ambiguity
Patenbrigade Wolff-Tanzveranstaltung (Best Of 2008
4 Da People-Dawn To Dusk Ep
Ale Effe-Night Owl
Alex Rodriguez-Limit 0 EP
Alexander Owen-Autumn Vibes
Alexey Romeo and Plage Feat. Alateya-Summer Night
Alton Miller-Next Time (Jovonn Remixes)-(MSM 033)
Alvin Tech-Sarajevo At Night EP
Andrea Calabrese-Under Pressure EP
Andreas Bergmann
Angel Pina-And Other EP
Angelo Ferreri and Marco Soave-Dont Worry EP
Antoine Clamaran and Laurent Pautrat-Somebody Scream (Part 2)
Arieldecks Feat Carolina Frozza-Move Your Body
Arnaud Rebotini-Another Time Another Place
Aron Duijndam-Fosfor EP
Arturo Garces and Alonso Ordonez-Timeline EP
Atjazz-For Real (2011 Edition) (Part 2) (Incl. Remixes)
Bjorn Storig-Humming Top
Brajan-Step Toward A Dream EP
Carlos Jimenez-Bomb Da House
Carlos Russo Feat. Noe
David Sea Vs Marvin Gaye-Marvin Is Back
Deborah Bond-You Are The One
DJ Mouse
Fab Code-Midnight Shuffle
Fast Foot Feat. LJ MTX-Drugs Sex Money Electro
Gershon Jackson Pres. Tanetta Soul-Higher (Remixed) (Incl. Mike Dunn Mixes)
Groove Junkies Feat. Indeya-You Know How To Love Me (Part 2)
Jamin Hernandez
John Dimas-Impress Me
Jose Del Valle-Somewhere Along The Way
JSK-Once Again
Kike De Anda-Ruleta EP
Kreap-2Nite (Loveburst)
MAQman-Night Life EP Remixed
Midnight Beats-Space Monkey
Mike Gillenwater-Full Tilt EP
Muza Yakuza-Sax On
Paul Rodner-A Little Bit EP
Roman Loud
Roy Davis Jr-Dance Everybody
Roy Malakian vs Oden and Adele Hojeily
Sandy B-Feel Like Singin (Matthew Codek Remix)
Schenk and Wesley Cheia-The Itch EP
Sonny G Feat Carloszouk
Southern Soul
Special Case-Case Of Base EP
Takt Tick
Titus1 and Atwood
VA-Big Room Beats Vol.1
VA-Coast Near Ibiza
VA-House Nation EP
VA-New Breed Of Soulful House
VA-Stereo Productions Presents ADE Sampler 11
Zedd-Stars Come Out
OM Aka Ovnimoon - Altona
VA-Hip-Hop Monsters
VA-Ultimix Digital VIP Issue 7
Wim Mertens-Series of Ands Immediate Givens (Limited Edition)
Davoodi - King Kong
Joseph Anton
Juan Kue vs David Padilla and Uron
Lethal MG - Lethal Injection
Phillip O
Tatanka Project - Floor Massacre MMXII
Whisperer-Click Click Boom
Ali Mahmud-We Meet Again His Name Is Robert Paulson
Curtis Young And Justin Legge
UDM-Solaris EP

November 22nd, 2011

Russo-Bad Tonight (Ft Dot Rotten)-Promo CDS
Gloria Estefan Feat Pitbull-Wepa-SPiKE Feat Mick Jagger And Jennifer Lopez-T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)-SPiKE
Apink-Snow Pink
Deejay Stella - Officina Sperimentale (Special Edition)-(IRD 062)
N-Finity - Someone Like You-(UPTUNES 167)
The RJE Project-Surrender (Ft Lovelle Hill)-Promo CDS
VA-Berlin Minimal Underground Vol. 12 (Minimal Electro Edition)
VA-Ultimix 169
VA-Ultimix 170
Noisia-Could This Be
The Outside Agency And Sei2ure-Undermind Pacifists
Kill The Noise-Kill Kill Kill
Radiohead-TKOL RMX8
Transportation AAD And Grey Goo And Vaalhaala - Darkestral EP (DARKESTRAL007)
Alex Guesta and Smhpk
Alexis Valencia-In The Park EP
Angelo Ferreri-Hyperuranian EP
Carlos Fox-In The Corner
Carlos Jimenez
Chandler Shortlidge-Honduras Paradise (Remixes)
CZR Paul Anthony ZXX-Do The Dance
David Marn-I Love Tech
DJ Dean Ritchie
DJ Denise and Loryn-Whipper Snipper
DJ Dove-Rock It
Donaeo-Indigo Child
Donaeo-When Angels Sing-Promo CDS
Franz Kirmann-Liza Charlie May Remixes
Full Intention Haze
Isaac Lozano-Six Seven
Javier Misa-Insomnia 2011 Incl. Dich Rmx
Jean Carles Ferrer feat. Josephine Sweett-Piano Feeling Remix 2011
Joey Negro-Feel It (Alex Kenji Remix)
Juan Deminicis-Dark Conscience Infusion
Lazy Rich-You Missed A Spot
Maxxa-U Know My Secrets
Nas Horizon George Harbas Jozhy K And Angel-The Rising Sun
Nhan Solo-Gandy and Gong Song EP
Plastik Funk Vs Lissat And Voltaxx - Hate 2 Hate Ya
Prommer And Barck-Journey-The Barking Grizzle Remixes
Salearis-Crystal Drop
Sebastian Roter and Dan Lewis-Foolin (Roter and Lewis Mix)
Slice N Dice-Robots Like To Have Sex-(SRR 014)
Species Mille
Stefan Anion
Steve Aoki Feat Rivers Cuomo - Earthquakey People (Remixes)
Terry Lex And Pascal Tokar
Tony Macchia and Momo Project
Vekx-Dash Of Funk EP
Vicente Belenguer and Blas Marin feat. Ivan X-On The Line Remixes
Vitaly Depp
Flo Rida-Parapapa-SPiKE
The Rolling Stones-Some Girls-(Deluxe Edition)
VA - 2 Sides Of Moon
VA-Round Of Night
Bryan Zentz
Djanny - Bass In Your Face
Gaetano-Endless Love EP
Lezcano-Los Caballeros Del Zodiaco
Mariotron-Old Haunt
Robag Wruhme
Strichkot-Get On Up
Transportation AAD - Last Train To Lexington (DARKESTRAL006)
Arkadi-Force Of Nature
Global House Project-The First Step
Haris C
Hudson and Kant
Jamaster A-Funky Jump Be
Lolo-Travel The World In 10 Minutes
Nicholas Bennison

November 21st, 2011

Sepalcure - Sepalcure
Bass And Bross - Ricordati Di Me
Capt Kirk-5 Oclock (PSR021)
DISCO DJ-Electro Dance Music (3610150291998)
PAPA BEAT-No Parlo Americano (886788148291)
Tien Huang-The Friend Ditty (TIENHUANG)
VA-Aeroplane In Flight Entertainment
Optiv and BTK-Let It Hit Em Mind Over Mater
Carl Cox-All Roads Lead To the Dancefloor
Cio Dor
DJ Hell-Teufelswerk-House Remixes
Haujobb-New World March-2CD-Limited Edition
Mr. Oizo-Stade 2
VA-Kontor Christmas Chill - The Very Best Of
Delirium - Guess Whos Back
Negative A and Counterfeit - Scorched Earth
Alessandro Arbola-I Am Telling You
Alex Hide Feat. Shena
Angelo Ferreri And Lux Stiffmeister
Arco-I Want To Grasp
Audiowhores feat. Zeke Manyika-Time Will Tell
Beat and Chic - Last Train To London-(MVCD 075)
Beethoven TBS-Sing 2 Me
Ben Murray-Every Glance
Biologik-The Forest
Cajmere And Russoul-Lets Dance
Camouflage and Sean Patrick-War Zone EP
D and G
Damian William-Baiser Sucre Radical Dancer
David Guetta Feat. Sia - Titanium Remixes
David Puentez
Dino-Restless Loser
DJ Falk and Leony-Get High
Gianni Coletti Vs Kee Jay Freak-Another Star
Hardwell and Joeysuki
Jairo Catelo-Warehouse EP
Jason Chance-Ready For It
Juan Carlos Herrera
Junior Rodgers feat Antoni Angels and Buse-El Sonido De La Calle
Makotrax-R u there Im Here
Manufactured Superstars feat. Selina Albright
Marc Macrowland-The Final Countdown
Mark Wells-It Could Be Anything
Michael Calfan-Resurrection Incl. Axwell Remix
Omar Andino and Kelvin Beat-The Tarmac
Ottomix and Yano-Chica Bacilona
Pablo Gadeira-Guecharbaluta EP
Roberto Palmero-Tell Me
Rodriguez Jr
Simple Marik-Mau5 In A Box
Spencer and Hill Ft. Nadia Ali-Believe it (Cazzette Remix)
Starkillers-Take Over
Steve Forte Rio Ft. Lindsey Ray-Slumber (Tommy Trash Remix)
Steven Lee and The Authors-The Way Back
The 8th Note-I Want It All
The Girth-A Tribute To Joey Youngman
The Ultimate Seduction-The Ultimate Seduction
Tom Boxer and Morena Feat J Walker-Deep in Love
VA-Kontor House Of House Winter Edition 2012
VA-Meridian La Marea Remixes
Vincent Vega and Rinat Latif-Keep The Frequency
Daweedz - Jumper Insomnie
Fragmax vs DJ Ba-Back - The Riddle
Byron Metcalf Feat Steve Roach-The Shamans Heart II
Dwayne Omarr-Multi Funk
Howard Black-The Avengers - Tara King Season Score
OST-Metropolis (Re
Steve Roach-Journey Of One
VA-Chillout Lounge 2
VA-Ultimix 45
Daughters Of The Sun
VA - Goa Beach Vol. 18
Andrea Casula-Matrimono En Bogota
Apothecary - Bass Ravers
Black Force - Gestazione EP
B-Twinz - You Cant Wait
Dave Brody-Both Of Us EP
DJ Melk - Fear
D-Mind - Sign Of Emotion
Florian Casper-Somalia EP
In-Phase - Destiny Dynamics
Kevin Gorman-Mikrowave 5 Years (Part 1 Of 3)
Lady Crush And Twizted - Golden Day
London Funk Ensemble-Part Of Me
Profite - Split Second
Scope DJ - Hypersonic
Skiizo - Bangs EP
Stereophonic-Question EP
Tat and Zat - Reaction
Unknown - Blood And Blast EP
Zany - Worship
7 Baltic and Daniel Meyer-Liquid Teleexpres EP
Alex Larichev and Rusty Spica-Digital Sunset
Andre Nikkensen feat. Angelika Borof-Im Freezing
Anhken and Les-You Take Forever To Say Nothing
Arcania-Clandestine Crypt
Arjona-Subliminal Perception EP
Ashley Wallbridge
Audioscape-What Now
Birchy-Old Skool EP (Part 3)
Cardinal feat Arielle Maren-Sink Into Me
Cymatics-Empire Of The Sun EP
Dave Schiemann - Insider
DJ Ives M and DJ T.H.-Galactic Clouds
DJ Vaster
Evol Wavez - Everyday
Fafaq - 21st Century
Ilya Flame Pres Inners
John Askew
John O Callaghan Ft. Cathy Burton - Perfection (Shogun Remix)
Jon O Bir Ft. Julie Harrington - Perfect As You Are
JOOP and Raneem - PLUR Poison Ivy
Kyau and Albert-15 Years Part Five
Markus Schulz-Digital Madness (Transmission 2011 Theme)
Mosahar-Feed Your Soul
Naden-Wim Wim
Oakenfold Feat Tamra
Orbion-Via Prima
Pandora-End Of Sorrow
Ruby and Tony
Shamano-Ocean Drive
STUNNER-Summer Sky
T4L - Like A Chord
Type 41 and Tiff Lacey-Never Forget You
VA-Electronic Architecture 2 Extracts Pt 2
VA-High Contrast Presents Ali Wilson
VA-Trance The Vocal Session 2012-(ZYX 82523-2)-2CD
Vincent De Jager feat Emma Lock

November 20th, 2011

Nero-Crush On You
DJ Vadim Pres The Electric feat Yarah Bravo
Swing Republic-Boogie Woogie Santa
Alchemist Project - Summer Compilation (The Album)
DJ Cherry Bomb-Mr Know It All
Gimbal and Sinan
Manuel Varella feat Titty
MJ and The Beatbreaker - Party
Philipp Ray And Nevermind - Out There
Stacccato And Rainy - Move Your Body 2011
Timbaland Feat. Pitbull and David Guetta-Pass At Me
Gainsbite-Amour Animal
Mr. Oizo-Stade 2
Aegir Mar Elvarsson-Lampshade Danceing
Arthur Woo
Astry and Verus feat Franx-Welcome To Rio
Atze Ton-Tears EP
Chris Minimum-The Unicorn
Cristian Scaglione-Tromba Etnica (Jeff And Chris Original Mix)
Daniel Solar-Retrospect EP
Danilo Schneider-Short Image In My Brain
Dazt Glitch-Dazt Glitch EP
Digi-All In
DJ One Shot-Words I Say
El Sam and Dave Droid-Bunga Bunga
Frost-Chicago Weapon
Gabriel Slick-My Saxo Grande
George Ellinas
Gomo-Progressions EP
IN5UM-Beginning Of The End
Ion Ludwig-Believe Born Again EP
Jacob Phono-Paradise Of You
Kez YM-Stride EP
Laidback Luke and Sander Van Doorn - Whos Wearing The Cap
Lorenzo Bianco-Visions From Cairo
Luca Pirazzi and Gionata Di Manno-Wild Sensation EP
Marcin Czubala Away
Narkotix-Off The Wagon EP
Selep-Level 7
Sonny Fodera-Flores EP
Tasmoni-Push It
Thorne Monterra
Uttrium 88-Final Line
VA-Finale Sessions Essentials Feat. Deeplabs Detroit
VA-Good Day
VA-Hit Dance 2011 Vol 2
Victor Vega-Sol Y Vida
Cozmoz-Concentric Limits EP
Artem Abdrakhmanov-Fire Blood EP
Audiogenetic - Lights Out
Paul Alexander
Ripperton-Lost In Colors
VA-Ninuska EP
Eddie D-Boulders EP
Joren Heelsing-Ressieves Arias
Luca De Maas and Xam feat Lin-Another Day
Markus Schulz Presents Dakota-Thoughts Become Things II The Extended Versions
Nafis-Still Night (Bluskay Remix)
Oliver Smith
Red and Black
VA - Club Smash 2011

November 19th, 2011

Dyna - Sneaky Slug EP
Evol Intent
Kuhn-Slime Beach EP
Nasty Nasty-Poison Flavored EP
VA-Ministry Of Sound XX Twenty Years
Christopher S feat Max Urban - One Day-(A1 0323Z0016300003 W)
Rania-Time To Rock Da Show
VA - Ultra Dance Vol 25-(100341 69)
VA-Dance Yearmix Top 100 2011
VA-The Ultimate Dance Top 100 2011
Camo and Krooked-Cross The Line EP
Dicrylium-Shut Up And Drive
Sound Of Stereo - Mineral The Remixes
Al Storm feat. Malaya - Everytime We Say Goodbye
Force 10 Vol. 17-The Seismic E.P
Various Artists-Infernum Sound-System Failure
Alan Barratt-Dark Funk EP
Andrea Mazzali feat Taff - Mad World
Arnaldo Miranda-Nothing Inside EP
Biggi - Krezi
Cahill - In Case I Fall Incl R3hab Remix-Promo
Chris Hovey-Dark Shit
Cristian Scaglione-Tromba Etnica (Jeff And Chris Original Mix)
Deve and Matizz Ft Blackshark - Party Up (DJ Van Dijcke and Manjari Remix)
Diego Broggio and Castaman - Little Love
DJ Frank - Its Like that
Dustin Robbins - Marillion
Hamid Feat Valentina-If I
Hathor Dj - Life-(DNL 093)
Jay Haze-Datafunk In Your Ears EP
Kid Massive and Mark Le Sal - Dont Cry-(RISEDIG 041)
Kink and Neville Watson-A Saturday In November
Kinky Movement and Astral T-Hedonistic EP
Mattias and G80s feat Master Freez - Jump Around
Neon Hitch - Bad Dog Incl DJ Chuckie Remixes-Promo
Ola - All Over The World-Promo
Oliver-Granulated Soul-(PID010)
Pink Fluid - So Much Love-(SD 0232 B)
Reckless - The End (Remixes)
Robbie Groove and Mattias feat Cece Rogers and Master Freez - You
Robin S and Ctk - Shake It-(361015 0145000)
Samuele Sartini and Crazibiza - My Lovin
Scott Ferguson-The Midwest Party People EP-(FPR033)
Sergio Dangelo and Lorenzo Doria feat Sara Grimaldi - Stay With Me
Steve Forest Laera and Nicola Fasano - Jolly Roger Symphony (The Remixes)
TC Ensamble feat Clou and Geo - Up To You
Tenko-Shake It Fast
Tony Bravo
VA-A Four Track Sampler Vol 13
VA-Baile Musik Sampler 3
VA-Sol Levante EP-(BOSCOEXV009)
VA-Various Artists
Giorgia - Dietro Le Apparenze
VA-DMC Dance Mixes 50
VA-Funkymix 150 Special Anniversary Issue
VA-Funkymix 152
VA-Hitzone Best Of 2011
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 927U
A Trebor-Dark Outside
Adam Beyer-No Rain
DJ Gort3k - Drop that Beat EP
Forenzik - Forenzik EP
Infecter - F.F.F. EP
John Karagiannis and Paylipservice-Strictly Private Ep
Minilogue-Cycles EP
Santos-Primitive Cannible Remixes
Static Sense-1m Above The Ground EP
VA-Conducted Mixed By Marcel Dettmann
Armin Van Buuren-Mirage (Deluxe Edition)
Armin Van Buuren-Mirage (Deluxe Edition)
Armin Van Buuren-Mirage The Remixes Bonus Tracks
Filipe Vesic-Rolling Deep-(ROY 229)
John Waver and Miles Reed
Urry Fefelove and Abramasi-Eivissa EP
VA-Passion Vol 2 (Mixed By John 00 Fleming and Brian Kearney)

November 18th, 2011

Guy Andrews
Basslovers United-Basket Case
Kate Wax-Dust Collision
VA - De Maxx Long Player 22 (The Dubstep Edition)
VA-Energy 2012-The Annual Dancefloor Hits
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Dance Traxx Vol 212
VA-Todo Exitos (Los Numeros Uno Del Anyo)
VA-Ultimix 175 Anniversary Issue
VA-Ultimix 175 Anniversary Issue
Aebeloe-Agnes EP
Aerea Negrot-Its Lover Love Remixes
Dillon-This Silence Kills
FaltyDL-Atlantis EP
Moonbeam-The Secret
VA-Mad Decent Volume 1
Antoine Cortez - Trouble
Basslovers United - Basket Case Incl Bodybangers Remix
Brad Slims-Attack Midi
Cockney Lama-Suoni Provocatoria
Cottam-Deep Deep Down EP-(AUS1135)
Dinu Pancov-La Mate
DJ Sarmek
Don Esteban Movin On
Echonomist-Room With A View EP
Finger And Kadel-Aussergewoehnlich Incl Rob Und Chris Remix
Frost - Chicago Weapon
G And G
Garrett and Ojelay
Get Far - The Champions Of The World (Remixes)
Houston Project - Space Port
J Fader-Late Night Grooves EP
Jamie D-Beneath The Surface EP
Joy Marquez John Corba And Roberto Diaz-Minimal Heart
Kevin Holt
Leemac-Left You Behind
Little Fritter and Zare-Living Free EP-(HUDD036)
MH20-Cant Help It
Nick Nider-Night Shift
Oscar Yestera and Antorva Feat. Noura-Dame Sexo-(100334 90)
PH Electro-Stereo Mexico Incl Djs From Mars Remix
R.I.O. Feat. U
Richard Grey - Volumme My Friend
Roger Seventytwo - You Take Me Higher
Sedi-Feeling Alive
Swedish House Mafia Vs Knife Party - Antidote
Tiny Kid Feat Mat Kohn And Laura B - Everything
Todd Terry And Bridget Barkan-Suga Free (DJ E-Clyps Dub)
VA - Festival Anthems 2011
VA-Ibiza Girls Party 2011
Lethal MG - Lethal Injection
Afromental-The Bomb
Erasure-Be With You
LaBrassBanda Feat. Busta Rhymes-Woo Hah Marienkaefer
Rihanna-Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edt. Bonus)
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Urban Traxx Vol 175
Aioaska-Into The Cosmic Jungle
Cyber Fiber-Set You Free
Cycle Sphere
Interval-Deep Sea Fishing
M-Theory and Friends-Mixed Tweeks
Spade-On The Fast Lane
Alex Davis - Hardhouz
Alfred Heinrichs-All Inclusive
Cristian Varela-AL2 (Special Edition)
DJ Mystery - Hardheads
Jules and Moss-Chamalo EP
Neil Landstrumm-Munich 72
Reeko-Bad Connection
Tobias-Leaning Over Backwards
VA-Moop Up Digi 003
Youri Donatz-Flashmob Remixes
7Reason-Broken Mirror
Armin Van Buuren-Mirage Deluxe Edition
Astralasia-Rhythm Of Life
Audioscape and Niki Mak Pres WNM
Coms-System Overload
Dan Daniel-Cosmic Touch
DJ Psyclone-Kebab Shop
Freit - Silent Moment
Front-Air Travel
Greg V and Fab
Imperfect Hope-Once Again
Iversoon and Alex Daf
Janina Faith
JK Lloyd-The 7th Secret
John Ridout-Set Me Free
La Hermandad and Esencia Dance feat Inyil-Gonna Fight
Lord Andy-Deep Impact
Mac and Taylor-Mission 1NE
Marcio and Menace
Nick The Kid and FJ Project-Acid Warriors
Robert Younan-Let It
Sam Hayfield
Stereo House-Love Me
Undercontrol-Undercontrol EP
VA-40 Winter Trance Hits 2012
VA-Energy 2012-The Annual Trance
Van Mille-Turn Off The World
VA-Trance 2011 The Best Tunes In The Mix
VA-We Are Planet Perfecto (Mixed and Compiled By Paul Oakenfold

November 17th, 2011

Stacey Jackson - Is This Love-(3B1 G)
VA - Top 20 Dance Parade Vol 6-(803248 4064102)
Zoe Feat In-Grid - Avec Toi-(MIE 8014090163707)
Command Strange-Episode 91
Divkid - The Remixes Volume One
VA-Permanent Vacation Selected Label Works 3
D-Passion - Violate Pride
Alex Stealthy-Mad Mob
Benjamin Bates-The Manimal MMXI
Digital Freq And Lizzie Curious - Last Train To Nowhere
Disfunktion Feat Stephen Pickup - Chasing Clouds Away
H2-Rough Water
Jordan Peak-Club Cuts
Lash-Leave Me Alone
Musiqfuckersz and Bassflow-Rock This Place II
Niels Van Gogh-Pulverturm (Update)
Santiago Fernandez-Room 809
Michael Jackson
EQD-Equalized No.005-(EQD 005)
The Collectorz - Blood
VA-XXlerator Vol 1 (Mixed And Compiled By Ran
Maguire-Face Yesterday
Olbaid-Lucky Star
Roy Malakian feat. Marcie-Use Me

November 16th, 2011

Freaky Boys-Take Me Away
VA - Hits Mix 02.11
Amoss-Minus Splitface
Bionick and Gancher Feat. Jupiter-My Angel
Current Value Feat. Snow-Time Of The Rain
Robert Manos-Trouble Madness
Equitant feat Lea X-Flash of Light Illumine Concrete Remixes
Radio People-Radio People
Rebecca And Fiona-I Love You Man
Rendezvous-The Murf-(Incl John Digweed And Nick Muir Remix)
Angerfist - The Depths Of Despair (Official MOH Anthem)
Alesso-Raise Your Head
Alex Noiss-Back To Life
Andrew Bennett and Sebastian Krieg
Audiojack-Get Serious EP
Camelphat-Girl On Girl
Carlos Rus and Di Martino feat. Dastone - Can You Feel Love Coming
Colonel Red Sem Thomasson-Like This
Da Ta feat Wendy Lewis-Never Trust
Denis A-Diamond Edition Incl Nick Muir Remixes
Douglas H-The Situation EP
Fabian Hohlfeldt-Save Me EP
GeoDaSilva Feat. Karmin Shiff-Bulu Bulu
Gianni Canale feat Zarina Zar-Cheri Cheri Lady
Heading Away
Jam P-Stormy Weather
John Julius Knight And Roland Clark-The Underground (C Hornbostel Remix)
Johnick-Johnick EP
Klein Dabruck-2 48 Am
Komytea-Conspiracy Pentagon Thriller
Kristina Lalic
Luy Hernan-Shopping EP
Manuel Hierro-Magic EP
Matheo Velez
Matt Evans
Norman Doray Vs Tawiah
Oliver S-Granulated Soul
Ramon Tapia-Day One
Robbie Groove and Mattias feat Cece Rogers With Master Freez
Sean Patrick-Fresh N Fruity EP
Sound Process-16 Days Off Breeze
Tea Set feat Daniel Lingham
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 5
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 6
VA-Christmas Chill House (25 All Time Favourites)
VA-Christmas House Classics
VA-DJ Friendly Dance Vibe (DJ Marika Deeper Progtech House Music)
VA-Electro Love (Electro House Collection)
VA-Fashion Style and Music Vol 2
VA-Freebooters Original Master Vol 1
VA-Hits Collection Vol 38
VA-I Believe In House Music
Vakula-Leleka 1-(LELEKA001)
VA-Luca Facchini In Da House Vol 2
VA-Phoenix Selecta Vol 1
VA-Progressive House Channel Selection 3
VA-Sampler Vol 34
VA-When Techno Meets Prog House Vol 2
Wender A-Pantufa EP
Cyndi Lauper-To Memphis With Love Live
Lady Gaga-Born This Way (The Remix)
Nirvana-Nevermind (20th Anniversary Box Set)
Rihanna-Talk That Talk
Faxi Nadu - The Last Kick Of Your Life
Kyma-Waves EP
VA - Swift Subconscious Switch
VA - Tetraspace
Atmopera Dj Alliance - Atmopera Anthem
Atmopera Dj Alliance - Enhanced Therapy
Catatonic Overload - Make Raw Not War Part 3
Daniele Kama-Other Love EP
Dave Kurtis-Sundari The Mixes
Domy Castellano
Ian ODonovan-Redemption EP
Loud Noize - Dark Distortion Distorted Reality
Mario Ochoa-The Rooster Take A Look
Mike Huckaby-The Tresor Track
NHB Fabrizio Pettorelli-Bad Habits
The Abductors - Stevige Track
VA-1605 Ways To Deal With Christian Cambas (Unmixed Tracks)
Vince Watson-Atom EP
Zenbi-Minimalistic EP
Alpha Force feat Claire Willis-Fade Away
Cygnus X-1-Projekt Pulse Incl Spark7 Remix
Felix Pot-Delfzijl City Delhi
Kristina Sky and Randy Boyer feat Shyboy-Welcome To The Future
Levi Whalen
Liquid Vision-At Long Last Rocker Rocker
Mike Andavari-Bring Us Back
Mike Demirele
Norin and Rad vs Audien
Opt-In-Endless Eternity
Silence Groove-Fallen Beauty EP
Silva-Dark Brown Eyes
Steve Allen and Scott Envy
The Doppler Effect Feat Carol Lee-Beauty Hides In The Deep
Tom Special Interest feat B Original-Wheres My Bunny EP
ZiRENZ-Edge Of Space 2011

November 15th, 2011

Excision And Downlink-Crowd Control
Khoff-Revelation EP
Seo In Young-Brand New ELLY
Axiom-The First Chapter
Fade-Collage Face Of The Future
Lynx-Devils In The Detail
VA-10 Years Of Dispatch EP
Juvelen-Make U Move
Massive Attack vs Burial - Four Walls-Paradise Circus (INHALEGOLD001)
Stelios Vassiloudis-It Is What It Is
Dyprax - Dead Presidents
Paulie 4-Fingers - Freedom
Austin Leeds Ft. Corey Andrew
Chris Lake
Dave Aju-All Together Now
Jean Elan - Flashed (Incl. Dabruck and Klein Remix)-Promo
Joey V-Lawless-(TR 007D)
John Dahlback
Manufactured Superstars Feat Lea Luna - Drunk Text Incl Zoo Brazil Remix
Promise Land Ft. Sandy B-Never Be Lonely
Renso Salvatore-Infinite Games
Robot Needs Oil-Cabaret Zoo
Tiesto and Steve Aoki
VA-5 Years Unreleased Digital EP 1 (The Progressives)
V-Crime - Mr Waspi
Conwerter - Invisible Landscape
E-Clip - Press Hold EP (INM1DIGI067)
VA - Acai Com Guarana
VA - Myriad Expressions
Dani Sbert-Otherside Ready
Daniel Greenx-Smoker EP
Ironite - Unnecessary Evil
Marcel Fengler
Marco Lys
Nice Deejay-Miss Nice
Point Zero-Milf And Cookies EP
Psyk-Lowdown and Repeat
Ramon Zenker And Harada
Repton-I Was Here
TNT aka Technoboy N Tuneboy - Countdown The Eighth Note
Tomas More
Tony Kairom-My Childhood EP
VA - Daniele Mondello - Contagion The Album
Vinyl Speed Adjust-Second Spin
7 Baltic and Daniel Meyer
Abstract Vision and Elite Electronic-Never Forget
Artur Akopov
ATA And Vlad Vizitiu - Crossover
Blufeld Pres. INTIMATE-Guided Inner Beauty
Cylum and Velden
David Stolk
Devilect and Sensetive5 Story
Eric Shaw and Douglas Hazelwood-Before The After
Fortuna and Casus-Forrest Gump
Imperfect Hope-Endless Sea
Kentaro Ishizaki-Blessings Of Nature 7 Colors
Miroslav Vrlik - Charisma

November 14th, 2011

Arp.101-U Groove
ADBB-Princess Of China (Once Upon A Time Mix)
Epic Colour-Where Does It Begin (The Remix EP)
VA - 538 Dance Smash Hits Of The Year 2011
VA-Hot Parade Winter
VA-Snow Dance Austria (Vol 1)
The Main Stem-Electric Church
Floating Points
Indians in Moscow-Indians in Moscow (Remastered and Expanded Edition)
Kuhn-Slime Beach
Major Lazer Feat The Partysquad - Original Don
VA - New Penguin In Town Mixed By Gal Ofer-(Promo CDR)
VA-Home For The Holidays Vol 2 (Deep Grooves For Winter Nights)
T-Junction And Rudeboy - Cosmic Dreamer
Acces Bit-In The Back (Tribal Set)
Affkt-Gran Misterio EP
Andre Butano And Miguel Lobo-Coktails Drinks And More EP
Angy Kore
Antoine Clamaran Ft. Laurent Pautrat-Tell Me
Big Moses Feat Kenny Bobien - Brighter Days (Crazibiza And Soneec Remixes)
Bingo Players-When I Dip (The Remixes)
Chris Melin and Adrian Bood
Chuckie-Who is Ready to Jump
Coherent-My Valdoxan
Colombo-Antiques Of The Future
Deepfunk-Upon A Lilac Sea
Demarkus Lewis-Dtown Hustle EP
DJ Klaas-Klaasified Soundz EP
DJ Skip Feat Donnie Cash - Show Me U Love Me
Dose Houser-Shut Up and Dance EP
Farren Amani Feat Lucas Reyes And Terri B - Love It
Lo-Fi Bitches
Manuel Malaspina-New Jack City
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen
Marv Peterson and Edgaro-Deep Touch
Mono Dos-Wallflower Ep
Neon Electronics
Oderfaze-Low Tune
Ralph Session Feat. Greg Serenade-Keep It Moving
Raul Carrasco-Times EP
Raul Fernandez and Karlos K Sound-La Cantina
Ray Valentine-Elmo Ritmico
Rider and Knight-No Need To Run
Rider and Knight-Nothing More To Do
Roberto Sansixto-We Want Your Soul
Ruiz Db
Schematic Mode-Express of Techno
Sebastian Groth
Sidney Samson - Music Box
Tiefschwarz-Corporate Butcher
Tim Mason-The Moment (Dim Chris Remix)
Trisco - Musak
Ultrasone - Breathe N Pop
VA-Electro House 11
VA-Elektronica Vol. 21
VA-For Djs Only 2011-06 - Club Selection
VA-Kool As Fk Electro House Vol 3
VA-La Plaza EP
VA-Let The Bass Kick In Floripa
VA-Neon House Night Volume 4
VA-SIN Classics
VA-Soledad EP
Vlada Asanin and D-Blaster-Stuffed Olives
VOHR3-Killing the Silence
Weekend Heroes and Paul Thomas
Yasumo-The Squeaky Clean EP
Katz-Loving You Is All I Know (6.20565)
Rihanna-You Da One
Captain Hook - Human Design
VA - Goa Year 2011 Vol. 3
A Hvich-Survival EP
Alberto Santana
Alex Mine-Dont Look Back Teraphy
Alpha2 - A2 Records Unleashed Album Sampler 07
Anke-Moods Of A Woman EP
Chris Lo-Bronx Brothers
Chris Majcen-Time Spiral
Chriss Go
Code Black - Red Planet
Conrad Van Orton-Feng Shui Series Vol 1
David Temessi and Hiab-Tapes EP
DJ Milectro and Jonny Calypso-Rise and Fall
Gepy-Baby Dinosaur Pippo
Jacob Dannyl-Where Is My Mind (Killer Session)
Lady Tom - Jack Is Back Freakin Friday
Leechi Alexej-Turk Kizi EP
Leo R-Room 237
Lisboa-X - Summertime Screetching
Michael Miller-Wave Of Resonance Timework EP
Nytron-Freak Chick
Oliver Kucera and Souris-Lightning Bolt EP
Ordinary Subject-Fourth Dimension EP
People Get Real
Raiz And Truncate - Degrees Of Motion
Sasha Carassi - Lateral Pressure
Sintex Music
Slownoise-The Citys Shore
Softcore-Control Freak E.P (HYPO005)
Spoiled Kid-The One EP
Synthetic Technology
The Advent - Higher Learning
VA - Bonzai Allstars The Ultimate Megamix 2
VA - Harder Is Better Faster Is Stronger
VA - Techno EP Serie Prt44
VA-I Cieli Di Orione Vol 1
VA-Minimal Tech What
Above and Beyond feat Richard Bedford-Sun and Moon (The Remixes)
Armin Van Buuren Pres Gaia-Stellar (Remixes)
Ben Alonzi and 7 Baltic
Chris De Seed vs Ivan Dulava - Avades
Cj Arthur-Excuse Me
Create X-April Spirit EP
Dimension-Cloudwalking Crossing Fingers
DJ Alex Leader-Above Till The Sky
DJ Da Dominator-Lost In Thought
Fabio XB Presents Trance Gate - Luminary Ascension
Fady And Mina-Overdrive Egypt
Gareth Emery Ft. Mark Frisch - Into The Light
Jaycee Madoxx-Never Say Never
Jon Obir and Sonic Element - Let Go (The Remixes)
Jorn Van Deynhoven
Kevin Focus-Stuck 7 Brock Out
Lisa Lashes - Mandala
Mario Ayuda And Chris Callado
Simon Bostock - Overload Far From Here
VA-Passion - The Album Volume Two (Mixed By John 00 Fleming and Bryan Kearney)
Wellenrausch-Personal Epos

November 13th, 2011

Cooly G-Landscapes Its Serious
Irrelevant-Ill Be OK
SPMC And LX One-Hunted Oh My Gosh
DJ Hyo - Everyday-(100329 69)
Raluka - Out Of Your Business (Remixes)
Citizen Kained-Enough Rope
Lowe-Breathe In Breathe Out
Quintus Project-Night Flight
Teebs-Collections 01
The DJ Producer Vs Bong-Ra-The Abominable Blood Clot Techno
VA-Bangs And Works Vol.2 (The Best Of Chicago Footwork)
ZZT-Partys Over Earth
Action Man-Action Traxx EP
Albert Aponte
Alessandro Otiz-Deep Funky Tech
Alvaro Corz
Avatism - Perseverance
Basement Jaxx Vs Metropole Orkest-Raindrops (Jaxx Club Boot)
Basil-City Street (Tomoki Tamura Remix)
Berardino and Sonatore-I Got For U
Body Language-Falling Out (The Re
Bradford James-Deeply Rooted Pt 1
Cajmere and Gene Farris-Playground EP
Cantoreggi-Fucking A - Electronic Carnival
Cassino and Laben-Fake Acoustic Ensemble
Danny Marquez and Camillo Franco-Fresh Express
David Solano Tony Puccio Karim Mika-Take Me To The DJ
Deep and Soul Project Feat. Danny-Keep On
Deep Spelle and Kevin Martin Spelle-Cant Stop Thinking About You
Digi-soul-It Bounds
DJ Cesar Feat. Petty
DJ E-Clyps Feat. Neysa-Top of the World
DJ Lion and Vlada Asanin
DJ Mbuso Feat. Harrison Crump-Oh Yeah (Incl. Djeff Remixes)
DJ Seeker-The Movement EP
DJ Trio-Tricked Haze EP
D-Reflection Feat. Irma Van Pamelen-Hard To Get (Incl. Remixes)
Dub Kollectiv-Straight From The Bottom
Evren Ulusoy Us
Felipe L-Know It
Fiso Da Costa and Kele B-Find Me
Flapjackers-Deep House Girl
Furniture Is Music-Bring It Back
Gerson Jackson Feat. Tanetta Soul-Higher (Terry Hunter Remix)
Giano and Funk Mediterraneo
Giano-Piano Jack-(ITR 016)
Giano-Solid Gold EP-(ITR 015)
Gmbos-Gmbos Presents 4play
Gonzalo Rodriguez
Greg Gold And Hugh Way
Groove Addix Henri Sanrame and Mastercris Feat. Monia Amore-Stuck with Me
Groovjuice-Sexy Lady EP
Hamza-Groove Guru EP
Hardmix-Sunset In Miami
J Nitti
Jack and The Jerk-Another Chance
Jackin Box-The Big Pimpin EP
Jaksa Pavicevic-The Void
James Curd-Man and Machine (Incl. Luke Solomon Remix)
Jason Cheiron-Mpumalanga (Incl. Leroy Styles Remix)
Jason Rivas feat. Miss Lyntty-Billie Jean
Jason Rivas feat. Team D Luxe and Babilon DJ-Danza Kuduro
Javi Reina and Alex Guerrero feat. Sandra Criado-Set You Free
Jay Vegas and DJ Mes-The Feeling
Jay West-The Speed of Soul EP
Jesus Pablo and Milkwish Two Three
JR From Dallas-Get Inside EP
Juan Gallardo and Cyfra
Juantxo Munoz-It Has Groove EP
Justin Imperiale-Afro Dance
Kalica-The Beetle
Kaotee-Stab Up EP
Kazaky-Love (Insectum Feat DJ V1t)
Keith and Supabeatz-Pressure EP
L.H.M-Hold The Pressure
Leach-Der Komponist
Leix-The Cycle Avenue EP
Lezcano-Legion De Fuego
Linda B-I Love You
Lorenzo Dianni
Low Deep T-Now That Ive Found U (Remixes)
Luismi Lopez
Luke PN Feat Semanika-Black Pearl
Mad Funker-Worldwide Sound
Malcolm Funktion-Check This Out
Manuel Regnet-Joy (ASS014)
Marco Bergman
Marco Finotello and Maggie Smile-People Get Together
Marco Finotello Feat. Maggie Smile-Lovely Day
Marcos Carnaval
Mark Grant Feat. Dajae-Put Your Body In It
Markus Lerch and Markus Welter-Watch Out
Matijay Carlos Toral Jose Diez-Magic Avion Tribal
Matt Lange - Sixty Six
Matteo Dimarr and Ant Brooks-Feel It
Maurice Joshua-Wanna Get High
Mijail-El Tuburio
Mikkel Vadsager-Captain EP
Motorcitysoul-Carry On-(Carry On 003)
Nacho Marco-The Mist
Narcotic Ninjas-A Bailar
Norty Cotto-We Gonna Jam
Nteeze and Andys-You Are
NTFO-Around Me Upstairs
Oscar P-The Bump Test
Paris Cesvette Feat Lifford-Englishman In New York
Quintus Project-Night Flight (Incl. Lexx and Psychemagik Remixes)
Reegroove-Outside EP
Renji-No Time To Go
Roberto Sansixto-Party Pi
Roy Gilles-Visions From The Basement
Ruben Amaya and Joaquin Escalante
Sal Negro Feat. Mona Bode-Cant Sleep (Incl. Remixes)
Scott Jenkins Ft. Richard Webb-Wishing Well-(LFM 005)
Souldynamic Feat. Adeola Shyllon
Soulscum-L.O.V.E. EP
Stylus Robb Feat Valy C-The Crowd Song
T.Tommy-Follow Me
The Dislocure Project-Designer Ware Remixes Part 1
The Villager-Slavery Days EP
Third Party Feat. CJ3-Private Party
Tom Sawyer-Fly Fly
Tony Bezares-Beat Time
Tony Lionni-Bijou EP
UBP Pres. Mother Of Pearl Feat. Pearlie Mae-Your Heaven (Guy Robin Remix)
VA-Electro House Color 2011
VA-Messages Vol. 4 (Compiled and Mixed by Reel People)
VA-Solo V11
VA-The Phase Deux Musiq Collection
Victor John Junior-Get Up and Dance
W - Work It
Wipe the Needle Feat. Amalia and Madame Pepper-The Sickness EP
Xavi Alfaro feat Kelly Diamond-Unchained Melody
Yohan Esprada-The Drums
Boney M-Ultimate 2.0
Diana Ross - The Greatest
Work Drugs-Aurora Lies
Generic - Plug And Play
Space Tribe Vs. Dickster-Beyond Worlds
Bobby Dowell And Kyle Geiger - Tiger Wall
Chloe Harris
Deep Future-Do It All Night
Franck Valat-Landscape 010 Mindie
Instant Shock - Chase Me
Koer-Fobos Moonlight
Maximiljan-Backlash EP
Mike Spaccavento-Game Over Vocal Round
Paul Loraine-Envy EP
Pig And Dan-Babylon EP
SIS-Boogie Nights Aires
Sven Jaeger-Cicilon Casta Uela
Tom Hades-Pitched To The Max
Tomas More-Scopic Drive EP
VA - XXlerator Volume 1 (Mixed and Compiled by Ran
VA-Riserva Natura Volume 3
VA-San Jose Del Mar EP
Wally Stryk-Palermo Soho EP
Dart Hydra-Sunset Remains In Loneliness
FRONT-My Past Life
Function C
GNIDJ-Echo Acid
GNIDJ-Wave Filling
James Dymond
Joel Hirsch feat Dustin Allen
Johan Curtain
Jonathan Stone - Gravity
Luca Lombardi feat Johanna-Come Closer
Luca Lombardi-Nowhere People
Mike Oceanic-So Lovely
Nic Toms
Outer Banks
Project Purity-Sand Storm EP
Running Man-Eternity Run With Me EP
Sweet Digital-Too Much
VA-Anjunabeats Volume 9 Sampler

November 12th, 2011

Memotone-Lost Hours
ADBB-Stereo Hearts
Elaine Winter - What To Do-(100341 50)
Sasha Lopez and Andrea D feat Broono - All My People-(MIE 8053264543372)
Vilsy-Habana En Fiesta (Welcome To Havana)
Calibre-Piano Bizness Smooth Baby
S.T. Files And Calibre-Falling Down The Void
Switch Technique-Altered-(UNIONLP001)-REPACK-3x12 Vinyl
Raul Parra-Dance of The Vampires
VA-Welcome to the Horrordome
Acid Invaders-Change (Remixes)
Ades Vapor feat Isabelle Laroche-Stop Me Now
Angus Jefford-Moves Revived EP
Armando Vazquez
Basti Grub-feat Friends EP
Christiano Pequeno-Tech My Brass
Dan Sena-Song Of Siren (Remixes)
Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn-Better Half Of Me (Acoustic Mix)
David Granha-Public Arp
Deep Spelle-Imagine feat Amy G
Dorian Jay - Pocket Disco-(912000 7620634)
E.P.I.C. feat Julie Thompson
Esole-World Hope EP
Flippers - What
Franck Delcassy-Dont Try To Play
Freaky Disco - Rodneck
Funky Bootz-Get The Party Rockin
George Barbieri-Gladda Vibbar
Helly Larson-Make Up Your Mind EP
Jeko - Play My Music
Jona-Perspectives EP
Julian Poker-Rockin The 80s
Kate Simko-Lights Out
Kenny Mitchell
Levon Vincent-Impression Of A Rainstorm
Luca Salzano-Take the Mood
Manuel Tricky and Fabio Santini - Feeling Inside
Marc Fernandez
Marco Skarica feat D-Back-Sex Martini and Parties
Maximus Bellini-Trade Out Ep
Mobin Master-Stand Up 2012-(David Puentez Remix)
Moti Brothers-Bit Of Love
Natalia Barbu - Lets Jazz-(803259 1273428)
Niko Spencer feat Will Diamond-Its Over
Paul Mad-Hey EP
Rainer Trueby-Black Label 82
Robbie Rivera Manuel De La Mare and Luca Monticelli
Satoshi Fumi Javier Varez
Sello-Feel This
Sophie Ellis-Bextor-Starlight Remixes
Terry Lee Brown Jr
The Freak Factory-For Magzy With Love
Tony Dee-Back You EP
VA-Boom EP
VA-Deeper Inside (Selected By DJ Filo)
VA-Electronic Language Progressive Session Chapter 5
VA-Hedkandi Classics II
VA-House Dream 2011
VA-Moods Session 2
Vampy-Not My Time
VA-Reekinstructions Album Sampler Part Three
VA-Roman S Presents Eclectic House Grooves
Whitenoize-Horse Ride
Whitenoize-Weekend In California
Alwoods - Aeolian Mode
Laura Pausini
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 926U
Acid Steve and DDR-Avinit Rec
Andrey Zots-Scrapes Will Not Be Tolerated EP
Barem-After The Storm
Boris Brejcha - Ruhrschussel
Davidchristoph - Ghost Frequency
Fallhead-Toter Rauch
Marek Hemmann-Infinity EP
Morry-Shit Happiness
Paolo Driver-Good Afternoon EP
PhonoKemi-Black Comes The Day
Satoshi Imano-Marvelous EP
Seq-Program Shock LP
VA-Bordelik 01
Ventress-AVN 002
Vortechtral And Gus Brown
Allan Clarke-Game Over-(PDS 017)
Anto 23 - Psycotronic
Carl Nicholson and Grant Molloy vs Chrysus-Storybook Happily Ever After EP 1
Conrad S-Dashboard EP
Cosmic Gate-Wake Your Mind
Dash Berlin feat Jonathan Mendelsohn-Better Half Of Me (Airplay Mix)
David Ding
Des Mcmahon - Done with it
DJ Psyclone
Dub Ntn-Trouble EP
Flx - Initiation
Garrido and Skehan With Aroox
Grey Blue
James Williams-Resonate EP
Jason Tomlinson
Kaimo K
Levi Whalen-Love Made Complete
Marten Fisher - Red Violin
Matt Pincer - Sunrise in London
Moorea Blur
Nightloverz-Miracle EP
One Species feat Jenny Johnston-I Believe
Sami Tuomi-Not Gonna Fall Again
Shulo Mihael-Bend Of Waist - Dinting On Sand
Sound Apparel
Tiko Taco
VA-Nile Essentials Vol 1
VA-Trance 100 Best Of 2011
ZFRMX feat DJ Observer-Love Baby

November 11th, 2011

Kowton-Dirty Little Bomb
Timo Maas feat Brian Molko-College 84
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 288
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 289
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 290
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 291
Clubstone-Leaving You
EBJ Feat. Dot Comma-Searching For You
Gabry Ponte feat Zhana - Skyride (Platinum Mixes)-(DNL 088)
Houseshaker Feat. Alexander - War Anthem
Nigel Hard - Let Me Out
Nitro feat Ines - Believe-(100335 10)
Spyne and Palmieri - Dont Run Away-(DNR 001)
T-Ara-Black Eyes
Tj Deluxe - Make You Fly Single-(100342 09)
Fulgeance-To All Of You
Marcus Price och Carli-Flaska Och Bas
VA-DJ-Kicks Gold Panda
Chrono and The Demon Dwarf - Gangsta Life Rich N Shameless
Abel Ray
Adam Prize And The Whiteliner-Lost In Heaven
Albino and G Edd
Andrey Piston
Artur Grek-Midnight EP
Bazen and Helden
Bell Dox and Jelly For The Babies-Mango Valley
Bodytalk and Chappell-Summer Life
CD vs CD - I Really Do Believe
Chris Slanton-But I Cannot Lose You
Cristian Glitch
Dany Cohiba
Dario Lotti And Simone Gatto-Work Me
Dastin and Static Sense
David Jones and Diva and Jones - Feelove
Dee Keepers-Strange Deja Vu
Diogo Menasso and Eurico Lisboa feat MC JC and MC Fubu-Tchilar EP
Disimon and Tommy Guitar feat Nicinha
DJ Global Byte-Human No Control
Enraged At Machines-Audio Electro Industrial House Experience
Francesca Faggella-So Deep So Soulful
Francis Harris - Lostfound Incl Matthew Herbert Remix
Freakslum-Beat For Freaks
Fresh-Hot Pursuit
Fritz Kalkbrenner-Wes EP
Guaranna Project-Get Up Ur Ass
Inigo Kennedy
Jagerverb - Lady Birds EP
Jay Lumen and Sinisa Tamamovic-Double Tap
Ken Hayakawa-Can You Feel EP
Lars Wickinger-Sushi and Sex
Lee Van Dowski-On EP
Manu B-The Beat
Maxim Lebedev-Home Piano
Phil Weeks-Jack To My Groove
Philipp Carreires-Mono Beats
Richard Grey and House Republic - Nuggetz
Roger Milan
Rosske and Stereo Mode-Pam Pam
Tove Styrke-Call My Name (Dimitri Vangelis And Wyman Remix)
United Sounds Of Italy and Miss Ann P-I Wanna (Remixes)
VA - Lower Vinyl Vol 2
VA-Celebrate Tribal Beats Vol 4
VA-Cibilab 11 11 11
VA-DJ Playlist 2011
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 298
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 299
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 300
VA-Free Kids Rentals
Vahid and Parsa-Dark Voodoo
VA-Jane Vanderbilt Hey Girlfriend
VA-Minimal Picks 6
VA-Ritmo Electronico Vol 9
VA-Sensual House Vol 9
VA-Summer Time Vol1
VA-Superchancla Estilo Electro Dance Vol 1
VA-Tech House Is My Life EP
Wesley Cheia - Krav Maga
WPX-Positive Enemy EP
Xrated-Changed The Way You Kiss Me
Zander VT-44 Less (Remixes)
Lauge and Baba Gnohm - Langbortistan
VA - The Missing Elements
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 99
VA-Versatile 15 Ans
E-Mantra - Pathfinder
Alex Costa-Was Great
Alphaverb feat. MC DL - Right
Caffeine And Bizerk - Roll All Day
DJ Mystery - BOMB
Dr Rude - Acid Rocker EP
Isaac - Bring The Club Down
Mendo And Yvan Genkins-Capture The Witness EP
NQ-Our Own Distance
Ari Kyle feat. Nicole Sugino-Release Yourself
Chico and Tom feat Lee-Where Do You Go (The Remixes)
Flutlicht - Best Of Album (A Trance History)
John OCallaghan-The Bailout
M.I.K.E. Presents Caromax
Sky Rider - Endless (Luca Antolini Mix)
The Nightraiders-Kharma (Starstruck Remix)
VA - Trance The Ultimate Collection Best Of 2011
VA-Dance Tuning 2011 Vol2
VA-Kontor Top of the Clubs-the Biggest Hits of the Year
Van Venrooij-Fusion (Starstruck Remix)
VA-Trance Mini Mix 011 2011
VA-Ultimate Hardstyle Vol 1

November 10th, 2011

VA-Dope Crackers
Celldweller-Goodbye-(FXT 042)
Evenwave feat Lameduza - Leave-(EARS 009)
Kris Novy feat. Jahmark-Gimme That Soul
Ronny Rockstroh - Herzpirat
SOS - Come 2 Me-(MIE 8044290003015)
VA - Tanecni Liga 134-(533 678
Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel ft. Portia Emare-When Im With You
Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel-Play With Me
Los Charlys Orchestra-Disco Gamma
Crossphaize-Within Reach-(DLAB 112)
Current Value feat Snow-Time Of The Rain
VA-Horribly Ribbed Bruja
Bodi Bill
Il Bosco-EP 1
Suzi Analogue
Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel ft. Cathy Edgar-Soul Sister
Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel-Afro Latin Funk
Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel-Funk Supreme
Los Charlys Orchestra-Danas Dream Rio Chicos Sunset
Al Guch Frattin Dj and Alvira House - Twenty4Seven
Alexander Som-To The Club
Anarchy Feat. Kate Gevers-The Grass Is Greener
Andrey Varcev-In The Name Of Love
Andy Newland and Kazell
Caudill and Turnipseed Because Its Written
David Guetta Feat. Usher - Without You Incl Armin Van Buuren Remix
Diplo And Oliver Twizt - Go (Remixes)
Efas and Safe-What Is It Good For
Fausto Messina and Vicente-Architectural Treasuries EP
Flashmob-Brick House
Fred Falke-Part IV
Jerome Isma
Jesse Voorn Feat. Greysun-New Life (Remix)
Jordan Peak-Tsuba Colours 08
Keisuke Kondo-Explorer EP
Los Charlys Orchestra-Feeling High
Micha Moor-Love is Chemical
Nhan Solo and Daniel Dexter-Liz Taylor and The Thrill EP
Ozan Samiloglu and Teddy K-Sexy Groove
Richard Dinsdale-Share The Love
Schiller And Nadia Ali - Try-(Remixes) Incl Thomas Gold Remix
The Candy Dealers feat Nica Brooke-New Directions EP
The Selph-The Eye Of Silence EP
Treitl Hammond-Clap Your Hands EP
Tune Brothers Feat Lety - Big Surprise
VA-053 EP
VA-Calling Africa 3
VA-Electro Weekend
VA-Happy Holidays 2011
VA-I Love Electro Music
VA-Nikki Beach In The House Mixed By ATFC And Roman Rosati
VA-Tech House Fall Vol 2
VA-Toolroom Club Tools Vol 1
VA-Top Autumn Hits 2011
VA-Totally Leena - Chapter One
VA-Turn On The Music 2011
Vitaly Depp-Touching The Night EP
Jazzamor-Lucent Touch
R.E.M.-Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage 1982
Rihanna-We Found Love The Remixes
VA-Absolute Hits 2011
Alex Delia And Nihil Young Feat A-N-N-A-Techno Is
Alfred Heinrichs - All Inclusive-Supdub Records
Dastin And Static Sense-Husaria EP
D-Block and S-Te-Fan vs Deepack - The Dream Goes On
Dominik Eulberg-Diorama Remixes Pt. 1
Gatty - Spread The Shadow
Max M-The Kidnapper Bell
Nicole Moudaber-Im A Gangsta EP
Rene Onze-Flip A Switch EP
Tim J
Tuneboy - Mood To Swing
VA - Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection Best Of 2011
VA-Parquet Selection Volume Four By Solee
VA-Retro (Vol 4)
Andy Dean-Indian Summer
Lange-Sci-Fi Hero
VA - In Trance We Trust 018 Mixed By DJ Marc Simz

November 9th, 2011

Akira Kiteshi
Hackman-Agree To Disagree
Kastle-So You EP
VA-100 Dubstep
Dems-House (Remixes)
Phalanx-Flaming Skies
Phalanx-Im Alive
VA - Bravo Hits 3-(533 677
VA-Dance 2011 Djs Best Of
Derek Marin-Midnight Cruiser
Norlie and KKV-Pressad Av Tid Sangria Remixes
Stingray Enters The Unknown-The Sadist
Alclox-Of Sound
Ale Di Rio-I Can See it
Alexander B
Alvaro Smart-Soul City
Andy Rojas
Arty-Around The World Incl Tocadisco Remix
Dirtyhertz feat Tamarind-My Poison (The Remixes)
DJ Kot-Distant Worlds
D-Noise-Autumn Tactics
Dubbel Dutch-B Leave
Dustyfruit-Sunday Shuffle EP
Eddie Amador and Automatic Panic feat Serafia-Morning After Part 2
Freit - I Miss You
George Mathiellis
HaHaHa-Adzuki Beans EP
Ivan Gomez-Your Love
Manolo - Night Rythm-ZZGlive
Melleefresh N Dirty 30-Beautiful Rich and Horny (The Remixes)
Milani Deeper - Sweet Dream In My Bed
Nacho Chapado-La Musica Que Mueve
Nick Hogendoorn-The Softest Cushions
Nick Warren
Pavel Petrov-What If
Project 24-Valley of Recognition
Serdar Ors-Remixland I Various
Sinan Kaya-Sunday Morning
Soul Factory - Purple Sunset
Standard Fair
Super Agent 33-Big Bad and Fierce EP (Part 2)
VA-Celestial Recordings Amsterdam Dance Event 2011
VA-Christmas Present For House Lovers
VA-Dirty Electro Vibes Vol 3
VA-Electro House Sound 2011
VA-Erotic Chill House Diary (Episode 3)
VA-Extreme Snow Dance 2011
VA-Hits Collection Vol 37
VA-Its A Tekno Thing
VA-Saxy Desire Collection Vol 3
VA-Visualize The Vibe (20plus Vibrant House Music Tunes In Bb Key)
Voltolinas feat MC Lish
Alex TB and Buchecha - Brazilian Connection EP
Cuartero-Samala (Remixes)
Deep Voice-Im Freak
Dubphone-Two Of Us
Lisboa-X - Purified
Luca Terzini And Petrou-Keep It Minimal
Maarten Boks - Hap Slik Weg EP
Mac Vaughn-Facts About Polar Bears
Matt Minimal-International Meetings EP
Monkey One - The Last Primate
S.K.A.M.-Its Not Over
VA - Big Bang Sampler Volume 2
VA - Surplus Sampler
VA - Surplus Sampler 48
Veerus And Maxie Devine Pres Megatonic Boys
Mixail-Mysterious Window
Phalanx-Fields Of Dreams-(RS 008
Phalanx-Symphony In Gminor-(ILLUM 2044
Suffused-Year 2008
VA-Anjunabeats Volume 9 Mixed By Above And Beyond

November 8th, 2011

Mosca-Dom Perignon EP
Pinch And Shackleton-Pinch And Shackleton
Rednek-Attention All Jumpers
Synkro-Stop and Think EP
Damnfloor - Once Upon A Time
Steve Noah feat Stefy G - Star In The Sky
VA-DJ Player Vol 13
VA-DJ Selection 338 - Dance Invasion Vol 86
Dimlite-Grimm Reality
Gologan-Cherry Lips
Picore-Aassyrian Vertigo
Transglobal Underground-The Stone Turntable
VA-A Hundred Effects
VA-Rescue My Party 01-(Sens Inverse)
VA-Visage Musique Volume 1
Hektek-Inside The Mask EP
Stormtrooper-The Rainbow Eating Ponycore
Aki Bergen-Helldorado EP
Anime Volanti
Black Tongues
Brandon Bass and Steve Synfull-Rock Dont Stop
Cazwell and Peaches-Unzip Me
Cristian Corvalan-Nochero Music
Debra Dolce-Fairytale Love Affair
James Johnston-A New Day Begins
Jose De Mara Ft. Shena-Higher than the Clouds
La Fuente-No Boundaries
Ming and 2Beeps
Moguai Feat Fiora - Oxygen
Paolo Blanda
Paulina Steel
R.J. Feat Pitbull - U Know It Aint Love Incl David May Mix
Ross Couch-Take A Look
Roy Gates-Emotion-(CON 058)
Ryan Truman-The Pole Vaulting EP
Stelios Vassiloudis-It Is What It Is
Talavera-Cacao EP
The Moogs and Perfect Cell feat Citizen X-Got High and Drunk Wine
Tom Flynn - Opera House Incl Kaiserdisco Remix
Umek And Beltek-Out Of Play
VA-DJ Selection 337 - the House Jam Part 88
VA-DJ Zone - Best Session 08
VA-Funk You
VA-Lost and Found Vol 2
VA-Stereo Belgium
VA-Surfing Chillhouse Vol 3
Zedd-Shave It The Aftershave
Taio Cruz feat. Flo Rida
VA-The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1
VA - Louves
Zed Reactor - Interplanetary Entity
Graziano Ruan And Kiredam-Broken Tail
Isaac - Bring The Club Down
Sarp Yilmaz And Macit Kimyaci-Uber Die Freiheit EP
Stanley Ross
Tim Taylor and Andy Slate-Nite Daddy
Will Clarke-Get Me High
Adam Szabo-Arcade (Remixed)
Aimoon-Leto Nebo
Beat Service feat. Neev Kennedy-But I Did
Blugazer-Stargazing Ends Are Beginnings
Flexrev And Pida - Indigo
Gary Maguire-Nufoundations EP
Ian Betts-Pressure Drop Under Below
John 00 Fleming-Nine Lives Remixes EP
Luke Terry - Counting Stars
Sebastian Montano
Squarz Kamel
Tigran Oganezov
VA-Winter Sampler 2011 Part One

November 7th, 2011

Kromestar - Parallel Sounds EP
Lee Scratch Perry vs Digital Mystikz-Like The Way You Should (Mala Remix)
Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp Im Alright
Bad Tango Monk3ylogic - Cortex
Diistortiion - Cyber Warfare
Dr. Fish - Influenza
Geon - Perpetual Motion
Luqas Triple Agent - Frontier Science Vol. 2
VA - Energy Vibration Reptoid
Candy Shop-Give And Take-(ROY 142)
Small Pyramids-I Want Blood
Aquasky-Raise the Devil
Joe Virus-Commando Pro Dutty Sound
Richie Stix-I Spit On Your Grave
Ali Renault-Ali Renault
The Sorry Entertainers-Local Jet Set
Vato Gonzalez Feat. Foreign Beggars - Badman Riddim (Jump)
777 System-Pill Fix Injection Fix
Adrian Lux feat The Good Natured
Afrojack - Lionheart
Alberto La Torre-Neon Light
Alessandro Grops-The Sun
Alex Faraci-Night Melody
Alvaro Medina-Blue Magic
Autokratz-Bad Life 1
Beats Sounds-Magic Tech
Benny Rodrigues-Its A Spiritual Thing
Bhoo-Flower Dust
Bluff-Cafe Schraeglage Mitternachtssonate
Carlo Gambino-Good As Gold
Colin Sales and The Universe Band
Contorted-The Music and I
Cry Wolf-Follow The Wolf
Dave Rosario
Diego Hostettler-Disruptive Chickens EP
Digitize-Its Time
Digitize-No Easy Way Out
DJ Lessi feat Mr Axe-4 Crazy Friends
Dopefish-Galley Slaves
Erick Strong
F-Act-Beauty In The Beast EP
Fiord - Shadows Of You
Forest People
Fred Perry-Mixtape Vol 3
Gianni Ruocco-The Lovers Night
Gianni Scotto
Gius feat Sanya-Day and Night
Global Deejays - The Collection (Taken From Superstar Part 1)
Graziano Ruan-Hermit Crab
Greg Gow-The Search
Jared and Sebastien-The Work that
Jason Fernandes-Constant Push
Jay Haze and Argenis Brito
Jeff Keenan Night in Moscow
Joeski-Can I Begin
Jon Gurd and Bryan Chapman
Jon Sine-Dark Magician
Klash Rivera-Chiquita Meme
Kwan Hendry Feat SoulCream - Dont Give Up
Leonid Nevermind
Loading-Turbular Blends
Loose Village-Mondo Exotica
Lorenzo Marrucci-Different Tastes
Manuel De La Mare Roberto Molinaro and Luigi Rocca
Manuel De La Mare-La Musica Me Hace Mas Feliz
Manufactured Superstars Feat Lea Luna - Drunk Text Incl Sander Kleinenberg Remix
Mario D-Party Groove
Mark Bale Feat. Nic - Move on
Marko J-After The Silence
Morten Hampenberg And Alexander Brown Feat Stine Bramsen - I Want You (To Want Me Back)
Nick Rider-Ice And Blood
Onur Ozman
Oskar Maximum-Like A River
Patrick Zigon and Mark Ash-Girl With A Smile (Chris Fortier Remixes)
Raxon and Uforiq
Rene Amesz
Ross Couch-Soul Fire
Santiago Deep-2 the Family
SCSI-9-De Spa
Sebastian Reza
Sezer Uysal-Night Training
Super Agent 33-Big Bad And Fierce
Tek Diluxe-Beat Freak
The Stereo Flow-Do It
Tomy Declerque-NEED2B EP
VA - Clubsolute 2012.01
VA-A Whole Lot Of Electro Vol 2
VA-Alive And Remixed 2
VA-Dee Jay Underground Shook Club
VA-Get Dumb-Deep Underground House Tunes (RTCOMP074)
VA-Nervous Nitelife pres Theo School Of House
VA-Star Series Vol 3
VA-Studio Soul-Mixed by Charles Webster
VA-Talent Revealed Vol. 1
VA-Ultra Ibiza Closing Party Season 2011
Vivo Feat J Sax-Sax Power
Yakine-Harmony EP
Yenk-Rosa De Plata
Amy Winehouse-Frank and Back to Black (Deluxe Box)
Lady GaGa-Marry The Night
Little Dragon-Little Man EP
VA - Notes From Underground
Alberto Tolo And Matthew Skud-Golden Age
Axel Karakasis-Through The Door EP
Cristian D and Jonny Mad - Music Is A Moral Law
D-Block and S-Te-Fan - Alone (2011 Re
Dutch Master - Slammin the Bazz We Go Party
Francois X-The Countdown
Jack Of Sound - Kaylees Nightmare
Kiko - 034
Kodex - Insomnia Body Moving
Luca Antolini - In The Jungle
Matador (IE) - Flux
Mauro Picotto - Twentyeleven Remixes Part 2
Noraj Cue-Off The Road
Ochu Laross-No Brain No Pain
Pascal Mollin-Double Phantasy EP
Sergi Moreno And Vincent McFly With Roke Sax-Free Flow Sax Remixes
Slideforcer - The Drums Of War I Want You Back
Tartaros - The Dark Age EP
Tekno Tom And Bass Bandits - The Relapse EP
Tim Andresen
Tongue And Groove - Flick The Glitch
Yo Montero And Ian Cris-Motor EP
Alchemist Project-Im Hypnotized
Alexshapes and Chrisphere-Halcyon and Transit (Remixes)
Attractive Deep Sound
Broning-Solaris The Island Of Happiness
Cozmoz-Midheaven (Lisas Theme)
DCA-Rising Sun
Distant Keys-Believe In Love EP
DJ Feel Ft. Emma Lock - Without You
DJ Mojito
Eco with Breakfast - Wide Open
Ernesto vs Bastian and Kay Wilder-Shiny Appy People
Exit-The Incident
Frost and Maron-Mute Your Mind
Gofman And Tsukerman-Darko Rush Zone
JES and Ronski Speed-Cant Stop Incl Bobina Remixes
Jonatan F. - Madrigal
Mark Sherry Ft. Sharone - Silent Tears (The Remixes)
MEM - Twisted
Nic Toms feat Vera-Never Let You Go
Noizehaze-Twilight EP
Pablo Torres-The Fourth Paradise
Robert Lyttle
Sean Tyas feat David Berkeley
Sunlight Project-Sunlight Teraphy EP
Trancelovers Presents Pimanda
VA-Coldharbour Selections Part 27
VA-Trance Night Dream Vol 1
VA-Trance Night Dream Vol 2
VA-Universal Religion 5 Sampler

November 6th, 2011

Far Too Loud-Ready to Stomp EP
Foster The People-Pumped Up Kicks (Butch Clancy Remix)
Morlack-Zulu EP
VA-Clubland 20
Alex M - Saturday Nite
David Guetta-Little Bad Girl (Featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris)-CDS-iTS
ICF Zurich - Take A Stand-(ICFMCD 111)
VA - Czech Dance Charts Winter 2011-(533 629
Wonder Girls-Wonder World
Dom and Roland-The Big Bang
VA-DrumAndBassArena 15 Years
Gums-In My Life (Feat. Elephant Man) (Bundle)
Kele-The Hunter EP
Max Cooper-Amalgamations EP
Niki And The Dove-The Drummer
VA-Anjunabeats Remixes Collection 04
VA-In Flight Entertainment
Wagon Cookin
Alfred Azzetto and Vincent Valler Feat. Manuelle-Ive Got The Music In Me (Part 2)-(R5B 003)
Andrea Martello-Vida 029
Bridget Barkan and Todd Terry-Suga Free (Incl. Matthias Heilbronn Mixes)
Coldplay - Paradise (Incl Tiesto Remix)-Promo CDS
Craxi Disco-Brennero Express (Incl. Good Parts Remix)
Danny J. Lewis-The Box
Deep Xcape and Dolls Combers-2 Shades Of Deep
DJN Project Vs. Maurice Joshua-Feel For You
Italoman-Kindia EP
Jaques Raupe - Drei Haselnusse
Jaques Raupe vs Daniel Pele - You Gotta Get Up
Jim Noize - Take Me Away-(693736 599698)
Johnick-Non Stop
Knee Deep-Me Kumba (Incl. Kort Remixes)
Knee Tremblers Feat. Keith Thompson-Sun Is Shining
Mr. Moon and Angel D Feat. Michael Flaming
NeeC Thomas-Reach For The Sky
OTF-Wild Sex In The TSZ Club EP
Overstreet Feat. Sharlene Hector-The Bottle (Incl. Richard Earnshaw Mixes)
Peter Oakden
Placidic Dream Feat. Wendy Jane Satchell-Loves So Strong
Purple Liquid-Rebound Effect EP
Quell - Perception EP
South Of Roosevelt-Living Through It EP
Stuffa Feat. David A Tobin-Proof (Incl. Remixes)
t3n-Live 4 Now (Jamsteady and 83 West Mixes)
The Groove Technicians-The Groove EP
Tomson Feat. Thembeka-Darkness Into Light
VA - Elektro House Megamix Vol.6
VA-Hotfingers Autumn Pumpkins
VA-Its All In The Mind-(ES-017)
VA-Night Light EP
VA-Progressive Psy Trance Picks 2011 Vol 5
Vidal Loca ft Bea Luna - Declaracion De Amor
Walterino Feat. Kareem-I Love Muzik (Incl. Remixes)
X-Press 2 And Timo Garcia Feat Amber Jolene-Frayed Of The Light
Alexia K-Newbie Loo
Audolf-Funny Farm
BRZ-Zonder Naam
Cynthia Stern and Tobias Von Hofsten-I Love My 808
Da Fresh Vs Michel Spoon-Hop Hop
Electrokinesia-Miracle Of Life
Esoteric-Curley and Ramon EP
Feyser and Hinatrip
Kamil Marc-Global Escape
Luciano Esse And Micro On
Matektau-Transistor EP
Moses-Spont EP
Oz Romita-Breaking Bad
Pig And Dan-Londons Calling EP
Pleasurekraft-Satyr Song
Remute-The Mother Of All Strikes
Rob Belleville-Massive Melting EP
Stephane Signore-No Respect
The Analogian-Brain Jolts
Tim Grothe
VA - Hardstyle Top 100 Vol.12
VA-I Love Techno 2011 (Unmixed Tracks)
Airborne Angel-Time and Space
Aqualon-Evolution EP
ATA-The Summer Of Windmills EP
Atomic 2K-New Morning
BDH-Take My Hand
Belmondo-Sunshine Dust
Blugazer-Some Place Far Away Hidden Beauty
Boom Jinx Feat Justine Suissa-Phoenix From The Flames
Carl Nunes-Lolita Silver Hawk
Cygnus X-1-Miss You
Dean Fichna
DJ Ives M and DJ T.H.-Ocean Of Dreams
Juventa-Ocean Sparkles
Kai Harmaala feat DJ Ives M and DJ TH
Luke Terry-For All I Dream Of
Moorea Blur-White Room
Patrick B
Pulse and Sphere-I Surrender
Ronny K. vs Laucco-Zero Gravity
Scott Attrill-Keep It Simple
Sy and Technikore-The Fly
UDM and Key900-Floating Planet EP
VA-Progressive Beats Vol 2
Yaroslav Kulikov-Skys Limit

November 5th, 2011

Bronstibock and Chagall
Mantis-Hood Shit
DDC (Danish Dance Cartel) - Home
VA - Wow
Majistrate and DJ Pleasure-No Way Out
Maztek-Straight To Bad EP
Nanotek-The Ground Up
Original Sin-Move EP
Rowney and Propz-Hater Riddim Stealth
Switch Technique Feat. Deathmachine-Hybrid Series Part 4
VA-A Different Mix Vol.7-Limited Edition
VA-Balance 020 Deetron
AK Industry - Night Hunt Machine
Biomek - Blending In EP
Thunder - The Warrior EP
Alain Ho and Alex Arnout-Your Love-(TEP 003)
Andre Harris-Work EP
Avatism - Thought Patterns
B.A.M and Reelsoul-Wake Up (Incl. Mr. V Mixes)
C Robert Walker and Paris Cesvette-Loving You In Places
Cajmere-Funktified (CAJ316)
Davide Zacco and Alex Manfuso-The String EP
DJ Carl Vee Feat. Jah L. Rainey-Love Actually
DJ Dealer-Soul Food
DJ Meme Orchestra Feat. Tracey K-Love Is You (John Morales Mixes)
DJ MFR and Fabio Tosti
DJ Romain Feat. Nedelka-Love Sanctified (SS028)
Flo Rida-Good Feeling (Remixes)
Francesco Tarantini-Une Soiree
Frankie Soukal-Sidewalk Sax
Helmut Dubnitzky-We Walk Remix EP 1
Himan-24th Street EP
Huxley And Russo - Dollsit
Jackin Polo-The Promised Land Of House EP
Jacques Kouper-In The Sky-(SLH 002)
James Dexter-Sax In The Clouds EP
Jay Rodriguez-Without You (Incl. DJ Romain Remix)
Jay-J-The Get Down
Joey Negro Pres. Akabu-The Phuture Aint What It Used To Be (Incl. Remixes)
Jonny Montana and Dawn Williams-I Choose Me-(CAM 022)
Low Deep T-Big Love (The Album)
Marc Systematic
Masaki Morii-Nara City Night Groove EP
Miniking-El Contadino
Stereo Mutants Feat. Krista-Up Down
Sven Laakenstyk Vs Tony Brown-Ring My Bell-(100339 83)
Tenebrio-Ritmo De Alicante
Tom Taylor and Gareth Whitehead-Love Tip EP
Urbanique Station-The Beginning EP
VA-Club Sounds Vol.59
VA-Clubbers Bible 2011
VA-Clubbin Best Of 2011
VA-King Street Sounds Acappella Collection Vol. 3
VA-Ritmo and Sabor
WpX-Here We Are
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 925U
Alex Cool-Roborabbit EP
Ant Brooks
David Keno-Stars Above
D-Funkshion-Clap The Clap EP
Dub Dr - Brazilian Tits
Erphun And Subfractal - Stones
Felipe S and Kleber-Tribute Drover EP
Hakan Ludvigson And Joachim Broeckers-Traume EP
Italianbeat Guys-Halloween Horror
John Axiom - Inverse Polarity Remixes
John Wolf-Busman EP
Kroman Celik and Logotech-Darknet 04
Lazer Kontinent-Raw EP
Loopin vs Choose-Choopin EP
Mark with A K - Blow Your Brainz
Mikel E And Soulrack And Charles Ramirez-Edits EP
Miriam Macri-My Life As Miriam EP
Saccao-She Will Get Me
Sinusic-Venus EP
Smophor - The Problem
Solo-Pumpernickel EP
The Black Dog - Liber Nox (Book 3 Ov 3)
Troy Pierce - Voodoovoodoo
Ellez Marinni
Hivanova - Forever Gone
VA-A State Of Trance Classics Vol 6
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 November 2011

November 4th, 2011

Alex Teddy And Dance Rocker Feat Sheby - Essence Of Summer-(100327 40)
Crystal Rock And Hornyshakerz - How Will I Know (Remix Bundle)
Ellen Beat - On The Music-(SUND 14)
Kato Jimenez And Luis Vazquez Feat Jesus Sanchez - Una Vez Mas-(100328 37)
Kato Jimenez And Luis Vazquez Feat Jesus Sanchez - Wannabe-(100329 68)
Kenta Noler - Limportant-(DDC 098)
La Sierra - Like A Lady-(YPS 015)
Leuchtturm Inkl. Sandberg
Michael Mind Project Feat. Bobby Anthony And Rozette-Rio De Janeiro
Niko Mateos and Rafa De Villena and DJ Kiya - Breaking Souls-(DDC 114)
Otis Sonia - Youre My Heart-(GBR 27)
Pandora feat Stacy - Why-(734006 5005934)
VA - Italo Vs Hands Up 7 (Extended Versions)-(100327 28)
Vin Deicer-Dr Love
Modeselektor and Thom Yorke
Neuropa-Plastique People-Extended Version
Nicone And Sascha Braemer-Romantic Thrills
VA-Dubstep Dubplates
Beatstream and Radiate - Here Comes The Hammer
VA - Qore 3.0 OST
VA - Qore 3.0 OST
Adam Prize and The Whiteliner - Lost In Heaven
Alessio Mereu-Revived Universe EP
Alex Ander-Marijuana Space Disko
Andreas Bergmann-Animal Planet EP
Avicii - Levels
Bastian Van Shield - Terminal EP
Ben Coda And Ad Brown
Corbino Feat I-Fan - X-Ray (2011 Remixes)
Fragma - Tocas Miracle Tom Novy and Jashari Remix
George F. Zimmer Last Dance EP
Interpulse - Buckle Up
Jashari and J. Anderson - Uplifter Incl Tom Novy and Jashari Remix
JCA Ft. Tyra-Only Tonight (Remixes)
John Jastszebski-Saveur De Peche EP
Luke PN-Bella La Vita
Manuel Tur
Milosh K Day EP
Nicone And Sascha Braemer-Romantic Thrills
NTFO and Rhadow - Slagare Vol.1
Nuff - Doctor Funk Incl Bastian Van Shield Remix
Tegma - Beatbox Babybiff
Tommy Trash-Monkey See Monkey Do
Toni Del Gardo and Tom Novy - Can We Live
VA - Urban Art Forms Klangbilder Vol. 1 Mixed by Moguai
VA-3 Years Of Sintope
VA-Best Of Winter 2011
Vaggio-Vaggio EP
Sigur Ros
Echoactive-The Prophecy
Mirikina Year Of Revolution EP
MUTe - On-Off Ritmo Remix EP (INM1DIGI066)
Sensifeel - Dreamings
VA - Goa Culture 4
VA - Insideout
VA - Limitless
Bart Skils-Hold Your Horses Dundrum
Developer - Programma
Doctor Dru And Adana Twins-Anymore EP
Extrawelt-In Aufruhr
Fenix - Go Psycho EP
Fernando Guzman-Borla EP
Gunnar Stiller-South Of The Border
Jason Little - Military Basement
Nicole Moudaber-I Like This One
Oliver Huntemann - Raveline Mix Sessions 039
Pacou - Sense
Rose And Ulysse-Eden
Sante-Pound EP
Saso Recyd-The Pilot EP
Sizem - A Bullet In Your Head EP
VA-Amazing V02
VA-Felipe Venegas And Friends Vol 2
Xhin-Cutlass-(Incl Perc Remix)
2nd Phase-Control The Floor
Almost Famous
Alpha Duo-Electric Blue
Bilal El Aly and Vince Aoun
Bluesolar-Believe In Me
C and D Project-Love Shines On
Comanova-Wishful Thinking
David Gazel-I Will Get It
Derek Ryan and Means and Function-Time Will Tell Geomancer EP
Diego Brahim Press Digital Basement-Follow My Dreams
DJ Choose and Fredin-Fatal Caper
DJ Graim-Shadow Of The Silent
Evgeny Bardyuzha-Meet Me Yesterday EP
Fanatic Emotions-Sound Of Harmony
George Harrold-Daybreak Efflorescence
Hadrianicus-The Last Defence Of Our Motherland
Hazem Beltagui-Joyful Sadness (Starstruck Remix)
Iain Cross-Music Maker
I-Biz-Forever Loved
Irealight and Any York-Believe In My Love
Iris feat. Grace Arzia
Iversoon and Alex Daf
Jeff Carter-Under The Sun
Kristoffer Elmqvist feat Malva Larden-Come Home (2011)
Marcio and Rennz
Max Braiman-Aquatic Motion EP
Mykotonic-Bubble Dance (Radaspona Remix)
Nostic and DJ TH-We Are Family
Origin-Above The Clouds
Ozo Effy
Paul Henry-Terra Nova
Philthy Jennorators-Bonjella Legz
Pillow-Cheetah Kingdom
Polonski-Ocean Spirit EP
Poonyk and Oxide
Red and Black-The Doors
Ruby and Tony
Stan Wise-Halo Effect
Steve Allen and Shaun Williams-Spirited Away
Steve Allen-For Those Weve Lost
Subarctica-Perspective EP
Sundave and David El-The Lost Soul
Tony Huchinson-Temple Of Dreams
VA - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 59
VA-The First Note Is Silent
X Hydra Project

November 3rd, 2011

Gemmy-Too Far
Various Artists-Surreal Estate EP
Kenno Project and Daniel Del Santos - Im So In Love-(594820 3013067)
Luca Zeta vs Sander - Fisica O Quimica-(361015 0248077)
VA - MOS-The Annual 2012
Tiger And Woods-Wiki And Leaks Lab Files 01 15
Deeper Connection - Shallow Ground And Pushing Positives
Funkineven-Apron EP
King Midas Sound-Without You
Kombinat 100-Boeker Muehle EP
Nicolas Jaar-Dont Break My Love
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 4
VA-Budenzauber Pres Deep Underground Volume 17
Dewalta-Keep On
Dimitry Liss-Night Goons
DJ Saint
Dj Sneak and Phil Weeks-Present Bubba Beats and Kid Piston
Dos Amigos-Deep Message EP
Dotstripe-Lala Lale EP
Duff Disco-Grand Master
Filta Freqz-All The Time Remixes EP
Filta Freqz-All The Times EP
Gur Hekim-Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
Hypnotic Duo-Life Particles
Jamie Berry Feat. Haggy
John Moore-Canal Damour
K.S. Project-Empty Skies
Lovebirds-Keep Coming
Matias Valdmont-Feel It
Matt Palmieri And Brot
Ministers De La Funk - Gravy
Moby-After (Remixes)
Moe Turk
Re-Zone-Are You Ready Big Room Edition
Rhythm Soul-Paris Is Killing Me
Rocking J - Desert Storm (Part 2)
Shur-I-Kan - Body Double EP
Solar Force
Swanky Tunes - Waves (Remixes) Incl Tune Brothers Remix
Thomas Penton And DJ Samer-Chemical Imbalance
VA-Super Sound Single Volume 5
Waifs and Strays - Body Shiver
Soulshiverz - Devastation Raid Pad
VA-Chill House Sessions at Sunset Cafe Part 2
VA-Erotic Lounge Part 2
Bes-Remember The Days
BNJMN-Second Kiss
Carlo Congiu-The Sound Is Burning EP
David Labeij Ft Belle-Crazy Love
D-Funkshion A Blip
Dusty Kid
Obtane Giorgio Gigli And Tin Man-Analysis Of A Nihilist Who Wants To Become Famous
Oliver Huntemann
Rene Bourgeois-Tico EP
Sian-Beta Decay
The Opposites - Licht Uit (Coone Remix)
Weewtam-So Quiet
Changer-Black Roses Serengeti
Des Mcmahon-Crowd Control
Mike Saint-Jules Pres Saint X Feat Sandel
Silencers - Forever (The Remixes)
Steve Anderson and BRM-Let Me Know

November 2nd, 2011

AC Slater-Big Brooklyn Bass
Calvertron-Devils Playground Prototype
Dub Cadence
Dub Professors-Energy Burner Playing Games
Phaeleh vs DJ Madd-Lament Pitfall (Remixes)
Various Artists
DJ Project feat Giulia - Mi-E Dor De Noi
Dony and Elena - Hot Girls
Hallux And Nuno Fernandez Feat Marcus - Bem Gostosinho (Mulher Solteira)
Jackie Bredie - Sail Away-(MX 2256)
Juliet vs Romeos - Baby Boy
DB Cooper Night In 92 It Begins
Switch Technique - Hybrid Series Part 4
Isotroph-A Soulful Moment EP
Renaissance Man-Renaissance Man Project
Aeon Flux-The Aeon Flux EP
Angerfist and Predator - The Milition
Bloodcage - Sacrilege
Bloodcage - The Road To Fame
16 Bit Lolitas-The Rise You Are An Astronaut
Alaa and Andrew Dee
Andrej-Nocturnal Exposure EP
Antoine Clamaran-The Tribe
Atlantis Ocean-Fuji Ancient Breed
Blink Gianni Marino and Metsi
Carlos Montalban
Casper Cruz
Chelahov-Cafe Creme
Craig Hamilton
Darko De Jan And Samotarev-The Big Parcel
Deas and Lubica-Aborygenna EP
Digital Cassette
Division One-Darkness Theory
Droid Beats-Why So Serious
Dustin Skiles Featuring Dee Robes
Egoism-Loneliness Corporation
Fiord And Kasey Taylor
Futuristic Polar Bears and Danny Howard-Polar Bear Music ADE 2011 Sampler
Glymph And Rojas
Guenta K feat Kane and Miami Inc - Baby Lets Get Loud
Hot Noizes-Deine Gefuhle
ImanoS and Faustix feat. Lindsey Ray-Ill Wait For You
John Gehlert-Where Did the Night Go
Johnick-Live From Red Hook (Continuous Play Dj Mix)
Le Que and Martin Volt-Secrets Behind A Fact
Mario Chris-Another Chance EP
Martin Eigenberg - Where Is My Money
Nik Raze-Query-(ROR 072)
NO ID - How R U Feeling Right Now
Qwote Feat Pitbull And Lucenzo - Throw Your Hands Up Dancar Kuduro Incl R3hab Remix
Ramine-Can You Love Me
Rolvario-Tota (Richard Grey Edit)
Total Sound and Blinders
Total Sound
VA - Kontor House of House Vol13
VA-Grand Slam 2011 Vol 4
Wattie Green-The Shakedown EP
Beyonce-Party (Feat. J. Cole)
Justin Bieber - Under the Mistletoe
Planet Funk-The Great Shake
VA - The World Of Chillout Lounge Vol 2
Acti And Jajox - No Rules
Alessio Mereu-Hot As Hell EP
Alterleo-Sunflower Field
Brolax Bones-Van Basin
Citizen Kain And Phuture Traxx - Lemonade
Degos and Re-Done - Bite My Shit
Desonanz-2nd Next EP
Dr. Berger-Madame Flic Flac
Jim Noizer ft Miss Roberta - Amore Hardstyle
Mark Archer (Altern 8)-Frequency Remixes
Niki and The Dove-Mother Protect (Phaeleh Ravebomb Mix)
Technomasz - Mash 1
Technomasz - Mash 2
VA - Basstech Vol 1 Mixed By Torsten Kanzler And Sven Wittekind
Andrey Faustov-Last War
AV8-Afghan Dream
Betsie Larkin And John OCallaghan-The Dream
Dart Rayne and Yura Moonlight Pres Ligaya
Hiddenhope-I Can Not Believe
JP Bates and Antonia Lucas-Closer (Remixes)
Juventa-As You Are
Mark Burton - No Fate (The Future)
Solis and Sean Truby-All We Have
Steve Brian and Rene Ablaze-In This Whole World

November 1st, 2011

Beazt-Planetary Takeover
Binary Boom-Dumb Shit
Black Diamond Bay-I Dreamt We Were Bank Robbers
Blasta-Skool Garage
Bold Equation-The Future Is Wild EP
Koan Sound-Funk Blaster
Mr Bong feat. Bakaman-Bong Addict
P0gman-P0gman EP
Starkey-Open The Pod Bay Doors
Vessel Dance
Glitch 101
Jinx In Dub-Bass Bunker Dubz
Leuce Rhythms-Pure O Get DFunk
Stex feat. GLP
4 Grooves Feat. Flip Da Scrip-Make Noize
Chorale-Sordiino Paalla
Herman Van Veen and Edith Leerkes - Songs in the Distance
VA-Day and Night Hits
Klaus Weiss-Selected Sound Remixes Pt. 1
VA-Sweet n Lo
Blu Mar Ten-Love Is The Devil
Calibre-Reno All Day
Amenta-Sacred Places
Chairman Kato-Science And Romance
Gang Colours-In Your Gut Like A Knife EP (Remixes)
RacknRuin feat. Navigator and Slarta John-Territory EP
RacknRuin-Soundclash EP
RacknRuin-Soundclash EP (Remixes)
Red Stars Over Tokyo-Hits Of Sunshine
Sam A La Bamalot-A Birds Leg EP
Seaside Houz Boyz - Seaside Houz Trax
Troublegum-This Is The Law Crust No One
VA-Blunted Monkz and Pablo Valentino Presents Soul Imago Sampler
Willie Burns - Willie Burns
Ive Got The Beat
A Klass-Future EP
Aki Bergen-Black and Light
Alla Farmer
Alvaro Hylander-Cream Soda
Andrea Fissore-The Days
Andy Hart and Francis Inferno Orchestra
Angel Pina-Inside EP
AphroDisiax Feat. Nicole Mitchell-Somebody Save Me
Arnaldo-You See Me EP
Balazs Knight
Blackman Soul-A Song For Love (Rightside and Max Scatti)
Caviar Feat Ronnie Canada-Never Stop Lovin You (Incl. Booker T Mix)
Ciaran Osborne-What You Think
Conan Liquid-Disko Soux EP III
Da Fresh-Red Soup
Daniel Dubb
Danism Feat. Heidi Vogel-From The Vaults EP (Incl. David Harness Mix)
Dawn Tallman-I Am Free Volume I (Incl. Josh Milan Remix)
Deadmau5-The Re
Devoted Feat. Kholi-Soul On Fire (South African Edition)
Diem and Romano Arcaini
DJ Christos Pres. Ree Morris-Inside Of Me (Incl. Remixes)
DJ Dealer-Church Work
DJ Garphie and Diviniti-Could You Be Mine
DJ Garphie-Whispers In The Dark
Fabio Tosti-D Essential
Fabrizio Colasanti Deepo Max Scatti-African Deep EP
Foremost Poets-PLANET ASIA
Grant Nelson-Stealing Love
Guy Andrews-Your Notion
ha2a-Dont Leave Me EP
Humandrone-Beyonder EP
Ian Pooley-Groove Me The Remixes (Incl. Spencer Parker Remix)
Jam Funk-Roll and Rock EP
Jay-J Feat. Charlene Moore-Love Alive (Remixes Part 3)
JD73-Love Will Save The Day (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Jedset-The Attraction (Incl. Jask Re
Jon Cutler Feat. E-Man-Its Yours (Part 2) (Incl. Remixes)
Leventina-Were Gonna Start
Luciana-Im Still Hot (Incl. R3hab Rmx)
Mastiksoul and Dada Ft Akon and Paul G-Bang It All (Incl. Chuckie Rmx)
Miguel Migs Feat. Meshell Ndegeocello-Close Your Eyes (Incl. Remixes)
Milty Evans-Landing At Ohare
Moomin-The Story About You
Namy Feat. Monday Michiru-There She Stands (Incl. Frankie Feliciano Mixes)
Nathan G-The Glow LP
Newland and DJ Vivona Feat. Jade-Set Me Free
Olivier Giacomotto
Patrick Hagenaar-Boob Control
Patrick Podage and Nikola Kotevski-Woodnote (Incl. Soul Purpose Remix)
Phonic Funk-The Heartbreak
Pirahnahead Feat. Eric King-Keep Lifting Me (Incl. Remixes)
Pleasurekraft-The Main Ingredient
Richie Kidd-Freak In The Morning
Rony Seikaly-Crazy Powder
Samba and Ronilo Feat. Canela Cox-Ive Got You (Incl. Remixes)
Santiago and Bushido-Rhythm For Me
Santiago Salazar-Smile Now Cry Later
Sasha Alazy
Seven Steven Feat. Marta Carillon-Whenever (You Need Me)
Sezer Uysal and Evren Ulusoy-On The Floor
Shane D Feat. Keith Thompson-Where Im Comin From
Shuya Okino Feat. Nevasha Daya-Still in Love (HRISE008D1)
Stelios Vassiloudis-Bite Down EP-(MOOD 106V2)
Steven Stone and Nicole Mitchell-Swiss Soul EP
The Soul Faderz-In The Moment (Part 2)
Thozot-Latecomer Remixes
Tikyo Feat. Andrea Love-Love Will Bring Us Back (Incl. Ian Friday Mixes)
Tomson and Benedict-Repossession EP-(UT 135)
Torin Rea and Mojazz-Holding On EP
Tre-Calvin and Hobbes EP
TrueSelf-Future Memories (Incl. Atjazz Remix)
VA - Dirty Clubbing
VA-Extreme Candy Vol. 1
VA-London Deep Mind Vol. 1
Michael Bolton the Duets
Mr. Confuse-Too Hot bw Why Cant You See Me
Mr President-Number One
U2-Achtung Baby-(Deluxe Edition)
Alessio Arcangeli-1000 Miles - Honefoss
Amir Apy Galeev-Slice Of Joy
Dmitry Globa-La Aurora Boreal
VA-Baroque ADE 2K11
VA-Good Looking Music
VA - Goa Culture Vol. IV
VA - Goa Trance Vol. 17
Dapayk Solo
Dimitri Kneppers - Through the Times
Gerry Read-We Are
Mark With A K - Blow Your Brainz
Minitronix - Main Region
Tebler - Komputaa
Zoolanda - Funkatron
Adam Antine-Malignant Incl Incolumis Remix
M.I.K.E.-Back In Time
Mark Nails
Menno De Jong feat Ellie Lawson-Place In The Sun (Rube and Tony Remix)
Sens - Secrets Subconscious
Tripleone-Out Of The Shadows Incl Johan Ekman Remix

October 31st, 2011

Artem Zlobin-Chaos Bass
Benzmixer-Ice Cold EP
Calvertron-The Grid EP
Calvertron-The Grid EP
Chrispy-Alien Weaponry (Unreleased Track Edition)
Distance-Meanstrike EP
Have A Cow-Im Chewing On Cocaine Leaves
High Maintenance-With You Nowhere
Josh Money-Let Go With You
Magma Kum-Nasty Gurlz Meow
NumberNin6 vs. Roksonix-The Tempest Empire
Quentin Hiatus-Interim Red Water
Thrills-A Bad Man In A Bad World
VA-Haunted House Sampler
Zanetic-Cant Fight Destiny
Andrew - Nightmares-(594820 3012398)
Familiar Faces-Mad World Incl Pulsedriver Remix
Gad Fadget-Addicted Incl Pulsedriver Remix
Jai Alexander and Sarah - Lost Temple-(594820 3012947)
Richie August-Respect Mine
Silent Circle-No 1 Jubilaeums Edition
Thaya - Sexy Moves-(594820 3013234)
VA Club Promo Only November Part 1
VA Club Promo Only November Part 2
VA Club Promo Only November Part 3
VA Club Promo Only November Part 4
VA Club Promo Only November Part 5
VA Club Promo Only November Part 6
VA Club Promo Only November Part 7
VA Club Promo Only November Part 8
VA Club Promo Only November Part 9
Basher and Xtrah-Hubble Reflections
Dead Phantoms-Dead Phantoms EP
Evol Intent vs. Gein-The Sausage Party
Melamin Krone and Xonora-Bushido Ecstasea
Mistabishi-Three Tunes EP
Unsub-174 Bass EP
Anstam-Dispel Dances
ASC-Archival01 EX.EP
BVDUB-Resistance Is Beautiful
Kirlian Camera-Nightglory-2CD-Deluxe Edition
Rob-E-Dirty Dirty
VA-Lola Shanghai Essentials-(GOSERIES84)-MAG CD
Accelarator - Vocalists Encore Part 1
Imperium Bass - Tiroler Kaboomized (Bootleg)
Wasted Mind - Despite You
Adrian Izquierdo and Jairo Delli-Back One 2011
Alex Lemar - Underground Distortion
Andrey Subbotin-The Road To Home
Antra5t-Long Way Home
Barry Coleman
Ben Murray-Next Level
Ben Murray
Bes - Remember The Days
Black Spark - Give It Up Now EP
Blumenkraft-In That Space
Boom Jinx and Soundprank-Pieces Of The Puzzle
Boys At Work - In The Sky (Remixes)
Brend Tech-Moon Sonate
Carl Osce-The Time E.P
Cassandria Daiva
Christian Cheval - Simply
Christopher Brooks
Dada Life-Happy Violence (Vocal Mix)
Danny Siberia
Dave D - Breeze Up
Dexter-R.U. Ready
Dimaldi-No Rules
DJ Antoine Feat. The Beat Shakers-Ma Cherie
DJ Antoine Feat The Beat Shakers - Ma Cherie Incl Remady Radio Edit
DJ DLG-Deep In My Soul
Dj Miss Roxx-Bring It Back (feat. Lyya Rokk)
Fabry Pandolfo
Fenrir-Toxic Thoughts
First State featuring Tyler Sherritt - Maze
Francesco Melchiorre-3 AM
Freedom Island-Link Me
Frost-Going Back To My Roots
Funk Butcher feat Heidi Vogel-Minha Alma Canta
Gion-G Depth
Giuliano Rodrigues-We Have This
Global Deejays-Hardcore Vibes
Hot Noizes - Deine Gefuehle
Hypnotic Duo
Ian Morbey-Under The Grooves
ILLtastic-BrazILL Part 1 EP
Inkmash-Automatic EP
Ivan Fernandez-The Blues
Javid Senerano
Jay Haze-I Wait for You
Jerry Rekonius
Jerry Rekonius
Jonatan Ramonda-Smook Snake
Juanjo Martin
Juanjo Martin
K2 Tone feat Angie and David Dellaiera-Breakfast With Them
Laera - Horror Picture
LAX and Paul Gardner vs Elliotte Williams Ndure-Feeling Good
Magic Sound-Success - 100
Marcus-Lovely Clouds
Matt Pockerfield-For Pleasure
Matthew Knight and Mark Dekoda-We Dont Have Enough
Mike Frost And Joseph Pride-Listen To House
Milani Deeper - Smile
Milscot-Coke Freak EP
Mr Rustle - Lovin Times-(361015 0008015)
Nikola Gala-Every Day
Nuclear Maniac-My Love Is Just A Crazy Thing (Original Mix)
Off Remixer-Contrary To Leave
One Dollar Dave-Richy Rich
Palmez feat Green Box - You Said
Philipp Kox and Stereoliner - Level Pilot
Rafael Cruz-Feeling The Heat
Randy Katana-Second Phase
Realmode-Sometimes We Do
Remembrance And Critic-Astral Flames EP
Rob-E - Enter The Dragon
Sharam Jey-Day After
Starclubbers and Vinylegacy feat Gayle - Let The Beat Hit Em
Stereoliner - Tronicalium
Tasty Cookies-Lilies 4 Her
Teana And Tiida
VA-Ministry of Sound in the Club Vol.3
VA-Work Records EP 2
Velguin Yamato-Bloco Do Tambor
Wally Lopez - Welcome Home
Sean Paul Feat. Alexis Jordan-Got 2 Luv U
VA - 80s Groove and Soul
Vybz Kartel-Pon Di Gaza Mi Sey
Ahmet Sendil-Hit The Floor
Alex Neza
Ambassador Inc - Waves
Apparell-Under Suspencion
Coone - The Prime Target
Daniel Brooks-Whats Your Number
Daniele Kama-Fiesta Privada
Del Valle-Trompetas De Lata
Dj Hammond - Evil Sounds
Future Motions-Free Fall - Horizon Remixed
Hells Kitchen
Jack Wilde
Jacky Core - Drop That Beat (The Remixes)
Jason Little vs. Greg Notill - Jasons Mask Vol.13
Jeff Mason
Konstantin Yoodza And Jan Van Lier-Tha Gunslinga
Kplus-Love Emotions
Louis Napoletani
Luca M-Teaslut No More
Markus Wesen-Freudentanz Ep
Max Mile
Pete Kingwell - Scream
PinCode-Factor Remixes
Plastic Sound And Fapples-Doctor H2o
Pulzerz - If Your Forget Me
R Cooper-Alrighty Then
Raine - Dominating (Coone Remix)
Ruben Mandolini And Francesco Piccirillo
SCB-Mace Overlay
Unbalance-Unbalance 1
VA - Polish Hardstyle EP
Waverider - No Longer Limitless
Ad Brown and James Hockley-Summer Tide
Adam K and BT - Tomahawk
Arjona vs Liquid Nations-Balls Deep
Ben Gold
Cheeky Bitt-Before Dawn
Christian Stefanoni-River Flows in You-(HIT 033)
Christopher Lawrence
Dark By Design-Veni Viti Vici Pandoras Box
Dennis Sheperd and Alan Morris feat. Sue Mclaren-I Die
Dirkie Coetzee-Dreaming Of Ibiza
DJ Koja-World Of Sound
Floe-Timergy-(EML 1005)
Grube and Hovsepian vs Klauss Goulart
Karanda feat Radmila-Coming Closer
Leon Clarke-Big Dee (Set Me Free)-(TR 062)
Marco V and Damian William
Mcray And Nuro Gl-Mirage Of Eternity (Original Mix)
Nheaven feat Becci Harvey-Hands Of Fate
Peter Clarkson
Ronski Speed And Lifted Emotion - Voom
Skytech-Intensity Motion
VA-Black Hole Radio October 2011
VA-The Beauty Of Sound
Vengeance - Stasis
Wemms Project-Virgo (Original Version)

October 30th, 2011


Aaron LaCrate-Local Street Hero
Arkasia-New World Disorder (Remixes)
Brown and Gammon-Whos Womanz
Ez Icarus-Chocolate Gumpstep
Krampfhaft-Makin Magic EP
Nitro Impulse-Good and Evil
Oktored-Dubstep Remixes Vol 1
Greenmoney feat. Roses Gabor-Into You
KRSTYPRDRS-Bad Guy (Arcade Nights Remix)
VA - New Wave Club Class-X Box (Sinners Day 2011)
VA-Wavemusic Le Chic Club 4
DJ Sava and Cristina - 2 2 Story
One O One - Sing A Song Now Now-(SAI 326)
Tss Proyect feat Irantzu - Se Feliz-(100327 22)
VA - Vistexx Project - Shining Star 2k11
Elan-Next 2 Last
Emili N-Life Memories
Swing Republic-Electro Swing Republic
Addex-Electronic Streets
Armando Biz
Coffee And Honey Feat. Alexandra-This Is My Love-(MIE 8019991683187)
Dejan Milicevic-So Swift and Smooth
Dirty Dutch Bros - Upgrade
Jake Dile - Vienna Calling 2011
Joey Beltran-Wierdnessbar For Chicks
Jorgensen and Jesse Voorn
K12-Decifer Part 1 (Remixes)
Ket - Solid Ground
Luciano Pardini - Dance Machine
Matthew Oh-Dear Yulia
Migue Boy-The Sound of My Tube
Mikalogic-Baby Lemonade
R. Salas
Ramon Esteve-Tokyo 1979
Rektchordz-Speaker Bump
Roberto Palmero
Royce-Le Loon EP
Simone Vitullo Featuring Lady Vale - At Night
The Lizard Kings
Ace Of Base - Greatest Hits Incl. Bonus Track
A.D.M. And Tony Dee-Life Stolen
Booz-Cut The Rope
Dirty Boris and Ricky Carduelis
Eats Everything-Eats Everything EP
Erik Mnml-Broom Season EP
Konstantin Yoodza
100MG-Helpline-(HD 003)
Aimoon-Rainbow Rays and Light and Shade
Airosource-Nordic Culture-(100329 59)
Andrew Bayer-From The Earth
Ape Rape-26 Dimensions
Carl Crellin and Mark S
Cr Synthe-The Hardest Heart
Cryophaze-Wave Munition
Damian Wasse-Extra Voice
Dani Roz And Rafael Osmo-Site To Site
DJ Alex Sense
DJ Angelo Calamo-Forever My Heart
DJ Silver Fox-Im Your Deejayz EP
DJ Undertaker and Liubov I
DJ Yorrin
DJP-Final Horizon
Double Creativity-I Dont Believe
Ermohin and Korolyov-Soul Flight
Giuseppe Masciarelli
Jose Cassina
Kenan Teke-We Will Not Forget You
Midnight Star-Dark Emotion
Mind Paradise-Life Outside EP
Progressence-Rising Sun
Project Purity-Ghost Warrior
Revision X-High On Life
Rob Ott
Sam Wild-Message Received
Snatt And Vix-Loco Motion
Tensile Force-Leave Me Alone
Tommy B-Wanna Play A Game
Vanilla Style

October 29th, 2011

Juk Juk-Winter Turns Spring
Julio Bashmore And Waifs And Strays Remixes
Maurice Donovan-Call My Name
Sepalcure-Pencil Pimp
Alba Wings - Walking On Fire
Canarias-Endless Summer (AQL 036
Delia - Dale
DJ Andi feat Stella - Happiness
Full Moon-New Century (DST 055
Minage Boyz-Once Upon My Heart Goes Up-(100168 80)
Robert Georgescu and Lara feat Da Fleiva - I Feel
Toni Tone feat Lexi - Forever Alive (Sunrise Inc Reedit)
Tony Ray feat Mc Robinho - So High-(594820 3013524)
VA - Prater Dome Vol.5
VA-Handz Up Tunes Vol 6
Nvader-Cute Poison EP
Silent Dust-Silent Dust LP Sampler 1
Silent Dust-Silent Dust LP Sampler 2
Bad Girlz
Deekline And Ed Solo Feat. Splack Pack And Kidd Money - Shake The Pressure
Fake Blood - Deep Red EP
High Skies - Sounds of Earth
VA-Scuba DJ
VA - Headbanger Are You Afraid Of The Dark (2011 Re
Andy Bach-How Does It Feel
Asaga-Deep and Deep
Bastian Van Shields-Nobody EP
Chris Lake and Nightriders
Franco Musachi
Hard-Fi - Fire In The House Incl Tiesto Remix-Promo
Hawabiza Project-Its A Feeling feat Gretchen Rhodes
Jaw Breder
Lownza And Robby Olson - Another Dimension
Markus Gonzales - Carneval (Reloaded)-(NUMBERONEBEATS 0015)
Mauro Falardo-Its So Fast EP
Mokos Vibe-Bang The Drums
Nowakowski-Reframe EP
Trentemoller - Reworked Remixed Promo
VA - Best Of Bloomingdale (The 10th Anniversary Edition)
VA-Copyright In The House Hong Kong 11
VA-Defected Presents Beach Clubbing Pacific
VA-Kontor House of House Vol.13
VA-Les Amis 03
Yanny Villar-Suzie EP
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 924U
Amplifierz Presents D-Attack - Take This Out
Beuns Heretik-L Ere Easy
Boris Brejcha - Ruehrschuessel
Carlo Carita-La Mia Detroit Eclectic House 3 Hours Of Job
D.A.V.E the Drummer-Hydraulix 13.8
Dandi And Ugo-Bass Attack
DJ Trajic - The DJ
Erik Mnml-Straferro What EP
Heiko Laux and Diego-Guadaloop-Namib (Incl Rocco Caine Remix)
Paul Schal-I Like
Proto Bytez - Edge Of Darkness
Ran-D and Redixx - Until We Meet Again (RIP Koen Buitelaar)
Remute-Jack Dominique
Rene Sandoval-Destilada Mujer EP
Sascha Sonido
Siwell And Broombeck-Sibeck Broomwell
Snappa-Porta EP
Stingray-Enters The Unknown
Stiv And Vallo
The Fear Ratio-Morning Blues
Ben Nicky
Brian Cameron
Luigi Lusini-Forever Loved
Paul Miller Vs Ronald De Foe-Aqua Virgo

October 28th, 2011

Joker-The Vision
89ers-Go Go Go Go-(DROP 110)
Avicii - Levels (Radio Edit)
Crystal Rock And Hornyshakerz - How Will I Know
Dan Balan - Dan Balan EP
Ela Rose - Lovely Words
Free Deejays - Around The World
Jens O Vs Ti-Mo - Hold It Against Me
One Way - Like Wow
Paul Attrax - Close 2 Me-(KF 037)
Quickdrop-Dont Go Away-(426022 2660499)
Raf Z feat Ally Sereda - For Play-(505550 6335786)
Tara - Missing You
VA-80s Revolution Disco Fox Vol 3
VA-M2o Club Chart 6
Martin Brodin
L33-Step Ahead LP
Skeptical-Blue Eyes EP
Auto Auto-Dancing Through Dark Times
Buraka Som Sistema
Egotronic-Macht Keinen Laerm
Hubert Kah-So80s Curated by Blank and Jones
Kirlian Camera
Lissi Dancefloor Disaster-As We Plz EP
Mohlao Mi-24 Kowton - OHWLFour (OHWL4)
Rasmus Faber-Good Times Come Back
VA-DJ-Kicks Gold Panda
White Ring and oOoOO-Roses Seaww
YACHT-Dystopia Remixes
Angerfist - Sons Of Satan EP
Headbanger vs Na-Goyah - Dedicated To The Critics
VA - Hardcore United IV
2 Elements - 4 Ur Love Incl Bastian Van Shield Remix
Agoria Carl Craig And La Scalars-Speechless Remixes
Alex Guesta Feat Raphael-Music is Love
Avicii and Sebastien Drums-The Collection Taken from Superstar Deluxe Edition
Beekay Deep-Luv Remixed EP
Camouflage-No Games EP
Ce Ce Rogers and Syke N Sugarstarr - I Believe
Ce Ce Rogers and Syke N Sugarstarr - I Believe The Remixes
Christopher S
Damon Paul - Lets Fuck
David Guetta Ft Usher - Without You (Remixes) Inclu Armin Van Buuren Remix (509997
David Penn Jabato and DJ Roland Clark - Get Ready
Dibby Dougherty and David Young - The Black Smoke EP
DJ Antoine-Welcome To DJ Antoine Remixed
DJ Falk and Leony - The Rules Of The Game Manuel De La Mare Remix
DJ Pintaa - Ive Got Your E
E.M.A.N.-Dr. Spocky-(VE 226)
Fabio Karia-La Colegiala
Fil Woody and Petros T - Lullaby
Francis Inferno Orchestra-Sing To Me
Jay-Kay-Western Conference EP
Jealous Guys - Through The Fire
Los Marijuanos
Marcel F - Tampa Bay
Martin Aquino
Michael Mcnabb-Reach EP
Michelle Owen-Perchance To Dream-(MOOD 108)
Mischa Daniels and Sandro Monte feat. J-Son-Simple Man
Mister Perfect - Secrets The Remixes
Nehemias Milen-Paladar A Gusto EP
Niels van Gogh vs. Emilio Verdez - Beatrocker
Nizzle - Paper Confetti Butterflies
Peter Gelderblom feat. Dominica - I Gotta Let U Go
Plastik Funk and Dave Kurtis - Housemusic
Ryan Housewell - Flower The Mixes
Safeword-You Can You Will
Sean Danke-Breath-Leeks EP
Sean Patrick-Classics EP
Sean Patrick-Platform Pimping 2011 EP
Sebastian Roter and Dan Lewis - Ready To Dance EP
St. Maarten-Night In Praha
Terry Lee Brown Junior - Baltimore
The Glitterboys - Feeling Remixes
Till Von Sein
Tochner-Hair Salon
Tracey Thorn-Night Time EP
Turntable Syndicate - Anakin Incl Chriss Ortega Remix
VA - Zoo Addicts-(Zooclub Sundayz Vibes)-Vol 02
VA-Deejay Time the Party One Session Four 2011
VA-House Club Selection 52
VA-House Mini Mix 008 2011
VA-House Passion 21
VA-Suburbia Unmixed Vol.19
VA-Underground Project EP
Wez Saunders-Shuckle Nuffling
William Naraine - If I Could Fall
Yasmin Le Bon - Lost In A Fairytale EP
Yves Larock - The Zoo Incl Muzzaik Remix
Les Loups-Side To Side Part 2 EP
VA - Bollwerk Phase 20
VA-Chartboxx Vol. 6
VA-Shapes 1101
VA - Forensic Science
Antonio Santana-Congo Belga
B-Front - Thrillogy EP
Chris Hawkins - Bastarz EP
Claude Young And Takasi Nakajima-Rapture EP 2
Daniele Petronelli And Natalino Nunes-Grandi Commedie Musicali
Hamdi Ryder-Disco Kid
Heiko Laux And Steve Rachmad-The Viking
Kollektiv SS
Lazy M
Luca Bernardi-Get Up
Marco Savoia-Holiday EP
Microbe - Teknoide Fucking Bass
Planetary Assault Systems-The Messenger
Renato Pezzella-Barcode EP
Slam-Chasing Shadows
Solutio and The Is Ft. Arboza - The Cry
Steve Kid-Mental Patient
Ted Dettman-Varro Remixes
The Beast Project - Bassback Drop The Bitch
Trevor Benz - Benz and Friends
Unloaders - Syndrome EP
VA - Inertia Vol. 1 (INERTIA1)
VA - Inertia Vol. 2 (INERTIA2)
VA-2 Years Of Quanticman
VA-Definitive All Star Remixers 2011 Vol 2
Yasuo Sato - The Hikari EP (AEST013)
Carl Nicholson
Paul Oakenfold feat. Infected Mushroom-Im Alive
VA - DJmag Presents Vierro Substance
VA-Armada Top 15 November 2011
VA-Trance 100 Best Of 2011

October 27th, 2011

12th Planet-Who Are We
Shinigami San
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 1
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 10
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 11
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 12
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 2
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 3
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 4
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 5
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 6
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 7
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 8
Mashed Up Funk-Mashed Up Funk Vol 9
Raggapop Inc
Ramos And Supreme-Crowd Control Remixes
The Lucky 23-Up And Down
Aspyr-Back 4 You-(CUED 009)
Jonathan Carey and Gamma DJ feat Elena Capatina - Feel The Heat-(GO 2922922)
Lounge Style of Life
Rumble-Oh Ne Ne (Do You Remember)
Ruxandra Bar - Step Up
Starzoom-Billie Jean (P.A.T.M.)-(TIGER 030)
Carl Cox
DC Breaks-Creeper - Horror
Gancher and Ruin-The Future Play
Jayline-The Music Maker Step
Ralph Myerz
VA-Sound Fractals Compiled By Adrianos Papadeas And Iliopoulos
Afrojack and Steve Aoki Ft Miss Palmer-No Beef
Alex Avenue-Sugar Baby Love
Alex Barattini-My Play
Daniel Messa and Borja Maneje-San Pett
Denako-Digital Love
Fisio Feelkhenson
Jack and Joy Ft Belle Erskine-My Love Story
Joy Di Maggio-Dont Wait to Long
Joy Marquez-My Glitch
Juan Entrena-Shout Me
Maxplay-Asi Cae El Ocaso EP
Moonbeam feat Tomomi Ukumori
Romeo Blanco-Universal Love
Silversix-Murder at Midnite
Steve Kid-Big Cake
Teruel-Desert Riders
Vincent (IT)-Cycle Pass
Binum - Zulu Trip
Pete Jordan Feat. Joe B-Step Out
Sonny Wharton Feat. Mr Eyez-We Aint Done Yet
The B-52s-With The Wild Crowd Live In Athens Ga
VA-Lost Not Found
VA-MOS Chillout Sessions XIII (AU Edition)
VA-The Margi Compiled By Kostas Papazetis
An Ti-Karma Party
Bodyscrub-Resolution EP
Claude Young and Takasi Nakajima-Rapture EP2
Crucial Value - Free Your Mind
Dani Sbert
Inkfish-Alpha And Omega EP
Jan Fleck - Attack The Audience
Luigi Madonna and Alberto Pascual
Marc O Tool-You And Me
Paul Woolford And Psycatron
Plastikman-Arkives Replikants
Ricardo Garduno-Synthomas EP
Rich Jones-Shadow Lands EP
VA-Material Dig 008
Vortex and Impakt Ft.MC Fixout - Time Machine (The Remixes)
Yoikol-Check EP
4Frame vs Eric G-Top Floor 2011
DJ Mikas and DJ Sage-Shaken Not Stirred
Dreamy and Angel Ace-Perfect Feeling
Guy Alexander
Iio feat Nadia Ali - Smooth (Remastered)-(MREC 060)
James Allan and Kevin Aitken-Killswitch (Mark Sherry Remix)
Kenneth Cruz
McRae and Nuro GL-Mirage Of Eternity Remix
Offshore Wind-Last Fashion
Paki and Jaro Ft. Casey Barnes-Because Of You-(DNL 090)
Pegas-Heaven Symphony
VA-Klubbers Productions Presents Me Gusta Club Trance Vol. 1

October 26th, 2011

Eprom-Pipe Dream EP
Fineprint-Elephant Man
Flounce-Here I Am
G Reg
Hulk-Smash The Planet
Porkchop-Solarblind EP
VA - The Infinite LP
VA-Horrors Of Halloween
VA-Nuclear Dub EP
Eric Amarillo-Eric Amarillo
DJ Wash-Repulsion EP
Figure-Monsters Of Drumstep Vol 2
Cristian Arango - Halloween
Danilo Incorvaia - Seven Zimox
Detail - I Need You - Broken Dreams
General Elektriks-Parker Street
Marcus Intalex - Stark - Virgo
NIGHTVISION - Hidden Agenda EP
Slam - Chasing Shadows
VA - Demon Breakz
VA-Whiteline Vol 4
Vic Miranda - The Calling
(AURA)-Hazy Nights EP
Afrojack and Quintino
Bob Sinclar feat Colonel Reyel Mr Shammi-Me Not A Gangsta
Boogymann-High Fidelity Alton Miller Reworks Part 2
Camouflage-Bump N Jump EP
Carl Cox
Christopher Wilde-Still Driving
Chrizzo And Maxim feat. Amanda Wilson - Runaway (The Remixes)
D Soul-Mana Whenua A Tangata EP
Esquel Morello
Hugh Cleal and Watti Green-Putcha Body In It Remixes
Marc Medina-Feet On The Ground EP
Nedoua-Far Away Too EP
Nik Frattaroli-Soul School EP
Rescue-Saints and Sinners EP
Sound Gypsy-The Sahpe Remixes
Tiesto - Maximal Crazy Remixes
VA-Chicago Nights EP
VA-Funtom Life
Junior Waxx - Surplus Sampler 47-(SURPLUS47)-SRG
Migg Jacker - Eastwood Bronson
Stephan Strube - The Bassdrummer
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber-The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
Laura Pausini
VA-Snow Dance 001
Persistent Aura - Grand Julian
Act Of Rage - Eat Diz
Bonez-Foreign Language
Carlo Lio And Coyu-Mike Loves The Horn
Coca - Go Fame
Da Fresh And Michel Spoon-Three Days
Futuristic Polar Bears
Jin Haze-Hot Point
Luca M
Marcus Sur-Golden Handshake EP
Mihalis Safras-Alba EP
Nikola Gala-The Woman I Love
Patrick Bateman-Blip Blop
Thomas Schumacher And Florian Meindl
Tim Richards-Two Ends EP
VA-Amsterdamed Sampler
Bass Fantasy
Liquid Vision Pres LIKWID-Feelings EP
Ole Van Dansk-Massive Trance Collectibles EP
Ole Van Dansk-Screaming Out
Rapture Of The Deep
Tempo Giusto
Will Atkinson and Nick Callaghan

October 25th, 2011

Brain Machine-Alpha Beta Gamma (Remixes)
Brown and Gammon-Blow My Mind - Riddle Me This
Deadboy-Heartbreaker (Julio Bashmore Mixes)
Dntel-Anywhere Anyone (Remixes)
Eptic-Eptic EP
Floating Points
Funkystepz-Trouble EP
Jack Dixon-Somebody Said EP
Knorsq-Street Fighter
Mobthrow-Pitch Black EP
Nino-Clase De 1984 EP
Schroff vs. Skunkworks-Shadow Boxing EP
SOFI-Locked and Loaded Part 1
Synkro-Hold Tight
Tickles-Call 4 Backup
Velvit-Chic Anatomy
Whiskertwister-Out Comes The Night EP
Whistla-Fluidic Space EP
Andreea Banica - Electrified
Deadmau5 - The Remixes
Jordi MB feat. Jason Rene - Lady (Say Hey)
Liviu Hodor feat Mona - Sweet Love
Martin Solveig and Dragonette feat. Idoling - Big In Japan
Robert M Love
Sunrise Inc - Nina-(166 SUNRISENINA)
Sunrise Inc - Yanna-(147 SUNRISE)
Forbidden Society - Soul Scanner - All Gone
Morphy-I Dubbed The Sheriff
Oak And ASC
Apparat-Song Of Los
Joakim-Find A Way
Mickey Moonlight-Close To Everything
Samoyed-Spit EP
Tankman - This Is Tankman EP
The Church Of Synth-The Church Of Synth
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 3
Chris Joss-No Play No Work
Igneon System - Fuck God
The Viper - Nothing To Lose
Acca and Mac Artuir - Resolution
Albena Flores-Camden Shopping Queen
Allan V-Albinos - Smoothie - Iris
Allan V
Andres Gil-When She Wants EP
Andrew GG-Like The Love
Andrew GG-Spacial Journey
Anton Ishutin-Move On
Antonio Valente
August Rush-Finish Line
Avirra-Memories EP
Biotones-Leaving Heart
Ceasar K
Christos Fourkis
Clapdj-Big Surprise
Controlwerk And Cast Away-Eyes Closed
Cranberry Spicy
Crookers-Dr Gonzo
Del Valle-Empieza Por H
Departure And Ruslan Bolotov-Some Slip
Desaparecidos feat. Big Ali - Go Crazy
Diego Infanzon
DJ Premium One-Love Dust
DK Watts-All In Your Head
EDHIM And Purple Shade Feat. Helen-Give You The Vibe
Erik Jackson-For The Love
Fady-Beachy EP
Florian Blauensteiner-Hold On EP
Freshizm-Fresh Fruits
Gin Vinyla
Groove Stalkers - Yes
Igal Viner-Moon Walk
Jackeed-Jackeed EP
Jay Murano-Feels Like Summer
Jean Elan-Flashed NERD
Kazuya Nagaya - On Lotus
Kendo Men-We Are Kendo Men
Kieran J And X-Moon-Speak Easy
Lab Of Music-Back In Town-(100326 74)
Lawrence-Never As Always (Pt. 1)
Lazy Jay Pres. Yves V
London Exchange-Memories Of You
Luca Bacchetti - Tango
Luca D Arle-Life EP
Matt G-Champagnes Song
Max Bulltik
Miguel Migs-Outside The Skyline
Mitrinique-High On Chocolate
Neosoto-Quick Scan
Noa Romana And Deersky-Train To Nowhere
Nora En Pure - You Make Me Float
Phasebase-Air We Breathe
Phulk D-K I S A
Red-Eye Julien Nolan-Day One
Robert Oleysyck
S.O.S. Fundation and Angel Pina
Sander Kleinenberg feat. Lea Luna-Drunk Text
Sandi Morreno-Frequency Of Life
Sidney Samson - Thanks I Get
Smart Wave-Kites Remixes
Solead-Chicaboo EP Part 2
The Termite And Mikky Clap-Im In Stereo
Tolga Diler
Topo-Off Limits
Urban Breathe-Above The Heavens
VA - Strictly Ibiza To Amsterdam (Mixed By Norman Doray)
Vakula-Saturday Remix5
VA-Progrez EP Volume 1
VA-Progrez EP Volume 2
VA-Progrez EP Volume 3
VA-Progrez EP Volume 4
VA-Sweet Bullets
Xsector-Heart Of India
Yolanda Be Cool Feat. Crystal Waters - Le Bump
ZB-False News
Britney - Spears-B-in-the-Mix-the-Remixes-Vol-2-Remix CDS
Sade - The Ultimate Collection
VA-Tomei Kosoku
Odiseo-Fenix EP
A.D.M. And Rico
A Balter-Art Off Incl Matador Remix
Bhoo And Ynm Aka Cipolletta-Cloud Seeding
Brolax Bones-Konk Pop
Deniel Blond-Impossible Creature EP
Dj Wild Feat Hector Moralez-Take A Trip (Remixes)
Don Ruijgrok Miles
Edoardo Spolaore
Gabry C
Gedevaan-P X02
Josh And Jazper And Jules
La Elektronica
Lampenfieber And Andrea Terramossi
Mark Broom-The Jacking Zone
Mark Morris-Cells In Riot
Pyrotense - Take This EP
Raxon-Into The Summer
Sebastian Gudding-Indira Duper
Space Dimension Controller-The Pathway To Tiraquon 6
Tom Middleton-Jungle Drums Incl Robert Babicz Remix
T-Polar-Apollo EP
Alex Kunnari
Arran Lee - Saw You Coming
Avalona-Seven Skies
Baiaz-For Your Love
Cosmic Gate-Wake Your Mind
Paul Webster feat Angelic Amanda-Forever Today
Sam Hayfield-Awaken Sign
Sebastian Montano-Cortesana EP
The Digital Blonde
Tiesto Pres Allure - Kiss From the Past (Extended Versions)
VA - Trancemaster 7004 DL
Vitodito and David Folkebrant

October 24th, 2011

Metrik - Between Worlds EP
Basto-Again And Again
DJ The Fource-The Right Way Incl Pulsedriver Remix
Newman Project - No Limit-(DS 002)
Ovey - Warzone - Rush
Boris-Black Original Remix
Jonwayne-The Death Of Andrew
Rebolledo-Super Vato
Slugabed-Sun Too Bright Turn It Off
Taprikk Sweezee
DJ D vs Rayden - Sacrifice EP
ACHA-Feel The Funk (Incl. Alfred Azzetto and Christian Hornbostel Mixes)-(R5R 004)
Aki Bergen-Into My Soul (Rocco and Spiritchaser Remixes)
Alex Agore-Stay Together
Alton Miller-Long Time Comin
Amir Gelman-My Way
Andre Harris-I Miss U (The Remixes)
Ben Delay
Black Motion Feat. Soulflow-Mumi Wango (Incl. Manoo Mixes)
Butch-Raw Beats Vol 1
Celeda-Be Yourself
Claes Rosen-Closing In Fading Away
Cozzy D and Dexter Kane-Bruiser Cruiser
Dasoul and Fabry Diglio Feat. Gretchen Rhodes-Day and Nite (UC026)
David Pereda and Oscar Cruz-Mucho Mambo
Deep Mind
Dejay Cease-Everybody Get Up
Dembora and AJ Lewis-Let It Go (Dub Mixes)
Dembora and AJ Lewis-Let It Go (Incl. Ruben Mancias Remix)
Digitalism-Circles Incl Eric Prydz Remix
DJ Luis-Shake Yourself
Dusky feat Janai-Its Not Enough (The Remixes)
Duster Valentine BW Aardvarck-Tracks from the Vault Vol 1
Dutchican Soul Feat. Mavis Acquah and Joleon Davenue
Edward-Inside Out EP
Euphonik Feat. Leanne-Youre Mine
Eva Kade
Frankie Knuckles Pres. Directors Cut Feat. Jamie Principle-Your Love (The Remixes)
Giorgio Bassetti-My Love Is Miky (Incl. Melchyor As Remix)
Groove Addix Feat. Kardri Anne-On Your Side
Gui Sheffer Feat. Marcio-Drunken Bitch
Gui Sheffer-Wrong Direction
Jacob Van Hage
Jazzler Aka Dixie Yure-She Has EP
Jotzo And Wollny-Where Is It When She Is Not
Juliano Silva-Watching You Run Away
Lars Behrenroth and Sinan Baymak-I Miss The Things (Remixes 2011)
Luis Paris Vs Adamski of the People
Mario Ochoa-Friend Request
Mark E-Call Me
Maxxa-Day After Day
Melohman And Javi Bora-Calle Cala
Melvin Reese and Chappell-That House Feeling
Molella and Lake Koast feat Pretty Pretty and Malik - Twisted (The Remixes)
Nicola Fasano feat Kat Deluna - Tonite (The Remixes)-(MIE 8053264543006)
Nora Hilton - Freaky Boyz-(361015 0169945)
Pascal Morais Feat. Troy Denari-Indescribable Feelings (The Remixes)
Pedro Henriques Vs Eran Hersh and Darmon
Professor-Jezebel and Imoto
Ralph Session and Angel-A-Take Me Away (Incl. Remixes)
Rico Bernasconi And Beenie Man Feat Akon - Girls Incl Max Farenthide Remix
Ruede Hagelstein And Naneci-Through The Water
Sandiso Feat. Infinix-Oh Yeah
Sante And Frank Lorber
Shaheer Williams Pres. Soulcreation Feat. Kenny Bobien-Holding On
Side Street Players
Silicone Soul-Alive From The Opium Den
Stan-ley-Love Me Or Leave Me
Stannis-Sky Drops
Terrence Parker-Loves Got Me High
Threesixty and Dirty Harris-Louka Duende Incl. Funkagenda Re
VA-All Day I Dream 001
VA-Autumn Sampler 2011
VA-The Roots
VA-Various Artists Vol VII
Vlegel - Bring It Back
Wally Lopez-What Are You Doing
Africanz On Marz feat Skilf
VA-Wave Music Public Chill Vol. 1
Acti - Sinister Owl
Bass Modulators - Shock Your Senses
Chicago Zone - My Life My Music
Coone And The Gang - Public Enemies
Djanny - Access
Falomir With El Nino De Las Cuevas And Alfonso Salmeron
Larsson-Full Flavour EP
Marco Bailey And Dany Rodriguez-Experiment EP
Matt Krilert-Un Marinero
Mladen Tomic-Tribe Touring EP
Ness and Attemporal-Acid Signal
Planetary Assault Systems-The Messenger
Secret Cinema And Kalden Bess-Pow EP
Stormtroopers - Starkiller
Timid Boy-My Gang
Activa - Heads Down Consequence
Alex M.O.R.P.H. Feat Sylvia Tosun-An Angels Love
Ancientmind - Sahmeran
Andrew Rayel
Argy-Feel the Pain-(TFX 011)
Ben Hamza-Catch Me if You Can-(UV 065)
Ben Nicky and Cassandra Fox-The One (Remix)
Burak Harsitlioglu
Chase Costello
Chris Harvey - In Dreams With Betty
Dave Horne
DJ Da Dominator-Hidden Feelings
DJ Talger-Evolution Of Human
Ernesto vs Bastian - Dark Side Of The Moon (The Remixes 2011)
Eximinds-M82 EP
Foyle And Zo-Simple Things
JES - Its Too Late
JK Walker - Double Life
Johan Ekman - Later On
Jonathan Carvajal - Switched Off
Juventa-City On Clouds
Kaeno - Liquid Methane
Klauss Goulart-No Mans Land
Lange feat Sarah Howells-Let It All Out
Lay and Browne - Ten City
Leon Bolier-The Peacemaker EP
M.I.K.E. presents Caromax - Ventura
M6 and Mark Sixma - Unspoken Forgotten Shores
Mike Danis-For You
Mike Nichol-Durado 2011
Miroslav Vrlik Feat Martin Jurenka - Join Together
Orjan Nilsen - Viking Atchoo
Oryon - Forza
Peter Sawland-The Voltage EP
Schodt feat Aida Fenhel
Sky Rider - The Right Way
Solo - Reflections Of Silence
Timo Pralle
Ton TB - Night Explorer

October 23rd, 2011


Clicks and Whistles - Neva Get Caught - Raw Passion
Kahn - Illy - Tehran
Angelo Ciaravola feat Mar Pet - On The Clouds
Cristian Deluxe and Javier Declara - Electro Latino-(100328 36)
Domy Pirelli feat Stelion - I Love Summer-(100324 66)
Ex-Po feat Ronny Money - Time To Ula La-(DNL 089)
Gino Manzotti and Sonny Flame - Get Low-(116 GINO)
Max Fortuna - Disco Box (Dedicated To DJ Molella)
Capablanca and T Keeler-No Hay Ritmo
Dj Nature-Edits Vol 1
Spike-Magic Table
VA-Pick N Mix Vol 1
VA-Tusk Wax One
Delta Heavy - Overkill - Hold Me
Bodi Bill-What EP-(SR038 4)
Dntel-Life Is Full Of Possibilities-(Deluxe Edition)
Melleefresh vs Deadmau5-Greatest Hits-At Play
VA-Deadmau5 Presents-Meowingtons Hax-Tour Trax
Xeno and Oaklander-Sets and Lights
AJ Battuta-Hold It
Aki Bergen - I Hate Aki Bergen
Alex Sayz Feat Antonia Lucas-Fascination Incl Alaa Remix
Andrea Federer feat Andrea Love - Alright (The Remix Pack)-(OCN 204)
Bassam Mahrous - Esparda Ropera
Carlos Fauvrelle-Freak Like This
Dave Garcia and Eric Montero
DB Connection feat Nori - Let It Go
DJ Jeremy TB Branchie and Nano Castillo-Sound Dan Zon
DJ Jesus Luz and Twice Nice-All Night
Electronomica-El Bansuri
Ferreck Dawn-Satrinxa Rene Amesz Remix
Fragma-Tocas Miracle 2012
Kros feat Simon Gayle and Quessy - Reckless-(SAI 22262)
Lula Circus-Loser EP
Lumidee feat Calibe and Beenie Men - Celebration-(TIMEDIG 153)
Martinelli and Terry Jee - Superstar-(RES 008)
Mashur - Cosmic Cat
Oscar Akagy-Mykonos Groove
Quell-Perception EP
Scope feat. Terry Grant-Follow Me EP
Sogno Zingaro - Sogno Zingaro-(AE 021)
Stan Kolev And Matan Caspi-Nirvana EP
T.Tommy and Vicente Belenguer Feat. Patrizze and Larrick Ebanks-Sweet Harmony
Tommy Marcus-1994 The Arabian Track
Tuxedo - Born in Gdansk
VA-Bossa And House Experience
VA-Selekt 04
Vicente Belenguer and T.Tommy-La Mattina
Femi Kuti-Politics in Africa
Jamie 326-Bostich Time
Lord Finesse-The Art of Diggin the Grind and the Hustle
VA-Promo Only Mainstream Radio November
VA-Soulshine Groove Lounge
Audiovision-Time and Space
Abnormal Boyz and Marcus Raute-The Wrong Thing EP
DJ Redge-L663 Fuckerz
DJ Y.O.Z. - Time Traveller
Gabriel Castro - Seven Ep
Mark Reeve-Moving Horizons
Max Cooper-Empirisch Remixes
Pawas-Huis Huis
Sven Wittekind - Disturbed
Timo Jahns-Tina EP
VA - H2oclub History 15 Years
VA - Scantraxx HDE ADE Special (Mixed By Scope DJ)
VA-Diary No 2
VA-Stag All My People
Above And Beyond Feat Miguel Bos-Sea Lo Que Sea Sera
Ace Da Brain - Magic Waters
Ace Da Brain-Depths of Doom-(426025 1021070)
Adam Lester-Second Chance
Aex Kunnari - Music
Amine Abdelaoui - Follow the Moon
Autumnal - Luna
Channel Surfer - Earshot
Danny Ocean - Next to You
DJ Vega Feat Anthya - Hidden Soul
Eidos - Let There Be Neon
Fabio Solazzo
Hekmat Khavarian
Ilya Bezlepkin feat Monique-Hold On
Jak N Mac - Infiltrate
Jamx and Vace - Roulette
Jeffrey Van Ham - Static
Kachu MX - El Septimo Sello EP
Lee Mac
Luca Antolini - Mastermind (Andrea Montorsi Remix)
Marcel Van Eyck-S.H.I.N.E. EP
Maxi Dead-Shes One Ive Ever Loved EP
P.H.A.T.T. - Organised Chaos
P.Missat and Chris Forward
Paki and Jaro feat Casey Barnes - Because Of You-(DNL 090)
Phillipo Blake - Day
Physical Phase-Test 02
Signum-What Ya Got 4 Me
Viktor Fox-Unusual EP
Vulpini - Shocker

October 22nd, 2011

Deadmau5-The Remixes Unmixed For DJs
Deadmau5-The Remixes
Milk Inc. - 15
Ryan and Radu - Top Of The World
VA-Defected Presents The Closing Party Ibiza 2011
Various Artists - Womans Hits Extended and Remix Vol02
Need For Mirrors - Zercon - Smack
VA - Hivitality EP
Attik-The Trick
Digitune-I Know You Know
DJ D vs Rayden - Sacrifice EP
Headbanger vs Na-Goyah - Dedicated To The Critics
VA - Hardcore To The Bone Volume XVI
Carte Blanche-White Man On The Moon
Expanded People-Last Night At Healey
Hanfry Martinez and M.A.M. - 120door
Pirupa-Money Get My Love Break Mambo
The Sneekers-Modern Pleasure EP
VA - ADE Sampler 2011
VA Dance Sensation Vol 2
VA-EAST Volume Cinnamon Mixed By DJ PING
VA-Full Tilt Remix Vol. 38
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 923U
Dramatech Project - Inside Vision
Sixty9 - Position
Solar Spectrum - Slow Vibrations
A. Balter - Mr. Wow
Aphobia - The Edge Of Surface
Bass Kleph-Gatsby Jam
Dani Sbert
Felix Bernhardt-Party Freak
Ferdinand Dreyssig-Peanut EP
Heiko Laux And Steve Rachmad-The Viking
Ilario Alicante
John Acquaviva And David Amo And Julio Navas-Floripa EP
Josh-Closing Words
Junior Rivera And Petrou-Fuck Da Vibes
Klimmstein feat Joe Sumner - Paris Paris-(MIE 8053264543198)
Konstantin Yoodza-Columbia EP
Max Cooper - Miocene
Mendo-Gringo EP
NHB And Fabrizio Pettorelli-The Return Of Apophis
Oz Romita-Huppelkutjes EP
Pierre Delort And Remy Maurin-Pineapple EP (Part Two)
Sascha Sonido-Real Life EP
VA-Weekend In Amsterdam
Wender A. And Rods Novaes-Everybody Slowly
N and R Project-Before Daybreak
VA - Techno Club Vol. 37
VA-Hardstyle Top 100 Best Of 2011
VA-Mainstation Trance Session Mixed By DJ Dave202
VA-Paul Oakenfold DJ Box October 2011

October 21st, 2011

Depone-Test Me
Genetix feat. Persist-Beast Mode EP
Brad Breaker-For The Time Give And Take
C-Energized-Illusion World Party Of The Year
Dream Dance Alliance
Fernand Rolex Feat. Sheby-Love Game
H.D. Feat. Jason Derulo And Smokey-Celebrity Luv
Mother Mother-Baby Dont Dance
Paola Peroni Giulia Regain-Walking To The Moon
SEM-Music Is Moving
VA - Magic Mix Vol.26
4ROGGIE-Attack Of The Draco
Dead C.A.T Bounce And You Killing Me - Abyss Remixes
Dead C.A.T Bounce And You Killing Me - Abyss
Fox-Fox Box
Partysmartie - Panzerfaust
T MO-World Of Sound
The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble-Mr. Machine
VA-We Love Electro Vol.VIII
Wanderlust-Green Orchestra Party
The Viper - Who We Are
VA - Greatest Oldiez 2
2drunk2funk Ft Lankee-Little Bit Drunk
2DRUNK-Batata EP
Actual Proof-Opolopo Presnets The Grit EP
Aggressor-Where Are You
Alex OSN-This Is Love
Alfoa-Largo (Part 1)
Alveol-The Diving Empire
Amir-Vernissage Five
Anton Lanski-My Tribe
Axel Le Baron and Kurbatov-Fame (Remixes)
Bangbros-Stampfen (Nachgeladen)
BNZO-Left Side Drive
Danny Bimbela
Ddei and Estate
Deriwer Feat Niki Palej-Feel Like I Am Flying
Dimitris Manasidis-Running From Reality
Dinu Pancov
DJ Michelangelo-Tender Animal
DJ Obek feat. Ambush
DJ Saint Louis-Untitled EP
Duck Sauce-Big Bad Wolf
Ewan Rill-Good Night
Fran Von Vie-Full Moon
Fresh And Low - Little I EP
George Moraitis
Gion and Angelo Ferreri-Im Ready
Greg Gold And Hugh Way-My Sound My Mind
Housefabrik-I Wanna Show
Houseshaker And DJ Nico Feat Alexander - Erazmia
Huve-Deep Shit
Jeremy Joshua-Burn It Up
Jericho Ismael
Jova Vs Gaudino-La Notte Dei Desideri (Rmx)
Jozef Kugler-Unexpected Journey
Kristof Tigran-Cast Away
L Atelier - Redding
Larry Peters-Patiperros EP
Leandro DAvila-The Beach
Leotonex-Dance Zone
Mac-Kee - Blood And Soul
Mad Russian-Natural People
Marc De Vole and Patrick Muschiol-Ein Tag Im Herbst
Marco V
Max K.-Fucking Fresh
Merlin Milles - Wanna Fuck Again-(693736 589699)
Michael and Levan vs Stiven Rivic-I Can Feel EP
Miguel H and Mark Lara
Mike Hawkins and Pablo Oliveros-Not Another Anthem - Cherrycoke
Monako-Keep Out
Napster Achem-Bring Me Joy
Noize Criminal - Put Your Hands Up-(GO 294294
Pana V
Paultronik And Vito Orofino-Que Pasa
Phil Kieran and Green Velvet-Michael Jackson
Raul Yepes and Karlos JK
Ric Colin - Toast Und Brot
Salonika Brothers
Salonika Brothers-Reworks Ep 1 0
Sinan Kaya-Watch Yourself
Stan Crown-Big Fat Bass
Stefano Fasciani-Sickness-(OWM 011)
Tete Hernandez And Javi Place Featuring Esther A Da Costa-Back In Night
Thomas Feijk
Thomas Muller
Timewave-Beautiful Giants
Utku S.-Utku EP
VA-Cabin Fever-Volume One
VA-Hed Kandi - World Series Barcelona
VA-International Club Guide Barcelona
VA-Kay Rush Presents Unlimited XII
VA-Progressive Tunes Vol 9
Wilson And Mclennan
Zack Pareto Feat Fernando Vidal-Dancing 2 Night
DJ Cam
LMFAO-Sexy And I Know It
VA - Goa Year 2011 Vol. 2
Anna Stefani-Time Flies
Burn Soldier-Addicted To Judgement EP
Crucial Value - Convention Of The Harder Style
Dax J-Moon24 No Angels
Delete-My Own Nightmare
Detroit Grand Pubahs
Doomwork-Cowabunga EP
Dr Phunk - Live Your Dreamz EP
D-Sens-Fairy Fingers
Dualton And Wollion-The Gap The Ledge
Jay Lumen-Faceball EP
Krestovsky-I Dub
Lobotomy Inc - Nightmare Orion
Matduke - The Technician (Neilio Remix)
Moritz Ochsenbauer-Fuck Face 2
Raxon-Jack Attack EP
Santos-Primitive Cannible
Seismal D.-Narkos EP
The Ripper and Hazard Boyz - Maximus
VA - Hardstyle Megamix 2011.2
VA-People Against Porn EP
Wigflip-No Response
Addictive Glance
Alfoa-3 Wishes
David Forbes-Dalton Touchscreen
DJ Eternity And Vince T Projekt-Psalm EP
Dusky-Stick By This
Electro Fusion-Atmospheric Flight
Kenny McAuley
Pseudo-Get A Grip Crystallizer
Stana-Spider Remixes
Talla 2XLC vs Paul Miller-Extravaganza Incl Scot Project Breakdown Edit
VA-A State Of Trance Radio Top 20 October 2011
VA-ADE Armada Night 2011
Woody van Eyden and Robert Mint

October 20th, 2011

Author-The City
Dirty Job-Sphynx EP
Elefo-Personal Legend
Rob Sparx-Bloodstain EP
VA-Straight Up Dubstep Vol 2
DJ Cry feat Daniele Meo - TVBV 2K11 Dance Rocker Remix-(IRG 003)
Eddy Wata-Senorita-(MIE 8055118230148)
Emii - Stilettos-(SEP 101011)
Gigi Fuscaldo Feat El 3mendo-El Chupa Chupa-(SUN 1120)
Itaka-Fiesta En Portugal-(SUN 1117)
S And A-Feeling You-(SUN 1119)
Terminus-Dark Side Of The Moon EP
100blumen-Le Soleil Nest Pas Pour Nous
Hydrone-Hydrone EP
Le Moderniste
Lords Of Acid-Little Mighty Rabbit
Sasha Ft. Krister Linder-Cut Me Down (Burn Studios Remix Winners)
VA-Straight Up Electro House Vol 4
Adam G and ImanoS feat. Bree Fenton-Move With Me
Agnes-Release Me
Armando Lucio-Sorry (The Remixes)
Ben Delay - All Night Long
DJ Jose-Hesitate 2011
Elvin Ong
Fernando Lima and South Louis
Hakim Murphy-First Kiss
James Teej-Night Wears Thin
Jean Claude Ades feat. Flunk-Personal Stereo
Julien Sandre-Surrealistic EP
Makam-Reconstructed Disc II
Marcin Czubala-Forever Young EP
Mark Canton and John Tessitore-Jumping On The Floor
Paradisiacs feat. Larissa Ness
Pirupa feat Bajka
Rick Wade-Night Station 2 A.M Detroit
Teva-Peace Of Mind EP
Tommy Largo-Phoenix EP
Tony Finger-Swedish Girl
Twitch and Yovan-Not Tonight
VA - Dirty Impact Club Tour Vol 2
VA-Toolroom Records Present TK5
VA-Various Artist 001
Michael Buble
Sting-The Best Of 25 Years
A Mochi
Alejandro Roman-Pies Heridos
Dani Casarano And Felipe Valenzuela
Jake Childs-Annuit Coeptis
Jeff Pietro
Midway And The Blacksmith - Mansons Mind Secrets
N.O.O.D. And Freakdub-Stilettos EP
NHB And Fabrizio Pettorelli-Drugstore Cowboys Bailar
Orquesm-Dubroo RoleHigh EP
Richie Santana-Flooded EP
Samuel L Session-Inner City Dust EP
Samuel L Session-Inner City Dust Vol. 2
Sian-Sacred Geography Incl Guy J Remix
VA-Funk Connections
Yoikol-Awake EP
Michelle Cecchi
Sensi Pres Raven Van Dark - Dying Day
Theta Rhythm-Fly With Me
Timur Shafiev-Unfair Play

October 19th, 2011

Downlink and Vaski-The Scientist Brennenberg
Downlink and Vaski-The Scientist Brennenberg
Monstar-The Undertakers Wife
VA-DMC Club Hits Vol. 62
Sweat Box - You and I-(LNGS 0802)
Beatconductor-Soul Spectrum
Derrick And Tonika-Follow The Stars EP
JFI-Pretty Lights
Physical Illusion-Talk To You EP
VA-Shogun Audio Presents Way Of The Warrior
BitByBit-The Intervention EP
Cantoma-Out Of Town (The Remixes)
DJ Rap-So High
VA-The Electro Swing Revolution Vol.2
Alex Flatner And Lopazz - This
Alex Sayz-Pulse 128
Alexxi-Systemic Contradiction
Atapy-You Should Know
Bobby Deep-Mea Pugna EP
Brunno Santos-Late Night
Daniel Solar-Too Much Light EP (TENCI004D)
Dark and Stormy-Voodoo Ep
Dirty South and Those Usual Suspects Ft. Erik Hecht-Walking Alone
DJ DLG - Ascension
DJ DLG - Evolution EP Part 3
DJ PP and Federico Scavo-Ah Ah
DJ Rap-So High
Easily Influenced-This N That EP
Eddie Amador and Harry Romero Ft. Countre Black-We Are the Beautiful Ones
Erick Hernandez-Erau Alright
Graham Sahara and Central Avenue-Drives Me Crazy
Inkfish-Drums Are Not Dangerous
Jay Poker Feat. Patty-Two Hands Remixes
Jaydee-Plastic Dreams (German 2011 Remix Edition)
Jef N Tim
Joachim Pastor - Braumstig
Joyce Muniz-Pulp Fiction EP
Kamil Pankowski
La Familia-Magic Melody 2011
Mario Biondi - Change of Scenes (SCCD 455)-Advance Digipak
Mc Yankoo vs Dj Mladja - Balkan Shit-(693736 597694)
Miky Zara and Fabio T-Any Other Girl
Nari and Milani and Cristian Marchi Ft Shena-Take Me to the Stars
Omar S
Paul Strive and Cevin Fisher-I Dont Mind
Pete McCartney
Roy RosenfelD - Musica
Sean Patrick-In Motion EP
Simone Virgilii
The M Machine-Promise Me A Rose Garden
Tim Green-Cherry Swamp Girl
Tony Junior
V.A. - Cappuccino De Noche Vol 5 (MNCP5)-Retail Digipak
V.A. - La Voile Rouge St Tropez 2011 (AS 227 234-7)-Retail Digipak
VA - House Of Electro Vol 4 (Finest Selection Of Pumping Electro)
VA-A Greater Administration Of Lower Interests
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 2
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Javi B
Va-Super Sound Single Volume 4 (DIKSOF003)
VA-The Sound Of Milano Fashion 10
Weepee-Platea Incl Tom Glass Remix
Zigmund Slezak-No Surprise EP
Reef Project feat Erin Powers-Adrift (Remix EP)
VA - Cafe Bombay Chillout From The Heart Of India
VA-Ous Mal And Bedroom Bear-Split-(Full Of Nothing)
Cosmic Station - Unity
Gao - Texturas EP
Journey - Through The Mirror
Karma Konnect - Initialize
Rishi - Shroom Service
VA - Dance Computer
VA - Holon
Alfonso Padilla And Gux Jimenez-Emrezilgi EP
Andy Todd-Another One Bites The Dust EP
Chronophone-Le Dub Du Chronophone Circles Waveform
Deejay Simo - Do It Better EP
Duca-Ninja Warrior
Eveline Fink - Hula Hoop
Geck-E - Lets Talk About You
N.O.O.D.-Galio EP
Renato Pezzella-Sunkeys EP
TNT aka Technoboy N Tuneboy - Club Shock Anthem
Tom Hades-Dirt And Mud
Tomas Rubeck-Functions EP
VA - Tuning 08
VA-Minumal Music Sampler Vol 1
VA-Techno In Perpetual Motion
VA-Top 50 Italian Hardstyle Classics
Wetdog-Dopamine - Drunk Girls Eating Tostis
Blueye-Keep It Up EP
Caira - Yellow Maple
Cosmic Gate And Emma Hewitt-Be Your Sound
Digital Blond Believe
Gilberto Di Gioia Feat Yanez-The Stabs
Lord Kyron
Svyatoslav Maltsev-Taste Of Victory
Touchstone - The Skyline Effect

October 18th, 2011

Adroa-End Boss EP
Ajapai-The Core
Cutline-Shrink Wrap Error 7381
DJ Class Mark Instinct Smash Gordon-Tear The Club Up 2099
Ed Solo and Deekline-Always RIP
Helicopter Showdown-Flight Or Fight EP
Jakes Ft. Beezy-Nightmares Skylark
Mistercrash and Egonoise-Moana EP
PLAYMA-We Can Live Forever
Requake and Badklaat
Skeptiks-Without A Name Why
Teknian-Ruff EP
Teknian-Ruff EP
Girls Generation-The Boys
Nicko - This Love Is Killing Me
Makoto-Souled Out
Alto Clark
Anaalivaihe-Kolme Tutkielmaa Nalasta
Autokratz-Self Help For Beginners
BOTOX-Perfect Pair EP
Massivan-On My Way
Totally Fuckedup-Weed And Beat
Alessandro Diga-Hollandse Gezelligheid
AMerika Vera-Praise God
Antonio Belcastro Feat. Monica Harem-Sex Machine
Aphreme and Tigrano Feat. Cei Bei-What Do I Do
Arco-Filter Kutz EP
Bag Raiders-Not Over
Barbara Tucker Pres Charlotte Small
C6 Delivio Reavon and Aaron Gill-Circle of Trust
Cei Bei-I Need You Lord 2011 Mixes (Incl. Blaq Soul and Doc Link Remixes)
Charles Webster Feat. Thandi Draai-Fight For Freedom (Incl. Atjazz Mixes)-(MISO 017)
Christian Alvarez-On My Own
Ciappy DJ and Davide Murri Feat. Russoul-Dont Give Up (Part 1) (Incl. Remixes)
Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin-Never Coming Down (Remixes)
Cookie Monsterz and Michelle Weeks-Spread Love (Remixes)-(KSS 1350)
Dany Cohiba - Greek Grooves EP
Darque Feat. Kaylow
Davidson Ospina
Digital Freq-The Voyage
Distant People Feat. Mona Bode
DJ Haze-Sundrenched EP
DJ Re-Lay Feat. Kathleen Moore-Spiel Mit Mir
Dolls Combers Feat. Sofia Rubina-Beautiful Face (Incl. Remixes)
Dotstripe-Sommerwald EP
D-Quattro-High Voltage
D-Reflection Feat. Christa-Shoot From The Heart
Elz and Elise-Soul Power (Incl. Remixes)
Eman and Doc Link-The Meaning of Living (the Remixes)
Emergency Exit Feat. Jomar-This Is My Life
Even 11 Feat U-Prag Drummers-Particles In Space EP
Even 11 Feat U-Prag Drummers-Particles In Space EP
Franck Roger and Mandel Turner-After All
Frankie Brass-Cotos De Monterrey
Hallex.M-Mi Casa (Remixes )
Hot N Dirty And Uwe Woerlitzer-Not So Doert Remixes
Imaani-Found My Light (Reel People and Frankie Feliciano Remixes)
Jay West-Still Groovin
JKriv Feat. Adeline Michele-Another Night (Incl. Remixes)
Joey Negro Pres. Mistura Feat. Kadija Kamara-Better Things To Come
Jonn Hawley Lego Manuel Perez and Rokasoul-My House Vol. 2
Jonny Montana and Blick Bassy
Joseph Junior and Maqman-I Dont See Love-(GOGO 047)
Josian-Made in Casas De Ves
Ke Nobi
Kolya Vegas-I Need U EP
Kquesol and D.O.O.P. Feat. Shatti-So Lonely (Part 2) (Incl. Booker T and Berny Mixes)
Kriis Wide-La Musica
Lady Alma-Running for Nothing (Mixes)
Lattos And Riema-Burning Down The House
Lee Guthrie-Through the Smoke
Lee Tristram-Sound Of The Rain
Lemon and Herb Feat. Moonchild
Lish-Positive Movement Incl Ticon Remix
Luca Bisori-Stand Up
M and J Feat. Robert Owens-Bottles and Bones
M and J Feat. Robert Owens-Bottles and Bones (Matthias Heilbronn Remixes)
Malena-No Me Digas Nada
Marc Mysterio Ft. Karl Wolf and Ron Carroll-All Wrong
Margaret Grace-Try Me (Incl. Teddy Douglas Remix)
Maria Dark-Tribal Ceremony
Mauritzio-Mama Kumba
Maxikool-This is Me
Michael Knoch - La Route Sexy
Midnite Sleaze Dave Kurtis Ralph Good-Sharlie Cheen
Mike Dominico Feat. Big Papa Sparber-Stand Up (Remixed and Remastered)
Mustafa Feat. Tasita Dmour-The Boss (Part 2) (Incl. Remixes)-(SFP 0015)
Nastee Nev Feat. Donald Sheffey-Im So Hung Up On You (Remix Project)
Pablo Acenso-Stop Thinking Incl Psycatron Remix
Pako and Frederik-Panel Buster
Papo Sanchez-Girl You Bad (As Hell)
Peter James Kahn-Back 2 My Future
Polyrhythm Feat. Jah L. Rainey-Force of Nature
Rene De La Mone-I Believe In Love Remix Edition
Richard Earnshaw Feat. Erik Dillard and Roy Ayers-In Time (Part 2)
Richard Earnshaw Feat. Oby-Never Gonna Let You Down
Robbie Rivera Vs. Manuel De La Mare-I Love Ibiza
Samanta Fox-What A Woman Needs
Scott Diaz-Flipside EP
Sean Finn Feat David Moore-Let You Go
Shades Of Gray-So Easy-(IDED 015)
Simone Fedi-Bitter Devotion
Sonny Joey Waschington-Integrity EP
Soul De Marin-Nu Epoch
Souled Ft. Ashley Thomas-Cultureless (Groove Assassin Mixes)
The Djoon Experience-Catalina (Incl. Jose Marquez and Franck Roger Remixes)
The House Inspectors and Random Soul-Electric City EP
The Pipesmokers-Gypsy Wondering
Tier Ra Nichi
Timmy Regisford Feat. Lynn Lockamy-At The Club
Tom GLide and the Luv All Stars Feat. Orlando Johnson-Im Not The Same Man
Tuccillo-El Puto Jaus EP
VA-FG Remixes Vol 1 (Autumn Edition)
VA-Lars Behrenroth Pres House Afrika DSOH Digi Sampler
VA-Pure Sounds Vol 1
VA-Purple Music Ade Sampler 2011
VA-Stonebridge The Remixes
Zakes Bantwini-Wasting My Time (Incl. Remixes)
Beyonce-Best Thing I Never Had-(Promo CDS)
Body Language-Social Studies
Erasure-Tomorrows World-(Deluxe Edition)
Maroon 5-Moves Like Jagger (Remix)
Opencloud-Climbing High EP
Tupac Feat The Notorious B.I.G.-The Here After-1998-DeBT
Wu-Tang Clan-Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)-1993-DeBT
E-Clip-Chandra Remixes
Carl Price-This Sound
David Londono-Lost Cities EP
Egbert-Vrijheid EP
Jesper Dahlback-Space Of Day EP
Mario Ochoa
Pawas - Dhamaal EP
Pele And Findling-Deep Sea
Plastic Sound And Ange-Another Day
Rush-Little Zoo EP
VA-Kaiserdisco Present ADE 2011
Aleks Gemin
Clayfacer-Eternal Void
Darkployers-Cruise EP
DJ Anmostatic-Look Inside
DJ Fad-Past Life
Joseph Fischer
Mallorca Lee Feat Ross Ferguson-Together (Original Mix)
Orgonflow-Its Not A Game
VA-Lange Remixed

October 17th, 2011

Cardopusher-Goldo State
Gescom-Skull Snap EP
Lula Corte E Ze Ramalho-Omm Louvacao A Iemanja
Vakula-Dub As Always
Muttonheads - Going Away
Cosmic Boogie-First Sequence
Consequence-Symbol 4
Dbridge-So Lonely
Brandt Brauer Frick-You Make Me Real The Remixes
Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra
Martyn-Ghost People
The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble
VA-DJ-Kicks Scuba
VA - Greatest Oldiez 1
Alex Ricardo
Andy Compton Feat. Rowan-Our Tribe
Aron Scott-Dupo Edic Spellbound
Bingo Players
Bjorn Fogelberg-Inside Out
BNJMN-Black Square
Christian Rythmique and Michael Suntech-Cream Pie
Coldplay-Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
Dave Allison - Do It Freeway EP-(UNI 008)
Dub Makers and Andrea Bertolini-Failid EP
Dusky-Stick By This
Fatboy Slim vs Moguai-Ya Mama (Push The Tempo)
Firebeatz-Funky Shit
Flavourables-Come On
He And She
Kike De Anda-For You EP
Manuel De La Mare and Luca Monticelli
Matt Minimal
Nachtbraker-Schwung EP
Ray Paxon and Grooveprofessor-Midnight Snack EP
Rio Padice
Samuel L Session and Andreas Saag-Schooled Out
Satour-View EP
Stephen Advance and Balazs Knight-Hoffmans Bike EP
Tanner Ross-B Side 4 U
The Nightstylers feat Dan Brown-The More I See
Tim Jirgenson-The Flow EP
VA-Felipe Venegas and Friends Vol 1
VA-Global Anthems Vol 2
VA-Meridian La Marea
VA-Toolroom Records Selector Series 6 Richard Dinsdale
Vengerov-Kazantip Intro (Matt Caseli and Danny Freakazoid Remix)
Coldplay-Mylo Xyloto
Abe Duque And Paris The Black Fu-The Driver 9MM Monk
Alex Gori And Imerio Vitti-London Life
Andy Hazard and DJ Ballistic - Point Blank
Ben Sims-Smoke And Mirrors
Carl Craig- Another Day
Coarsection And Beat Destroyers - Dream Within Dream
Egbert-Vrijheid EP
Frequencerz - Rich MF
Gave - Skool Joy Division
Jaydee - Mayham
Jaydee - Mayhem
Jon Rundell - Top Trumps
Matt Lange-That Much Higher Nutclap
Noiseshock - Time Machine
Reblok-Bad Idea
VA - Tell Me A Joke Hurrikane
8 Mirrors - Lotos
Derek Ryan
Edu and Cramp-Human Turbines
Ferrin and Morris
Function C
Ice Upon Fire-Move Forward
Iversoon and Alex Daf-Hypnotic Movement
Jace Williams
Jamie Harrison
Lee Haslam-Crash Bang Wallop
Matt Bukovski-Inspired Mesmerized
Mia Dahli-Need You Now
Niclas G
Pandora - Serendipity
Patrick B-AMX 910
Paul Gibson - Reactor
Playme-A World Of Beauty
Ralphie B-Delphi Epic Battle
RJW-Unfinished Sympathy The Instrumental Mix 2011
Scott Lowe and Duncan Brewer-Forgetting Things
Solarstone Feat Alex Karweit
Sonic Element
Sophie Sugar
Spherical Bloom-Words Would Come Out Wrong EP
Sunleed-Rasalhague Rising Moons
VA - Subsonic Muzik Sampler 10
Liquid Vision
VA-Lange Remixed
Vitodito feat Sara Pollino-Loveless Wonders
Within Temptation-Sinead Incl Benno De Goeij Remix

October 16th, 2011

Emili N-Darkness (Matijay La Luz Remix)
VA-Molella Presenta M2O90
Royalston-Bad Taste
Eik-Love Storm
Electronic Watusi Boogaloo Another Taste Of Electronic Watusi Boogaloo
Baby Alice-Heaven Is A Dancefloor-Promo
Bernard Badie
Christian Cheval and Dee Frans - New Generation
Cobra Starship Feat Sabi-You Make Me Feel-Promo
Darius and Finlay Feat. Daz-Here Comes The Night-Promo
Dave Love-New L.A
Dave Love-Stand By Me
David Guetta Feat Usher-Without You-Promo
Den Svenska Bjoernstammen-Vart Jag Mig I Vaerlden Vaender-Promo
Dune Vs Alesso-Heiress Of Valentina-Promo
Enrique Iglesias-I Like How it Feels-Promo
Eric Amarillo-50 Kvm-Promo
Eric Amarillo-Fy Fan-Promo CDS
Fly Project-Goodbye-Promo
Guru Project-This Is The Night-Promo
Henry Saiz Feat Anneke Van Giersbergen-Come Wander With Me
Hitfinders feat Zandile Zulu - Big Love
In Styles Feat. James Af Sweden-Blinkar Bla-Promo
Jah Messenger-Livshistoria-Promo
Jazzler Aka Dixie Yure-Beth And The Gamma Ray Fields
Jimpster-Change In You
John Dahlbaeck Feat. Erik Hassle- Last Ride-Promo
KMC Feat Jamtech-Everybody Jump-Promo
Lady Gaga-You and I-Promo
Laurent Wery Feat. Swiftkid and Dev-Hey Hey Hey (Pop Another Bottle)-Promo
Marina and the Diamonds-Radioactive-Promo
Maya Jane Coles-Get Away
Medina-For Altid-Promo
Medina-For Altid-Promo CDS
Morgan Willis-Outrun EP
Morris-Because of You-Promo
Ray Foxx Feat. Lovelle-La Musica (The Trumpeter)-Promo
Ray Okpara-Epos EP
Rene Bourgeois-Paris At Night EP
Sak Noel-Loca People-Promo
Stelios Vassiloudis-It Is What It Is-PROMO CDA
The House Maniacs
The Latin Connection-To Night
The Saturdays-All Fired Up-Promo
Tonite Only-We Run The Nite-Promo
VA-Electro Minimal Selection Vol.12
VA-Universal Promo Sampler October
Velvet-Love Struck-Promo
We Are Mars-Eyes (Watching You)-Promo
Wretch 32 Feat Josh Kumra-Dont Go-Promo
Anthony B and Capleton-Skank Beats Remix
Blood Warriors
Serial Killaz
Cuban Jazz Combo-Cuban Disco Connection
Toto-Original Album Classics
VA-Best of Chillout Lemongrassmusic
VA-Bombay Lounge
VA-Lounge Paradise Santorini
VA-OM Music Diamonds
Philter-For Reality
Timestretch-Dullday EP
Alexander Fog - Palindro Mono
Dave Love-Blue Sky
DJ Mystery - Type Face Remixes
Due Figli Deep
John Gucci
Karl Simon - Oxygen
Kazell-Chatter (Remixed)
Louie Cut-Agent Minimal
Paul Haro-Your Ass Is Perfect
Alexis Kolbin-Momentum Et Aeternitas
Amir Afargan Feat Nicole McKenna - Shape The Invisible
Aspect Blue and Melogize - Let Go
Blackout - Reload
Dave Love Presents Anna Nailz
Dave Love
Dave Love-People Hold On
Dave Love-Turn Me Out
Dean Anthony feat Bonse-Crazy But Its True
EDU-Step In Time
Giorgio Cusinato-Cesenatico Speranza
Hoyaa Pres Lunar System-On The Edge
James Poulton
Kaimo K
Lange Ft Jennifer Karr
Logic Stories-Nicole Organic Forms
Marko Cubric-The Last Defense
Matt Davey
Matt Pincer Vs Xam Feat Lin - Anthem Of Love
VA-Echelon 100th Sampler
Yaroslav Kulikov-Once In A Dream

October 15th, 2011

VA-Ghettoteknitianz E.P
Baker Mcfly And Gee - Do The Dance
VA-DJ Top 100 2011
VA-Topchart Mix 1
Jean Claude Gavri-Pulp Disco 2
Erdi Irmak
NCT-From Bristol To London
Alex Sance - Metal Heart
Dark Sector Vs Identifierz - From Hell
M83-Hurry Up Were Dreaming
Qlime - Subsonic
Tolga Fidan-Were Strangers Now-(VA037)
VA-Watergate 09 Mixed By Tiefschwarz
S3RL - Pika Girl (DJ Version)
The Melodyst - Clint EP
VA-Hardstyle Beatz 2.0
Actraiser-Odyssey To The West
Alek Xpace-New World
Alexander Fog and Alberto Drago-Green Room
Andrez D-3 0
Avenir-Gloomy Before Dawn
Bookarrester-Exit Stance
Boral Kibil
Caio Jardini-I Wanna Be
Cedric Vital-To Heaven And Beyond
Cloud And Sky
Code Blue
Darragh Burke
Delgado - Disko Friends
Dinu Pancov Feat. Kizik
DJ Agustin - People On The Floor
DJ Denise And Loryn-Get It
DJ DLG - Evolution EP Part 2
DJ Duma-The Legend Of Sun
DJ Sastro Feat Naatch - Shake It To Me
Dream Fusion Feat. A.Galchenko-Mr Everywhere
Dzeta N Basile-Freedom Of Expression
Eitan Carmi-Aqua Line
Emilio Arregui-Ritmo Y Melodia
Franzis-D-Life Cycle
Gabriel Evoke-Splash and Go
Gabriel Guerrero-Cosmic Era
Gymmy J-Love Kills Slowly
Herzlich-Heartfelt Apology
Iggy Miles-Digital Heart
Ilias Katelanos-Another Move
J J Dekker-Mars Attacks
J Pe Bruna-House Licerna
Kenny Brian-El Burro La Vaca Y El Narizon
Kirill Kirik-Our Love
Mad Project
Madevo-Hush (I Need You)
Matico-Ebro Pilar
Mike Duz-Think About It
Mixdadance Pro
Momo Dobrev-Gotta Keep Going On
Nelski-Whatever Makes You Happy
Oskar Maximum
Paul Bart-Not The Way To Do
Paul Mad
Paul Richard Feat. La Lobby-Massive In Miami Now
Pipe Perez-La Peliroja
Randall Stevens-Musiclamic Law
Richard Dinsdale-Amen EP
Richie Santana
Roach-Your Mind
Sascha Mueller
Sean Mcclellan-Feathers Of Scale
Sebastian Brito-Welcome To Santiago
Shawn Davis And Brittany Lynn-Playing With Fire
Stimpack-Doing Things
Syncroft And Ssined
VA - Cafe Solaire Vol 19
VA - Noxx Night Antems 6.0-(4 Years Noxx Edition)
VA - Topradio Topselection 14
VA-MTV Ibiza 2011
Vlada D Shake
Weewtam-No Mistake
DJ Oetzi-Der DJ Aus Den Bergen
Maya Azucena-Cry Love
Randa and the Soul Kingdom-What You Need
VA - Now Thats What I Call Music 17-(IL Edition)
VA - Sunlounge Sessions Vol 2
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 922U
EMP-The Wanderer
Hyperactive-Escape From Illusion
Materia-Clear Tenor
Mechanix-Wise Up
Silicon Sound-Combustion EP
Twisted Reaction-Lotus EP
Android Cartel-Midnight Shade
Antoni Pietras-Mind Of Trees
Dani Sbert-Secret EP
Frank Sonic And Mike Maass
Genetic Rhythm-Solar Flare
Khainz-Loop It For No Reason
Lemos And Kreon-We Are Club Tracks Vol 8
Maks-Panel Trax 019
Maurice Skine-Moritz Bass Line EP
Mays And Patrique-Boom Out EP
Pete Tong
Raeyk-Asleep and Wired Remixes
VA - 18 Years the Oh-(Selected and Mixed by W4cko)
VA-Prospector Sampler Vol 1
Wolke-01 EP
Zoutman-24 Carat EP
5 Below 0-Club Quake
Albertos-On The Waves
Antony Waldhorn-Opera House
FRONT-In Memories Of You
IN5UM-Do You Know
Jaime C
M.E.D.O.-Love In Motion
MD Project-Music 4 The People
Mike Nrg-Lost In A Dreams
Myk Bee and Tech Trek-Always Blue
Nicologik and Zephyr
Simon Firth-Crystal Clear
Tyler Michaud Ft Tiff Lacey-London Sky
VA-Irish Trance Vol 2
Zoom-Sunburst 2011

October 14th, 2011

Downlink-Factory VIP
Elan-Fuzzy Numbers EP
Goth-Trad-Babylon Fall EP
MartyParty-Sub ON
Melamin and Wicked Sway-Pressure EP
Saqud-Forbidden Sector
Subvert-Crazy EP
Atlantic Ocean-Waterfall 2011
Bodybangers Feat. Carlprit And Linda Teodosiu More Time Remixes
DJ Project and Friends-In the Club
Dj Spampy Engel and Salvo La Mela feat Sheby - Let Me Stay Tonight-(100323 11)
Euro Latin Beats feat Marco Leiva and Rigo Fuego - Alejandra (Remix Edition)-(100322 76)
Italoproducerz - Zemra Ime (My Heart)-(100322 84)
Mario Lopez-I Can Stand It
Scooter-David Doesnt Eat Incl Eric Chase Remix
Tosh And Ventura-No More
VA-Promo Only Dance Radio October
Benis Cletin - Jungle Magic
Julian Sanza
Against-Winter Sun EP
Detectory-Check To Be
Crock-Grok-(12 Inch Vinyl)
Matthew Herbert- Pig
Micha Moor-Space 2011
VA-Minimal Baby IV-2CD-Limited Edition
A1 Bassline-A1 Bassline EP
Aerea Negrot
Alejo Bernal-Love To The World
Dirtaz Standard-Electro Filf
DJ Blondt-Come On
DJ Glenn B And Morinho-Une Nuit D Amour
Douglas Greed
End Of Tape
E-Partment Feat. Kandy-Hang On Incl Shaun Baker Remix
GJ Kleyne
Gozzi-Supa Bad
Juno6-Jenz Lutz EP
Justin Jay-How Goes The Dynamite
Kollektiv Turmstrasse-Rebellion Der Traumer Part 2
Micky T-Autumn Time
Naksi And Brunner Feat. Makszim-Axel F 2011
Paul Muzik-Deeper Love
Sarp Yilmaz-Till The Sky Comes Crashing Down
Takeshi-Godfather Of Soul
The Cube Guys-La Banda
The Digital Monkey
The Digital Monkey-Oh It Is
The Midnight Perverts-Hookers Door
Tom KC-Bring Back the Rave-(BRC 562011)
Toumoux-Signal Electro
VA - Ibiza Party Megamix 2011 Best of Summer
VA - Remake Musique 9
VA-Around The World EP
VA-Azuli Presents Amsterdam 11
VA-B27 Residents EP ADE 2011 Sampler
VA-Claap Presents
VA-Groove In The Dance Floor
VA-House Masters Spen and Karizma
We Love
Yade-Did I
DJ Happy Vibes - The Early Years 1991
Radiohead-TKOL RMX 1234567
The Dreams-Morbido-(12 Inch Vinyl)
VA-Spex Vol. 99
Lightsphere-Rush Hour
Sunix-Sunset EP
Tryptamoon-Tomorrow Never Comes
Chris Finke-Dance Of Death EP
Dani Sbert-Toxic EP
Darlyn Vlys-Loco Channel EP
Deas And Lubica-Cobra Visionary
DJ Tonio-Typeless EP
Francisco Ruiz Tagle And Larry Peters-La Yumba EP
GPR-In My Soul
Intractable One - Guerilla Radio
Mass Digital-Circles EP
Mihai Popoviciu
Mike Ban and Dietmar Wohl - Barotrauma EP (AUST001)
Scooter-The Big Mash Up
VA-Fabric 60 Mixed By Dave Clarke
DJ Anomaly-Silenth Thoughts
dj offset-Summer Sounds EP
Fanatic Emotions
MaRLo Feat Jano Breathe
Morth Project-Static Dream
Orjan Nilsen-In My Opinion Extended Versions
Ralph Project-Walking In The Sun
VA-Dash Berlin Top 15 October 2011
VA-Trance Mini Mix 010 2011

October 13th, 2011

Afrowhitey and Josh Money-Afrowhitey Ridin
Emptysight-Less Than Three
Emptysight-Within Seconds
Trick or Treat-Bad Bwoy Tune
8b1t and Vize
Baymont Bross-Positiva Thangs Pt 3
Cut La Roc Feat Coppa-Riot In The Club
Damn Horns-The Freak Out
Dirty Tricks-Back To The Rave EP
Dislexik-Summer Storm
DJ Icey-Bring Ya Booty
Lo Iq-That Dutch 808 EP
Lykquydyzer-Surface Of Reality
Mindflow-Need To Be
Somsay-Holy Jah
Space Ranger 4000-The Fuck Shop
Unconscious Mind(S) Versus Peak-Unconscious Peaks
Coffee and Honey feat Grace - Let Me Be Free-(MIE 8019991683316)
Dark Fiction - Ilusion-(GL 023MX)
David Guetta
David Guetta-The Alphabeat
Dj Jerry Feat Faith - Loving Game
DJ Sanny J And Daniele Feat Neon - Da Hora-(MIE 8019991683309)
Muttonheads feat Eden Martin - Trust You Again-(MIE 8053264542405)
Porter Robinson-The Seconds
VA-Autumndance 2011 Megamix Top 100
DJ Icey-E Stands 4 Everything
VA - DJmag Presents Sebo and Madmotormiquel We Re Here
Vespers-Put Down the Gun
1200 Warriors-Jazzo The Remixes
A.Ti-Take it
Acid Andee-Stab Fever EP
Alex Marciano-Dextera Dei
Aquarium Punks-Dub Fusion
Ataneus-La Fayette
Denigons-What Is Gen
DJ Falk and Leony - The Rules Of The Game
Dj Felli Fel feat Akon Pitbull and Jermaine Dupri - Boomerang-(TIMEDIG 138)
Enzo Caprioli
Filip Le Frick-Blazin EP
Filip Riva - Soar
Gabriel and Castellon - Run To You
Ghosts Of Venice feat. Errol Reid - Without You
Gianni Amoroso-Dont Control Me
GJ Kleyne-Little Mister Jay
Greg Gow-Apollo 11 Project
Gripekoven-13 Wolken
Haris Efstathiadis
Jadoo feat Hard Ton - Voodoo Love-(DWDK 012)
Javier Perez-Guetto Yoo Monich
Jenya Melnikoff Feat. Alexander Martynov-Cheerful Plant
Joe Goddard-Gabriel Remixes
Johnny Buss and Daniel Von B feat. J-Sun - Do You Feel The Same
Juan Lombardo
Lopezhouse-Room Of Madness
Luke Chable-I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For
Luke James-Freak On EP
Martin Greenland for L
Miltone-Welcome to Hell
Nuno Palma-Break It
Ocean Deep-Shakaz Kraal Remixes
Per QX feat. Andrea Love - U Cant Hide
Phantom 45 - Out Tonight
Reset Robot
Rikki Ketchers And Ilya Vetrov-Island Of Miracles
Rokas M And Ignas Petru Feat Martyna
Sergey Polaris-Temple of the Soul
Shorty Nicola Fasano Steve Forest - We Can Do It-(MIE 8053264542474)
Simon De Jano - Kong Fusion (The Remixes)-(MIE 8053264542450)
Smash Pump - Time Express-(AD 055)
Stefano Amalfi and Robbie Groove - Only Man-(SD 0238)
Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa
The Palatinates - 1000 Sterne
Trevor Castillo-This Feeling (Incl. Marco V Remix)
VA - Tronic Love Vol. 05 Mixed by Tom Franke and Falko Richtberg
Van Yorge-Out Of My Mind (Club Mix)
X Hydra Project
Zaki-In the Night
Ziggy Kinder-Meteoroid EP
Binum - Indian Trip
Demi Lovato (Feat. Missy Elliott And Timbaland)-All Night Long
Kukan Dub Lagan-Life Still Nice
VA-X Mix Dance Series 148
VA-X Mix Radioactive Rhythm And Top 40 October 2011
VA-X Mix Urban Series 155
Synergic - Liquid Depth
VA-Israliens-Close Trance Encounters
2nd Act
88uw-Downside EP
Anderson T - Supersonic
Cristian Paduraru Pres Coolerika-Blacksea Rhythms
DJ Mick Bootik-Cosmic Heart
Francesco Zeta feat. Ivan Talko - Kill Me
Hardmaster - The Sun
Joe Kendut-Mutual Temptation EP
Jossie Telch-Teapot Blue
Limbo-El Fielder
Marco Rota-Rotation EP
Martin Duran
MICR0-Stutter Mouth
Mway-No Comments
Nekliff-Im Mad EP
VA-Defqon 1 Festival 2010-No Time To Waste
Welf Maass
Air-T and Satelite-Summer Shade
Alphadelta - Sandcastle
Arrakeen-Paradise Two
Criostasis vs Clayfacer
Dans-Dramatische Musik
Dave Mcrae-Heavens Fall
Dermot Bateman-Infexious Harddance 7
DJ Franko and Stas Osipov-We Love Trance
DJ Jetlex-We Never Come Back
Dr H-How Can I Save You
Ed Collain
Emilio-Away With You
Grigory Prometey-Aurora EP
James Allan vs Brian Cameron-Age Of Technology
Majai And Garrido And Skehan - Skywalkers
Majai Garrido and Skehan
Mike Kharlan
Mister P-Grind EP
Tasos Panagis-Free Me EP
Tm Project-Dynamic Session
Trance Division Feat Lynne Ferrie - Lost
VA - DJmag Presents Aly and Fila Summer Showcase

October 12th, 2011

AK Kids-The Gassaku EP
Arkist-I Couldnt Possibly
Distal-Apple Bottom
F-Full Throttle
Ital Tek-Whip It Up Remixes
Joaan-Splendor In The Grass
Krueger-Galactica EP
Mr. Projectile-In The Fog EP
Orphan101-Junker EP
Point B-Fossils EP
Point B-The Established Order Of Things
VVV-Vertigo And Flames
Andre Ola feat Helene - Erase You-(MIE 8053264542559)
David Bonanno - Fly Away-(MIE 8019991683293)
L-Siska Feat. Ketlin Sulli-Spring Explosion Incl Alphascan Remix
Orange Caramel-Shanghai Romance
Atlantic Connection
Bollocks Deejays-Run For Cover
Fracture And Neptune-Hotspot Hush The Crowd
Human Elements-Makoto feat Paul Randolph and Angela Johnson
Yaroslav Kulikov-Turn Back Time
120 Days-Club Mod Osaka
Adapta-Adapta EP 1
Dead Fader-Luckeeey EP
Floex-Zorya-(Minority Records)
Hess Is More-Creation Keeps The Devil Away
Lee Noble
Maskinen-Krossa Alla Fonster
Morgan Page and Sultan and Ned Shepard and BT-In The Air
Rebecca And Fiona-Jane Doe
VA - The Greatest Switch 2011
VA-Dubsided 1 Mixed By Subskrpt
Aline Nunez-A Little Bit Of This EP
Allex Bridge-Bounze EP
Analog Effect And Jaccoatwork
Andre Butano And Miguel Lobo-Maison Bleu EP
Angelo Draetta and Maiki-Its Too Late
Anton Neumark feat. Crime
Bianca Lindgren - Taste Of Honey
Blend-Pyramids EP
Corduroy Mavericks-Kickin It Old School
Danny Terrazza Ft. Ida Maria Soberg-Ready To Fly
Deepchild-Gnade Und Vergessen
DJ Martin-Do You Want More EP
Dubacid-Living Free (Paduraru Remix)
Eitan Carmi-White Night
Ev Darko-Bageshree EP
Flaxen Beats Feat. Paula Pcay-So Deep
Gerard Serrat-Epic Carnaval
Get Far vs Jill Jones - This Is How To Feels-(MS 068
Giuseppe Cennamo-A Single In The Jungle EP
Goodwill and Hook N Sling - Take You Higher-(RISEDIG 038)
Jorge Jaramillo Ft. Andrea Love-Ill Be Just Fine
Juan K Paul Featuring Dlayna-I Feel The Music
Justin Harris-Musics My Religion EP
Kenclectic-Move On
KhoMha-Better Off Alone 2009
Kid Enigma - Return of the Mac-ZZGlive
Kristian Gjellan-Moondust EP
Lords Of House-The Universal Love
Lsr and Garuso
Ltandm Feat Ophelie Cassy-The Wheel
Micah-We Are All Here
Mick Di Lano - Dynasty
Miquel Campbell-Baby I Got It
Miroslav Pavlovic-Im Melting Myself
MK-Burning-(Incl James Talk Remix)
Oliver Knight and Hugo Jones
Sammy K-Sammy K EP
Sarp Yilmaz-Sell My Soul EP
SERi-Dawn EP
Sterling Ensemble Feat. Donna Allen-I Got Love (Incl Rmxs)
Steve Nash
The Machine And Jonathan Cowan
Tonic Ft Tarantula Man - Big Fat
Tony Awake and Free Mind
Ubblahkan-On My Mind
VA-Love Is A Desease
VA-My Land Is House
Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull-I Like How It Feels
Infinity - Next Level E.P
Rocky - Largetto
A Square-Paranormal Departure Magnetic Waves
Arjun Vagale - Drohnen Tin Kan
Artech Mundei
Artech-No Limits EP
Bad Cop Bad Cop-Bad Reputation EP
Carlo Galliani-People In The House
Chasing Voices-Another Walk
Chris Colburn-Pocket Rockets Up The Ante
Conte Mascetti-Insomnia EP
David Pulido-Verpul EP
DJ Drops - Bang it
Fallhead-Unborn EP
Fudge Fingas-What Works (Vakula Mix)
Goldwill Ft. The Lazarusman-When We
Gutezeichen-Little Chord EP
Isodyne-Dreams Torn From The Sky-(B20 03)
Jeff Bennett-Hochi Mimi
Kristoff Georg-Klatsch Nass
Kynetik - Surplus Sampler 46
Marco Bailey And Tom Hades-Black Pearl
Mr Federick
Omar El Gamal-Dark Is The New Reality EP
Polyklinik-The Plus EP
VA-De Beukplaat 9 (Compiled By Mental Theo)
VA-Next Stop
Vick Echo
Vid Marjanovic-8 Bit Wedding
Vova Potapenko-Error EP
Abstract Vision and Elite Electronic feat Eva Kade
Activa-To The Point
Binary Finary and Rodrigo Deem-Carbon Fibre
Henrik Christensen-New Life
Lee and Slater-Go Witth The Dryness
Lythium Sounds-The Secret of Dance
Martin Libsen-Birth Of A Galaxy
Oleg Di Vice
Paul Miller-Once Again EP
Rene Ablaze feat Synthesia
Running Man
Tritonal feat Cristina Soto-Still With Me

October 11th, 2011

Dirty Talk-Dirty Talk
Habstrakt-Nasty EP
Megalodon-Runtime Error EP
The Juggernaut-Noble Dream EP
Kontrast-Nordlys (Remixes)
Maeto-Get To Know Me
Nabiha-Trouble (Remixes)
VA-Mega Dance Top 50 Autumn 2011
Incident-Evening With Her EP
Submerged-Before Fire I Was Against Other People
Rustie-Glass Swords
Ulrich Troyer - Songs For William
Zoo Brazil-The Kill
Bredasblar - Overdub Millenium Stars
Prankster - Blood And Tears
Rudeboy - Take The Power EP
Alessandro Otiz-It Sounds Good
Alfred Azzetto And Vincent Valler-Ive Got The Music In Me
Andrey Bogdanov
Antoine Clamaran And David Esse Feat Lulu Hughes - A Deeper Love
Ben Westbeech-Something For The Weekend Part 2
Cesar Bass Romero-Where Its At
Fiction Factor-Our Community EP
Francesco Gualtieri-Wind Of Change
Matthew Burton and Nick Lawson-Take Me Away
Mendo Hector Couto-The First Underdog EP
Mira El Toro-Strings Of Morena
Mobin Master Ft. Pedro M and Tony Puccio-Hear Her
Neo Vibz
No Money-Living For The Weekend
Pierce Fulton-Pardon My French EP
Salon De The-Sucre Sale
Sandro Silva Ft. Bizzey-Get Lower
Sarp Yilmaz-Long Lonely Winter
Sarp Yilmaz-Ode To Virgins EP
Stadtmusikant-Sonnenschirm And Grashalmtanz EP
Steve Aoki Ft. Rivers Cuomo-Earthquakey People (The Sequel)
Swagger And Martin Loud
The Funklovers-Deeper And Deeper
Thread Of Sound-Thread Of Sound
Todd Terry-Baby Can You Reach (2011 Mixes)
VA-Swing City Remixed Volume One
Xavi Carrique and Anna Tortosa feat. Starhoney-Its So Beautiful
Yuniton-In The Depths Of The Sky
Britney Spears-B In The Mix The Remixes Vol. 2
Britney Spears-The Singles Collection
Dj Happy Vibes - The Best Of 2003
Peter Gabriel-New Blood
Usher-Raymond V Raymond-Deluxe Edition
Altered Natives - Tenement Yard Vol 2 (EYE4EYEDIGILP 4)
DJ Hi-Shock-Mental Power EP
Don Ruijgrok-Cold Impressions
Edu Fernandez - Locura Terminal
Harry Axt-No House EP
Jens Zimmermann-Static Structure Porn
Marc DePulse-Ps You Rock 2011
Nihad Tule-Hunger EP
Spooky-Polymorph Incl Psycatron Remix
VA-Various Artists Series 2
Activa-To The Point
Andy Farley And Ben Townsend-Burnt Out Venkman Remix
Andy Tau - Falling 2011
Ben Stevens And Tenchy-Trips And Chips
Blue Kore-On The Way
Dan Dyson-Lions Tigers And Bears Oh My
Estiva-Perfect Ten
Estiva-Perfect Ten
iiO-Smooth Remastered Airbase Remixes
Illitheas Presents Mavi-Azen Incl Trance Arts Remix
M.I.K.E. - Ecstatic No Turn Back
Matt Hardwick Feat Senadee-In My Mind Part 1
Mr Mistral-Lose Control
Protoculture - Liquid Logic
Ronny K-Unstoppable (5YAMC Anthem)
Santerna-Envision Parallax
Tongue And Groove-Crush Costa Pantazis Remix
Venkman And Jon BW-Pocket Rocket
Wojciech Tuszynski-5 AM

October 10th, 2011

Idiot Boyz
Rustie-Glass Swords
Crush and Alexandra Ungureanu - I Need You More
VA-Hit Parade Dance Vol. 22
Davy Dave
Fade And Abiotic-Repugnant Cocaine Monster
Forbidden Society-Forcer Incarnation
Submerged-Before Fire I Was Against Other People
Telekinesis-Sacrifice Polaris
The Burbs-Daft Funk
Martyn-Ghost People
Rocket Empire-See Me Speak In Color
Topher Stiles
Void Settler-Swamp Rat
DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff - Dedicated To Your Project (Project Hardcore 2011 Official Anthem)
VA-Hardcore Top 100
Andrea Bertolini-Blue Ocean
Andres Roman
Angel Diaz-Bingo Bongo
Anja Schneider-Hello Boy
Danalog-Baked Beams Chasing Chubby
Disco Dice - Feenstaub EP
Dmarc Cantu-How Are We Doing EP
Don Alexandro and Don Attis-Sol Beats
Gabxi-Somebody To Blame
Gerd-Palm Leaves
Hyde and Sick vs Igor Krsmanovic-Marshal Groove (Remixes)
Indy Lopez-The Sirens Song-(PITAL 114D)
Ivan Gomez-You Drive Me Crazy
Jason Wolfe-Can You Feel It EP
Johannes Heil-From Within
John Jacobson-I Love You (Lovin U)-(425033 0579264)
Kriece - Storm Front
Marcus Ullmarker Feat Linn-What Do You Do To Me
Martin Beume-Wip Catch
Max Martinez-In The Deep End
Meller - Not For Hippies
Mitch De Klein
Sander Van Doorn-Outro (The Remixes)
Soulwerk - Fraktals
Spada-Affin To You EP
Spix-Braga EP
Stephen J Kroos-Remember EP
Strichkot-Weekend Cowboy EP
Superjunk-Introducing Super Junk
The Tortoise-Lost Forever
TOYC-The Loophole EP
Tripswitch-Collider Remixes
Ugly Drums-Quite Frankful
VA-Bedrock Classics Series 1
VA-Chill House Paradise Islands Edition
VA-Chillhouse In Ibiza
VA-Headlock EP
VA-House Family 17
VA-Smooth Sensation Of Chill House Vol 2
Wolfgang Voigt
Depeche Mode-The Singles 86
Eminem-The Slim Shady LP
Pink Floyd-A Collection Of Great Dance Songs
Tripswitch-Stereogram Right Hemisphere
VA - Origins-Compiled By Chill LX
Echotek - Filtertron
VA - Deviant Behaviour
Bitch Bros-Midnight Train EP
B-Twinz - A New Day
Da Morty - Rocking Like Break Beat
Daso-Open Cage EP
DJ Thera - Hope
DJ Y.O.Z. And Friends - Music Shines Bright Be With You
Emptyset-Avichi EP
Fady Ferraye - Incoherent Transcripts
George Paar - Azul Celeste EP (PARRECWAX01)
Giash - Paper Bag
Helly Larson And Riccicomoto - Bronco Del Noche
Hypnotic Duo - All Over Again
Joel Mull - Sensory Remixes
Miro Pajic - Full Of Emptiness
Sbtrk And Objekt - Sbjekt 01 (YT063)
Zany - Symphonic Feedback (Titan Remix)
Alex Orion - The Biggest Room Maximized EP 1
Alex Robert-Revenant-(JPM 013)
Arisen Flame - Ocean Rainbow Vlora
Basil Oglue-Angular Momentum EP
Blazej Sulinski-Here Goes the Sun-(ARIA 017)
Clayfacer Meets Criostasis-Youre Not Alone-(NGAGED 008)
Dart Rayne
Dyor feat Matthew Hall-On The Road
Eugene Karnak-I Love You
Faruk Sabanci-Maidens Tower 2011
Forgotten Feat Blackfeel Wite
Hannah-Falling Away Armin van Buuren Remix
Hannah-Falling Away Armin van Buuren Remix
Matt Laws-The Lurker
Nitrous Oxide-Ipeople Gr8 Follow You
Physical Phase-Walking (Imperfect Hope Presents Ventus Remix)
Ralph Project-Here I Am (Cozmoz DarkRoom Remix)
Raneem-Free Fall
Static Skies - New Life About You
Temple One Feat Neev Kennedy-Love The Fear
Vampy-Raining EP
VA-Perfecto Records Collected Vol. 1

October 9th, 2011

Aquatic Family Affair
DJ Fresh-Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion Remix)
Echo Park-Fiber Optic
Gerry Read
DJ Power - Vision Experience Vol 4-(361015 0139719)
Dyna - Live Your Life-(CCTRL 01)
Eugene Diveev-Come on in
Modern Talking - Original Album Classics
Prok and Fitch Vs Juan Kidd-Star Guitar
VA - Tanecni Liga 133-(533 621
Dana Bergquist And Peder G-Rapanui Part 2
Iain Ohare-The Radiovox EP
VA-Hed Kandi Disco Heaven
Blu Mar Ten-Blu Mar Ten feat Rochelle Parker
Aleksey Tsaplin
Robot Koch-The Other Side
Adrian Villaverde-Ring It Seeker
Alan Stenback
Alex Mine-She Wants To Move
Alex Pinana-Castles In The Sky EP
Amir Apy Galeev
Andi Vax
Andy Ash-Dance EP
Animated People
Animated People
Animated People-Reach Out
Animated People-Wake Up
Bending Unit-49 Killernewtons Per Second
Benny Wave-In Basic
Big Room Academy-Lift You Up
Bobsky-Jackpot EP
Bsno feat Samantha Belatti-La Noche
By Ragin-In Space
Cammel-Beautiful Stars EP
Carl Roda and Dario Nunez-Silva La Mulata
Carleto-Jazz Thing
Chris Sterio Vs Sean Mcclellan-Snow Daze
Craig Bratley-The Sound EP
Criminal Vibes-Put Your Hands Up
Cristian Baron
Cristian Glitch
Cuartero-Nube EP
Da Tech-Trento EP
Damolh33-Come With Me
Dany Kendall and Lucio-In My Life
Dave Jaraossa-Arabian Flute EP
Dave Kurtis and Sotisfaction
Deep Space Orchestra-Riding EP
Deepshaine-The Beginning II EP
Dero-De Puta Madre
Devid Dega-No Gravity EP
Dick Ray
Dick Ray-Give Me Everything
Dirk Dreyer and Pierre Deutschmann-Golden Sky
DJ Desk One-I Am Not Human
DJ Fist Presents The Bass Kidz-A2 Think
DJ Kalypso Ft. Sannan-Cold Sunrise
Doctors In Florence-River Flows In You (Twilight Theme)
Dr.K and Nii Vs. Shisha feat. Shady-Do For Love
Egoism-Life EP
Eicotronic - Happy Trumpet
Erich Ensastigue and DJ Carlos G feat. DJ LV-Agua De Rio
Foamo-Ocean Drive
Fox Macleod
Franzis-D-Area 51
Fur Coat And Argenis Brito-Space Ballad
Gabriel Robella and Troy Fernandes More Chance
George F. Zimmer and Rino Cabrera-Whoopi Doo
Humkey And Yuriy From Russia-Stars Reserve
Javier Algarra-Red Point
Joey Beltran-Tank Attack
Juan Ddd and An Beat
Juan Diaz and Jorge Montia-Lift Him Higher
Julian The Angel and Dario Nunez
Julien Chaptal-Apple Woodoo EP
Julio Leal
Julio Leal-Funky Beat
Junkie XL - Mollys E Incl Nicky Romero Remixes-Promo
King Richard and Danny Torrence-Higher State
Kris Wadsworth-Its Time
Liviu Groza
Luca Lozano-Out Of Step EP
Luomo-Good Stuff
Matt Masters-This And That Feat. Pol On Remix
Metadeko-Save Ourselves
Midnight Magic-Drop Me A Line
Misha Kitone-Take A Blow
Ooft-Red Zone EP
Oscar C-Basic 2.0 EP
Paul Jim and J. Glass feat. Samantha Moon
QBA and Manny Cabrera-The Da
Radio Jack and Hakan Ludvigson-Hotting Up EP
Rainer Weichhold-Jerk Chicken
Robert Dietz
Saul Espada-Its Logic
Stereo Jackers-Evolve Recon
Technique And Yaroslove-Syndrome EP
The Swiss-Bubble Bath
Tiger Stripes-This is - the Grand
VA - Big City Beats Vol.15
VA - CR2 Records Ibiza Bombs Sampler 2-Promo CD
VA - CR2 Records Ibiza Bombs Sampler 3-Promo CD
VA-Disco Baby Disco Vol 2 EP
VA-Eurohouse Tres
VA-Systematic Colours Volume 3 Mixed By Phonique
Jay-Z And Kanye West-Watch The Throne-Deluxe Edition
OST-Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Shakira-Laundry Service
Shakira-Oral Fixation Vol 2-(82876 81585 2)
The Prodigy-The Fat Of The Land
Flegma And Nerso - Sensei EP (FPGEP006)
Acid Jesus-Acid Jesus (KLANGCD 1)
Angy Kore-It Is A Big Business
Brolax Bones-Cupt EP
Doom-Dark Consume EP
Hartmut Kiss-Water Games
James Crawford-Metaphonic EP
Kristoff Georg - Klatsch Nass Ep
Lula Circus-Miami Vices EP
Matijay - Packwoman
Mike Ilic - Electric Serenity
Raul Bercianos - Loudtronic
Remute-We Are Pop(E)
Roberto Mariani-Bright Night EP
Sam Kin-Time Framed - South Central
Shaun Valentine
Stevie Wilson
Tony Andreas-Underground Lights
A Galchenko-The Gravity
Choix-Lost Kingdom EP
Digital Djs-Inferno (Andy Richmond Remix)
Domenico Pandolfo-White Boy On A Dark Land
Failsafe-Trance Driver
Grace - Not Over Yet Incl Max Graham Remix-Promo
Jac N Mac
Mariobross Team-Psycological Pulse
Pyramid Legends-Wanna Freak You
Realistic Brain
Ricardo Redivo - Cube
Sarah Rogers-Do It Again
Solaris Phase-Inner Vision
Tensile Force-Research Base
VA-100 Percent Pure Trance

October 8th, 2011

N FILTR8-Sounded Like Music (the Remixes)
Actual Phantom-Overdose on this
Aggresivnes and Kiwa
Booty Vibes-Booty Vibes Volume 3
Deenk and the Funkrash
Farace-Move on (Remixes)
Hironimus Bosch-Bass Instinct
Indigo Children-Everybody Needs
Renegade Alien-When We Fall A Moment
Shawn Davis and David and Brittany Lynn-If I Cant Even Be Me
Shawn Davis Feat Brittany Lynn-Playing with Fire
Shawn Davis-Your Love and Touch Me
VA-Miami Winter Breaks
Connect-R - Ring The Alarm
Hardcharger Vs Aurora And Toxic - Once Upon A Time
Milk Inc. - Ill Be There (La Vache 2011)-Promo CDS
Milk Inc - 15 (Live At Sportpaleis Antwerpen 23
Utopia Music
Boom Bip-Zig Zaj
Cinnamon Chasers-A Million Miles From Home-(MODREC 002CD)
CMC and Silenta Feat. Paul Brenning-Feature Breaks Vol 1
Ground Control and DJ Icon
Jaswho-Redroid Music-(PROMO TMG
Mirrors-Ways to an End
See I-See I
Splashfunk and Sergio Dambhala-Body and Soul
Carnage and Cluster - Whats That Noisj
Alien In Transit-Midnight Mist
C-Beams-Strollin EP
Dachstuhl - What I Need
DJ Ceratti And Jaydas-Dirty Lab
East Cafe
Format B
Herian and Alleston Vs Dynatronic Ft Donna Alma Rouge-Nothing at All
Jennifer Lopez-Papi (Remixes)
Jose Tabarez
Kinky Movement-Re-Edit Volume 04 EP
Kruse Nuernberg-Daze Without You
Labtracks-Dance With You - Miami White
Lady Gaga-You And I (The Remixes)
Lew Ashby-Lumen - Eileen
Mateo-Looking On The Stars
Micah-She Is Being Held Captive
Nima Gorji Sunsetpeople-Day By Day
Scott Diaz-Joints N Jams Part One-(CONNECTD004)
Shur I Kan-Life Live
Sir Colin-Boooom 1
Soul De Marin-Million Ways EP
Suli Yosi-Second Thought
Tonite Only - We Run The Nite
Tony Rodelli-Make Ya Move EP
VA - European Dance Charts Vol. 3
VA-Battle Royale Vol 2 EP
Joss Stone-Karma (Edit)
Joss Stone-The Best Of Joss Stone (2003
Randa and The Soul Kingdom-The Things
VA-NRJ 200 Percent Hits 2011 Vol.2
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 921U
Chemogen-Welcome To New Earth
Cubic Spline-Unusual Path
Sonic Tickle-The Urchins EP
VA-Technoid Vision
Lim vs Rascal - The Arrival EP
Netzik-Deep Sleep
Stylus-Immersion Part II
TNT aka Technoboy N Tuneboy - Utta Wanka Dial T For TNT
April and Future Resonance Jamage
DJ Psyclone-History X
Mike Nero - Break The Silence
Phillipo Blake

October 7th, 2011

VA-Pacha Ibiza Summertime Feelings
Housebatze - Heute Nacht
Kjiro - Weekend-(HHXX 67)
Matduke Ft. Metzen
Phillip - Get Ready-(100328 07)
VA - De Beukplaat 9 Compiled By Mental Theo
VA-Hard Dance Mania Vol 23 (Mixed By Pulsedriver)
Airvalue-Remember Me EP
Camo and Krooked-Cross The Line
VA-Fokuz And Friends Vol 1
Dagobert - Dagobert
James Blake-Enough Thunder
Joris Delacroix-Room with View
Malente And Zero Cash - Ill Be There
Mightyfools - Thunderbad EP
Critical Mass - Burning Love (The Viper Remix)
Acidroid - Bass Bunker
Afterman-Dancing Down
Angel Stoxx-Make My Day
Atomico vs Mark Van Anderen-Northern Electro Soul
Camilo Dos Santos-Russian Wonderland
Dimo-What You Got
DJ Taga-Getting Better And Spin It
Djebali-On Your Mind
Dual T-Manchas Blancas
Hatiras and Will Baily-Betty Boom
Hernandez Vs Djtyo And Riccardo Gava-Take Me There
Indeego-Snake (Peter Kharma Mix)
Jesus Dominguez-After Darkness
Kotelett And Zadak - Bombus Barbutellus
Laidback Luke vs. Example - Natural Disaster (The Remixes)
Lowboys-Space Mine
Marc Pollen-The Ark Of Noah
Matthias Vogt-Copying The Future EP
Music System Power And Substanc-Las Vegas
Nick Lawson-Ma Feelinz EP
Office 6
Offise 6-Looking Out Of The Night Train Window
Olene Kadar Marcel Knopf-The Cyh Remixes Vol 1
Phunk Investigation-Bug Report
Project 46
Radio Killer - Dont Let The Music End-(A1 0323Z
Ribn-No Place
Roots Panorama
Salvez-We Dance
Slideshow Park
Sort Subsync And DJ Player B-Dolce Vita
VA - Pure Salinas Vol. 3 Mixed By Bruno Form Ibiza
VA-Per Aspera Ad Astra
VA-Pioneer The Album Vol 12
Kid Koala-Space Cadet Original Still Picture Score
Audiostatik - Offbeat
Acti and Zot - Wow Wow
Arcade Robot
Back Pack Poets-Objective EP
Claudio Petroni-The Argonauts
Dani Sbert-Peace Stop
Digital Punk - Retribution
Dylan Rhymes - Kapow
Jason Grey
Jose Mora-Love Is A Bad Thing
Min and Jonas Fahz-Sweet Darkness
Sam Paganini - Cobra
Slam-Slam Remixed Part 2
Tom Budden-Choco Swing
VA - Best Of Schubfaktor Music
VA - Hardtechno Fire
VA - Tronic ADE Sampler
Hartmut Kiss-Water Games (Incl. Eelke Kleijn Remix)
VA - DJ Networx Vol.50
VA-Armada Amsterdam Dance Event Tunes 2011
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 October 2011
VA-Universal Religion Chapter Five (Mixed By Armin Van Buuren)
VA-Vocal Trance Sessions Best Of 2011

October 6th, 2011

A-Moon and Marco Zardi - You Come Into My Mind
Antonia - Marionette
Christian Amby - Pioneer-(617465 304651)
Spankers Vs Paul And Luke - We Are The Champions-(MIE 8033993896710)
VA-Trismix 10 Dance
V Recordings
Ad Brown And James Hockley-Summer Tide
Ambulaunz-Vertical Mile
Guero Live
M83-Midnight City
Modeselektor-Raveline Mix Sessions 038
Purl-Deep Ground
Steven Torres-Love Shine
Umberto-Freeze-(Not Not Fun)
Umberto-From The Grave-(Permanent Records)
Alvaro Smart
Arthur Jnr-On the Avenue
J Pearl Feat Shayne Ward-Must Be A Reason Why
Kilohertz - Thia Thok EP
Loris Baroni-Bad Sensation
Orlinski-Black Hole
Phil Weeks-By My Side
Robin S and CTK-Shake it
Ron Carroll - Tear Up The Dancefloor Incl Richard Grey Remix
Till Von Sein-Non Existing Love
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 294
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 295
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 296
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 297
VA-Pacha Ibiza Southamerican Sessions
VA-Trismix 11 House
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 156
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 285
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 286
VA-DJ Promotion Mymusic Staff 06
D-Clear - Mindgame EP
Emerson Todd-Got Your Back EP
Fireattack - The Hard
Harun Karabulut-The Law
Shaytek - Pounding
Flash Brothers Pres Tolerance - Siberdia
Tim Catrall Feat Claire Willis - Fantasy-(100317 66)
VA-Dream Dance Vol.61

October 5th, 2011

Fever Addendum
Lando Kal
Lando Kal-Rhythm (Version)
Black Sheep
Frank Lozano-The Hell
Retroid and Digital Breaks Foundation-No Remorse
VA-Deejay Party Vol 59
Criminal Vibes Feat. N.U.M.-Save Me
DJ Happy Vibes feat Jazzmin - Rock Mich
Duo Italiano vs Remakeit feat Jenny D - Il Mio Giorno Migliore-(SAI 2231)
VA Club Promo Only October Part 1
VA Club Promo Only October Part 2
VA Club Promo Only October Part 3
VA Club Promo Only October Part 4
VA Club Promo Only October Part 5
VA Club Promo Only October Part 6
VA Club Promo Only October Part 7
VA Club Promo Only October Part 8
VA Club Promo Only October Part 9
Bjork-Biophilia-(Limited Edition)
Felix Marc-The Muse-Limited Edition
George Benson-Guitar Man
VA-Dance Classics Best Of Vol.1
VA-Dance Classics Best Of Vol.2
VA-Dance Classics Best Of Vol.3
VA-Dance Classics Best Of Vol.4
Incept-Coma EP
Zap and Tobax-Badman EP
Above And Beyond Feat Zoe Johnston-You Got To Go
Andy Woldman and Halyd - My Sweet Overdose
Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb Acidwolf)-Old Trees (1999
Colombo-Bionik Hard
Empresarios-Sabor Tropical
Janner and Bunzer0-The Mutoid EP
JFB-Licence to Wobble
Madmind-Slaves of Consumption
Mirrors-Broken by Silence
Myagi-Chaos Quokka
The Crystal Method-CSII Exclusives
The Dancefloor Outlaws-Disco Cakes Vol 3
VA-Boogie Boutique Volume 3
Whiskey Pete and Sporty-O-Heard of Us
The Cyberdemon-The Awakening-(Cenobite Digital 5)
Alex Sandrino
Alton Miller Feat. KB-In the Spirit
Avrosse-Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy
Chavo Chamsine-Art Of House
Curtis Dayne-Its Alright (Jephte Guillaume Remix)
Denigons-Old Vox
Dennis Kay Ft. Lillia-N-Within Me
DJ Fudge-Get Up-(TEJAL 011)
DJ Lawrence
Elements of Life Feat Lisa Fischer-Love Will Know (Remixes)
Exist-Lookin at Blue
Fabio Macor
Fanatix and Assurance-I Trust You (Psalms 143) (the Remixes)
Foremost Poets-Moonraker (Oscar P and C. Scott Mixes)
Groove Junkies Feat. Indeya-You Know How to Love Me
Guy Robin-Suono Del Cielo
Jairo Delli-O Ah Asumi
Joe Joyce
Jovonn Feat. Hosanna Littlebird-Show Me
Juan Carlos Herrera-The Brass
Klevakeys-Stay (Booker T Mixes)
Komfort Zone-Lets Get
Konstantino P-Innocent People
Lugh Dessire
Marco Fracasso Feat Jaidene Veda-Nature Boy
Nathan G and Lisa Shaw
Nikan-This Is My Life
Rokas M And Ignas Petru Feat Martyna-Juicy Beach
Sean Mccabe and Stephanie Cooke A Little Bit-(KSS 1348)
The Littlemen-Retro Resources Album Sampler
The S-Haunting Melodies
Trancemicsoul Featuring JSOUL-Dance of Love
VA-100 Ibiza Anthems
Agony Forces
Max B. Grant Vs Dready-2 - Ip Mans
Phrantic - Dark Skies
Richie G-Baum EP
Sa.Vee.Oh - Oh You Rock (DJ Thera Remix)
VA - Captain 18 Years of Music (Megamix Special Birthday)-Promo CD
Baccano - Words Mean Nothing
Erik Arbores-Take It EP
Running Man - Your Rules
Sa.Vee.Oh - Oh You Rock
Sean Cronin

October 4th, 2011

Balkansky-The Temple
Melanin and Wicked Sway
VA-Rinse 16 Ben UFO
VA - Hard Dance Nation (The Anthem)
Ram-Culture Shock
Blue Daisy-The Sunday Gift
Dragongaz and Tambour Battant-Tattoo EP
Equalizers and Magnet Men-Pure Filth
Morphology-Euclidean Algorithm-(SEMANTICA 31)
VA - Tsugi 44 (Mixed by Modeselktor)
VA-Ad Noiseam Label Sampler Summer 2011-(Ad Noiseam)
Wobbler and D
Antonio Jimenez and Blas Marin feat. Starhoney-Make Me Feel
Basto-Again and Again
Blas Marin and Vicente Belenguer feat. Patrizze-Where Are You Now
Bsno-Got Milk
Daniel Dexter-No House For Old Men
Dave John
DMS12-Get Ill
Dr Kucho vs The Lost Fingers-Lets Groove
Fiord and Simon Flower-High Tail
Gabriel Batz
Guri-Mind Control
Ian Pooley-All Organic EP
Ivan Picazo-Squid Legs
Jose Ponce and Raul Rios-Crazy Roll
Joy Marquez
Joy Marquez-The King
Ken Abel
Kolombo Feat Vince L - Shape Your Life
Louie Cut-Phunky Pigs
L-Vis 1990-Neon Dreams
Mastiksoul-Sensitive to 2011
Mijail feat. Patrizze-Shout Candyloop Remixes
Pablo Gael
Robert Dietz
Tahloula-We Play House
Tony Kairom-Rikki Kitty
Toollbox-Pure 7
Tristan Garner
VA-6 Years Stil Vor Talent Part2
VA-Moxi Madness Vol 4
VA-Toolroom Records Amsterdam 2011
William Welt-Rubber Band Boy
Zedd-Shave It
Zenker Brothers-Berg 10 EP
Lil Wayne-Blunt Blowin
Peter Gabriel-New Blood-(Special Edition)
Raekwon-Rock N Roll (Remix) (Feat DJ Khaled Busta Rhymes Game And Pharrell)-(Promo CDS)
Twins-Next Step
VA - Goa Vol. 40
Alvaro Smart-New Orleans EP
Andrea Frisina-From Kiev To Rome
Hermetik Unity and Heretik System
Hollen-Amazonia and Compak
VA-78 Crew
VA-Audiotrix 14
VA-Sextoy Records 05
Actuate-Hallucinate The Spheres
Arman Bahrami-Repeated EP
Danos-Storm EP
Digital Horizon-Step Up
DJ Danny P
DJ Solano feat Eva-Cant Believe
DJ Solano-Close My Eyes
DJ Solano-Not Even Close
Dr Willis-Pocket Science
Erven Miller feat Ekatherina April - I Really Loved You-(OMRECS 002108)
Fabio XB feat. Simona Barbieri-Flash Of Life
Fergus Keogh
Heatbeat-Roses Never Cry Chinpokomon
Kularis-Foxtrott Lessons EP
Matias Holmberg-Planet Earth
Meller-Sparky Synthesized Voodoo Club
Mike Danis-Let Go
Pob and Taylor
Rocking J-Route 66
Seven Space-Dolphine Talk
Shaun Williams feat Bex Thurston-Tell Me More
Silverstrike vs Steph L
Sy Gardner-Difficult Times In Life
Union Jack-Red Herring 2011 Remixes

October 3rd, 2011

Decree-Synthetic Cocktail
Dose - Retribution EP
Dub and Run
Firestrike-Fear EP
Graphics - Wiping The Eye EP
Komonazmuk - Bad Apple - Last Mistake
Komonazmuk - Night At Deluxe - Miss Her
Tecbloc - Kinesis - Quadraphonic
VA-Power Glove
VA-The Spirit Road
VA-Galletas Calientes
VA-MOS The Annual 10 Years
Calibre-Condition LP
Dark Entity-Solar Winds Enough
Skit-Capoeira Atlantis
Beat Torrent
Felix Kroecher
Fink-Perfect Darkness-Berlin Sunrise
Itsu Uno-Untitled-(FATHOP004)-7inch Vinyl
Nervo-Irresistible (Feat Ollie James)-(Promo)
Shadowcore - Broken World
Alex Guerrero-So Much Love To Give
Angy Kore-Shock it
Bart B More and Tommie Sunshine-Drop Acid EP
Carrera-The Blind Can See
Claire Ripley-Falling Down EP
Coll Selini
Crys Najela and Joelapussy
Dan Forte
Denis Horvat-Hey Puzzle
Deniz Koyu
Dinka Ft. Hadley and Danny Inzerillo-Reach For Me
Dub Taylor-Mind Bubble
Edgar Hernandez-Liquid House
Erick Morillo and Eddie Thoneick Ft. Shawnee Taylor-Stronger (Part 3)
Howard Sessions-Meddlin With Me Melody EP
Johannes Albert-Basement Is Not A Crime EP
John Dahlback
Les Hemstock And Minoo
Mano Le Tough-In My Arms
Min and Mal-6 Fingers
Netto Houz-Bad Man Speaks Knuggles
NT89-Panda EP
NT89-Tyme Lyfe and Syne
Paxton Fettel-Hunters Vigil EP
Peter Gelderblom Feat Dominica-I Gotta Let U Go
Pittsburgh Track Authority-The First Four EP
Sharam Jey Pres Soundz Fresh-Looking 4 Love
Slideshow Park
Spencer And Hill Feat Nadia Ali-Believe It
Starkillers And Dimity KO-Do U Love
Store N Forward-Listen To Life
T.Tommy-Feeling U
Tujamo Ft. Robell Parker-Back 2 You
Vakula-Unthank EP2
Zombie Nation
16AJ-Kingdom 04
Junglefever and Bong Brothers-Untitled-(LICKSHOT003)-10inch Vinyl
Krak in Dub
Unknow-Nuttin A Gwan
Warped Dynamics-Volume 5
Erasure-Tomorrows World
Steve Roach-Quiet Music
Gandulk And Odiseo - Back In Time
Kopel - Flavor
Sphera-Airstream Remixes
Ass Shaker and Disturbed Traxx
Daniel Mehes
Dark Fork - Pulse Again
David Mayer - Moment
DJ Zealot And Ben Passion - Not A Game
Dusty Rocket - Day by Day
Ed E.T And D.T.R - Make Ya Move
Funk Dvoid - The Duke
Giusy Consoli And Enrico Ruini-Freek EP
Hollen-Room And Rumors EP
James Talk And Android Cartel
Jon The Baptist And DJ Chuck-E Vs Shock Force - We Are Not Alone
Masomenos-Technocolor 3
Masomenos-Technocolor 4
Paraphaze - I Love You
Pfirter - Audiometria (STHLMLTD021)
Philippe Rochard Ft. Tina Meier - Summer End
Shredder Vs A.P. and Josh Inc
Skudge - Skudge Remixes Part 4 (SKUDGE004R)
Slim Shore and B-Front - Charger
Sterling Moss and Chris Liberator
Tengo - The Art of Mind Fucking
The Anarchist - Battlescarz Outrageous
The Disciplez - 1 Speed Go
VA - Braindead EP
VA - Drumasheenz EP
VA - La Bush Volume 10 (X-Tra Selection Mixed by DJ Georges)
VA - Nordlichter
Andre Visior
Dark Matters feat Jess Morgan-I Dont Believe In Miracles Incl Shogun Remix
Emin K. And Ansarov Pres Nafa
Erick Strong-Stars Rainfall
Genetx - Feel Love
Giuseppe Masciarelli - Run Away
Jochen Miller
Kodex - Body Moving Unnatural
Lores And Bon Finix
Nick Callaghan And Will Atkinson-Eastern Spirit
Oleg Espo - Reflection
VA-Flashover Recordings Amsterdam Dance Event 2011
VA-Trance Trends 2
Vincenzo-The Notebook
Vol Deeman-Falling Stars Calling Me Back Home

October 2nd, 2011

Bone Loc-Cold Blooded
VA-Adult Swim And Scion AV Present Unclassified
2 Raverz-Into My World
DJ Doddo vs Glaukor feat Sheby - La Playa Dell Amore-(361015 0144515)
Perfect Poise-Never Be Apart
VA - Beat Hits Vol.55
VA - Deep Dance 135
VA-Dance Top 100 Best Ever 3
VA-Lets Dance Volume 12
VA-Monster FloorFillers 2011
Mike Simonetti-Capricorn Rising
Apex and Miss Redflower
Billain-Kontra EP
Current Value and Donny-Bruja Discovered
Flaco-Space Blues
Fracture and Mark System-Yeah But
Intelligent Manners-Everybody Knows EP
Kung-Formula EP
N Phect and Fourward-Without Your Touch
Ogonek And Cooh-Not My Type EP
Rift Project
Above And Beyond Feat Zoe Johnston-You Got To Go Incl Dusky Remix
Spank Rock-Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is A F-ing Liar
Endymion and Nosferatu-Act Of God (Thunderdome 2008 Anthem)
Thunder Feat. Exagon-Back On Tracks Part 1
VA - Syndicate Ambassadors Of Harder Styles Chapter 2011
Alex Kenji-Make Me Feel
Audiofly X Feat. Shaun Parkes-Inside The Beat 2011 Remixes
Beekay Deep-The Rhythm EP
D Ramirez-Everybody Has The Right-(TOOL 135
Dirty Culture and Lucky Luciano
Dirtyphonics-The Tarantino EP
Disfunktional Djs-Feel Me Ft Hydro Hellsing
French Fries-Laquisha EP
Leonid Gnip-In Search of Silver
Mario Chris - Discopolis
Marvin Zeyss-In My Arms EP
Mindstorm-Sex Drugs and Dance Music Haters Anthem
Spoon-Back In The Old Dayz EP
VA - House Megamix 2011.2
VA-1 Year Of Natural Rhythm
VA-DJ Zone - Best Session 07
VA-House Club Selection 51
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
VA - Face Disco Vol 2
Audionite-Kling Klong Absurde 187 Hyperlove
Hollen-Full Tilt
Redhead-Rajada EP
VA - Fuck Minimal
VA-Wagon Repair All
Zoo Brazil
Above And Beyond Feat Zoe Johnston-You Got To Go Incl Kyau Vs Albert Remix
Alex Kidd Vs In2ition-Wasting Time-(KF 018)
Animatronica-Sweet Life-(361015 0178176)
Blue Tente Feat Stine Grove-Heading Home
DJ Boronin-Rise again
Fausto and Phil York Ft. MC Da Syndrome - I.H.D.S
Gianni Paradiso DJ-Party People-(100327 29)
Mindbender - Base On Acid
Nish - Kiss Me

October 1st, 2011

Loop Stepwalker-Meltdown Dubs 03 Overclocked
4 Control - Down Down Baby
Aircraft - Ask Me-(MIE 8022567012625)
Daryela - Inma-(843536 170082)
D-Light - Love Sensation-(MIE 8022567021924)
Franky B-Right Beside You
Helin Bird - Bad Girl-(361015 0151971)
Kangaroo-Somebodys Watching Me-(HOT 104)
Maxima - You Set My World On Fire-(DFR 03
Oda Main - Lovin You-(X 1225098)
Sunset54 - Beleza
VA-Beatbox 11
Pulsaar-Exoplanets EP
Spek Trum
David Byrne And Fatboy Slim-Here Lies Love
De-Vision-Popgefahr The Mix
Ricardo Donoso-Progress Chance
VA-12K Sampler 002
Zynic-Dreams In Black And White-Limited Edition EP
Zynic-My Personal Kryptonite-Limited Edition EP
Alexy Large-Sex With You Tonight
Alpa De Vale-Dont Back and Cold Fire
Aron Bas-Reprise EP
Art Of Hot
Audio Killers-Killer Beat
Balcazar-La Suma De Dos EP
Baxter Priestly-Trails Of Destruction EP
Beatfunk-This Groove
Boy Funktastic
Brian Knarfield-Body Break
Brothers On Arms-Na Zakaz
Caccao-Dont Missing
Chris Kaye feat Sean Declase
Coldberg And Repton
Coolerika vs DJ Scaldia-Curiosity Sailflow (Inspiring House Music)
Dany Cohiba
Dave All The Rave-Meteor Shower
Denny The Punk-Kiss EP
Der Portugiese-Under The Moon
Dmitry Kaum
Einklang Musik-Dirty Grimey
Falency-Breeze EP
Farswan-Hit The Rhode Jack
Flight Facilities-Foreign Language Remixes
Gosh And Kanov
Hoodie-Kantut Burung
Ilan Tenenbaum
Jaques-Ouwehand Vis
Javi Mula-Come On 2011 Remixes
Jonas Bergmann-Musical Universe
Le Weekend Feat. Tessa
Manuel De La Mare Vs Luca Monticelli-LA Social
Mart And Slava Shelest-Hippy Market
Matt Gracie-Dont Break It
Micah-Begin Again
Miraculum-Run Deep Run Silent
Monomode-Wierd Directions
Mr Bu-Lazy Day
Nafis-Sunny Smile
Not Okay-Win Again
Palma-Miami Time
Paul Feelen-New York
Paul Kieran-The Listener
Pem D-White Feat Ada Szojda-Drift Away
Rebel Sketchy-Square Dance
Renso Salvatore-Attractive Fantasy
Robert Noise And Ploughman-Indian Spirit-(CODE2 139)
Ryan Filmore-Miami Sensual
Sean Mcclellan
Stan Crown-Get Right
Stas Miller
Stephen J. Kroos - E-No EP
The Deep Lovers-Coffee Break-(DPR018 EP)
The Sound Diggers-Plastic Spastic EP
Tom Hill-Road Trip
Uwe Worlitzer Vs Hot N Dirty-Not So Doert
Zoo Brazil-Songs For Clubs
Abductors - Summer Sun
Alexander Xendzov Pres UNDERSKY-Falling With Eyes Shut
Bal-Crashing EP
Coimbra-Rebirth EP
Dario Zenker-Purple EP
DJ Greg C - Static Faction
Emanuele Millozzi And Claudio Petroni
Gabry C-Titans And Indians
Joel Armstrong-Silvermoon 2011 Remixes
Liebba-A Butterfly In The Head Clouds Run
Marco Bailey
Martinez-Flabbergasted EP
Oni Ayhun - Anthony Shake Shakir-Meet Shangaan Electro and BBC
VA - Hardtechno Headz
Adam Lester - La Terraza EP-(PULSAR 010)
Agama-Flying Star
Alex Hough-3E Monsters
Ali Wilson - Elpis Is Calling
Andy Raeside-Tribal Life
Autio And Maattala
Autumnal-Keep Your Promise
Breakfast - The Climb
Chichke and Multitech
Chris Cortez
Def Digital-Red Skies Beyond EP
Emix Oblivion-Living In The Stars
Eugene Kush
First State-The Whole Nine Yards
Fischer And Miethig-Summer Memories
Gianni Paradiso DJ-Infinity Trance
Insigna-Sadness Of Rebellion
Johny D feat. Front
Matt Laws-Head Hertz
Mindful Innovations Feat Stine Grove-Far But Close
Nick Tyrez
Peter Clarkson-Thera P
Prayag and Rishab - Roshni
Ruffault More Day
Solid Sleep And Talla 2XLC-Visions Of A Better Tomorrow
Sunflare-Nature EP
The Riddler - Shadows-(TESD0023)
VA-Dark Sessions IV Sampler The Remixes
VA-Trance History Uplifting Moments Vol 1

September 30th, 2011

Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase Remixes (BLV199185)
Emmanuel Top - Idealism (ET008)
Emmanuel Top - Specials Phase One
Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazar Remixes (BLV199190)
Protassov-Best Of Protassov
Alisa - Shine-(ASLV 002)
Allexinno and Starchild - Senorita-(594820 3013753)
Danceboy-Dance EP
David Deejay feat P Jolie and Nonis - Perfect 2
DJ Kuba and Netan feat Anna Montgomery - Take It To The Top
Double Vision - Knockin 2011 Remixes Part.1
Global Defence - Take Me Away-(100324 81)
Nando Fortunato feat Alexandra - My Angel-(NCR 012)
Petros Feat. Roxay-Poison-(535912 63)
Sound2real Feat. Powhart
Joe Syntax - Signal Drop
Justice-Audio Video Disco
Philipp Quehenberger-Uffuff (DEMEGO020)
Roots Manuva-Get The Get Breakage Slugabed Mixes
Schnauz-Stars EP
DJ Bouncy B - World In Ecstasy
Paul Forcer - Crying
Paul Forcer - Everytime We Touch
Paul Forcer - Fly Like An Angel
Paul Forcer - Grenade
Paul Forcer - Hurt You Again
Paul Forcer - Im In Love
Paul Forcer - Last Night
Paul Forcer - Only Girl
Sy and Unknown feat. Lou Lou - Love Cant Wait
6reenlight - Stuff
Andrew Grant Tato And Tucillo-Totalmente EP
Biggi - Put Ya Sunglasses on
Blue Rush-True Blue
Boris Roodbwoy And Ezzy Safaris Feat Robert Melor-Everybody Listen Here (Original Mix)
Cassey Doreen-Like A Virgin
Dan Gessulli
DJ Antoine
Djs From Mars and Fragma - Insane (In Da Brain)
Hal Incandenza-Little Mountains
Heiko Von Schriesheim-The World Is My App
Hot N Dirty and Uwe Worlitzer - Not So Doert
Ivan Demsoff-Skyline 3.0
John Vargas
Jose Del Valle-Somewhere Along The Way (Original Mix)
Joy Marquez And Paco Buggin-Mexico DF (Original Mix)
Kadebostan And Laolu
Krieger And Feuersaenger
Legowelt-Poverties Paradise EP
Mat Holtmann - Rocky
Matao-Time Flies
Mike Hindle-Grey Area EP
New Thomas - Sensation
Rishi Romero - Beatrocka
Silent Disco-Boom Ba Boom
Siwell and Shiller
Star Deluxe-Freaky Boys
Stefano Noferini - French Kiss
Stix - Human Picasso
Talstrasse 3
Torb-Mars Premier
VA-Disco House 2011 VOL.2
VA-From House To Electro 3.0
VA-House Deluxe - The New Season 2011.2
VA-House Mini Mix 2011 007
VA-Housesession ADE Sampler 2011
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 63
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 65
VA-Jm Traxx House and Dance Vol 66
VA-Jm Traxx House and Dance Vol 67
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 68
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 69
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 70
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 71
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 72
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 73
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 74
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 75
VA-JM Traxx House and Dance Vol 76
VA-Sun Avenue
VA-Swimming Circles A Re Release
VA-Vocal House Sensation
Willy Joy-Woman Like Me
Pink Floyd-The Dark Side Of The Moon-(Immersion Box Bonus CD)
Sinusoidal-Out Of The Wall-(Luna Music)
Andy Stott-We Stay Together
AUX 88-Aux 88 Mad Scientist Volume 3
Binum - This is Party Time
Danny Nagels-Accretion Disk
Emmanuel Top - Detune My Fortune Remixes (BLV199191)
Emmanuel Top - Fondamental
Emmanuel Top - Spacetime
Franzo Kolms-Dont Forget The Night
Konstantin Yoodza-What Are You Waiting For EP
Mic-E - Ground Forces
Pierre Delort And Remy Maurin-Pineapple EP (Part One)
Pierre Deutschmann-Ronix EP
Tom Glass
Vinz Connor And Andrew Becker-Spirit EP
Andy Van Kayne - Azure Dreamland-(PULSAR 012)
VA - Universal Religion Chapter 5 (Compiled by Armin Van Buuren)
VA-Armada Top 15 October 2011
VA-Symphony Vol 1

September 29th, 2011

Fused Forces-Diamondz EP
MRK1-Bo Rapapampam
Walton-Walton EP
Alba Wings - Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Fly Project - Goodbye-(881226 988729)
Lorenzo Ballerini DJ-Young Forever
Mattyas-Missing You
Max Marani and Matt Cee feat G-Ray and Mark Latif - Dont You Care
Nice DJ - By Your Side-(361015 0136237)
Speak One feat Tudor (Fly Project) and Irene - No 1
The Angry Kids Feat. Odissi
Trio Jet Vs Right Said Fred - Raise Your Hands-(100328 86)
VA-Flaix FM Summer 2011
Voxis - I Just Wanna
Switch Technique And Deathmachine-The Storyteller In The Dark
VA-Room Number One Our World VIP
Ado-The Ultra EP
Anonymous-Anonymous Series Vol 2
Foxdye-Untitled EP
VA-5 Years Compilation (Part One)-(SEMANTICA 30.1)
Afronaut and Aphrodisiax Feat Sabrina Chyld-Held on to Me
Ananda Project Feat. AK-Heaven is Right Here
Andres Santana-Funky Deep (the Remixes)
Avrosse-Double Trouble
Bobby and Steve Ft. Barbara Tucker and Bryan Chambers-Deeper in Love
Brunno Santos-Im Done with You
Carlos Vargas Feat Nicole Mitchell-Missing You
Dance4daddy Feat. Jacy Mai
Dinky-Time To Lose It
DJ Cem Feat. Chinua Hawk-Its Alright
DJ Mes and Sonny Fodera-Two Nights in Oakland
Francesco Tarantini-The Medicine Man Ep (Remixes and Edits)-(SSOH 49)
Frankie Knuckles Pres. Directors Cut Feat. Jamie Principle-Your Love
Friendly Fires
Ilko Iliev
J Lousat
JC Mazter-Stop The Music EP
John Beltran Feat Jeremy Ellis-Golden Night with You
John Crockett Feat. Natalie-You Are Loved-(UMR 0024)
Jonathan Meyer-Many Things EP
Lewis Ferrier Feat. An
Loading - Baby Baby
Mr. Cee Ft. Lady X
Neil Pierce Feat. Taliwa-Time is Now
Peter James Kahn and the Glovz-Shine (Mixes)
Raffa Scoccia-I Got A Woman
Rowick Deep-Unleashed EP
Scott Diaz-Press Play EP
Shane D Feat. Kerry Wood
Sonate-Idiome EP
Soul Purpose-This is House Music EP
Stereo Mutants Feat. Jermaine-Always About You
Tadeca-Uno Momento
The Pimp Feat. Roland Clark-Mystery (Claude Monnet Mixes)
TNT Feat. Dimondancer-Shimmy Shake
Tony Junior
Unitech-Sunny Day
VA-New Breed of Deep House EP
Yogi and Husky-Are You Waiting
Binum - Pow
The DSC-Fire RMX Herbalist
Hujaboy - The Seed
Magneto - Scope
Motion Drive - Recycled
VA - The Beach 2011
Double Trouble - Dont Be A Nobody
Hertzman-Mohel EP
Johannes Heil-G.O.D. EP
Svreca-Seda Muerta (Female Remix)-(SEMANTICA 18S)
Timid Boy-Isis EP
JP Bates and Antonia Lucas
Matias Faint-Casino Fire
Sander Van Doorn
Tom Colontonio feat Cibon-The Sun
VA-Arnej Presents Musical Evolution The First Chapter
Vast Vision

September 28th, 2011

VA-Music Box
Akcent - My Passion
Liz Primo
Ortal DJ Feat. Selena Gomez
Alien Seed-Night Of Justice EP
Bustrexx-A Wonderful Paradox In Time
Bustrexx-Abstract VIP
Bustrexx-Bustrexx EP
Centrik-Moving Forward EP
Dminds-Rotation - Directions
Effect-I Like Your Daughter EP
Hamilton-Brainstorm - Echoes
Krome and Time-The License (Serial Killaz and Break Remixes)
Rido-Twisted feat. Thomas Oliver - Core
Sam KDC-Marine Light EP
Taxman-My House - Thr33
Zero Method
Death In Vegas-Trans Love Energies
Equitant feat Lea X-Flash of Light The Remixes
Morris Cowan
The Source-What Have I Done
DJ Juanma - Back To Life
Placid K-G Member Remix
RoughSketch - Distorted Children EP
2000 and One-Analogue Dreams
Banana Groovz-Get High EP
Darpa-Hurt Affairs
David Folkebrant
Dirty South and Thomas Gold Ft. Kate Elsworth-Alive (Tommy Trash Remix)
DJ Kalypso-My Cherie (Original Mix)
Dmitry Molosh-Northern Lights
Drop the Lime-Shake Baby Shake
Erippio-Thud Song
Javi De Munoz-La Musica Es
Joe Kendut
Johnwaynes-The Yeah Yeah
Joker Ft. Silas-Slaughter House (Incl. Tiesto Remix)
Jon Sweetname
Junior C-Disco Charge
Lake People-Flugaal EP
Linus Quick Feat Mike Jones
Michael Freeman-Are We Related
Michael Montez-We Got The Groove
Morgan Page Sultan Ned Shepard and BT-In the Air Ft. Angela Mccluskey (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)
Native-2nd Gear (Original Mix)
Native-2nd Gear (Remixes)
Nouveau Yorican
Stefan Kl-Its Done For You
TAI-Beat Down Remix EP
Tommy Trash-Future Folk
Trim the Fat-Golden Touch
VA-Raubhuhn EP
Bahramji and Mashti - Divaneh
Daryl Hall-Laughing Down Crying
Sinusoidal-EP-(LUNCD 260)
Steve Hackett-Beyond The Shrouded Horizon
VA - Dub Dimensions
VA-Footloose (Music From The Motion Picture)
Mikari - High Fidelity
Ataneus-Zuchtmoewe EP
Chadash Cort-Hey Hey
Jon Hester feat. DVS1-Shouts In The Dark
Mark Jackus-Papa New Guinea EP
Moomin-Sweet Sweet
Nick Fourteen-Dark Side
Oliver Dodd-Devils Helper
Resoe-The Black Void Of Space EP 00.2
Sawf-Flaws Remixed
Sven Kerkhoff-Ambos EP
Tom Louraux
Transfarmers - Klap
Transfarmers - Riding With The Beat EP
Transfarmers - Riding with the Beat EP
VA - Surplus Sampler 045
VA - Surplus Sampler 45
Betsie Larkin-All We Have Is Now
Luca Antolini - Mastermind Part 2
VA-Armada Trance Vol 13 (Mixed By Ruben De Ronde)
VA-Clubland Vol 2
W And W

September 27th, 2011

Zed Bias-Biasonic Hotsauce Birth Of The Nanocloud
Gangsta Fun And Messinian-Dead City
Omega-Suspension Of Disbelief
Tankman-Squanc Out EP
TYP - 900 To 1700 1700 To Whenever
VA - Party 2011
Wordz Deejay-Pushin Me (Special Edition)
Narky-Bare Hands
Birdy Nam Nam-Defiant Order
Dan D-Noy-Why Not
Ivy-All Hours
Schnauz-Stars EP
Advanced Dealers - Trancecore 2.0-(Cenobite Digital 8)
Angeldust - Innovator Sky High
Bodylotion - The Final Bodylotion Pt. II
Bredasblar And Cor-Tex Feat. DJ Fruky - State Of Core EP
Chaosphere - Soul Assassins
DJ Neophyte and Scott Brown - This One Is For You
DJ Promo - Promo Style 004
Evil Activities - Dedicated (To Those Who Tried To Hold Me Down)
Evil Activities - X
Evil Activities and DJ Panic - Never Fall Asleep
Evil Activities vs Chaosphere - State Of Emergency
Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power
Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore Will Survive
Masters Of Ceremony - Know Your Enemy
Masters Of Ceremony - Under Control
Neophyte - Drugs
Proto X - Hectik
Scott Brown - The Buckfast Experience
Tha Playah - The Rule Of Cool
Aiho-69 Degrees
Alex Benedict
Alex OSN By One
Culoe De Song
Alexander Fog And Alberto Drago Feat Saga Bloom-Butterfly EP
Alli Borem-Graffios EP
Apple Juice-I Can See - Get Off The Mic EP
Auntie Flo vs DJ Sdunkero-Oh My Days Choosing Love
Axel Boman-Lucky Tiger EP
Branchie-Ambar Remixes
Breno Barreto Feat. Alex Marie-The Music
Brutal Kids
Club Soda-Back On
Cool Brother-Coolla EP
Cromie-How I Know - What To Do
Darwin and Backwall-Ask For More
Dave Qri-Made in Berlin
Dean Newton and Huggy-Night and Day-(AVA 473
Deep Dusk
Diego Miranda-Sound 2 The Underground
Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
Dirty Brothers-Space EP
Dobe Reverse
Dudley Strangeways-Depin EP
Elegant Hands-Sculpte La Vie
Enrico Sangiuliano and Patrik Carrera-46000 Feelings
Fabien Kamb
Felix Music-Magic Bag
Gustavo Miranda-Later that Night
Inspired Souls Sasha Funny Germaq-Last Summer Days (Original Mixes)
Jason Rivas-Agua Cristalina
Jose M. And Tacoman
Julien Fuentes-The Intacto EP
Lucas Reyes and SL Curtiz
Lucio Grandi-Paradise In Flames
MAKER-Fantasy EP
Marc Fisher and Carl Roda
Mark-E Craft-Spring Are Life
Massimo Cassini-Black Tone
Matthew Freedz-Fazer EP
Max Brett-Mysia - Xero EP (Incl Artem Zlobin Remix)
Pauly-Summer In Dublin
Pignose Guys-Peace Deep EP
Pillsman-Deeper Move
PRT Stacho and Underset-Moon Draws feat Ange
Robbie Rivera Vs. Spencer and Hill-The Hum Melody
Sheva Gh-Inside EP
Sidney Samson Ft. MC Ambush
Smokingroove-Clap Yo Hands
Softmal-Tech House Drops Vol. 1
Stephen Payne-Introducing Stephen Payne
Style Mistake
The Floorfillerz-It Fillerz Good
The House Inspectors and Lunabass-Next To You
The Puffballs-La Revolution
VA-BIT Sampler 2011
VA-Straight Out The Oven Sampler
VA-Versuz Pool Lounge Finest 4
Choopie And Arik Bar - Zen Story
Gloria Estefan-Miss Little Havana
Pink Floyd-The Dark Side Of The Moon-(Experience Edition)
Pink Floyd-The Wall-(Discovery Edition)
VA-Hotel Costes 15
Blue Lunar Monkey - Countdown
Space Hypnose-Back In Time EP
VA - Goa Beach Vol. 17
VA-Drop Out Vol 3
Andrea Casula-A Day EP
CBT-(Phi) EP
Dr. Berger-The Stairway Mobile EP
Fernando Sanz And Cesar Martinez-Snap Shot E.P
Joe Kolbohm-Joe Kolbohm
Kenny Brian
Mario Franca-Always Look
Matthew Freedz-Afterhours EP
Minoru-Learn Modus EP
Remute-Zig Zag Dax
Shane Silver
Subsotano-Cosmics Waves
Thomas A.S
Ron Hagen and Al Exander-Now Is The Time
Sam Punk-Hard Dance E.P
Surrounder-The Journey Control Me

September 26th, 2011

Nanobyte-The Realms EP
Nautiluss And Lord Skywave
Need For Mirros Bazil-Lo Walk
VA-Promo Only Rhythm Radio October
D-Tune And EMD Boyz-Rock The Club Remixes
Paffendorf-Stop That Shit Incl Rocco Vs Bass-T Remix
Sins Of Sound Feat Mc Y2k-Mirame-(KAOS 188)
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Dance Traxx Vol 210
Lusty Zanzibar-The Feeling EP
Dom And Roland-The Big Bang LP
Medics-Supersonic EP
Noisia-Tommys Theme
Submatic-Love Your Time EP
VA-Beta Wave EP
Joakim-Nothing Gold (Deluxe Edition)
Philipp Gorbachev-In The Delta
Radiohead-TKOL RMX7
SebastiAn-Love In Motion
The Human League
Art of Fighters and Endymion - Freaks
Art Of Fighters And Endymion - Freaks Plastic Surgery
Ac3-Massively Disturbed
Aki Nair Hanell and Rosberg
Aquarius Heaven-Cant Buy Love EP
Art Of Tones-La Debandade
Danny Freakaqzoid And Strobe Vs Tom Novy-Can You Dig It
Davis Redfield Feat Jay Cless-Sun Drops Down
DEEPCHILD-The Suffering Ones
Dominic Thomas - Monostragioni
D-Solve And Digman - Anyday Part 2
Due Figli Deep-Sex Toy Abstract Dream
Estetique-Alice Dreams EP
Francesco Farfa and Alen Sforzina
Hakan Ludvigson
Hardwell and Nicky Romero - Beta
Javier Logares-Silicon Drift
Jon McCormick-Style Over Substance
Kassem Mosse-Enoha EP
Lee Daines-Club Sex EP
Lorne Gyss-I Want To Be Free
Lyle Quach-The Indian Groove
Marcel Woods-Inside Me (Bassjackers Remix)
Marcus Schossow-Swedish Nights
Michel De Hey Vs M.I.R.K.O-Give Me A Light
Miguel Campbell-Baby I Got It
Mr Raoul K-Africa Remixed Volume 1
Nick Curly-Sun City EP
Paris FZ And Simo T
Patric La Funk-Time And Time Again
Pentatones-The Devils Hand Remixes
Phunktjan-My Eyes Are Open
Prok And Fitch Vs Juan Kidd-Star Guitar
Re-Zone-Dark Side Slave
Rodriguez Jr
Sasse Stelios Vassiloudis-The Z
Scuba-Adrenalin EP
Steve Hope And Emil Berliner-Wrong Side EP
Sweet Wave-Cheap Whiskey
Tove Styrke-Call My Name Incl High and Low Taped Remixes
Tripmastaz-House Syndrome EP
VA-Elegantstyle Volume 3
Viudez Rainer
The Bang Stylerz - Mother Fucker
Pink Floyd-The Dark Side Of The Moon-(Remastered Digipack)
VA-Brownswood Bubblers Seven
VA-DMC Essential Hits 78
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Urban Traxx Vol 173
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
VA - Goa X Vol. 9 Golden Summer Edition
Aesthex - Storyteller
Bleak - Isolated
Bryan Black Presents Black Asteroid-Engine 1 The Remixes
Code Black - Visions
Coeter One
Elon - Colombian
Geck-O - It Never Sleeps
Giuseppe Catalano-Arabic Ep
Gonno-Acdise 2
Hector Couto-Balada De Suenos EP
JKM and Stephan Strube vs CJ Key - Showtime EP
Johnny Aemkel and BeCoolMan-Distance Darkness
Liberty Klaud-Funked Up Ep
Linda Swallow-Darkest Nightmares
Michelle Zurn-Auftrieb Ep-(426026 9790340)
Morten Berg And LuLu-E - Here We Go
Nima Khak-Beat Of Life
Pablo Rez-Reclaim Straight
Paul Gala
Philippe Rochard - Wonderland
Regenmusik-Saturday Night Slag Reloaded-(361015 0073877)
Robert Hood-The Greatest Dancer
The Vision - History Of Life EP
The Vision - History Of Life EP
Ucleden-Bug Reports
VA - Against the Rules EP
VA - Captain Nation (Including Unmixed Full Tracks and Full Mix CD)
VA - Depth Perception
VA-Missed Flight
VA-Various Items
Wasted Penguinz - Stay Alive Circle Of Life
Aaron Camz
Arty feat Tania Zygar-The Wall
Dan Stone
Daniel Wanrooy-Slice Of Life-Episode 9
Dart Rayne
Markus Schulz presents Dakota-Saints In A Green Valley
Mat Zo-Frequency Flyer
Mus vs Lafri Bilel-Free Fall
Tenishia-Shores Of Eden
VA-Black Hole Radio September 2011
Virtual Vault - Exodus

September 25th, 2011

Baymont Bross and Sporty-O-Handz Sky Up
Bo Scott-Bo Knows Disco
Direct Input
DR Beats-Punta Umbria
Dream Logic-Dream Logic EP
Farace Feat Trevor Rockwell-Feel that Ammunition
Kranky and Lethal-Reflection EP
Kranky and Lethal-The Musics End EP
Lethal and Requiem-Speedball EP
Mafia Kiss
Manu Twister-BBB EP 3
Neighbour and MC Thinktank-The Crusader EP
Parallax Breakz-Velocity EP
STEX-Super Pupa Funky
VA-Parallel Vibes EP
DJ Dean - Double Trouble
Current Value And Donny-Revolt And Riot
Tali-Dark Days High Nights
D End-The Bedroom Jam EP
DJ Twister Aka Vinyl Cat-Bangers on the Breaks Vol 5
DJ Twister Aka Vinyl Cat-Funky Double Barrel Vol 1
DJ Twister Aka Vinyl Cat-Funky Double Barrel Vol 2
Domino and Edit Undo-High Tide
Evren Ulusoy-Fade To Blonde 3
Frankmusik-Do It In The AM
Gerry King-Smooth Operator
Heyoka-Cosmic Boogie
Heyoka-Intergalactic Carnival
Klartraum-Evolution Remixes
Mark McGuire-Get Lost
Paronator-Mountain Life
Scarlet Fantastic-24 Hrs (with Bonus Tracks)
Subsky-Mellow Wolf
The Beatmonkeys-Alien Sandwich LP
The Beatmonkeys-Cheeky Man
Attaboy-Love the House
Audiobeats-Suramerican Groove
Bart B More and Harvard Bass-The Ones EP
DJ Jean vs Funkastarz-Freakin Out
DJ Raid
Dune-Heiress Of Valentina (Alesso Mixes)
Echelon Plan-Black Dots In An Ocean Of White
Ellez Marinni-My Name EZ
Invisible Brothers-Second Dive EP
Marcelo Vak-Sweet Winter
North Beach-Let It Play
Paul Diep-En Estado EP
Raone Franco-Jazzing On Deep
Rodrigo Soria-Bold EP
Steve Nash-Hoehe 018
Style of Eye-Wet Dry EP
VA-Lake Point - Toronto
Wawa-Do It 2
Yeray Herrera-Deep Blue Sea
D-Dave-Pleading Insanity
Lilith-Love Is All
Blawan-What You Do With What You Have
Casino Times-Laughing Gas-(Frank Rodas Purple Drank Remix)
Danilo Vigorito And Gretchen Rhodes-The Smell Of The City (Remixes Part One)
Developer and Fanon Flowers
Einmusik-Oceans Bottom Pt 1
Fabian Schumann Marco Fender Black Vel-Sucia - Shining - Sunstroke
Fabian Schumann Marco Fender Black Vel-Sucia - Shining - Sunstroke
Gomez Jerando-Kush EP
Jacob Dannyl-Where is My Mind
London Fm-Libettas Way EP
Miss Djax
Morgenklang-Verao EP
Oliver Schories-Black Rain EP
Paul Nazca-This Is The Hand
Samuel Fach-Simple Pleasure
Soukie And Windish
Stefko Kruse-Stumpf EP
Stefko Kruse-Stumpf EP
VA-Leuten EP
VA-Limited Groovers Vol 2
VA-Stars - No Good Music
VA-Unknown Waters - Melanin
April-Im In Love
DJ Angeldemon

September 24th, 2011

Distance-Headstrung No Sunshine
Rares DJ - Set Free-(PTR 015)
TK - Collide-(SAI 2221)
VA - Danceandlove Summer Selection (Gabry Pontes Selection)-(803407 7241143)
Kubatko and Jo
Phatplayaz-Hate To Love You
Killahman Machine-Charlie Zion
Remain and Mlle Caro
The Exaltics-We Are Not Your Friends (Annihilate The Planet)
Zombieflesheater-Tweng-(GRINDPLATE09 KRITIK01)
2tan-Mark 2
A.C and Guille Castro
Alzo-34 Deep Doors
Andrea Fissore-Together We Are
Andrew Stets-Lady Guitar
Andrey Faustov-Lost At Sea
Art Of Tones-La Debandade (Plus De Beats Edition)
Azzido Da Bass-We Love Hamburg
Bittersuite-Life Cycle B-W Blockhead
Candy Shop-Girls From All Your Dirty Magazines (Decay City Mix)
Charley Prince-Funk Wecker (Original Mix)
Charley Prince-Make You Move (Original Mix)
David Chrissor-Party In The Jungle 1
Denis Solomon And Demian Nova
Dirty Basterdz and Brian Blue-Summer Break Up
Dirty Cat
DJ Antsyrev-Desire Full
DJ Jeroenski-U Are
DJ Soulstar-Around The World
DJ Veljko Jovic-Coincidence Does Not Exist
Dom Digital Featuring Bojana Pop-Sex Drugs And Musik
Duet Delony Djs
Dzeta N Basile-In Vita
Essential Groovers-Malibu Sunrise
Ezequiel Asencio And DMD Doctor-Que Calufa
Fatten Klaus-Gulf Stream EP
Ferdinand Dreyssig-Green Chili EP
Fiolent V-Space Entropy
Frankox-Mygeeto Valkyrie
Gareth Emery Feat. Lucy Saunders-Sanctuary (The Remixes)
Greg Mak
Gregg Morrish feat Dennis Wonder - You Know What I Want-(CC 2005)
Grooveshakerz-Island Of Love (Danny Costta Remix)
Guy Scheiman
Hoxton Whores Feat Krysten Cummings
Ilker Yildiz-Deep Diving
Incognet and Madmax-Point A
Jack Diche-Dark Hall
Jay Ronko and Josh Newson-Foxes and Wolves
Jo Manji-Long Train
Jo Manji-Long Train (Part 2)
Kasa Remixoff
Kerkez-Rolling Things EP
Kevstar and Silvio Luz
Labwerkz-CRINGE (Original)
Lanfree And Gianni Coletti-I Love America
Les Tronchiennes-Burp D
Loose Village
Louie Cut-What We Think
Luke PN-Sweet Sounds (Extended Mix)
Luke Shayer
Mad Nation-Do You Remember
MANIK-Gotta Have It EP
Matt Heize-Petite Fleur EP
Modern Walker
Moon Traveler-To The Moon
Omar El Gamal-Mr Karate
OSCAR TG-Solar Flared (Original Mix)
Pallada - Rock That Shit
Paul James Ft Elena Josepha-Strip Me Down (HH Soulsurvivors Club Mix)
Paul Kwitek
Pavel Denisov-Sparks Lane
Peter K And Andrew M-From Disco To Disco (Slicerboys Remix)
Platinum Monkeys
PZLD-Never Better EP
Renato Jacomini-Crowd Control
Rio Padice - Steinwiese
Ruca Apple-Decided To Believe
Ryoma Takemasa A Sizzling Groove Chop Pt 1
Saleem Razvi-Freedom At Midnight
Sebastian Porter-Tweaking EP
Sicilian House
Stephan V. Star-Black Waters
Stereo Modemayk Tha Funkmasilo Profeta-Keep On Whistling
Steve Valentine-Low Frequency
Super Flu-Euterpeh Remixes
Susu Bobien
Traxer Feat Yo-Licious-Dont Stop (Club Mix)
VA - Toolroom Records Ibiza Chill
Viktor K-Colors Of Highway
Voltergeist-Burnt And Buried
VA-Supperclub Vol 1
VA-Supperclub Vol 2
VA-Supperclub Vol 3
VA-Supperclub Vol 4
VA-Supperclub Vol 5
Cyklones - Love And Jealousy
Echotek - Elektron Fever
Echotek - Tech No Logic
VA-Real Time
Alexander Kowalski
Andrea Mattioli And Stefano Kosa-Flashback Dejavu
Apollo Of Minneapolis-Checkpoint Charlie
Axel Karakasis-Beta EP
Chase Buch-Aint Your Party
Jeahmon-Habitat Chameleon
Julien Bracht-Down Under EP
Mauro Picotto-Twentyeleven (Remixes Part 1)
P Toile
Pavel Svetlove-Believe In The Desires
Simonus-Screamer (Original Mix)
VA-Best Of Sleaze Vol 3
VA-Blackrose Classics Remixed
Ana Criado - Cant Hold Back The Rain-(ADRAZ 003)
Nic Von Tribe-Beach Sand
VA - Armada Trance Vol 13
VA - Arnej Presents Musical Evolution The First Chapter

September 23rd, 2011

Adrian Sina feat Sandra N - Angel
Cascada-Au Revoir
Da Hool - No Love Anymore
Escon - Angel Eyes
Gdream vs Persian Raver - You Are My Angel-(TULLIDO 039)
Punkrockerz Feat Carmen Camille-Shine 4U 2.0
VA-Swedish Disco Society
Cooh-Moscow EP
Kite-Kite IV
Soulstice-In The Light
Stateless-Im On Fire
Yonderboi-Passive Control
Alejandro Trebor-Sbatt EP
Alexander Gaas
Bodybangers feat Carlprit and Linda Teodosiu - One More Time-(425033 0564529)
Chus and Ceballos-Back on Tracks Vol.2
Craig Hamilton-Kelvingroove EP
Damir Pushkar-Train Station Luxemburg
DJ Bounce-No One Gonna Love You
DJ Ivan Roudyk and Shena
DJ Mckoy-Black Kids
El Zorro-The Mask
Enrico Mantini-Da Undaground Truth EP
FM Audio - Killer 2K11
Gaetano Chimienti
Horny United and Philippe Heithier-Only You (Tujamo Remix)
Imprezaboys-Casual Dream
Joy Marquez And Omar Labastida-La Sandia (Original Mix)
Kai Tracid and Kris Menace-Buchla 200e
Li-On-Generation D (Original Mix)
Mr. G-Gs Spot EP
N.O.O.D-Old Park
Nicole Moudaber-Break It EP
Phon.o-ABAW 723
Riccardo Rizza-All Whole EP
Sleep D-Lazin Mustard EP
Spencer and Hill Touch Away (The Remixes)
Stereo Express-Confession Lodi Los Gehen
The House Moguls-Flauto in Terrazza
The Marchant Brothers
Todd Terry and Gypsymen-Babarabatiri (Copyright Remix)
VA-Dance Balkanian Hits
VA-Fear Of Flying Essentials Vol 1
VA-Ibiza Night Dancefloor
VA-Pacha Ibiza The Italian Collection Summer 2011
VA-The Poker Flat B Sides Chapter Four The Best Of Catalogue 76 100
Rihanna-We Found Love
Burn Soldier and Artemis - History Of Hardstyle
Dark System - I Got You
Felix Kroecher - Laeuft Und Passt
Jens Zimmermann-La Vie Est Precieuse EP
Muto-Remember This
SQL And Child-My Minds
Syntec And Linus Quick-Flex EP
The Viper - Comming Home
TNT aka Technoboy N Tuneboy vs Kutski - Sucksess
VA-Riley Reinhold Embark 01
Wollion And Dualton-Venezuela EP
Nuera Pres. Levann-In Georgia EP
System F vs Cosmic Gate-The Blue Theme (Ferry Corsten Fix)
VA-Trance Mini Mix 009 2011
W and W

September 22nd, 2011

Tunnidge-Control Decay-(GDKR002) *
Chris Van Dutch Meets Dropz-Dynamite 2011-(CAPP11-0062)-HUSQ *
DJ Dean Meets Kolja Beckmann-Eternal Peace-UKHx *
Grax - Come Back To Me-(3000051788) *
Groove Coverage-Angeline (Special Argentinian Edition)-(DBR050)-HUSQ *
Inna - I Am The Club Rocker-(278 344-4) *
Jay Be - Nothing But Pain-(426023 7983088) *
Tab - Face The Truth-(3000051998) *
VA - Cover Collection Vol 2-BiLDERBERG *
VA - MNM Nineties 90s And 00s Nillies Volume 2-2CD *
VA - Tekno 60-(600753358542)-2CD *
VA-Houseworks-Sunlight Beach Party-(0081492PHO)-KOPiE *
VA-Summer Parade-Party Megamix 2011-(TBA-9878-2)-KOPiE *
Ahmet Sendil-Acapulco-(BU128) *
Alex and Chris-Mesmerized-(Smoothnotes) *
A-Moon-Why-(OTB206) *
Antonio Valente-Express Yourself-(RM089) *
Aspen-Isnt It About Time You Thought About Something More Than What Makes You Happy-(INVOLVE016) *
Baeka-Soul Shift Music Star Project-(SSM0175D) *
Black Jazz-Soul Shift Music Expression-(SSM0089D) *
Bracket-Spilt Cider-(BRACKOUT03) *
Bream-I Am Jacob-(3700578303875) *
Carlim-System-(DLR000081) *
Chris Sterio and Steve Mcgrath-The Sound-(SOFGDIGI066) *
Cristian Guerra-Chameleon EP-(BAEX013) *
Dan Royal-A Perfekt Match-(3610150132680) *
Daniel Moreno-Many Things EP-(MDR004) *
Danny Marquez and Tuccillo-Mumba-(VENMX951R) *
Deviate-Love Keeper-(SD052) *
Digio-Love Music Drugs-(0345AS) *
DJ Logan and DJ Angelo Dani-Sunset-(3610150126122) *
El Africano Blanco-El Africano Blanco-(RM047) *
Electro-Crazed-Best Reason Vol 5-(CPR039) *
Galaxian-Repent-(TRAJECTORY2020X) *
Incognito-Freedom To Love-(RPM019) *
Jorge Montia-Houze Muzik-(PR089) *
Julian Brody-Fuego EP-(PNTMZK018) *
Miguel Picasso-Be Water-(A0090) *
Ooft-Red Zone EP-(FOTO001D) *
Strong R and Sluki-Funk With Me-(DFPR001) *
The Drama-That Sound-(EXKL10077) *
VA - Fusion Festival 2011-PsyCZnP *
DJ Trax - Take Me Away-(XDR005) *
Pex L - Are You Ready-(XDR004) *
Adrian Hour-Did the Earth Move-(FRESHIN011)-MonoPoly *
Aldo Cadiz And Adriano Filippucci-All In One EP-(EINMALEINS059) *
Anthony Nicholson-Year Of The Rebel-(CMAL002) *
Aquarius Heaven-Cant Buy Me Love EP-(WLM16) *
Arbar-Gromund and Pound EP-(AA021) *
Arnauld Stengel and Tschoum-Mind Splinter-(SP181006)-MonoPoly *
Autumn Park-Old Oliver EP-(HROOM114) *
Avrosse-Ezekiel 2517-(DROP010)-MonoPoly *
Aybee and Afrikan Sciences-The Nibiru Projekt
Balance Wheel-Wave-(BHR003) *
Barry Coleman-Tirante-(NG019)-YOU *
Ben Hamilton-Funk Yeah-(TBH045)-MonoPoly *
Ben Lb-Revolution-EP-(THR028)-MonoPoly *
Berny and Guru-Way To Freedom-(SOB006) *
Bocca Grande-Procedere 2011-(REB056) *
Boral Kibil-Last Resort-(DSD045)-YOU *
Bugz In The Attic Presents Homecookin-Do What You Wanna-(CONSOLE09CD) *
Chico And Tom Feat. Lee-Where Do You Go-UKHx *
Chris Rusu-Verloren-(RRR071)-MonoPoly *
Convergeplus-Blue Label Series 3- Prana-Aqua-(8TH038D) *
Cream Sound-Outside Your Eyes-(FLR009) *
Cristian Guerra-Paresis-EP-(DSRL129)-MonoPoly *
CYX-Hold It Down-(BEAT004) *
Darand Land-Foregrounds and Backgrounds-(DOWNBEAT004) *
David K Ft Opium-Somewhere In My Head-(R2P001) *
Decay City-Blue World-(10031772)-YOU *
Deep Space Orchestra and James Johnston-The Chrome Hand EP-(BGO003) *
DJ Angola-Unreleased Remixes EP 1-(DECKSTATIC02) *
DJ BF-Unsurpassed-(SOUL013) *
DJ Qu-Gymnastics-(SMR010G) *
DJ Ra Soul-Take It Slow EP-(SSR047) *
Edoardo Spolaore-Bastard Clap-EP-(BAEX018)-MonoPoly *
Endiger-Bright Nature-(0380AS)-YOU *
Eric Chase-A Night Like This-UKHx *
Falko Niestolik And Sebastian Roter-Danja EP-UKHx *
Frankman-At Night-(FMD13) *
Fred P-Soul Music EP-(MULE081) *
Frederick Alonso-Booze-(0001) *
Good Guy Mikesh and Filburt-Gold Snake EP-(TEP001) *
Gurtz-Back On Track EP-(EINMALEINSEXTRA027) *
Hans Bouffmyhre and Lex Gorrie-Sibling Rivalry-EP-(SLEAZE060)-MonoPoly *
Inpetto-Move-UKHx *
Jeison Torres and Nando Scheffer-Downtown-(TCHT045)-MonoPoly *
Jenifa Mayanja-Woman Walking In The Shadows-(BU-M018) *
Joe Dominguez-Boombox-(10031747)-MonoPoly *
Jose Rico and Mike Huckaby-Downbeat 3
Jose Rico-Yagoba Itzoiten
Juju and Jordash-Hired Guns EP
Junior Gee-As Day Breaks
Lora-No More Tears
Makam-Reconstructed Disc II
Mark Funk
Maxim Buldakov-Another Side
Norma Jean Bell-Come Into My Room
Oddvar-The Dark Defender
Omar S Presents Colonel Abrams-Who Wrote The Rules Of Love-(FXHEO and C)
Omar-S-It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It
Rebecca and Fiona-Hard Mysto and Pizzi Remixes
Relaunch-Art Of Ambiance
Revero-Some Sort Of Love You Are Mine
Sam Hayfield-Sweet Lake City
Samurai-Forever (Deep House Set)
Scott Ferguson-The Wood Six EP
Selda-Mad About You
Sharam Jey Pres. Soundz Fresh-Lets Get It On
Simon Firth-Threat Detected
Static Method
Threesixty and Jason Taylor
Trinidadian Deep-Drums Of Passion
VA - Top 100 Discocharts Vol.3
VA-5ALIVE Sampler 2
VA-Buddha Grooves Chill House
VA-City Soul People Volume 6-(DHINTCD11)
VA-City Soul People Volume 7-(DHINTCD12)
VA-Deep Love
VA-Dessous Presents Eccentris Vibes (Compiled By Sac)
VA-Detroit DeepConstructed
VA-Lovestoned EP
VA-Refined Textures Vol 1
VA-Rimini 2
VA-Selected Works Vol 2
VA-The Jam Files 05
VA-Under The Surface Appears Real Beauty Vol 4
Wolfgang Gartner-Weekend In America
Wuttig and Reuter-Thai Break Tight
Zeque-Dr Funk
Blazo-Colors Of Jazz
Mr Gasmask vs Acidolido-Antani Records
D-Tek-D-Tek And Friends EP
VA - Artificial Elements
VA - Cool People Suck
VA-Hope Vol 4 Night Music
Alex Delia And Nihil Young-Rave-O-Lution Remixes Part 3
Arnaud Le Texier-Flavour EP
Da Bangerz - Dirty Bitch
Dekel Terry-My Kinky Machine (Original Mix)
DJ Spider - Samurai Chronicles (PBR021)
Fragmax vs Xtremfusion - Are You Ready
Heisenberg - Pinkman EP
Revelation Of Noise-Proof Load
Sandy Huner And Ramon Tapia
Stefano Tropeano
Timo Garcia
DJ Mishalife-Inadequate Human-(OTOBP 116)
Fher Vizzuett-Hallelujah-(BHL 011)
Jenya Solid - Im An Avalanche
Josdar - Love Life

September 21st, 2011

Addergebroed-Zodiac EP
Arete and Kaution feat. Lady Shanime-Back In The Daylight
Benton-20 20
De Niro-Night Shift EP
Dropfellas-City Lights
Dropfellas-Like It EP
Dropfellas-No Way
Epitome-13th Flat EP
Epitome-All Right
Gangsta Na Play Aka Numa Crew-Gangsta Na Play
Killawatt-Shakuhachi EP
Melamin and Wicked Sway
Nhertz-The Sunday Oscillation EP
P Era and FJH-The Flying Guillotine EP
Radiokillaz-London Sound EP
Sensproof-Deep Inside
Unstable Compound
VA-Frijsfo Beats Volume 3
2 Bit Thugs Step Forward EP
A2C-The Machine EP
Adam Yasmin-Sonically Speaking-(900879 8066278)
Agent K And Bella
Audio Dealers
Audio Dealers
Audio Dealers-Lollies Contest
Audio Dealers
Audio Dealers
Audio Dealers
Booty Vibes-Booty Vibes Vol 2
Dave London-Dont Call Me Stalker
Dr Beats-Puto Armario
Evil L-Above EP
Forufreezer-The Beginning Of The BLP
Funk You Very Much-Strictly Jointz Volume 1
Javi R-Alone Breaks EP
Kaba-More Oxygen EP
Mutantbreakz-Oh Baby
Prototyperz-In Connection
Quincy Jointz and Sr de Funk
Radiactive X
Radiactive X-The Light In The Darkness EP
Rennie Pilgrem-Ericas Fix
Rennie Pilgrem-Ericas Fix (Breakspoll Mix)
Rennie Pilgrem-Street Legal 3
Tcubeprojects-Electric Man EP
The Brotherbreakz-Pliss Plass
VA-Homemade Bullets Volume 2
VA-Its Summertime
VA-Latchkey Kid EP
VA-Ri Or Anna
VA-Stylez A
VA-The Moebius EP
VA-VA Series
What Now-Cosmic Breakdown
Wiruu-Trust A Monster
Danny Wild feat Joanna Rays - Happy People Remixes EP
Leelee-Boombada-(Promo CDS)
Maybee-Goodbye Valentine
VA - Hitzone 59
VA Kontor Top Of The Clubs 2011 04-Clubs 2011 04
Frankie Sinistra-Cant Stop Playing With Fire
Neighbour And Think Thank-Lando EP
Neighbour-Funky Underground
Oldschool Rider-Rock Luck EP
U Tern Vs Neighbour
VA-Audited Beats EP
Amoss-The Spectrum EP
Audio Dealers
Babylon Timewarp-Durban Poison Remixes
Dialogue and Total Recall Feat. Smoak-Prevention Ice Buster
DJ Hidden-Youre Not Real Breathe In Breathe Out
Optiv And BTK Feat MC Fokus
Qumulus and BMK
Josh Osho Feat. Ghostface Killah-Redeption Days Remixes
Parvata-Let Go
Pulpfusion-Sex Drums Funk And Roll
12 Inch Plastic Toys
Alex Sosa-More Love More You EP
Alpha State and Chris Nunchaku
Andrea Piacentini-Flower EP
Andrew Duke-All That Glitters EP
Andy Ash-Dance EP
Autodeep-For Too Long
BitterSuite-Finale Select Vol. 2
Briana-Life Keeps On Going
Craig Bratley-The Sound EP
Curtis B And Houserocka-Ka Tako Grill
Daniel Ray-After Light EP
Deep Space Orchestra-Riding EP
Dirty Secretz
DJ Juginz-Lost It All
DJ Kravtsov-Its So Good EP
DJ Spice T-A Day Has Come
Eda-Youre Kidding Me EP
Ell-Nikki-Running Scared-(MX 2204)
Flavio Zogaib-Sunday Questions (Original Mix)
Francesco Zani-The Sun Goes Down EP
Gerich And Dirty Bass Project-Sky And Land EP
House Republic
ICR-To Make Right Whats Left
Jaffa Surfa
Joman-Patterns Of Infinity
Joy Saccone Feat Cristina Z-My Love is for Hire
Justin Imperiale-Tropical Jazz
Lucius Lowe-Sabbatical Sessions
Maduzah And Sue Cho And XPLOD3-Im Free
Marsal Ventura And Surrender Djs Feat Medussa And Juan Magan-Some Love 2.0-(CSDA 0088)
Michael J Collins-Thank You And Fuck You
Miguel Migs-Outside The Skyline
Mit Sinn
Nadia Ali and Starkillers and Alex Kenji-The Pressure
Nate Caswell feat. Tai Davis-This Nightlife Paris
Paul Cart-Where is the Party
Pink Pompeii-Dark Cloud
Planet King-Dream State
Rennie Pilgrem-Street Legal 2
Rob Technic Feat Nikk J
S1G Of Storm
Save The Robot-Party People
Sebastian Groth-X is Mine
Sensproof-Crush EP
Sensproof-Fucking Suicide
Tanner Ross And Soul Clap-Shady Shores EP
The Imperial Suite
Tone Float-Blue Velvet EP
VA-Battle Royale Vol 1
VA-Beatdown Sampler
VA-Deso Deep Vol 2
VA-Hamburg Elektronisch Vol 1 Von House Zu House
VA-Privilege Summer 2011
Vincent Slice-Let These Girls
Warrior-Happines Day 2010
VA - Ibiza Sunset Chill
Tekniset - Teknical Problems
Hansi Ruting And Federico Giust
Julian Jeweil-Hermanos EP
Karpe-DM feat None Like Joshua - Slave To The System
Lee Holman - 2nd Kawl EP (KAWL002)
Locke and Matt Star - Offenbach Symphonie (WIRRWARR04)
Michael Knop-Weak Chin EP
Mike Dehnert
Paul Loraine-Dig Out
Thankyou City-The Riddle At Fortunes Pass
The Dizzorder and R-Tillary - Fluffy
Tim Baker and Fun Police-Time Capsule EP (RER041)
VA-Explosive Car Tuning 26
Haywire-Telekinetik-(FFF 007)
VA-Streamlined 2011 Tunis (Mixed By Leon Bolier)
VA-United Djs EP

September 20th, 2011

Aardvarck-Anti Concept EP
Balkansky And Loop Stepwalker
Damu-Ridin EP
Howla-Howla EP
Joker-Here Come The Lights Ft. Silas
Kahn-Way Mi Defend
King Midas Sound-Kuedo And Mala Versions
Maguett-Twilight EP
Mizz Beats-Are We The Dictators
Mosca-Done Me Wrong
Throwing Snow-Shadower Sanctum
Various Artists-Hoya Hoya Vol 3
Jewelry S-Ames Room Vol.2
Marc Lime and K Bastian - The Music Incl Chris Decay Remix
VA-I Wanna See All My Friends At Once
Gemini-Graduation EP
Kayus-Excalibur - Brainwave
No Money-The Illuminati EP
VA-Autumn Brilliants LP
Blunted Monkz-Breakfast Sessions
Humming Urban Stereo
OL-Kurilovo EP
Tropics-Parodia Flare
VA-Electric Fantastic Sound No 7
VA-HoyaHoya 1
VA-HoyaHoya 2
Outblast And Korsakoff - Hymn Of Syndicate (Official Syndicate Anthem)
Waily - HC Linja 2011 Overnight Sensation
Aitor Galan and Alvaro Corz feat. Kaysee-Think About The Way
Aitor Galan feat. Henry Mendez-Pica Pica
Alain Ho-Into A Deep
Alex Denne-African 2012
Alex Denne-Denne Rocks
Alex Fat
Alex Niggemann-Point Of No Return
Alex OSN-Ghost House
Andrea Roma-Pi Pi Pi
Ante Perry-Flashing Disco Sounds II EP-(MOON042)-()
Bass Kleph and Olivier Giacomotto - Three Counts EP
Blacktron-The Kids
Borja Rubio feat. Henry Mendez
Charlie Solana-Let Me Feel
Clark Davis
Daniel Dexter and Nhan Solo-Our Thang EP
Daniel Portman and Stanley Ross-Rock The Key
Denigons-Lite Emotion
Depthide-August In Poland
DJ Nano feat. Vanessa Klein Present-I Drove All Night
Dodge Lab-Close Encounter
East Cafe-The Fountain
Eighthz-Miel De Lavande
George Moraitis-Breaking The News
Gregor Es-Slideland-(VE 221)
Hakan Lidbo-Heathers Secret Life
Hermanez-Camu Flash
Iggy Miles
Jordy Espinosa
Jose Amor and Estela Martin-Take It Off
Jose Rives-Samba Magic
Joshel-Flying Cat
Kai Van Crash-Nice Trip
Kira Neris-A Frozen Second Remixes
Komfort Zone
Lopezhouse-GMT 2
Marcos Valiente-Fly With Me
Marvin Zeyss - Living Forever EP
Massimo Girardi-Settebello EP
Max Von Valentiner-Showin Off Remix
Mijail-8 Beats
Mindset-Yuu - Jakarta - Andromeda
Monica X feat. Rebeca-Ritmo De La Noche
Off Remixer
Pazkal-Close To The Water EP
Peter Horrevorts-Birthschoolworkdeath EP
QMUSSE-Jazz is Everything
Raf-Unemozione Inaspettata (Remixes By Restylers)
Ralph Daily-Keep Em Flying
Sem Thomasson-Feel Love
Silco Vicenzo and Javi Always feat. Vanessa Klein-Pray Special 2011 Remixes
Starkillers Pimp Rockers Tom Hangs and Marco Machiavelli-Insomnia (The Remixes)
The Drunkers Italy-Placebo Effect
The Junkies Question
Tomer Elimelech
VA-Blunted Monkz
VA-Fierce Angel Presents Es Vive Ibiza 10th Anniversary Edition
VA-Munich Disco Tech Volume 13
VA-Totally Mobilee The Remix Collection Vol 1
VA-Vintage EP
G-Fresh - Collab EP
Trent Easton - The Saga
VA - Fresh Beats Sampler 5
Major7 and X
Subsistence-Psychedelic Essence
Time In Motion and Flexus-Smooth Vibrations EP
VA-Progressive Killers Vol 6
Vertex-Spliff Science
Alessandro Grops-Dark Sould EP
Conforce-Dystopian Elements EP-(89DSR CFC2)
D-Block And S-Te-Fan - Show Me The Way
Gunnar Jonsson-Relationer EP
Phunk Investigation-U Know
VA-Raveline Mix Session By Mauro Picotto (Mixed By Mauro Picotto)
VA-Techno Delicious (Compiled By Don Vitalo)
Amir Farhoodi-Blue Way
FRONT-No Time To Back (Repack 2011)
Lodos-Unfaithful Incl Planisphere Remix
Mark Iliffe-Akina Balu Mist Olivers Dream
Martin Libsen-Distance To Light Sirius EP
Miqz-The Rave
Oen Bearen And TrancEye-Goodnight My Everything
Paul van Simon-New York
Paul van Simon-Road to the Sea
Project Purity
Shato And Paul Rockseek-Wonderfooled Remix EP
Simon Oshine-Anya Miss You (The Remixes)
Union Jack-Papillon Remixes
VA-Armada At Ibiza The Closing Party 2011
VA-Armada Exclusive Tracks And Remixes Vol 2
VA-Dash Berlin Top 15 September 2011
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 September 2011
VA-The Whole Nine Yards mixed by First State
VA-Trance World Vol 13 (UNMIXED)
Victor Dinaire And Bissen Feat Peter Finley-2nite U R Perfect

September 19th, 2011

Calibre-Foreign Bodies
DBR UK-Kilo New Man
Devin Martin-Fatal Plus
Halo Nova-Insect Warfare
Helicopter Showdown-The Wrestler
Kevin Mcphee
Sluggo and Nerd Rage-Take Us Higher
Beatsmack and Shopliftas-Disruptive Beats Part 4
Black and Blunt-Disruptive Beats Part 3
B-Phreak-Body Check
Dane O and Stylus Rex-Disruptive Beats (Part 2)
DJ Hero and Break the Box-Disruptive Beats Part 1
Enterpryse-My Body EP
Original Source-Defiance EP
Rebel Sketchy-Disruptive Beats Part 5
David Posor-Lass Mich Fliegen
Marius Vareid
Basement Freaks-The Art of Afro Remixes
VA-Party Breaks Vol 5
VA-Refresh EP
Brett Cooper - Bass Is Kickin
DJ Bouncy B - I Cant Live
DJ Brisk and Luna-C and DJ Dair - Airhead
Naggy feat. Cotts - Makin Bacon
Sy and Unknown - My Forever Love
VA - Hysteria Vol. 1 (The Ultimate Hardcore Collection)
Acetronik-Make Me Feel Good
Artful feat. Kal Lavelle-Could Just Be The Bassline
Ben Siko-Back To 80s
Ben Siko-First Strike
Bittersuite-Sea Legs
Bob Fanzidon-Anomaly December EP
Christian Baez-Match Point EP
Cosmic Cowboys-Back and Forth
CZR Paul Anthony and ZXX
Database-Kitsune New Disco EP
David Guetta Ft. Usher-Without You (R3habs XS Remix)
Digitalchord-Galaxy Mask EP
DJ Statik-Disko Hypnotica
Efdemin-Please EP
Elbee Bad-In The Sky
Eric Prydz
Gafry and More-Tripod Early June
Inaki Diaz-2 Puntos
Ivan Miranda and Kamilo C
Jose Sousa feat. Mr. Maph-Lift Your Hands Up
Maceo Plex-Sweating Tears EP
Manuel De La Oz-Crazy For You
Matheo Velez-Cadente Cadente
Mike Dehnert-Breso EP
Morten Sorensen-The Burn Down EP
No Regular Play-Fall Up To The Sky EP
Remain And Mlle Caro
Re-Up-The New Mood
Richard Vission-Boombaa EP
Robin Hirte-Trumpet Sex
Roman Fluegel-Fatty Folders
Ryan Davis
Senor Jack-Fuck You Beatzz
Sergey Ilayskin-Tickle Petal Of Life EP
Sergio Fernandez-Night Vibe
Smash TV-Steroids To Heaven
Soundprank-The Time Machine EP
Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano-We Are (The Remixes)
The Eject Effect - Intoxication The Remixes
VA-Soma Records 20 Years Mixed By Silicone Soul
VA-Soma Records 20 Years Soma Classics
Voodoo And Serano-Overload 2011
Wox - Bully EP
Alan Kadzhaev-Minimal Animal
Albert Kraner - Spiritual War EP
Art Of Hot-Satellites EP
Chris Hope and Andre Walter - Frankfurt to Berlin EP
Chris Hope and Andre Walter - Phunk in Ear EP
Deh-Noizer - Architecture EP
Deh-Noizer - Thalamus EP
Denis Underground - Explosive
DJ Danko - We Call it Kida EP
DJ Fransisco
Eugio - Hangout
Falke And Vogelbein-Birdy Punch
Frixion Fanatic and Bram Wazig-Sick of Silence
Giuseppe Francaviglia-Minimal Killer
Hardstyle Mafia - Hell On The Dancefloor
Italoboyz Vs Blind Minded
Jack Lumber - The Core
Jin Haze-Sunrise In Hong Kong
John Tejada and Justin Maxwell-Not That But This EP
Koncent-Tab Control Shift
Lean Butler-Bunga Bunga
Logotech - Error EP
Lukas And Friends - Utopia EP
Marc De Vole
Marcel Dettmann-Translation EP
Mark Morris - Outbrain EP
Michael Schwarz - Demeter EP
Miss Sunshine-Ego Trippin EP
Niereich - Friends EP
Peja - Camcorder EP
Philippe Rochard - The World (Remixes)
Qle and Tex-Rec - Just EP
Roy Rosenfeld-Psykotik Experience Automatik
Sharam Jey-Thunder Drums
Slim Shore - Flow
Spark Taberner - Nachtdier EP
Spartaque-Global Access EP
Tino Boa - Druckausgleich EP
Torsten Kanzler - Bumm Bass Tick
Torsten Kanzler - Fett Bass Remixes
Torsten Kanzler - Lets Dance EP
Torsten Kanzler - Start Your Engines EP
Torsten Kanzler and DJ Arcane - Technotanz EP
Torsten Kanzler vs Typical Twins and David Dee - Fett Bass EP
VA - A2 Records Unleashed Album Sampler 6
VA - Bass the Night (Torsten Kanzler Remixes 2009
VA-Musical Activity
VA-Soma Records 20 Years Mixed By Slam
Zenteka - Legend EP
Aerofeel5 and Masstek - Tripoli
Arkadi and William Daniel
Athema - Believe
Aurosonic And Ange - Without You
Craig Bradley-E Motion-(GSR 001)
Craig Bradley-E Motion
Dan Van Eijk-Breath Away
Dmad Pres Yummy Ly-Blaze Away
Eco Ft. Radmila - Change The World
Faruk Sabanci - As Faces Fade
Flatlex - Amber Sky
Giuseppe Masciarelli-Ill Give You
Impression-Aurora Polaris
Iversoon and Alex Daf-Sakura EP
Jonathan Stone
Jordan Suckley Feat Lisa Cowell-Latvian Sun
KhoMha-507 EP
Klifford-The Beginning
Louk And Busho-The Warning
Moishroom-Are You Experimenator 01
Neel V
Nic Chagall and Duderstadt feat. Relyk-Alone With You
Novaline - Sakura
Paul van Simon-Clear Skies
Paul van Simon-Morning Moon
Rene Martens-Point of No Return
Sander Van Doorn
Super8-Cre8 (Mike Saint-Jules Remix)
Tom Cloud - The Sky Is The Limit
Tom Cloud-The Sky Is The Limit
VA-Black Hole Amsterdam Dance Event Sampler 2011
VA-Magik Two Story Of The Fall

September 18th, 2011

N Resources
Youthful Implants Vs Nimble-Treasured Trash
Big M-Digital Snacks
DJ Moneyshot-The Stunt Cock EP
Freshquim-Supersize Your Brain
J Roc And The Gaff-Motown Mashdown EP
Kondrashov-On My Mind
Manu Twister-BBB EP 4
Pulpfusion-Headbanger Funk Vol 1
Ram Skank-There Were The Breaks EP
Renegade Alien-Welcome To The Abyss
Ritcha-Go Go Dub
Telephunken-The Biting Trumpets
Tro-The Beginning
VA-Bigm Presents Vol 8
Visible Sound-The Visible Sounds EP
Winter Face
Youthful Implants-Tweaker Creature
Katrina-Ein Leben Zu Zweit (A Life Together)
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 334 - Dance Invasion Part 84
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 336 - Dance Invasion Part 85
VA-For Djs Only 2011-05 - Club Selection
VA-Hot Party - Back 2 Skool
Crazy P-When We On
Eelke Kleijn Presents The World-On The Edge
Jessie Vendetta-Play House
JL Aleph-Be Cool
Lon And Lee-Live At The Ohm Club (OHM 3)
Massimo Santucci And Daniel Green-Strings Of Cesar
Nicolas Cuer - Villa Rouge
Northburg-Cortez Bridge
The Overlords-Midnight At The Grooveyard II (MRCD 3113)
VHS Head-Midnight Section
Alan Lockwood and Deep Josh feat. Marissa Clares and Gitano
Ben Westbeech-Theres More To Life Than This
Billy El Nino-La Orchata Bonita
Biskvit-Night Again
Chris Drifter And Krichee-Santiago Remixes EP
Cosmic Sand
Cristian Tomas And DJ Myrla-Dale Como Se (Original Mix)
Da Sunlounge
Dani Barbers - Say Goodbye-Promo
Dario Nunez Hinojosa Zambrano-Que Pasa
DJ Grizli And Anastasio Le Prada
Dmitriiev-Easy Going
Drums Of London - Girls Girls-Promo
Dunamic Resort-Sun Breeze
Erotic Vagrancy-Cannibal Love
Hard Rock Sofa-New Philosophy (Part 2)
Lars Van Dalen
Mangomint-Clockwork EP
Massivedrum-Back To Party
Matthew Codek-Too Many Voices EP
Max Lomov and Bogdan Taran-The Passenger
Medeew-Infected Love
Mihai Popoviciu-If There Is
Misoo-System Failure EP
Mon and Nexus DJ-Snake Charmer
Mr Grimes
Nic Von Tribe
Nick Jun-Same Old Story EP
Noa Romana And Deersky
Pavel Svetlove-Keep Out Of
Phona-Noise Inside
Pnau - Solid Ground Incl Adrian Lux Vs Blende Remix-Promo CDS
Psicodelix and Tox D-Death To The Whores
Push And Do-House Music
Redout-Sunn Remixes
Rob Hayes-Honey Lips
Sam D - Best Damn Night Incl Nicola Fasano And Steve Forest Remixes-Promo
Sebastien Vittoz-Its Your Time
Sergio Brunno-Be Yourself
Sergio Sorolla-Desde Espana Con Amor EP
Skinny Norris-Rocky Beach EP-(BCC 30)
Space Motion and Deenka-Tastes Like Chicken
The Potbelleez - From The Music-(A10323Z 0015600009U)
Tommy Trash And Tom Piper Feat Mr Wilson - All My Friends-Promo
Tonite Only-We Run The Nite
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 333 - the House Jam Part 86
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 335 - the House Jam Part 87
VA-Lullaby For Rastko
VA-New York House N Authority Feat. Burrell (SBKCD 1002)
Various-Blackjack Sampler 1-(BLACKJACK SAMP 001 )
Various-Flamingo EP-(BLACKJACK SAMP 002 )
Vika Kova and Kasper Kwant-Night Together
Viloxysound-Pianometro Give Me Another Chance
Walker Barnard-Alacazam EP
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
Querox-The Life And Me
Seven11-Crystal Light
AnGy KoRe
Danny Quattro And Grant Nalder-Something Radio
DJ Mutante and D.O.M
Fanon Flowers-Maschinenhaus (SECT9)
Gilbert Martini-Who The F Is Isabelle
Gus One-In Control EP
Julien Fuentes-Early Pandora
Lowkey And Kardinal - Electrovino Part One
Miquel-Night Evolution EP
Roman Fluegel-Fatty Folders
Activator - The Sign (Wragg and LogOne Remix)
Blue Tente-Lost Signal Pulsar EP
Cre8ors-Cre8ors (OHM 12)
Erven Miller-Nostalgia EP
Fausto vs Paul Caralito - SoSa
George Acosta - True Love-Promo
Ion Blue Feat Danny Claire
New Hero-Misfit-(RR 49)
Osvaldo Nugroho-Its On
Travis Sher-Rainy Day
VA-A State of Trance 500 (Unmixed)
Wragg and LogOne - Ultimate Power

September 17th, 2011

Dismantle - Computation - Word Dance
Mr Little Jeans-The Suburbs
The Upbeats - Wear and Tear - Raiders
B1A4-It B1A4
Mikestah - Let Love Live
Remandy Feat. Manu-L - The Way We Are
VA-Absolute Dance Autumn 2011
VA-Beatbox 11
Cyantific and Wilkinson-Touch Me - Get Into It
Optiv and BTK-Backlash - Lurker
Rido and Hybris-The Prague Connection EP
Total Science-Trespass - No Justice (Jubei Remix)
Figure and Calvertron-Bring The Bass Back
Roksonix-Music In Me - Madness
Chris Kaeser-Les Rythmes De Bourgogne
Jerry Rekonius
Paul Hardcastle-19 (Boys To War Anniversary Edition)
The Binary Collective-Sin Skin I
VA - Shangaan Shake Villalobos-Loderbauer and Peverelist
Mr. Confuse-Catch Me ft. Dan Salem
Bridson - Destruction EP
Bridson and DCN - Time Is Right
DJ Trax - Is Anybody Out There
Aerea Negrot
Anthony Attalla-Purple Nice Guy
Anthony Ross
Avicii - Nothing Without You
Boomrise - Duck Is Dutch
Chipi And Maestro Luci
David Durango-Secret Drone EP
DJ Alex Leader-Uprising Melody
EDX Ft. Sarah Mcleod-Falling Out Of Love
Eveline Fink - Hula Hoop
Francesco Altavilla And Bonetti-Vision EP
Frankie-Sexed Up
Gianni Coletti Vs Keejay Freak-Another Star
Herb LF And Petkovski - Lullaby For Rastko
House Republic - September EP
Illan Nicciani-El Regalo
Jess Mills - Live For What Id Die For-Promo
Juan Varez-Back to 90s
Mark Grant Feat. Chezere-Planting Trees
Misteralf-The EP
Mona Bode-Back Together
Monkey Safari-Big Mama EP
Platinum Monkeys-Returning To Earth
Ray Foxx feat Lovelle - La Musica (The Trumpeter)-(OX 5294)
Ricky Du Bra - Paranaue
Rodg-Who You Are
Roni Be-High Standard EP
Sergio Mauri feat MR V - Love Is A Journey-(HT 1012)
Soulmelt-Same Difference
Thin Blue-In The City (Original Mix)
UES-I Promised You A Ballad
VA - Bollwerk Phase 19
Roger Waters-The Collection-(Limited Edition)
Portamento - The Portal
Sideform - Moving On
The Phantoms
Alex Barreto-Wicked Day
Chris Hawkins - Syroze EP
Chris Page
Citizen Kain And Worakls
Cristian Glitch
Darius Syrossian-Seeking For Peace
DJ Anna-Behind The Groove
DK Brothers and Aldrick-Tekno Dealer EP
Filthy Rich-Love Lost
Hollen-Animal Harmony Nameless
Kameron - Schritt Fur Schritt
Koobique-Nautilus Machine
Loco and Jam
Microtrauma-Emilia EP
Mikael Stavoestrand - Nothing More EP
Mono Dos-Discobells EP
NoiDoi-Repede Inapoi
Philipp Ort-Red Bird EP
Roberto - Crude Awakening EP
Seb B vs Trevor Benz - Collaboration One
Sub Project
Trevor Benz - Benz Grooves
Trevor Benz - Human Life
VA-Deeperfect Club-Pack Volume 14
VA-Dessous Best Kept Secrets 3 (The Exclusives EP1)
Victor Ruis-Material Dig 007
Yuri Alexeev-Back to Back
Abstract Vision and Elite Electronic
Bahadir Ozturk
Damian Wasse-UK Montana
Dan Lea-Lost In The Sun
D-Mad Pres. Yummy L.Y.-Blaze Away
Reorder Pres. Group Number One
Terk Dawn-Sunburst Incl Dazzle Remix
VA-Armada Presents 60 Best Trance Hits Ever
VA-Tunnel Trance Force The Best Of Vol 58

September 16th, 2011

Kush 11-My Prayer
Agent K and Bella and MC Kyla NZ
Bella and Nikita-Dame La Sucia
Deenk and the Funkrash
Deenk-Energy Tech
DJ Icey-Pro Style
Enterpryse-Hell to Paradise
Loud Disco Machine
Nick Thayer-Rhythm Method EP
Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat Remix EP
Apollo Decade Deluxe Version
Ava Rocks - Heart on the Dancefloor
C And P.O.R.N. Maniacs-Planet Beatsn Bass
Crew 7 feat Raheema - Push It-(ATT 091)
Darius And Finlay Feat. Shaun Baker-Generation Fascination
Dennis Ruyer feat. Fast Eddie-Yo Yo Get Funky 2011 Remixes
DJ THT-Open Up The Dancefloor Deejay Edition
DK And TJC Dance
Finger And Kadel
Mario Bischin feat Revolt Klan - ID Lover
RKO - Un Altro Giorno-(BS 1010)
Rocco And Bass-T Vs. Redtzer-Holy Ground
Synkro Team - My Love Forever-(BS 1007)
Tommy And Tibby Feat. Masterboy-Dance To The Beat 2K11
Vanilla Kiss For Tonight Main Bundle
Apoptygma Berzerk-Black EP Vol.2
Casa Del Mirto-The Nature
Digital Factor
DJ Kue-West Coast Swagger
God Module
Lee Coombs-Get Up Off EP
Recreation and Unconscious Mind(S)-Inside the Simulation
Anthem Power aka Esline and Onit and Tempo - Get Enough
Lunatic And Miss Hysteria - Damn the Dark EP
The Genesis Projection - No Pain EP
ATB Feat. Jansoon-Move On Remixes
Bastian Van Shield - Nobody EP
Camouflage-Canned Heat
Clokx-Time Of My Life
Desto Feat. Kitt Kidoxx-Element Remixes
Gino Benelli-Girls Girls Girls Incl Djs From Mars Remix
Jaykay Feat Flo Rida Smokey Git Fresh-What The Girls Like Incl David May Extended Mix
Klaas and Bodybangers - I Like (Remixes)
Lik and Dak - Fiesta
Lucid-I Cant Help Myself (Tim Mason Remixes)
Mano Le Tough-Stories EP
Michael Senna And Peter Zohdy-Robert Oseven
Neoteric and Wax Motif - Go Deep
Nu-Moods - Muciacio-(OCN 203)
R.I.O. Feat. U-Jean-Turn This Club Around Incl Money-G Remix
Ryan Housewell-Flower WEB
Shinedoe-Sweet and Sour
Sleazy Stereo-Pump It Up
Tim Xavier - Stepping Into The Unknown
Tom Franke
VA - Serious Beats 67
VA-Courchevel Chalet Session
Vanilla Kiss For Tonight Remix Bundle
VA-Proghouse 2011 Vol 4
Youri Donatz and Roberto Palmero
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Akes - 2012 Remixes
Future Radio - Aapocalypse
Native Radio - Macula
Ojos And Datura Inoxia - Who Are You
VA - Another Psyde Of The Moon-Compiled By Ahavamour
VA - Tested On Animals-Compiled By Chaoskit
Zyce - Technology
Afonso Maia
Australia-Sydney on Acid
Aux 88-AUX 88 Presents Black Tokyo Remix Sessions 2
Axel Bourne and Radbase - Afterglow
Basti Pieper-Heart Of The Sun
Jajox - Xarah EP
Karpe-DM - Groovin P.i.T.N.O.L
Kosheen DJs-Wheres Oscar
Marco Bailey - Night Attack
Reaxis - Into The Light
Revolutionz - Darkness
Ricardo Villalobos And Los Updates And Anthony Collins-Joli Chat EP
The Sektorz - White Men Can Jump (Style)
Unbreakable Meets Brainkicker - In Fear
VA-Petals of Algorythmik
VA-Techno 2011 Vol 4
ATB - Distant Earth Remixed
ATB - Distant Earth Remixed
Dabruck And Klein-Hands On Armada Vol 2
Dennis Sheperd-A Tribute To Life
Dennis Sheperd-A Tribute To Life
Gary Proud - As One For Every You
Lost Witness vs Antillas and Dankann Ft. Sarah Jane Neild - Chasing Rainbows
VA - Future Top 100 Trance
VA - Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol. 52

September 15th, 2011

Bunzer0-Bring Me Toof Toof EP
Jup1ter-The Next Steps EP
BPM - Back To Eurodance EP-(100319 25)
Moonflower And Abs - Feel Free
Tom Boxer and Morena feat J Warner - Deep In Love
VA-X-Mix Dance Series 147
Newcleus-Automan-(MB-D 2015)
Newcleus-Jam On It
VA-Black Jukebox 01
VA-Hit It And Quit It Revue Volume 1 With Recloose And Frank Booker
Volta Cab-Hard To Find EP
VA-Lose Your Faith-Chapter 1-(NLG1KLP001)-2x12 Vinyl
Chosen Few Ft. JoDi - Mana
Miky F Vs Walter One - Flip Side
2Minds - Nothing 2 Me
Anton Shilov
Artwerk - Tracks From The Crib
Beyonce - Run the World (Girls)
Chris Kaeser and Jonathan Mendelsohn - Walking Away-(803407 7241211)
DAB feat Sissa - I Wonder-(MS 0642)
Dave Decorder-Smooth Movement
DJ Boris-I Cant Wait
DJ Mip
DJ Nato-Memories EP
DJ Vesnin-Jungle Bit
Felguk-Jack it EP
Frankie Knuckles Pres. Directors Cut Feat. Jamie Principle-Ill Take You There
Jean Roch-My Love Is Over-(Pooledigi 065)
Joe Calzone Robbie Riviera - Deep Deep
J-Wow - Spark
Lucky Date-Hos And Discos Remixes
Marco Lys and Paul Strive-Turn Me on
Maya Jane Coles
Mazlow - Ring My Alarm
Milan Mexes
Outlook - Stay Here Among The Stars
Pupkulies And Rebecca-Krickow EP
Ronny And Renzo-Heartbreak Theme
Stephen Laverty-Blow The Lid Off
Stereo Jackers-Love at First Sight
Sue Cho And Barnett Lobel-Yours Tonight
Ted Nilsson Ft. Pryce Oliver
The Francis Inferno Orchestra-I Need It EP
VA - Diamonds Of House 2011
VA-X-Mix Chartbusters 73
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Rhythm and Top 40 September 2011
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Urban Radio September 2011
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 154
Dirty Motion-Chaos Before Order
Karmacrop-Fractal Overdrive
Zinx-Rampage EP
Gene Karz-You (MTC052)
John Tejada And Justin Maxwell-Not That But This EP
Karl F - To The Rythm
Mikael Jonasson
Nicolas Dales-King Of Rap E.P
Luca De Maas-Nebula02 Halo
Mac and Taylor
Moonbeam Feat. Matvey Emerson-Wanderer
Radana-Attractive Power
Stevie Cripps - Soul Fire
VA-Progressive Trance Evolution Vol 2

September 14th, 2011

The Touch-All I Find
VA-MOS Club Files Vol. 12
Giacomo Garavelloni And Giovanni Turco-Viaggio Verso Pegaso
Marius Circus
All Species-Magic Roundabout-(KRK038)
Ekos Quartet-In A Dream Full Of Charm
J.Phlip-The Barbary Coast EP
Legoboy-Black Box From Your Plane-(KRKCD103)
Lilla Sallskapet-Genova Remixes
Mono Poly-Home Match
Porter Robinson
Menahan Street Band-The Crossing bw Every Day A Dream
Cubic Nomad and Xtematic-Darkness Audible
Adam Curtain-The City
Alex Costa-House of Love
Alter Breed-On The Run EP
An Beat
Arjuna Schiks-Waterkristallen EP
Big Al
Christopher Doom-Wild In The Streets
David Bernardi Feat. Abigail Bailey
El Mariachi-Dizko Dizko
Eric Tyrell
Felipe Venegas-I Ching
Heartik-Stab Of The Breed
Iron Curtis - Goma EP
James Vibe-Funky Ballad
James Woods-Mystery Island
Jason Chance-Janes Maracas
Jeremy Olander
Joey Negro-Sick Disco
John Watt-Us and Them EP
Kaskade Ft. Rebecca and Fiona-Turn It Down
Kid Massive and Mark Le Sal-Dont Cry
Kitano - The Early Bird EP
Komfort Zone-Deep Road
Kyka-No Return EP
Leventina-Freak It Out
Morgan Page Sultan Ned Shepard and BT-In The Air (Hardwell Remix)
Pole Folder-Chez Jean
Ramiro Lopez-Beentouchedseries 03
Sander Kleinenberg feat. Neil Ormandy
Simon Gain and Joey Seminara-The Guardian
Solomun And Stimming-Challenge Everyday
Sonora-Summer Beach
Vegas - Vesna
Volodin Andre
Hupplecuntz - Surplus Sampler 44
Metaltech - Burn Your Planet
Rawar - Shamanisticus
Australia-Sydney On Acid
Elbodrop - Crunch Deaf Ep
Express Viviana - This Is My Style
Lucy-Monad X
MKN feat. Ellie - Lose Control
Richard Hanno and Christian Michael - Reality is Mainstream
Bardalimov - Beautiful
Dani Roz and Rafael Osmo-Central Park EP
Mac Alex And Zeebra Kid-Live Or Let Die
Stefania Saikovsky-The Sun 2011

September 13th, 2011

Coleco-Patience EP
Dbridge-City Of Lonely Runaways Dischord
Renegade Alien-The Calling
Caramellagirls - Caramelldansen-(RU 9519)
Cascada Vs. DJ Tricky More Riddle-BOOTLEG CDR
Ellie White - Power Of Love
Liz Primo-Exposed EP
VA-Technobase.FM We Are One Vol.4
Loti-Whats Lord Got To Do With It
The Stepkids-The Stepkids
Ambient News-Zweite Sendung
DJ Led Manville
Mousse T.-Box Set
Cosmos Universal Band-Third Eye
E-Noid - Extinguished EP
3faces Ft Sowelu
4MA-Good Feeling-(361015 0080424)
Alex Kassel Feat Adam Joseph-Chasing the Dream
Analogia-Electro King
Axel Bee
Christian Malloni-So Pure
Chromeo-Hot Mess Remixes
Criss Source-Wanna Get High
Dan D - African Market EP
Darragh Burke
David Guetta Ft. Usher-Without You (Nicky Romero Remix)
DJ Antention-The Kids Will Rave (Exclusive Mix)
Dyron-The Game EP
Emelyanov-Remember Piano
Fedde Le Grand Vs Sultan and Ned Shepard Ft Mitch Crown
First State feat Tyler Sherrit
Gianni Ruocco Ft Maq-Fondiu (Original Mix)
Gianni Ruocco-Gianni Ruocco in Tha House
Glittering Puzzle-By All Means
Isaac Lozano Feat Thuria Sancher-ZAS In All Your Mouth
Javi Mula feat. Juan Magan - Kingsize Heart
Leland Mcwilliams-Summer of Love
Lenzi and Soriani and Mora Feat Francesca St Martin-Dont Stop
Luca D Arle - Life EP
Matt Divine
Mikrostar - Summer Breeze EP
Passenger 10-Hit The Ground Running
Pedro Mercado and Karada-Benirras EP
Pokazeev And Igor Kaktus-World Of Justice
Rene Kuppens
Roekoeloos - Soulgroove EP
Sai Lika Lips
Spenda C And Zug Zug-Do Si Do
The Unforgettables-Vacanze Romane
Tony White - The Sound
Twins of House
VA-Leaders Of The New School Presents Belocca And Soneec
VA-Take Me To Ibiza (Day Edition)
Britney Spears-Till The World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix)
Gotan Project-Rayuela Remixes
VA-The Dome Vol. 59
Flowjob-Windbreaker Bambi Bowling
Peace Maker-Step Up
Shiva Chandra-Schaukelstuhl (Remixes)
VA-Psychotria Viridis
Crypsis - Nackt EP
Kachu MX
Kevin Jimenez And Alexis Valencia
Lutzenkirchen-Dumm Dumm
Aiedail-I Dont Give A Fuck-(BHL 007)
Art Of Trance-Chung Kuo
Cramp feat Natalie Peris-More To This
Dirkie Coetzee-Never Looking Back
Jon Obir-Music Database
Melville-Far Beyond Thoughts
Oliver Prime-Interesting Variatio Delectat
Sean Tyas and Bjorn Akesson
Tydi feat. Sarah Howells-Acting Crazy
VA-Anjunabeats Melodic Trance 07

September 12th, 2011

ASC-3rd Eye Torque Ubik
Braille-Braille EP
Calvertron-Future Proof R U Ready
Cardopusher-Instant Loving
District - Haymaker - 3.5 Grams
Dread MC
Drop Top and Figure-We Are Warriors-(JKR018)
Hizzle Guy - Ready 4 War - Murda Dem
Joe Seven-All Prologue
Josh H - Every Day EP
Kutz and Walsh - The Kutz and Walsh EP
Phobia - Polaroid - Severance (Feat. Zoe Hakin)
Sporty-O-The Afterparty
State Of Mind - Quasars - Bad Virus
Submerse - Bento Box EP
Subscape - Universal EP
Tony Anthem and Axl Ender-Different Shit EP
VA-Dont Fall Back With A Chance Of Lightning
VA-Something Out There
Anthony M-Paradise Of Saw Waves
B Side-All The Girls EP
B Side-Bang Bang Banger EP
Big Bang Breaks
D End-Run EP
Deenk-Zombie Nation EP
Digital Breaks Foundation-Going Back
Stereo Beatz And B Side-Get Funky
Stex And Chamber-Good Funky Times
Anda Adam - Feel
DJ Axpe And Albert Kick Feat Inmagine-Sweet Love (843536 1700955)
DJ Zukkina Feat Barbara Vitali-Mi Ricordero Di Te (LT 0103)
Hold Up-Lonely Tonight (S4L 020)
Pulsedriver-The Fource (361015 0117090)
Ilya Santana-Infamous Lovers EP
Erb-N-Dub and Tony Anthem and HD-Bar Knuckles
Excision-X Rated
Fatsnare-Drunk Bear Work Hard
L Plus and Digital Soap-Yellow Star EP
Navigator feat. Erb-N-Dub and Tony Anthem and SMK-Bad Minds EP
Run Tingz Cru and Blackout J A-The Summer Time EP
Sedo-The Cavalary How We Do
State Of Mind-Dead In Detroit Frankenfunk
Tony Anthem and Axl Ender and Erb-N-Dub and HD-The RMX EP
Tony Anthem and Erb-N-Dub-Fire Bun-(BADMONKEY001)
Aardvarck-Loopin For The Perfect Beat
Audioglider-Coming Up For Air - The Variations
Chrispy-Alien Weaponry
Iso68-Summer Of Seven 6
Jack Dixon-Somebody Said EP
Lackluster-The Invisible Spanish Inquisition-(Igloo Pop)
Laszlo-Radial Nerve
Radiohead-TKOL RMX6
Satin Jackets feat Linda Mathews-Forever Lasting
Toob-Chromaphone Remixes
Wolfgang Gartner Ft Will I Am-Forever-PROMO CDS
Meccano Twins - Fire Ignite
Scott Brown - Evolution 100 Vol. 4
2Drops-Times Square
Aka Aka Umami Thalstroem-What Matters Remixes
Anhanguera-Off The Hot Plate
ArtWerk-Reasons Vol. 1
ArtWerk-Speaking Of Reasons EP
Astero and Inusa Dawuda - I Dont Know
Audio Louis-African EP
Aybee and Miles Sagnia-Eternal Radiance EP
Azzerellis-Another House Party
Beiro-Flowers Are Burning
Black Noise Lee Mortimer and Wizard Slee-Stick Up EP
Boys Noize
Bugz In The Attic pres. Homecookin-Bring Some
Carl Francis And Marko Dark-Hard Disk
Che Jose featuring Sharon Muscat - Leave Me Lonely
Clement Meyer-Sweet Insanity
Connan Mockasin-Forever Dolphin Love Remixes
Cream Movement - Burning
Croquemonsieur-Wild Cat Tiger
David Temessi-Devotions The Remixes
Disco of Doom-Invader EP
DJ Mondy Vs Lady Vivian-Move Your Body
DJ Wld-Lost On 14
Dub Vampires-Send Me A Letter Calgon (The Remixes)
Eelke Kleijn-Untold Remixes Part 2
El Txef A and Tom Demac-You Give Me the Creeps
Erick Ramirez-Drops (Original Mix)
Florian Kruse-Kindness House
Hard Rock Sofa-True Motion
Harvey Mckay-Occams Razor
Jay Kay feat. Sarah Jane-Feeling Flirty
Jody Wisternoff-Vintage Shivver
John Dahlback and Henrik B
Jordy Lishious Feat Mitch Crown-Last Night
Kimeko-Drink Me (Original Mix)
King Britt Presents Firefly-The Light EP
Kini Rao-Cider And Cigars (Original Mix)
Kynt-Snake Charmer
Livid and Sebas-Go Ahead
Lucas Ribeiro
Marc Antona-Rules Of Madness
Mark Mendes
Martin Loud And Swagger Feat. Rona Ray-Still Believe
Matthew Styles-Sample And Hold EP
Max Essa-Water Business
Maxwell Oxonn-Deeper Inside
Mike Candys
Move D-Workshop 13
Myomi-Sun In My Eyes
Octo Octa-Let Me See You
Q-Burns Abstract Message feat Lisa Shaw-Innocent (Presslaboys Remixes)
Redub - Futusamba
Robbie Rivera - Dance Or Die Series
Rodriguez Jr
Romeo Blanco and Mell Tierra
Rune RK
Sander Van Doorn-Drink To Get Drunk
Senya Frost-Clock (Original Mix)
Siopis-Stinky Socks The Remixes
The Mythical Beasts
The Toxic Avenger feat Annie-Alien Summer
TWR72-1991 EP
VA - Somero 2011
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-For Every Moment Of Triumph Volume One
Stormtroopers - Wookiee
Eminem-Fast Lane
Kalabi-Music For Job Centres
Mike Oldfield-Incantations-(DVD Remastered)
T-Pain-5 Oclock
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol.25
Yung Star-Jig Wit It
Double Click - Mobile Uploads
Arkaine - Fear No More Lost in Eternity
Boss H - Bag Of Smiles
Brennan Heart - Memento Musical Impressions (Remixes)
Christian Smith
Critical Mass - Burnin Love (D-Block and S-Te-Fan Remix)
Crypsis - Nackt EP
Donovans-FX 1 EP
Enigmato - No Cheese
Federsen-Echo Relics
Ida Engberg-Blue Yonder
Kardinal And Lowkey - Two Stroke
Manu Kenton And Nicolas Clays - Recovery Discos 2
Slim Shore and B-Front - Charger
Steve Mills-London Acid Techno
Tesla And Denis Marshall-Black Printer EP
The Pitcher Ft. Buddahmann - Going H.A.M
VA-Nightvision Sampler 3
VA-Unreleased Summer 2011
Barnzy-Keep Me Thinkin
Ben Nicky Feat Fox-The One
Bissen-Nitre U R Perfect WEB
Ciara Bergen And Mick Doyle-Immortal Kombat
Davey Asprey
Fantastic Four-Perfect Day
Ferry Corsten feat Armin Van Buuren
James Taff-Anthemic Control
Jochen Miller - Classified (ENERGY 2011 Soundtrack) (The Remixes)
Leon Allen-Feel The Music
Mark Minor-Im On Fire
Moonpax-Ice Coffee
Myon and Shane 54
OD404-Fireball 2011
Omnia Presents Ain Mo-Plug and Play The Tune
Paul Trainer
Ruben De Ronde-Timide (The Remixes)
Shy Brothers-New Wave
Solis and Sean Truby - Loaded
Tucandeo-Macula EP
Wellenrausch-Everybody Loved
Will Atkinson-Side By Side

September 11th, 2011

Cyrus-The Calling
Dismantle-The Dismantle EP-(BFR006)-Promo Vinyl
Don Froth-Balboa-(WNCL007)-Promo Vinyl
Subway-Benny Page-SUBWAYDS004-sweet
The Francis Inferno Orchestra-I Need It EP
Clouds-Lots of Calls From No One Part 2
Danio Crespo More Kuduro
Horn E.-Bailando Cachonda (I Wanna Fck)
Stachursky-Belye Rozy
Audio Warfare-Serum and Northern Lights-AW003
Bad Taste
Eastcolors vs Foreign Concept and DBR UK-Foreign Exchange Series Part 4-NZ015X
Infrared-The Prototypes
Krome And Time-The Licence Remixes
100blumen-Le Soleil Nest Pas Pour Nous
Aerosol-All that is Solid Melts into Air
AINM-Zero Spring-(404256 4128079)
ALIAS-Fever Dream
Architect-Upload Select Remix 2
Baba Yaga-Baba Yaga
Conrad Schnitzler and Borngraber and Struver
Digitalis And Hibernation-Singularity EP
Flourish-Black Blizzard (Summer Like Sour)
Lingouf-Do Me
Zed Bias
420 Ceis-Greenhouse Experience
Alp Vs Outwork-Elektronik Bossa
Bart B More
Beta One Feat. Machel Montano-Reach On Out For Love
Carlos Silva
Chris Harvey - Lost City
Darren Emerson-Au Go Go
Dexter Morgan-Ouchland-(100313 42)
Disfunktion-Snooki EP
Djedjotronic-Bit this Thin
Esa And Mervin Granger-Verloore EP
Gui Boratto
Harry Brown-Name Dropping
Joal-Tones and Stuff
John Papa - After Sun
Kyodai-Mi Rumba
Leseman and Cohen Ft Colin Mutchler-Fung Shway
Manik-Armies Of The Night
Massimiliano Pagliara-Focus For Infinity-(PLAYRJC CD008)
Maverickz-Off Time
Mockbeat-Me And You
Pako Parisi
Paranormal Groove Feat. Mariano Manuel
Peter Luts Feat. Lynn Larouge-Hands Up (Remixes)
Play and Win-Ya Bb
Provenzano Presents The Fabulous-Marjguana Cha
Rami Deejay feat Keely Timlin-Burn Burn
Sebastian Massianello and DJ Fafo-Stand Up
Sinus O-Apocalypse Zero
Spencer K-Natural Feeling
Steve Kid
Stiekz O Matic And Carlos-Big Brazil 2.0
Take-Off-El Negro Zumbon EP
VA-DJ Set Special Session Vol. 14 (Unmixed)
Waifs And Strays-Be Patient
Zoo Brazil
Bon Jovi-Greatest Hits The Ultimate Collection Import-2CD-DeBT
Flo Rida-Good Feeling
Swedish House Mafia-Save The World
The Partysquad Ft. Rochelle And Jayh-Body Language (Ride)
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Nova Xposure 11
VA-Putumayo Presents African Beats
VA-Putumayo Presents Latin Beat
VA-Vanguard 11
Elegy - Emotional
Gandulk And Nizzel - Mystyk Lynk
Alba Prada And Ann Santos-Let Me Take You Home
Andres Gil-Power Sleep Wake EP
Audio Damage and Luke Spellbound - Revenge
Boyd Schidt - Beware Of A Boyd Schidt Remixe
Dasaltshakerz-Late At Night EP
Quantec - The Whole World Is A Cyclone EP
VA - Q-Base 2011 Raveolution
Dart Rayne And Yura Moonlight Presents Ligaya-Flying Dutchman
Peter Knife
Union Jack

September 10th, 2011

Jamatami - Ma Ya Hi-(CCN 007)
VA - Fun Club 2011 Vol 2-(533 543
Loadstar-Berlin Hit The Ground
The Prototypes-Born to Rise EP
Ben Frost - The Invisibles
VA - Ein Tag Am Rhein
Grace Jones-Hurricane And Dub
Meccano Twins - Fire Ignite
Akram-For You
El Txef A Tom Demac-You Give Me The Creeps
Himan-Tory Line EP
Inland Knights and Littlemen-Long Weekend
Markus Schatz - Crazy Luv EP
Moomin-Heads Or Tails
Trickski Feat. Ernesto-Good Time To Pray
Vasco-Manifesto Futurista Della Nuova Umanita (Remix)-(VRX 1101)
VA-With Love From Cologne
Aligning Minds - Universal Automation
Cuts - Hold The Sun
Hannah Montana-Best of
VA - Earotic Sweet Lounge Music Vol 2
VA-Vintage Lounge
Kode Six - Perfekt World
Arno-High Noon
Dave Crane-Blade Runner
JeFFiZ - Keep on Goin Vague EP
Le Vinyl And Mani Rivera-So Lonely
Luca Doobie B Converso
Mr Audity - Adrenaline Is Gods Greatest Gift EP
Fast Distance And Dimension-Heaven Rain El Mar
VA-A State Of Trance 2011 Vol 2 (UNMIXED)

September 9th, 2011

VA-Future Darkness EP
VA-Night Audio 001
VA-Night Audio 002
Back 2 Dance - Think About The Way-(D2N 00042011)
Brooklyn Bounce And Discotronic-The Musics Got Me (Dance And Hands Up Edition) (MMR342)
Discoduck - La Dee Dam
DJ Fait-I Can Hear The Silence
DJ Sequenza-C U 2nite Incl Empyre One Remix
I Gotika - Sonora Egypt-(MIE 8032774614079)
Jan Wayne-Bring Me To Life
Mike Candys And Evelyn Night In Ibiza
Rasta Man - Rewind-(366158 5487043)
Turbotronic - One More Day
Marius-Glow Of Filter And Dub
VA-Shoes Off EP
Hercules and Love Affair-Painted Eyes
Laiback Luke Vs Example-Natural Disaster-PROMO
Pnau-Solid Groun Too Much Worth Living For-PROMO
Wolfgang Gartner Ft Will I Am-Forever-PROMO
Thorax vs Masters of Noise Ft. MC Tha Watcher - The Legend Returns
21hour-Wheres Da Base
Alex Augello-Why Dont You
Alex Costa
Alex M-Moving the Sun
Alexey Romeo and Sadko
Ant Brooks-The Horn EP
Anton Arbuzov-Dutch In Je Oren
Audio Soul Project-Have It All remixes
Audiolog-The Notorious Dance EP
Beq Ghonghadze-House Lover
Blacktron-The President
BLM-Back Again
Brooklyn Bounce And Discotronic-The Music S Got Me House Electro Edition
Bryan Roskin-Sepultra EP
Carlprit-1234 Incl R.I.O. Remix
CoolEdits-10 Deck EP
Copyright Feat. Imaani-Story Of My Life
Cricky Lyttle
Daniel Mehlhart-Digital Notes 1
Dave Spritz and Darko De Jan-Girl I Know
David Villagran
Deadmau5-Where My Keys
Decently Striking-Zombie Disco
Denzal Park Vs Wizard Sleeve-Im A Drum Machine-PROMO
DJ Sasha XL-The Naturale Power
DJ Tarkan
Dorm Parties-My First Kiss (Uptempo House Radio Mix)
Elektrokid Dave Lambert and Timofey-Acid Around The World
Eximinds Ft. Aelyn-Fairy Tale
Faberlique-I Look At The Sun
Freekwency-Dont Tell Me
Fulbert-Garden State 92 EP
Hanne And Lore-Agro Yoga EP
Hectik Rivero
Helmut Dubnitzky-We Walk
Ina D-Dizzy Mouse EP
J Rod-The Heart Of Africa
Jean Jacques Smoothie Ft. Tara Busch-2People (2011 Rework)
Jon Sweetname-Diomedes EP
Jose M. Tacoman Ro Garcia-Sunday Black People
Jose Sousa-Last Tango
Kleinschmager Audio-The Original Series EP
Lauhaus-Poison EP
Lucenzo Ft Don Omar And Big Ali-Danza Kudro
Marc Zimms-Strings And Synths (Ill Never Stop)
Marcus Meinhardt-Chain Of Memories
Matthew Burton and Nick Lawson
Melih Ask-Shine On Me
Mickey T-Be Free
Milton Five-Why Is It
Modana And Carlprit-Shake That Boo Boo
MWUA Modern Walker And Urban Absolutes-Sweet Beats Are Made Of This
NDP-Rules Of Life
Nick Galea
Pepe Arcade and Dakpa
Polygon And Javier Ordua-Playing The Chords
Raul Ortiz Feat. Daren J. Bell-No More
Rene De La Mone-I Believe In Love
Rishi K
Ritmo 69 Vs. DJ Easy-Somos Estrellas
Room 10
Sander Van Doorn-Koko-PROMO
Sasha Dith Vs. Daagard And Morane Feat. Carlprit-The Second Beat Is Mine
Scott Sparks
Scott Sparks
Scott Sparks-Sonic Drops
Skyve-Bass Mongol
Sunset Music Records
Terri B Feat. D.O.N.S. And Shahin-Deeper Love (Pride)
Torha-White Boots
Uno Mas
VA-Defected-Beach Clubbing
VA-Dessous Best Kept Secrets 3
VA-Nofistate Sampler
VA-Organic Tech House Vol. 5
VA-Pacha Ibiza DJ Awards 14th Edition
Walker Barnard-Alacazam EP
50 Cent-Warning Shots
Narwhal-Visions Wide
Dirty Beaches-Conor Prendergast-Split-(7 Inch Vinyl)
VA - Stand Up Against Gravity
2UP and Caballero-Freak Chick
Albena Flores-Orange Day EP
Almir Ljusa
Andrea Rubolini
Attemporal and D Carbone-ATT Series
Conrad Van Orton and Aux ID-Mind The Gap
D-Funkshion-Magnetic Bass
DJ Robdee-Ultimate Fly
Doctor Zot - The Mad Fucking Journey EP
Duca-May Day
Ercos Blanka-Reflex EP
Frank Valon and Shi Buka
Giu Montijo-Pay To Play EP
Jeff Mills
Johnd-Coasting EP
Kelter-First Kiss
Kleinschmager Audio-The Original Series EP
Konstantin Yoodza
Luigi Rocca and Boosta
Max B Grant vs Dready-2 - Ip Mans
Milto Serano-De Puta Madre
Mimax-Heart Attack
NHB and Fabrizio Pettorelli-Vertical Rush
Par Grindvik
Phil Kieran And Jochem Paap-Workshops Vol. 1 EP
Swallen-Hit The Floor
VA - Hardstyle Breakdown Vol. 1
VA-Phunk Investigation In The Remixes
Virgil Enzinger And Submerge - Black Sun Remixes Part 1
Activator - Thanaz Larkee
April-If Youre Lucky
Armin Van Buuren-A State Of Trance 525
Conor Mcmullan
Digital Djs
Eddie Hallett-Acclamation The Remixes Part 1
Growler-Control Freak
Marcos Feat Helen Sylk-Take Cover
Matt Laws
Sergio Gusto
Solar System-Sophisticated Mind
Space Rockerz And Tania Zygar-Puzzle Piece
The Madison And Simon J Feat Aelyn
VA-Time and Space Pt 3

September 8th, 2011

Dom-Blakelock EP
Horsepower Productions-The Lost Tapes
Kone-The Tractatus
Heartclub - Love You Like A Love Song-(SAI 2211)
VA - Metro Hits 2010
VA Club Promo Only September Part 1
VA Club Promo Only September Part 2
VA Club Promo Only September Part 3
VA Club Promo Only September Part 4
VA Club Promo Only September Part 5
VA Club Promo Only September Part 6
VA Club Promo Only September Part 7
VA Club Promo Only September Part 8
VA Club Promo Only September Part 9
Johnwaynes-Hoomba Hooma
Onur Engin-Edits Vol 4
VA-Wolf And Lamb Disco Edits
S.I.N-Spectrum E.P
Vtech-Storm Rising
Creep-Days EP Remixes
Diphasic-Divine Paradox
Elan-Alligator Snaps EP
Emuul-The Drawing of the Line
Grouper-Water People Moving Machine
Miracle-The Visitors EP Incl Fennesz Remix
Motion Sickness of Time Travel-Luminaries and Synastry
Nitin Sawhney-Last Day Of Meaning
Rebecca And Fiona-If She Was Away-Hard (Remixes)
Scenic-Another Sky
VA-Shoes Off EP
Groove Armada-Red Light Trax Vol 1
Aldo Cadiz-Tengo C
B Craack
Beaner-Miles Then Mccoy
Ben Coda And Innate-Brighton Rocks
Bog and Mahony-Mind Trick EP
Bunte Bummler-Youre Mine EP
Caccao-Oh Lazar
Daniel Bortz
Daniel Stefanik-In Days Of Old Part 2
David Labeij - Berries
Dim Chris
DJ RFX and Martin Es-Available EP
Dorm Parties-Booty Work (Wurk Those Ghetto Tek Cheeks)
Dorm Parties-Stereo Hearts (Uptempo House Radio Mix)
Dorm Parties-We Are Who We Are (Uptempo House Radio Mix)
Dualton-The Love Song EP
Dudley Strangeways-Into Deep
Eelke Kleijn-Doordrammer - Papillon
Hed Kandi Glitterarti-Top Of The World
Hollen-Pin Puk (The Remixes)
Honey Dijon Feat Dajae-Until The Day
Invisible Dust-Great Passion
Ion Ludwig-Summer Morning Classic Tales EP
JD Miller-Illegal (The Remixes)
John Glassey-Damn The Drums
Jon Thomas Feat. Corn Dogg-Club Shit
Kasper-Dope Beat EP
Middle Rhythm-The Jam
Nick York-Rapina Tone
Nicky Romero - Camorra
Nicolas Dominguez
OG Mubu
Oskar Maximum
Over8-Landform EP
Sello-With You EP
Souldeep Inc-Back To Chicago With Love
Stalot-Samba Got Real
Stefano Noferini
The Drunkers (Italy)-Loco Motion
Tom Flynn
Tony House Featuring Alexandra Star-Where Is The Love
VA-Mixture Part 4
VA-Soul Clap Social Experiment 002 Part 1
VA-The Extended Family Part 2 EP
VA-Tribal Unity Vol 28
VA-Tribal Unity Vol 29
Yolan and Kenia-Get It On
Zon-Hypercube EP Part II
M83-Midnight City
Adam Port
Angy Kore And Sisko Electrofanatik-Rock It
DJ Kot
Frequencerz - Fly With Me
Frequencerz - Fly With Me
Grandmaster Q - Still Crazy For You
Kris Sach
Luis Flores-Love Your Machine
Miss Djax Feat DJ Rush-Sick Of U
Sean Random-Random EP
Seb B - One Fucker
Todlich - Tek Saint EP
Toneshifterz - Psychedelic Wasteland (Official Defqon 1 Australia Anthem)
Virgil Enzinger And Submerge-Black Sun
Virgil Enzinger-Formless EP
Virgil Enzinger-Sub Voice Remixes
Full Tilt And Orla Feeney - OTT
Hyper-X Feat. Introverso - Close To Me
Seven Space
Stephan Dodevsky-Purple Stars
VA-Trance Vibez Edition 3
Vulpini-Choices of Life

September 7th, 2011

Actual Phantom-Breakin Thru
Audio Dealers-Maximum 2
Basement Freaks-Something Freaky
DJ Hero-The Bobble Head EP
Speed Plan400-Rockers Revenge
Bella-Get Down
Dj Take feat Lavy - Touch Me
Monkey Busterz - Stay
Nuta Cookier
Contract Killers-Bass Package EP
VA-Our Fucking Jungle 1
Busta Feat Claire G-Take Control
Canblaster-Master Of Complication
Cut and Run
Dylan Rhymes-Filth Bag
Funkineven-Rolands Jam
Lo-Fi-Fnk-The Last Summer
Tim Mcvicar-For the Money
Alejandro-The File (Incl. Tomas Samulis Remix)
Avi Algranati and Fresh-Change Your Mind
Carlo Gambino-Pot Kettle Black
Ce Ce Rogers and SykenSugarstarr-I Believe
Cesare Ferioli-Detroit Walking
David Herrero-Mambara (The Remixes)
De Melero and Kenttzo-Disco To Cisco EP
Denigons-Pure Soul
DJ Borra-Follow Me
DJ Frank feat Michael Houston-Put The Light On The Lady (Frank Vs Rebel Remix)
DJ Ron Vein-With Taste
Fernando Campo-Let We Donma
Figure and Whiskey Pete-Cut Throat (Remixes)
Frank Garcia-Shake It
Jake And Amber-This Is Mine
Jamlimmat-Instyle EP
Jesus Dominguez
Johnwaynes-Never Enough
Jondi and Spesh
Little Junkies and Barannicoff Feat. Polina Griffith-Doesnt It (Part 1)
Lownza-To Much Blow Job
M.o.t.a.fied Beatz - So Sabi
Marco Twellmann-Mamas Heart
Marco Vistosi-New Orleans
Martin Brunelli
Matt Phantom-Back to the Future
Melody Of Elements-Master Groove
Might Lazky-Double Penetration
Mike N-Keep On Fallin
Paul Anthony and Mike Gillenwater-Vertical Disco
Phil Fuldner-Shake It
Plague Project Djs-In Confusion
Ralvero Ft. MC Boogshe - Party People-(SNEAKCDS016)-Retail
Ridikulous Kool-Keep It Kool
Rio Dela Duna
Robert Abigail and DJ Rebel feat Mo - Meneando-(SRG1001681)-Retail CDS
Rockstarzz-Push It 3000
Sam.u.l.-Short Street EP
Sickindividuals-The Funky House Anthem (The Remixes)
Sidney Samson - Riverside-(SNEAKCDS015)-Retail CDS
Tip Doris And Oleg Nych
Two Pearls Rock-Rock Paper Scissors-(PITAL 104D)
VA-Do2night New Year 2011
VA-House Beat
VA-Minimal Essentials
Vitalik Frost-My Mind Is Free
Vujisic-I Love You
Man With No Name-Remixes EP 1
Burn Soldier - History of Darkness EP
DJ Thera vs Geck-O - Help Help
Jones - Ruler of the Breakz EP
Loui Fernandez-Palito Susurro
Mr Shark - 2 Be Night
Proppy and Heady - Summer Of 2011
VA - Best of Argonaut Records
VA - Best of Chicago Connection Part II
VA - Best of Chicago Connection Part I
VA - Best of Lobotomy Records Part II
VA - Best of Lobotomy Records Part I
VA - Best of Unik Sound Records Vol II
VA - Best of Unik Sound Records Vol I
VA - Best of Warez Audio Vol III
VA - Best of Warez Audio Vol II
VA - Best of Warez Audio Vol IV
VA - Best of Warez Audio Vol I
VA - Jumpstyle Avatar 2011 Vol.1
Code Blue-Moonshine-(ENC 37)
Devilect - Just Smile Incl Ex-Driver Remix
Lifted Emotion pres Step 91-Above The Sky
Mathieu Le Manson-Summer Vibes-(100318 24)
Matt Eray-Azure Serenity Just An Hour
VA-Electronic Architecture 2 Extracts
VA-Streamlined 2011 Tunis Mixed By Leon Bolier

September 6th, 2011

Guttershake-Fibreoptickz EP
Pledge-Unknown EP
Pritch And Trim
Rippa-Da Grind
Satan John-Many Blastic
Xxxy vs Ike Release-Xxxy vs Ike Release
A Skillz Vs Beatvandals-Bombstrikes Vol 11
Nick Thayer-Bombstrikes Vol 12
VA-Pandora Box the Album
Ways and Means
Alex Boundry - Quicksilver-(361015 0106179)
Liz Primo-State Of Amazing Own That (Remixes)
VA - Best Of Dance 3
VA - Bravo Hits 2
VA - Tanecni Liga 132
Xavireg Vol. 5-Pick Me Up
Ajapai-Energize EP
Eye-D And DJ Hidden-Peer To Peer Pressure
Mark Instinct and Adroa-Suicide Pill EP
Anbb Alva Noto and Blixa Bargeld
Basement Freaks-Makes Me Wanna Scream
Clarks-Take Me Higher
DJ Twister Aka Vinyl Cat-Blues Breakers EP
Kanedubstep-Revenge EP
Light Asylum-In Tension-(Mexican Summer)
Nynfus Corporation-Sergei Goes to Jamaica
Parker-Dub in the Jungle
Tears of Technology and 2DA West-Take America Back You Are Free
Uberbyte-NFY-Limited Edition
Viro and Rob Analyze and Whiskey Pete
DJ Didakos
Ons And Panzer
A. Balter And Eitan Reiter-Ups And Downs Patterns Of (Remixes)
Amanda Lear-I Dont Like Disco
Arthur Baker Ft Jimmy Somerville-I Believe In Love
Bodj-Ring My Bell
Boral Kibil-After Tomorrow
Deadmau5-4 X 4 Equals 12
Eddie Nicholas-Gimme Dat Love
Evren Ulusoy
F Akissi-Del Mundo Terro
Fabrizio Marra Feat Tracy Brathwaite-Youre Getting Me Started-(SOB 012)
Franky Boissy Ft. Akram Sedkaqui-Mama Used to Say (Part I)
Fuminori Kagajo-Spells from Sapporo EP
Gregor Tresher-Lights From The Inside The Remixes
Groove Addix Feat Annette Taylor-Burned Out
Hugo Ibarra-Blank Sense
Inaya Day and Mangesto-Time is Now
John Acquaviva and Roy RosenfelD - Tasters Choice EP
Jorge Martins
Jovonn-Talkin Shhh-(MSM 030)
Maceo Plex And Elon - Bummalo EP
Mangesto Feat. Ashya
Matthew Bandy Feat Josh Milan
MDR-Local Cluster
Mesteks-You Give Me Love
Miki Mirrash-Turn The Music Up
Norman Doray
Oumou Sangare-Mogo Te Diya Bee Ye
Pablo Fierro-Nu York
Publicist-Hard Work
Reuben Tobias - Portraits EP
Rosenhaft-Many Bones Overload
Several Spirits
Shirley Jones and Jean Carne-Whatever it Takes
Soulfinder-Never Let Go
The Muthafunkaz-Every Day of the Week
Utok2me-Volodia Clean Your Room
VA-Cube Route Vol 4
Wil Milton Feat. Eric Scott-Sometimes I Cry
Xploud-Mind Xploud
Hi Profile-Against Humanity EP
Ismael Baraka-White Island
James Dexter-Moving Ants
Jan Driver
Jason Fernandes
Mental Crush And Sepromatiq - Tones Of Persistence EP
Rich Curtis-Pie Drive
David Wild-On My Mind
Essence - Wings Across The Universe-(ARDI 1202)
Insert Name-11 Years Later
NandR Project
Saleem Razvi-Hole In The Star

September 5th, 2011

George Fitzgerald
Lung And Maxx Roach-Booty Call
Presk-Love Again EP
Rustie-Ultra Thizz
Ulrich Troyer-Songs For William
Alexandra Stan
Carisya - Tell Me Why-(MMC 0811173)
DJ Coste feat Phylly - Dance With Me
DJ Karm - Bad Sicily
South Blast Feat. Paula P Cay-Who Made It
Fleetwood Mac-Brown Eyes Maulongated Version
Pechenga-Helt Borte
Penguin Prison-Penguin Prison-(Limited Edition)
Plastikman-Arkives (Reference)-(MINUS 100)
Plastikman-Arkives (Reference)-(MINUS 100)
Pretty Lights CD Box Set
Pretty Lights-Pretty Lights 2010 Eps CD Box Set
Seahawks-Another Summer With The Seahawks-(CAP007) And Vinyl
Solipsism-Refract Me Dont Subtract Me
Solvent-RDJCS5 EP
Teeth-Swarm Shift Sequence Spawn
VNNR - What
VA-Groove 80 Vol.05
2 Wise-On My Way
A Guy Called Gerald
Abstract Maglioni-En Mi Chante
Addictive Glance
Alex Kenji And David Jones
Alex Kiefer
Alex Metric - End Of The World-Promo
Alexey Ecko
Alextar-You Can Take My Jz
Ali Jouher
Andrea Carnell - At Last-Promo
Andrea Giacobbe-Che Idea
Andres Cabrera
Andrew Nick-Sync Podzone
Andrew Sam-New Samples
Andy Well
Angger Dimas Vs Christian Luke
Angy Kore-Music For People
Atrim-La Musette
Bilal Brohi Feat.Musadiq Sanwal
Camilo Picon-Le Piano
Carl Tricks - 9000
Chuckie Feat Gregor Salto-What Happens In Vegas
Cool Brothers-32 Dip
Daniel Turner-Caekwalk EP
Deep Space Orchestra-Bucktown Fever EP
Deepfunk-Tulips Grow In Space
Denis Nicola-Do U Funk
DJ Yashin-Boca Do Inferno
Female In2ition - Aint No Love-Promo
Grant Nalder-Guilty Pleasure
Groove Man-Elite Tech Vol. 6
High Powered Boys - Udon Work-Promo
Hit Hat and Adrian Costa-Tech In House vol.2
Iggy Miles
Inspired Souls Sasha Funny-Lets Move (Original Mix)
Inxec And Droog LA-Westbound EP
J.O.S.H.-Violent Storm
Jackiroqs-Theatre Of Mind EP
Jay Robinson-Optimal Grime EP
Kings of Tomorrow Feat April-I Need to Love Me
Kobbe And Tomaz
KZR-Dopamine Effect
Larry Baaaam
Lissat And Voltaxx-The Sunken Bells Of Ibiza
Luis Sastre
Marcus Knight-Luv Digitz
Mark Denken and Louie Cut-Change the Rules
Matt Samuels feat. Joel Edwards-Love Begins
Maximo Menges-Jumping In The Sky EP
Moi Rodriguez-The Deaf Side
Moodz-Let Me
Moontouch-Morning Sickness
Mr Ibanez-Tokyo Night
Muff Deep-Enter The Muff
Noel Aru-Lewy Vitton
Oliver Klein-Raveline Mix Sessions 037
Pedro Volp-On The Sea Hotel
Peter And The Magician-Twist EP
Peter Gelderblom
Phonogenic And Sasse-High Gee
Randy Katana-Return Of The Wave
Rhymos-Gradual EP
Rodrigo DP Look Inside
Ruben F-Feel Good EP
Schenk-Under My Skin EP
Sebastien Leger and Joachim Pastor - Nizboo
Shannon - Into My Life-(366158 5326359)
Shant and Jerard-Bubble Up
Shermanology-Ring The Alarm
Shindu-Happy House EP
Sir Ivan - Live For Today Incl Djs From Mars Remixes-Promo
Soulfinder-Global Communications
Steve Murano-Passion (Twenty Eleven) The Mixes
The Field-Looping State Of Mind
The Scumfrog
Tiesto-Maximal Crazy
VA - CR2 Underground Vol 6 Sampler-Promo
VA - MYNC Volume 1 Sampler-Promo
VA-50.50 Old School
VA-Beat Cubed Vol. 3
VA-For Djs Only Samples
VA-Progressive Iceland
VA-Summer Solstice
VA-Zumobeatz Mizumo Summer Sampler
Will Eastman And Micha Vellian - No Sleep-Promo
Yariv E-The Flying Circus
Ike and Tina Turner-Festival Of Live Performances
Grouch - Phenominimal
NOK And Klopgeister - Soultrigger The Remixes
Pavel Svimba - Space Babuska
VA - The Crew And Pirates Revolution
21street-Endless Space
Alexi Delano And Cari Lekebusch - Off World Wonder
Binum - Set Me Free
B-Twinz - The World Of The Wars
B-Twinz - The World Of The Wars
Dema And Paride Saraceni - Stalker
Leonardo Gonnelli - Crazy Pop
Manu Kenton and Nicolas Clays - Petrol 2011 Ethanol 2011
Max Cooper - Empirisch
Mike Dehnert
Narkosky-Fake Game
Polly Stripe-Aufstoben Regenbogen
Syzthaime-Little Eskape
The Beatstretchers - Blue Time
The Black Dog-Liber Temple
The Locust - The Locust EP
The Renegade - Cant Stop Stay
VA - A2 Records Unleashed Album Sampler 5
VA-Addicted To Techno Hot Summer Techno Track
VA-DJ Networx The Best Of Vol 49
VA-Down And Out Volume 1
XDB-Apari EP
Andy Duguid Ft. Fenja - Strings
Andy Moor Ft. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire
Bin Fackeen-Emotion Blender
Fafaq - Rocket Fuel
Jeysound And Neotronik-Seven Sundays
Lee Miller
Luca Antolini Ft. Candyman01 - Rewind (Shockforce Remix)
Mark Sherry - Sangre Caliente
meHiLove-Daylight EP
Mike Foyle presents Statica-Shades Of Red Shades Of Blue
Mike Foyle Presents Statica-Shades Of Red Shades Of Blue
Rafael Frost
Ram vs Nash and Lake - Never Ever
Rene Ablaze and Fallen Skies - Stealin Love
Super8 and Tab - Irufushi Mercy
Tokima Tokio
VA-Enhanced Recordings 100 The Remixes Part 3
VA-Straight Up Presents Redux Hits
VA-The Sound Of Garuda Chapter 2
W and W

September 4th, 2011

Sundaze-Eternally Grateful
VA - Play Dance 10
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Dance Traxx Vol 208
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Dance Traxx Vol 209
John Roman-Sala (Includes FREE TRACK)-(SEED 057)
Cloud Boat-Lions On The Beach
Alexander Fog-Wrong Mail Box EP
Crazy P-Open For Service
Cristian Monak
Deep Space Orchestra-Bucktown Fever EP
DJ Jus-Ed-Vision Dance
Groove Armada-My Friend
Kenan Roman and Borja Maneje-Flight BK 1069
Koen Groeneveld and Addy Van Der Zwan-Disko Tek EP 4
Manik-Mc Lovin You
Norm Talley
Paul Revered-Shade EP
Sandor B-Moscow EP
VA - Balearica 11 Part 2 by DJ Chus
VA-Deep Space IV-From Deep House To Tech House
Mr Woodnote and Lil Rhys-Modus Operandi
Mr Woodnote and Lil Rhys-Modus Operandi
Peter Heppner - Alleinesein (Incl.Azzido da Bass Remix)
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
Wu Tang and Jimi Hendrix-Black Gold
Stuback-Inspiration The New Tune
Bardalimov - Hope
Dela Red - In Search of Happiness
Delta3-Luv Now
Illitheas - Another Day
Lange-Lange EP1 Remixed
Lisko - Silver Ep
Sascha Dolliver - Piano Without Wing
Sy Gardner - My Thoughts Are Always You
Vegas Baby Feat Angelic-For The Love Of You

September 3rd, 2011

Armitage Shanks - Mosh EP
Bare Noize - Prepare To Die EP
Blind Prophet - Rotate
Caspa - Not For The Playlist EP
Elliot Mars - Particle EP
Kill Moda - Tomorrow Belongs To Us
Samo Sound Boy - Shuffle Code EP
Scuba-Adrenalin EP-(HF030)-Promo Vinyl
Tasha Tribe Steppaz - Original Badmon EP
Jazz.K.Lipa-Global Dancehall
Medras-In Your Myth
Modulo5 feat. Carlo Tonicapelli Marchi-Here and Now
Bass Deejay feat. Smally and Monica-Show Me Your Feelings
Dancefloor Warning-Cant Believe
Example-Playing In The Shadows
Calibre - Hummer EP
Aydio-Groove Road
Kalabi-Songs For Sox
Seymour Bits-Seymour Bits
Small Night Orchestra
Tycho-Hours-(Ghostly International)
Dan Wilde
James Beige-Crossanova EP
Satellite 4-Rickys Revenge
Artic And Fjord-North Ways
Atfunk-Deep Dada EP
BLACK JACK-Rainstorms On Jupiter
Cram-A Good Night (The Remixes)
Eddie LV-Alright - Chinese Attitude EP
Fudge Fingas-What Works EP
Johan Dresser-Darkness EP
Joy Marquez-My Glitch (Original Mix)
Julian Dep-The Hidden Path
Juniper Presents-Theories EP
Mag DJ-We Are Sick Of Music
Makam-Reconstructed Disc 1
Mario Takov Feat Samantha Savoia
Miguel Molinero-Quiero Bailar
Pedro Duraes-Its Never Too Late
Pierce-Better Times
Shanti Roots and Scheibosan-Clap Your Hands EP
Shanti Roots and Scheibosan-El Naranja
Spencer And Hill Touch Away
Ted Ganung-Bring It To Me-(KRK036)
Ted Ganung-Pass The Light
Thomas Heat and Dirty Sunchez - Out Of My Mind
Tujamo-Tujamo EP
VA-Comfusion Summer Compilation
VA-Ibiza 2011 The Closing Part 1
VA-Mixed For Feet Vol 1 (Mixed By Gabriel And Dresden)
Yann Kriss Feat Dalyx
DJ Maurice-Man I Feel Like A Woman
Don Gere-Werewolves On Wheels-(Finders Keepers Records)
Mike Oldfield-Incantations-(Remastered)-(Deluxe Edition)
VidesAngelini-Indigo Karma
Daheen - Being Green
Neapolitica - I.N.V.A.S.I.O.N
Open Source - Ultra Deep Field
Pspiralife - Self Similar
Suduaya - Dreaming Sun
Concepto-Front Back
Karl-More Tits But Less Brains
Philip Bader Nicone and Sascha Braemer
Stephen Doyle-The Remedy EP
Valerio Hernandez
Avlish-Violet Gardens Incl Eric Shaw Remix
DJ X Verse-New Hope
Fanatic Emotions
Julius Beat-I Have A Dream
Sarah H
Tonerush-Chips And Modems
VA-S107 Recordings Collected Vol 1

September 2nd, 2011

Adroa-Decimation EP
Ajapai-Detected EP
Antiserum-The Swarm EP
Chaosphere-Eradicate EP
Crissy Criss-Blow Your Head Off
Downlink and Vaski
Dubba Jonny-Dubstep Production For Dummies
Excision and Downlink-Existence EP
Excision and Subvert-Rude Symphony
Funtcase-So Vexed
Jay Cunning-Bad Girls and Bad Man (the Remixes)
Marger feat. Molly
Mark Instinct-Get Loud EP
Nightwalker-Stomp EP
Nursery of Naughtiness
Pixel Fist-Talkin Heads EP
Presence Known and Vista-Cataclysm EP
Subvert-Ketamine Karate
Torqux and Twist-Unleashed EP
VA-No Strings Attached EP
Big Bang Breaks
Chevy One-Gotta Get Some
Deekline and Wizard feat. DJ Assault-Night Moves
D-Funk and Philly Blunt-Let It Ride
Hironimus Bosch-Shit Kicker
Infiniti and Keith Mackenzie-Ill Meets Infiniti EP
Manu Twister-BBB EP.2
Mr Tools-The Pyramid (Remixes Part 2)
Niko and Lyall-Epic Fail EP
Peter Paul-Electrolia Remixes
Spyke-Come Again EP
Stiben Dapper-Sexual Feel (Remix)
The Wee Djs
Virtualex-Breaking and Touching
Carmixer vs Save feat Francy M - Favola-(IDR 002)
Carmixer vs Save feat Francy M - Musica Magica-(IDR 009)
Discomakers Feat. Jessica Jean
Funky Bootz feat Carlprit - Party On-(ZD 210)
Giorgio Sainz feat Knockie - Your Eyes
Siculand feat Nik - Deep Down-(IDR 010)
Soul Black - Youre Mine-(IDR 001)
Thomas Petersen Vs Mega Lo Mania Feat Franca Morgano-Without Your Love
Tony Change - Do You Want Me-(IDR 008)
Ed Solo and Deekline
Basement Freaks-Get Down Boogie
Hyper-The End
II Tone-Big EP
Johnny Pluse Feat Youth Mass-Drinkin in the Sun
Morlack-Ghetto Vaccination
Mr Tools-The Pyramid (Remixes Part 1)
Quincy Jointz-Praia De Geriba Remixed Vol 3
Schema-The Revival EP
Harvey K-Tel-Ranking In The Deep
Chuff - Twisted Ravers EP
Enzyme X - Nathaniel Superfly
Pi-Core - Back In The Day
The Genesis Projection - Hydrogen EP
Andy Hart-Somethings Got To Give
Cerrone feat. Katherine Ellis-Laisser Toucher 2011
Daniel Slam-In My Dreams
Def Mike-Silent Hill
DJ Dello-Crunch Crusher
Federico Scavo feat. Andrea Guzzoletti - Strump
Hypnotist-The Zero Section
Insulin Junky feat Ann Bailey - Rushing Over Me-(ZD 199)
JCA Ft. Tyra-Only Tonight
Jean-House Of The Labyrinth
Jewelz and Chico Chiquita - Fusic
Kroman Celik
Lovebirds-Honeybadger EP
Martin Aquino-Penguin In A Dufflebag
Max Chapman
Maxplay-Asi Cae El Ocaso (Original Mix)
Meisha Moore-I Just Wanna Dance (Francesco Cofano Mixes)
Mobin Master And Willie Morales And Tate Strauss And Tony Puccio - Get Funked
Nicope-Your Time EP
Oliver Klein
Paul Francini-Been A Long Time
Pirupa-Broken Hearts
Polydor-You Better
Robert Babicz-What A Day EP
Skyboy-Dr. Gonzos Way EP
Steff Da Campo - Candyman-(ZD 212)
Stephan F - Move It Move It-(IRD 059)
Steve Aoki and Sidney Samson-Wake Up Call (Remixes)
Universal Language-Black Sea
VA - The World Of Minimal House
VA-Deep Days Vol. 7
VA-Mystery Land 2011 (Mixed By Peter Stevens And Jazper)
Yuri Lima
Zervos P-Strange Feelings
Alex Davis - This Is House
Jannick Schou-Act Of Shimmering
Andrea Bigi And Marius Laurentiu-Lazy Frog
Antek And Feygin-Distant Memory
Christopher Brooks-Sweet Madness
Dave Johnys
Erich Bogatzky
Karlos K Sound-Musical Grooves EP
Magda-From The Fallen Page
Marco Fender
Paulistos feat. Paul D - Elements Of Music
Ruben Gonzalez-Let Me Love
Sven Kerkhoff-Chico EP
Technoboy - Vanilla Sky
VA - The World Of Minimal Techno
VA-Defqon 1 Festival 2011 Live Mixed By Wildstylez
VA-Mos Ferry Great Cinema Show
A.R.D.I.-Reason 2 Life
Chasing Dreams-Cherry What Little Comfort EP
Fanatic Emotions-Along With You
Fanatic Emotions
Fanatic Emotions
Fanatic Emotions
Fanatic Emotions-Trance Energy
Lifted Emotion
VA-Armada Top 15 September 2011

September 1st, 2011

Yoof (Sonz of Mecha)-King Yoofs International Hi
The Game
Bioblitz-Block Party (Remixes Part 1)
Bon Ecko-Bass Bass Bass EP
Mdubbleu-Pump My Love
Under this-Ruff Stuff EP 2
Valymo-Chic Chicks EP
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 282
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 283
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 284
VA-DJ Promotion Mymusic Staff 05
Dal Shabet-Bling Bling
Housekatze-Rock And Pop Song
Jessica Sutta - Show Me
Lazard Vs DJ Anady Feat Miami Inc
Pulsedriver Vs. Djs From Mars-Youth Of The Nation
Striker - We Dream Tonight
VA - Bassxpress Vol 1
Booty Vibes-Booty Vibes Volume 1
Cold Blank ft Veze Skante and Alex Dreamz-Die Famous
Daniel Lucas-Mudd Club
Electrixx-Crispy Cake
Pete Swanson-I Dont Rock At All
Small Night Orchestra
Stanton Warriors-Turn Me Up Some
VA-6 Years Stil Vor Talent
VA-Direct World Action For Japan-2CD-Limited Edition
VA-Novatunes 2.4
DJ Mad Dog - Game Over
Ruffneck and Synapse - Demoralized Spiral Of Desire
Acid Lupe - Bubba
Alex Ricardo-Los Bailes De La Noche
Anil Kiroglu - El Puente
Antonya - Indiana
Artistic Raw-The Drughouse Anthem
Billy Bumperfish Ft MC Vocab - Chocolate or Vanilla
Bjorn Wilke And Someone Else-Rainbow Bridge
Bumel-State Of Arp
Charley Prince - Make You Move
Christian Dehugo
Das Glow And Para One
Dave Rosario - Walk From Me
David Sichinawa-Magic Mushrooms
DDC-D Dance Cartel
Denzal Park-Militia (Incl. Third Party and Mike Klash Remix)
Digi - Space Invaders Electro Minimal
Dirty Grey
Disco Trash Music - Phobia
DJ Dean Ritchie-Sunrise 2011
Filterwolf - Never Ever
Frangellico-Meaning Of Fear
GD And B Vs Phunk Investigation-Disco Place
Georgios Antoniadis - Dont You Want Me
Gitech-No Face EP
Hands Eleven-Caribbean Vibes EP
Holograma-No Shoes EP
Iggy Miles
Ivan Wasquez-Celica (Original Mix)
J Diesel - H.F.T
Jared Wilson-Let Your Body Make Your Body
Josh Feedblack and Claudio Barracu More Time
Kintar And Kliment - Blackout
Logical Dreamers Feat Inusa Dawuda-Bla Bla Bla
Martin Loud And Swagger Feat Rona Ray-Still Believe
Matt Caseli and Danny Freakazoid-Long Legs Running 2011
Maxime Zanetti - Try EP
Men on Mars-Fuck that Shit
Mike Frost
Milton Jackson vs Droido-Tales From The Tech EP
Milton Jackson-1998-(TSOLE073)-()
Molecule - Bang
Mync and Wally Lopez-Esa Boca Linda
Nopopstar-Dance Now
Olav Basoski and DJ Erick E-Dont Turn Your Back (Stefano Noferini Remix)
Oliver Ton - Cello EP
Oskar Maximum
Oskar Maximum
Paul Key
Pete Kastanis
Rigor-Royan EP
Roul and Doors-Assiduity Trinidad EP
Spank Rock
Synthetic Pompette-Sleep Disorder
Temabes Feat Bazuka - Phantom Paradise
The Clave - Sexy Robot
The Drunkers - Hangover
The Kenneth Bager Experience Ft Aloe B-The Sound of Swing the Remixes
Thomas Radman - Revolt
Tiger Stripes-Tiger Stripes EP
VA - Freedom
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 290
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 291
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 292
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 293
Valy DJ Feat Fabio Vee - Strange Beat
VA-Nil Satis
VA-Place It 2011 Shakes Yeah
Vasscon And Overmute
Vik Shefi-Deep Diving
Virus - Like Green
Vito Orofino And Paultronik-Keep On You
Yuri Shulgin-Flow EP
Zippie-Ished (Original Mix)
VA - Future Nature 2
Alexic-Rod - Injected
Angy Kore And Alfonso Forte-Skerz And Appart Remixes
Basic Soul Unit
Ben Delay-Feel So Good
Boris Brejcha-James Bond
Chris Chambers-Digi Killed My Vinyl
Claudio Cava
Demir And Seymen-Come Back
Eelke Kleijn - Doordrammer Papillon
Joe Kendut-Guma EP
Karl F - Free Your Soul
Karl F - Free Your Soul
Karl Simon-Binome 01
Main Concern - Mindfuck EP
Mark Ernestus-Mark Ernestus Meets BBC
Pleasurekraft-Satyr Song
Sergio Sorolla-Estofado De Ternera
Steve Slight - Triton
Tom Laws-Hyperbolic (Remixes)
Anatoliy Frolov
Dave Bradshaw-Gods Grace
David Mcrae-Come On
DJ Trancebass-Everybody Jumping
D-Tek-Nibiru EP
Everyone On The Dancefloor-Moves On This Melody
Future Impact
Jon Hanley-High Tolerance
Karol Konik-Frame Of Mind
Lisaya vs Matt Pincer
Lotek-Coastal Breeze - Make Believe
Mang Theory
Maor-Big Dream EP
Mykotonic-Fast Moving Times
Pauly-Thirty Two EP
Ralph Project-Here I Am
Skinny-Wipeout EP
T3n1que and Josh Abernethie-Infexious Harddance 6
Thomas Petersen Presents Zylone
Tom Brown
UMZ-Feeling The Deep Breathe
VA-Nu Breeds EP - Part 2
VA-Uplifting Trance Tunes Vol 5

August 31st, 2011

Far East Movement Feat Cataracs And Dev-Like A G6 Remixes 2
Far East Movement Feat Cataracs And Dev-Like A G6 Remixes
Project Pitchfork-Continuum Ride-2CD-Limited Edition
Stopmakingme and The Deadstock 33s-Gravity-(TS 048)
Enzyme X-Nathaniel Superfly-(ENZYME X 32)
Ruffneck And Synapse-Demoralized Spiral Of Desire-(Enzyme K7
Andres W-Pitecantropus Incl Maxi Iborquiza Remix
Ave Astra-Moda EP
Badamohet-Smoking Fingers EP
Balance-New Dawn
Catz N Dogz-Escape From Zoo Remixes
Deep Dementure-Summer Seduction EP
Dirty Basterdz feat Retrick Abigail-Summer Anthem
Eran Hersh and Darmon
James What-It Feels Wrong
Jan Hendez-Big Mind EP
Kevin Schwazer
Kitano-The Early Bird EP
Mihai Amatti
Nikey Rush feat Syntheticsax - Happiness Is Real
Rline-Essential For Ears
Sash Ft. Jean Pearl-Mirror Mirror
Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso - Calling
VA-Clubbin 2011 Vol 3
VA-Nite Shade
Lethal MG - Revisited Part 2
VA-Chillout 5 P.M
Timeless-The Journey EP
VA-Still Fresh Vol.2
Bombilla-Every Minute
Dalora - Simply Marvellous EP
Eric Reivolp-Taiwanese Instinct
Jarold Palacio
Kenny Brian-Split EP
Regain - Before Awake
CHRON C-Standby EP
Cramp-Walk The Line
Des McMahon-Raven Pure
Menno De Jong
Mike Levy-Illumi - Optical Delusion
Peetu S
Physical Phase Feat Loreen Chimenti-Donne Moi Ton Corps
Pulser-The Space Between The Stars
VA-A State Of Trance Radio Top 15 August 2011

August 30th, 2011

Snoe-J Mar
Xtorsion-Venus Sky
Destroyers and Viper X-Black Smoke
Destroyers-Weird Day
Left-Right and Digital Pizza-Every Body
Parallax Breakz-Fear Remixes 2011
Parallax Breakz
Stuff Ya Disco-Error EP
VA-Sex on the Kitchen
Kyle Brylin - Bay-(NW 10136)
Robert Heinz-The Tomato Song
VA-Dance Chart 31
Deep Soul Music-June Miller and Circa
Fokuz Limited
Ingredients-DBR UK
VA-Kuts Deep Vol 2
Culprit 1-Grains of Light
Dadavistic Orchestra-Shredded .01
ERG-Hellraiser EP
Innercity-Dada Les Apocalypses
Julia Holter
Option Command-Horizon Glow EP
Rubicks-The Rise Of The Giddy
Seeed-Molotov bw Wonderful Life EP
Adam Twelve Mike Vell-I Wanna EP
Andrew Shatnyy
Antonio Mazzitelli-005-(OOO EP005)
Cambis And Wenzel-Natural Mystic
Cut and Run-Fire Pussyole
Daft Steve
Dave Kurtis
Ddei And Estate-Descent Into Hell
Denis Underground
Drunken Monkey-Smiley Face
Fragma Feat Plastic Funk-What Love Can Do
Giom and Joshua Heath-Connection Lost EP
Iban Device-Show Me This World
Juan Deminicis-Four Dimensions Flashbacks
Kid Broke-Darlin EP
Lanny May-Soft Light Turns On
Lenox-Dont Stop Dreaming
Lissat And Voltaxx-Rock My Body
Lucas and Steve-Remote EP
Mark E
Massive Vibes
Matt Cox-Move Yo Body
Nestor Delano-In The Air
Off Remixer-Future World
Offir Malol-Dont Stop
Poison Pro Pres Xino-Mantra Incl Kasey Taylor Remix
Rick Sanders-Im Nervous
Rishi Romero Ft MC Knowledje - Bateria
Roy Mclaren
Tavo-The Spirit
The House Inspector and Lunabass-Next To You
VA - Laundry Sayday 2011
VA-In Love With Ibiza Vol.1 (Mixed By Henri Kohn)
VA-Nu House Clubsession Vol.1
VA-Summer Dance Hits 2011
Cuartero-El Africano EP
Don Ruijgrok-Awake Spastik
Toby Montana and Dan Caster-Spanish Kiss EP
VA - Captain Nation-(Music from Our Nation)
Various Artists-Rick Wilhite Presents Vibes New And Rare Music Part C
Various Artists-Substance Audio Ten Tracks
Adam Lester-Silver Lining (Dave Wright and Mg Remix)
Aiera Osiris
Paulo Gomes-The Alpha and Omega
Phil Taylor-Mincrime Truth Vibrations
Roger Shah and Sian Kosheen-Hide U
The Blizzard and Omnia-My Inner Island
VA-Enhanced Recordings 100
Van Venrooij
VA-Trance The Ultimate Collection 2011 Vol 3
Willem De Roo - Velvet Destiny

August 29th, 2011

B Tek
B Tek
Clicks And Whistles-Cranberry Goose EP
DJ Rum-Mountains EP-(2NDRP 12014D)
Dub War-The Funky Deal
Grime Syndicate-Army of Darkness
Harry Ransom-With You
Split Mantis
Squarzan-Better Days
Squarzan-Day After Day
VA-Fortress VIP Carpe Diem
DJ Phunkae Feat Carla Dancer-Im with the DJ
Freak Slaughter-Move it (Remixes)
Garen-Mr Sinatra Party
Hyper-The Panic
Super Deejay Bobzilla-Heavy Duty Booty
VA-Musica Total
VA-Viaje Con Musica
Apocalyps and Britva-Pulse EP
Marco Del Horno Feat Emi Green-This Town is Ours
Sensai-Bad Memory EP
Blend Mishkin-Barrington Glock EP
Bump-Laughing Gear EP
Coco Bryce-Honeymoon Wonk
DJ B-Side and Russ Cuban-Artist EP One
DJ Twister Aka Vinyl Cat-Bangers on the Breaks Vol 4
DJ Twister Aka Vinyl Cat-Loopers Delight
Dusty Tonez-Beware of the Breaks EP
Featurecast-Bombstrikes Vol 10
Hybrid-Original Sin
Johnny Pluse-Lasers Lasers We Need More Lasers
Leon-Da Gypsy Groovy
Morlack and Itchy Bastards-Artist EP Two
Pulser-The Space Between The Stars
Radiohead-Give Up The Ghost
Silvershock-Sunday Drive (the Mutate Remixes)
The Beekeepers Feat Mystro-Queen Bee
UNIQUE 3-Shades of Grey
Unique 3-Square Saw Sine EP
VA-Boogie Boutique Volume 1
VA-Boogie Boutique Volume 2
VA-Fruit of the Boom EP
VA-Homemade Bullets Volume 1
VA-Mixmag Presents-30 Years of Sven Vaeth
VA-The Give Back EP
Wes Smith Vs Autokorrekt-Shake N Bake
Yomakomba-Summer Stories
The Beat Controller - The Real Deal
16 Bit Lolitas Pres Bug Report-The Great Dog
Adam K-Point Out Of A Curve
Alex OSN-You Make Me Feel Good
Axel Boman
Benjamin Brunn
Bliss Inc. - Faith 2011
Bobix-Sound Clash
Chipi-White Room
Dada Life-Happy Violence
Danny Freakazoid Strobe and Nene Dasile-Fast Life
Ddei And Estate
DJ Equan-Im Destination
Erdbeerschnitzel-Always Remain
Ethan A Thought
Fantasna-Las Siete Canchas
Francesco Diaz Ft Michael Feiner-Where Do You Go (Alex Kenji Remix)
Freedom Island-Proud Of You
Grant Gordon
Guillaume And The Coutu Dumonts-Ubiquitous Gaze
Hypnotic Duo-Engine (Remixed)
Ianick and Alex Minerva
Impulse-Understand (Time And Space Remix)
Inspired Souls Germaq
Jace Syntax-Jackin Around
Javid Senerano-The Only Bee
Jaytech-New Vibe Echo
Joni Pres Molay-Drifting Off
Karlos K Sound And Raul Rios-Deep Caribbean
KIZZO Ft. Bloodline-This Time (Sidney Samson Remix)
Kraak And Smaak-Lets Go Back
Lee Daines-Rock The F Out
Markus Homm-Violent Movement EP
Massimiliano Pagliara-Focus For Infinity The Remixes Part 1
Mike Noize
Moenster-That Girl
Oskar Maximum-In The Music
Oskar Maximum-Over The Sun
Robsounds-The More You Push It
Ross Couch-Turn It Up EP
Sidney Charles-Let It Go EP
Sini-My Little World
Sven Wegner-All I Want
Teana and Tiida - Coral Reef
Timo Maas-Cash Johnny
TWR72-Paradox EP
VA-Cadenza Lab Compilation Volume 1
VA-La Terrrazza 16 Years
VA-Pyramid Chip
VA-This Is Mexico 2
VA-Thrilla In Manila Deep Blue Sea
Weewtam-Kess (5 Light Years Remix)
Wiretappeur-Everybody Loves Ice Cream EP
Xantra-Am (Original Mix)
Yoko Duo-Behaving Like A Widower
Alan Fitzpatrick
Anatoly Kovernikov-Junk EP
Brennan Heart - Light the Fire (2011 Mix)
Dutch Master - You Are The Sound
Isaac and D-Block and S-Te-Fan - In The Air
Lady-Tom - Face The Truth
Lady-Tom - Forever Mine
Mr Fluff-Dark Secrets EP
Oz Romita-Amsterdam Sound EP
Remute-Welcome To Your Doom
Samuel L Session-Broken Floor Remixed Part 2
Scope DJ - Stargazer Rock Hypnotic Again (2011 Refix)
Slam-Slam Remixed Part 1
Terence Fixmer-Le Terrible EP
Underworld - Dark And Long Christian Smith Remixes
Vazard - Contrasts Part 2
Bart Claessen
Benya Feat Emma Lock - Loved To Be
Dennis Sheperd And Jonathan Mendelsohn-Bring Me Back
Erick Strong
Eximinds-Forever Love Afterlight
Mirco De Govia-Sleeping Beauty Incl Ronski Speed Remix
Phunpark-Midnight Incl Sean Tyas Remix
VA-Enhanced Recordings 100 The Remixes Part 1
VA-Enhanced Recordings 100 The Remixes Part 2
Vincent Voort

August 28th, 2011

Beat Bau Hof-Viruz EP
Bioblitz-Block Party EP
Calagad13-I Can Make You Dance EP
Dicrylium-Army of A Million Nanodrones
Enzo Siffredi And Jfth Feat. The Allstars-Jungle Dancing
Ez Icarus-Flying Too High EP
Gella-The Nervous Tension EP
Jem Stone-Perpetual Lotion EP
Krstyprdrs-The Time Has Come EP
Snapcrack-Nachos Machos EP
Abati-Happy Hour EP
Abstraxion-Jus Acid
Anixaatlabex-What R U Gonna Do
Bjork-The Crystalline Series (Matthew Herbert Mixes)
Bjork-The Crystalline Series Cosmogony (Matthew Herbert Mixes)
Emeli Sande-Heaven (Remixes)
Mikrokristal-Violet Flavor
Morlack-Ghetto Butt EP
Omegaman-Skankin Riddim
Parris and Vanucci-Disco of Love EP
Prosper-Respect Pastek
Redanka and Quivver-Under The Sun
VA-Club Cabrio 4
VIDA G-Disco Flava
Alex Denne
Alex OSN-Killer Dreams
Alfredo Pareja and T.Tommy feat Anna-Shifting Gears
Alice and the Serial Numbers-You Drive Me Dirty Remixes
Alonso Brown and Javier Cardona feat. Ivan X Thousand Miles Trip
Angel Stoxx-It Was Love
Anlight-Deep in the Soul
Bang Chatter-Galactic Cats (Remixes EP)
Crazibiza Vlada Asanin Jorge Montia
Daniel Castillo
Dany Cohiba-Le Bateau Mouche
Diego Palacio-This Is House
DJ Gory-Que Bueno Esta
DJ Runo-Jump With This
DJ Sneak And DJ Dan-Dance Floor Sisters EP
DJ Vivid-Disco Beat
DMS12-Me Voy Pa Cali
Doctor Jok
Domestic Technology-Only Luv
Dutch Rhythm Combo-Alerta (the Remixes) Feat Isa GT
Dynamik Dave and BaAus-La Melodia
Guille Placencia
Hannah - Call My Name Incl DBN Mixes
Jason Rivas
Jason Rivas-Im Not In Miami
Jason Rivas-Im Not In Miami Part 2
Jorge Montia and Coqui Selection-En La Ciudad Perdida
Julian Guarque and Ruben Ortiz-Aqui Llegue
Jus Deelax feat. Luis Gee
Kevin Andrews Jason Chance
Kraak and Smaak-Kraak Beats Vol 1
Macxis Diaz-Bambuo Loops EP
Manuel Arce-Will Be Ehen Your Want
Mesteks-The Bright Lights
Midnight Society-Back To Basics Too
Oscar Akagy-Black Rose
Paco Maroto-Baile De Brujos
Palus C Benny M and Albert M
Paul Funkee-Funky EP
Rejoyce-Thrill Of Mine
Renoir-Sky (Remix)-Promo
Rico E Liso
Robbie Taylor and Benny Royal - Vodka
Santos-Zagros Fest
Sergio Aymi Feat.Rosa Carambirubi-Sueao De Cajon
Shane Long-Its The Way
Steve Mac
The Junkies-Oddly Remixed EP
Trapezform-Bongo Juce
VA-From The Vaults
VA-Wolf EP8
Victor Vera-Emergency EP
Aoki Takamasa-Monad IX
Artur Grek And Tim F Resh-Little Town EP
Audionatica-Run The Line
Distal-Angry Acid
Giorgio Rusconi And Omar Serarcangeli-Techno Universe
Mikel Curcio-Turn Up The Muzik
Paranoia 106-Stray Child EP
Simone Cristini-Travel To Masai
Mathias Moor-The Way
VA - Trance The Vocal Session 2012
VA-Armin Van Buuren Presents Armind Vol 9

August 27th, 2011

Audio Spektics-Blow My Mind
Coleco-Martyr EP
Document One-Breakdown EP
Dodge and Fuski-Come Again EP
Dubsidia-Spanish Ravesolution Part 1
Jack Dixon and Robin Card-Decade EP
Jet Fly Feat Nika PM-I Can Fly
Mashur-Sun Storm
The Others-First Flight EP
VA-Beats and Pieces
The Xirallic Feat MC Freedom-Primitive World
Mick Lion - Yeah 3X-(LUKY8S 128)
Ramirez Resso - In Berlin
VA-Hot Party Summer 2011
VA-Jukebox Estate Vol.2
Alpine Dub and Zap
C.A.2K and OTM-Our World
CA 2K-Pirate Time EP
Contract Killers-Unpleasant Surprise EP
Cooper-Cold Winter EP
PH and Soundwall
Riga and Matisse-Prince of Persia
Sequent Industry Feat JD Jupiter-With You
The Sta11ker
Twisted Facts and Dk Foyer-Perfect World EP
Zap-Big Daddy EP
Electric Ocean People-Concrete and Machines
Ernest Luminor
Liquid 8 Feat Davina Myers-The One
Marco Del Horno V DJ Swerve Feat P Money-Ho Riddim
The Sixth Letter
The Truvibe-Worm Planet
Zeskullz-Telega (to the Sky)
Alexis Raphael-Kitchens And Bedrooms EP
Ben Westbeech - Something For The Weekend Part 1
BLM-Roll Em EP
Bonkers - Coloured
Brockman and Basti M - Turn Me On
Caspian-Who Is The Alpha
Cavalier-Agnes Presents A Million Horses
Chez N Trent-Core-1994 Morning Factory
Chizh-Psy Out
Chris Wood and Meat-Triple S EP
Cram - Famous EP Incl Stefano Noferini Remix
Danny Dove-Trust Me
DBN Pres. Tom Shark feat. Shena - Le Freak
Denis The Menace and Markus Binapfl feat. Rachele - Sunshine In My Heart
DJ Falk - Mueve 2011 Mixes
DJZ-Time to Get Down
Drunken Munkey-Smiley Face
Filip Riva - Mumbai
In The Screen feat. Rachael Starr - We Are The The Night
James Blunt
Jean Elan feat. Cosmo Klein - Feel Alive Lounge Mixes
Jenifa Mayanja-Woman Walking In The Shadows Sampler
Le Vinyl-Celestial EP
Melanie Morena feat. Andy P. - How We Gonna Live Part 2
Monika Kruse feat. Zafra Negra - Latin Lovers The Remixes
Myown-Special Who EP
Nicholas-When I Think About You
Nunchux - Do You Know Him
Paris Underground Trax-Volume 1
Philippe Lemot - Meamoro
Roger Sanchez feat. Mobin Master and MC Flipside - Worldwide
The Union-Disco Lights
Tmgk feat. Paula P Cay - Love Will Save The Day
Tom Novy - Retrospective 1995
VA-Gomma Dance Tracks E.P. 4
VA-Kittball Konspiracy Vol.2
Van Tek-Puff and Pass
Wawa feat. Fabal - Sombrita 2011
Naitek - Sounds Of The Dreams
Scissor Sisters-Night Work Incl Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix
VA - Libido Vol 1
VA - Southern Breeze
Ambassador Inc - Melody Of Nature EP
Audiomatiques-Magic EP
Coone Ft Nikkita - Monstah
Danilo Vigorito-Eclipse EP
Dzeta N Basile-On A Journey Get High
Justin James-Skizophrenia EP
Kaoz And Sutura - FrogStar EP
Marco Dassi-Happy Day EP
Ramiro Lopez
The Vision and Tartaros - History Of Life
Blue Tente Feat Aelyn-Youre Not Mine
BVibes-The Horizon High Wire
Cerf Mitiska and Jaren-Down To You
Cylum And Velden-Morning Dust - Mirror Lake EP
Danyella And Tiff Lacey
Dave Emanuel And Steve Nyman-Rise And Fall
Farhad Mahdavi-Immortal Dreams
Fergie and Sadrian Be Yourself
Garry Heaney
Gerome feat Pamela Baz-Miracle Incl Liquid Vision Remixes
James Dymond-System Situation
Paul Miller Vs Ronald De Foe
Paul Van Simon-Evening Lights
Peter Knife-The Opening
PTM Squad Project-Cant Fall Back
Rene Ablaze Feat Synthesia-Inner Touch
Second Way-Hello Gagarin
Solarstone And Orkidea
VA-Alien Technology HQ Presents Hard Dance Fixation

August 26th, 2011

Alex M. Vs. Marc Van Damme-Por Que No
Bassmonkeys Feat. Natasha Anderson-Ill Show You Loving
Carsten Andersson Feat Janina - Beat Of Moscow
D-Tune And EMD Boyz-Rock The Club
Lcmichelet feat Ylva Vethe - Turning Point-(RU 8986)
She S Sunshine feat Laura Dive - Bring The Beat Back-(426019 7873016)
VA - 538 Dance Smash 2011 Vol. 4
VA - Millennium The Next Generation Vol.12
VA-VIVA Club Rotation Vol. 50
Andrew Anderzone - Second Session
Dihan - Dark And Light EP
Joe Piccino - Undergroun Movement
Rocketman - Sxy Grn Psda Wllt
DJ Phobia
DJ Supreme Vs Billy Bunter And D-Zyne-Outside World
Evil Activities and Nosferatu - From Cradle To Grave
Headbanger - Im In Your Head No Law (The 2008 Remixes)
Humanity Force - Lost EP
Neophyte - Recht Uit De Ondergrond
Raad van Commissarissen - Dont Worry About A Thang
Re-Style - For The Masses
Alvaro Hylander-Sounds Over Time EP
Anton Zap-Fade To What (Remixes)
Anton Zap
Area-Innate Obscurity
Bitter Cupcakes Feat. Miloud-Its Your Right
Christopher Rau-Background Series 5
Cristian Poow-Dreamt Paris (Special Remixes)
David Guetta-Nothing But The Beat
Distortion-Battle Your Head EP
DJ 3000-Hotel Oasiz
DJ Antoine
DJ Zkydriver-Do You Wanna Dance
Doublem-She Is My Inspiration
Fedde Le Grand - So Much Love
Froidz-Finally All Mixes
Gary Dyton - Feelin Higher
Herman-Rock Your Body
Hot Bananas Feat. Rachele Dione-Lonely Little Dancer
Julian Smith
Just Born Genius-No Way
Justin Martin And Ardalan
Luciano Vargas
Marc Creemers-Vijven En Zessen
Marcus Meinhardt-Chain Of Memories
Matteo DiMarr
Michal Poliak-My Republic
Miguel H
Mikalogic-Super Us EP
Natalia Kills Feat Will I Am - Free Incl Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Stefano Prada and Streamrocker - To The Moon and Back-(HC 014)
Steve Nash-Simple Sign
Sunset Project And Tomtrax
The Junkies-Thug Life EP
Thomas LP Ft. MC Freeflow-Wake Up And Ride It
VA - Club DJ Exclusive Vol 6
VA-Focus On Freerange Mixed By Tony Lionni
Vakula-Background Series 4
VA-More House 2011-The Hit Mix Part 2
VA-Ohral Artist Profile Markus Wesen Hoergeraete
VA-Viva Club Rotation Vol.50
Zemtsov-Music About Me EP
VA-100 Mega Sommer Hits
VA - Goa 2011 Vol. 3
DJ Genetic - Headfocker
Erik Mnml-Universal Disfunction
Fergie-Dynamite And Laserbeams The Remixes (Part II)
Hector-Mensaje Del Cartel
Le Vinyl
Marco DS-Key Concept
Niko Lombardo-Im Gorlitzer Park
The Beholder and Zany - Welcome The Darkness
Tommy Four Seven-Talus Snout (The Remixes)
VA - Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection 2011 Volume 3
VA-Good Fellas Vol. 1
VA-Traxx 4 Fighters Volume 3
Warma-Coffee Break
WBEEZA-Bagwag Ep-(3EEP 06)
X-Pander Ft. Kimiko - Summer Beat
Alan Banks-From Beyond
Ali Mahmud - Angel Eyes Cala
Bastian Basic-Resurrection EP
Defcon Audio Feat Julie Harrington-Lost In You
Douglas Hazelwood-Lakeside EP
Giuseppe Ottaviani-Go On Air Extended Versions EP
Hughes and Ballantine-Jawbreak R
Myk Bee-Cloud City Memories
Neal Scarborough
Steve Bengaln
Touchstone-Dream For Life EP
VA-Anjunadeep Pres Michael Cassette
VA-More Trance 2011-The Hit Mix Part 2
VA-Summer Sampler 2011

August 25th, 2011

Jacques Greene-What U R
Big Mistake-Frontier Science Vol. 1
Dj Seleco feat Torny - I Love You 2011-(IRG 002)
VA - Future Trance Vol. 57
VA - Radio 538 Presents Turn Up The Beach
Rustie-All Nite
Sebastian-C.T.F.O.-(825646 650866)
Teeth-Care Bear-(Promo)
The Dove-Girl at A Party with Siren
VA-Mario Lopez Presents Tranceload Vol.1
VA - Thunderscream Welcome To Hardcore City
Adham Ashraf Danny Freakazoid and Strobe
Combo-So Real
Dana Ruh
David Guetta - Nothing But the Beat (Album Preview Edit)
Davide Bertucci-Still Waiting For The Sun
Deep Ocean - Starlight EP
Donald Sheffey-My House
Emilio Campana and Lucas Samper-Deep Men
Federico DAlessio Feat. Rietta Austin-I Can See The Light
Green Velvet Harvard Bass
Jay Vegas
Jeremy Joshua-Give It To Me
Lazy Rich feat. Belle Humble-The Chase
Little Dragon-Ritual Union Remix EP
M and D Substance-This Time Maybe
Monsters Of Graveyard-Space Cowboy
Motor City Drum Ensemble
Odiseas-Pianina-(CWV 059A)
Oscar P-Straight Up Ibiza Shtt
Peng Africa-Silulu Vol. 1 (Incl. Rurals Remix)
Sergio Parrado and Yago Sierra
Shingo Nakamura
Stephen J. Kroos-Transformation Takkatscht
The 8th Note
VA - Heavenly Bodies Records Presents Heavenly Night
VA - Heavenly Bodies Records Presents Heavenly Sunset Vol 2
VA-Ciudad Deep Vol 2
VA-Ohral Artist Profile Markus Wesen Hoergeraete
VA-Reel People Music Acapellas Vol. 1
VA-The Jam Files 04
Victor John Junior (The B.Original Remixes)
Kim Wilde - Snapshots
VA-MMS Canada Hott Trakks 378
VA-MMS Canada Hott Trakks 383
Smoke Sign - Out of Body EP
Greg Notill vs Dariush Gee - Alone And Alive EP
Layo And Bushwacka-Storm And Stress
Lobotomy Inc - Pshychopath EP
Paride Saraceni and Dema
Wantedonez - Watch Out Deep
April-Youre in My World Now-(PRD 001)
Breakfast-Give Me The 2 Tone
David Mcrae-Free-(PHD 057)
Elivate-Take You 2 Heaven-(ES 084)

August 24th, 2011

Davip feat. Kyla
David Guetta-Nothing But The Beat
Don Chisciotte - To The Music EP
Drumsound and Bassline Smith
Autodidakt And John Disco Feat. Spoek Mathambo - Fake Fred Perry
Balam Acab-Wander-Wonder-2CD-Limited Edition
Chlorine Free-Start Fresh Maxi
Cosmin TRG
Hugo Kant-I Dont Want To Be An Emperor
60 Hertz Project-The Missing Puzzle EP
Al Bizzare Ft. Alateya
Alvaro Vela-Karma-(OMR 035)
Avery Sunshine-Ugly Part of Me
Cajmere and Gene Farris-Chicago Style
Cajmere Feat. Russoul-Tomorrow Way Back When
Cassius-The Sound Of Violence (2011 Remixes)
Chemars-Seaside Canape
Christian Alvarez Feat. Mr. V-All Nations
Collective Machine
Cuebur Feat. Nathan X-Walk A Mile
Darvish-Pink Palace
David Amo Julio Navas and Mar-T - People From Ibiza
Demarkus Lewis and E-Man-Behind Closed Doors (Remixes)
Diavlo-The Times Now
DJ Slater And Nipp-The Clap EP
DJ Spen Pres. Damond Ramsey-Feel The Heat (Feel The Beat)
DJ Spen Pres. Wayne Cooper Feat. Biblical Jones-Somethings Happenin (The Remixes)
Dom Navarra Feat. Antonio-Endless Possibilities
Dubdash and G-Cozy-Give Me The Mic
Echo Deep-Uthando EP-(Melrec 006)
Fisio Feelkhenson-Out Of Speakers
Fog and Arara-Brooklyn Lovers EP
Fred Everything and Peter Christianson Feat. Dave Aju-Feel EP
Furrr and Hazendonk - Get On The Drum Bus
Gooden and Park Feat. Byron Stingily
Hippie Torrales Feat. Steve Luxe-Youre For Me (Incl. Richard Earnshaw Mix)
Jess-E-29 Degrees and A Gentle Breeze
John Gham
Jonny Cade-Victorias Lesson EP (Incl. Pol On Remix)
Larse-Sunset Tools Pt. 2
Lovebirds-Honeybadger EP
Matteo Monero-Primitive Future
Mays and Patrique - Labyrinthine
Nastee Nev Feat. Donald Sheffey-Im So Hung Up On You
Nicho-tine-Our Energy
Nkokhi Feat. Sphelele-Travelling Man
Phaze Dee Effjay and Dimkal-Back 2 School EP
Phil Marwood-Stay Remixes (Incl. Tony Loreto and Toro Mixes)
Piek-No Feelings
Problem Child-Lebowa EP 2-(DNH 174)
Psykoloco-Coca Hola
Raoul Kahn Feat. Natasha Adorlee Johnson-Come To Me (The Remixes)
Reel People Feat. Tony Momrelle-Star (Incl. Manuel Tur and Rocco Remixes)
S.A.S.-Are You Satisfied
Sebastian Garuti More Night Out Incl T-Dallas Remix
Sebastian Ivarsson-TBA (To Be Announced)
Shonky-Oasis EP
Simon Frisco - Black Betty
Spirit Tag-Falling In To You
Tegma And Duca-Dirty Beats Its Like That
Terance James and DJ Sean Ali Feat. Thea Denee-Still Standing
Tnt Inc.-An Underground Thang EP
VA-Back2Back Series Vol. 3
VA-Harry Klein Records 004
VA-Ups And Downs Patterns Of Remixes
Vick Lavender-Chicago Fusion EP Vol. 7
Iacchus - Together as One
Lil Wayne-Tha Carter IV-(Deluxe Edition)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Im With You
Infected Mushroom - Pink Nightmares
Tookytooky - Digital Illusion EP
VA - Connecting the Dots-(ALLDCD004)
Jogi-Bumpy Ride-(ZIP 17)
Mowree-Out of My Door
Nytron-Disco Sick
Radunz And Leitner-Trip To Bazaar
Sasha Wins and Igor Shep
Ted Spong Speed
Terence Fixmer-Le Terrible EP
The Renegade - A Miserable Night Gods Grace
Tom Lewis
Worda-As Mama Wants
Harri Kakoulli-Bite Me with Your Poison-(the Megamix)-(LADAL 11264)
Sly One vs Jurrane
Straight Up-The Sky Is Not The Limit

August 23rd, 2011

Citriq Lines-Saws and Squares
Colombo-Exposed EP (Part 3)
Sinners Inc-Drop the Bass
Stefan and Vida G and Aka Kid Panel-Get Ready Hustle
Toni M and A2C-Monster Gun
Dean Peters And The Edison Factor-The Beginning
Dj Hyo and Turbotronic - Push It
Energy Syndicate Ft Nathalie
Geeggz and Miss Autumn Leaves - My World
Leon B
Nick Kapa feat Eva - Summer In Love
VA-Basemix The 16th Story-CDA
Dark Elixir and Trampa-Headslung EP
Basement Freaks-Basement Freaks (Remixed)
Celine Roscheck - Electro String
Trotter-Positive Culture (Remixed)
HDA and JTS and Steve Hill - Thank You Forever Young
Technikore And Minty-Do Not Attempt Get Fucked
VA-Hardcore Essentials Vol. 1
Avi Elman and Danny J Feat Nuwella-Whats the Point
Balto-Lake Remixes
Brando Morales and Lophius Rec-La Musha-(Edgar Hernandez Remix)
Copyright Feat Imaani-Nobody Remix
Deep Future-A Thousand Roads
Gilla-Der Strom Der Zeit DJ Hell Remix
Jamie Berry
John Dahlback Ft. Andy P-Youre in My Heart (Incl. Promise Land Remix)
Mac Zimms-My Feelings
Marcel Woods-Advanced (The Remixes 2011)
Marco V Ft. Felix Maginn-Be There in the Morning
NiCe7-Gray Piano EP
Nicola Fasano Feat Kat Deluna
Phillipo Blake - Inki
Redroche feat. Laura Kidd-Give U More
Ross Evana-These Sounds
Steve Gregory Feat Donna Lawer-What Do You Feel
Studio Settantasei Project and Cristina Deo-Saturday Night Evviva
Tobi Monotona-Summer Green
VA-We Make House
Autohypnosis-Conversation (in) Pieces
Melba Moore-Melba (Remastered And Expanded)
Static Movement-Fairy Tale EP
Cosmithex-It Says Charlie
Da Fresh And Alex Millenium-Unlimited Pleasure
Da Fresh-Sneaky Sound (Remixes)
Dirty Culture And Lucky Luciano-Yin E Yang
Duky-Analog Creations
Egoism And Narkosky-Not Accept
Greenlips-Manos Al Aire
Hardmaster - Seduction
Ique Danse
Massive Destructionz - Massive EP
Microcheep and Mollo-Pussy Rules the World
Oscar L-American People EP
Ruben Mandolini-Different EP
Tim Baker-Truck Stop
VA-After Summer Theory
VA-Materialistica Vol 4
Clarks-Forgotten Emotions
Digital X
Eugene Karnak - Samadhi-(SPX 016)
Faruk Sabanci And Nurettin Colak - Anatolian Emotions 2011
Iga Khob-Everything In Time
Lemon And Einar K
Neptune Project - Galatea Aztec
Tigran Oganezov-La Futura Day and Night
VA-Be At Space Ibiza (Mixed By Fedde Le Grand and Markus Schulz)-ARDI2267-TraX
Ville Lope-The Day Before Tomorrow

August 22nd, 2011


Brackles-Rinse Presents Brackles 12 Inch Number One
Clubroot-Remixes Volume 1
Diplo and Datsik-Pick Your Poison
Roof Light-On The Third EP
Strago and Snooks-Kuru Infect
Visionist and Lorca
Bonfeel Electro Band - Heaven
Clubhunter - Hands Up
Karma - More and More
Swing Girls
Bladerunner and Mr. Explicit-Its Taking Over Me - Cause Of Death
DJ Marky and S.P.Y.-Yellow Shoes - Mystic Sunset
Dom and Roland-The Big Bang LP Sampler
Lenzman-Lasers - Broken Dreams
VA-Before I Let Go My Missing Pieces
Materia-Core Foundation EP
Paulblackout-Number1championsound Die Motherfuckers-(HARDLINE LP001)
2pastime Aka Mimi And Mr Gil-Folgado (Remixes)
Afrolicious - A Dub For Mali
Astrix-Reunion Incl Jerome Isma-Ae Remix
Ciaran Osborne-Dont hold back
Crazibiza - Eastchester
Daniel And Nils Ohrmann Steinberg-We Dont Sync SO EP
Daniela La Luz-People Happy (The Essential Voyage)
David Guetta Feat Jennifer Hudson - Night Of Your Life-(509996 7880256)
David Kinnard-La Nena EP
David Tort-School of 88
Dj Absinth - Zombie (Fuck All Night Fuck All Day)-(100315 49)
Flippers-Hourglass Clapa
Fusi And Johnson Do It Crowly
Get Far - Free (Remixes)
Hernan Lagos-New Life
Hook N Sling and Goodwill-Take You Higher
Ibatan And Matla Mute-Gelt 006
Joe Morris-Wired For Sound EP
Jose Martins
Kotelett And Zadak
Luca C Brigante Ft Ali Love-Different Morals
Markus Homm And Todd Bodine-Coming Home EP
Martin Heyder-Digi 005
Matt Caseli and Danny Freakazoid-Strip Club
Mazlow-The End
Midnite Sleaze-Lose Control
Miss Jools-Walk Away
Mr. C Sycophant Slags Adultnapper-Anti Sailing EP
Phillip Ort-She Killed The Mustache
Pipe Perez-Sweet Beat
Poison Pro-The Secret
Pol On-Were Lost EP
R3hab and Swanky Tunes Ft. Max C-Sending My Love
Rabbit Killer and Farleon
Rainbow Arabia-Boys And Diamonds
Raized by Wolves Ft. Tom Smith-The Call
Ruben Amaya-Impulsivo 2012
Sascha Dive-Jam Session 1
Sasha-Cut Me Down
Simon Steur and Rene Kuppens
Stevie Mink-Now Now
Terranova-I Want To Go Out
Tigerskin-Torn EP
Utmost DJs
VA-Grand Prix
VA-Mesmerizing Breeze
West Norwood Cassette Library-Get Lifted
Wolfgang Voigt-Kafkatrax 3
Zac Darmon
Britney Spears-Till The World Ends (Culture Shock Remix)
Floorplan-Sanctified EP
Kim Wilde - Its Alright and Sleeping Satellite
Symphonix-The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 2
Alpha Channel
Angel Alanis
Architectural-Dreams EP
Bas Mooy-Darknet 03
Cristian Glitch-Absorbed Creep
Daniel Steinberg-On The Train Remix EP
Dave Seaman And Andy Chatterley-Battery Powered
David Moleon
Diego-Hope EP
Funk Dvoid-Funk Dvoid Remixed
Galan-Gravity EP
Ground Loop-Ampersand EP
Heinrichs and Hirtenfellner
Jason Fernandes-Defence Mechanism
Julien Chaptal-Garden Secrets
Marco Bailey
Marcus Stork-Stockholm Soul EP
Mark Broom
Markdee - Ramanti
Miniminds And Subfractal-Athena EP
Nick Grater and Andre Frauenstein-Decoded Remixes
Raul Mezcolanza and Dualitik-Distinto Basico
Raul Mezcolanza-My Love Funk EP
Reeko-Empirical Science
Robin Hirte-Clone EP
Rough Fields - You As You
S.M.E.R.T.-Junkin Donut
Shlomi Aber-Coconuts Who Said That
Spiros Kaloumenos-The Research EP
Steve Kyri-Spit Roast
Tha Artistz - One More Time Loose Yourself (Original Mixes)
Thomas Will
Tom Hades-Oh Yeah
VA-A Kind Of Kling Klong Vol 4
VA-An Era Of SDK Hard Dance
Ziggy - Temaki
Carl B-Whatever Happens In Control
David Forbes
Erick Strong
Ferris Odonnell - Riding on A Blue Wave
Mark Eteson feat. Audrey Gallagher-Breathe On My Own
Max Freegrant-Back 2 You-(FG 005)
Noel Sanger vs Soul In The Machine-Mad World (feat Chrysta Bell)
Rex Mundi-Interstate Of Lightning EP
Simon Patterson feat. Lucy Pullin-Keep Quiet
Skylight-Sunrise Over Kenya
Trancesylwania - Silence Ep
VA-Black Hole Radio August 2011
VA-Solarstone Presents Solaris International Top 10
Vincenzo Karpe - Sound Off-(BMR 018)

August 21st, 2011


Boddika-Grand Prix
Audio Dealers-I Gotta Feeling
VA-Eska Summer City 2011
Desperado feat Play and Win - Inside I Want You
Discoduck - Into The Night
DJ Layla feat Radu Sirbu and Armina Rosi - Party Boy
Onedoo - Die To Drink
VA - Drum and Bass Summer Slammers 2011
Asss and Meddicine
CFCF-Cometrue (Deon Mix)
Jack Beats - All Night Elevator Music EP
Ciaran Osborne
Darren Doherty-Hippno Phatt
Hugo and Gambo-Cosmic Keyhole (Incl Audiojack Remix)
Huxley-Shower Scene EP
Inaya Day vs Menini and Viani - Sweet Lover (And So We Said) (The Remixes)-(AD 062)
Jamie D-Fake Book
Jasper - Early Bird
Kanzler And Wischnewski-Flatrunner EP
Kaveman-Fairy Dust
Luke Porter-Opiate Incl Silinder Remix
Madevo-Hush EP
Marc Throw-Memories Pure
Mendo-Stages Of Life
Nick Harris-A Hazy Shade Of Something EP
Nick York-Rapina Tone
NYAK-Tight On The White
Olly Barkins-Black Hole
Patrick Schulz-I Want Let You Get Away
Pecarlo-Secrets (Original Mix)
Petr Serkin-Raw Cuts 2
Sarp Yilmaz-Downtown EP
Sean Angel
Simon Baker-Grey Area Remixes
Snug - Groove
Souldeep Inc feat Simon Dixon - Saxophonize
The Mode And Draft-Tragic Love
Thorne Monterra
Triple D-A New Creation
VA - We Love House 2
VA-Karotte Presents Breaking New Soil Vol 3
VA-Phil Weeks Presents Underground Chronicles Vol3
VA-Sunrise At Aguas Blancas (Ibiza)
VA-Super Sound Single Volume 3 (DIKSOF002)
J Ax - Domenica Da Coma
VA - Radio Italia Top Estate 2011
VA - Wind Music Awards 2011
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
Haze-Evolve EP
Kernel Key-First Phase EP
Manu B
Mousike Techne-Limiter Smooth EP
Nadja Lind and Klartraum-Downunder Dub EP
Oliver Deutschmann-Spaceship Earth EP
Patrick Lindsey-Get Up and Bounce EP
Paulo Olarte
Pipe Perez-Esencia De Un Latino
Ralph Good-The Roots
Reakson-Raving in 1999
Spektre - Sanctum EP
Unknown Artist-A Tribal Love Story Legendaria Majestad
VA-Gobsmacked 080
Souhail Semlali-No More Darkness
VA-Trance World Volume 13 Unmixed (ARDI2294)

August 20th, 2011


Lunice Hunned
Naive Machine-Robot Rammification
Pyramid-The 140 EP (Part 3)
Rednek-Im Not Skrillex
Specimen A Feat David Ivan-Chasing Shadows
Various Artists-Synesthesia 1
Bad Taste-Take it
Crisp Biscuit-Crisp Biscuit 30
Dave Dialect Feat Regimental-Hurt Mcs
Designed in Tokyo Feat Nikki Carabello
DJ Hook-Nibiru Fever
I-LOW-Screams Break
Johnny Dangerously-Electrospective EP
Killaflaw-Happy Daze
Manu Twister-BBB EP.1
Obscene Frequenzy Dance
Power Cut
T Cubeprojects-Evil Crew
The Beat Crush-Do You Hear it
The Brainkiller
Utku S.-Big Fat Bass Remix
Wardian-Bad Face LP
VA-Creamfields 2011
Adrian Sina - Hold On
Apollo-For You
Chocolat-Chocolat First Single Album
Crazy 1-Summer Smash
Deepside Deejays - Never Be Alone
T-Ara-Roly-Poly In Copacabana
Technoposse - Da Da Da (Open Your Heart)
VA-Beatbox 11
Alter Form-Ghost Town EP
DJ Fen-Hot Looking Babes (Remixes)
DJ Twister Aka Vinyl Cat- on the Breaks Vol 3
Inga Copeland-Inga Copeland
Johnny Pluse-Skanky Bitch
Lunice Hunned
Specimen A-Natural Born Killers EP
Spyda Meets the Dub Hooligan-Dub Hooligan EP
The Edge-Artefact EP
The Loops of Fury-Loops of Fury
VA-Groove 132 No.41
VA-MOS The Sound Of Dubstep 3
Wardian-Beat Map
Bud Norris and Terence Seagal-Let Me Feel Your Love
Calvin Harris-Feel So Close
Catope-Plastic Cube EP
Dolcenera vs Restylers - Il Sole Di Domenica Remixes
Drauf and Dran-Super Sexy EP
Emanuele Di Sante-Flute Ensemble
Graham Morley-Cheeky Beats EP
Guille Placencia - Six Million EP
Jaksa Pavicevic
Jesus Pablo-Hot Drinks EP
La Hipodromo and Joseph Terruel-Jam Burgess
Laera - A Night To Remember
Lefo X-Qualia EP
Letagere-Tragedy Of Heart Remixes
Milan Draw - Out Of My Mind-(361015 0086075)
Mnmlistique-Raise Me
Mustard Pimp-ZHM Remixes
Nik Mechikov-Save the Planet (Remixes)
Ojai-Celebrate My Love
Pinto-Night To Remember
Ric Scott And Dave Payne Feat Alice B - Paradise Ep
Rishie and Blue Attack-Gimme Drugs
Rodrigo Soria-Amarelo Verde
Soulskid-The Other Life
VA - Summmerclub Megamix 2011
VA-Egor.DJ Spb mixed by Egor
VA-Euro Casing mixed by DJ Akin5hin
VA-Futuristic Music Technology mixed by Shushukin
VA-Pacha Ibiza Summer 2011
VA-Suol Mates 01
Mango-La Terra Degli Aquiloni
VA-Radio Italia Mi Piace
4kuba-Cactus as is Album Sampler 1
Brujos Bowl-The Real Picture EP
Pick-The 8th Wonder Of The World EP
Ash Preston-Ash Preston EP
Chemical DJ ft Mystika - Freedom Its Time To
Mikael Stavostrand And Agaric-We Are Club Tracks Vol 7
DJ Ange-Penn Road
Lee Canning
Peter Feel
tyDi-Shooting Stars
Verum-Baltimore Rain
Yaroslav Kulikov-Air Dreams The Universe Inside Of Me

August 19th, 2011


A2C-Expression EP
Agent K and Bella-Four Four
B-Phreak-Slam Dunk
Ciprian Robu - Fun (O Eh A)
DJ Jurgen
Double Dance - Give Love A Chance-(000309 000468)
Fun Generation - Virtual Reality
Genial - Wir Flippen Aus
Gigi D Agostino - Stay With Me
Groove Coverage - Innocent
John Karen Feat. Nils Collas-Take Me To The Limit
Jose Mose Feat. Diamond Boy-I Try
Pink Noisy Ft Yalena
Project 1951 - The Dream-(361015 0049162)
Ti-Mo-Dance EP-(YAWA 11129
VA - Nachtschicht Vol.42
VA-Verano 5 Estrellas
Code 64-Deviant EP
Julie Maria-Goer Det Kort (Remixes)
Laserkraft 3D
Rampue-Zero 64
Super8 And Tab-Empire Remixed
Omi - Ana Mythology
2up and Jaca-Good Times
Alvaro Dejota
Andre Sobota-Never Before (Incl James Talk Remix)
Belinda-Sleepers Creeperz
Connie Harvey-Thank You Lord (2011 Revival)
Dan Caster and Sebastian Phillip-Too Much
Deepfunk-Lost In Silence EP
DJ Epiphany And Taylor Franklyn
Enzo Caprioli-My Little Dog
Franco Cazzola and Titta
Fresh Produce-The Storm
Grigory Prometey-Next Day
Hochanstaendig-Adagio For Strings Incl Sean Finn Mixes
Housemaxx Project-Let The Music Play 2011
Ira Atari Meets Sonk Vs Tobey Rush-Hey My Name Is Ira
J Alvarez and The Girugas-I Miss You
Jean Danfield - The Dirty Funkhouse
Kinatix-Strict Moves
L4Z3R-Implode (Original Mix)
Lay and Browne-Ultimatum-(DITC 003)
Leach-Girls On Pils
Mijangos and Baja Sound System-Primo Tapia EP
Mijangos feat Cafe De Sol-Bahia 2009 Pt 2
Mijangos feat Latin Soul Project-Viento Del Norte
Mijangos-Rasta Man EP
Paky Small vs Luix Dalife feat Walter Russo - Angel
Rich Franklin
Tim Berg-Seek Bromance (Remixes)
VA-Be At Space Ibiza (Mixed By Fedde Le Grand And Markus Schulz)
VA-Shangay Disco Pride Style
Tenishia-Frozen Roads - Chillout Album Collection
VA-The Real Sound Of Chicago And Beyond
Durs - Cosmopolis
Phase-Amplitude EP
Whiptongue-Oscillate EP
Z-Machine-Master Plan
Bahar Canca-The Bahar Canca EP
Corvin Burrell-4 Years Now
Junior Waxx And Clayton Cash - Music Junkies
Matador - Blue
Psyko Punkz - Dreamer
Samuel L Session
The Glitz and Mihalis Safras-Woven Bergmann Kord
VA-100 Techno
VA-Decibel 2011
VA-Trapez Ltd 100 Anniversary Edition Part 1
Blank And Jones-Cream (All Mixes)
Fanatic Emotions-Love Feelings
Ferry Tayle Feat. Hannah Ray-Memory Of Me
Talla 2XLC feat. Skysurfer-Buenos Aires
VA-Ibiza 2001
VA-Trance Mini Mix 008 2011

August 18th, 2011


Daedelus-Overwhelmed EP
Debian Blak-A Hint Of Menace
Norrit-Only Me And U
Trim-I Am
A2C-Critical and
Actual Phantom-Slim Breaks
Bangta Right
Deekline and Dustin Hulton-Whip it (Includes Exclusive Kidd Money VIP Mix)
Johnny Pluse-Dole Dance
T Ccubeprojects-Evil Crew
The Speedway
Wardian-For President
Limelight-Touch Me (All Night Long)
Massmann Vs Ippytraxx Feat Fab-Another Day In Paradise
Tim De Ville Feat. Alessa-Love Is An Ocean
VA - Reflex Club (25 Years Compilation CD)
Ravager-Missing You
Terravita-Dirty Rottun Scoundrels EP
Eddie Voyager-Command Ur Soul the Vitality (Remix) EP
Ekaros-The Hunt Is On
Lukid-Spitting Bile EP
Northern Kind
Psychologist-Propeller EP
Radiohead-TKOL RMX 4
Schlachthofbronx-Mudders EP
Scott Brown And Paul O B2B Brisk-Live At Uprising 16th Birthday Party
Alex Avenue - Sugar Baby Love-(MIE 8014090065520)
Beyonce-Best Thing I Never Had-Promo CDM1
Beyonce-Best Thing I Never Had-Promo CDM2
Brian Cross Feat Recardo Patrick-Why Dont You-Promo
Britney Spears-I Wanna Go (UK Remixes)-Promo
Broken Door-Hey You-Promo
Cloudbuster - Raindrops
Cut Copy-Blink and Youll Miss A Revolution-Promo
Death On The Balcony-We Need Passion EP
Dirty Impact And Royal XTC-Im Always Here Remixes
DJ Antoine Vs Timati Feat Kalenna-Welcome to Sttropez (Remixes)-Promo
Dropboxx-The Trip
Enrique Iglesias-Dirty Dancer-Promo
Freedance-Remote Bomb
Gam-Amazement EP
Jason Derulo-Dont Wanna Go Home (Alex Sayz Remixes)-Promo
Leona Lewis-Collide-Promo CDM1
Leona Lewis-Collide-Promo CDM2
Lolo Cruzalez Ft Kuka Morales Sax
Matt Hoyson
Michael Gray Feat Laura Kidd-Piece of You-Promo
Mikael Weermets and Audible Feat Max C-Free-Promo
Milk and Sugar feat Miriam Makeba and Jungle Brothers - Hi-A Ma (Pata Pata)
Ordinary Subject-Circus Act
Rihanna-California King Bed-Promo
Sleepyhead-Good Love EP
Tom Novy Strobe and Danny Freakazoid-Underground People (the 2011 Mixes)-Promo
VA-Mike Montano Remixes
Wallenberg-Legendary (Feat Leila K)-Promo
Wideboys Feat Sway and Mclean-Shopaholic-Promo
Jay-Z and Kanye West-Otis-Promo CDS
Lenny Kravitz - Black And White America
VA-Maxi 80s Vol.01
Audiojack-Summer EP
Deelow-Red Street
Erik Hagleton And Fredelux-Get Up (Remixes)
J Lousat-Vibe EP
Jumpkiller - Clap Bomb The Bass
Lypocodium And Helen Brown-Via Flamenca (The Remixes)
M.A.D.A. And Plankton
Narkosky-My World
Neilio - Obsession
Noisecontrollers - Stella Nova
Pacific Blue-Industry Prt 1 And 2
VA - Escape From Reality Album Sampler 001
Dazzle-Global Forcast
LTN - Forever In You
VA - Rene Ablaze pres Summer Sessions 2011
VA-Maxximum Trance Tunez 6

August 17th, 2011


VA-Happy Summer of Death LP Part 1
Denik Fihonmhan - Bella Signurina
Matthew Kyle-Diner City Sound Vol 5 (DCS005)
2N-Gal Tune My Stuff
EarAbuse-Too Far UR Mine
Neo - The Picture
Prins Thomas-Prins Thomas
Soft Metals-Soft Metals
The Whip-Wired Together
Alec Teacher - Youdo Incl Lukas Greenberg Remix (3760163665665)
Alex Vives
Alexander Maier
Amine Beat-Hurt Me Tonight
Angel Martin And Alex Avino Feat Cristian Deluxe
Ariel Camusso-Nigiri Sushi
Dave Spritz-Inner Sanctum
DJ PP - Sunshine EP
DJ Turtle-Remember To Stay
Dunny-That Girl Molly
Ehrz-Birds Like Lips (OY001)
Frost-Diva (Original Mix)
Gadi Mizrahi And Soul Clap-Joint Custody EP (DS01)
Geoff M Ft. Dawn Tallman-You Better (David Penn Remix)
Gomorrah-The Jackal (Remixed)
Juanje Rodriguez-African Sunshine
Kanike-Kaly Mist
Mazlow - 5th Hour
Nick Terranova and Dima K-She is Disco
OTB-Full Time Glory
Shortcut-Against The Odds
Simon Firth
The Ark-Breaking Up with God-Promo
VA-Chapter Four The Best Of Catalogue 76 100
VA-Hed Kandi-A Taste Of Kandi Summer 2011
VA-Samurai Bushido EP
VA-Take Up the Show
Voices Of Black-Have U2 Myself EP (DS07)
VA - Kaosmos
A. Trebor-Collapse EP
Alexis Tyrel-Blastfromthepast (Part 008)
Axel Karakasis-Solstice EP
Berk Offset-Die Doris Macht Das Gift
Denny Drive And Vobsub-Swing EP
DJ Nighthunter - Its Time Now Baby My Destiny
Forward Strategy Group-Control Node EP (DREF008)
Kontra-Bad People
Martin Schulte-Urban Spirit (TELRAE006)
Mena - Katana (Original Mix And Fabio T Remix)
Nick Hobley-Roller Das Boot
Ross Evana-Talk To The Hand
Staffan Linzatti-Assembler (SIGHTS001)
VA-Wentz Summer Season (Part 2)
Zany And Max Enforcer ft. DV8 - Sound Intense City (Decibel 2011 Anthem)
Andrew StetS-Silver Clouds
Dj Quarez-Paradise Quality
DJ-Guido-Halle Ya 2k11-(900879 8063321)
ENERGY 52-Cafe Del Mar (Selected Remixes Update)
John Dubs-Current Events
Judge Jules-City Nights
Paul Rigel - Back To The Nines EP
Philip Estevez

August 16th, 2011


Kingdom-Take Me
Terror Danjah-Full Attention
Favorite Star - Everytime We Touch-(TP 1751)
September-Party In My Head-Promo
VA - Hit Mania Estate 2011
VA-Now Dance Summer Part 3
VA-X-Mix Chartbusters 72
VA-X-Mix Dance Series 146
Nochexxx - Savage Herald
Chromeo-When The Night Falls
Hudson Mohawke-Satin Panthers
Mesh-Youll Never Understand From This Height (Remixes)
MisfitChris-12 Hrs
Robotehnika-Synthetik-Limited Edition
Thievery Corporation-Vampires Remixed EP
Dj Overlead - The Superior Entity (Original Mix)
Rayden vs Nitrogenetics - The Experience EP
21hour-The Frequency
A.D.E-Unfinished Life (Original Mix)
Alex Kenji and Federico Scavo - Just 4 You
Andrea Fissore-Coming Home
Arash Feat. Lumidee-Kandi-Promo
Artserver-Novel Space
Barry Fore And Mondello G And Linka-Love In The Music
Bekker-Right On Time-Promo
Benno Blome And Aengel-Gonna B EP
B-Fox-Light Line
Big Ali-Distress-Promo
Bodo Felusch-Sweet Memories
Brother Brooks
Brunno Santos-My Tribe
Chris Lawyer
D.J Evans
David Guetta Feat. Taio Cruz and Ludacris-Little Bad Girl-Remix
David Guetta Feat. Taio Cruz and Ludacris-Little Bad Girl-Remix CDS
Dessie-Whatcha Got-Promo CDS
DJ Licious And Sir-G And Claude El Divino Ft Billie-Better Than Ever
DJ Puma Featuring Reyna-Con Un Beso
Edward Maya Feat. Vika Jigulina-Desert Rain-Promo
Elena-Midnight Sun-Promo CDS
Emanuel Kosh-Housepital EP
Frankmusik Feat. Far East Movement-Do It In The AM-Promo
Funk D-Lose Control
Kid Massive and Peyton - A Little Louder
Koss Henriksson And Mullaert - One
Kylie Minogue-Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)-Promo
Larse-Nightshift EP
Mendo-Stages Of Life
Nightcrawlers Feat. Taio Cruz-Cryin Over You-Promo
Peckos-Old Boy EP
R.I.O.-Miss Sunshine-Promo
Retrick Abigail and Levino-Spanish Pimento
Sander Young And Pieter Steijger-Ca Va
Sidney Samson
Swedish House Mafia-Save The World-Promo
Terminal Vs Gabriel Cubero-Poem Without Words
Tom Fall and Jwaydan
United Sounds Of Italy and Miss Ann P-I Wanna-Promo
VA-Squaring The Circle
VA-Tune Brothers Pres Housesession Club Tools Vol 03
Willie Graff And Tuccillo
Wynter Gordon-Til Death-Promo
Andreas Kraemer Meets Thomas Bruchschmidt - Himmelsfeger
D-Mind - B.O.R
Elliot-Chum Bucket
Giulio Lnt-Minimal Bud
Key Mode-Berlin In Ghana
Samuel L. Session - Broken Floor Remixed Part 2
Sawf-Zelo Ninio (Remixes)
Si Begg-Come Correct
Thomas Bruchschmidt - Positive
Thomas Bruchschmidt - Sinus
Tony Dekaro - Tremor Dxm
DoubleV - Pangeea
Ernesto vs Bastian - Bonanza
Estiva feat Josie-Better Days (Remixes)
Ex Driver-Final Approach
Jaden Merrick-Pristine EP
John 00 Fleming-Nine Lives
Latham And Quano-Point Of Impact
Manuel Le Saux - Capricorn
Mike Shiver vs Fandy-Garden State
Nifra - Strangers
Rory Gallagher and Mike Lane - Eclipse Skyline Cafe
tyDi-Shooting Stars
Zirenz Vs Ben Alonzi And Adriz-Take Me To Heaven Remixes

August 15th, 2011


Andy Skopes And Mr Joseph-Call To Arms Trash Talk
Bastille-You Make Me Feel Head Space
Damu And HGLDT
Dreadnought-Caroline EP
Outsourced And Kinetik-Dust Counter
Sepalcure-Love Pressure Sepalcure Remixes
Von D-Maximum Boost
Audio Bastardz-Drop That Beat Reversed
Don Omar Feat. Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro (The Remixes)
Tunerz Inc - Dancecore World EP
VA-Take Your Mama Out
Suzanne Kraft-Green Flash EP
VA-Black Jukebox 01
Flako-The Mesektet-Bonus Vinyl
Fous De La Mer-All I Need (ELUX 011DIG)
Goto80-Summer Of Seven 5 7
Nero-Welcome Reality
Soffie Viemose
Alan Fitzpatrick-Moon Palace
Amine Edge And Pezzner-All Night Loop EP
Anthony Ross-Feel Me
Audiofly-6 Degrees The Remixes
Autodeep-Colourful Loving EP
Chris Schweizer-Back Again
Constantijn Lange-On The Hunts Morning Dew
Dachshund-Shall We EP
Dejan Milicevic And Matthew Hoag
Dirty Culture-Drop it Again
Disco Fries Feat Clinton Sparks
Dj Sneak
Envotion-Recoder Incl C-Jay Remix
Gabriel Slick-Two Tribes
Gregori Klosman - Peacock
Hohle-Conviction EP
Jesuon-Subconscious EP
Joe Lafunk-Over Level
Lovebirds And Leif-Liebe Detail 38-(827170 394063)
Lypocodium And Helen Brown Vs Fabrix-Future Funk
Mac Monroe
Matto Featuring Grazina-Lets House
Mike Newman And The Viron-Soul II Soul EP
Monodeluxe-Think Vibe-(VBR-R 002)
Nesiub And Gad Oz-Quirk (Original Mix)
Nicky Romero and Apster - Bootcamp
Oliver Jay-Searching For A Song Thrush
Oliver Petkovski-Analogous Dreaming
Patrik Carrera
Pedro Freiberger-Game Series
Rene Breitbarth
Rene Breitbarth
Ricardo Brooks-On A Way EP
Ross Couch-Travel By Sound EP
Sante Meets Alex Tepper-Bare Bones
Sasha-Xpander Remixes
Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa-I Wanna Be Your Dog
Trim The Fat
VA-Digi 004
VA-Global Lounge 2011-(366158 5887836)
VA-House Bound Sampler 2
VA-House Bound Sampler 2
VA-House Bound Sampler 3
VA-House Bound Sampler 3
VA-House Sounds Vol.3
VA-Total 12
Yaxkin Retrodisko
Alter Ecko - Turn it Up EP
Area Forty One-Discharging Clouds
Burn Soldier and Amalia Syst-M - Paint The Universe EP
Dirty Demons - Dark Reflection
DJ Neon - Da Designer
D-Nox and Beckers-19909 (Remixes EP)
Einsauszwei-The Hype EP
Frequencerz-Fly With Me-(FUSION109)-PROMO WEB
Gunz for Hire - Put it on Evolution Complete
Hollen-Heavy On Beats EP
Instigator and Friends - Confidential EP
J Alexander - Directions
Jordan Lieb-In Through The Out Door
Lex Gorrie-Captain Beef EP
Martin Woerner - Braintwister
Miss Mixy - Black Betty
Nuta Cookier - Cohiba EP
Oliver Dombi-Keves Butort (Nepoliticos EP)
Orman Bitch and Jean The Ripper - Trust Me
Parish And DJ Wreka - We All Die
Patrick Krieger-Ruffianly EP-(M RECDIGITAL315)
Sian-Before Silence LP
The Parallel-Cosmic Observer EP
Thomas Bruchschmidt - Leichenwaescher EP
Timmo-Southgate EP
Tony Dekaro - Rattlesnake
VA - Hardtechno Destroyer Vol.5
VA - ImmerMal MiniMal 2
VA - Insomnia Vol.1
VA - Trail Of The Archangel
VA-Berghain 05 Sampler
VA-Emok Best Of My Sets Vol 5
Valentine B - In Your Eyes EP
VA-Summaland International Music Festival Compilation
Wasted Penguinz - Melancholia Far From Reality
Wasted Penguinz-Melancholia Far From Reality-(SCANTRAXX057)-PROMO WEB
Ad Brown And Kerry Leva - Boxing Gloves
Bonn Lewis And Phil Metcalfe
BT and Kirsty Hawkshaw-A Million Stars
Dart Rayne-Olympia Agnus Dei EP
Denigons-Back In Love
Estiva-Better Days (Wolftek 4TB Remix)-Promo Web-DANCE
Goldenscan-Sunrise Incl DJ Tiesto Remix
Jonas Stenberg Ft. Artento Divini - Knetter
Jonas Stenberg Ft. Artento Divini - Knetter
Jonas Steur feat. Jennifer Rene-Tales EP 2 Spirituality
Jonas Steur-Tales EP 2 Spirituality
Jonathan Allyn-The Lights Daybreaker
Lost Shores-Project Earth
Luca Antolini - Lost In Time (In2iton Remix)
Marc Simz - Stealth
MaRLo - Whispers
Max Graham
Merantas-Wanna See You Not
Mike B-Love Is Life
Phreddy M
Phreddy M
Sasa Clubber
Shogun - Skyfire

August 14th, 2011


De Dijk
DFRNT-Weapon 2010 EP
Klaus-Tusk EP
Agent K and Bella-Sierra Leone
Bad Taste
Brokerz-Dance or Die EP
Eastic Fish-Bad Habbit
Funk Lab-Missing Pieces Remixes
Renegade Alien-Ghetto Boombox
The Funk Lab-Missing Pieces
Utku S.-Once Again
VA-Round One
Zerostailaz-Stailazo EP
Angelo Romano
DJ Chus And Lissat And Voltaxx-Vuela Paloma Remixes
DJ Doddo Vs. Dance Rocker Feat. Sheby-Its Our Time
The Good Men-Give It Up (2011 Edit)
VA-Disney DYou (Dla Ciebie)
VA-X-Mix Dance 144
VA-X-Mix Dance Series 145
VA-Sunrise To Sunset Ibiza 2011
Agent Bass-Special Kind
Mike John - Necroshine
Aquasky-Take Me There (Cutline Remix)
Klinke Auf Cinch-Klinke Auf Cinch
Klinke Auf Cinch
Klinke Auf Cinch
The Boomzers-So Fk You
Toomy Disco-Static Friction
VA-Hed Kandi-Serve Chilled Electronic Summer
VA-Plum Island
Abel The Kid And Keylanders And Noemy-El Sol
Adam Kalkbrenner-Kurbel EP
Aeronautics-Ready 4 Take Off
Alex Celler-Blue Vaudeville EP
Alex Marx and Massuci-Ke Passa
Alex Young
Andrea Pesta and Di Savino-La Tarantella (Rose From Napoli)
Beppe Gioia-Reflections EP
Cabanne-Aqua Palla EP
Clarence Young-Red Mist
Damir Pushkar-Cross Jumper EP
David Guetta and Afrojack - Lunar
Ddeiandestate-Attention Toxic
Dillon Francis-Westside EP
Dirty Harris
Dirty House Bastards-Fuk U In The Ass
DJ Icey-Pro Style
DJ PP-On Fire EP
Doctors In Florence-Kindred Spirit
Eduardo De Rosa
Endri Dibra
Fabry Pandolfo feat. Silvano Del Gado-Erga Omnes
Faust Shortee-Feel From You
Frost-Let the Music Take Your Mind
Georg Levin-Intangible EP (The Bonus Tracks)
Goksel Vancin-I Need You Baby
Iman Duke and Franky Fazz-Que Me Importa
Jack Harris
Javi Reina Salva Di Nobles and Joan Ibanez feat. Sandra Criado-Love The Way You Lie
Jay Shepheard-Retrofit 3
Leisuregroove and Kevin Andrews-Move Your Body
Luca Masi-Quiero Volar Con La Cabeza
Manel Diaz-Thats Minimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
Mario Chris-Space Jam
Mario Chris-The Way
Mark Ernestus-Mark Ernestus Meets BBC
MC Freeflow-Waiting for You
Michael Strauss
Michael White and Andy Deluxe
Mitch De Klein
Mr Rayah
NAPT-Emotion EP
Nicola Tola-Thinking EP
Nikita Great-Sunset Remixes
Plastik Funk Ft Irma Derby-The Reason
Richard Malcoh-Stop Someday
Robin Virag-Caribbean Groove
Sak Noel-Loca People (Alvaro Remix)
Scoop-Drop It Reloaded
Sobz-Summer Love
Sucre Dorge-Basic Love
Tayo Wink-The Return Of Johnny Handsome EP Vol. 2
The Rurals
TJR Love
Tom Shade Feat Angelika Borof-Still Alive
Tony House Featuring Alexandra Star-Alone Tonight (Arkadiusz-S Remix)
VA-Circus Electronica Vol .5-Tech And Deep Session
VA-Club Traxx Ibiza House 1
VA-Collected Works Vol 1
VA-Deluxe Picks
VA-Drugstore Minimal Section Vol 1
VA-Hed Kandi-Beach House
VA-Miami Chill House
VA-Mid Summer Digits Vol.2
VA-Moodmusic Summer Specials 2011
VA-Resopal Summer Madness
VA-Static Sampler Vol. 1
VA-Stilnovo Sessions Vol. 1
VA-Twentyfour Ways
VA-Versus Ep 3
Vid Vai-The Way Things Were EP
Virility Ex-Balanced Operation
Vitor Becca-At First Sign
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
VA-X-Mix Chartbusters 70
VA-X-Mix Chartbusters 71
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Rhythm and Top 40 July
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Rhythm and Top 40 June
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Urban Radio July
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Urban Radio June
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 151
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 152
Disco Hooligans-Purple Shade EP
Iron Madness
Pan Papason Years Ago EP
VA-Natural Elements
Arhod and Bosphore-Moero EP
Elegant Hands and Surfer-Techno Ingredients EP
Jon Gurd-Mark One
Ryan Davis-Light and Shadow EP
Shania - Deeper Intensions
Tim Green
Atomgrinder-Show Us on this Doll-(RM 0017)
Audile-Guide Me Home-(AAR 008)
Brk3-Id3-(XSIF 036)
Bryan Kearney-Stealth Bomber
Damian Wasse-Reach The Stars
Global Influence - Sanctum of the Stars
Jaro Sabo - Signals Ep
John OCallaghan-Unfold Extended Versions
Kamil Esten - Fields of Love
Lang And Yep Feat Manon Polare
Matt Bukovski-Surrounding You
Steve Noxx-With A Single Step Zelos

August 13th, 2011


Debian Blak - A Hint Of Menace
Hostage - Party Animals Vol. III
Ifan Dafydd-No Good
Kry Wolf - Party Animals Vol. IV
Mr O - Mysterious Sights
Rdubz - Freak Accident - War Within
Side9000 - Homework EP
DJ Doddo Vs Dance Rocker Feat. Sheby-Its Our Time-(366158 5979098)
DJ Spyne and Pippo Palmieri-Deep In My Soul-(MTF 1109)
Hardrox Feat. Saby-Feel Alright
Scotty-Sundown (Incomplete) Remixes
VA-DJ Zone Best Session 06
Enei - Stonehead EP
Argy-Reminiscence EP
Captain Capa - Saved My Life
Hypnolove-Holiday Reverie
Individualism-Kaleidoscope EP
VA-Bucket Of Love Vol.1
VA-Sound Of Copenhagen Vol. 7
Adam Cruz-Dancer In The Dark
Alexandr Vlasov-Asian Getto-(NHNM 131)
Andre Harris-Innate Soul Unreleased Mixes Vol. 1
Andres Guerra
Antonio Plus-Madre Naturaleza
Asco feat Veronika - Disco Party-(GO 285285
Axel Boman-Nattsudd EP
Azari and III
Cassey Doreen-Like A Virgin Part 2
Cosmic Cowboys-Krokai EP
Ddeiandestate-Old Wisdom
Deep-L-The Last Word
Dennis Ramoon-Booty Call
DJ Sasha XL-Seventh Heaven
Erick Ramirez
Ethan And DJ ID-First Touch
Exist-1Beat 2Feet (Incl. Karizma Remix)
Gabin Nogueira
Global Deejays-Freakin Out Incl Steve Wish Remix
Guenta K. Feat. Kane-Here 2 Stay Incl Nick Austin Remix
Jon Allegro Feat. Rebecca Knight-Do I (Traxsource Exclusive)
Juggsout - Its OK
Marco Van Bassken And Love Queen-Im On Fire
MH20-Night Time
Mummel-Ligeramente Con Cocteles
Nicolas Petracca
Paul Leoric
Paul Reynolds-Dream Coats EP
Robert Solva-Jungle Fields
Robkay Feat. David Posor-Wonderland (Electro Edition)
Rudeejay and Freaks Jam feat Jenny B - The Rhythm Is Magic-(MX 2216)
Scrat And Sensey-Main Street
Simone Pisapia feat Jonathan La Lokura - Una Noche Mas-(EXP 1537D)
Spherical Bloom
Stanny Abram-Take A Step
Stanny Abram-We Gonna Make It
Swanky Tunes And Hard Rock Sofa-Smolengrad United
Synaptic-Fat Funk EP
The Disco Boys Feat Toto-Hold The Line
U-Ness Vs. JedSet Feat. Robina and Lorena-Missing Tu Lado (The Bootleg)
Uone - Waterloo EP
VA-Joe T Vannelli Presents Supalova 3D
VA-Kenny Dope Presents Ill Friction Remixes Vol. 1
VA-New Era Retro 41
VA-Remote Summer Sampler
VA-Solo V8
Vasscon And Stephan V. Star-Black Diamond
VA-Tribal Unity Vol 27
VA-Vapour 100th Release
Vincz V Burn-Folies Burn EP
Apothecary - Rock It In Your Face
Kanye West And Jay-Z-Watch The Throne-(Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks)
VA-Nova Xposure 11
Ananda Shake-Rolling Sounds
Atomic Pulse-Mateluna (The Remixes)
Nevermind-White Sabbath Part 1
Project Redux - Atmosphere
VA - Audio Addicted - Compiled By Orgongroove
VA - Mega Drive - Compiled By Twisted Reaction
VA - Rajanga
Baramuda-Ow Yeah (The Remixes)
Binary And Durden Vs Linus Quick-Rising Sun
Boiling Energy - Schranz Is My Life EP
Daniel Greenx-Inna G Land
Matt Walsh and Zhao
Philip Bader-Wintertime Love EP
Swing Kings-Massive Dynamic EP
Tom Laws-Hygens EP
Unknown Artist-Fly Life High
VA - Hardbass Chapter 22
A And Z-Break Up The Revolution
Atomgrinder-Kick the Pregnant-(RM 0018)
Attractive Deep Sound And Evan London-Inside The Earth
Damian Wasse
TWIST3D-Summer Essentials EP
VA-Trance Classics

August 12th, 2011


Ashburner and Goli-Field of Vibrations
Duffstep-Know You and More Lies
Jam City-Ecstasy (Refix)
Sola Rosa-Turn Around ft. Iva Lamkum
Fireworx - You Made Me Fly-(366158 5986379)
Il Molegiato feat Graziano Salvadori - Non Succedera Piu-(366158 5939887)
Maria - Acredita (Believe) (Summer Remixes)-(MIE 8014090065209)
Megadon Betamax-Dont Ask-(VR 004
Megadon Betamax-Dont Ask (Remixes)-VR 004
VA-Istanbul 70 Psych Disco Folk Edits By Baris K Vol. I-(Nublu Records)
VA-Istanbul 70 Psych Disco Folk Edits By Baris K Vol. II-(Nublu Records)
VA-Istanbul 70 Psych Disco Folk Edits By Baris K Vol. III-(Nublu Records)
Grasscut-1 Inch 1-2 Mile (Boomkat Edition)
Kangding Ray-Pruitt Igoe
Matt Whitehead-Raw Deal
Pictureplane-True Ruin Light Body-(Limited Edition)
Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team Teki Latex And Orgasmic-Bassface Remixes EP
7ten-Dark Days
Adam M-Disco Shit
Anaxim-Coming Home EP
Andrea Morph-Electro Love
Chriis Cruz-Dealing Drugs
Chris Montana And Ely Yabu
Daniel Castillo-Tequila Mariachi
Darwin And Backwall Vs Lunde Bros-Brighton Beach
Derek Marin-Scratch Off Ticket (Remixes)
Dj Carmixer and Dj Save and Dj Francy M feat Rick Flow - La Noche Caliente-(361015 0081971)
DJ Da-Wine and Cigarette EP
Dj DLG-Visions Of Love
DJ Sneak and Monoman-Sally Go Round
DJ Sneak-Magnetic Illusions 2
DJ Sneak-Still My Thing
DJN Project Feat. Nina B-Tip It Up (Incl. UPZ and Ralph Session Rmx)
Eri2-Learning Something New
Fab-V-Secret Box
Gary Edgar
Genix-Sun City
Hakan Lidbo
Kidda-Wanna Be Loved (Remixes)
Loco Tribal-Kanta Fallah
Massimo Giradi
Matt Petrone and Igor Relic Feat Adam Clay-Better Day
Mustafa Feat. Tasita Dmour-The Boss Part 1 (Incl. Groove Assassin Mix)
Pepesoup-People Unite (Incl Andrea Plus Remix)
Polder-Midnight Mover
Rita Cambell vs Sam Young-Runaway Love (Incl Prok and Fitch Remix)
Sascha Lebemann-Nachts Im Club
Sasse-Tokyo House Underground Things EP
Seb Skalski Feat. Donna Hidalgo-Crossroads Of Love
Sir Nenis and Belmont-Jack Box
Sishi Rosch-Booty Express EP
Surco-Mojito EP
The Groovers-Waikiki Strut
Tomson and Benedict Feat. Bantu Soul-Blind (Incl. Alton Miller Remix)
Uno Mas-Gimme A Break EP
VA-Reborn 3
VA-The Edits And Remixes II
VA-The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 7
Vida-Galaxy Oynx
Vincent Inc-Manuscript Continuous Mix
Yariv E-BOOBOO Traffic Jam
Shaolin Afronauts-Flight Of The Ancients
Alex Delia And Nihil Young-Rave-O-Lution Remixes Part 2
Alex Rampol-Project 1 EP
Alvaro Smart-Let It Go EP
B-Twinz - Twist
David Temessi-Bloody Nity
Ezitsuj - The Human Planet
Jc Mazter-Euphoria EP
Jey Pee Razz-No Melody EP
Luca Terzini and Aiho-Bad Mood
Marc DePulse
Miss Sunshine-Shuffled Mind
Mladen Tomic-We Are Funk EP
Nicodelux-The Beginning
Paul Haro
Sweet N Candy-Dont Need
The Machine Ft. Raw Manners - Self Esteem Fund
VA-Monsters Of Techno Vol 6
Vince Watson-Pressure Part 2
Vito Orofino-Keep On You EP
Carl Nicholson
DJ Ben Eye And Logone
DJ Feel vs Eugene Kush
Giorno - I Clear The Area-(HF 28)
Kenny McAuley-Medusa (Damo Kay and Mark Young Remix)
Kompulsor - Turn It Up-(404021 7004701)
Paul Oakenfold-Full Moon Party
Reverse-Endless Journey
Salerno-Bengkunat Beach
Talla 2xlc Pres. Akato
The Nightraiders-Kharma-DLAR125-TraX
The Nightriders
VA-Presence Artist Showcase Vol 1 Paul F

August 11th, 2011

Dark Arx-Blood Vein
Demos-The Dirty Way E.P
Outboxx-Blueberry Lemon EP
Point B-Industrial Revulsion EP
Production Unit-Ghost Tracks
Roof Light-Kirkwood Gaps
VA-Best Italo Disco 2011
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 279
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 280
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 281
Darren Hayes-Talk Talk Talk Remix 1
Darren Hayes-Talk Talk Talk Remix 2
I.D.A-Sha La Laa
Justin Vito With CJ Stone Feat Emine Bahar-On And On
Mayo Maze - On Fire-(PRO 041
Sabina Di Rossi featuring Monday Midnite - Some People Like 2 Party
Tekilla and DJ Motiv8 - Never Enough
Tiddey Feat. Lynn-Keep Waiting Incl CJ Stone Remix
VA-X-Mix Dance Series 143
Daniel Savio-Street Cred
Gold Blood-Twilight Language
Raffertie-Visual Acuity
Room E-Palms Together-()
Shlohmo-Bad Vibes
Subway-Subway II
Sync 24-Resynth Remixes (Ed Chamberlain and Truss Mixes)
VA-Beaterblocker 2
VA-Detroit Underground 04
12 Shades Of Fantasy-Oriental Tribe
2 Hot 2 Stop
4 Grooves Feat. Kevin Kelly
Alex Dolby-City Shark
Andy Holder Pres. UK Underground Frequencies-Dancehall Funk (Part 2)
Aquarium Punks-Alcoholic Cowboys
B.O.P-Havent Been Funked Enough
Be Svendsen - Catchpenny And Cosmos-EP-Part 2
Bo Moore Feat. Kavon Brown-Love Joy and Happiness (Incl. Remixes)
Boral Kibil
Dan Thomas-Cockney Rockstar
Dark By Design-Push It Back (DES020)
David Anders-The Night Before
Deep Boyz-The Boy Beats On His Drum (Kenny Dope Remixes)
Denisa Stanislav Meets Aaron The Baron-Carte Blanche
Distant People Feat. Chappell-Blows You Away
DJ Antoine-Welcome To DJ Antoine-(Limited Edition)
Domjuan Feat Fulvio Tomaino Move
Easy Groove-Dubble You Know
Elef-Stolen Reality EP
Expanded People-Back To Soul
Expanded People-The Jazz Club EP
Festina Lente-Purple Love EP
Freddy Parisi-Living Venice EP
George Privatti-La Chupi Panda
Gigi De Martino Feat. Felipe Romero
Gonza Rodriguez
Jackin Wez and The Groovedoctor-Guitar DOr
Junior Sanchez Ft. Karmen-I Believe In (Remixes)
Jus Jack Ft. Black Dogs-Cant Wait (The Remixes)
Leonid Gnip-Love Test
Lynchberg-Vidas Loca
Manuel Arce-Sil Skin
Max Duke-The Frog
Mechanique-Inflections And Declensions
Osaze Feat. Jaidene Veda
Pablo Fierro-Alone At Home (Part 2)
Paul Reynolds-Kumara EP
Philgood And Simon K
Quell-Hatful of Hollow (Incl. Argy and Quell Remix)
Raffa Scoccia and Ruben Mancias
Richard DJ-Piece Of Paradise EP
Robert Owens Body Interpretations EP
Scope - The Nerve Centre
Stereo Sandwich
Steve Dare-Fall Apart EP
Swaylo and The SJU-Were Ready
The Jury-Roll On
Tom Davis
VA-Destination Ibiza Vol 2
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 286
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 288
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 289
VA-For The Djs Vol 12
VA-Italians Do it Better
VA-Minimal Essentials Vol 06
VA-Stefano Gambarelli Proudly Presents Just Addictions Trip and Holly and Mappa
Vialocal-Black EP
Vick Lavender Feat. Nicole Mitchell and Al Olive-Music Is Life
Yuri Lima-Face The Future
Alexandre Desplat-Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Pt 2
Snoop Dogg-Tha Last Meal
VA-80s 12inch Party
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 97
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 152
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 153
VA-X-Mix Chartbusters 69
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Rhythm and Top 40 May
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Urban Radio May
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 150 (Limited Edition)
Daniel Mehes-Sparkling Depth EP
Dewalta-The Antiparallel EP
Extrawelt-Neuland (Remixes)
Florian Meindl and Ricardo Phillips-Desert Times (Remixes)
Gabriel Rhome-Where Do They All Come From
Jey Kurmis-Not What You Think EP
Lazy M
Mark Diablo-Early Instinct
Mechanique-Kaikki (Original Mix)
Moritz Ochsenbauer-Fuck Face
No-Dust EP
Parris Mitchell - Juke Joints Vol. One (DEMO003)
Phunk Investigation
Sound Diffusion-Erode Bubble Theory Drum Dam
Tommy Four Seven-Track 5 Verge The Remixes
Topo-Backup Succeed
Umek and Stefano Noferini-Complementary Access
VA-Heroes of Hardtechno
Wehbba-Human Interface
DJ Power And Edditz-Nexus 6 (DES019)
DJ Power And Edditz-Nexus 6 (Smixation Remix) (DES018)
DNS Project feat Madelin Zero-Another Day Redeemer
James Allan and Kevin Aitken
Marcel Woods - Sunrise (Sunrise 2011 Anthem) (The Remixes)
Mike Frost-Iron Life
Paul Todd - Resonate
Spark7 Feat Simon Latham - You Wanted More

August 10th, 2011

DJ Madd-Pitch Black New Reality (OSMUK012)
C-Bool-8 Years
DJ Agent 86-So Hot
Cisco Cisco-Higher Brothers In Arms
Freekwency-Dont Tell Me
DJ Hidden And Morebeat-The Outsider Looking In Existence
Dramatic DB Audio-Vigilante EP
Seba-Welcome To Our World Future Sound
Area Forty One - Discharging Clouds (ANN014)
Dinamoe-Erdung Und Ursprung
Disco Wacko-Blue Box EP
Neurobash-Antitype EP
Carnage And Cluster - Whats This Noisj
Agaric-Who Made Up The Rules No Way I Know I Feel The Remixes
Alex Molon-As You Like It EP
Andy Notalez-Nate EP
Andy Ward and Random Soul-Come Together
Atnarko-Thinking Of Your Pezzner Remixes Fred Everything Edits
Chris Steele-Follow The Beat
Ciro De Gais-Give It Up
Coqui Selection-G Mambo
D.ramirez and Richard Dinsdale-Mash Up Ya Ego
Daniel Bovie And Roy Rox Ft. C. Reid-Go Crazy
Dany Cohiba-Say To Me
Darlyn Vlys-Siete Aguas
Deep Lake-Blind Valley
Dolls Combers-Summerbreeze EP Vol 4
Dubvision-Tune it on
Ecued-Floating Feathers
Ergot Method-The Big Boss Jump EP
Fokko Versloot And Tenger
Franky Rizardo
Ftampa and Eric Farias-We Are From Brazil
Gio Di Leva and Christian Cheval - Here We Go-(366158 5911128)
Graham Fee
Harvey Mckay-Show Face
Hood Natives Feat. Mac Z-Sax in the City-(GOGO 046)
Iz And Diz
Jalabee Cartel-Dancing Tiger
Jason Shark-Run Away
Jerome Ferry
Jerome Ferry
John Daly-Meltdown Remixes
Junior Lopez-Rodriles EP
Kevin Cowens and GA-L-El Revolution EP
Lucky Paul-Slow Ground EP
Magnifik-We Really Love This Song EP
Makimi Mura - Like It
Mario Conte and Fabio Spzz
Martin Volt-Ode To Sweden
Max 404-Love And Mathematics Revisited
Maya Jane Coles-Maya Jane Coles The Remixes
Micha Klang-When We Dance EP
Misael Deejay - Ibiza Pink
Nick Petris
Nishin Verdiano
NTFO-Private Pieces EP
Perry Farrell Pres. Perryetty-Applause For You (Bassjackers Remix)
Phreek Plus One-Black Label 80 Passion Remixes
Pitt Larsen-All Night Long
Raul De La Orza-Love Me Again
Rocco-Saharien Child
Rush-Kick It
Sinan Kaya-Control Me
Tank And Ash
The Chosen Two-Alte Frische EP
Thomas Stiller
Tip Doris-7 Days Personal Life
Tom Gibbs
VA-Alejandro Montero Pres The Basemente EP Vol 3
VA-Arma 01
VA-Elements Earth
VA-Elements Earth
VA-La Moneda EP
VA-La Moneda EP
VA-Simple Remixed 7
VA-Soul Collective EP
Wishbone-Good Life
Yves V Digital Lab and Pedro Henriques
Clayton Cash - Ghetto Ass Bitches On My Own
Stephan Strube - We Banging Around
VA - Surplus Sampler 42
Gary War-Police Water
Art Bleek-Other Lane
Carl Taylor-Perplexer Violet
Frank Sonic And Mike Maass
Gaiser-Some Slip
Giorgio Gigli-The Imperceptible Shade Of Illusion (MRECLTD08)
Jose Vizcaino-Goose Bumps EP
Kalden Bess aka m0h-Death Squad EP
Loco and Jam
Mark Henning And Den-Cosmic Marmalade
Marko-Shove Incl Digitaria Remix
Matador (IE)-Black Shapes EP
Oscar Munu Vs Jmix-Boxing Day EP
Scott Brown - Evolution 100 Vol. 3
Stephane Signore-Whip It Out
Suvorov-Four Stories EP
Veztax-Is It Not EP
Block Device-The Ground EP
Detonator - Essence
DJ Yorrin-Tomorrow Forever
Eddie Hallett
Fonzerelli-Moonlight Party 2011 (Setrise Remix)
Glynn Alan
Jay P-Watch The World Burn
Kuruption - Harder We Fall Arcadia (Original Mixes)
Leon B-Clouded Dreams
Leon B-Cosmic Drop
Max Stealthy-Night Fever Never Alone
Paulo Gomes
Paulo Gomes-Amazing Love
Paulo Gomes
Specific Slice-Death Of Aphrodite EP
Stuart Millar
Tim Besamusca
T-PE3-Saturday Night Sunday Morning EP
VA-Timeless Trance (Full Length Edition)

August 9th, 2011

Baconhead-Soap EP
Outboxx-Blueberry Lemon EP
4kuba-Cactus as is (Album Sampler 2)
VA - Beach Party 2011
Fytch and Capitan Crunch
Rednek-Game Over
Reid Speed and FS-Bass Monster
Einoma-Lost And Found EP (SHIP04)
Electromeca-Rhythm Issues
Sam KDC-Symbol 3
Andrey Ultravision-Space Secret Original EP
Bon Finix
Bonn Lewis-This Is The Bit
Camouflage-Underground Moves
Daniel Sanchez and El Mundo and Satori-Mr. Nobody EP
David Hopper and Dmorse-Feel The Rhythm EP
Deep Space Orchestra-Ghetto Science Institute EP
Deepgroove and Thieve-U Got Me Thinkin
Diggabeatz-Yes Yes Yall
Dinka-The Sleeping Beauty
Durs-Smooth Path
East West Connection
Ed Lee-Gotta Give EP
Eddi Shkiper-Invisible Moon EP
Erxon and Spinne Feat. Leeloojamais-I Hate You
Ezana Harris-I Am Ready (PLE653363)
Ezequiel Sanchez-Going To Dance
Ezequiel Sanchez-In My Bed
Federico Epis
Francesco Diaz and Jeff Rock-God Save the Queen
John Veis-In My Mind
Jon McCormick
Kasa Remixoff-Insomnia Light
Kaskade Ft. Mindy Gledhill
Kenny Ground
Loco Tribal-Kanta Fallah
Manuel Arce-Silk Skin
Mats Mattara Ft. Rockman
Max Bragantini Aka Max B-Samba Reggae (Remix)
Max Petrone and Igor Relic Feat. Adam Clay and Majerle Sisters-Better Day
Mulder-Nexxt EP
Murphy Jax-We Dance (Turbo104d)
Paul Killey-You Feeling This
Paulo Olarte-Mil Anos (Gala001)
Pezzner-What I Have Done
Pierre Santino-Ballare EP
Q45-The Funky Get Up EP
Radu F and Mikael-Kick Your Balls EP
Rene Breitbarth
Russell G-Free For All-(IC 093D)
Sam Ball-Love Nor Money EP (FORM14)
Sebastien San-Great Cities EP
Sek-Motivation EP
Steve Mastro Paris FZ and Simo T-Torero EP
Suffused-Dark Soul
Tony Lionni-Another Dimension EP
Tradelove - Rock The Casbah
VA - Summer Sampler Volume 2
VA-Atomic Zoo Remixed Vol. 4
VA-Daniel Sanchez feat. Friends Vol 2
VA-Summer Compilation Vol. 3
Warehouse and Amy B-Let You Go EP
Benny Page Ft. Topcat-Sound Fi Dead
Run Tingz Cru Ft. Topcat-Sweet Sunshine
Rod Stewart-Original Album Series
VA-12 Inch 80s Classics
Querox - Sex Drugs And Progressive The Remixes
VA - Stepping Around
VA - Summer Dreams Vol. 2
Alex Rouk-Alex Rouk EP
Anton Stellz-Airline EP
Atmozfears And Lady Faith - Pleasure And Pain
Charles Widmore and Daniel Rajkovic-Blackwood EP
Chris Flatey-Lunacy Mess EP
Chris Rawles And Brockenspiel-Gettin Down
Danalog-Shake And Bake
Dave Allen And Garry Ferguson - MF Reverse Bass
Dino Lenny And Amnesia-Sex On Drugs
Drana-Doggy Style EP
Freshbeat-Labirinth EP
Gabriele Carasco-Metemorphose EP
Konstantin Koks-My Idiology
Kroman Celik - Toxic EP (NST037)
Lokomotiive And Dubnoise-Freaky EP
Monty Luke-Futures Unfolding (PLE653373)
Paul Nazca and Maxime Dangles-Fonte EP
Pepo-Hold Me I Got You
Reference-Another Place (Ple653393)
Tassilo-Les Patates EP
The Oliverwho Factory-Jealousy (Ple653383)
VA - Scantraxx Sampler 11
Zaitek - Essence Of Music Back Home
ANR-Point of View EP
Kenneth Cruz-Peace Will Come
Kenneth Cruz-Shes The One
Kenny McAuley
Neo Kekkonen-Metro EP
The Noble Six-Beyond The Horizon
The Noble Six-The Storm

August 8th, 2011

(01) Blind Prophet-Open the Cut
(02) Cloaks-Desolate Turves
(03) Dev79 and Thrills-Off in A Minute
(04) DJ Diamond-Flight Muzik
(05) DJ Tameil-Straight Outta Newark
(06) Kingthing-Frequent Lover and Bad Times
(07) Klic-Dachshund Skank
(08) Kowton-Keep Walking
(09) Landslide
(10) Limbo
(11) Nero-Promises EP
(12) Squeaky Lobster
(13) Zhou
(01) Om Unit-Searching (Adam Freeland Remix)-(STRETCHED003 2)
(01) DJ Mondy feat Lady Vivian - Look To The Future
(02) VA - Brooklyn Bounce DJ And Mental Madness Presents Bounce Vol 5
(03) VA-Hits And Dance 2011
(04) Zampo Dj Project - EP Vol 1-(361015 0064370)
(01) Billy Bogus-Terror Island
(02) Fall On Your Sword-The First Time I Saw Jupiter
(03) Gavin Russom-Night Sky
(01) Mystification Vs Stormtrooper-Crackup VIP
(02) Mystification
(03) VA
(01) Absent Without Leave and Landshipping
(02) AEED-Error Code
(03) Chewy Benson-The Indian Type Briton
(04) Dinosauruxia-Time is Unfolding
(05) Erik K Skodvin
(06) Joe Goddard-Gabriel EP
(07) KenLo Craqnuques-Cailloux Germes
(08) Lego-Hand Made
(09) Memotone
(10) Mika Vainio-Its A Muthang and Midnight Mutant
(11) Montgomery Clunk
(12) Psychic Ills-Frkwys Vol.4
(13) Qman1-Form There to Here
(14) Rolf and Fonky-Geometry (Marco Passarani Mix)
(15) Sawoff Shotgun - For Our Sanity
(16) The Artificial Arm
(17) VA-An Taobh Tuathail Vol III
(18) VA-Hed Kandi Ibiza 2011
(19) VA
(20) White Car-No Better
(01) 21street-Sudden Tension
(02) Afrojack and Steve Aoki-No Beef
(03) Andri-Rock The Night EP
(04) Apoena
(05) Arthur Woo Feat. Clarissa-Without You
(06) Azari And III-Azari And III
(07) Bart B More Drop The Lime And AC Slater-The Bass EP
(08) Baskerville-Devils Town EP
(09) BOSS T
(10) Brian Benson-El Bosque
(11) Cobblestone Jazz-Memories From Where You Are
(12) Danny Freakazoid And Strobe
(13) Davor Bojanov
(14) De Leon And Gum Me
(15) Deepsoul Duo
(16) Deniz Kurtel And Mykle Anthony-Best Of
(17) Discotron - Come On Get On Down EP
(18) DJ Sabelo-Prayer Drumz EP
(19) DubVision-The Arena
(20) Edu Imbernon
(21) Egoism-Pilgrim EP
(22) Eric Kupper
(23) Fantasna-Las Siete Canchas
(24) Fashion Viktims-Taken Rmxs
(26) Ingi
(27) Jay Murano-Time To Time (Original Mix)
(28) Jetsetta-Smashin Pumpkin
(29) Kassey Voorn
(30) Kate Simko and Anthony Collins - Sit Back
(31) Kevin Scherschel-Sick EP
(32) Lanvary-Loko Sonar
(33) Marco Effe-Doshas Adventure Ep
(34) Martin Sharp-Disco Dog
(35) Massimo Santucci And Tony Esposito
(36) Max Mason And Josel-Something Beyond Control
(37) Nikko.Z-Down Town
(38) Pe And Ban Vs Elemental X-Follow The High Heels EP
(39) Pete Mccarthey
(40) Pierres Fantasy Club-Mystery Girl Set Me Free
(41) Q.U.A.K.E. Vs. The 8th Note-Kick It EP
(42) Saarid-Fever Dream
(43) Sergey Franc-3 In 1 - 01
(44) Solomun-Love Recycled EP-(2DIY4 01)
(45) Stanisha-Quantized Souls
(46) Starkillers and Dmitry KO
(47) Stimming
(48) Takeshy Kurosawa-Get Down Sexy Show
(49) The Coolbreezers - Summer Love-(TDM 145)
(50) The Pushamann-Rhyme Or Reason
(51) Tim Anderson-What Goes On
(52) Tom Middleton Clap Wonder
(53) Tradelove
(54) Tvardovsky-Under The Mask
(55) Ulisses Nunes - He He Yes EP
(56) VA - Murmur Essentials Volume 2
(57) VA
(58) VA-Use Your Ears (Volume 2)
(60) Vinayak A-Losing Myself Feat. Dhrithi
(01)VA-Puro-Desert Lounge Weekend Vol.4
(01) Ass Shaker and Disconnect
(02) Brooklyn Bounce And DJ Zealot - Break The Rules (Scope DJ And A-Lusion RMX)
(03) Electronic Activity-Force Breeze
(04) Electronic Activity
(05) Funk DVoid-Pyramid Toro
(06) Ilisho Groupe-No Time
(07) Jan Van Bass-10 - For The Love Of God
(08) Mays and Patrique-Labyrinthine EP-(NB013)
(09) Metek
(10) Mowgli-I Gotta Feeling
(11) Refernce-Another Place
(12) Skudge-First Observation EP
(13) Slam-Area 51
(14) Tweak
(15) Umek-Responding to Dynamic
(16) VA - Spoontech Remixed 01
(17) VA
(18) Zadig-Re Form
(19) Zatox - Another Level EP-(ITAL017)-SRG
(20) Zatox-Another Level EP
(21) Zatox-Motherland EP
(01) Aaron Gray-Stating A Fact
(02) Anish Sood And Beta 5
(03) Arys
(04) Claessen And Martens-El Dorado
(05) Cosmic Gate-The Theme
(06) Factor Diesel
(07) Fast Distance
(08) Gi.U. The Editor-IL Destino
(09) Goldmembers-Like A Dream
(10) Il Capo Electronic
(11) John Dubs-Why We Hurry (The Remixes)
(12) JOOP-Rocket Double
(13) J-Soul Feat Rave Channel
(14) Kyau and Albert-15 Years Part Three
(15) Lawrance Seagull-Older Lover
(16) Lichen And Matex
(17) Moein-Enjoy Your Life
(18) Mykotonic-Mountain Call
(19) Oliver Smith-Butterfly Effect
(20) Peter Plaznik And Techtrek-Full Moon
(21) Plexland-I Know The Truth
(22) Rene Havelaar
(23) Ronski Speed And Cressida
(24) Santiago Nino-The Cosmic Love EP
(25) Soarsweep-Hidden In The Cave Feel No Pain
(26) Synthetic-Planet Flex
(27) Thomas Coastline-Kill My Skill
(01) Orange - Ta Tha Ta

August 7th, 2011

(01) Acre and Cosmic Revenge-Ghatt and Mind Eraser
(02) Nguzunguzu
(03) Phaeleh-The Cold In You
(04) Policy-Emotional and Speed of Life
(05) Tantric Decks-Turn on the Epic
(06) Verb-Sensual Frequencies
(01) Afghan Headspin-Bad Selection (Remixes)
(02) Bass Dreamers-Can I Get Down (the Remixes)
(03) Halobeatz-A Journey
(04) Isaac Himself
(05) Reset
(06) The Reptiles
(07) THEC4-Soft Venom
(08) Wardian-Volaverum Remixes
(01) Diego Miranda Feat. Rebeca - Total Eclipse of the Heart
(02) DJ The Bass - Funky Tunes EP-(ARC 094)
(03) Michael Burian feat Victoria - Secret-(BR 013)
(01) Demon-I Think EP
(02) Demon-I Think Vol. II EP
(03) Manu Twister
(04) Matt Whitehead-Beat the Heat
(05) Room E-Diagonal Signs
(06) The Exaltics-They Arrive-(CREME ECLIPSE 10)
(07) VA-Party Breaks Vol 1
(08) VA-Party Breaks Vol 2
(09) VA-Party Breaks Vol 3
(10) VA-Party Breaks Vol 4
(01) Aerofeel5-Lets Trust in the Dream
(02) Alphas-X - Un Estate Al Mare 2011-(366158 5989097)
(03) Cajmere Feat Dajae-Brighter Days
(04) Dabruck and Klein feat Julian Smith - The Flavour
(05) Davit S And Pia Garo-The Chance EP
(06) Dirtyrock-Never Stop
(07) Frost-Let The Music Take Your Mind
(08) Gomi-City Boy
(09) Inaya Day vs Menini and Viani - Sweet Lover (And So We Said)-(AD 035)
(10) Jamie Berry-Sugar Coated
(11) Jesse Vorn Feat. Greysun - New Life
(12) Kynt Day Single
(13) Laserkraft 3D - Weightless (Remixes)
(14) Mark Reeve
(15) Megaman-Plucks N Squares
(16) Provenzano Pres. The Fabulous-Mariguana Cha-Cha-Cha-(361015 0063885)
(17) Sara Sofia - Ohe Oha Vas A Sonar-(DIG 29755090210)
(18) Seresir
(19) SK Radicals-Is this Love for Real (Recloose Mixes)
(20) The Goooniez - Arschloch
(21) Twelve11 feat Mr Eyez - House Nation
(01) VA - Subsonic Muzik Sampler 09
(01) Pyramid Call-Buedi Siebert
(02) VA-Euro Xclusive 11
(03) VA-Vanguard 11
(01) Albert Aponte-Loop Works EP
(02) Big Full - Hidden Bass Ep
(03) Daryl Stay - Pendulum - Let It Move You
(04) Diego Rodriguez - Colibri Ep
(05) Fabrice Torricella - Red Light
(06) IAACO-Mon Cher EP
(07) Lukass - On the Road
(08) Modul-Keegan Farwalker
(09) Nicole Moudaber - Five Point Palm - Lamour Troupique
(10) Paperclip People-4 My Peepz Parking Garage Politics
(11) Stefano Cassisi-Lovcon EP
(12) VA-Riserva Natura Volume 2
(01) Alex Losy
(02) Alpha Force-Magic Island
(03) Ivica Vanevski And Saturn 6-Basejumper EP
(04) Master Blaster - Back To The Sunshine

August 6th, 2011

(01) Getter - Vile Orchestra
(02) Klaus-Tusk EP
(03) Kowton-Keep Walking - Show Me
(04) Machinecode
(05) Mr Lager Ft. Asher Dust - Four Leaf Clover
(06) Offshore-Pacer EP
(07) Radiohead-TKOL Rmx 3
(08) Vessel And Zhou
(01) Agroprom
(02) Alter Form-Maximum Flow
(03) Curtis B and Benzo-Throw it Up EP
(04) DJ Solo-Straight Kickin
(05) Fletric-Plasma Funk
(06) Grand Slam-Lifetimers for the Funk EP
(07) Insigo-Iron Forest
(08) Lady Packa
(09) Skaarj-Digital Parasite
(10) Skaarj
(11) Vize-Gotcha Now
(01) Al Walser - Drunk Drunk Drunk-(425033 0571695)
(02) Alex Megane Million Feelings
(03) Chase Manhattan Feat. Fatman Scoop-Hands Up
(04) Dance Butt - Danza Kuduro (LUKY 8S170)
(05) Deep Criminal - Love At The First Sight (693736 579690)
(06) DJ Decron Meets Stephanie Kay-Touch The Sky Let Me Breathe
(07) Dj Ex One - Midnight
(08) Favorite Star
(09) Hotshot-The Jokers
(10) Kiff One Feat Miguel Leeroy And Mouss MC-Bailalo Morena
(11) Mr Fire - I Am Free (SPK 052)
(12) Outset - The Mystical Fate (643004 1210054)
(13) Party People-Y.M.C.A. World
(14) Royal Coyote - Hey-(912002 3810194)
(15) Salvo Riggi feat. Lizzy B - Hold On (AW 90152)
(16) Sash feat Jean Pearl - Mirror Mirror-(TR 024)
(17) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 11
(18) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 12
(19) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 13
(20) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 14
(21) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 15
(22) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 16
(23) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 17
(24) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 18
(25) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 19
(26) VA - Mastermix Professional Dance(Unimixet) 20
(27) VA - Tanecni Liga 131-(533 520
(28) VA-Chillin In Mykonos Vol 06 Compiled By Easy Coutiel
(29) West And East-Free Your Mind
(01) Alexx Rave - Youll Never Find Me Dabass EP
(02) Ogonek and Cooh-Scary Music EP
(01) Blonde Redhead-Penny Sparkle Remix EP
(02) Chllngr
(03) Defkline and Red Polo-Hot Cakes 18
(04) Erionite
(05) Felix Luker
(06) Funky Destination-Born to Be Bad
(07) Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori-Frkwys Vol 6
(08) Micro Naps-Album-CDR-Limited Edition
(09) Rain - Slow Head-215.18mhz - Lamia Forest
(10) Recreation-String Theory
(11) Shockone Feat Phetsta-Crucify Me
(12) The Haxan Cloak-Observatory EP
(13) Various Artists-Codex I
(14) Whiskey Pete-Party Chick
(01) Chemars
(02) Daiquiri-Illusion - Lily
(03) Delice and Xuzav
(04) Domy Pirelli feat Cristian Itiel - I Need You-(100291 49)
(05) Douglas Palmer
(06) Ell
(07) Evanz D and Lima-A Fresh Mood
(08) Fabian Argomedo-We Love
(09) Federico Molinari - La Divina Comedia
(10) George Perry - Deep Space 4 A Trip From Deephouse To Techhouse
(11) Helmut Lawrence-Calculated Panorama
(12) Hochanstaendig-Adagio For Strings Remixes
(13) Iron Mike and Nat Civello-Minimal Monday
(14) Jan Van Damm-Brumba (Original Mix)
(15) Jason Borne-Dont Wanna Go Home
(16) John De Sohn
(17) Jokertech
(18) Joonipah-Whupah EP
(19) Kenny Brian-El Sabor De Fela Ku
(20) Larsson - Dope
(21) Les Garcons Timides-I Like You EP
(22) Magitman Tash-Volt Afterhours
(23) Matt Masters-All Night Dancing EP
(24) Moby-Lie Down in Darkness (Bundle 2)
(25) Ritmo Playaz-Everybody Loves The Sunshine
(26) Sheva Gh-Last Moment
(27) Soulphiction-Missing Linkx-Full Swing-Lovin Dubbin Feelin
(28) Terrakroma - Chiti
(29) Tiger Stripes-Safari Remix EP
(30) VA-Hed Kandi The Mix Ibiza (Incl Unmixed Tracks)
(31) VA-Ibiza Underground Madness The Essential Sound of The Season Part 2
(32) VA-Motorcitysouled-Selected Remixes 2004
(33) VA-The Best DJ Selection Vol 2
(01) Next Life-Artificial Divinity
(02) Next Life-Resurrection EP
(01) Cygna - Opus Ena
(02) VA-Radioplay Euro Express 920U
(01) Atomic Pulse - Anatomic
(02) C-Jay - Forever Now
(03) Mentaloop - The Road To
(01) Alex Deep-The Deep Hallucinations EP
(02) Aybee-Sun Of Cycle
(03) Electronic Beach
(04) Eric Tarlouf - Higienopolis
(05) George-S with Yoji-A Secret Gathering
(06) Gery Otis
(07) Jaden K-Bootleggers EP
(08) Konstantin Yoodza-I Cant Tell You No EP
(09) Konstantin Yoodza-Meet Baroo If You Know
(10) Mickey Franco
(11) Miniminds
(12) Olivier Giacomotto And DJ Tonio
(13) Raw Hedroom - Manufactured Animals
(14) Sonate
(15) VA-Fullbass 15
(16) Zalazar-Under Attack
(01) Conor McMullan
(02) Nigel Hard feat Isabella Massino
(03) Nikolais-Deep In My Mind
(04) Synestra
(05) VA-Armin Van Buuren A State Of Trance Unmixed Vol 1

August 5th, 2011


Justin Velor-Super Disco Drums

Ivan Fillini and Miani-Fiky Fiky 2011-(ZD 214)
Javier Palomares - Amada Mia
Master Blaster-Back To The Sunshine
Oriol Farre feat J Son - Come With Me-(100269 18)
Robkay Feat David Posor - Wonderland
Sun Kidz - The EP (Incl Extended Mixes)-(ARC 081)
Umberto Tozzi-Gloria 2011-(MIE 8053264541835)
VA - Musica Maranza Vol 10 (Gold Edition)-(366158 5966296)

Atfunk-Something About You-(TMDG 080)

Ariok-Gangsta Outlaw
Savoy-Im In Need

Bjork-The Crystalline Series (Omar Souleyman Versions)
Dagobert and Kalson-Astronauten-Split EP
Fall On Your Sword-The First Time I Saw Jupiter
Social Ambitions
Unknown Artist-Distant Planet (Star Trek Remix)-(CREME JAK 13)
VA-Born Evolve Progress 3
VA-Jess and Crabbe Present Bazzerk African Digital Dance

4 Da People-Live My Life
Aid to Soulless Ft. Desla Night Mixes Part 2
Alex Kidd and King Kornelius-Milk and Cookies
Asymmetric Soul Ft. Meital De Razon-If I Change (Doc Link Mix)
Black Sauce-Cant Stop the World
Blackliquid and Sin-Q-Universal EP
Blacktron-Cassette Deck (Remixes)
Camouflage-Chew the Groove EP
Capital T Ft. Taymah-Perfect Love
David Guetta and Sia - Titanium
Digital Freq-Street Fighter
Dogo Argentino-Diskonautik-(TMDG 077)
Elemi-Nscape N2 The Deep
Eventual Groove
Fedo Mora - Lover
Hardmix-Funky Motion-(MPM 0075)
Hector-Your Naked Girlfriend
Husky and the Owl-Revamped (Remixed)
Jason Cheiron
Kerri Chandler-Intermezzo EP
Mark Knight And Funkagenda-Antidote (The Remixes Part 2)
Modern Amusement-Cold As Ice Remixes-(NO 19017)
Niels Van Gogh Vs Daniel Strauss
Raul Rincon-Viva La Revolucion
Roy Davis Jr Ft J.Noize and Kaye Fox-Enjoy the Ride (Part 2)
Spencer and Hill
Spoony Talker-Nine To Nine
Steve Forest feat Club Dogo and Fatman Scoop - Boys and Girls-(MIE 8053264542009)
Tarantulaz Ft. Tiffany Loren-I Wasnt Kidding
Thomas Lizzara-Sommer in Berlin
Tom Sawyer
Tony Loreto and Toro-The Poem
VA-Designed For The Dancefloor Vol. 2-(LEMANSCOMP 054)
VA-Summer Sampler 2011
VA-Twice As Nice 2 Funky Soulful House-(MDSCOMP 0282)
Veitengruber - All You Got
Xtetiqsoul-African Flutes

Aquagen - Ihr Seid So Leise 2011 (Scheisse Scheisse Leise)
Darko-Borderline Personality Disorder
VA-Kundalini Remix Yoga Mantras Revisited

Ogoun - Enter the Void
VA - Cosmic Alchemy

A Balter And Eitan Reiter
Anderson T - Residential Area
Brooklyn Bounce And DJ Zealot - Break The Rules
Illuminatorz feat. Dell Darko - Final Fight Spirit
Lutzenkirchen-Deus Ex Machina
Marc Throw-The Player
Matthias Vogt
Matthias Vogt
Mystery And Creek - King Of My Castle Trip To Fantasy
Pattern Select-Tale Of The Tape
Simone De Caro-Back To Fly
Thomas Lizzara-Sommer In Berlin
VA - Hardbass Chapter 22
Ziggy X - Cap AndritXol

Cassino and Laben-Shine Like A Glitter-(PSI 1018)
Haris C and Plant-New Dawn-(FACTUAL 027)
Jamaster A-Nanjing Express
Karybde and Scylla
Nhato - Far East Garden
ReOrder Feat. Stine Grove-White Sands Of Ibiza
Sergey Nevone-No Lies-(OOR 051)
Traces Traxx-Arctic Glow Incl N and R Project Remixes
VA-A State Of Trance 2011 Vol 1 (UNMIXED)
VA-A State Of Trance Collected Vol 1
VA-Armada Exclusive Tracks And Remixes Vol 1
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 August 2011

August 4th, 2011


321 Vs Tim Healey and Deekline-Bring it Back-Promo CDS
Azuri - Mannequin-(ROCKA 011DTRAX)
DJ Chill X-Going To The Club
Spyne and Palmieri feat Papsnskar - Into Your Soul-(MTF 1119)
The Mad Candy and Da Brozz feat Martha - Be My Love-(361015 0061720)
VA-105 Workout - The Best For Workout Fitness Gym Running Jogging

Mindtech-Optiv and Rregula

Slimmah Sound And Lyrical Benji-Firm In Jah

Bassnectar-Divergent Spectrum
Magnifik-Behaving Badly EP
Rrose x Bob Ostertag-Motormouth Variations
VA - Kommt Zusammen
VA-Schwingungen Vol. 192
VA-Sextoy Records 04

Aboutblank And KLC-Speed Of Light
ACK Vs Danny Better - Festival Anthems
Andre Butano and Miguel Lobo-Que Hacer
Atnarko and Sam Mollison-Thinking Of You
Auto Run - Cyrax Crying
Becoming Silhouettes-Hampton To The Beach
Brie Boateng-Free Your Mind-Promo CDS
Capaso - Fu
Chris Girard And Simon Sheppard-Perfect Days
D.O.O.P.-Marvins Song (Incl. Ospina and Oscar P Afro Soul Mixes)
Davide Squillace And Guti-That Ginger Ponytail
Deepa Grooves Feat. Kate Quarfordt and Jimmy Lopez-Im Going Back (Incl. Jay-J Mix)
Dexter Morgan - Playing Nice
Dima German - 2011 2012 EP
DJ Neo Feat. Martina Balogova Another Crack
DJ Wld and Shaun Reeves-Wish I Didnt Miss You EP
Fabio Scalabroni-Deep Brushed
Fab-V-Sweet Night Drive
Freit - Live To Die
Gio C-Chemical Hungry
Guenta K. Feat. Kane-Here 2 Stay Remixes
Hypnotic Duo
James Aville
Jaywax - Warehouse
Jimmy Galle-Spiritual Love
Karl And Noise
Karol XVII and MB Valence-Vintage Box 2 EP
Karol XVII and MB Valence-Vintage Box 3 EP
Kids Of Hashish - Sativa
La Rochelle
Lanfree Marco Molina-My Forbidden Partiez
Lucas and Hugo Sanches feat Daniel Malker-The Turn Is Mine Remixes
Martin Buttrich-Fire Flies
Martin Dawson-Sunday Smoking (Remixes Vol. 2)
Maurizio Gubellini and Stefano Pain - The World Never Sleeps
Max Marotto - Pump Up The Jam
Michael Mclardy-Oslo Nights
Miguel Migs Feat. Evelyn Champagne King-Everybody (Incl. Remixes)
Mike Laveaux and Kenny Cage
Min And Mal Mark Denken
Mogo-Analog Feelings
Nick Austin-All My Life
Nicola Viti De Angelis-Asado (Part 1)
Pete Gooding John Moss Mike Moorish-Its Not Over - Say Goodbye
Phreek Plus One Feat. Mr. White-Black Label 80 Passion Remixes (CPT3793)
Rafael Osmo
Rashad Evans - Commitment To See
Redondo-My Love (Rene Amesz Remix)
Rolvario-Rock Da Groove
Sezer Uysal-Chasing Remixes
Skai And M.In-Ultima Tromba
Stanisha-Parallel Midnight
Swen Weber-Second Stroke
Tom Wax and Alex Stadler - Welcome Back
Tommy Trash-The End-EP
VA-Club Sounds Vol.58
VA-Grand Slam 2011 Vol 3
Verdugo Brothers-Make Them Feel EP

Ahmet Sendil-I Still Have A Dream
Alfonso Padilla-Didint Turn Out
Andrea Mattioli And Danilo Cris
Cally And Juice - Escape Anthem 2011 Rsx
Dadub-Monad VIII
Djanny - Good Old Times
Djeep Rhythms-Sunshine Shift
Frankyeffe-Reset EP
Ivan Wasquez-Stereo 2.0
Marco Dassi-Lo Contour Lindifference A Ses Yeux Le Poursuite De Oritasto
Martin Books-Hot Pan EP
Max B Grant vs Dready-2 - ETX Power (The Anthem)
Max B Grant vs Dready-2 - ETX Power (The Anthem)
Redraft Memories-Bogeyman EP
Ryan Dupree And Erich Lesovsky-Ryan Dupree And Erich Lesovsky
Sante-Comme Ci Comme Ca
Simone De Caro-No Panic
Sistema-Poligamo Industrial EP
Soliman-Coeur De Lion Ep
Spartaque-Ricochet EP
Tony Rohr-Oddlantik Avenue Remixes
V0da-Capture Of Staff
VA-The Best in Hardtechno - Update 4.0

Erven Miller
Hazem Beltagui
Khoa and Martin Pres Khoma feat Alisha Nauth-Over Soon (Train)
Mandala Bros-Return To India
Max Gueli-Winds Of Wonders
VA - Big Room Trance Lift Off 5
VA - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 58

August 3rd, 2011



Be Angel-Volo-(361015 0061577)
Breakboy And Ced Tecknoboy-Summer Jam
Ced Tecknoboy Feat. Yvar
DJ RG11-The Reason
DJ Tht Feat. Auzern-Open Up The Dancefloor
DJ Tht-Open Up The Dancefloor The Album
Lasgo - Here With Me
Point Blank - Walking On Air
Sylver - Stop Feeling Sorry
VA Club Promo Only August Part 6
VA Club Promo Only August Part 7 (Extended Special Mixes Vol 4)

VA-RAM 100
Zero 7-In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y Remix)

Dubtonic Kru-Dub Tonic

Little Dragon-Ritual Union
Low In The Sky-A Shared Rainbow

Adam Fierce-Prima Volta
Alex Del Amo-After Hours-(BTW 003)
Alex Sosa-Funky Monkey
Anthony Ross-Voyeur (DJ Mikas Remixes)
Bass Kleph And Chris Arnott-We Feel Love
Bassex-Pure Pleasure
Becky Dainton-Sometime on Monday
Bini And Martini-Say Yes-EP
Black Criss-Rio EP
Blackliquid Dr Martin Luther King Jaway-To The Spiritual EP
Blind Factory Project-Il Find You
Brainless-Bots Slap
Cause and Affect-Beware Of The Swingers EP
Chris Cooper
Christian Scott-Happy Thoughts EP
Christopher Doom
Chrono Vs Gt-Mellomania
Craig Hamilton and Trevor Vichas-Think Twice EP
Daemon Sick-Sun and Clouds EP
Dan Gessulli
Deep J-Earth EP
Distant People Feat. Chappell-Dress Up Your Life (The Remixes)
DJ Groove Pres. Soulpreachers Feat. Nicole Mitchell-Summer Dreams Remixes
DJ Mes-Oaklandish-(CAJ 311)
DJ Smilk-Makeme EP
Eric Volta-Eric Volta and Friends EP
Forest People-Coast Salish EP
Forest People
Gianni Amoroso-My Head is Going to Flow
Grumble-Tickle My Growler
Grupo X-Waiting All Day
Ikiro-Evergreen EP
Joonas Hahmo Malfankson-Hahmo Recordings Summer
Jose M And TacoMan And Ro Garcia-Hold On EP
Jose Vizcaino-Very Underground EP
Joseph Hines Feat. Loretta-Sometimes (Inc. Hallex M and Pablo Martinez Remixes)
Joyce Muniz-Malicia EP (LRISE007D1)
Kenny Dope Feat. Josh Milan-Be Your Freak
Los Charlys Orchestra-The Groove and Its Synonyms
Loui and Scibi-Bosa Noga EP
Louis Garcia Feat. Sidney King More Try
Marc Kiss - No Easy Way Out
Marco Zardi and Andy Rain feat Zaira - I Need Your Love-(361015 0061690)
Martin Buttrich-Fire Files-DESOLAT017
Matt Balfe-Calling My Name
Mints-Jungle Heart
Modern Walker-Liuba Iswa EP
Nathan G Feat. Alexander East-The Promise
Nicky Romero-Growl (The Remixes)
Nikko Z - Oranje Bus
Pirahnahead and Diviniti-(Just Like) A Dream (Incl. Remixes)
Rancido Feat. Ifan-Fly Away (the Remixes)
Richard Dinsdale and Sam Obernik and Hook N Sling - Edge Of The Earth-(MIE 8033993896482)
Roulito-No Chance But Dance
Ryan Sullivan-Lucky Fish
Sakro-Jazzo EP
Senores Funkees Try
Sharam Jey Pres Soundz Fresh - 1 Night
Si Tew Feat. Pete Simpson-Need To Grow (Yoruba Soul Mixes)
Sillvio P-Close Your Eyes
Simon De Jano feat Kim Lukas - One More Day-(MIE 8053264541934)
Slaine-Epic - Brothers
Stefano Noferini
Sunnery James And Ryan Marciano-Tribeca (Original Mix)
Swen Weber-Back To Rave
Talstrasse 3-5-Willma Techno Remixes
Tash And Stage Van H-Easterwood Junkies
Tatoine-Sometimes EP
Tim Baresko and Fayce-Cambodian Shoop EP
TJ Cases-Do It Again
Tube And Berger Vs. K. Sanders-Bring Back The Love
Under Achiever Feat. Jermaine-I Remember You
VA - 4 DJs Only 02.2011
VA - Tsuba Loves Sascha Dive
VA-Natura Sonoris Summer Ceremony 2011
Volchenkov-Trees Repeat

Peter Tosh-Equal Rights-(Legacy Edition)
Peter Tosh-Legalize It-(Legacy Edition)
The Bongolian-Bongos For Beatniks
VA-Electric Cowbell Records Presents 101 Things To Do In Bongolia
VA-Promo Only Mainstream Radio August

Alexey Kotlyar-Funky Union
David Mayer-Fortune EP
Doctor Trash-Sick Inside
FER BR-Word Up
Fergie - Dynamite And Laserbeams (The Remixes Part 1)
Jan Driver and Siriusmo
Matematica-Audio Otdel
Nick Dunton-Between Worlds (SFBSFD002)
Nick Dunton-Journeys To The Deep Vol 1 (SFBSFD001)
Oliver Maass-Free Jazz
SQL - Freaky Hands
VA - 13
VA - DJ Style Vol. 1
VA - Escape from Reality Album Sampler 05
VA-Peacemaker EP
VA-Super EP
VA-The Qontinent 2011 Compilation

FKN Feat Jahala-Tonight (Take Me Away)
Fruit Machine-Hells Bells
Manik And Grimm
Para X-Flowmotion 2.0 Dreamcloud
Phase One Feat Juha V-Seeking The Light
Ross Homson-Ferkin Merkin
Ross Homson
Tongue And Groove-Deeper Love
VA-Bass Power 5
Xerox-Start Point

August 2nd, 2011

AC Slater and Xaphoon Jones - Believe Me
Beastie Respond
Dubsidia - Here Comes Trouble EP
Numa Crew Vs Vybz Kartel-Life Sweet
Requake - Blinking Idiot EP
Survival - Cash - All City
Synkro-Tribe and Heres Your
Tolerance-Timeship Dejection
VA-Dubstep Allstars Vol. 8
VA-Wheelers And Dealers Vol 1
Candycore-My Baby
Joe Mendes Feat. Luna-Stay Tonight
Perez And Wilson-Make Me Feel Hot
VA Club Promo Only August Part 1
VA Club Promo Only August Part 2
VA Club Promo Only August Part 3
VA Club Promo Only August Part 4
VA Club Promo Only August Part 5
VA-Danza Kuduro Summer Compilation
VA-Summer Hitz 6
Jazzy Eyewear-All My Heroes
Counterstrike And The Panacea-The Minotaur
Serum and Northern Lights-Bad Boys-(AW003)-SLC
Unknown Artist-Nuttin Agwan
Frederic De Carvalho-Radio Freak
Marian-Only Our Hearts To Lose
Tarwater-Inside The Ships
Destructive Tendencies - La La La
Aero Manyelo and Phumy-Im Losing My Mind (Incl. Cuebur and Hypnosis Remixes)
Alfonso Padilla-Second Way
Allen Spion-Decision Making Technique EP
Alton Miller Feat. Abacus-Ever Wonder (Incl. Fish Go Deep Remix)
Arnaud D-What It Feels Like
B.Original-We Came To Party
Bigi and Laurentiu-Cosmic Funk EP
Black Spider-Heart Of The Sun (Khomha Sunrise Remix)
Britney Spears-I Wanna Go (Club Remixes)-Promo
Britney Spears-I Wanna Go (Radio Remixes)-Promo
Britney Spears-I Wanna Go (UK Remixes)
Bryan Jones-Space Cake
Chamboche-Nadir - Elektra
Chocolate Puma-House Masters
Craig Hamilton-Bump N Hustle
Dan Curtin-A Study In You
Dirty Culture - Too Much Conversation EP
DJ Carl Vee Feat. Stella-I Want the Passion
DJ Dmitry-Dance in Dell
DJ Roland Clark Pres. Urban Soul-My Souls Alive EP (Incl. Jihad Muhammad Mix)
DJ Spen Pres. Marc Evans and NDinga Gaba-My Heart Remembers
E Smoove Feat. Latanza Waters
Elektroorganik Feat. Christian Fontana-Dont Run
Francesco Bonora-Savage Pad EP
Gene Farris-Chicago House Music EP Part 2
Hallex.M and Loic.L Feat. Jocelyn Mathieu-Lets Right Our Wrongs
Hannah - Call My Name Incl Bodybangers Remix-Promo
Husky-Blows My Mind EP
Isabelle-Fruit War
Jared and Sebastien-Sleeping In The Cosmos EP
Javaro-African Flavour EP
Jennifer Hudson-No One Gonna Love You (Remixes)
Jerome Isma-Ae Sebastian Krieg
Latin House Mafia-Good Body Girls
Lissat and Voltaxx-The Walk
Loop-O-New Life EP
Manolo-La Danse
Michael Woods
Micky Slim-Im A Freak
MKL Feat. Johanna Saint Pierre-She Loves Two Men (Incl. Dean K Remix)
Musaria-Moment Remixes
Oneworld-The One That Got Away
Owland-Suit Up
PM Project-Kgale (Incl. Stephen Rigmaiden and Folarin Tallman Mixes)
Quadran-Vertigo Incl Planisphere Remix
Reddub Feat Mehdi G And Jasmine Nicole-Open Your Eyes
Serial Thrilla-Freak this 2011
Shake The Dog Feat. Monique Bingham-Do It (Hot Mixes Part 1)-(WARM DAYS 00003)
Soul De Marin
Soul De Marin-Tell A Soul
Sundae Feat. Nomhle-Xhosa Tribe
The Collective-Moon Fading
The Rurals-Ocean Ltd. Album Sampler (DIGI
The Sleeper-Drum and Wild (Incl. Harold Heath Remix)
Tigerskin-Dortmund EP
Universal Solution-Salford Salsa EP
VA - EDX No Xcuses The Violet Edition
VA - V-Club Finest Club Hits
VA-Progressive Mega Bundle 001
Virility Ex-New Galpal And Sister
Wehbba-Human Interface
Wolfgang Gartner-Menage A Trois
Yasmeen and Danism
Fenix - Remixed EP
Delacroix-Revolution Part 7
Ten and Tracer-Friendless Now
Liquid Space-Looking Forward EP
VA - Vuuv Festival 20th Anniversary
Antonio Forester - Theory of Bitch
Deebugg-The Institution EP
Erphun-Trinkets Of Deceit EP
Felix Bernhardt-Der Freche Piepmatz EP
Golpe - Nonstop Club
Greg Slaiher-Insane Game
Ivan Grass - Plum Bum
Mario Zar-The Ocean Plant EP
Martyn-Masks and Viper
Mauro Picotto-Raveline Mix Sessions 036
Maxikool-Delicious Smile EP
Muzzaik-Black Day EP
Niko Schwind-Good Morning Midnight
Phunk Investigation-Synapse EP
Robin Hirte - Match EP
VA - Rework EP (Session 2)
Vince Watson-Pressure Part 2 (BIO022)
Workidz-Complex - Mechanic
Andrew Stets Feat Kate Flame-Let The World Do A Run
Betsie Larkin - All We Have Is Now-Promo
Hosenfeld - Lost Without You
Manufactured Superstars Feat Scarlette Quinn - Take Me Over Incl R3hab Remix-Promo
Matteo Feat Lee More - Champion
Snoww Vs Yves Sparks - Spirit Symbiosis
Syna Vs Ayleon
The Waves
Trey Ennce - Ennceladus Apnea EP

August 1st, 2011

DJ Mad Dog - Nothing Else Matters
Duncan Powell-Impossible Songs
Headhunter-Lost Prophet Chasing Dragons
Jon Convex
Kryptic Minds Ft. Youngsta
Phaeleh-The Cold In You
Pixelord-Iron And Cream EP
Throwing Snow and Py
Various Artists-Aisuru One
Planes-Joining Dots
Saturn Never Sleeps-Yesterdays Machine
Dance (links folder)
VA-NRJ Summer Hits Only 2011
Yano - Danza Kuduro-(SAI 2185)
Break-Something New
Ink-Last Scroll
Electronic (links folder)
Autumus-Travel On East Allen-CDR-Limited Edition
Der Tante Renate - H4xx02
Hudson Mohawke-Satin Panthers
Lewing-Stent5 - Prerd70
Loops Of Fury-I Need
Radiohead-TKOL Rmx 3
VA-Remixing Infine
Chip Wickham-Hit And Run
Hardcore (links folder)
VA-Lords Of Hardcore X - Back To The Underground Roots
2Butterfly Effect - El Sueno De La Playa-(361015 0017895)
Alex Kenji-The Funk
Alex Picone-En Pensant EP
Amelie-Cote D Azur
Copyright Presents One Track Minds-Voices (Kort Remix)
Cubenx-Wait And See
Dallask-Front Back Crush
Davide Neri Feat Verbalize
DJ DLG - Evolution EP
DJ Pantelis-Raise Your Hands (Remixes)
DJ WLD-Dance Until I Die EP
Eats Everything-Entrance Song EP
Eats Everything-Entrance Song EP-(PETS011)-wWs
Eitan Carmi-First Contact
Fadi-Ticket To The Sky
Far Too Loud-Wake Up LA
Fredrik Nyberg - Breaking Up
Gary Caos-Lets Play (Na Na Na)
Gulivert-Change E.P
Honey Dijon And Sebastian Manuel-Tonite EP
Jay Haze And Reboot-I Wait For You My Baby Knows Remixes
Jean Elan and Jesse Vorn
JTRP-Hypnotise EP
Juantxo Munoz-My Bounce
Leesa-Au Revoir Mon Coeur
Lunatics Of Sound
Magnetic Brothers-Sweet Galaxy
Marc Romboy And Blake Baxter
Marcel Clybourne
Marcel Fengler-Thwack Remixes
Maxime Dangles-Modulation EP
Michael Cassette
Motor City Drum Ensemble
Nicky Romero and Mitch Crown
Osunlade-Envision Remixes
Paul Hazendonk And Tundra-De Schaetsbaen Van Vleuten
Rafael Osmo
Ray Foxx-The Trumpeter Remixes
Rokcity ft Nathan Thrills-The World Is Blending
Setrise vs Oza
Solead-Chicaboo EP Part 1
Telma And Luisa-Round Trip EP
Tiesto Ft. Kay-Work Hard Play Hard (Incl. Autoerotique Remix)
Tim Deluxe and Xpress 2-Lost The Feelin We Cant Go On
VA-Heidi Presents The Jackathon EP
VA-Kommt Zusammen
VA-Selected Gems
VA-We Dont Sync So EP
Wally Lopez
Wolfgang Gartner Feat. Will.I.Am
Zenbi-Mass Consumption
Nostalgia 77-Beautiful Lie
Offthesky-Subtle Trees
VA-MOS Anthems R And B II
Atmos-Where Do I Belong
Interactive Noise-Philharmonik EP
VA - Goa Trance Vol. 16
Alan Fitzpatrick And Cari Lekebusch-First Times
Antonya - Trigger Ep
Basciu And Riccardo M-Insidious Concept EP
DJ the Fox - Need it Ep
D-Nox-New Life
Elliott Dodge - Day Sleeper Ep
Identifierz - This Is Hardstyle
Jaydee - Like This
Jeff Mills-The Power
Peter Van Hoesen-North 6th
Second Identity - Modified The Reason
Star-Rock Rose
Tek Tunes - Dirty Afro
The Primes - Get Better
Truncate-Pad Mode
Zany And DV8 - World On Fire
Activa feat Julie Harrington
Alex Kunnari feat Emma Lock-You And Me
Alex Orion - Craters of the Moon
Andrew Bayer-Counting The Points Incl Matt Lange Remix
Derek Ryan
Des McMahon-Autumn Air
Evan London - Brilliance
Joecharlie And Sink The Pink-Like A Lady
Lee Miller
Leon Bolier-Vengeance Vengeance
Mark Otten
Moogwai-The Labyrinth
POB And Boyd
Ryan Watts-On Air
Ryan Watts-The Moment Slow Stop
Sied Van Riel-Bubble Blower
Simon Patterson and Greg Downey feat. Bo Bruce-Come To Me
Tom8 and Luke Ryan-We Could
Ummet Ozcan
VA-Hard Trance Compilation vol 1 Mixed By FJ Project

July 31st, 2011

Bambounou - Alpha EP
Crim and Partyson - Iron Bee
Dark Sky - Radius EP
Eddy Ramich - Booba Ma Rah
Fatboy Slim Vs Herve-Machines Can Do the Work
Mizz Beats
Phrenik - Badman EP
Abstraction Unit-The Strings of Sunset
Actual Phantom-Badman Booty
Altered Beats and the Analogeeks-Sacred Union
Bashboomb Get Up and Dance
Bibos Crew-Morning After War
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 14
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 15
Jeoren Van Aken-Switch the Flippin (Remixes)
Johnny Dangerously-Freak that Body Dat Booty
Kelpe-Same New Era
Mustbeat Crew-Get this Clear EP (Incl. 4on4 to the Floor Re
Open Cluster-Bedlam at Midnight
Tony Allen-Take Me Higher (Remixes)
Yreane-Another Deep Space
VA - Beat Hits Vol.54
Afternoons in Stereo-Rephrased the Silence Between Phrases Remixed and Reimagined
Fabian-Say Goodbye
Mr Gagun-Set You Off (Remixes)
Nike7up-Lucky-Limited Edition
Niles Philips-Greasy Does it
Omar and Zed Bias - Dancing
Sven Nielsen - Kokah (Max Deejay and Dj Selecta Remix)
2Batterfly Effect - El Sueno De La Playa-(361015 0017895)
Alexander Fog and Alberto Drago
Axell Intevill-Baltic (Orginal Mix)
Belocca and Soneec-By the Way You Dance
Christian Pandonis
Claudio Giordano-Barcellona EP
Dante and Remmy-El Medano
Daviddance-In My Hat
DJ Pintaa and Alex Del La South-Two In One-(SUED 08)
D-Noise-Bright Lights
Gare L-Level 1
Hector DJ-Super Jam
Maxi Mill-To The Next
Peter K and Andrew M-Los Ninos Del Parque
Quardo Rossi-Blue Planet
Syncroft-World In Vintage Color
Tony Dee-Life is A Dream
Yuan - Forbidden Volume 3-(AUM 030)
Yuan feat Meighan Nealon - Broken System-(AUM 024)
Da Morty And Mike D - Beats And Bass Work Em Up
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Top 40 No. 177 June 2011
VA-Top 40 No. 178 July 2011
VA-Vanguard 11
The Black Dog-Liber Kult
Wooferman - Overdrive-(100275 14)
Avatar One-Jacintas Voyage
Cryinglightz-Crayinglightz The First Single
Khainz and Clari Ann-Looking for Some Action
The Madison-Theres No Logic
Van Snyder - Start Again (Dance Bundle)

July 30th, 2011

Callan Maart
Cooks R-Breath Deeper
DYP-Every Day EP
Krash Slaughta-Bedop EP
Whistla-Darlings Of The Tripstream
A Skillz and Nick Thayer-Insane Bangers Vol 8
A Skillz-Insane Bangers Vol 10
A Skillz-Insane Bangers Vol 6
A Skillz-Insane Bangers Vol 9
Actual Phantom-Bass Cannon Breaks
Actual Phantom
Actual Phantom-Lick Shots
Actual Phantom-Party Rocker
Ali B and Nick Thayer-Bombstrikes Vol 19
Beatvandals Vs A Skllz-Bombstrikes Vol 5
Beatvandals-Bombstrikes Vol 1
Big Bang Breaks-When Doves Cry
Cherry Aka Breakntune-Dirty Breaks EP 015
Dazz F-My Dreams My Nightmares
Deenk and Mutantbreakz-Wicked Man
Digibox-The Digibox EP
Dom Almond-Original Selecta
Dom Almond-Rinse it Out Live (Drop EP)
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 10
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 11
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 12
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 7
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 8
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 9
Funk You Very Much-James Brown (Remixed)
Guerilla Tech-Running the Party
Insane Bangers Presents-Insane Bangers Vol 7
Kw Griff-Bombstrikes Vol 9
Madcap and Vic B and Redshift-The Konflct EP
Mooqee and Pimpsoul-Keep Pounding
Mooqee Vs Beatvandals-Bombstrikes Vol 4
Mooqee-Bombstrikes Vol 2
Mooqee-Bombstrikes Vol 3
Mooqee-Bombstrikes Vol 8
Moqee and Pimpsoul-Keep Pounding
Nick Thayer-Bombstrikes Vol 7
Pimpsoul-Lets Do it EP
Plu-Ton-Evoke Emotion
Smirker-Touch My Vibe
VA-100 Lights Away From Home the Collaborations Compilation
VA-Back and Forth
Vic B and Redshift
Viro and Rob Analyze-Raise Em High
Inna feat Flo Rida - Club Rocker (DJ Deluxe Edition)
Magnetic And Shorty Feat. Zdenka Vuckovic
VA-Beatbox 11
Cooks R
Cooks R-Intelligent EP
Deekline and Ed Solo-Champion Lover
Deekline and Ed Solo-King of the Bong O
Deekline and Ed Solo-Ragga Tip (Walk and Skank)
DJ Akilah - Gates Of Heaven
Heart Fusion - Little Baby EP
VA - Boombastik EP
Anarobik-Operators Manual Addendum The Remixes
Cooks R
Elite Force and Klaus Badelt
Fabian-Say Goodbye
Heavyfeet Feat. MC Mad Rush-Vs Up
Stu-Atari Solo (Remastered)
Thank You for the Drum Machine-DD Family (Remixes)
The Occult-The Occult EP
VA-Quincy Jointz Presents Lime Sorbet (Unmixed Tracks)
Andycap-Abzaro - Time
Aux Matters
Dream Fusion-Love Ya
Envotion-The Last Wave
Federica Noise Vs Claudio Giordano-Calor Del Tuo Cuerpo
Francesco Piccirillo-Ciak Ep
Genuine Mien-If Its Too Late
Gosh And Kanov-Dark Effect
Holyboyz-Mambo Uno
Hsu-Hsu the Album
Hysteric Ego-Want Love-(Dean Newton 2011 Remix)
Jason Bralli and Darick Gyorgy and Ammie Graves-Everything Will Be Ok
Jay Saunders-Black Swan-(Chrizz Luvly Remix)
Kyle Geiger
LMO Project-Free Radicals
Lookback - Musika-(MOL 115)
Mark Stacey-Say What
Matteo Barchi and Chicco Bertani - Lady Killer-(SD 0235)
Mattias and G80s feat Master Freez and Monica Harem - We Gonna Play-(MOL 113)
Mulder - Nexxt
Relight Orchestra feat Melanie - Turn The Beat Around
Rio Dela Duna
Ruben Alvarez and Yves Murasca feat Gran Purismo-All The Same
Shane-Along With You
Terry Grant - A Moth On The Window Pane
Valerie Orth
VA-Triangle 03
Wysher-Aurora Borealis
Pigswill-Natural Transducer
VA-Javanese Peacock
Amazed - Life Directly Behind You
Angel Stoxx-Dark Tango
Astronivo-M Effect
Benny Grauer-Movers And Shakers EP
Darlyn Vlys-Siete Aguas
Gedevaan-P X03
Holeg Spies
Liebba-Old Armchair
Marc Miroir
Mark Dekoda-Drop that Beat
Mesu.T.-Monster Shit
Paul Ritch And Handycraft And Okain-Fils Du 9
Plain Pits-Cichia Feel It Mesola Everybody Strictly
Sascha Sonido-Caballero EP (Part Two)
TNT a.k.a. Technoboy N Tuneboy - DDD 2
VA-Get Physical Tracks
Andrey Subbotin-Romantic Travel
Jozhy K And Angel-New Start
Matt Acton
Ralphie B - Bullfrog
Square One-Be With You

July 29th, 2011

Machinedrum-Ecstasy Boom
Down Right Rude - Sofia
Big Ali Feat Shana P - Distress (Sending Out An SOS)
Enrique Iglesias-Dirty Dancer
Olivier Sola feat Jerome Thevenot - So Much
Wooferman - Energy
Dephzac And Kung - Aurora EP
Kambo Don - Emergency
Stuxnet - Your Eyes
Style Of The Day - Electrocity
VA - Communism
Boys Noize Erol Alkan And Jarvis Cocker-Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)
GemTos-La Danse de Carla
Hiem-Escape From Division Street
Mr. Dupont-Remix Disko
Teddybears-No More Michael Jackson EP
VA - HR3 Madhouse 90er Dance Classics
Squaresoundz - Hearts EP
VA-Masters Of Hardcore - Disorder In Italy
Adam Port
Alex Flatner and Hermanez
Alton Miller
Alton Miller
Cassey Doreen - Like A Virgin
David Herrero and NDKj - Feeling
Eve Kain - Take My Breath Away
Fabio Neural-Rise My World
Froidz - Finally (the Remixes)
Gramophonedzie - Yeah Yeah
Jay Lumen - The Groovy Stuff
Junior Sanchez Ft. Karmen-I Believe In
KTF vs Gas Di Fede - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Lawrence-Above The Sky
Mark Reeve-Reach Out
Miles Sagnia - Astrobiological Funk EP
Moomin-Spare Time
Nowak - Acordeon Del Amor-(GRV 006
Rene Rodrigezz and Sivana Reese feat Mc Yankoo - RockNRoll
Robert Morr and Alex Tojar feat. Frankie Russo-We Love Life
Sabb and Add2basket - Do You Wanna The Remixes
Sak Noel - Loca People (What the Fuck)
Sergio Parrado and Nathan Ho-The Green Building
Sven Tasnadi-Amy Rose
Taron-Trekka-Maria Colors 001
Topmodelz - My Paradise (Remixes)
VA - Frank Music I Lets Be Frank
VA - Im Change
VA - Lua
VA-Future Bass
VA-House Mini Mix 006 2011
VA-Melbourne Deepcast 1
Van Snyder - Start Again (House Bundle)
VA-Pacha Ibiza DJ Selection Vol 2
VA-Sccucci One
Victor Ruiz-La Minera
Leona Lewis - Collide (Incl. Afrojack Remix)
Fungus Funk - Tune In EP (PBR1DW077)
Psilocybe Project - We Are All Creators
VA - Perception Vol. 2
VA - Planet Riders
VA - Tip Records Goa Classics 2
Eusebio-Sentimente EP
Miss Soulfly
Northern Structures-Self Similiarity
Quantic Spectroscopy-Toxicated Reality
VA-Armada Top 15 August 2011
VA-Never Mind The Bollocks Compiled By Paul Oakenfold
VA-Trance Universe Vol 6
VA-United Destination 2011 Compiled By Dash Berlin

July 28th, 2011

Aquasky-Take Me There
Badklaat-Badklaat EP
Breton-Counter Balance Remix EP
Crucial Cutz
Gomes-Lower State EP
Ill Esha-Black Ice (Part 2 European Excursion)
Virtual Riot-From Space
2 Inda Bush-In Effect
33 1-3-Sunshine Booty
A Skillz and Beatvandals-Insane Bangers Vol 3
A Skillz Vs Beatvandals-Insane Bangers Vol 4
A Skillz Vs Nick Thayer-Insane Bangers Vol 5
Actual Phantom-Blind Faith
Actual Phantom
Actual Phantom-I Wish
Altered Grooves
Altered Grooves-Old Skool Fool
Bad Boys-Outer Limits (Unmixed Tracks)
Big Bang Breaks
Big Bang Breaks-Supa Dupa
Bill Posters-Hold On
Crucial Cutz-Lick My Sub EP
D-Funk and Philly Blunt-All Good
D-Funk and Philly Blunt-the Boss
DJ Hydrator-Science of the Breakz
DJ Kermes-Boom Clap
DJ Kermes-Chicken Funky
DJ Kermes-Tribal Funk
DJ Lomo Feat MC Ardimmann-Sleeping Road Kill
DJ Stex-We Are the Robots
Feline Phonic Feat GLP-Dont Panic
Feline Phonic-No More Walls
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Vol 4
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 1
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 2
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 3
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 5
Funk You Very Much-Funk You Very Much Volume 6
Kaom-Muri Lagoon EP
Krafty Skillz-Insane Bangers Vol 2
Mandarin Plaza-I Believe in Chemistry
Raggapop Inc-What the Hell is Going Wrong
Danceboy - Remix Album (DANCEBOYFREE001)
I.T.B.-Good Thing
Julian B feat Monia - I Want To Know
Muttonheads feat Eden Martin - Trust You Again-(277 740 6)
Newton-The Album Jimmy Fallon Pepsi Comercial Song (90s Top Hit)
VA - Summer Hits
VA - Summer Hits 2011
VA-Cara A Cara - Raul Platero Vs Jose Coll - Mdt Vs Remember The Music Vol 1
VA-Cara A Cara - Raul Platero Vs Jose Coll - Mdt Vs Remember The Music Vol 2
VA-Chocolate Da Club (Unmixed Tracks)
VA-Dance Club 2011
VA-W9 Hits 2011
Rewards-Equal Dreams
VA - Love Drive
Congress-Heavens Gate
Cooks R-Spare Soul
Hostage-Unwanted Child EP
Killa Dawgs-Randomly Yours
Le Fleurs Du Mal
Dasya Feat DJ Kermes-Push the Funk
Dasya-Push the Funk
DJ Stex-Funky Jazz and Whiskey
DJ Stex-Vintage Club
Equitant and Eden-Flash of Light The Remix
Fomenko-Break Some Noise
Magic Tricks-Car Parts Bottles and Cutlery
Ottone-Blue Lake
Stereo Mcs-Emperors Nightingale
Stex-Beep Boop
Stex-Cotton Club EP
Stex-The Boppers
DJ Palas-Vol. 6 Keep Your Ass Up
Nats Beats-US Hard House
Paul Madry
33 1-3-Insane in the Brain Vs Son of A Preacher Man
AFMB-In My Life
Alex Agore - Memories
Alex Picone - En Pensant EP
Alex Q And Oliver Schories And Sandru - Stars
Andres Diamond and Majuri - Dont Keep Me Waiting-(RES 005)
Ange-Make Me Feel
Arkist And Kidkut Year Later
Avrosse-Jittery Jim
Backroom Boyz-Supersize Us
Beatgrooverz-Shake Your Body Residence Remix
Brad Peterson - Midnight Escape EP
Carl Fath and Starchaser feat Rebecca Knight - 39 Move On Up-(CP 220)
Carlos Josh
Christian Millan-Magic Mint
Da Silva And Lino-The Playground
Danylo Aprile and Asal - Morning Kiss
Dave M. Sanchez-Mi Madre Lo Llama Ruido
Delano Smith - Light Shades Of Detroit EP
DJ Fabra-Sometimes Lemon
El Fabiiani-Tribal Is Massive
Gek-Black and Withe
Groove Formation feat. Bellam Shine-The Show Must Go On
Ivan Fernandez-Lights EP
JD Mals-Plastic Man
Joshua Khane and Gregor Salto-Bum Bum Bum In The Club
Juan Gallardo - Las Cabezas-(SLG 027)
Limited Copy-Posted Up
Marco Lys
Mijail-Arcade Beats
Mr Rain-High Rise
Mustard Pimp
Nekes-Sleepless Nights
Ram Way-Real Good Lucky
Ruben Pires-Want U Back
Sergio Fernandez
Snuff Crew-Feat Romina Cohn-(091012 232268)
VA - Ibiza Underground 2011
VA - MOS-The Annual Summer 2011
VA-3 Years Code2-(366158 5870623)
VA-Go Free
Yokoo - Nautilus
Argentum-Salve Victoria
Cafe de lEnfer-Marchant a quatre pattes au-devant de la redemption
Carbon Based Lifeforms
Casino Gardens - Casino Gardens
VA - The Second Coming-Compiled By R-Tur And Salvinorin
VA-Bravo Hits Vol.74
Master Blasters - Life Changing Experiences
VA - Twenty Five Reasons For Life
Alex Grekov-La Phenomental
Fabio La Rovere-Shudder EP
Greg Slaiher-Roll It
Jan Cree-Rumba Base People
Jonathan Cataldo-Enigma EP
Percy X-X-Trax 1 Remixes
Rino Cerrone-Man on Moon
Stereotuners - House Dog EP
VA - Hardtechno Symphonys Of Destruction Vol.06
VA - The Color Of The Harder Styles Part 5
Yan Oxygen
Abstract Vision And Elite Electronic-Forgotten Dreams
Garry Heaney-The Viper
Grace-Not Over Yet
Hoyaa Pres Lunar System-Cold Wave
Johan Vilborg feat. Seven Palmberg-She Made Me Smile
Paul Webster
Soulforge-It Was Destiny
Tiddey Feat Lyck-Keep Waiting
tyDi feat Tania Zygar-Why Do I Care
VA-Markus Schulz Presents The Big Room Reconstructions EP
Zirenz Vs Ben Alonzi And Adriz-Take Me To Heaven

July 27th, 2011

B.riddim - Generation Dub EP
Benny Page-Original Killa
Bluez-Deep Space Space
Code 5 - Deep Inside Of Me
Dubkasm-From The Foundation (Pinch Remix)
Dubtrash - Zion EP
Favorite Flavas - V11
Geiom-Tone Generation
Geoff Bukk - Do It
Javeon Mccarthy-Love Without A Heart
King Asthma Maksim and Reign-Falcon Punch EP
Lone-All Those Weird Things
Old Apparatus
Statix-Grudge Match
VA-Soulmusik Vol 2
Yin Yang Audio - Innocence
Rockers EP
Human Boot Project-Impression Of Dietime EP
Odd Nosdam and Matthewdavid-Swedish Fish
Sidewalk and Tune Crashers-Worst Than A Beast
The Amatol-The Remixes Part 1
Club Madness - Last Friday Night
DJ Litos And Manu Sanchez DJ Feat. Lucy
Javi Crecente-Live Your Dreams If I Had You
Mico C - You Leave Me Alone Remix-(S4L 018)
Rodri DJ And Pelaez DJ Featuring Lucy-Maniac Born This Way
VA-I Love Dance 2010
Elijah Collins and Nist-Loves Down and Shakedown
Gancher and Dextems
Gein and Cooh-Motherfucker Schizm
Manga-The Raw Power EP
Potential Badboy - Lock Em Off - The Real
Switch Technique-Falling Believers
18 Carat Affair-Vintage Romance
ASC-Ghost Train
Golden Retriever - Arda Viraf
Marihiko Hara
Pablo Calamari-I Bought My Wife On The BlackMarket
Technologiya-Nachalnik Vselennoy
Tehnoloogiline Paike-Koige Pikem Paev
The Black Electro Orchestra-A Composition on A Box
The Sight Below-Glider Deluxe Version (Special Edition)
VA-Forms Of Hands 11-Limited Edition
Vondelpark-NYC Stuff and NYC Bags
Washed Out-Within and Without
Ad Brown-Singapore Sling
Alex Q-Jule EP
Andrea Terramossi
Angy Kore Matt Minimal
CJ Daft - Seize The Moment-Promo
Dan Monoid-Jack form the Hell
Daniel Dubb-No Holding Back
David Granha-Something To Lose When You Cannot
Deepgroove And Thieve-Deepgroove And Thieve EP
Dehasse-The Alchemist
Dirty Culture-You Dont Love Me
Emeka-Dos Culturas EP
Fiora-Blue Muse
FNA - Take Me Home Tonight-Promo
GTA-UandI Next to Us
Gunfinger-Paralyzer EP
Hathor and Sotus - Retrospective - Voice Of Reason
Housequake ft. Michelle David-Out Of The Dark
Inusa Dawuda - Walking On Sunshine-Promo
Ivan Project and B. Vivant-Cant Get Enough EP
J. Pearl Ft. Shayne Ward-Must Be A Reason Why (Afrojack Mix)
JC Spinell-Music Dont Stop EP
Jimmy Onassis
Jonathan Lisle-Berghain Blues
Juliet Fox-Attrazione EP
Karl Johan - Logic Shuffle
Lee Bass-Bassline Era EP
Lessov-Seawatcher EP
Marcel and Matt Palmieri-Green Power
Mark E-The Day
Martyn Negro-Blow My Piano
Mirco Caruso Hour
Mirko Loko And Stacey Pullen-Deux Elements
Nelson - Shes So Lonely-Promo
NTFO-Uberha EP
Phonogenic-The Raw Deal EP
Rockford Inc-This Is Not My Underwear EP
Rodskeez-Ebb and Flow Rosetta
Ron Reeser
Solartoff-Deep In The City
Superbad Deejay - Ghostbusters-(FFD 029)
The Shrink Reloaded And Flip Da Script - Throw Ya Hands In The Air 2k11-Promo
The Sushi Club-Lunarium Remixes
Urchins - Xylophobe Whispers Incl Grum Remix-Promo
VA-Affin Remixed 4
VA-Im Coming To Ibiza Mixed and Compiled By Wally Lopez
VA-Midnight Beats
VA-Summer Riot EP
Whigfield - Cest Cool-(OFF 088)
Yamamoto and Glasidum
Zoux-Un Amor Tan Hermoso
OST-Alexandre Desplat-Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2
VA-Full Tilt Remix Vol. 37
VA-Pacha Unclubbed Perceptions
Waldhaus And Stormtrooper - Experimental Injections
Chemical Noize-Malicious Zombie Attack
Cristian Varela and Snap-Etiam II
Dizzy Plant - Mockery
Kiko - Panasonic
VA-Carl Cox At Space The Revolution
VA-Summer Of Hardstyle 2011
Airwave-Hello World
Giuseppe Ottaviani-Go On Air
Jese - Shout It Out Loud-(100294 30)
Stuart Millar - The Path
Total Sound

July 26th, 2011

Arkasia-Fall Of The Rebublic
King Astma and Reign
Juan Magan-Bailando Por Ahi (Club Remixes)
Juan Magan-Bailando Por Ahi (Feat. Crossfire Remix)
Juan Magan-Bailando Por Ahi
Mico C - You Leave Me Alone-(S4L 015)
Play and Win-Change The World
VA-Seleccion Dance
Bill Vega and New Decade-Basswerk Files 051
VA-RAM 100
VA-RAM 100
Midnight Lab Band-Laser Tag Bw Dons Demo-7 Inch Vinyl
Armageddon Project - No Hell No Dignity
VA-Masia (Special Tracks)
A Guy Called Gerald
Alex Federer Feat Andrea Love
Alice Edun-Dont Ask Me Why
Andrea T Mendoza Vs Tibet Feat AJ-Get Dat Love
Cristian Marchi and Gianluca Motta-Love Comes Rising
David Amo Julio Navas and Joan Reyes - Fighter Wine Ready 2 Rumble EP
Deft Duo-Brash Bash Just A Rave
Gemini Station and Majuri-So Free
Heart of Space-Save Me
Jaydee-Plastic Dreams (2011 Remixes)
Jimmy Galle-Star Nights And City Lights
Leach-Girls On Pills
Luna City Express-Beatman EP
Noloh And T
Perry Farrell presents Perryetty-Applause For You
Presidio Kings
Salt N Sugar And Enformig-Fiolent And Maritime
Soulscum-Love Disaster
Soulscum-Soul Injection EP
UMEK-Zagreb EP
VA-Concept Volume 22
VA-Fresco Barcelona Summer
VA-House Bound Sampler 1
VA-Nature One Go Wild-Freak Out (The Official Compilation)
VA-Soul Candi Presents Candi Roots
Wynter Gordon-Til Death
Ritmo and Rocky-The Floater Remixes EP
Chemical Noize-Coma White
Chemical Noize-Masters of Marijuana
Dibby Dougherty Feat Polarsets-Not Trippin Incl Eelke Kleijn Mixes
Miro Pajic - Serpent Kiss
Seedy Jazz-Lost Eclipse
Sergio Fernandez And David Lara-Big Room Stories
Vincent Moreau - Corona Ep
Alan Beat - Faith
Kaan Demirel-Demirel Second EP
Peter Santos
Star-Rock Rose Incl Filterheadz Remix
Taras Bazeev-May Be Book Of Eli
The Axion - The Rain
Tilt-The Century EP
Tom Colontonio-Longport Never Give Up
VA-Mixmag Presents-Above and Beyond Cream Ibiza Sunrise

July 25th, 2011

Skream-Exothermic Reaction
Unknown Artist-Sicko Cell
VA-100 Dubstep
Chris Van Dutch Meets Raindropz-Secret Love
Fulfillment Feat Lianne King - Lover Tonight
VA-40 Tubes Dancefloor 2011
Big Bud-Kool Beans
Avicii-Fade Into Darkness-PROMO CDS
Depeche Mode-Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode-Remixes 2 (81
Laidback Luke-Natural Disaster-PROMO CDS
Little Dragon-Ritual Union
Lone-All Those Weird Things
Prager Handgriff-Arbeit Sport und Spiel
Andy Whitby And Karlston Khaos - One Middle Finger
Alpine Grooves-Free Your Body
Andrade-Talk About
Anthony Collins And Kate Simko-Sit Back
Asino Di Medico vs Mickey T
Big Fabio-The Beat
Blusoul-Airbreak Vertigo Bender
Captain Random-Lake Monster
Chanson Avril G and Inmado
Dirty South and Thomas Gold feat. Kate Elsworth - Alive
Double Hill-Wanna Get EP (DS06)
Ekow feat Snoop Dogg and Kylian Mash - Closer Incl Mitch and Squalo Remix-(MIE 8053264542016)
Eric Franchet Feat Therese-Searching for Love Ryan Luciano Remixes
Eric Mould-Feel Funkin
Gala-Freed From Desire DJ Deluxe Edition
Goldfish - Soundtracks and Comebacks (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
Greg Paulus-Crew Love Remixes EP (DS05)
Infected Soul Ritual Instict-African Calling Vol 2
Jesse Saunders and Mr Qwertz-I Hear House Music
Michael Williams
Robbie Moroder feat. Henry Mendez
Sidney Samson - Duplex
Soul Clap-R And B Edits (WLB05)
Tamere-Schwing Ding
Teana And Tiida
VA - The Kids Want House 2
VA-Deep Train 7 Hide and Seek-(PLAC081-4 )
VA-Deso Deep Vol 1
VA-Love Edits (LM01)
Yinon Yahel feat Emmi
Alex Tronic - Shifting Sands
Shaolin Afronauts-Journey Through Time bw Kibo
AJ Busta Meets DJ TOm TOm - Funky Soul Feel Shit
Banditos-Fruitronic 04
Cirez D
Darkcell-Inertia EP
Exium-Planet Rhythm 81
Gary Beck-Askaig Mock Tease
Gui Boratto-The Drill
Kidd Kaos and AJ Battuta-The Entity
Percy X-X Track One
Pulserz - Hopeful EP
VA - A2 Records Unleashed Album Sampler 4
VA-Feed Forward Versions Part 2 (SDS.1)
4 Strings - Sunrise (Radion 6 Remix)
Alex Fisher
Andrew Rayel - Drapchi Deflagration
Ben Gold and Jonas Stenberg
Darren Tate-The Eternal
Dash Berlin feat Jonathan Mendelsohn-Better Half Of Me
Filo and Peri - Stabsound
John 00 Fleming
Kutski vs BRK3 - L4MP
Luca Antolini Ft. Candyman01 - Rewind
MaRLo - Jaguar
Rob Tissera Vs Quake-The Day Will Come Steve Hill Vs K-Series Mixes
Ronski Speed And Cressida
Signum Ft. Julie Thompson - Never Be The Same
Store N Forward
Sun Resort
VA-Anjunabeats In Ibiza 2011
VA-Juicy Ibiza 2011 Mixed By Robbie Rivera

July 24th, 2011

Bloodman-Remote Viewing and Deep Fish
By Proxy
Desto-Makowrap EP
Gremino-Ruffness and Silver
Mosca-Tilt Shift Julio Bashmore Swing Ting Mixes
Old Apparatus
SP MC and LX ONE-Down and Judgement
The Drop-Looking to the Sky the Remixes
VA-Something New and Roulette
Colombo-Exposed EP Part 2
The Gulf Stream-Natives Mantra EP
Dj Carlos and Manny Ribeira feat Sara - Unestate Al Mare-(ODM 004)
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Dance Traxx Vol 207
Zippora-Lotus Eater Reloaded (DJ Magik Remix)-(BIP CLUB 118R)
Esperanza-Sirena EP
Loose Fit-Table Beggar EP
Doctor P
Genotype-Ritual Dance
Fossils - Index of Metals
Giuseppe Ielasi - 15 CDS
Heinali-67 Breaths
Le Chocolat Noir-Bitter Sweet-(HMEEP036)
Master Eveleigh-Fascinating Action
Mater Suspiria Vision - Inverted Triangle II
Mika Vainio
Mika Vainio-Life ( It Eats You Up)
Miles-Facets EP
No. 9-Usual Revolution and Nine
Tense-Turn it Off
The S - Death And Rainbows
FRAZZBASS-Speak English Motherfucker VIP EP
Subversion Feat System 3-Bad To The Bone
X Fly-Hard Shit
Andrew Mcdonnell-Atam DJ
Art Of Hot-Memory EP
Barou-Mamolotos EP
Ben Delay-The Right EP
Biggi-Music 4 The People
Cinnamon Road-Find Home-(541 090D)
Dark Society-Porn Rouge
Dennis Cartier-Que Bonita
Diego Miranda and Villanova Feat. David Cruz - Only with Sunshine
Distant Vibes
DJ Hell-Teufelswerk House Remixes
DJ Troby-Be Right Back
Fabrid-Melody for Mind-(TNV 025)
Federico Buratti and Lollino-Hart Plaza EP-(MD004)
Franky Rovello
Ftampa ft Xangaii-Till The End If Time
G-Lontra Ft. Anna-G-Sharing Secrets (Extrema Theme 2011)
John Moore-Particles Of Light
Jonathan Gering
Josh Lasden and Synoptic EP-(ASG EF 017)
Julio Bashmore-Everyone Needs A Theme Tune
Ma.da. Vs. Stolfi And Kina-Vengo Anchio (No Tu No)
Mikita-Same Faces EP-(PON008)
Moonbootica-Battle No 1
Nino Kattan-Ya Habibi
Pallada-Rock That Shit
Raf Fender And Phil Donovan-Mind Surfer
Regi and Turbo B feat Ameerah-We Be Hot (Part 1)
Rocco and Buscemi-O Sarracino (Regi Remix)
Satoshi Fumi and Steve Mill-Tokyo House Underground Late Night Purring EP
Sonurber-Window EP
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (Zedd Remix)
VA-Summer Movement 2011
Sykes And W4cko - Angels 2011
W4cko And Sykes - Into My Mind
Aythis-The New Earth
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Road Trippin Through Time-Promo CD
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
Wil Bolton-Time Lapse
Aho - Ancient Tribes
Brain Driver-Nocturnal Addictions
Noiseanomalie-Phase 2
VA - Spun Cycle Compiled By Grouch
Xses - Voices From Heaven
Andres Gil-Versatility EP
Angy Kore-Ululata EP
Anna-Down Under EP
Arkus P and DJ Bold
Damolh33-Bad Year EP
Fabio Effe-Fireball EP
Go Hiyama-Monad VII
Hamburg Hardstyle - Copycat
Horn Porn-Mechanical Indu
Kazu Kimura-Body Moving
Kemmi Kamachi-Project S EP-(FM 5005)
Koen Groeneveld-Istanbul EP
Lex Gorrie-Shark Attack EP
London Fm-Pinball EP
Lowboys-Hall Of Center
Marco Sapiens-Thumb Up EP
Mechanical Brothers-When Something Dies
Near Earth Object
Nick Olivetti-Groovylicious EP
Paul Nazca and Sebastien Thibaud-Woh Lab 14
Piyush Awasthi
Seismal D-The Kaimanos EP
Terence Fixmer-The Night
Viper XXL - Club Bombs
Amurai Ft. Sean - Killing Me Inside
Ben Stevens And Ross Homson-Flemish Weaver
Fausto and Phil York Ft. MC Da Syndrome - I.H.D.S
Ross Homson-Tatty Bojangles Fruit Machine Remix
Shane-Zero Gravity

July 23rd, 2011

Oxide-The One (Ft Tania Foster)-Promo CDS
Alpha Feat. Mister D-Born To Be Alive
Anticappella-Bring Me Down-(MR 0390
Anticappella-Get Faster-(MR 0424
Anticappella-I Want Your Love-(MR 0382
Captain Hollywood and T.T. Fresh
Captain Hollywood-Rock Me
Elastic Band Feat. Ricky Rocco DJ-Love is in the Air-(MP 159)
Kim and Matteo Mascioli feat Miss Magoo - Do U Feel The Same-(803407 7241082)
Nicco - Downpour
VA - 538 Turn Up the Beach
VA - Italo vs Hands Up 6 (Extended Versions)
VA - Ultra Ibiza Pre Party 2011
VA-Dance All the Best
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 332 - Dance Invasion Part 83
VA-Ibiza 2011
VA-Ibiza Mix
Adjust-Release The Sharks
Dosem And Sendo
Popol Vuh-Revisited And Remixed 1970
Solar Fake-Resigned-Ltd.Ed. EP
VA-Gromov vs Airborne Drumz
2 Billion Beats-Musica Alfresco EP
Andrew Mcdonnell-In Toronto
Anhanguera-Brazilian Gorilla Hook
Deep City Soul Feat. Jacqui George-We All Fall Down (Incl. Remixes)
Diego S-Approved EP
Dimitri Max
Donaeo-Check My Swagga Out-Promo CDS
Dope Jo-Its Dope
D-Solve And Digman - Anyday
Dunkan-Sunflower EP
Escenda-American Story
Gavin Herlihy Delano Smith-Krypton Factor EP
Greg Dorban Feat. Nicole Tyler-Such A Shame
Inland Knights-Broke EP (Part 1)-(FF 190)
Ital-Only For Tonight
Jason Bralli-Full Intense EP
John Hardin-The Chicago Cruising EP
Kevin Mckay-Club World EP
Leonardo Gonnelli-Inside Outside EP
M Clis
Manuel Arce-Will Be When Your Want
Marc Antona-Rules Of Madness - Part 1
Margaret Grace-Hope You Feel Better (Incl. Remixes)
Matteo Marini-Drop Like that
Mr Beatnick
MRI-Black Swan Remixes One
Nari and Milani and Cristian Marchi feat Shena - Take Me To The Stars (Remixes)
Nicholas Daniel Solar-Super Sound Single Volume 2
Paki and Jaro and Emanuel Nava - Caminando-(361015 0005304)
Patrick Chardronnet-Pleasant Day
Quantec-Adventures In A High Tech Dream
RECAST-Consensual EP
Robert Owens-Ill Be Your Friend (Dzeta N Basile and Claire Ripley Mixes)
Roberto Molinaro - I Believe-(803407 7241167)
Ryoma Takemasa-Deepn (Gonno Remix)
Sands Of Time-Elements EP
Sinan Kaya-Control Me (Incl. Shades of Gray Remix)
Submantra-Calinda (Incl. Soul Minority and K-Bana Mixes)
VA-10 Years Of Secretsundaze
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 331 - the House Jam Part 85
VA-DJ Set Volume 126
VA-DJ Set Volume 131
VA-DJ Set Volume 132
VA-Lost and Founded EP-(Hudd Traxx 034)
VA Night In The Club Volume 1
VA Night In The Club Volume 2
VA-Pacha Summer 2011
VA-The Beast - Almost Invisible
VA-Visions EP
Z3RO-Hunting Down Myself
VA-Brasilian Lounge Vol. 1
VA-Nova Xposure 11
VA-Nu Jazz Experience Vol. 1
Pop Art - Kiss And Yell
Symphonix - The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 1
Art Bleek-Immigrant EP
Beatbastards - Remix Specials
Franzo Kolms
Kai Von Glasow
Pierre Deutschmann-Yankin The Chai
Ruca Apple-Message From Shirley
Shin Nishimura
Soren Aalberg-Let Love Kill You
Twisted Syndicate-The Hurricano
Alexis Mixail-Connection-DLAR085
Aquile And TeeB
Artem Zlobin-Intuitive Insight Iridescent Snowfall EP
Bobina-Rocket Ride
Roger Shah
VA-Never Mind The Bollocks (Mixed By Paul Oakenfold)

July 22nd, 2011

Beat Assassins-Straight to the World
Insigo-Sand Canyon
Only Jack Jones and Pippa Taylor-Slap and Play EP
The Funkrash
Ufo Project-Bongo Tune
Utok2me - Volodia (Remix Par Neus)
Andy B. Jones
Bryan Bax Feat Vanessa Green-Summer Breeze
Dj Pijalis and Sheby - One Night Was Enough
Kura And Phil G-Follow Your Dreams
Laserkraft 3D-Weightless Digitale Madchen
Mats Feat Dr Feelix-World Of Rock
Moskow-Never Sleeps
Robyn-Indestructible-(MOS105)-12 Inch Vinyl
Rrobyn-Indestructible-(MOS105)-12 Inch Vinyl
The USA Kings-The USA Kings Call It Dancecore
Tristan Garner And Gregori Klosman
Qumulus-Soul Wave
Voland Bulgakoff-Tu Emos Un Tera
Analog Square-The Zebra K EP
Andrew Bayer-Its Artificial
Cut La Roc
Eisa Dore-Autumn Eve
Gorm Sorensen - When Colours Emerge
Harold-Alexis - The Oceans Feedback
Kyohei Akagawa - Fusen
Noise Control-My Fight-Limited Edition
Poussez - Discuits
Solar Fake
Trakktor-Force Majeure
VA-BRK The Francophonic Show Compilation Volume III
Absolute P Project feat DJ Nabil
Alex Sadman-France Danse
Alex Sayz
Andrea Bertolini-360 F
Andrey Faustov-Tek Na EP
Bacalao and Sonne-Tagliatelle Piano
Boral Kibil-Come Back
Brisby And Jingles Feat. Miloud
Cosmo - Wayward Son
Cream Sound
Daddy-Echo Of My Mind
Darius And Finlay Feat. Daz-Here Comes The Night
De-Grees-2 Of Us
DJ Licious vs Sakso-The Thrill-(BMM 457)
DJ Tatana
Dj Wild-Palace Part 04
Exacta and Kate Elsworth-Empty Spaces
Frank Raven-Days Of Glory
Frash Deeper-Be Water
Gabry C-Samurai And Geisha
Gianni Coletti vs Musique Boutique - Mas Que Nada-(805896 4901033)
Giorgos Gatzigristos-Natural Selection
Hi-Mode-Its A Dream Song-(BMM 442)
Jelle Kuipers-Orange ISM
John Brisby
Max Millan vs Miamisoul feat Scyana and Nineyears - Yes Or No-(805896 4901484)
Mikh Solvis-Mountains and Landscapes
Out Of Nominations - Happy Flowers
Predictionz - My Summerz
Rob In Space-Burgund-(100289 87)
Sammy Peralta feat. Corey Andrew-Holding On
Savvas-Blue Chords EP
Shiftone - Thai Spa
Soarsweep-Losing Rays
Stimpack - Plug Me
Swingarm - Inside
Terry Da Libra - Dreamers
VA-DJ Set Volume 120
VA-DJ Set Volume 121
VA-House Masters Chocolate Puma
Velvet-Turn Left
Britney Spears-I Wanna Go
Hot Chocolate-What Kinda Boy Youre Lookin For (Girl)-(1A00665110)-7 Inch Vinyl
Limp Bizkit
Shaggy-Summer In Kingston
VA Pool Urban September 2010
VA-MOS Presents 80s Groove Volume II
VA-Summer Lounge - A Chill Out Trip To The Beach
VA-The Sound Of Africa
Brainwash-Musical Experience
VA - Goa X Vol. 8 Summer Edition
VA-Blazed Etheos The Remixes
Ale Salas-Reach EP
Bodyscrub-Hyperactive EP
Cassgrain-Dropa EP
Famiglias Mondellos - Where Are Can Do My Best
Francesco Robustelli-Mud Muncher
Gonzalez And Gonzalo
Heisenberg-Breaking Bad EP
Kiko-Music To Make Love
Main Suspect-Feel My Pain
Massimo Girardi-Freedom For All EP
Miss Faction ft Alex Davis - Kick Some Ass
Mladen Tomic
Rafa Siles and Emilio Moncayo-Divina Comedia
Stick Dogs-Mucha Mierda
Tom Laws-Gravity Zone EP
Tomy DeClerque
Umek and Beltek-Let The Bass Kick (Original Club Mix)
VV303 - Power Of A Sense EP
Andy Farley-Aspirations 2011
Fruit Machine-2p A Go
Genix-Quick Start Carpe Diem
Jojo And Dave Owens-Dancing Rhythm
Life Fusion - Storm Warning
Lusty And Hyperstate-Can You Hear Me
Mike Taylor-River Rat
Pulse Fiction-Electric Disco Fruit Machine Remix
South Prison - To The Core
VA-A State Of Trance Radio Top 15 July 2011
VA-Tunnel Trance Force The Best Of Vol 57
VA-You Call It Trance I Call It Electronic Dance Music 9

July 21st, 2011

Arkist-Arkist EP
Arkist-What Do I See
Baobinga-Joint Venture
Goth Trad-Two Face
Abstraction Unit-Dancing on the Moon
Callan Maart-Liquid Shards Remixed
Dasya Feat Stex-Everybody Baby
E.R.G.-Soul of Steel Yamato
Essex-Impact Over EP
Greg Sin Key-The Trap EP
Grimey Rob-Mash Up Da Nation Volume Two
Krafty Skillz-Insane Bangers Vol 1
Kyle Cross-Records You Play (the Remixes)
Moonglow 359
Quadrat Beat
Scientifical-Jungle Science EP
Simon Holmes
STEX Feat Kaneda-Funky Crepes
Stex-Bomb Jack
Stex-Chemistry Break
Stex-Disco Robot
Stex-Funky Time
T92-Paradise to Hell
Talking Needle-Life EP
The Radiocheck
Zapp-Renegade Master EP
DJ Sanny J - Planet Invasion 01 2011-(MIE 8019991683231)
Dj Spampy Engel - The Love Of My Heart-(IRD 056)
Dk Kee - Need You Now-(SAI 2187)
Projectors Of Dreams and Friends - Momenti Nostalgici (Remixes)-(IRD 055)
VA-Nabalada Hits 2010
VA-Viva Club Rotation Eurodance
Violet - Yo Te Quiero-(MIE 8019991874080)
Dasya Feat Stex-Baby of Boss
Smash and Grab-Psychotic (Drive Faster Remix)
Yogi Ft Ayah Marar-Follow U-PROMO
Anodyne-Destruction 808
Briian Zapata-Let It Move
Cooks R-Nothing to Do
Example-Stay Awake Inc Instrumental-PROMO
Example-Stay Awake-PROMO
French Kiss-Body Move-(STMDIGI 01133)
Grimey Rob Feat Missy-Down on the Floor EP
Groove Armada-White Light
Jesus Perez-Line of Sight
MCQ-Whispering Sky-(RZZ002)-Promo EP
Myrrh Ka Ba-Myrrh Ka Ba
Nhkyx-Yx aka 1Ch aka Solo
Skrillex-Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites-(Retail EP)
Teams Vs Star Slinger-Teams Vs Star Slinger-Limited Edition
VA-Pschent Music (MIDEM)-Sampler
VA-Take Miami
Alessandro Grops-Fantastic Day
Alex Kenji And Luigi Rocca-Acid Monks
Chris Sadler - Brassed Off-(881226 947429)
Danny Freakazoid And Strobe-The Horizon
David Folkebrant And Emil Gallier-Alpha - Runaway Train
Deluna-Tools Of War EP
Dj Lisio - Superstar-(MVRD 001)
Easy Groove
Exso and Drankypunky-Junky Barbie
Federico Epis
Francesco Renna Aka F. Physical-I Dont
Hot Cherry - Last Friday Night-(LNGS 0742)
Johnny Bailo-Dreams And Nightmares EP
Marcelo Cruz and Juan Fierro-Latin Soul EP02
Outlook-Rolle EP
Paduraru-Your Material Body
Passion Prophecy-I Need You
Passion Prophecy-Run Away
Raul Cerda-To you
Ray Castellano
Rich Curtis-Face Valued And The Lost Quarter
Ron Dezvous and Martin Moves-Get Down
Sander Van Doorn-Koko-PROMO CDS
Sergey Ilayskin-Merry Go Round
Silver Donax-Forsaken Spacemen
Soundgas CVC-Fast Rythm EP
Squaresushi-Hot Hot EP
Tricky-Time To Dance
VA - I Love Electro Vol 2 (Banging Electro and House Tunes)-(BR 057769
VA - Roger Sanchez Presents Release Yourself Volume 11
VA-Eye Industries And Heartbreaker Records-Promo CDR
VA-Ocean Trax (MIDEM)-Sampler CDR
Zepherin Saint-Midnight Mawal
Joss Stone - LP1
Stefan Torto
Takahiro Kido-Fairy Tale
VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Urban Traxx Vol 170
Clarence Young-Silver Bullet
Dima Aron
DJ Misjah-At The Bar EP
Electric Rescue-The Fox EP
Fabrice Torricella - Awesome Girl EP
Felix Neumann-Different Thoughts EP
Gave And Bestien - Juke That Girl
Lee Guthrie-Science Friction EP
Marko Nikolic-Filthy Machines
Vorti and Zed - You
Akira Kayosa And Hugh Tolland Feat Stine Grove - Drifter
Esprit Fort and SoulState
Floe-Golden Sunset And Sunwave
George Ellinas Feat Wayside Drive-3 Years After Incl Liquid Vision Respray
LTN - The Art Of Freedom
Michael Dow - Desert Storm

July 20th, 2011

Bogdan-Hila Incl Remixes
DJ Jean vs Funkastarz
Fabio Amoroso and Mila Feat. Mascia CJ-Never Give Up-(GR 04411)
Marc Thomson-Turn Me Loose Remix Edition
Nylez-Salsa Vibe
Ray and Renny
Robert Abigail and DJ Rebel feat. The Gibson Brothers
Sail Joia
Silvio Luz
TV ROCK And Hook N Sling Ft Rudy-Diamonds In The Sky Incl Remixes
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Now 2011
VA-Colette Nuggets Vol. 2
Ben Gomori-Charm The Monkey (Out Of The Tree)-(BST007)
Dolibox-Fake Is Beautilful
Helmut Ebritsch-Drunken Divine
Makossa and Megablast feat. Cleydys Villalon-Soycomosoy (Remixes)
MICRO-Hikari EP-(DREX008)
Sankt Otten-Gottes Synthesizer
Sascha Wallus-Talkin About EP-(DAMM017)
Shiprinski-Rayo De Plata EP
Soundprank-Fortis (Remixed)
Alex Hilton - My House Is Your House-(426022 9930106)
Andre Lodemann-Riven Reminiscences EP
Bang Your Hat-I Just Like To Sample Steve Angello
Bingo Players-Cry (Just A Little)-(DV74911CDS)-Retail
Born To Funk-Stonetown EP
Chris Reece feat. Jennifer Needles-Never Let Me Go
Claes Rosen-Chimera - Stranded
Cristian Marchi and Nari and Milani feat Max C - I Got You (Violence Rework 2011)-(RISE DIG 030)
Danny Clark and Jay Benham Feat. Annette Taylor-Better Days (Incl. DJ Spen Mix)
Die Vogel
Dinka - On The Beach
Elvin Ong
Erick Morillo and Eddie Thoneick Feat. Shawnee Taylor-Stronger-(425033 0563966)
Felipe Daust-Moka Xpress
Frederico Todos-The Moment EP
Gene Douglas Feat. David Walker-Almost Heaven (Incl. Remixes)
Jan Brave feat Sandman - Fallen Down-(BBM 020)
Jay Lumen
Jaymo And Hauswerks-Rock The Show
Jeff Bennett
Kaine Feat. Kathy Diamond-Love Saves The Day (Incl. Remixes)
Kid Shakers and Brown Sugar Feat. Angie Brown-Jump To It
Lem Springsteen-Seize The Moment
Louie Cut-Bass Doctor
Louie Cut-The Fat Bee Bounce
Michael Canitrot And Ron Carroll-When You Got Love
Mindset-Manhattan By Night
Moba Sound-Edmund Unreleased Remixes
Pablo Fierro-Alone At Home
Raffa Scoccia Feat. Saphiros-Flow Tropical
Rober Gaez and David Herrero Feat. Daren J. Bell-Rise On Up (Incl. Remixes)
Samir Maslo-Freak The Remixes (Incl. DJ Jeroenski and Born To Funk Mixes)
Sandro Murru - Stereo Paradise-(MS 061)
Sandro Silva and Quintino - Epic
Sandy Turnbull-No Second Chance Hang Time (LAY146)
Stefan Trummer
t3N-Live 4 Now
VA-Blacklist Pres. The John Julius Knight Experience (Incl. Bless the Funk)
VA-Deep House Sessions Vol. 1 (Incl. Glenn Underground Mix)
VA-For Djs Only 2011-04 - Club Selection
VA-Ibiza Club Sensation
VA-Ibiza House Nights (Minimal House Meets Ibiza Chillhouse and Club Grooves)
Wil Milton-Dream Shadows (Power Line New Jersey Deep Mixes)
Yohann Levems Feat. Donna Hidalgo-Easy To Love
VA-Armada Lounge Vol 4
Aniss Hypnoise-Right Up My Street
Black Swan and the Templar-Booty People EP
Fabio T
Fergie-Dirty Dubz (From Dubz)
Gesus Lpz-Yet Yit EP
Hollen-Tone And Color EP
Israel Toledo-Banger EP
Jon May
Martin Dawson-Jardim Da Vida EP
Memoryman Aka Uovo-Soul Drops EP
Nekes-Sleepless Nights
Not From Earth-The Origin EP
Optional Feast
Pat B - You Keep Me Hangin On
Phrantic - Edge Of Extinction
Pierre Deutschmann
Pig And Dan-Let Me Be Myself
P-Styles-Control EP
Roman Gertz-Black Steel EP
Sascha Sonido-You Are Loco
Tesla-First Aid
VA-Divide EP
Crusada-Closer To The Sun
Dave202-We Are One
Dominik Dudek Pres Astral Forteness - Enchanted In Time Incl TrancEye Remix
Heatbeat-Ask The Angels Ask The Cat
Igor Dyachkov-Still One Illumination EP
Luca De Maas
Max Deep
Miroslav Vrlik-Twenty One My Lady
Moby - Lie Down in Darkness (Bundle 1) Incl Paul Van Dyk Remix
Nick Callaghan and Will Atkinson
Oliver Imseng Ft Natalie Throw
Peter Sawland
Plastic Boy-Remixed EP
Robert Gitelman
Sander Van Doorn Pres Purple Haze Ft Frederick
Shane-Flux EP
Tm Project-Sunny Rain

July 19th, 2011

Damu-Mermaid EP
DZA-Zoo Keeper EP
VA - Dubstep Academy 101 - San Francisco
VA-Rinse 15 Roska
5 Sided Cube-Till Im There
DJ Barbas Presents Insession
Jose M Duro And Miguel Vizcaino Feat. Emmanuela
Josepo And Abel The Kid Feat. Jo C-What About
Marq Aurel Presents C
SL Project Feat. Jack Radics-No Matter
VA - VT4 Summer Vibes 2011
VA-Nusum Bounce EP
VA-Future Balearica Vol 2 A New Wave Of Chill
Rockwell-Aria EP
Samurai Red Seal
Symmetry-Break and Die vs Need For Mirrors
Incite-Dare To Dance
Radiohead-Good Morning Mr Magpie
Slice and Soda-Para One and San Serac Present Slice and Soda
VA-Amphi Festival 2011
Aint And Nino Fish-Turn It Up Feat. Rufus Martin
Andreas Thiessen And Michael Schendel Feat. Leandro Costa-Touch The Sky
Aquagen - Ihr Seid So Leise 2011 (Scheisse Scheisse Leise)
Autopilot-Rock Den Scheiss Incl Alex Hilton Remix
Fred Falke-Look Into Your Eyes
Javier Orduna-Look Out
Khaan and Ale Verros-Venice EP
Manuel Baccano-Out Of Touch
Milk and Sugar Feat Miriam Makeba and Jungle Brothers - Hi A Ma Pata Pata
Moonchine-Redriver EP
Nie-Minoca Records 002
Sami Wentz-Celia EP
Simon Steur
Sven And Olav Feat Iguana Glue.-Way Home Berlin
Tosch Feat. Carolina Lopez-The One
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Dancefloor FG Summer 2011
Digital Analog Band-The Best 3-(MXCD2193CS)-Digipack CD
VA - Chill Out Anthology
VA-DMC Essential Hits 65
VA-DMC Essential Hits 68
VA-DMC Essential Hits 70
VA-DMC Essential Hits 71
VA-DMC Essential Hits 73
VA-DMC Essential Hits 74
VA-RTL Sommer Hits
VA-Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark
Andres Gil-Swingeing EP
Comedy and Tragedy-The Beginning EP
Harry Wolfman
Lauren Benavente
Moonbeam-Motus Incl Monaque Remix
Remute-Speak Bell
VA-Neverending Energy
VA-Remixed At 1605 Volume 02
Arisen Flame-Dreamy Sunset Madeira
James Dymond-Crown Of The Mountain EP
Ray Tian
Sound Apparel-The Love That Lasts The Longest
Thr3shold and The Visitors-Sektor V

July 18th, 2011

Dubba Jonny-Space Blasters
El Kid-Le Corbusier
Gang Colours-In Your Gut Like A Knife
Hatcha And Lost
Mount Kimbie
Roska-Jackpot EP
Avicii-Penguin (Fade Into Darkness EP)
Cappella - The Remixes
VA-Italo Disco Legends Vol.3
Gesaffelstein-Conspiracy Pt2
Pigon-Sunrise Industry
Pylon-Cover And Remix
Rumpistol-Talk To You EP
Suicide Commando-The Suicide Sessions-6CD-Limited Edition
Vakula - Picture Of You (DKMNTL006)
VA-Stahl Disko - Stahl Compilation Vol.1
Adam Fierce
Afrojack Dimitri Vegas Like Mike and Nervo - The Way We See The World
Alex Imparato-For Umberto
Alex Jones-Disappointing Dancefloors EP
Alex Smoke-Alex Smoke Remixed
Babak Shayan-Hands On My Life
Carlo Lio And Coyu-Moxis Sickness
Chicago Skyway And Dcook-Lager EP
Cid Inc.-Cotai Strip
Daniel Bortz And Sascha Silber-Color Of Love
Deepa And Biri Feat. Gene-Hybrid Lava
Emanuele Sorgato
Frank Cherryman-Adagio for Strings 2011
Giorgio Roma-Across The Eastside
Gregori Klosman and Promise Land - Endless
Gutezeichen-Bad To Bone
Guy Robin Feat. Lucy Randell-Only You
Hector Couto-Creampie EP
Hrdvsion-I Cant Exist
Inpetto-Hit Back
Jason Rivas Jose Diaz-Marias Theme
John Beltran-Brilliant Flood Kassem Mosse And Sven Weisemann Remixes
Jona-This Time
Kklass Bobbi-Capture Me (Part 2)
Lucky Paul-Lucky Paul Remixes And Senjor Rossi-Grand Central Park
Marc Leaf-Break It Down
Marcus Schossow-Acid Festival Champagne and Bitches
Martin Buttrich-Fire Files
Mathias Vogt-In Days To Come
Matt Lange-Bad Year Blimp Revolver
Morten Breum And Jay Colin-Never Surrender
Nicholas And Simoncino-From The Underground EP
Nino Anthony-Decir Lo Que
Oliver Klein-Hey Baby My Definition
Oliver Klein
Oliver Lieb-Epsilon Eridani EP
Patrice Baumel-Mike Tyson
Patrick G
Peach Melba-Cant Let Go
Peter Brown
Phasen-The Next Phase EP
Phonique-2 My Jungle
Positiv And Yannck-Like This
Recloose-Saturday Night Manifesto-(RH 035)
Richie Santana DJ Chus-Best Kept Secret
Rob Marmot
Robbie Rivera Laura Vane-In Too Deep Remixes
Rodnik-Cocktail Party
Romanthony-The Wanderer
Sacha Robotti
Samuel Dan-I Hear Voices
Sergio Parrado-Bad Day
Soukie And Windish
Steve Mill-The Happy Carriage EP
Sumsuch-Miakoda EP
Tamer Fouda-Let There Be Light
Theelement-Pure Filth
Thirry And Merayah-Zumbala Tina
Total Sound Feat. Nathalia-You And I
VA - Bonzai Allstars The Ultimate Megamix
VA - Illusion Beach Land
VA - Versuz Essentials Miami
VA-Cocoon Compilation K
VA-In The Mix Summer 2011
VA-Restless EP
VA-Summertime Compilation
VA-Visionquest Beach Collection Spring Summer 2011
Verche-Octopus Love
Victor Magan and Obek feat. Ambush Mc-Let It Go-(CSDA 0071)
Wender A-Public Band
X-Press 2-This Is War Ft Doll
Adika Pongo-Groovin Up Hits 1997
The Doors-A Collection
Disorder-Growin Damage
Frenetic-Abduction Technology
Hyper Noise-Changes EP
Ital-Levitation State
Mormo Hecate-Manifestation-(505540 0890466)
Tantrix-Red The Full Spectrum Eps
Alpha And Omega - Chapter One
Burn Soldier - Hope For The Best
Danny Bimbela-From Colima EP
Dj Kurt - The Dj Kurt EP
Dubman F-Guindilla EP
Felipe Galleguillos
Gran Cavaliere-Amor Fati
Lola Mento
Martin Schulte-Airlines EP
Natalino Nunes-Climax EP
OBI - Basic Rules For Serial Killaz
Placidic Dream-Creation EP
Redvious - Bizarre Surreal Synergistic Effects
Rob Leroy-Rob Leroy EP
Sam Silva - Death Valley
Tanaka Hideyuki-Heel EP
The Monkey Biznizz-Be Strong
The Pitcher - Aint Nobody Kick It To The Bone
The Prophet - Forget About It
Tore Jarlo-Phantoms EP
VA - Bass Warning EP
Aesthetic Minds - Andromeda
Arnej Pres. 8 Wonders - X
Brave-The Muse
Chapter XJ-Never Forget
Chris Metcalfe-Cala Bassa
Eurobeats - One Day EP
GNIDJ - Sun is Cold
Jorn van Deynhoven and Talla 2XLC - Avalon
Kiholm-Heavy Rain
Maor Levi and Raul Siberdi - Infatuation
Mark Sherry Ft. Sharone - Silent Tears
Markus Binapfl Aka BIG WORLD
Orjan Nilsen - Between The Rays The Mule
Pulseline-Spring Rain
Purple Haze feat Frederick
Sam Punk-Final Future EP
Solange - Messages
Steve Hill and Luca Antolini and Dark by Design-Go Insane
Steven Liquid - Barkhang
Temple One-Walk The Line
Tritonal feat Jenry R-Something New
VA-Black Hole Radio July 2011

July 17th, 2011

Andre Motta-Old Is Cool EP
Andy Jay Powell-Set It Up
Jason Born-Dont Wanna Go Home
Venus Jones-Edge Of Glory
Tantrum Desire-Foreplay EP
Alexander Rishaug-Shadow Of Events
Downlink-Deep Space
Leaether Strip-Sex Dwarf-Limited Edition
VA-Awake The Machines Vol.7
VA-Kraut und Rueben-Gebruder Teichmann Play Staubgold
Anhanguera-Brazilian Gorilla Hook
Boriqua Tribez
Cahill-In Case I Fall
Corrugated Tunnel and Antoinette-The Rejection
Da Sunlounge-The Deep Seated
Dani Sarasola-Tenerife Groovy
Dave Lambert Ft Stanford
DJ Kravtsov-Bad Boy Music Saved My Life
DJ Scotty Boy Vs DJ Red-Go Fuck Yourself
Don Carlos-Bora Bora
Fast Mover-Ghetto Life
Ferreck Dawn-Sidestep EP
Hyperdrive-Green Light
Jai Alexander and Sarah - Lovers Night-(803407 7241136)
Jimmy J-I Feel The Summer EP
Kitsch 2.0 feat Theory and Luke Aster
Klaas-Im Free Incl Remady Remix
Leo Reyes-Fly With Me
Luca Cassani Vs Dario Maffia-Rrrock It
Manuel De La Mare Vs Lissat And Voltaxx-Club Around The World
Marcus Knight and Hitfinders - I Cant Get Enough-(VPRGEG 187)
Marcus Knight and Hitfinders - I Cant Get Enough (Summer Remix Pack)
Markus Binapfl Vs 2 Elements-Feel It Remixes
Markus Binapfl Vs 2 Elements-Feel It
Markus Binapfl
Max Bulltik
Molella and Lake Koast feat Pretty Pretty and Malik - Twisted-(TIME 629)
Nicola Fasano feat Kat Deluna - Tonite-(MIE 8053264540364)
Ollie Ple and Sync Fyller-Till I Cum
Phonogenic-The Raw Deal EP
Prompt-Walk with Me
Raaban - One Of A Kind EP
Ramy B-The Moon
Ronny Muller
Saleem Razvi-Piano Therapy
Samir Maslo
Sonny Fodera
Spencer And Hill-U Got To
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (AN21 and Max Vangeli Remix)
Swen Weber-Radio Tokio
Tune In Tokyo - Dreamer (Remixes)-(AD 057)
Underproject-Rooster Bass EP
VA-Dancefloor De Luxe 2011 Vol 2
VA-The Underground House Sound Of Calypso
Venus Jones
Wally Lopez-Welcome Home The Remixes
Analyzerz - Carmina 2011
James Last-Voodoo Party and Well Kept Secret (Remastered)
VA-Vanguard 11
Brian Benson-El Alma Hombre EP-(366158 5974468)
Frank Mode-Illegal Sound-(366158 5984511)
Hollen-Big Stone
Nu-We Love The Sun
Ukrainian Hardstylerz - Beyond EP
VA-Pauls Boutique Sampler Session One
Alexander Skyzzz
DJ Sasha XL-Renaissance Era
Engholm Do It
Ernesto vs Bastian Rework - God is A DJ
Fjeren Feather-Unmistakable - Remixed
Gary Afterlife-The Calm Lands
Headstrong feat Stine Grove
Raven And Kleekamp A Little Love
Silence Groove-Trip In The Rain
Skylab Force

July 16th, 2011

Damu-Mermaid EP
Unknown Artist-Fuck Yonkers
Amari Feat. Phelipe-Never Told You-Promo
Barry Badpak - Kamelenteen
Clubhunter - The Album
DJ Andy Feat. Stella
Marco Fratty And Max Kaarlos-Pretty Woman
VA-Beatbox 11
Funkineven-Rolands Jam
Linx-Intuition (with Bonus Tracks)
Mrs Saxobeat The Official Answer Version
Avicii-Fade Into Darkness
Bob Fanzidon-Highway EP
Boris Ross and Taras Van De Voorde-Dont Stop Us
Candy Shop-Love EP
Danny Dior-Easy Entry
David Herrero and Higinio
Evan Virgan-Begining Back To 80s EP
Franky Hell
H2-Brain Damage
Hamza-Mali Dreams
Homework-Hudson Square Remix
Jesus Balza-Waiting For The Sunshine EP
Kobayashi Maru
Manu Da Bas Feat. Timothy Drake-Baby Thats Life-Promo
Mibe feat Amie - Children Of The Sky (Figli Delle Stelle)-(366158 5910121)
Monodeluxe-Beatsoulvibes-(VBRR 003)
Neon Stereo-Respawn EP
Nuria Ghia
Patrick Kunkel-Excessive Homewor
Raoul French-Be Some Body Sunrise
Reckon-Loyal Void
Recon You One
Remute-Ich Mag Gurken
Rich Gior-Rising Wasteland EP
Rollin Stars-Dont Ever Change
Rosie Romero feat. Ben C-Brassed Off
Sa.Du-Utopia EP
Sergio Fernandez and David Lara-Big Room Stories
Simone De Caro-The Viper
Stan Kolev-House Music
The 8th Note and Mr. Clark
VA-Club House Tracks Vol 1
Westboy-S L I V A
Big Twice-Sylt Sounds
Cafe Del Mar-Volumen Diecisiete
DJ Brahms - Tempo
Orchid-Star - Faster
Pink Floyd-Oh By The Way-Boxed Set-16CD-DeBT
Cosmic Tone - Uniting Forces
Frost Raven - Far Away From Home
Penta - All Shots Double
Various Artists - Mateluna - the Remixes
Adrian Hour
Ailment - Spit Coke
Carl Cox-Family Guy
Danny Serrano-Keep On
Dany BPM vs E-Max - This Freak
DJ Liberty - Classix EP
Flavi J - Come On People
Francesco Zeta - The Hard To Beat
Genetikzz - M.F. Dick EP
Heartik-Circus Rehearsals EP
Jon Rundell-Mystique Knick Knack
Klubb Stomper - Machete Energy And Jonas Fahz-Square Wave EP
Mark With A K - Roll With Me
Mattfactor - My Bitch
Nehemias Milen-Una Galaxia Por Persona
Squallakers - Firestarter EP
Tone Depth and Anthony Attalla
VA - Titanic Remix Collection Volume 7
Aiera - Skydive

July 15th, 2011

Submerse - Party Animals Vol II
VA-50 Weapons Of Choice 10
Coolio-Gangstas Paradise 2k11-PROMO
Adrian Sina feat. Beverlei Brown-I Cant Live Without You-PROMO CDS
Alex Velea- Shot-PROMO CDS
Andreea Banica-Love In Brasil-PROMO CDS
Antonia-Shake It Mamma-PROMO CDS
Basshunter vs. Big Brother-Fest i hela huset-PROMO CDS
Calvin Harris feat. Kelis-Bounce-PROMO
Cascada-San Francisco-PROMO
Crossfire-Summer Boo-PROMO
Crush and Alexandra feat Evan-I Need U More-PROMO CDS
David Guetta feat. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj-Where Them Girls At (Remixes)-PROMO
David Guetta feat. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj-Where Them Girls At-PROMO
Ekow feat. Snoop Dogg and Kylian Mash-Closer-PROMO
Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil Wayne-Im Into You-PROMO
Kate Ryan-LoveLife-PROMO
Megara vs. DJ Lee-I Like the Bass-PROMO CDS
Red 5 - I Love You Stop 2K11
Rubra-Daddy Cool (Remixes Part 1)-PROMO
Rubra-Daddy Cool (Remixes Part 2)-PROMO
Shaun Baker-Frontline-PROMO
Stromae-Peace Or Violence-PROMO
Sunrise INC and Liviu Hodor-Still the Same-PROMO CDS
VA-Summer Dance Mania 2011 (Mixed By Pulsedriver)
VA-Fabriclive 58 Goldie
VA-Romanian Massive
Holy Other-With U
Jamie Woon-Lady Luck-PROMO
Selena Gomez-Who Says-PROMO
VA-Straight from the Vault Volume 1 (Frank De Wulf Early Works) (BSL013)
VA-Xtrax Clubtrax Vol.3
Endymion - Three Album Sampler 2
VA - Lords Of Hardcore Vol.10
Above and Beyond feat. Richard Bedford-Sun and Moon-PROMO
Acid Kit
Adam Rickfors-The Pirates of the Caribbean-PROMO CDS
Afterman and JL-P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Aggressor-Polyphonia EP
Aki Bergen-Over The Hills
Alberto Vazquez feat. King Xamelo-Its Not Right
Alesha Dixon feat. Jay Sean-Every Little Part Of Me-PROMO
Alex Armes-Without You
Alex Kenji-Something About You
Alex Young-Namaste AM
Alfred and Guiller
ATB feat. JanSoon-Gold-PROMO
Basto-Live Tonight (Gregorys Theme)-PROMO CDS
Belmond and Parker - On The Move 2011
Ben Kyps-Pump It
Biskvit-Last Applause
Bob Sinclar and Sean Paul-Tik Tok-PROMO
Chris Count
Chris Nasty
Christian Cambas
Claude Vonstroke-At the Controls (Mix Edition) (PMIDD11047)
Cristian Paduraru-What Happens After
Damce-Tropitechouse EP
Damian William
Damn Stupid feat. Jason Caesar-Beatrock-PROMO
Dean Anthony-Turn It Up
Denzal Park-Ascension-PROMO
Depeche Mode-Personal Jesus 2011-PROMO
Disco Bangerz and Wobble Boy-Fuck Off
DJ Antoine vs Timati feat. Kalenna-Welcome To St. Tropez-PROMO
DJ Guti and Alice May-Bring On The Night
DJ Sava feat. Raluka-Love You-PROMO CDS
Doctors In Florence-Back 2 Life
Eric Saade-Popular (SoundFactory Remixes)-PROMO CDS
Evans and Waterfall-Go To Town
George Privatti-Tito Flete
HouseClap feat. Max C-On and On-PROMO
Ivan Fernandez-Awake EP
James Kennedy-Bang Her
Jay Ronko and Josh Newson-Yours Truly
Jetro-Ill Be Ready
Juanjo Martin Toni Rico and Bobkomyns feat. Soraya Naoyin-My Emotions
Julio Leal and Daniel Aguayo-Nocive TC
Komytea-Algebra Simplexity
Lady Gaga-Edge Of Glory-Promo
Laidback Luke and Steve Aoki feat. Lil Jon-Turbulence-PROMO
LaRoxx Project-Sunshine Love-PROMO CDS
Lay and Browne-Into Anturia
Levan and Gepy-You Buy My Love
LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem
Manel Diaz-The Bass Maker
Maria-Acredita (Belive)-PROMO
Mario Cano-Avril Calling EP
Martin Solveig feat. Kele-Ready 2 Go-PROMO
Mattyas feat. Kristina S-Secret Love-PROMO CDS
Miami Horror feat. Kimbra-I Look To You-PROMO
Michael Mind Project feat. Sean Kingston-Ready Or Not-PROMO
Muzikjunki and DJ Danila-Without You
Nari and Milani present Pretty Pretty And Milk-Automatic-PROMO
Nature One Inc. - Go Wild Freak Out (The ATB and Tom Novy Anthem Mix)
Nause-Made Of-PROMO
Pandora feat. JS16-You Woke My Heart-PROMO
Partycrashers-Party Crasher
Patric McFly and Giorgio-Because I Got High-PROMO
Peter Pizzutelli-All I Want
Pitbull-Give Me Everything-PROMO
Prototyperaptor-Mode Mixture
R.I.O.-Love You Like That-PROMO
Sezer Uysal feat. Sarah Jane
Sibel-Wake Up-PROMO
Simone Rosso-Deep Essentials Simone Rosso
Starkillers and Dmitry KO-Beat The Bass
Sweet and Sour
The Rox-My Bang
The Teachers feat. Linda Newman-Let The Music Play-PROMO
Tommy Vee Mauro Ferrucci Luca Guerrieri
TV ROCK and Tara McDonald-Elevated-PROMO
Two Armadillos-People Of The World EP
VA - House Top 100 Vol.15
VA-Circus Night Summer EP
Vasquez and Benjamin feat. Meshach Broderick-You-PROMO
VA-Vicios Alegres EP - Disco Chicago EP
VA-VR 2.0 Compilation Three
Vicente Belenguer and Blas Marin feat. Ivan X-On The LIne
Dany BPM vs E-Max - This Freak
Katy Perry-Last Friday Night-PROMO
Alphaverb - Overdrive Ya Woofah
Cari Lekebusch - Repetae Multi Vol.1
Darkonsystemic - Breakout EP
Exploit-Motor City EP
Ganez The Terrible - Beer Catcher EP
Javi Amo-Time Wasted
Luigi Madonna - Reset Collusion
Synus0006-Panel Trax 05
VA-Silent Drop EP
3rd Planet
Desusino Boys and Hakan Ludvigson
Gerry Cueto-Facts Of Life
Heikki L and Lovetone-White Out
Juve And Jay D - Ever And Ever
Lior Levy-Way Down 2011 Incl Liquid Vision Respray
Luke H vs Mavrik-Feel The Rhythm
Menno De Jong feat Ellie Lawson-Place In The Sun
Michele Cecchi-Message From The Universe
Mistral-Ritmo Del Mundo
Moogwai-The Labyrinth
Scot Project Vs. Talla 2XLC
Sean Tyas-By The Way
Sensi-Somewhere EP
Shane Halcon and Tiff Lacey-Must Have Fallen
Treadstone-Change Of Plan
VA-Dash Berlin Top 15 July 2011
(All Files CRC OK - 300 MB in 16 Files)
VA-Ibiza Mini Mix 001 2011
VA-Trance Revelations Part 5

July 14th, 2011

VA-ZYX Italo Disco Collection Vol.11
Aladdin-The Sun is on Fire EP
Imperative Reaction
Juno Reactor-Inside The Reactor
Legowelt-Sark Island Acid EP
The Glitch Mob-We Can Make The World Stop
VA - 100 Percent Hardcore Summer Vol.2
Adam K JELO-Room Mates
Be Svendsen-Catchpenny and Cosmos
Christian Dehugo-Retrosul Remixes
DJ Ozeroff-Lagoon of Love
Firebeatz-Knock Out
Henry John Morgan - Dreaming On The Air-(MIE 8053264541903)
Horny United-Nobody (If I Cant Have You) Exclusive Remix Edition
Horny United-Nobody (If I Cant Have You) Exclusive Remix Edition
Jason Jollins-Ode To Black
Jason Rivas-Freed from Desire (Remixes)
Loco Dice-Knibbie Never Comes Alone Loose Hooks
Manuel Di Martino-Thinkin of You
Matteo Monero-Try My Love
Milton Channels-Jiggle it EP
Modaal Killin It
Ricky Blaze-Love Right Now
Roscoe P Coltrane-I Got Love
Ruben Amaya
Silinder-Drama Tank
VA - MOS-Clubbers Guide Ibiza 2011
Ashnaia - The Origins Of Ashnaia EP
Thundercat-The Golden Age Of Apocalypse
Hanzo-Take My World
Neelix-Goofy Jam Session EP
Activator - Authentic Style
Angy Kore
Ds and Cs-Sweat No Tears Remixes EP
Illegal Chemistry - Komma Tara EP
Jesto Kormann-Intercity EP
Mute Ation-Beautiful Medusa
Peter Horrevorts - Birthschoolworkdeath EP (BR010)
Shitcluster vs Unit Moebius Anonymous
Activator - Theppar Koolter
Anhken - Tomorrow Again
Ico-Blazed Airspark
Jamie Walker-Exposure Dubtize
Juventa-Only Us
Mike Shiver Vs Matias Lehtola
Oliver Brooks Pres OB
ReOrder And Dave Deen Feat Irena Love
Rogier Dulac-Save Me

July 13th, 2011

Lukes Anger-Sids Revenge
Machine Code aka Current Value and Dean Rodell
NKC-The Pyramids EP
Alter Form
Andrey Mute and Jellyfish-Bora Bora
Cage Page-Challenger Alcohol Baby
Dansor-Guitar Hero
Electrux-Electrux EP
Exodous-Sparkling World EP (Part 2)
Hectic-Start Here Predator 2
Jimbo Ozarki and Missmax
Journeyman and Barrcode-Positive Vibes
Mobius-No Longer Want Me
Simon Holmes and Richie K-Most Haunted EP
Stex-Fat Funky
Transitbot-Fuck Net Suicide
Mirami feat. Vova Zilvova-Sexual Madness
Current Value and Donny-Revolt and Riot
Arandel-In D Remixed
Chapelier Fou-Al Abama
Danja Atari - At The Back Of Beyond She Found An Artichoke
Graphics - OK Rainbow
Heavyfeet and Hannah T Fall
Pete Jordan and Michael Morph-We Want Freedom (5 6 and 9)
Point B
Aphrodisiax and Afronaut Feat. Sabrina Chyld-Slip Away
Axwell - Heart Is King (Remixes)
Barry Fore - Tanthem (Siege Remix)-(JCD 057)
Daniele Papini
Deep Solution Ft. Roland Clark-Calypso Woman
Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike - Generation X
EWR-The New Style
Francesco Esse and Paki and Jaro feat Andrea Love - Falling 4 You-(803407 7241129)
Global Niche Movement and David Sabat-Strong Man (Mixes)
Hanfry Martinez
Kiko Navarro Feat. Concha Buika-Up to the Sky (Mixes)
Masterman-Truth (Groove Assassin Mix)
Rune RK And Delicious-Daft Vader
Samuli Kemppi
Sharam-God Always
Simon Garcia-Found in Translation
VA - Zoo Addicts-(Zooclub Sundayz Vibes)-Vol 01
VA-Balance 019 Mixed By Henry Saiz
Valentin - Aurelia and the Blue Moon EP
DJ Furax - F k Orgus (Booty Mixes)
Eguana-Space Lines
Rihanna-California King Bed
VA-Essential Neo Soul
Secret Society - Explosive Diorama
Twina-Analog Sync
Unseen Dimensions-Airglow EP
VA - Free-Spirit Vol 6-Phosphenes-Compiled By Jay Om
Cassegrain - Dropa E.P. (PRG021)
Dave The Drummer Chris Liberator-Hydraulix 44 Remixes
Noisecontrollers - Unite (Official Defqon 1 Anthem)
Silent Servant - El Mar (Svreca Remixes) (SEMANTICA 21.5)
Unknown Artist - Dub Chronicles 2 (DUBCNS002
VA - Escape From Reality Album Sampler 04
VA-Blindness Vol.2
Vexus T -Imagination 7 0
Mark Kavanagh-Bad Boy 2011 Hard House Mixes Part 2
Martin Libsen
Nomen Nescio-Citius Altius Fortius
Pedro Del Mar And Rave Channel
Ryeland-If What

July 12th, 2011

Anodyne Industries-Heart Of The Machine
Cedaa-Jasmin EP
Krampfhaft-Spit Thunder
Om Unit vs Kromestar-Solar Cycle Merkabah
VA-Vybes Galore EP
Hayley Scott - First Beat Of My Heart
Sander feat Elissa - Forever Para Ti-(366158 5979210)
Sicilian Team feat Katok - Everyday
Susan Bee-Take My Life-(366158 5983972)
Kid Loco-Confessions Of A Belladonna Eater
Mr Rogers-Licking Crystals
DJ D Vs Nitrogenetics - State Of The Art EP
Vextor And Pimkat - Ladies In Da House
Alex Gray Feat Ann Bailey-Smalltown Boy
Alexandra Stan-Mr Saxobeat Italian Remixes
Atapy-Move Baby
Deep Active Sound
Deep Solution Feat. Roland Clark-Calypso Woman (Incl. Jamie Lewis Remix)
DJ Maxsie and Alex Speaker-Hey Yo
DJ Spen Pres. Damond Ramsey-Feel The Heat Break It Down
Funky Datch Groove-Minnie Is Back
Future Resonance and David Ding-Thereafter-(SR 095)
Gabriel Castro
Gigi De Martino-Prende La Vela-(361015 0008473)
Greg Van Bueren and Firebeatz-Love Got Me High
Hector-The EGO
Jamie Funk-The SW Stories
Jean Carles Ferrer feat Indee Styla-Many Reasons
Jeff Service-Mad Clout (Incl. Lil Mark Remix)
Juno What-Dont Wake (Incl. Matthew Bandy and Love Over Money Mixes)
Karosa Feat. Kledia-Burning Passion-(SUN1106)-Retail
Lejuan-With You
Los Escorpiones-Los Escorpiones
Lovenaut-Sun and Peace
Lucas and Steve-Above The Remixes
LXR vs Andrea Doria-Freak Me
Marco V
Masif Djs-Every Heartbeat-(MASIFHTML 43)
Maurizio Gubellini vs Matteo Sala feat Lizzie Curious - I Believe-(JMD 181)
Mic Newman-Machine Love
Minitronix and Mousebit-Lose Control Incl Egoism Remix
Miss Sam And Miss Moshi-Go Kalama (Original Mix)
Paolo Martini-Its You
Patrick Gil-King Ashby
Quicker Balance
Real El Canario - International Style-(RISEDIG 029)
Redsoul Feat. Carla Prather-Save Me (Incl. Sean Mccabe and 83 West Mixes)
Rob Hayes Feat. Dlayna-Cant Get Enough
Rodskeez-The Village EP
Romano And Sapienza Feat. Ruly Mc-Mujeres-(SUN1105)-Retail
Roni Be
Sean Collier
Sergey Post-Golfstream Album
Sigabort-Sex Drugs And Techno
Simone Cattaneo and Alex Gardini Feat Regina-We Will Rock You
Sissoko Vs Walter Master J-Party on the Beach
Slevin Featuring Robbie Glover-South Beach
Solar Twins
Speedboats and Big Explosions feat Marcie-Hazel Eyes
Tata Golosa Feat. Isaac Leon-Micromania 2011-(SUN1104)-Retail
The Mind-Space Melody 2011
VA - Soulshaker Part 4 EP
VA-Defected Most Rated Ibiza 2011
VA-Get Back To The Raw
Vandalism vs Chicken Lips-Do It
VA-Nervous Nitelife Presents Muzzaik-(091012 230462)
VA-Vapour Recordings 100
VA-Viva Presents In The Club 2011.1
Walex-Funky Sound
Weazal-Reality Check-(CATTRAX 038)
Ailment - Spit Coke
DJ Center Ft Middlechild-In A Song
DJ Center-Centers Groove-7 Inch Vinyl
VA - Electronica Balear
Absolum-Co Lab Pt.1
Artifakt2-Triad Pt.2
Brain Driver-Incorrect EP
DNA-Never Say Never
Iron Lotus-Architect Of Impact
Loud-Subinya Remixes
Vibe Tribe-Urban Legend
Wega-Las Wegas
Bryan Black Presents Black Asteroid-The Engine EP
Electro Compulsif-Untitled-(PLAYWAX02)-Limited Edition Vinyl
Frank De Wulf-Beyond The B
Frank De Wulf-The B-Sides Remixed
Frank De Wulf-The B-Sides Volume 1
Frank De Wulf-The B-Sides Volume 2
Frank De Wulf-The B-Sides Volume 3
Frank De Wulf-The B-Sides Volume 4
Frank De Wulf-The B-Sides Volume 5
Jon Gurd
Max D-Loved-Be Superstar Elvis EP
Mladen Tomic-Emotions EP
Mr Cloudy
Rafael Murillo-Akriliska EP
Roman Jahn
Sven Schienhammer-Altostratus Translucidus
Tha Artistz - Unafraid
Unit Moebius-The Golden Years Part 3
VA-Compiled One
VA-Sextoy Records 03
Dereck Recay-Dream Way 2011
Ellez Marinni and Oleg Espo-She Loves It
James Kitcher And John Ridout
Life Style-New Way Smooth Sensations Sound Vision
Michele Cecch-Message From The Universe
Mr. Pit-Sick and Sexy EP
Tranceaction-Angels Emotion

July 11th, 2011

Clouds-A Lot Of Calls From No One Part 2
James Blake
Jaybird-What Da Funk
Objekt-Objekt EP1
Synkro-Look at Yourself Girl and Its
Tes La Rok
VA-Lutetia Delight
Xxxy-You Gotta Do You
100me-Raw Sweet Part 2
Curtis B and Liz Melody
Dustin Hulton and Nikki Carabello-Something About You Remixes
Plus Five-Hold on to Me EP
Resistor-Shapeshift EP
Under this-Ruff Stuff EP Part 1
Dj Hyo - The Album
Duo Italiano vs Munda feat Jenny D - Tanti Auguri-(803248 4062283)
Jordan Duke-The Pulse
Bottin Presents Tinpong-The Jabberwock EP
Free School-Ranting And Raving EP
Marius Vareid-Sang Til Sara
Hybris and Presence Known-Bossa Nouveau and Absolute Power
Canblaster-Totem EP
Cinnamon Chasers - Science
Dirty Cat-Next Step
Erasure-The Circus (Remastered Special Edition)
Erasure-Wonderland (Remastered Special Edition)
Klutae-AEBM-Limited Edition
Mater Suspiria Vision-Inverted Triangle 1-Limited Edition
Washed Out-Within And Without
D-Version And Mecanek - Never Hesitate
Abby J - Rebelion EP-(MUMR 030)
Afrojack Presents Shermanology
Afrojack-Esther Vs Chords
Ali Ayhan
Alien In Transit-Take Control
Alvaro and Artistic Raw - Ready 4 This
Android Cartel-Tattle Tale Nightlife
Android Cartel-Tattle Tale Nightlife
Audiofly-6 Degrees
Benny Benassi Feat. T-Pain-Electroman-(DV743.11CDS)-Retail
Biboulakis Feat. Nina Zeitlin-If Only Alarms Didnt Ring
Blackbelt Andersen-Tyrkisk Pepper
Bruno Barudi feat Tha Suspect - The Way You Love Me-(ZD 208)
Dan-E-Mc Feat. Ash And Lady B-Freak Your Body-(SD0229)-Retail
Danny Daze-Your Everything
Deep Space Orchestra-Lo Pan
Deniz Koyu - Hydra
DJ Hermann - The Air Off Sound-(366158 5792345)
Durt Grizzly-Outpost EP
Elef-Keep It Physical
Elena - Midnight Sun-(MIE 8033993896420)
Evaa Pearl feat Humphrey - Crazy-(JCD 054)
Fabio Tosti Feat. Donald Sheffey-Feel What I Feel
Ferry Corsten-Check It Out
Fobeat - Bright Future
Fratty And Mancino-Time After Time-(AD019CDS)-Retail
Gabriel Ananda-Live Series Volume 2
Gary Beck
George Fitzgerald-Silhouette EP
Gianpiero Ibiza and Nick Terzo - Set Me Free-(LINK 114
Gum Me - Burnin Tonite
Hardwell - The World
House Of Stank-Guilty Pleasures EP (Incl. Johnny Fiasco Mix)
Isa Iaquinta Feat. Miss Motif-Gabriel-(MOL096)-Retail
Itaka - La Danza De Ibiza (Remix)-(SUN 1113)
Jam City
Jamie Funk-The SW Stories
Jorg Zimmer
Jose Carretas Feat. Dani-Taking A Little Piece Of Me
Laidback Luke - Natural Disaster
Markolino-Pulsingers Nacht-(JCD042)-Retail
Martin Landsky-Morning Caffeine
Martin Levrie
Max Essa Feat D.C Mathias-How Do You Feel
Max Padovani Featuring Mai Bi-Be My Friend-(MOL098)-Retail
Nelson-Shes Gone-(DV737.11CDS)-Retail
Niko Favata Ft. Sarcona And Daniel Sax And Sunnie G.-So High-(MLR009)-Retail
Onno-Hablando Loco
Peruz Vs Sala And Takeshy Kurosawa-Electro Spin Block Off Remixes-(MOL092)-Retail
Radio Slave-K Maze The Ornaments Remixes
Robert Gaez And David Herrero-Rise On Up
Seiji-Seiji 4
Simian Mobile Disco
Sofa Tunes-Knick Knack
Sog-Fremde Hande
Stereofunk-A Jazz Man in New York-(JCD043)-Retail
Tim Baker
VA-3rd Note
VA-Blackrose Sampler
VA-Cr2 Live And Direct Mync Vol 1
VA-DJ Set Volume 127
VA-DJ Set Volume 128
VA-DJ Set Volume 129
VA-Florida State Connections
VA-Reshape Essential Selection Only For Djs
VA-Viva Presents In The Club 2011.2
VA-We Get By With A Little Help Part 3
William Naraine-If I Could Fall-(AD009CDS)-Retail
Anthology And Cy-Rus ft. Atomic Twinz And Analyzerz - Funk-A-Delic Mc Paradise
R.E.M.-Lifes Rich Pageant (25th Anniversary Edition)
Wu-Tang Clan-Legendary Weapons
VA - Space Tribe Continuum Vol. 2
Abyss And Judge - The Truth
AUX 88-Mad Scientist Remixes Vol 2
Baia and X
Crystal Distortion
Dosem-Origin Freed
Ed E.T And D.T.R - The Ed E.T And D.T.R EP
Les Enfants Sages
Luigi Pastore-Blue Smoke EP
Mad Elephant vs Sickhead - Round 1
Mentalo and Funny Ox-Perce Oreille V2
Neilio - Captivating
Nout-Le Diable Au Corps Remixes 03
Objekt-Objekt EP
Strez - Ouanaigaine Vol.11
Talasemik - Talasemik Vol.3
The R3bels - Shade Shine
VA - A2 Records Unleashed Album Sampler 3
VA-Zapzarap EP
Zone 33 and Turbotek-Untitled-(MAMD02)-Repress Vinyl
4 Strings-Twilight Mode
Blake Jarrell
Dennis Sheperd And Cold Blue Feat Ana Criado-Fallen Angel
DIGITALmusikanten-Thrust Talsteiger (Remix)
Fast Distance and Dimension feat Anthya-Let Me Survive
Kyau And Albert-A Night Like This
Linnea Schossow-Someone Like You
Matt Bukovski feat Tiff Lacey-Swept Away
Mr. Pit-Sick and Sexy
Santerna-Aquamarine Parallax
Triple A-Winter Stayed
VA-Anjunadeep In Ibiza 2011
VA-Full On Ferry Ibiza (Mixed By Ferry Corsten)

July 10th, 2011

Clubroot-Remixes Vol. 1
Dnaebeats-Why You Wanna
Plu Ton
Airbeat One Project-Airbeat Army
Jack Holiday Feat. Allison-Missing You
Michael Mind Project Feat. Sean Kingston-Ready Or Not Incl De-Grees Remix
Sunray Vs. Turnyboy-Summertastic (Hands Up Bundle)
Sunray Vs. Turnyboy
VA-Hot Parade Summer 2011
VA-M2O Vol. 27
VA-Ministry Of Sound Running Trax 3
VA-Big Bass Anthems
Araabmuzik-Electronic Dream
Ba-Something Special The Remixes
Demdike Stare
Fuji Kureta-See Through EP-Promo WEB-DANCE
Owiny Sigoma Band-Tafsiri Sound
Sailor Mood
Simian Mobile Disco
Agent Greg feat Abigail Bailey-My Body and My Soul
Alessio Galfo-Ring My Bell (Alex Schifani Remix)
Alex Kenji - The Good Vibes
Audiofusion-Bum Bum
Ava Rocks-Still Rave About You Incl Michael Mind Project Remix
Basic Soul Unit-Afternoon Sun EP
Cashbeatz Feat Huskii and Ainsley-Break Of Dawn
Deymare-Some More
DJ BOB More Shot
Djuma Soundsystem - Maneter
Fuzzy Hair And Am Feat. Joe Taff-With U-(MOL108)-Retail
Ildar Abscess
Jose M. and Tacoman-Cetelope Remixes
Joy Cat and Dream Funker-Heart (Alex Schifani Remix)
Leigh Deep-Hip House
Leitner and Radunz-Club Al Amanecer
Logyk DJ-Deep In My Heart
Luca Belloni And Omonimo-Come Together-(MOL107)-Retail
Marcos Silvestre and Zoe Scolano-Caballero EP
Mark Antona - Rules Of Madness Pt. 1
Max Padovani Ft. Momo B-Sex Now-(MOL109)-Retail
Mr. Tophat And Adam Stroemstedt - Highvalley
Playboys-Loj Man
Sharam Ft. Anousheh-Fun-(DV745.11CDS)-Retail
Simone De Caro-Beatz Off
Sosa Ibiza-Esa Musica
Spagnu and Andrea Martello-Caminar Sobre Las Nubes Incl Alex Mind Games Remix
Stefan Hellstrom-Sky Burial
Takeshy Kurosawa Vs. Peruz Ft. Teacha-Open Your Eyes-(MOL103)-Retail
Tale And Dutch-Unattainable Love
Tony House Featuring Alexandra Star-Alone Tonight
Tuccillo-Mathematics EP
VA - I Love Housemusic Vol.3
VA - Ibiza Megamix 2011
VA-5ALIVE Sampler 1
VA-Deejay Best Remixer Extended Version
VA-DJ Master Club Vol 2
Velvet-Saint Martin
Johann Johannsson-The Miners Hymns
Sean McCann-The Capital-(Aguirre Records)
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
Plastic Vibe - Subliminal Broadcast
VA - Cinema Of Consciousness
VA-Manga Vol 3-Compiled By DJ Yuji
VA-Planetary Nation Vol 6
Xatrik-Bust A Move
Daze Maxim-Odd Wave E.P
Diego Infanzon-Two O Clock In The Morning EP
Julius Funkhouser-What Came First
Matteo Batini
Minimal Juri-Plastik Glass EP
Aerian Presents Sandwalker-Iguacu Falls
Josh Lasden Featuring Radioworx-Running Star
VA-Get Tranced 2011
Vasili B-Destination Blue
Yodis-Luna Rosa EP

July 9th, 2011

Jam City-Waterworx EP
The Show-City Life
Telonius and Prince Albert-Last Night-(GOMMADT 033)
Bone Dance
The Wishmaster - Cyberpunk
Alexander Urzola
Amanda Lear-Chinese Walk
Apple Juice-Love Takes 2 EP
Arapu Yanosh
Augusto Egea-Dark Seee EP
Beat Samurai-I Came To Rock
Cesar Pound feat Plavka-Fever Called Love
Chris Minus-Up To Something Good For Nothing
Christian Kurbanali Feat A Phake-Every Good Movie Ends With A Kiss
Cubique DJ-Winter Blues
Dany Cohiba
Dark Society-Shes Got It
Denis Solomon-Its My House
Die Hoerer Feat. Mr. Eyez - Make You Jack
Ed Lee
Elektrodynamik-Big Splash
Fab Code-The Glitch
Grant Dell-Bad Boy (CT011)
Grant Dell-Gimme Luv (CT010)
Jay C and Felix Baumgartner-Drunk In Africa
Jay Davis-Eta Andromedae
Jonoc-The Beginning
Jose R-Dibu Dibujito
Kiss Berry-Beautiful Tits
Lanvary-Nagasaki Warriors
Lexvaz-Are You Ready EP
Mangelt And Dimas Perez - Power Of The New Generation
Marco Fracasso Feat. Nica Brooke-Rhythm Of Reality-(ATA 1621)
Masky and Sophy-Take Me There
Mass Motion feat Emma Lock-Undisputed Love
Mike Labirt Feat. Dee Holloway-What U Do 2 Me (Remixes)-(NGR 038)
Monolythe and Zuri
Nick Corline feat Madelin Alfonso-El Ritmo De Verdad
Nico Pusch-Still In My Jungle
Pezzner-Mesh EP
Radical Rob-Monkey Wah
Radu F
Remco Rovers-The River
Rico Martinez-Tec and Funk
Sex Judas Feat. Ricky - The Sex According To Judas EP
The Squeeze
The Style feat Samuel
VA - Heavenly Bodies Records Presents Heavenly Disco
VA-Amnesia Ibiza Anthems 1990 2011
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
Vialocal Feat. Cocoared
Willie Graff And Tuccillo - To The Music
Astral Waves - Magique
Chandanam - Whispers Of The Silent Colors
VA-Ibiza Lounge 2011
VA-Nova Xposure 11
Antagon - Amnesia
Archaic - Sonic Driving
Freeze - Orchestra
Ibojima - Analog Superhero
Rocky - Keyboard Wipeout
Stratil - Fusion
The Antidote - Skylab
The Riddler - Behind the Curtain-(TES1DW118)
Alex Bau - Theory Of Noise
Alexander Dniel-Panel Trax 18
D Nemets-Die Dichte Welt
Hadji - Mutavluk
Matteo Batini and Mr Federick
Patrik Carrera
Remo-Somestraction Unpertubed
Stereo Cartel-Midnight Roller
Tommy Four Seven - Ratu G (Remixes)
Alex Larichev
Markus Schulz Presents Dakota-Thoughts Become Things II
Southern Fraiz feat Irena Love

July 8th, 2011

Bunny on Acid
Emalkay-The World EP
James Blake-Order-(HEK011)-Promo Vinyl
Apink-Seven Springs Of Apink
Dream Dance Alliance (D.D. Alliance)-Moving On
Gabry Ponte Feat. Zhana-Skyride-(80340 77241150)
Ismael Lora-The Album (The Best Spanish Dance Music)
John Maus-We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves
Roger-M Feat Eva-By Your Side 2011 Remixes
Com Truise-Galactic Melt
Moonlight Cove-Orphans Of The Storm
Shit Robot-From The Cradle To The Rave
Soulstice-In The Light
Sunken Foal-Mother of God
Tshe-Tsha Boys-Ni Famba Na Wena
Wagawaga-Hyper Typewriter
Xintsonga Dance-Vomaseve Vol.3
VA-100 Newstyle - Arsenal Records And Energy Kicks
VA-100 Newstyle - C.H.R Records And Newstyle Corps
VA-100 Newstyle - Global Noize And Sound System Records
Alessio Mereu
An On Bast-Pinwheel Mix
Antonio Piacquadio-Katias Groove
Arapu and Lumieux-Happy Fish
Artyom Junior
Chemars-The Caddyshack Club Pt 1
Christian Soto-Oh Yeahh Oh Oh Interceptor
Dave Lambert and Elektrokid and Timofey - House Clubbing Anthem 2011
David Guetta feat. Taio Cruz and Ludacris - Little Bad Girl (Remixes)
DAVIS-Smartshot Incl Jad and The Ladyboy Remix
Dio S-Dark Sky Remixes
Disco Bangerz-Atr 19
DJ Freddy and Michel Avannier-Notre Dame EP
Edson Pride and Thiago Antony-My Other Side
Erik Tronik-My Friend Britney EP
Ezlv - Taxi Wanted
Famebeat Project-Flight Over Land
Fatso-Hyper Giant
Florian Gasperini
Fritz Kalkbrenner-Right In The Dark
Gregorythme - YANGANGO
Groove Concept Feat. JOHNNYDANGEROUs-Lights Out
Halbro-Mystika EP
Hide And Seek-From Here To Now
Jay Cosgrove and Jon Craig-Lost In Ibiza
K-Nto-Return 2 U
Kolombo and Oliver Klein-Gonna Be
Laera-4 4 You
Machrys Deejay-Unknown Level Two
Marco Amadeo-Anga EP (Incl. Punk and GSparks Remixes)
Marco Passarani-Colliding Stars Pt. 2
Martin Wright-Kingdom Of God
Matheo Velez-La Vida
Max Sabatini and Alex B-Electro Echo
Miss Ketty feat Chynna Paige-You Can Dance
Moon Traveler-Born Wild
Noize Off-Wobble Massacre EP
Paul Panait-Sweet Poison
Raumakustik-Glaub Mir Doch
Ruth Flowers and Mamy-Still Rocking (Remixed)
Sean Ray-Between You
Sebrok-The Pain (the Remixes PT. II)
Shena-Electrosexual (Remixes)
Soul Reduction-The Reason
Stream Dance Project-Hell FM
Tim Richards feat New Empire-Summer Sky
Tom Hill
Under Construction-In My Game
Uno Kaya-Siren Song
VA-Club Music Hits Vol 1
VA-Club Traxx Progressive House 3
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 283
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 284
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 285
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 275
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 276
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 277
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 278
VA-DJ Promotion Mymusic Staff 03
VA-Return To Planet Batty (Rise Of The Artists)
VA-The White Room (Progressive and Vocal House Pearls)
VA-Various Artists
Vengerov-Kazantip Intro
Zervos P
Morcheeba-Blood Like Lemonade (Acapella)
Morcheeba-Blood Like Lemonade (Deluxe Bonus)
The Kosmik Kommando-Analogue Android
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 96
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 150
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 151
BUFU-We Like Giraffes
VA - Reverse E.P
Alberto Croce - My Love Ep
Andi Dengler-Chicken Run EP
Andy Kohlmann - Porno Zirkus EP
Armando Biz-Born In The U.S.S.R
Dany Rodriguez - Iremos Juntos Como Se La
Dave Wincent
Delano And Mark Drake-Lignano EP
DJ Chus And Pepo-Shopska Salata
Emix And D Lewis
Expander - The Waggler The Wiggler
Jack Shepherd - Formation
Marc Zimmermann
Mat Holtmann - Cuerno De Jericho Ep
Miroslav Krstic-Not To Last
Oliver Schories - Organ Freeway EP
Paco Osuna
Rhauder - Sessions
Roland M. Dill - The Good The Bad The Ugly The Evil
Sebastiano Sedda And Phil Dbit-Uncomfortable Duet
Welldone And Adoo-On The Run EP
Wolv4tron-Penthouse Ep
Aggressor and Lucas Hache-1000 Miles Deeper
DJ Shog
Kiholm and Kris Oneil-We Just Did
Sa.Vee.Oh - Unlimited (Organ Donors Remix)
Secret Garden-Sunny Day
Todd Kolding-The Bamboo EP
Ugmi - Temple of Trance
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 July 2011
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July 7th, 2011

5H01 - Teleport
A Quaint Freud-The Daily Lee Roy Ruben
Blu Mar Ten - Five Summers - Still The One
Eastcolours - Acidized - Radiation
Jay 5ive and Kromestar - Wishful Thinking
Nguzunguzu-Timesup EP
48K-Fractured EP
Actual Phantom-Respect Vs Pon De Floor
Ana Caravelle-Basic Climb Re
Blazer-You Blow Me Away EP
Crisp Biscuit-Crisp Biscuit 29
Curtis B and Nikki Carabello-Press Play Remixes
DJ Defkline and Red Polo-Bass Down Lower
Fx Projekt-Age of Contest EP
Project Synthetic-Back to Mothership EP
Resistor-Choose Your Weapon EP
VA-Zone Krew
Xployaz-Unexpected EP
Alan Cook-Bad Dreams 2011
Alan Cook-Do You Want To Stay
Brian Ice-Talking To The Night 2011
J.Garcia And A.Peret Feat. Kenta Noler-People Want To Party
Javier Ussia-Its A Raining Men
Milk Inc - Shadow
Norman-Lets Go To The Beach
Raul Orellana Feat. Jocelyn Brown-Gipsy Rhythm 2011
VA - De Maxx Long Player 21 (The Originals Edition)
VA-Dream Dance 60 (The Best Of Dream House and Trance)
VA-I Love Djs
Cherrystoens and Eddie and the Sunshine-Cherrystones Presents Blacker Forest EP
Gein And Cooh-Motherfucker Schizm
Dirty Disco Youth - Gravity EP (Plus Remixes)
ELOQ-Galactic Neckbreaks EP
IJO-The Easy Listener
Nikki Carabello and Dustin Hulton and Deerobes-Get Ready
Noythe-Sailing Wackwards
So Called Friend - Feet
Thomas Ankersmit Valerio Tricoli-Forma II
Fred Wesley-With A Little Help From My Friends
The Bo-Keys-Got To Get Back
The Sweet Vandals-So Clear
Adrian Baiceanu-All This Time
Al Torrado
Arapu and Lumieux-Keep The Groove
Billy Goat-Corazon EP
Bit Funk-Shes Got Two Hearts (Incl. Treasure Fingers Mix)
Burns And Meyer-Together EP
Chemars-A Night In The Big City
Daniel Sanchez and Juan Sanchez-Sensation EP
Deslaye-Hot Chicks
DJ Christ-Dubai In Sincro EP
Duet Delony Djs-House Music For Day
El Funkador
Ethan-For Love
Fedja Knajdl-Reason For Love
Fely B - Efemera EP
Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce-Step Into The Music
Groove Assassin Feat. Pete Simpson-More Than Enough
Herb Dean-Schabaaang-(100289 57)
Here Today-Down Here
Javier Alemany - Exaltemus
Jay Mocio Jethro Galung-Sueno De Volar
Klaide and Manuxx DC-At Baron
Lazy M-Draculas Dream EP
Loquai-The B
Luca G-Inside Me Part 2
Matt Coreman
Max Gleroy-Women Secrets
Mr Fresh - All Night Long
Oxygene-Dance To The House
Paul Francini-Paul Francini
Presslaboys-In Tha House
Project KF Cant Stop
Ralph Daily-We Are Oldschool
Sebastien Lintz And Jake Shanahan
Shoot Me-You Got to Live Your Life EP
Simone Girau-Mind the Gap
Solid Snake-Factories And Green Fields
Solo (UK)-Midgets Go Deep EP
The French Connection-Dope and Deep
Timo Maas-Cash Johnny
Trescem-Turn On The Music
Trokken and Niels Van Gogh - Bamboleo
Umek-Next Turn
VA-Ibiza Seleccion 2011
VA-Pacha Ibiza Club Crucial and Crossover
White Azz Suckers-All Night Remix
Benny Tones-Chrysalis Ft Sacha Vee
VA - Hitzone 58
VA-The Dome Summer 2011
69db-Lady Die Mix
Alex Delia And Nihil Young-Rave-O-Lution Remixes 1
Artic - Fuck The Fake Shit
Drone Vs Acid Up Dub-World On Fire
Erdal Mauff-Cuz Cuz Wanna Bath
Lyle Quach-The Flute Groove
Mario Miranda-People With A Lot Of Machines
Massimo Girardi
Nicole Moudaber-Different Meanings
Oliver Huntemann and Dubfire-Elements Series II Terra
Orson Keith - Dystor
Patrice Baumel-Mike Tyson
Robert Stahl
Roberto-The Land Of The Midnight Sun
Ruthless and Fenix - Back 2 Skool EP
Sebas Ramis And Guri And Kidzz
Slick-Evolution EP
Swat Squad
ThreeSixty And Dirty Harris
Troubleboy - Follow The Music
Umek-Slap (Competition Remixes 2011)
VA - The Oh On Tour 2011
Yamamoto-Canary EP
Talamasca and Mesmerizer - Make Some Noise
Tin5ha-Clear Blue Sky
Various Artists - Blazed - Sensations 2

July 6th, 2011

Ayhouse And Tomkay Feat Tommy Clint-Break Away
BTG - Boyfriend(s) (JES 0009)
Dave and Dominic - My Love Is True (366158 5956280)
DJ Tony Perez - Cry (DDC 082)
Electrostel - No Stop Music (366158 5962656)
Fabrizio Faniello - Fab In The Club (426018 0619270)
Luca Noise - Wygo The Mixes 01
Melissa Molinaro-Dance Floor
Sir G feat. Rasta Rebel and Jeefix - Wine Down Low (BMM 461)
The Leo - Friday Nite (SPK 044)
Al Kent Pres Million Dollar Disco-The Raspberry Freeze
Daz Dalton-Get Down Edits Vol 1
La Tuerie-The Basement Boutique EP
Nymfo-Double Dutch EP
VA-Hospitality Festival Drum and Bass
Pitch Black - Rarities And Remixes
Prymtym-Onix-(AR 006)
Saedi - Exhale
Alexis Dante and JM Sicky feat Eva Menson
Andrea Oliva-Beats To Beats
Bastian Van Shield-Youre Not Alone
Blendbrank-Synthetic Symphony Deadmau5 Extended Mix
Channel X-Little Symphony
David Alzate-Fall In Love
DJ Mam and DJ Fouzi
DJ Stas Rich-Onward Rise
Hypnotic Duo And The KPS-For How Long
Igor Voevodin
Inspired Souls
Jake Shanahan-Swing It Serial Killer
Jerome Ferra-Feel It
Julien Nolan and Red
Le Vinyl
Loona-El Tiburon Incl Sean Finn Remix
Marcus Blomdahl-Separated Love
Martin Roth-Deep Style Alacati
Michael Brun Remy Joel And Xpression-Shades Of Grey
Nick Akrivos
Nicolas Cuer-Decouvre Le Monde EP
Nino Bua-Make Me Dance
Nino Bua-Velvet Rope
Ralph Good feat. Polina Griffith
Rha Feat Alil-Forsaken Piers
Sagan-Simply Deep EP
Sidney Samson vs Tara McDonald - Dynamite Incl Nicky Romero Remix
Soundpusher-Milk And Honey Dr Who Mix
Stan Crown-Get In House
The Pressure Cookers-Pressure Cooker
VA-Bargrooves Deeper
VA-BLNRB - Welcome To The Madhouse
VA-Crucial Club Cuts Vol. 3
VA-Love Dope and Dreaming EP
VA-Pacha Ibiza Hits 2011
Amerie-Original Album Classics
Basement Jaxx VS Metropole Orkest-Basement Jaxx VS Metropole Orkest
Brian Eno-Drums Between The Bells
Brian Eno-Drums Between The Bells
David Guetta ft Taio Cruz and Ludacris-Little Bad Girl
VA - Relax-Compiled by Nicolo
VA-Urban Crate
Barem-After The Storm
B-Twinz - Game Over
Dominik Musiolik
Gabriel Ananda-Live Series Vol 2
Luca Giordano-Various Influence
Mauro Picotto
Sebastian Reza And Sean Random-Mescalina EP
Stereo Underground-Global Warning
The Glitz-Trumpets and Tenga Remixed
VA - Skyline Part Five
VA-Hepta Tasu Lapse
VA-Went Summer Season Part 1
ADAM M-Do You Like That
DJ Gertcev-Space Infinity-(HCM 004)
GRADY G-Afraid Of The Dark 2011
Sven and Olav - Sommer In Berlin-(OBG 1139)
Tom Parr
VA-Armin Van Buuren Presents Armind Vol 8
VA-Magik One First Flight (Unmixed Tracks and Continuous DJ Tiesto Mix)

July 5th, 2011

Hackman-Close EP
Kryptic Minds-Time Flies
Milyoo-Colours and Games
Westernsynthetics-No Holiday
The Reboot Joy Confession-Blacklight Chameleon
VA-The Sound of UK Garage
Dual Playaz-Every Day I See You
Locnville-Running To Midnight
Nathalie Aarts And Kim Lukas - Breathe Again-(INR 0711)
Ruxandra Bar-Step Up-(SHR 009)
Sunlove - I Cant Leave Without You-(366158 5961871)
VA-Different Shades of Savage
VA-Summer Klub80 Vol 5
Cherrystones-Brutal Series - Part 2
Radiohead-Little By Little (Caribou RMX)
Tiyiselani Vomasese
Tshe-Tsha Boys
Washed Out-Eyes Be Closed
DJ Batiste Vs Devil Twins
DJ Palas
DJ Ubri
Aaron und Pascal-New Era
Aendy Sam Miura-Sey Soul
Alex Gaudino
Alex Mind Feat. BBK
Ali Wilson-Until the Break of Day
Anane-Ananesworld Remix Collection EP (Incl. Louie Vega and Todd Terry Mixes)
Andme-Red Flag - Clamb
Antonyo and Andreas
Ashton and Barbena-Track 8
Bassanova and Moradzo Feat. MC Q-Bah-Nut Crackuh
Carlos Clavijo-Underground Party
Chris Fortier-Round Turn Life
Daniel Ray-The Opening
Dave Spoon and Patric La Funk
Dennys Festa-Hey If You Want It
Destinations-No More
Distant Keys
DJ Chus and David Penn-Will I-(AZNY 185)
DJ Duma
DJ Gray-Fairest In The Land
DJ Ruvex And Sehsson-Go Away
DJ Sion And Maximus-Other Side Of The Moon
DJ T.-City Life
DJ T-The Pleasure Principle-(GPMCD040)-Retail CD
DJ-Svjatoy (UA) And CJ Aleksov
Duilio Pasquale-Square One (Remixes)
Egostereo-Sex Pistols Hernan Cattaneo And Soundexile Remix
Evan Rhodes-Yo No Se Ayer
Fabio Giannelli
Francesco Rossi And Nilza Costa Feat. Roy Paci And Cico
G44 Feat. Chappell-Never Feel Down (Incl. Soneec Mixes)
Ghostleigh-GHOSTLEIGH 010
Groovalicious-So Right Tonight (Incl. Remixes)
Groove Delivers Feat. Kaysee-In You (Incl. Remixes)
Jaidene Veda-If Only
JD Miller
Johnnydangerous Pres. Juan Hoerni-Larry Classic
Josh the Funky 1-Every Night Pt. 1
Kevin Yost-Prayer For Japan
Lank-Aint No Problem
Lolo-Deep Down
Mad Morello-A Rainy Afternoon In October
Marian Fabian Reichelt Marek Hemmann-Only Our Hearts to Lose
Memento-Solstice-(BADR 112D)
Mord Fustang-Magic Trooper
Mr. Jimi Bytesize and Sy Sez Feat. Sabrina Chyld-Take Me
Norty Cotto Vs. Serious Intention-You Dont Know (Oh
Off Remixer-Work In A Park
Onno-Hablando Loco
Orange Muse-BUMP (Incl. Kenny Dope Remixes)
Oren Bi-Burn After Listen
Oscar P and Gianluca Pighi-Pimp Mobile-(OBM 308)
Panevino Feat. Xavior-If You Love Me
Rnr-Make It Happen
Rob Hayes Feat. Nicole Mitchell-Never Letting Go (Incl. Seb Skalski Remix)
Robbie Rivera featuring Ana Criado - The Sound Of The Times
San Dae-Rocking In NY
Scott Jenkins-Feel It
Sean Dexter-Roja Nation
Seandroid-Burst Reactor
Seight-Drugs Are Very Bad
Senores Funkees
Sergey Sivenenko-Lazy Monday
Sharon Brown-Thinking Of You (Part One)
Soul Oasis Feat. Charles Mcdougald-Somebody Tell Me
Soulaiman Zoubir
Sound Of One-I Know A Place (Incl. Roy A. Grant Mix)
Stan-Ley and Dele Sosimi-Atide (Here We Are)
Stefy De Cicco Feat. Andrew I-Please Dont Stop-Retail
Sten Jones-Night Time Tech
Sunlightsquare-O Mi Shango
The Pimp-Everyday Popes City Manoo (Incl. Jerk House Connection Remix)-(SSOH 47)
The Super-Phonics-Dial L For Love (Incl. Bahsonik and Filsonik Mix)
Theelement-Feelings Hurt
Tim Andresen-Este Ritmo Que Yo Te Canto-(1382 WBII)
Tom Glass-Flying Papers Sleepless
Truelove-Lets Party
Two Moods Feat. Natasha Watts-Take Me (SOW557)
VA-A Taste Of Kandi Summer 2011-(HEDKSMP 2011EINT)
VA-Backstreet Brit Funk The Re-Edits (Incl. Faze Action and Ashley Beedle Edits)
VA-Memories Part II (Unreleased Tracks and HMIDA Remixes Collection)
VA-Mofunk Magic for Miami
Vanguard-Oysters In The Half Shell
VA-Real Tone Records Pres. The New Blood EP Part 3
Version-Nothing (Incl. Marlon D Fish Go Deep and Atjazz Mixes)-(MISO 015)
Vladimir Lovkov
Wil Milton and Rodney Carter-Let Me Be The One (Incl. Remixes)
Wipe The Needle Feat. Gary Bardouille-Love Is EP
WUMM-D-Light (Incl. Tom De Neef Remix)
Yapacc-777 EP
Zulumafia and DJ Ouder-North African Revolution
Donnie Darko-As Death Takes Place
Alexander Koning-Outer Limits
Bart Skils-Dust - Santiago
Carnag 744 Vs DJ Vortex - Bring The Noise EP
DNA Killerz - DNA Killerz EP
Jan Hendez-Sheen Remixes
Nightwave-The Feel
The Abductors - Flabbergast
VA - Hardstyle Vol.23 Presented By Blutonium And Dutch Master Works
Vyolet - Your Name
A Force-Silent Prophecy
Binary Finary and Matthew Nagle
Dezza-I Wonder
Estigma-Nightcrawler Far Away
Manuel Rocca-Raining With Sun Late Afternoon
Miroslav Vrlik-Heat Of The Night
R V M-Awakening Times
Roby-Blue Kryptonite
Ronald De Foe-Gunslinger Incl 7 Baltic Remix
Running Man-Falling Travelling
Tellur-It Is Real
Will Atkinson

July 4th, 2011

Commodo Vs. Lurka
Cymatic-Glue and Hound Dog
FaltyDL-Make It Difficult Jack Your Job
iTAL tEK-Whip It Up
Photomachine-Technicolour EP (Throwing Snow and Raffertie Mixes)
Hoxygen-The Album
Shaun Baker Ft. Jessica Jean and Discomakers
Clap Rules-Golden Hands
Physics-Beneath The Surface - Brotherhood
Subterra And Bazil-NU12.049 Subterra
Bjoerk-Crystalline Serban Ghenea Mix
Brian Eno-Drums Between the Bells
Cyberboy 313-Your Pornodream Is Lost
Herb LF-Mo That Jazz
Hype Williams-Kelly Price
Laurel Halo-King Felix
Nitzer Ebb and Die Krupps-Join In The Rhythm Of Machines-Limited Edition
Noyce TM-Pastique-Limited Edition
Poborsk - Cuverville-Naynaynay - Silex Funk
The Deeep-Life Light
5OL3R-Contagious-(FLR 001)
Adele - Set Fire To The Rain
Afrojack - Bangduck (Moguai Remix)
Agev Munsen and Roland Clark-That Thing About Deep (Can Drum)
Alex Dolby And Santos-Raw Road EP
Alex M-Keep On Nosed
Alex OSN
Anthony Nicholson Pres. Miquifaye-Aggressive Meditation-(CM
Arkadiusz-S-Sounds Remember
Art Department-We Call Love
Cameo Drive-24-7 (The Mr. Qwertz Remixes)
Chixunighted Ariane Blank Albena Flores And Stiva Carlberg-Pleasured Feeling EP
Danny Fix-Lost Date
Danny T-Mean Baby EP
Davide Vario-Big Tunnel Of 2011
Decado-Floppy Man
Demarkus Lewis-Never Let Go EP (Original Mix)
Demir Baran
Diamond Lights-Happiness EP-(YYR 016)
DJ Ouder-Pure Madness
DJ Roland Clark-Go Back (RC Exodus Mix)
DJ T.-City Life
DJ Tessen-Deep Trouble Sounds Volume 2
Djose Elenko-Soul Seduction
Edground Feat Airily
Eduardo Moises And Parlange-Lamb Sky EP
Francesco Tarantini-The Medicine Man EP-(SSOH 46)
Francisco Zalazar-System Failure EP
FTL Vs. Krista-Hell Always Love Me (Heavens Piano)
Full Intention feat Shena-Ill Be Waiting Incl Michael Gray and Jon Pearn Remixes
Funk Dvoid-Stellar Gardens Egbert Remix
Gabriel Horizon and De Shun-Beautiful Love
Giorgio Prezioso Vs. DJ Kharma-Living On Video
GSparks Feat. Wasso-Kimba Bwana
H-Foundation-Tonight Remixes
Ian Pooley-So Good
Jam P-Open Up (Incl. Aaron Ross Remix)
James Braun
Jazzmattik Feat. Missum-And Other Worlds (Incl. Remixes)-(MSM 027)
Jimmy Maheras-Space Jam
Jin Choi-Full Range
Joel.V-Youngle Guanda (Incl. Hallex.M Remix)
Juan Saez
Kathy Brown-Only For Tonight-(900879 8054503)
Kevin Yost-Bongo Madness Evolution 2
Kremsiekrem Feat Gromer And Devon-In The Air Official UK Remix
Leroy Styles and Mitch Crown-Voodoo Nights
Lorenzo Al Dino and Deep Josh Feat. Cope-Lullaby-(900702 1000171)
Luca Morini-New School
Lucky Luciano (Italy)-Happy Friday
Marcelo Rosselot-Viaje En Tango
Mauro Del Principe feat. Adam Clay-Be Myself
Mike Dominico Feat. Big Papa Sparber-Stand Up
Mike Dunn Presents The Deep Boyz-The Boy Beats On His Drum (Incl. Remixes)
Mousse T.-Raveline Mix Sessions 035
Mr. Raoul K-The Balafon Teachers
Nicc Johnson Feat. L.T Brown-Love For Now (2011 Remixes)
Nick Holder Feat. Gentle Aura-Darkness Falls (2011 Remixes)
Paul Shout-Rock The Disco
Raffa Scoccia-Se A Cabo (FW
Rigor-Royan EP
Roland Clark Feat. Q-Outside In The Rain (Bang The Drum Mixes)-(MSR 022)
Rude Disco and Eliki-Sweet Kisses
Sam Mccomb
Sander Van Doorn-Koko (The Remixes)
Tex Rec.-Evil Inside Me
The Wizard Brian Coxx-Soulgasm Sessions 2
TJ Cases-Impossible is Nothing
TJ Kong and Nuno Dos Santos-Black Label 79
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Turmspringer-Freedom EP
VA-Bouq Family And Friends Part 4 Bouq013
VA-Ibiza Summer 2011
VA-Sunshine Friends EP
Victor Veros
When Saints Go Machine-Fail Forever Remix EP
Wil Milton Feat. Eric Scott-Didnt Know Love Then (Incl. Remixes)
Wolfgang Voigt-Kafkatrax 2
Alpha Protocol - Let Yourself Go Hustlers And Hardcore
Alex Heffes-The Rite
Paul McCartney-McCartney-(Remastered)-(Special Edition)
Paul McCartney-McCartney II-(Remastered)-(Special Edition)
Angy Kore-Be Sure EP
Christian Peak-Crystal Rain EP
Christian Smith
Conrad Van Orton
Cristian Varela
Darkon Systemic and D.Jaques - Bank Job EP
Delete - Formula EP
Delete - Formula EP
Dkaito and Dj Nighthunter feat Alexis - The Game
Fireattack - Who Are U Promise
Hollen-Rocket EP
Jason Little vs Waldhaus - Jasons Mask Vol.12
Kodex - Insomnia
Leon-Tarzoon Power Of Dreams Red Corner
Lorenzo Dianni-Industrial EP
Mental Crush - Analogue Underground EP
Miles Sagnia
Sascha Sonido-Caballero EP (Part One)
Simina Grigoriu-Project Boondocks (Part 2)
Simina Grigoriu-Project Boondocks EP
Solee-Reflect Legends (Remixes)
The Anarchist - The Skreetch
Tobias.-Leaning Over Backwards
Usmev-Anima I Versus EP
Alex Kunnari
Aly And Fila Feat Jwaydan-We Control The Sunlight
Amex and Bartlett Bros feat Lizzie Curious-A New Dawn Incl Tempo Giusto Remix
Arty-Around the World
Chris Metcalfe-Never Forgotten
Cliff Coenraad
Estiva feat. Josie-Better Days
Husman And Blidge-Joint Venture
In2ition-In2ition Artist Spotlight Bundle
In2ition-In2ition Artist Spotlight Bundle
Luca Antolini - Energize 2011
M.I.K.E. vs Ben Nickey-Spring Break Drizzle
Marcel Woods
Niklas Harding and Maxim Yurin - Pulsar
Protoculture feat. Shannon Hurley-Sun Gone Down
W and W-Three Oclock

July 3rd, 2011

Point B-Suicide Beauty Spot - Remixes Part 2
Royal T
Roboteknic-Psyberteknic EP
Surisan-The Only One-(ARC 097)
Shoes-Early Years Vol 01
Blue Motion-Stay Forever LP
Ensemble Economique-To Feel the Night as it Really is
VA-Dubstep Onslaught
VA-Hidden Hawaii Solaris Series-(HHD Solaris 1 3)
VA-Hidden Hawaii Solaris Series-(HHD Solaris 2 3)
VA-Hidden Hawaii Solaris Series-(HHD Solaris 3 3)
VA-Sweet Baby I Cant Sleep
Boys at Work-In the Sky-(Prezioso and Marvin Remix)
Cerebal Sounds-Secret Police
Cristian Tomas And Jorge Ribes
Crookers-The Gonzo Anthem E.P
Dario Nunez-Miami Beats 2011
Hard Rock Sofa and St. Brothers-Myth (Remix)
Harry Choo Choo Romero
J Fader
Jane Klos-House Klub Forever
Javier De Baraja-Eleven Stars
Jhonatan Vyper-Exotic Trip
Junior Faria-Disco Crazy EP
Laera-Enjoy The Silence
Peruz And Mats Mattara-The Final Countdown
Sebastian Mullaert - Alva
Sunn-Harness The Sun
The Cataracs-Top Of The World (Feat Dev)-(Promo CDS)
TV Rock And Hook N Sling ft Rudy-Diamonds In The Sky Incl Radio Edit
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Promo Only Mainstream Radio July
VA-Vanguard 11
Various Artists - The Remixes
Balthazar and Jackrock-Puerto Rico
Dapayk Solo
Dusty Kid
Hugo Paixao-Cosmic Impact
Karmin Dapaola
Marko Nastic-Every Day Baby
Paul Van Dyk-The Best Of-Bonus DVD
VA - Hardstyle Top 100 2011

July 2nd, 2011

Filth Collins - Let Me Go
Geoff Bukk - Geoff Bukk - Part II
Hovatron-Gypsy Trader
Kryptic Minds-Time Flies
Kuedo-Videowave EP
Nightwave-The Feel EP
UFO - Out Of Season EP
Lora-No More Tears-(SHR 008)
Motel Synth George feat Katok-Maranza Fairytale-(IRD 052)
Natalia Lesz-That Girl
Play and Win-Ya Bb
VA - Regi In The Mix Volume 10
VA - Regi In The Mix Volume 10
VA-Beatbox 11
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 330 - Dance Invasion Vol. 87
VA-Fiestareggaeton Compilation
Binalog Frequency-Funk EP
Crotaphytus-The Bite Of The Reptiles 2
Electrick Dragon-Electrick Dragon EP
ELOQ-Galactic Neckbreaks EP
Flat Eric - Flat Beats
Gazeebo-Essentials 2
George Fitzgerald-Silhouette EP
Mr Pauli and David Vunk-We Are The Laser Lords EP
Pip Williams-Field Studies
Tudor Acid-Wrong Side Of Day Part 06
VA-Ante Perry Flashing Disco Sounds II From 7 P.M. Till 7 A.M
Versalife-Night Time Activities Part 2
Red Snapper
AKA AKA and Thalstroem
Alex Del Amo
Alex Gray
Andrea Carissimi-Power In You (Incl. Remixes)
Chemars-I Love The Nightlife
D-T3CH Vs. Tom Drummond-Treasure Hunter EP
Dzim-Black Factory
Gene Hunt Feat. Ms. Jocelyn-Get Away-(MSM 028)
George Siras Feat. Duan Harden-We All Need Love (Promo Edition)-(MIE 801409 0065094)
Gordheaven Feat. Morobi
Groove Assassin-Groove Assassin In The Mix
Jakub Rene Kosik
Jamie Ruz-This Is How We Roll
Jordan Rivera-Future Ibiza Weapons
Kaiserdisco-Silfides and Ondinas
Kinky Movement-Next To You LP
Kristine W-Battle Of The Remixers Round 2 Land Of The Living
Leslie Carter and Diamondancer Pres. Goddess Nrg-Essence Of You
Miguel Migs Feat. Mutabaruka-Red and Dread
Rancido Feat. Lex Empress-Brighter Days (Incl. Remixes)
Rhythmcentric-New School Fusion (Incl. Remixes)
Roland Clark-Go Back (Tribulation Remixes)
Steven Stone Feat. Marc Evans-Never Give Up (Incl. Remixes)
Tim Trip-Las Vegas Hustle-(BB 007)
VA - Forza Atmoz The Classix
VA - Totally Summer-(Mixed and Compiled by Billy the Klit)
VA-Cream Ibiza Super You And Me Mixed By Laidback Luke
VA-Defected Battle Weapons 2011 Ibiza House
VA-Defected Battle Weapons 2011 Ibiza Peak
VA-Defected Battle Weapons 2011 Ibiza Soul
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 329 - the House Jam Part. 84
VA-Family Horror
VA-Reekinstructions Album Sampler Part Two
VA-Reel People Music Remix EP Vol. 1
Wave Dweller-Rat Race
Yeray Herrera-Bastards Work For Ugly People
Yves Murasca and BK Duke-Did You Know (Incl. Remixes)
A-Drive - Beat Sensation Diamonds
Arrox - Generation Kill
Audio Damage Meets Hardforze - The Future
Azari and III-Manic-(LLR 02)
Christian Varela
Robert Fabian - Strugglesubdue
Secret Unity - The Secret World EP
Tom Dazing And Gols-Hawai Surf Club
Ton Def-Blunt 2011
VA - Hardtechno Will Never Die Vol.5
VA-Biggest Hardstyle Anthems Ever
Hoyaa Pres Lunar System-Second Base
Majai-Emotion Flash Elevation Big Room Remix
VA - Superstrings 8 (Trance Best Tunes)
VA-Pilot 6 Collected Vol 1
Vitodito And Soulforge-Share A Smile EP
Wojciech Tuszynski-Everything You Did

July 1st, 2011

2methylBulbe1ol-Dead Channel Infected
Anodyne-Destruction 808
Brackles and Shortstuff-Broken Harp
DFRNT-Metafiction Therapy
Indigo-Zero Point
Kevin Mcphee-Get in with You EP
King Cannibal-All The Colours Of The Night
Koreless-4D and MTI
Silkie-City Limits Volume 2
Wheez-Ie-All Werked Up
Defkline and Red Polo-Rolling in the Mud
VA-I Own this
Andres Ballesteros-Beautiful U R
Brooklyn Bounce - This Is How We Rock
Brooklyn Bounce-This Is How We Rock Remix Bundle
Denik Fihonmhan - Your Song 2011-(IRD 054)
DJ Sanny J And Daniele Feat Los Tiburones - Baila En Tanga-(MIE 8019991874233)
G Lontra ft Chelc D-Fill Me Up
Jean Claude Ades and Sam Obernik-Work of Art
Mabra - EP Vol9-(MBV 9)
Melanie C-Rock Me-(DBREDG 6 X)
Mike Nero-Smiling Faces 2011
Prolosapien feat Lexxxi - Pillemann
VA-Dance Factory Vol 6
Black Van-Moments Of Excellence Feat. Holy Ghost
VA-Drop Out Orchestra 2008 Vol 1
Valentin Feat The Morvans-Every Night
White Elephant-Sir John
Wolfram Feat Haddaway-A Thing Called Love
Alien Alien-Black Guru EP
Angel Eyes-Dire Dish
Cortex-Vacuum Theory
Dexter-Space Booty
Elliot-Found Sounds
Emanuele Errante-Time Elapsing Handheld
Hecate-Brew Hideous Remixes
The Black Ghosts-When Animals Stare
VA-Boys Noize Presents Super Acid
Vezelay-Lyre E.P
Dem 2-She Go Down
Locussolus-I Want it and Next to You
Hard Essence - Sky Turned Black
2 Guys In Da House-Morning Sunshine
Aerea Negrot-Right Body Wrong Time
AM ROOTs Feat. Sonia Miranda-Coracao Em Ebulicao
Anhken-Generic Incl Fiord Remix
Antony Fennel Feat. Maiya-I Pray
Antony Fennel Feat. Maiya-I Pray
Armel Dees-Left Alone
Arthur Oskan-A Little More Than Everything
Arthur Oskan-Fat Mobile
Asha Edmund-Whats The Figure
Bartellow And Ogris Debris-The Bartellow Thrill EP
BBM Global Feat. V Hollywood-No Pain No Regret
Bevan Golden Feat. JSOUL-Come On Over
Bianco Soleil
Black Motion Feat. Jah Rich-Banane Mavoko (Incl. Remixes)
Bossruu Feat. Wandile-Ngawe (Incl. Atjazz Mix)
Cascabel Gentz-Electric High
Chemars-Bring Back The Heat
Chocolate Groove Feat. Mirada
Citysounds-Perspective EP
Clankerz And Photik-Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner
Commercial Club Crew-Groove Is The Rule
Dan Caster and Sascha Braemer-Nasty Girls
Danny Corten and Maxime Wattel - Meet Her At The Love Parade
Dave K Feat. Jah L Rainey-The Drum
Dave Kurtis and Daniel Harrison - Dont Say
Dave Vega-Altars Of Magic
David Durango-Random Pleasure
Demir Baran-A Day With Smie
Dirty Impact and Royal XTC feat Chris Antonio - Im Always Here-(TRAKDIG 034)
DJ Kharma-Sonic Boom
DJ Livano
DJ Mafia
DJ Naish-Bad Romance
DJ Sodeyama
DJN Project and Kenny Bobien-What A Way
Doktor Noize DJ-See the Devil
Donaeo-I (Sean Mccabe Remix)
Dovie Cote (In Blueblackness)-East Of The Sun
Electric Tango-Sax Story
Erik Loz-After Me
Evan Virgan-Right Dont Stop
Filipe Narciso Feat. Luciana Teixeira-Amores Da Minha Vida
Floating Points
Greg Stainer-Mamma Sey
Groove Junkies Feat. Alexander Sky-The White Light Pt. 2
Guido and Baobinga
Hector Pizarro-Quilombo In America EP
Homework-Rally Racquet Club EP
Igor Brzovic-Love Story EP
Imaani-Found My Light (The Layabouts Remix)
Isaac Lozano Feat Thuria Sanchez
Jaidene Veda-Soul Size Love (for Japan)
Jaidene Veda-Soul Size Love (For Japan) (Incl. Remixes)
Jeff Bennett-Reconz EP
Jj Faro-Walking In Oslo
Joan Ibanez Priscila Due-Sexy Boom
Joey Negro Pres. Doug Willis-Douggy Style EP
John Tejada
Jonn Hawley Inside EP
Just4funk Ft. Orlando Johnson-This is Funky
J-Valencia and Johan Dresser-Artist Spotlight Vol.1 (PLR029)
Kings Of Tomorrow-Finally (The 10th Anniversary Remixes)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse-Rebellion Der Traumer Remixes Part 1
La Pena-La Pena 008
Marcus Gauntlett-Oh Baby
Mario Basanov-Lonely Days
Mat Chiavaroli-War Outside
Mathias Stubo
Matijay-Paella-(ECUR 033)
Mauro Picotto-I Am What I Am
Mikas-Virtual Emotions
Monodeluxe Feat. Jannae Jordan-Time Remix Project
Morning Factory-Fantasy Check
Noidoi-Dupa Joi
Noir And Haze
Polyrhythm Feat. A. Salih-You In Mind
Qbical-Plane Arium EP
Ralf GUM Feat. Diamondancer-All This Love For You (The 10th Anniversary Mixes)-(GOGO 045)
Ricardo Espino and Yeray Herrera-En La Timba
Rocco-Saharien Child
Rocco-Saharien Child
Rony Seikaly-Take Me Higher
Sasch BBC And Caspar-Ruler EP
Sebastian Russell-Far Around Us
Sergio Fernandez-Elegant Code EP
Shakarchi And Stranaus-Dodskallar Och Korallrev
Shane Berry-Trial And Error EP
Simone Vitullo Feat. Lady Vale-Never Give Up
Space Ranger-Nightmoves EP
Space Ranger-What About The Magnetic Fields
Starkillersa and David Solano and Dmitry Ko-Bottle Pop
Suedmilch-Draw Me A Line EP
Sunset People Feat. Colin Rich-Dreaming Aint Enough (Incl. Remixes)
T.S.H-Electrolize 2011 Official Theme Song For Electrolize 2011
Terisa Griffin-Please Dont Save Me (Incl. Maurice Joshua Mixes) (MJD011)
The Oliverwho Factory-I Can See
The Subs-Dont Stop
The Tonica - Kazantip We Are
Thommy Davis and Alexis P. Suter-Slam Me Baby
Thommy Davis and Alexis P. Suter-Slam Me Baby
Tom Novy and Michael Marshall - Your Body (2011)
VA - Bloomingdale 2011 (10th Anniversary Edition)
VA-Balearica 11 By DJ Chus
VA-DJ Yellow EP
VA-Ibiza House Anthems 2011
VA-Nofitstate Geddes
VA-Proghouse 2011 Vol 3
Vlada Asanin
Vlada DJ Juan Rey-Turn The Tide Remixes
Wadsworth-Lime And Pink EP
Wil Milton-A Perfect World-Yoruba Speaks
Wolfgang Voigt-Kafkatrax 1
Xavi Alfaro Feat Kelly Diamond
Alicia Keys-Songs In A Minor (Collectors Edition)-(Bonus Tracks)
Beverley Knight-Soul UK
Fathers Children-Whos Gonna Save The World
LMFAO ft Natalia Kills-Champagne Showers
Thievery Corporation-Culture Of Fear
VA-Motown Summer Mix
VA-Puro Desert Lounge Vol 4
VA-Street Parade-Official Chill and Lounge 2011-Mixed by Tito Torres
VA-Street Parade-Official Compilation 2011-Mixed by Remady
VA-Street Parade-Official Trance 2011-Mixed by Dave202
Bear Bones Lay Low - Smoked The Whole Thing
AUX 88-Aux 88 Presents Black Tokyo Remix Session 1
Banditozz-Il Ritmo-(DJ Andy Garcia Virtua Boy Remix)
Dave The Drummer and Tony Montana-Hydraulix 43
DJ Hammond - Braincells
Inigo Kennedy-Vignettes (One)
Klubbhoppers-Musica Brutale
KSERX - Bulgaria EP
Mad Elephant - Dirty Motherfuckers EP
Mantu-Jungle Fear
Mark Rey - Azteka Wars Ep
Omega Drive-Red Carpet EP
Paolo Mojo-All Night Alright
Pasquale Maassen - Syntax Error EP
Perc-Wicker And Steel
Pig and Dan-Guiding Lights
Sigha-I Am Apathy I Am Submission
SML and Jason Little - Pipe Of Madness
Speedy J.-Shoegaze EP
Thomas Bruchschmidt - Knatterton EP
Tomy Declerque-Kids Room Is A Mess
VA - Hardtechno Destroyer Vol.4
VA - Maschinenraum EP
VA-Cold Shoulder - Clashed Remixes
VA-DJ Networx Vol.49
Dakota-Thoughts Become Things II
DJ Respect - The Other World
E Kor - Mirage
Fleeticer - Over Atlantic
Interphace - Dr Feelgood 2 0
Paul Oakenfold and Marco V-Groove Machine
Peter Santos - Gattaca
The Airstatic-Nothern Palmira Incl Dreas Remix
VA-Armada Top 15 July 2011
Van Venrooij - Emotional Joyride
VA-Trance Trip Vol 8
VA-Welcome To The Club Vol.22
Zamanov - Air

June 30th, 2011

AI23-Good Jokes
Dro Carey-Much Coke
Sclist and Point B-Safari and Battery Operated
Subeena-Wrong for Me
Swarms-Old Raves End
Andres Ballesteros-Beautiful U R
DJ Botxo And DJ Jeanols-Raindrops (RSR.022)
DJ Muela-Only Girl
DJ Oskar-In My Head
Dos-Wonderful Life EP-(366158 5938224)
Javi Crecente Presents Javi Asia-Falling In Love
La Senal-Soc Una Tassa (En Valencia)
La Senal-Soy Una Taza
Naya Marie-Can You Hear My Voice Incl Mondo Remix
OBK-Oculta Realidad Remixes EP
OBK-Siempre Tu EP
Raul Arribas-Seek Bromance
Raul Soto And Miguel Serna
U.Shiro Feat. Bull-DJ Got Us Fallin In Love
VA-Booom 10
Vicente Belenguer Feat T Tommy-Illusion-(2011 Remix - Feat Patrizze)
Current Value feat. Snow-Shy Flame
J Majik and Wickaman
Northern Lights-Bad Boys (Serial Killaz Remix) - All Night Long
12th Planet and SPL-Lootin 92
Jurgen Muller-Science Of The Sea
Kali Briis
Mord Fustang-A New World
Semiomime-Form Memory
Siriusmo-Sirimande Feed My Meatmachine
Steve Moore-Primitive Neural Pathways
The Chemical Brothers-Hanna (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Trust-Candy Walls
Vampillia-Alchemic Heart
DJ Flame Feat. Tibu K - The Nothing EP
2 Guys In Da House-Morning Sunshine
Analog People In A Digital World - Liar
Astroshift-Tonight (Remixes)
Axcell-Split Personality
Backspin Boyz-True Type Classics
Baxter And Herdman-Extra Flava
Body And Soul Ft Eeva-Body And Soul
Bruno From Ibiza-A Better Way
Bubba-Midnight Man
Christian Farias - Le Club EP (PSL042)
Damian Lazarus-Different Now
DJ Lapsky
Dj Phono-Welcome To Wherever Youre Not-(DIYNAMICCD07)-Retail CD
Egal 3-Heartbeat Remixes
Ezequiel Guerreno-Bell Of Faith
Feed Me-To The Stars
Felguk-Blow Out
Flash Brothers-Heavens Gate Part 3
Frost-Think Positive
Green Velvet-Millie Vanillie
Gregor Salto Anibel Fortes Wesley Monteiro Ft Melissa Fortes-Madalena-(361015 0008480)
Hannah And Dr. Kucho - The Isand Of Love EP
Industria Malavida Feat. Miguel Valdes-Baila La Mulata-(366158 5910985)
J. Phlip
Jay Lumen-Here Comes that Sound EP
Jelly For The Babies-Going To The Top
Jen-Dance Dance Dance (Incl. Pop Version)-(366158 5911043)
John Acquaviva-Clear Sailing EP
Jordan Rivera-Jordan Rivera
Kraak and Smaak Feat. Lex Empress-Call Up To Heaven
Laera-Singing On The Street
Lance Anthony-In The Club
Loli Lux-Wannabe 2011 - Extended
Mark Schuster-Dont You Want Me
Matt Caseli and Danny Freakazoid-Miss U
Matteo Monero-On My Way
Mike Newman And The Viron
Mory Yacel-Rain Of Love
Outboxx-Kate Libbys and Berties Groove
Pat Lezizmo
Paul Anthony Zxx-Keep On
Paul Harris and Alex Tepper-Mumbo Gumbo
Peppe Alberti Feat Emanuele Sala-Move Your Feet
Peter K and Andrew M-The Mistery
Pink Fluid-So Much Love
Prem S
Rob Driche and David Cherish-Swing Your Thing
Rusky Rusk
Sedi-2tone - Endless Vision
Sem Thomasson Feat. Rama-More Than Words
Simone Vitullo ft Lady Vale-Never Give Up
Spanglish Feat. Carmen Sherry-Fiesta 2011
Teenage Mutants With Stereophil
The French Family And DJ Turtle
Tuccillo Feat. Patty Bravo-Bambola (The Remixes)
Tune In Tokyo - Dreamer-(AD 037)
Twylo-Progress EP
VA - Club 66 Housemeister Edition 1
VA - Ibiza Summerhouse Megamix 2011
VA - Street Movement EP
VA-Nikki Beach-In The House-Mixed By The Shapeshifters
VA-Pacha Summer 2011
VA-Sensation Innerspace
VA-Unlimited Sampler 1
Virtu-Arsenal Ghetto Punk EP
Offthesky-Subtle Trees
Richard Ingram-Happy Hour
Flowjob - Sway
Dizzy Plant - The Dizzy Plant EP
DJ Preach-Planet Rhythm 80
Gigi Lav And Simon J. Bergher - Drugs And Techno
Joel Mull
Josh And Lareau - Down In The Street
Joshua Hiroshy - Rock N Roll Queen
Kernel Key-I Would EP
Kollektiv Turmstrasse-Rebellion Der Traeumer Remixes Part 1
Mike Molossa-Underground Roxx
Orlando Voorn-Revived Dusty Rain
Rrose-Primary Evidence
TNT - Dial T For TNT
Alex Flip Live
Andain-Promises Incl Richard Durand Remix
Denis Preiffer-My Trip To Angel Falls
Digital Mess-Karma EP
Emigiel And Tello
Ice Fire - The 3 Dimension EP
Luis Sanvicente-Blue Moon
Moorea Blur-Epic Moments
Net Shop Boys-See Ya Down At The Disco
Sunset-La Luna The New Remixes
VA-Armada Presents Trance Essentials 2011 Vol 1
Yuri Kane-Right Back Craving And Howe Remix

June 29th, 2011

Knowing Looks-Abandoned Ship and Last Kiss at the Plains Hotel
Submerse-Mecha EP
Britt - Fcking Vet
Dan Winter-Party Over Here (The Album)
Thomtree Feat. Rebecca-I Need You To Be Here
Alex Wizz-Scorpio EP
Brioski-Black Cow EP
Holger Czukay
Ian Hawgood-Live Performances Japan 2009
Lonehill Estate
N-Ter-Conclusions EP
VA - Surplus Sampler 40
Angelo Tortora-Moscia EP
Angy Kore-So Far So Good 2011 Remixxx
ARES Alfonso-Lycra EP
B.C. X Delivery-Scion A V Remix Rhonda International Return To Me-(SA V27)
Ben Lb-What Do You Say
Btrax-Sandstorm The Remixes
Bucher and Kessidis
Daniel Dexter-Chicagos Flower And Cherry Blossom EP
Dinka-Tales Of The Sun
Dirty Secretz
DJ Meme Orchestra Feat. Tracey K-Love Is You (Quentin Harris Mix)
Dolls Combers-Summerbreeze Vol 3
Gay Marvine-Secret Mixes Fixes Vol 10
Ghetto Digital-GhettLoud EP
Gianni Kosta-Next Play
Girl Unit-Wut Claude Vonstroke Remix
Global Deejays-Freakin Out
Hot Pink Delorean and Rory Lions-Move It
Hot Pink Delorean-Watch The Sunrise
Liviu Groza-China Charm
Lovebirds Feat. Stee Downes-Want You In My Soul-(ROAD 027)
Martinez-The Paradigm Shift Remixes Part 2
Monopolar-Uebersalsa EP
Neuroxyde Roy RosenfelD
R21 Vs Grow-Broken Machines
Tetchy-24Seven House EP
Tim Trip-Las Vegas Hustle-(BB 007)
Tomoyuki Sakakida-Furaibow Red
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 2011
VA-For The Djs Vol 19
VA-Foreal House Sessions
VA-Nervine Collection Vol 11
VA-Progressive Gems Vol 2 Compiled By DJ Mikas
Vick Lavender Pres. the V.L.E.-The Standard
Vincenzo And Talking Props
Bvdub and Ian Hawgood-The Truth Hurts
Jimmy Behan-The Echo Garden
The Hornitz
VA-Promo Only Canada Mainstream Radio June
VA-Promo Only Rhythm Radio July
VA-Promo Only Urban Radio July
Badass Yuki-Black Apple Trip
Gaudium - Session Of Progression
VA - Tech Tales
Anthony Attalla Subfractal-Grape Ape
Djanny - You Feel It
Funk Dvoid-Diabla 2011
Gary Beck And Speedy J
Helge Kuhl-Big Bang Remixed
Mark Broom And James Ruskin-Night Nurse EP
Max Freegrant-Get High
Nhar-Megumi Bluedrop
Nitrouz - Rhythm Of Our Hearts
Nitrouz - Rhythm Of Our Hearts
Phunk Investigation-Belo Horizonti
Roman Lindau-Lot De Deux
TNT a.k.a. Technoboy N Tuneboy - First Match 2011 Scared
Truncate - Pad Mode (ENEMY016)
Tube And Berger And Frank Sonic-The Swarm
VA - Hardtechno Mafia
Dave Wright Feat Glynn Alan-Fire Trap
John Waver And F1D0
Nathan Profitt-The River
Qller-Falling Water Drops
Terra V-Vibes Of Terra V Incl Roger P Shah Mixes
Thomas Krautmann
Tomoyuki Sakakida-Furaibow Blue
VA-Summer Punch Pack
VA-The Island Collection
VA-Trancessential EP

June 28th, 2011

Anstam and Phon.O-Albert and IL62
Broke Djs
Caural-Die Before You Die
Hypno-KOKO and Analies
Lapalux-Many Faces Out of Focus
Peverelist-Dance Til the Police Come and Fundamentals
Rushd-Tendercage and Ninjas Secret Love
Unquote-NDLTD.002 Unquote
Damscray-Blot Method EP
Minuit-Dance Music Will Tear Us Apart Again
Renegade Alien-Sound Of Light
David Latour Himode And Narco - Venus vs Mars
Inside DJS-You Are My Love
Jellytouch-You Know-(100277 02)
Only Children-Dont Stop
Processory-Trickle Down EP
Subvader-Each Time We Touch
VA-The Hip Joint EP
Alert And Wade Rivers-Stealth Insurance
Dubversion-The Stylistics LP
Kurrupt-Prescribed Drugz Reverance The Fear Of God
Static And Scott Allen-Slipping Away EP
VA-Riotbringer Shelter
Ben Vida and Keith Fullerton-Required Wreckers
Darling Farah
Deon and Grimes
Enabl.Ed-Drik Relmkis2
Gold Blood-Gets You Laid and the Intruder
Gyratory System-New Harmony
Hugsnotdrugs-Love Redux
Kindest Lines-Destructive Paths to Live Happily
Macro Abstract-We Dont Make Dubstep EP
Mike Ash - Stop the Machines
Mint Julep
Rhythm of Elements-Beyond Remixes E.P
Roll the Live-Live in Gothenburg August 7
VA-Ich Bin Ein Berliner
DJ Madd-Blank Space EP
Positive Noise - Xtra Vomit-Split EP
Abeer Sheikh-I Wanna Be Like You
Agoria-Panta Rei Remixes
Alex Raimondi feat Vivian B
Archie JD
Beat Bang Blasters-Beatmonstar EP
Butch-Avantgarde EP
Cpt Hooks-Happy Times-(UNI 00044003144934)
Dahny G-Phresh Phreak EP
Danny Greggorio
Dave Fortnum-My Eyes Are Closed EP
Dinu Pancov
Dirty Nights-Animal Dance
Dirty Nights-On the Highway
DJ Kravtsov - Travel EP
DJ Silence-Rasta Battaria
Dop-After Party
Dr. Kucho-Hale Bopp
Dwight Brown and Sofunky-Want You
Elstar-Elstar EP
Erick Violi feat El Indio-La Linda
Fapples-Nu Tech Ep
Felix Cartal Vs Keatch
Francesco Diaz and Young Rebels Vs. David Costa
Gaetano Chimienti Pinto Bahia-Sigalala From Africa
Georgio Schultz Steven Quarre-Gonna Get High
G-Low-Lets Do It
Guy Mantzur-Amorphous Love
Hector Couto-Carambola EP
Heiko Laux And Teo Schulte-Cant Unspill The Milk
Hernan CI-Home World
Hibrid and Tim Voyager
Hoxton Whores
Jalebee Cartel-So Hot So What
Jason Risk-Strutt-(BTY 012)
Jay FM-Out Of Control EP
Jordan Ferrer-I Need You
Kama Qu And Passao-Disco Records
Lazy Rich-Better Wipe That Up
Liinnerd-City From The Heart
Los Suruba And Edu Imbernon
Luuc5-House Was Born EP
Miss Cheesecake-Get Off The Floor
Noize Generation-Ghetto Rave EP
Obsessiv Ft. Sophia May-I Will Never Give You Up
Overt feat Dlayna-Ive Got Rhythm In My Soul
Philogresz-Dependance Of Distant Us
Pierre Cardin-Pierre Cardin (Remixes Vol 2)
Pink Noisy And Livin R-Come And Dance
PLP-Bureautic Technologic (Remix)
Producer Of Rhythm
Richard Dindale Ft Mathius-Summer Again 2011
Rob Small-Bad Wednesday
Sequence-Orion EP
Soundshaperz-Get It Right
Spencer Parker-I Think I Love You
Stefy De Cicco feat Andrew I-Please Dont Stop
Traumer-Nahyr Violon Nous EP
VA-All Gone Ibiza 11-(826194 219345)
VA-Gorgeous Ibiza
VA-Mixmag Presents-Cassy New Resident of Circoloco Ibiza
VA-Modern House Guide - N
VA-Party Animals EP
VA-Progress Retro Vol 23
VA-The Jackathon
VA-Versuz Essentials Ibiza 2011
VA-Visionquest Club Collection Spring Summer 2011
All Species-Magic Roundabout
John Beltran-Ambient Selections
VA-Chartboxx Vol. 4
Ancient Tribes - AHO
VA - Schismatic Transposition-Compiled By Cacofonix And Trancesistor
Architectural-Architectural 04
Axl Krauser-Eclipse EP
Demoniak - Fuck and Party
DJ Ezteq - Follow Quickly
DJ Koutarou.A Noncitizen
Emptyset feat Cornelius Harris-Altogether Lost (The Remixes)
Ezitsuj-The Glass Of Water
Leo Laker - W.OM.A.N (We Only Move At Night) EP
Mario Zar-Nephilim EP
Redub-Doozer EP
Re-Zone And Montblank
Ronan Portela And Ariel Rodz-La Floresta
VA - Hardstyle Heroes Vol.1
VA - Schranzliebe (Mixed By Jason X)
VA-Hardstyle Top 100 2011
VA-Night Nurse EP
VA-Tribal Unity Vol 24
Alex Pich And Shinobi-Western Park
Carpe Diem-Snake Charmer
DenSity FuZion-Water Drop
Eddie Bitar - Beirut Red Room
Function C Pres Keelin Temple-Night Moves Take Off
Hirneek Meets Blue Tente-Lost In Trance This Is Us
Hopeku-Lillusion Spacy Dinner
Martin Libsen-Supernova Lost Temple
Miroslav Vrlik-Deep Abyss
Philippe El Sisi Feat Josie-Over You
Roadie Heaven-Why-SRM 006)
Second Sine
Stew Ewens-Daisy Cutter EP
Stoneface And Terminal
Thorin-Night Groove

June 27th, 2011

Arkist-Trapped in Tivoli
Baobinga And Co-Joint Venture
Lostlojic And Bisweed-Will Be EP
Ollie Macfarlane-Montpelier EP
Presk-And Cut and Mold
Spectr-Dance 4 Me
DJ Frank ft Michael Houston - Put The Light On The Lady
Fabio B-Chissa Tu Dove Sei
Benton and Arc 88-Having Fun and 2 Many
A Quaint Freud-En Garde Fernandez
Barn Owl
Buck UK
Deadbeat-Drawn and Quartered-(BLKRTZ001)
Ekin Fil
Fatima-Follow You
Fonogram and Konntinent
Master Musicians of Bukkake-Totem Three
Milyoo-Biogram V2 - Biogram V2 (WNCL Remix)
Mr. Cloudy-Love Sprockets
Noveller-Glacial Glow
Pitbull Feat Ne-Yo Afrojack And Nayer - Give Me Everything Incl Sidney Samson Remix
Quantec-Imaginary Flight
Setrise And Oleg Espo
Solo Andata
Sound Of Stereo - Mineral
Sound Of Stereo - Mineral
You Shriek-Somewhere Between (Heaven and Sorrow)
DJ Mad Dog - Hardcore Machine
60 Hertz Project-Capricorn (Incl. Ralf GUM QB Smith and Essential I Mixes)-(GOGO 044)
Aaron Beta
Adrian Lux Feat Rebecca And Fiona-Boy Incl Hardwell Remixes
Afrojack Pres. Shermanology - Grindin
Alex Gray Feat Ann Bailey-Smalltown Boy Remixes
Andrew Bennett-Bad Habit EP-(DFM 006)
Archie JD And Nikko Sunset-Drive Me Crazy
Asal-Pure Love
B.Original and Damir Pushkar Feat. J.A.M.O.N.-Call Me and Hot (Incl. Remixes)
Bass Kicka
Blaz Perus-No More Fucking White Noise
Blueday Stereo-Forever (Incl. DJ Spinna Mix)-(SSOH 48)
Cajmere Feat. Russoul
Calabria-Superchord Destroyer
Candy Shop-To Be Free Again
Carlos Russo
Cool Project-Get Ready EP
Damabiah-Le Sang Et La Seve
Dataworx-The Island
Deniz Koyu
Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Yves V and Angger Dimas - Madagascar
Dirtyloud-Disco Recordz Alex Mind Remix
DJ Koma-Requien for A Dream
DJ Slynkee-Keep on Rollin EP
Eddie Mars
Jacques Greene-Lay It Down
Jamie Lewis Feat. Cynthia Manley-Sunshine Hotel
Jason Rivas Elsa Del Mar-Amanecer De Ibiza
Lanfree-The Mistery
Manuel Belgrano
Marco Da Mata and Matthew-Hello Morning
Marmolized-Some Doom Faith
Matthias Meyer-More Or Less EP
Max Gabriel
Mike Moreno And Cosmic Dawn And Lars Van Dalen-Destination Vancouver
Mojazz and Torin-Summer Grooves
Nikita Great-Biosphere EP
Olav Basoski and Gregor Salto - Cant Top The Dutch
Oscar P and Rocco Feat. MJ White-The Energy (Incl. Rocco Ospina and Oscar P Remixes)
Penny Foster-Closer To Love EP-(G0 10002056828N)
Philip Bader-Mama Simba
Richard Dinsdale-HOT EP
Saleem Razvi-House Of Echoes
Santai-I Cant Stand It Any More
Sean Angel-Noches De Verano
Sean Grasty and Rikky Rivera Feat. Dawn Tallman-Thats Hot
Stefano Noferini-FHM EP
The House Moguls-U Cant Hide
Thomas Solvert-Blue Monday 2011
Tomcraft-I Need Love
Topher Jones-New Day
Tre Virdure-Youre My All (Incl. Todd Terry and DJ E-Clyps Mixes)
Tune Brothers and Jolly
Utku S.-Dance Freak
VA - Islands Balearic Sundown Sessions 2011
VA - Starbeach (Sounds of Hersonissos) (Mixed by Quintino and Dyna)
VA-Beach Club Chillhouse Session
VA-Masters Of Deep House-(100272 23)
Vick Lavender-Hey Baby (Call Me)
Wil Milton Feat. Myra-Everlasting Love
Zmey-The Forgotten World
Alicia Keys-Songs In A Minor (10th Anniversary Edition) (Deluxe Edition)
Kodomo-Frozen in Motion
France Gosoo-Planet Mu
Ipotocaticac - Xamama Zonika
Lost And Found - Decoder
Mental Broadcast - Signals
Nukleall - Time Travel
Psypheric-Obsessive Reality
VA - Molecular Mechanism
A-Lusion - Dont Wanna Know Angels Dance
Artur Grek-Planet G
DJ Duco-Do Whats Right
DJ Duco-Sexy Lady and Nasty Boy
Dj Hammond - Shut Up and Back Up
Jan Van Lier And Konstantin Yoodza-The Ride EP
Lady Tom - Dont Close Your Eyes All I Ever Needed
Lady Tom - Dont Close Your Eyes All I Ever Needed
Max Freegrant-Robots Needs Oil
Sebastien Leger
Showtek ft Lexi Jean - Music On My Mind
Spartaque-Enter The World EP
Tatanka - Afrika EP Bonus Track
Tatanka - Eternal
Unbreakable - Take The Sound
VA - Best Darkmadness
Zygoma-Visual Illusionz
Arnej - Through The Darkness Time Gate
Bangin Benee
Betsie Larkin with Super8 and Tab - All We Have Is Now
Bobina-Rocket Ride
Bobina-Rocket Ride
Cast Away Presents Sunvibes-Terminal Central Station
Dark By Design-Darkness In Heaven
Dash Berlin - Earth Hour
David Forbes-Point Picquet London Road
DITO-Iceland Recovery Incl Remix
Duderstadt - Yanooa
Erick Strong-Last Second
IIO Ft. Nadia Ali - Rapture (Remastered)
Jonas Stenberg - I Will Find You
Lisa Lashes-Numero Uno
LNG - Hoover Damn
Mario Hammer-Life Before The Earthquake EP
Matt Bowdidge-Crossing North The Path
Sebastian Brandt-Ashes Fabricator
Three Drives-Best Of Three Drives
Tritonal and Sibicky-Suzu Incl Ben Gold Remix
VA-Black Hole Radio June 2011
Virtual Vault - After The Sunset
Who.Is - Cryptanalysis

June 26th, 2011

Bad Autopsy-Bad Autopsy EP
D.O.K-West Coast EP
Mosca-Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore And Swing Ting Remixes)
Mz Bratt-Selecta Remixes-(HDR005)-Promo Vinyl
Terror Danjah-Air Bubbles Remixes
Physical Bross-What Your Thing
Renegade Alien-Heavens So Far Away
Amna-Tell Me Why
Raluka-Out Of Your Business
VA - 40 Italo Dance Tunes 2011
VA-Clubland 19
VA-Far Lamore Compilation
VA-Viva Beach Party Estate 2011
Wooferman-Fast N Furious
The KDMS-High Wire
Fracture And Neptune
The Noble Six-Forbidden Kingdom
Letherette-Letherette EP 2
Rebecca and Fiona-If She Was Away Hard
The Japanese Popstars-Controlling Your Allegiance
The Pain Machinery-Surveillance Culture
Anniela-Sin of My Own Incl Eric Shaw Remix
Arkett Spyndl-Africa-(CRAS 005)
Gamera-Duche EP
Joe Garston-Top of the World
Joshua-The Japanese Popstars Incl Myon and Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix
Karmin Shiff Feat. Juliana Pasini and Kryz Santana-Ole Ola (I Am from Brazil)
Kobe and Dave Floyd and Wise D-Voodoo People (Markus Binapfl Remix)
Lou Bega-This Is Ska
Lucyd - Contours
Marco Cruz-Progression Concept
Mason Feat. Aqualung-Little Angel
Novaes and Rods and Wender A.-Yes Weekend EP
Paul C-Last Paradise EP
Retrick Abigail and Javiero
Rolvario-The Beginning
Swedish House Mafia-Save The World-(Promo)
VA - Keinemusik Worpkarty Two
VA - Vinyl EP Vol. 1
VA-Miami Fever-Promo 3CD
VA-Papeete Beach Compilation Summer 2011 Volume 15
Yordis-This Feelin
Electro Mojo
Limp Bizkit-Gold Cobra-(Bonus Tracks)
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Le Cafe Abstrait 15th Anniversary Vol. 8
VA-Vanguard 11
Master Blasters-Blaster Pieces
REL-Space Case EP
Sensifeel - Fusion
Abrasator - Red Code
Aerosystem-Cocaine-(SSCD 0073)
Alexander Fog
A-Lusion - Dont Wanna Know Angels Dance
DJ Isaac-Go Insane Out Of Line
Dopamine - Selected Works
Egan Bottin And Kohncke
Kiko - Pool Beach
Kiko-Beem Freely
Martin Eyerer-A Cherry Blossom
Tatanka - Afrika EP
Addictive Glance-Penrose Stairs-(TRDIG 2011010)
Aly and Fila-Rising Sun The Remixes-(ARDI2127)
Anna Lee-New Hope
Blufeld-Through My Eyes
Franzis D-The Demons Also Cry
Max Go And Chris Lawr Feat Cami Bradley-Captivated B.E.N. Remix
Nostic-Return Of The Acid
Psy Chi
Re Creation And Unconscious Minds-Inside The Simulation
Tarmo Tammel
Tee Ex-Storm In The Sunset EP
The Hague
The Noble Six-Forbidden Kingdom
Trancecoderz-Monkey Fighters
Vampy-Touch Me

June 25th, 2011

Andy Mac
Contakt-Not Forgotten
Dark Sky-High Rise
Gemmy Know
Non Person
Orphan101-Under the Radar EP
Silkie-City Limits Volume 2
Starkey Feat. Charli XCX-Lost in Space
Throwing Snow-Un Vingt Remixed Vol 1
VA-Deep Medi Releases Vol. 3
Zomby-A Devil Lay Here
Aggresivnes and Destroyers-Babies Crying
Bibos Crew-Welcome to Crebro
Blue Daisy-3rd Degree EP
VA-Sonic Communist EP
Adrian Sina feat. Beverlei Brown-I Cant Live Without You-(SHR 007)
Alexunder Base feat. Lys-Call Again
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Laidback Luke Remix)
Lasgo - Here With Me
VA - Tanecni Liga 130-(533 478
VA - Top Of The Clubs Vol 1-(533 383
VA-Venti Compilation 2
Alan1-Concertmate EP
Golden Bug-Magia Potagia EP
Munk-Rue De Rome EP
Voland Bulgakoff-Dontmove Justlisten
Alexander Rishaug-Shadow of Events
Anodyne-Empires EP
Breaking News-Body Flow
Ex-Easter Island Head-Mallet Guitars One
Lydia Lunch and Philippe Petit-In Comfort EP
Milyoo-Kazaduon EP
Niki And The Dove-DJ Ease My Mind-Promo CDR
Nocow-Pulkovo Heights EP
Patrick Pulsinger-Impassive Skies
Raoul Sinier-The Melting Man EP
Rotwang-Test Card 1 Crisis
Ruby My Dear
Yuksek-Living On The Edge Of Time
Yuksek-On A Train EP
Noisecontrollers - Unite (Tha Playah Remix)
Tymon-Remixed (ISR96)
VA - The Introduction EP
B Style
Combo and Alf Tumble-Sumo EP 3
Cottam-Sunrise Sunset EP
Darran Nugent And Pavel Lenchenko-How Can I
Deepchord-Hash-Bar Loops
Dr Kucho-Belmondo Rulez
Hans Von Rochnow-Fideikommi EP
Jason Rivas-Shining Disco Balls
Jorn Johansen-Wait and See
Lars Leonhard
Michael White-Night of the Dead
Noidoi-Dupa Joi
Simon De Jano-Funky Monkey
SL Curtiz Lucas Reyes
Tujamo Klik Klak
VA-Defected In The House Miami 11
DJ Shadow-I Gotta Rokk
Maroon 5 Ft. Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger
VA - Kontor Sunset Chill 2011
VA-Nova Xposure 11
VA-Playa Del Lounge Vol 2 (Mixed By Pedro Del Mar)
VA - Goa Culture Vol. III
DJ Stephanie - Sicknite
Freeson and DK Brothers-Eurotek Spain Primera Parte
Jay Lumen-Oh Lord
Kosheen DJs
Ramrod-Liquidieren Statt Diskutieren EP
VA-Florida State Connections
VA-Kick for Kill 12
Armin Van Buuren-Mirage (The Remixes)
Jes-Unleash The Beat

June 24th, 2011

Domenico Pepe Feat Stella - Il Mio Angelo Blu-(100288 65)
Eva Dinora feat. Pol Rossignani-I Feel So Bad-(100253 27)
Italotunez - Sea
Jaybee Feat. Sandman-Please Dont Go Incl Klubbingman Meets Raindropz Remix
Jens O.-Kings And Queens Incl Crystal Lake Remix
Martin Van Lectro-Perfect Moment
Morris-Angel Eyes-(100269 39)
Rares and Joshua feat. DJ Fish-Move (Hai Ni Ni Na)-(100282 69)
Topmodelz-My Paradise
VA - Czech Dance Charts Summer 2011-(533 466
VA - Hot Summer Hits 2011-(533 489
VA - Summer Festival 2011 (The Compilation)
VA-Caribe 2011 and Disco Estrella Vol.14
VA-Energy 11-The Dancefloor Hits
Dub Phizix-Break It-(MODULE007TP)-Promo Vinyl
Bugge Wesseltoft Henrik Schwarz - Duo
Equitant feat Lea X-Flash Of Light
Impakt-Resonant Escape
Nakion-Oh Ah
Ritualz-Ghetto Ass Witch
Scape One
The Count And Sinden-Mega Mega Mega
UHU-Return Of Atlantian EP
VA-Brownswood Electric 2
Korsakoff - Unrivalled (Re-Style Remix)
Andrew Spencer Feat Pit Bailay-Im Always Here (Baywatch Theme) Incl Scotty Remix
Andrew Spencer Feat Pit Bailay-Im Always Here (Baywatch Theme) Incl Ti-Mo Remix
Bingo Players - Cry (Just A Little)-(MIE 8014090064806)
Carlo Caldareri-Follow this
Danny Darko-Nuclear (is) Madness
Dave Darell-Keep Your Hands Up Incl Anthem Vocal Mix
Dirty Culture-Essential Deep Volume 2
Fm Audio Feat. Leila K-Open Sesame Incl Giorno Bootleg Mix
Future Mind-Holiday Crasher
Houseclashers-My Love
Jaques Raupe Keepin
Kriss - Mirage EP
Leticia-Mama Eu Quero Incl Marc Korn Bigroom Mixes
Max Piske
Miguel Cortesano-Here I Go
Nick Jay feat Melissa Tkautz-Something About You (Remixes)
Noise Invaders
Patrick La Funk and Inpetto
Remady Feat. Manu-L-The Way We Are Incl Klaas Club Mix
The Quantum Mechanics-Physical (CRV31)
VA-100x100 Numeros 1 Del Dance Del 2011
Selena Gomez and The Scene-When The Sun Goes Down (incl Bonus Tracks)
VA-Radio 1s Live Lounge Vol. 3
Atheus-Dequadrant Redux (MOM012)
Emmanuel Top-Assemblage (ET007)
Emmanuel Top-Cyclic (PLR1102)
Emmanuel Top-Dominos (ET006)
Funk Dvoid
Gravtex - Alone In Hell
Joseph Capriati-The Gallery
Margaret Dygas-Margaret Dygas
Matt Minimal
Paul Woolford
Pilas-Burros EP (SHK002)
Reflux - Limbo EP
Ryo Murakami-Underworld (BAUD04)
Schermate-Untitled (SCHERMATE011)
Schermate-Untitled (SCHERMATE012)
Schermate-Untitled (SCHERMATE013)
Stefano Greppi and Alessandro Larice-Schermate 010 (SCHERMATE010)
STL-Dub Techno Explorations-(CD Series 15)
Ukrainian Hardstylerz Feat. Dj Ded - Bass Operator
Unknown Artist-All Those Colours We Cannot See
VA-Defqon 1 2011
VA-Historia y Violencia 5 (HV005)
Wandler-Analogy (MZ20110401)
Thr3shold-From Dust
VA-A State Of Trance Radio Top 15 June 2011
VA-Ibiza Trance Tunes 2011
VA-Let Me Hear You Scream Vol 4
Wayde Rafnel

June 23rd, 2011

Jet Fly featuring Nika P M - I Can Fly
VA-Nasty Rips and Shifting Peaks Vol. 1
Andrew Chalov feat. Alexandra Krischtopa-Snowy Longing
Alessia-Find Me (Ale Ale)
Andrea Tarsia and Filippo Pezzi feat Erica Gonzaba - Over Again-(803407 7241020)
Apink-It Girl
Dino And Rocker-Breakfast At Tiffanys
Driver and Face - Love and Peace-(366158 5948285)
Jolie-All I Need Is U
Rainbow-Sweet Dream (Repackage)
Mathias Stuboe
Total Science and S.P.Y-Stay and Cast Away
VA-Slow Down VIP and Skip Rope-(SYMM007TP)-Promo Vinyl
Retro-Grade-Mindfighter-(Promo EP)
VA-John Digweed-Structures Two
VA-Moda Volume 1
4ORCE DJ-Missing Channel
Geos Crew And Marley-Raver For Life
Hardcore Masif-Love The Way You Lie (Technikore Mixes)
Marley-Rave Is Forever
Astraglide-Inner Soul EP
Blagov-White - Enoch
Cavalier-A Million Horses EP 1
Christopher S - Are You Ready for this
Claude Guerrero-Tropich EP
David Guetta - Little Bad Girl
David Jones-Miami To LA
Daviddance-Hit The Floor
DBN and Matty Menck feat. Rosie Henshaw - Redemption
DJ T feat James Teej-Sense Remixes
Elektrokid-Illuminated EP
Erik Iker-Go Fast
Florian Kruse Nils Nuernberg-More and More
G and G - Beautiful Day Incl Stefano Noferini Remix
Gino Patricio-High Tower-(100283 50)
Guille Placencia-Toma Que Toma
Haze Noir
Jean Claude Ades and Sam Obernik - Work Of Art
Jhonatan Verano-Tech House EP
Junior Beat feat Beby - Shine-(803407 7241044)
Karmin Shiff and Fine Touch feat Kryz Santana - Sexo-(MIE 8053264540265)
Los Mag feat Rodriguez - Rikura-(803407 7241112)
Marc De Vole
Michael Conway-All I Wanted
MISH-Overload Incl Djs From Mars Remix
Nelsen Grover
Paladino-The Union
Ritmo Playaz - Everybody Loves The Sunshine Remixes
Riva Starr feat Sud Sound System - Orizzonti-(RISEDIG 026)
Samuele Sartini feat Katherine Ellis - Jumping-(MIE 8053264540326)
Simon De Jano - De Janeiro-(MIE 8053264540234)
Simone Torosani - I House You
Soul Avengerz - Someday 2011 Remixes
Soul Avengerz feat. Krysten Cummins - Respect 2011 Remixes
Spankers - Everyones A Dj-(MIE 8033993896345)
Steed Watt Featuring Matt Jamison-U Got Me
Steve Gregory feat Donna Lawer - What Do You Feel
Style Of Eye and Magnus The Magnus - The Antidote
Takashi Watanabe-Snare Jazz EP
The Black Sheeps-Take This
The Digital Monkey-The Mentalist
Tim Berg-Bromance E3 Remix
Tom Shark - Love Tha EP
VA - Exotic Universe 6
VA - Solid Sounds 2011 Volume 2
VA-Boxon Makes Me Bloody
VA-Pacha The Anthems
VA-Soulkitz EP
Vincent Vega and Sasha Craft
Time In Motion - Four Degrees EP (INM1MCD001)
VA - Hope Volume 3 Psytrance
VA - Pure Planet 4
X Team-Phobos EP
Brainkicker - Addicted (Clubland Anthem)
Hasty Boy - Switzerland Sound
Jens Bond and Benno Blome-Lose Their Heads EP
Loud Noize - Instinto In My Hands
Martinez-The Paradigm Shift Remixes Part 2
Mode Seven - No Place To Hide EP
Mollonobass-The Hidden Playground LP
Pascal Mollin Pan-Pot-The Elephant Remixes
Ralph Sliwinski-Back Stabber
Ronald Van Norden-Toy Finger EP
Ruffneck And Miss Twilight - No Turning Back (Hardstyle Remixes)
Timo Garcia
VA - Rework EP
Alex Sonata-Silex Incl Alex M.O.R.P.H.s Darth Morph Edit
Hekmat Khavarian
Jared Knapp and Patrick De Vere feat. Neev Kennedy-Night Moves
Sied van Riel and Claudia Cazacu-Lights Off

June 22nd, 2011

Migrant-Exit Plan
Neus And David Belenguer-David Belenguer EP
Pat Les Stache-Cabana Disco Vol 5
VA- Running Out Of Time
Jazzsteppa And Foreign Beggars-Raising The Bar-(Promo)
Mount Kimbie-Carbonated-(Promo EP)
Nero-Welcome To Reality-(Advance EP)
Deathmachine - Synapsids
Scar-Bad Dreams
Scott Brown vs. Al Storm - Show Run To Me
VA - Scantraxx Sampler 5
X-FIR3-Lesbian Vampire Killers
Alex Gori-Loose Grooves
Dimi Phaze - Simple
Francesco Bonora-Introspective Ways
Milk and Sugar feat. Miriam Makeba - Hi-a Ma (Pata Pata)
Youandewan-1988 (Incl. Jimpster Mix)
Beyonce-4 (Deluxe Edition)
Jon Mclaughlin-OK Now-DeBT
Cally And Juice Vs. DJ Yoz - Star
Dark-Slice - Before You
Lutzenkirchen-Take Me EP
ParaPhaze And Inverze - Existing Of Life EP
Rodriguez Jr and Steffen Nehrig-The Split (Part 1)
Unkown Artist - Hardest Technologic
VA - Escape From Reality Album Sampler 03
VA - First Job EP
Christopher Lawrence And Sean J. Morris-Rock It
Kamil Esten-Until The End
Running Man-Daylight When We Were Strangers
Tom Lavin And Adrohan
VA-Dream Dance (Best Of 15 Years)

June 21st, 2011

Africa Hitech-Out In The Streets (VIP)
Bok Bok-Southside EP-(NS010)
DNAEBEATS-Secrets Worth Dying For
Kastle-Time Traveler
Ossie-Set The Tone EP-(HDB050)
Pursuit Grooves-Frantically Hopeful
Sully-Toffee Apple
Vibezin-From The Crates EP
Peter Luts ft Lynn Larouge-Hands Up
VA Club Promo Only July Part 6
VA Club Promo Only July Part 7
VA Club Promo Only July Part 8
VA-DJ Selection 322 the Best of 90s Vol 32
VA-DJ Selection 326 2000 Hits Vol 16
Brenmar-Let Me Know (Tasting)
Forbidden Society And Katharsys-Destiny Eden Lords Of The Steel
VA-Optic Nerve Blood Extract
Eye Thoughts EP
Above And Beyond feat Richard Bedford-Thing Called Love DB and Dubstep Remixes
Babe Rainbow-Endless Path EP
Bop-The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel
DZA-Supershark EP
eLan-Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP
MonoLithium-Simon and G
Siriusmo-Pearls And Embarrassments 2000
Brisk And Vagabond-The Only Ones (Fracus Remix)
Chaos And Fastraxx-Let Me See You Dance
Gammer And Whizzkid-Could Be Real Jump
Side (Giovanni Ikome and Angelo Cimmino)-Italian Underground Choice
Aldo Cadiz and Michele Pinna
Andrea Love-Come Together (Incl. Maurice Joshua Mixes)
Ant Brooks-Wired EP
Asymmetric Soul Feat. Meital De Razon-Running Around (Incl. Remixes)
Balage-How Did We Get To Here (Incl. Remixes)
Caio Stanccione Rosa
Cajmere and Gene Farris-Go Dancing-(CAJ 309)
Captain Random-Captured Insanity
Charles Webster Feat. Diviniti-Learning To Love Me (Incl. Remixes)-(MISO 014)
Danny Clark and Jay Benham Feat. Natasha Watts-Feel My Beat (Incl. Remixes)
Dave Mayer-Club Section EP
Deep Hustlers Feat. Tanya Michelle-I Dont Know (Incl. Remixes)
DeepSoul Duo
DJ David Dee
DJ Fudge Feat. Chappell-Heaven-(TEJAL 010)
DJ Meme Pres. Brazilianism-Canto Pro Mar
DJ Micks Feat. Robin Latimore-First To Say Goodbye (Incl. Remixes)-(TRIBE 019)
DJ Spen Pres. Sheila Ford and Terry Thompson Feat. Carlous Palmer
DJ Spinna and Amanda Diva-Devils (Knockin on My Window) (Incl. Remixes)
Dolls Combers and Al Olive-Chance (Incl. Remixes)
dPen And Nick Varon
Ejective-Recurring Illusions
Exciter-Manjo Juice EP
Farley Jackmaster Funk Feat. Billy Monroe-Im A House Head
Fast Vision Soul-Return To Soul (Incl. Remixes)
Fergus-Back For More
Frankie Gada Vs D and F Feat PSB-Always on My Mind
Gabor Deutsch Feat. Ndea Davenport-Love With Desire (Part 2 Incl. Remixes)
Gerard Serrat
Gianni Bini Vs Federico Scavo-Music Keeps Me
Gorge-Henrietta EP
Grant Nelson Feat. Cathy Battistessa-Black Water (The Remixes)
Greyloop And Flashtech-I Dont Know EP
Haldo Feat. Melanie Gerren-The Sky (Incl. Remixes)
Harley and Muscle Feat. Joi Cardwell-How Deep Is Your Love
Hayley Parsons-Changing Lanes
Hippie Torrales-If You Need A Man (Hippie Torrales and Charles Dockins Mixes)
Homero Espinosa Feat. Allegra Bandy-In the Sunshine (Incl. Remixes)
Hypnotic Duo
Ian Carey feat Snoop Dogg and Bobby Anthony-Last Night Remixes Part 2
Irfan Rainy and Rex Leon Feat. Vaceo-Singer of Songs
Joey Negro Pres. Sessomatto-Moody (Incl. Remixes)
John Julius Knight and Roland Clark-The Underground (New Mixes Added)
Jonny Montana Feat. Pete Simpson-Maybe We Could Be Free (Incl. Remixes)
Kaelig Feat. Jayhem-Bring Back (Incl. Remixes)
Kasa Remixoff-Step Mind
Kenny Bobien-About Love (Part 1 Incl. Remixes)
Kenny Bobien-About Love (Part 2 - Incl. Remixes) (SGRD011)
Kenny Bobien-The Light (Bang the Drum Mixes)
Kerri Chandler-Bar A Thym (Supernova Remix and Original Remixes)
Kevin Griffiths-Elements EP
Larry Peters And Miguel Lobo-The Gold Diggers EP
Lee Foss-Turn Your Girl The Remixes
Lem-Wonderland Remix EP (Remixed by Various Producers)
Local Instruments Gets Deeper
Loui and Scibi Feat. Andrea Love-Dance All Night (Incl. Remixes)
Manyus and Homar Rossi Feat Klarita
Mariella-Lovesick (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remixes)
Maya Jane Coles-The Remixes (Incl. Remixes)
Mike Dunn Feat. Joi Cardwell-Only You (Incl. Mike Dunn and Terry Hunter Mixes)
Mirco Esposito Vs. Beaten Soul Feat. Tyree Cooper-Thats House Music
Mmelashon-Children Of The Ghetto
Mona Bode Feat. Johnny Dangerous-My First Love (Incl. Remixes)
Montana and Stewart Feat. Dawn Tallman-Find Strength (Incl. Remixes)
Mr. Moon Feat. Desy-I Wonder EP (Incl. Richard Earnshaw Mixes)
Mr. O Feat. Shiebe-Way Of Life (Deeptone Remix Edition)
MSZ-Summer Sky
Musaria Feat. Saturna-Moment (Atjazz Re
Mushroom Boyz-The Calling
Natalie Peris-Who You Are EP (Incl. Scott Wozniak Remix)
NDinga Gaba Feat. Sahffi-Summer Breeze (Incl. Atjazz and Raw Artistic Soul Mixes)
Nick Doe Feat. Louise Golbey-He Loves Me
Nick Holder Feat. Sphelele-Destination Africa (the Journey) Remixes
Nicole Mitchell-No Suicide (The Abicah Soul Master Mixes)
Orienta-Rhythm Feat. Lonnie Gordon-Happenin All Over Again
Ozgur Ozcan
Pak Jones Feat. Nia-For A Moment (Incl. Jon Cutler Mixes)
Patrick Bo-Protea EP (Incl. Guest Appearance by Keith Thompson)
Paul Carpenter Feat Alex 50-Another Chance
Peven Everett-Love Of Your Life
Peven Everett-Sweetness Is (Incl. Koyla Jojoflores and Rom Jamsteady Mixes)-(BOMB 139)
Phaze Dee-World Of Deep EP
Rancido-Fa Ka
Random Soul Feat. Kristen Pearson-Take Your Time (Incl. Andy Ward Mixes)
Redsoul-Get In Deep
Rob Hayes Feat. Dlayna Feel It
Rubix-That Rhythm EP
Salvatore Agrosi Feat. Wayne Tennant-Let Me In (Remixes Part 2)
Seb Skalski Feat. E.B.A.S.-Disco Galaxy
Shlomi Aber-Chicago Days Detroit Nights The Remixes Vol 2
Solid Gear And James Crack-Lost Soul
Soul Renegades-Survival EP
Stacy Kidd Feat. Matthew Yates-The Movement 2 (Incl. Remixes)
Stanny Abram-On My Side
Steal Vybe-Then And Now EP
Stephanie Cooke-Feels So Good (Incl. Mr. V Mixes)
Suffused-Sunset Beach
T Pazos
Teenage Bad Girl
The Demitrios Project-Feel Alive 2011 Mixes
The Djoon Experience Feat. Kenny Bobien-Old Landmark (Incl. Joaquin Joe Claussell Mixes)
Thomas Osaze-The New Birth-(BOMB 140)
Tikki Tembo Feat. Kyla Sexton
Tom Conrad Feat. Dawn Tallman-So Happy (Inc. Remixes)
Torin Rea Feat. Erin Powers-Duplicity Remixes (Incl. Remixes)
U-Ness and JedSet Feat. Lorena
VA Miami Sampler
VA-EOS.MMX The Summer Solstice Edition One
VA-Laid Compilation-(LAID01CD)-Retail CD
VA-Pacha Hits
Vick Lavender and DJN Project-Be Yourself
Wegotsoul-We Got The Soul EP
Will Jax-Whats Golden EP (Incl. Sonny Fodera and Wally Callerio Mixes)
Zas And Sanze Pres Mindgamers-Soul To Soul
Zepherin Saint and Nathan Adams-Love Of My Life (Incl. Atjazz Remixes)
Michael Bolton-Gems The Duets Collection
Interactive Noise And Fabio And Moon-Shes Gone
A Balter-Youre A Fish
Daniel Dubb And Strict Border
Eitan Reiter And Perfect Stranger-The Bite
Ganez The Terrible-Alarm EP
Jeff Bennett-Reconz EP
Jeff Mills - The Power (AX
Manu Kenton vs Nicolas Clays and DJ Drops - Crush Fighter
Maxime Dangles-Showit Good Job Lazergun
Mr Cloudy
Niko Schwind-Good Morning Midnight Part 1
Niko Schwind-Good Morning Midnight Part 2
Oliver Kucera-No Respect Ep
Umek-Get Sucked
VA-A Resistencia Do Groove EP
2nd Phase-Never Come Down
Adam Lester-Balearic Shores
Akira Kayosa and Will Watson Pres Osaru
Arkia-The Fabric Of Space and Time Stratosphere
Crystal Verge-Desert Illusion Snake Valley
JES-Unleash The Beat
Julian Wess and Mike Carey
Marsbeing and Egorythm feat Manon Polare
Mike Demirele-Chords Of Life
Mike Demirele
Moogwai-5 Wishes And More
Sound Quelle-Whip In What
Terra Ferma-The Wolf
Van Venrooij

June 20th, 2011

Age Of Love-The Age Of Love Dubstep Remixes
Alex Clare-Too Close (Distance Remix)
Floating Points
Ossie-Set The Tone
The Chain-Lostwithiel EP
Alcazar Feat. Dream Beats-Feel 4 You
DJ Kay Feat Vicky Alex - Celebrate
Friends Electric
VA Club Promo Only July Part 1
VA Club Promo Only July Part 2
VA Club Promo Only July Part 3
VA Club Promo Only July Part 4
VA Club Promo Only July Part 5
Vince Magnata - I Need Your Love Tonight-(843536 170443)
Dfender-Futuro EP
Le Menestrel-Mesmerising (Animal Magnetism)-(JUNGLE THERAPY LTD01)
Mister Fever-Lithium Monster
Need For Mirrors-Fishscale Retrograde
Highbloo - Bro Code Playbook
Is Tropical-Native to
Jacob Van Hage-Sunset Canon
Kindest Lines-Covered in Dust
Naitek - My Bass
Silver Swans-Secrets EP
The Freek Macheen-On My Mission
VA-Structures Two Mixed By John Digweed
BBII-Red Giant
2 Faced Funks-Black Out
Abel Ramos And Benny Royal-El Cabron
Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)
Adnrewboy-African Child Circus EP
Alex Kidd Vs IN2ITION For Me
Alex Millet Feat. Su Su Bobien-Reach (Incl. Jon Cutler and Alex Millet Remixes)
Ambient P.-Hot Stuff
Ananda Project Feat. Mia Tuttavilla-Awareness (Incl. Kerri Chandler and Chris Brann Mixes)
Aqualight-I Am Dancing
Argy Lee Van Dowski-Ethiopias Rise Bimbam
Arnaud D Feat. Thabz-In The Dancefloor
Assurance and Fanatix-I Trust You (Psalms)
Beaten Soul Feat. LT Brown-Light Is Gonna Shine
Bin-Jip-Step (Incl. Jazzloungerz URH and Hennings Project Mixes)
Boddhi Satva and Abel Tabu-Moina Ya Mokili (Jaso Remixes)-(ATA 1581)
Bogusdank-I Need You EP
Bushwacka-West Side
C.9ine Feat. Kholi-Chasing Part 1 (Incl. Atjazz and Alain Ho Mixes)
Carl Hanaghan Feat Kaysee
Cei Bei-Call Me
Chris B Feat. Janine Small and Simon Bennett-The Liberator EP
Chris Reece Feat Colton Ford
Christophe-The Force
D.I.M. And TAI
Da Capo-Return To The Beginning Pt. 3
Dan Caster-Wunderbar EP
Davidson Ospina-Got Love EP (Incl. Jonn Hawley Lego and Dimitri Max Mixes) (SFRD014)
Dean Saunders-Soundz Dynamik
Debukas-I Am Machinery
Dennis Ferrer-Hey Hey (Atjazz Remix)
Der E-Kreisel-Ethnic Distortion
Distant People Feat. Dee Major-Guidance (2011 Remixes)
DJ Dealer-Whatcha Gonna Do (The Chicago Mixes)
DJ Dextro-Yoga Yoga
DJ Kent Feat. Malehloka Hlalele-Falling (Incl. Black Coffee Remix)
DJ Man-X Feat. Don-E-All Over Again
DJ Meme Orchestra Feat. Tracey K-Love Is You (Incl. Knee Deep Remix)
DJ Serge Negri-On Moment At A Time EP (Incl. Greg Gauthier Remix)
DJ Sharp and Lucas Pereri-Last Night
DJ Tessen and OG-The Acception
Dolls Combers Feat. Wayne Tennant-I Love U Still (Incl. Remixes)
Electrobios And Liluca Feat Interplay-Depends On You
Eric Destler Feat. Franka-On Fire
Foremost Poets-Ill Be Your Maker
Franck Roger and Mandel Turner-Life is Too Short EP
Gel Abril
Gioeni-Save My Soul
Groove Junkies Feat. Alexander Sky-The White Light Pt. 1 (Incl. Remixes)
Gummihz-Head Rush
He Said She Said-Do It Again
Hector Couto And Roberto Palmero-Deep Side
Herva-Skin EP-(Bosconi Extra Virgin)
Homecookin Feat. Marcus Begg-All About The Mind Remixes
Imaani Brown-My Definition Of Deep
Jason Cheiron-Mueva (Incl. Rancido Deep Journey Mix)
Jay West-The Restart EP
Jay-J Feat. Charlene Moore-Love Alive Remix Contest Standouts
JD73-The Remixes (Incl. Sean Mccabe and Tornado Wallace Mixes)
John Crockett Feat. Natalie-Neighbor Boy EP (Incl. Remixes)
Jon Cutler Feat. Pete Simpson-Living (83 West and DJ Fudge Mixes)
Jose Burgos and the Players Feat. Farah-I Need A Beat (Incl. Remixes)
Junior White and Noelle-Cant Keep It Up
Kenny Dope Feat. Josh Milan-Stay With Me (Remixes)
Kid Vibe-Van-City Syrup EP
Kimara Lovelace-I Luv You More (Sean McCabe Remixes)
Koyla Feat. Zaki Ibrahim-Wake With The Day (Incl. Boddhi Satva Remix)-(BOMB 138)
Kraymer-Ram Jam EP
Lars Von Licht-Silent Hall
Lex Newton
Marco Poggioli And Matteo Gariselli-Colore And Friends
Marcus Gehring-On A Trip
Mario And Vidis-Plastic People EP
Marius Laurentiu And Andrea Bigi-In The White Purple Room EP
Matteo Sala and Peruz - To The Disco-(MOL 110)
Matteo Sala and Peruz - To The The Disco-(MOL 110)
Matthias Vogt-Rudiments EP
Mauro Mondello and Dave Kurtis - Killer-(MOL 106)
Midout feat Damian Wild - Twisted-(366158 5944041)
Mustard Pimp-Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol. 8
Nicolas Jaar-Remixes Volume 1
Northern Lite-Wicked Mess
Pan Tone-Rescue Me
Patric La Funk And Inpetto
Philip Bader-Wonderland Ghost
Raycoux Jr and Stefan Barth-Open The Doors
Reepr-Tempo EP
Robbie Neji and Anthony Lichiere feat YSH-Enter In A Club
Rodge-Groove Cafe
Sander Van Doorn-Reach Out Thomas Gold Remix
Sasse-Feel It EP
Save The Robot
Somethingalamode-Show Me
Soul Camp-Walk With Me EP
Static Revenger Vs Angger Dimas-Long Time (Takin My Time)
Stride-Hitting Water EP
Stu Patrics
Suspect 44-Japanese Schoolgirls Minato
Swen Weber-Screaming Feeling
Syntec-Cinnamon Scent EP
Thomas Langner-Dust On The Dancefloor Ep (Part Two)
Tigerskin-Morons We Are
Toro Y Moi-Still Sound Remixes EP
VA-Dark N Lovely
VA-F Me Im Famous (Ibiza Mix 2011) (By Cathy and David Guetta)
VA-Ibiza Summer Sampler 2011
VA-MOS Clubbers Guide To Festivals
VA-Next Remixes Vol 1
VA-Party Rock Is In The House Vol 1
VA-Resident Series Vol 1
VA-Working On Mars
Virgo Four-Its A Crime
Pat Metheny-Whats It All About
Roy Ayers-Love Will Bring Us Back Together
The Northern Governors-Happy Souls
The Tony Cannam Set-Suzie on A Summers Day
Digital Impulse-In My Mind
Krama-Afterisk EP
Neelix-7th Grade EP
Brz-Essential Flood
Carlo Lio-Finders Keepers EP
Da Tweekaz - Nothingness EP
DJ Amrith-Artful Dodger EP
DJ Vortex - Flawless Victory
El Grekoz - Ayne EP
Esoteric-Falling Floating Flying EP-(CURLEY MUSIC 06)
Gabriel Ananda-Selected Techno Works
Hans Bouffmyhre-Remember To Breathe EP
Keith John-Bloody Mary
Klonez - Generation Z
Loco and Jam
Miro Pajic-The Wizard Window
Nick Hoppner-A Peck And A Pawn EP
Olivier Giacomotto-Zoomanity EP
Robert Hood-Omega Alive
Scot Project And DJ Sabu
Sifres-Locked In Syndrome
Soundcreators - Way Of Life Good Night
VA - Crush Fighter
Wako And Les Enfants Sages
Wasted Penguinz - Lost In Eternity EP
Youri Donatz
Aeron Aether And Embliss-A New Dawn
Andrew Benson Feat Gosh-Lost In Bermudas
Armin Van Buuren Feat. Nadia Ali-Feels So Good
AVSR Presents Roman Bellezzo Feat Angeliquie-Going Under Incl Mats Gulbrandsen Remix
Beat Service-Outsider Charged
Dark Matters Feat Ana Criado-The Quest Of A Dream
Dean Anthony
Driver and Face - Reaching Out-(366158 5948292)
Fadios And Raneem-Chromium Incl Max Graham Remix
Fred Baker-Never Let Me Go
Hoyaa Pres Lunar System-Seventh Sun
Jochen Miller Day
Joey V-Rebel In Society
John OCallaghan And Giuseppe Ottaviani-Ride The Wave
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen-The Gateway Super Cool Lounge Music
Mark Kavanagh-Bad Boy 2011 Hard House Mixes Part 1
Mark Sherry
Nickey-If I Could
Parker And Hanson
Ronski Speed And Kay Stone-Valle Verde
Sander Van Doorn-Daddyrock Arty Remix
Sean Truby And Andres Sanchez-Get Real
Smart Apes Feat Elsa Hill
Snatt And Vix-Serenity Rush
Solis-True To Me
Urry Fefelove And Abramasi-Destroy The Zombies
VA-Ibiza Trance Classics
VA-Trance Central 002
Wragg and LogOne - U R Zero
Xtigma-Upward Spiral Massive Frequency

June 19th, 2011

Beaumont-Blush Response
Jay Weed-On The Nile EP
Matty G And Konfusion-Styles And Styles
Matty G And Konfusion-Styles And Styles
Migrant-Exit Plan
Pampidoo-Synthesizer Voice (Goth-Trad Mixes)
Pursuit Grooves-Frantically Hopeful EP
Skream-Skream EP
Starkey-Space Traitor Vol.2
Szare-Volya Action Five
Teeth-CNT Lowcut Champagne
VA-Harmonia Family Album
VA-Social Circles EP
DJ Cherry Bomb-Where Them Girls At (Uptempo Gurls Mix)
VA-DJ Selection Vol 328 - Dance Invasion Part 81
Pat Les Stache-Cabana Disco Vol 5
Adeo - In Motion
Isaac Maya - No Cocaine-(HDZDIGI 004)
Orange Water - Lo Tek-(DOCUMENT 11)
Phace and Misanthrop - Basic Memory - Y
Robert Fabian - Trimurti
Vinter In Vegas - Mamachine-(SZLP 0002)
Cardopusher-Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up
Selena Gomez And The Scene-Who Says (Dance Remixes)
Dimension And Vertigo-Bassline And Drums
Domain Of Decay-Thin Red Line
Uplift Scar And Marie Louise-Raw Elements
X-FIR3 And Clowny
X-FIR3 And Dimension
Avrosse and Louie Cut-Anger Management
Bias And Paco Buggin-Equinox EP
Bsharry And Dodaro Feat Vittorio Caligione-O Sarracino
Clokx - Catch Your Fall Incl Hardwell Mixes-Promo
Dataworx-Sand People EP
Dave M.Sanchez
Deep Grounder and Virag-Alex Ander (Remixes)
Dgitalsystem-Overall Void-(PRSE 40)
Eddy Rox Vs. Ron May-Joe Club Mix
Fashion Victims - Love Is Music
Freska-Slow Cold Slow
Hessentag 2011 - Boogie Pimps Live
Ignacio Robles-Latin Party EP
Inusa Dawuda - I Feel Beautiful Incl Slin Project Remix-Promo
Jah Sound-Atomic Dance
Jason Rivas-Los Amigos Violin Mix
Julio Posadas
K A N Feat Mershans Venedia-The Order Of Chaos
Kate Simko-Lights Out
Kelly Street - I Stay-(JCD 047)
Louie Cut
Louie Cut
Mac Zimms-What I Mean
Mademoiselle Luna feat Chazz and Bob - Let It Loose-(366158 5783398)
Mario Ochoa-Hot Shot
Miami Inc. Feat. Jason Mcknight-No Sleep Extended Version
Mike Syntec
Positiv-Dutch Bounce
Ray Emure-Never Mind-(366158 5808879)
Sebastian Xottelo-Some Heat
Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano-We Are
Taras Van De Voorde-The Game
Tensnake-Something About You
The Digital Monkey-Freaky Mothers
Tom Leeland-You Got The Feeling
Toomy Disco-Since I Fell For You
VA-DJ Selection Vol 327 - the House Jam Part 83
VA-Electro House Family 14
VA-Pacha Ultimate Sessions Vol. 1
Waxdolls feat Gloria-Dingeling King (The Remixes)
Zippie And Mario Franca-My Best Day
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
Contraband - Defenite Design
Moontales - Sidestep
Multiphase - In Retrospect
Odd Sequence - Sunrise Zone
Sideform - Remixes Part 2
Stratil - Low Bpm
VA - Wonderground Remixes
VA-The Oldest Story
BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter - Master Of The Universe
D-Block and S-Te-Fan - Underground Tacticz
Jichael Mackson - Bobs Your Uncle
Koen Groeneveld and Arturo Silvestre-Savaneta EP
Patrick Siech - The Forge
Titan - Haunted

June 18th, 2011

Jingbong Ting Feat. Ziggy-Cry Murda
Freestylers - Frozen
Cascada-Original Me Incl Greatest Hits CD
Chris Avantgarde-Back Up EP
Foncho and Manu Gz - Mi Latina-(100287 02)
Italobrothers - Counting Down The Days
Italobrothers - Love Is On Fire The Remixes
Leo Aberer-I Wanna Be Free
Ron-Bon-Beat Project-Summertime Incl DJ Space Raven Remix
VA-Beatbox 11
VA-Drum And Bass Arena Summer Selection 2011
Bounder Sound System-Apex EP
Buraka Som Sistema-Hangover (Bababa)
Dimi Phaze
Gipper Punks-Zombies Twist
Ricardo Villalobos And Max Loderbauer-Re ECM
Ad Brown
Aggressor-The Girl I Dont Know
Butch - Aerobic
Chriss Ortega Adam Tas Ilana-When You Say (Part 2)
Coco Fay-Not The Same
Daiyume Circle-Forced Login
Delano Smith-Dark Shades Of Detroit
DJ Ali-You Dont Know
DJ Chus And David Penn-Libres Para Siempre
DJ Phono-Welcome To Wherever You Re Not
Evil Nine - For Lovers Volume One
Friskoo - Woo Hoo-(JCD 048)
Gender Benders-Disco Parade
Hector Couto and Roberto Palmero - Toyama
Indy Lopez-Back To My Roots
Jacob Korn-She EP
Jay Ronko and Josh Newson
JR From Dallas-Bronxy Jack
Kajis and Steve Lade
Kid Culture and Thomas Robson - So Addictive
Lmfao-Party Rock Anthem (Darren Dee Remix)-Promo CDS
Looneys-Rubbid Rider
Luca M-Like I Said
Marc Pollen-Wack It
Michael Mendoza and Genairo Nvilla-Back Together
Mick Kastenholt and Andrew Dee-Oh My Ha
Offie and Ky-Ad Fontes EP
Offir Malol
Oliver Gil-Sei La Mia Stella
Ridney-Be Free
Roman Frolikoff-Fast Food EP
Ruben Amaya-Here We Go
Ruth Flowers Mamy Rock - Still Rocking
Salvatore Stallone - Organic Mood
Smart Wave
Soulfactory-The Rain Of Wishes
Sound Gypsy-White Shoe Life
Sound Gypsy-White Shoe Life
System Sound Project
The Umbrella
Uno Kaya
VA - Suara Showroom Remixed 2
VA-Deep House Excursion 1
VA-Motor City Drum Ensemble 1206
Woody-New Follow
Zoran Veselinov
Eveson-Wicked Dub and Peace
Graham Obrien-Live Drums
Labs Cloud - Organic Mathematics
Submotion Orchestra-Finest Hour
Freaked Frequency - Nothing Stops
Ilai - End Of Time
Paraforce - Deja Vu
VA - Revolve Summer 2011
Cosmin TRG
Diego Rodriguez - Correlation Ep
DJ Subsonic Meets Rom Corsik - Panning Stick
Emerik-Linda Calina
Ivan Carsten - Heavy Tek Loverdrive
Marco Bailey-Last Dance Ramblas
Sandwell District-Feed Forward Versions
Tom Wax-Its Our Future
VA - New Concept
Vadz - I Was Wondering-(WIDE 016)
Armin Prayd-Paragomae Citaromago
Ronny K Advanced - Onyx
Section 1 - Insanity (Remixes)

June 17th, 2011

Dodge And Fuski-Aerophobia Fuck Em All
Saser-Massive Darkness
Aroma feat Lyck - Summer Of Love
Gesso feat Maya - Love Is A Butterfly-(100280 51)
Jose Abenza and Peter Kay feat Eva Dinora - Lets Make Love-(100280 46)
Kimura And Tube Tonic-Without You
Luca Noise-Way of Life Vol. 1
Luca Zeta vs Sander - Dancing In Memphis-(INR 0411)
Miani - Balkanica
Monday 2 Friday-Come On
Nightcrawlers Feat. Taio Cruz-Cryin Over You
Paffendorf - Be Cool 2011-(881226 919327)
Slowbrothers feat Fabio D - 4 Parole-(HIT 028)
VA - De Beukplaat 8 Compiled By Mental Theo
VA-Hard Dance Mania Vol 22 (Mixed By Pulsedriver)
Playaz-DJ Hazard
Playaz-Sub Zero
VA-Foreign Exchange Series Part 3
VA-The Flavours EP Vol 1
ASC and Bvdub-Symbol 2
ASC-Certainties EP
ASC-Saturnine EP
Atari Teenage Riot-Is This Hyperreal
Ben Law
Digitalism-I Love You Dude
Headman-Adolescent Sex
Jazper - North Wacker Drive
K Loud - Isaac Newton
The Freek Macheen-On My Mission
The Freek Macheen-The Remixes Vol 2
The Sublime - Kitchen Party EP
The Sushi Club
Tom Hangs Feat Shermanoloy-Blessed (Avicii Edit)
Toris Badic - One
VA-Balance 019 Henry Saiz
VA-The Robots Riot Poltron Invaders
Endymion - Three Album Sampler 1
Endymion - Three
Imperia - Kill Or Be Killed
VA - Lethal Theory 30
VA - Lethal Theory 31
VA - Lethal Theory 32
VA - Lethal Theory 33
Alex Gaudino and Henry John Morgan - Italia
Armin Van Buuren feat Laura V - Drowning-(881226 939523)
Baker And Van Linden Feat Gemeni
Bass Kleph and Stellar MC-Spend My Money 2011 Remixes
Cristian Ferretti - People Wake Up-(MVCD 069)
Cristian Marchi and Gianluca Motta - Love Comes Rising
Crystal Waters vs Fred Pellichero - Say Yeah-(JCD 046)
David Guetta-Where Them Girls At (Feat Flo Rida And Nicki Minaj)-(Promo CDS)
Digital Overdrive
Eddy DC And Gabriel Cubero
Elvir Gazic-Sunday EP
Fuzzy Hair And RDW-In The End
Ian Carey Feat Snoop Dogg - Last Night Incl Afrojack Dub Edit-Promo
Maher Daniel Lewis Boardman-Here And There Tranquilizer
Major Tosh-I Am Free-100269 33
Martin Solveig Feat Kele - Ready 2 Go-Promo
Monday 2 Friday-Come On
Oscar GS-110 Mph
Peter Gerassimoff - New Age-(FH 0570
Plastik Funk - Upside Down-(881226 953826)
Simon De Jano and Pat Rich and Antonio Falvone - Happy People-(MIE 8053264540241)
Stefano Prada and Dj Vaven feat Sydney King - Waiting For Your Love
Stereoliner And Chico Del Mar-Raise Your Hands
Steve Forest - Be Bop A Lula-(MIE 8053264540258)
Ukka-Los Amen EP
VA-Robotronic Heroes Vol. 3
VA-Soulfooled Remixed
Zuat-Zu-Smart Beats EP
Barry Manilow-15 Minutes
Eric Aron-Plenitude Relaxation Douceur
Allaby-Reform EP
Egorythmia-Remixes 2011
Ephedrix-The Prototype Remixes
Inner Peace-Midnight Drive
Labirinto Vs Hyperflex-Love Is All
Pop Art-Freedom Of Movement
VA-Spiritual Beens
Deadbeat-Drawn And Quartered
Delta Funktionen-Setup Three OFF
John Tejada
Karl F
Oz Romita-Speed Optimizer
Skymate-Revenge EP
Star Driver - Desolation
Upwellings-Distant Dubs
VA-Techno 2011 Vol 3
Zzzzra-Culture Series 001
Aly and Fila-Rising Sun (The Remixes)
Armin van Buuren - Mirage The Remixes (Bonus Tracks Edition)
Armin Van Buuren-Mirage Remixes
Hannah And Miami Calling - Take Over Now Incl Giuseppe Ottaviani Remixes-Promo
Steve Hill Vs D10-All We Need Is Love
Steve Hill Vs Technikal-Adagio For Strings 2010
Steve Hill Vs Vandall-Good Love
VA-Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol. 51
VA-Trance Mini Mix 006 2011

June 16th, 2011

Bass Clef-Rollercoasters Of The Heart
Ding Dong-Badman Forward Badman Pull Up (The Bug Remix)
MRK1-Arabian Power
Masterboy - Generation Of Love Mega Mix
Sophie Ellis Bextor - Starlight-(EBGBDL 002)
Cooh-Sezon Teran
Current Value And Dean Rodell-Galaxies Specific Functions
Raiden-Beton Arme
Amon Tobin-Surge EP
Photek-Aviator EP
Punk TV-Space Shadows
Impact-Addiction (Haze Remix)
Alejandro Montero - Seven Nation Army
Bambook Feat. Arkanna-Off The System
Benoit And Sergio
Candy Sandy-Kandui Apple Pie
Chocolate Puma Featuring Colonel Red-For Your Love 2011
Citizen Kain and Phuture Traxx-Up To You EP
Get Far - The Champions Of The World
Gustavo Brito-Cocaine is A Morphed EP
Innate-Late Night Surfin
Joe Maker and MC Bros-Summer Feeling (Miami Beach 2011)
Justin Oh-Wait For You EP
Minimality-This Is Fucking House Music EP
Nari And Milani
Noze-EP 1
Noze-Pofamika EP
Pablo Acenso
Prommer and Barck-Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde
Rikardo-Twisted Atom EP
Roberto Milano and Ricky Trauma feat Lady Trisha - Bienvenidos A Ibiza
Rocwell S and Tom Teknik-Get It Tonight (The Remixes)
Shazza-Make It Better EP
Shenoda-Shots EP
Stereo Boyz-Robots and Miniskirts
Tensnake-Something About You
V Rotz and Boni G-Babe Shadow
VA-Azuli Presents Ibiza 11 Sampler
VA-Baroque Ibiza 2 Openings
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Blanco Y Negro Hits 11
VA-Good Children Make Bad Grown Ups
VA-I Love Bunga Bunga
VA-Solo V6
Zentex-Tahu EP
Blank and Jones-Relax Edition Six
James Newton Howard-Green Lantern OST
Junior Boys-Its All True
LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking
B-Twinz - Words 2011
Kai Limberger - Bantam
Martin Eyerer and Tom Clark-Sooner Or Later EP
Max B. Grant Vs. Dready-2 - Hit
Mitch De Klein-Hangover (The Remixes Pt 2)
Norman Andretti Aka Quarill - Top of the Iceberg Ep
Riva Starr-The Latin America Trip EP
Ross Bennett - Lvl 99
Trinity And Beyond-Early Morning Freestyles
VA-Yin Yang Allstars EP 5
Calgar C-In Motion
Espen Lorentzen feat Sylvi
Gulcin Golgem Kilic-Black Sky
Lost Shores
Man Without Country-Inflammable Heart
Neon Lights
Oeg And Rayman-Dominicas Sunset Coast
Phlash Feat. Steve Hill-Get A Life You Drug Addicts
Sebastian Hunter And Audiosky
Steve Hill And Nylon-If You Love Me
Steve Hill Vs Technikal-Theme From Great Cities
Thomleck Moment

June 15th, 2011

Jamie XX-Far Nearer
Jon Convex-Convexations EP
Kavsrave-Your Love Areola
Skrillex-More Monsters And Sprites
E-Type-Back 2 Life
Pional-Last House On The Left
Bottin Francisco And Rodion
Samurai Red Seal-Need For Mirrors
Monte Cazazza-The Cynic
Ted-E-Mauritius Vibrations
VA-Drug Test
Little Fella
Rising Star Feat Ashley Lawson-True Feelings (Skeets Remix)
X-FIR3 And Unleashed Feat Gisbo-Never Let You Go (Clowny Remix)
69 Lovers Vs Lanfranchi and Farina
Aeroplane-My Enemy
Alberto Monni-How Wonderful I Fare
Alli Borem-Scotch Your Mind
Anya-Beautiful World
Beto Oliver-Saxo D
Brawther-Do It Yourself EP
Cesare Marchese-Aether EP
Claytonsane-Back From London EP
Com Truise-Galactic Melt
Dance Disorder-Metallic Italic
Daniel Messa and Borja Maneje - Vip
Dazed Dolls
Deon-Twist It Up
Depeche Mode-Personal Jesus 2011
Dino B
Dirt Crew
Dishop-De Compras EP
DJ Bells-Planet Of Dream
Edgar Hernandez
Fedo and Camurri and Marchesini-Babylon 2011 Remixes
Freedome-I Feel You
Gary N-Its Just A Feeling
Helge Kuhl-Big Bang
Hermanez And Deltano
Jeff Bennett-Edgez EP
Jeremy Glenn-New Life
Jin Choi And Walker Barnard-I Inchm Just The Rain
Kenny Laakkinen-French Chicken
Kollektiv Ost-Mia Mika EP
Komodo-Keep Control
Leach-Under My Skin
Leano-Bojitas EP
Mario Naked-Close Your Eyes EP
Masahiro Suzuki - Wondazloop - Red Criola
Master-H Feat. Alice Orpheus-I Am A Drifter Who Cant Let Go EP
Miraculum-Angels and Fairies
Nestor Vargas-Mark Maduke EP
Phil Weeks-In The Mood Phil Ashers Remixes
Reblok-Reblok EP
Rising Sun-Lift Up Your Faces
Roberto Rodriguez Manolo-Thinking Of You EP
Sascha Sonido-Airplane 666 EP
Scope-Magic 2011 Remixes
Silvano Da Silva-Turbo Funk
Simon Steur-3 Nights In Stockholm
Sinan Kaya-Keine Panik EP
Solomun-Love Recycled EP-(2DIY4 01)
Steve Bug And Cle-Seven Hills
Subvader-Each Time We Touch
Tetsuya Narita-From This Town EP
Tiago Fragateiro
VA-I Got My Visa To Ibiza (Created By David Costa)
VA-New York Fashion Club
VA-Vitamin Db Vol 2
Vladislav Delay-Latoma EP
Blakkat-In Ten City
Radiohead - Arms and Legs the Story So Far
VA-Super R and B Hits
Activator - Thavar Darron
Carsten Rausch-Cargo EP
Deepchord-Hash Bar Remnants PT 1
Minicoolboyz-The Darkness EP
Piek-Chicago EP
SHDWPLAY-Drama Queen
The Subdermic-Electric Cabaret
Thomas Dieckmann-Go Get Her EP
Timo A. Hummel - Final Chaos
Tommy Impakt Feat. MC Tr3no - Fight Or Die
DJ Geri-Tears Of Ice
Gabriele Menten Feat Lisa-Wonderfull Try Pacific Guitar
Graham Fee
Handell Feat Vera Ostrova-Near Me
Mindful Innovations-Journey To Olympus
Miroslav Vrlik-Spring Air Dont Give Up
Nerutto-Addicted To Love

June 14th, 2011

Tatiana Owens - Club Music
VA-Disco Klub80 Vol 4
Endymion and Nosferatu - Face II Face
Marina Borodina And Angry Tolerance - Last Moment
16 Bit Lolitas-Personal Space Guy J Remix
Adam Antine-Kimo Lost In Train Spade
Alex Douche-Stories EP
Apple Juice-How Do You Like It
Baaz-Only But Lately EP
Bella-Nobody Loves Me
Charles Ramirez-Sundays In The Shade EP
Dave Darell-Keep Your Hands Up
David Kia-Damned Things
DJ Electrostel Like You
Erick Morillo and Eddie Thoneick feat. Shawnee Taylor - Stronger
Fuzzy Hair and Am feat Joe Taff-With U
Howie Lee
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen-Withney Houston
Maurizio Vitiello
Micky More
Peckos-What Are You EP
Poison Pro and Miusha
Ricardo Espino-Moica E.p
Richie J-Sinister Thoughts
Rik Woldring-Disco Pussy
Sam Wills
Samuele Sartini feat Amanda Wilson - Back Again-(MIE 8058180961347)
Scott James-Lucky Stars
Stage Van H Chris Mozio
Suneil S-Step To This
The Renegade Of Amstrad
Thierry Tomas-Invisible People
Tiger And Woods-Through The Green
Tim Mills-Giant Gnats
VA - Best Beats Top 100
VA-Mykonos - Life Night and Day
VA-Time To Jack
Vybrate-Boom 2 Club
Walkabeat-Bring That Beat Back
Wexxel And Sae
Zemtsov-TV Cake
Labs Cloud - Organic Mathematics
Alex Delia And Nihil Young-Rave-O-Lution LP (Part Three)
Bageera-Scotarsh EP
Boris Brejcha-My Name Is Remixes
Catatonic Overload - Make Raw Not War Part 2
Disciples Of The Underground-Disciples Of The Underground EP
Larry Peters-El Quartito
Luciano Pizzela-Fet Machine
Manuel Hierro-With You EP
Marcelo Carvalho-Hook EP
Phil Kieran-I Cant Stop
Psyko Punkz - Tony Heb Jij Je Masker Op (Sterretje Dit)
Shar4-Taking Over
Sweet N Candy-The Trip EP
7 Baltic-Surfing In The Clouds EP
Dreamia - Luz Azul (Versus Remix)-(FSR 091)
Jan Martin feat. Hysteria-Save Me Now
Paulo Gomes
Pavel Denisov-Remember Me The 5th Sun
Solid Motives feat Tom Shapira
The Klubbingman-Dreaming For A Better World-(SG 9002
Tiddey-Forbidden City
Walker and Scylo

June 13th, 2011

Prosper-Prosper and Friends
Toob-Chromaphon EP
Dual Playaz-Every Day I See You
VA - Hard House Bible
VA - Hit Mania Champions 2011
VA-Disco and The City
Effect And Sths-The Thing EP
Eveson-Wicked Dub EP
Icicle-Redemption EP
201 Soundsystem
Anchorsong-The Lost and Found EP
Hexstatic pres Trailer Trax-Scan Me EP
Matijay-Abril-(DT 005)
Matijay-Calle Del Norte-(ECUR 025)
Matijay-Calle Del Sur-(ECUR 026)
Mechanical Cabaret-Disco Vandalism-Limited Edition
VA-CRUX Greatest Hits Volume 04
VA-From the Stars Vol 2
Walkner.Moestl - Structures
Zanshin-The Humdrum Conundrum EP
VA-In Your Head Records Collection
Adam Kalkbrenner - Crescendo
Alex Schmitz-Rocknrolla EP
Alex Victory-Insensible-(SYS 7034)
Allen (Italy)
Andy Wonderland - The Mystery EP
Anita Coke And Anette Party-Sandy Roche
Anthony Collins-Dont Look Down Now Roman Flugel Remix
Aquadro - The Sing of Crows EP
Bas Amro
Beneefit - Renaissance
Biskvit-Broken Clock
Carlos Stefano
CJ Art-Too Dark To Play
Claude Solis-Wednesday Fair
Cozi And Spit-Better Without You
Cryptonites and the Stereo Youth Feat. Tasha Colors-Gorilla-(366158 5866275)
Cupp Cave-Dice Pool EP
Danny Loko
Declan Canning-Step On It
Depthide-Way To Second Shore
Distant Keys-Desire To Life
Dmitry South - Teleport
Dop-Your Sex
Florence and The Machine-Youve Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix)
FNZ-What Makes You Feel Better
Gaetano Parisio-Needind Chords
Gilat-The Sun
Hankesz-Your Friends
Hardsoul Feat. Chappell-Ride Of Life
Hotbox-Community Recordings
Hypertic-Slipmat Special
Idle AM-These Feelings
Inna - Club Rocker-(MIE 8033993896338)
Isabelle-Wallet Biopsy-(100271 94)
Jake Chec
Juan Lombardo-Get Wet
Juan Lombardo
Juv Jam-Piranha EP
King Serenity-My Name Is Biatch
Konstantin Yoodza
Kukuzenko-Make It Louder EP
Labtracks-Broadway - Metropolice
Lee Guthrie
Magnetic Brothers-Pretty Night
Main Room-Dirty Scratch
Mark Castley-Purple London
Matisse and Sadko
Matrick-Treats And Threats
Matt Kukes feat Alain Treins-Opera Sublima (Remixes)
Max Vertigo-Dreams With The Sunbeams
Monolock And Alex M
Not Okay-Fragments Moments
Oliver Schories-Catch A Breath Ep
Pablo Briales
Parasol Stars-Bounce-(088122 6882621)
Parasol Stars-Ibiza Sunrise-(366158 5878360)
Pom and Fritz-Go-(366158 5878414)
Poppy Jo - Stupid Cupid-(JCD 053)
Quintino - Raider
Roger Sanchez feat Mobin Master and Mc Flipside - Worldwide-(MIE 8033993896307)
Sinan Kaya-Alta Rica
Sinisa Tamamovic - Who We Are EP
Spangled Ballet-Topple Admiral
Syleena Johnson-Peace Pipe
Syzthaime-Refuge In The Mountains
The Cosmodrome-Galaxy One EP
The Sound Diggers
VA-Electro House Connect 2011
Vanyano-Aida And The Beast
VA-Original Masters Electro
Villasti and Manuel De La Oz - My Sweet Dreams EP
Vitaliy Shulz-Foul Play EP-(MT 030)
Vitaliy Shulz-Samurai-(SYS 7014)
Warren Fellow and Michel Steinbach
Yam Who-Go Bang (Radio Slave Remixes)
Bluetech-Rainforest Reverberation
Salinas-Aurora-(366158 5877950)
VA-Bossa Deluxe Rio De Janeiro Session
VA-Church Lounge Vol 2 Selected By DJ Leon El Ray
VA-R And B Club Classics
Zero Assoluto - Perdermi
Alessandro Diga - Onder Onsje Ep
Alex Delia And Nihil Young
Beat Maniacs-The Cube
DJ Isaac - Over The Edge On The Edge
DJ Isaac and DJ Zany - What U Need
DJ Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle
DJ Subsonic - Sciene Fiction
Hertz-In My Mind
Israel Toledo-Abduction EP
Mathew Jonson-Learning To Fly
Matijay-Droga Pesantissima-(PCR 035)
Matijay-El Partido Del Barrio-(ECUR 011)
Mental Crush - Brotherhood EP
Michael Schumacher-Factory EP
Noah Pred-Lesser Lights
Octave One-Revisted Series 3
Octavio Tshelebi
Paul Schulleri And Eiblonski
Philip Bader-Wonderland Ghost
Slam-The Tritone
The Advent And Hugo Paixao And Jason Fernandes-Clockwork Remixes
Tom Brown - Not A Virus
VA - Big Bang Sampler Volume 1
VA - Youre Not Alone Master Flat (Maxter Remix)
VA-Cocoon Heroes Mixed By Adam Beyer And Dorian Paic
Vazard - Contrasts Part 1
Zareh Kan-Shaman Boy EP
Adrian Ivan - Connected
Alex Coollook and Aris Grammenos-Dream View
Ashley Wallbridge
Claudia Cazacu and Sied Van Riel - Lights Off
Craig Connelly-Absolute Electric
Daniel Kandi and Phillip Alpha-Dont Fix It
Demi Yorth
DJ WAD-Sea Gull
Eco Ft. Jeza - Over Paper Skies
Ferrin and Morris and Sequentia
Garry Heaney - Sonic State
Hekmat Khavarian
Leon Bolier and Marcus Schossow - Ost Kaas
Marcel Woods-Sunrise (Sunrise 2011 Anthem)
Marco G - Dominique
Marco V - Unprepared (The Remixes)
Mark Eteson-Universal Language
Michael Angelo - Messa
Noah Neiman - Desert Of My Heart
Orla Feeney-Bittersweet Pink Noise
Ruben De Ronde
Sergey Shabanov
Space RockerZ-Get Down City Crooked Hook
Tiddey - Copacabana Dream
Tobi Atkins-Set Me Free
Tristan D - Interstate 5
VA - Summer Sampler 2
VA-Ascension 001 The Awakening (Mixed By Tasadi)
Vito De Santis-Copenhagen Hasta Luego
Woody Van Eyden And Steve Anderson-Everythings Twisted
Yummy L.Y.-Became An Adventure

June 12th, 2011

Bass Clef-Rollercoasters Of The Heart
Cyrus-Looking Back
Floating Points
Foreign Beggars-The Harder They Fall EP
Guido And Baobinga
Jon Convex
Neurodriver-Battledroid Trompeta
American Gang - I Luv New York-(366158 5934028)
Nicole Scherzinger - Dont Hold Your Breath (UK Version)
VA-Promo Only Dance Radio June
VA-Promo Only Dance Radio May
Yvonne Koomen - Last Night
V Recordings-Serum ft Bladerunner
4 In Action - Wind Of Change-(RARE 11895)
Alex White-Afternoon Bay
Carlos Sanchez and DJ Ray-Im Not Sure What I Want EP
Cesar Merveille and Guti
Chris Kurbanali
Crystal Waters vs. Fred Pellichero - Say Yeah
Da Brozz Feat. La Miss-This Is My Life-(Promo)
David Tort feat. Gosha - One Look
Dennis Olivieira Vs Andrew Denker-Boom Boom
Distant People Ft Rainy Payne-Seasons Limited
DJ Fudge Feat Mani Hoffman-Nightglows (Remixes)-(TEJAL 009)
DJ Juginz-Start From The Beginning
DJ Kadorio-Miss Mind F
DJ Vivona and Newland Vs. Impact Feat Daria B.-Holdin on
Eichensohn And Davenstedt-FFF International Version
Entity-Soul Drifter Ep
Fabio Bacchini Feat Brooke Russell-Set Me Free
Filip Riva - Brazilian March
Filip Riva - Brazilian March Philippe Lemot Remix
Fragma - Everytime You Need Me 2011
Francesco Rossi feat. A and Js - Paper Aeroplane
Freddy the Groove Feat Wendy Lewis
Futuristic Polar Bears - Soopafresh Incl Da Fresh Remix
G And G-Beautiful Day Remixes
Gaetano and Schorr - Big In Japan
Goulet-The Spins Ep (Ep Remixes)
Green Velvet - La La Land Incl Tocadisco Remix
John Aguilar feat. Sonia - Elena Remix Edition Part 2
John Vault And Jof Pryz-Im Happy
Los Suruba-Chuck EP The Remixes
Lynch And Aacher-Show Me The Light Incl Aboutblank And KLC Remix
Marco Cucchia-See That Woman
Mark Tonic Farbenfroh and Petros T feat. Nina Hall - Keep Rising Up Incl Meave de Tria Mixes
Mark Tonic and Farbenfroh - Grumbler Incl Meave de Tria Re
Marques JC And Elias Feat Naima-Move On
Mats Gulbrandsen-Filtech EP
Max Fabian Feat MC Kako
Maya Jane Coles-Focus Now
Miguel Martinez And Cristian Tomas Ft. Cosmik
Ministry of Funk
Offir Malol Featuring Ortal-With You
Pete Faia-Do It
Pete Faia-Fly With Me
Reivan And Felton-Progressive Emotions
Renato Xtrova and Edson Julio Feat. Jack Nkanga-Wau Tukuwendila
Richard Dinsdale - Glitter Fever EP
Richy Pitch Feat Yasmeen-Dey Suffer
Ruralist Kidz-Tuareg EP
Samantha Faison-Feel the Music
Steed Watt Featuring Matt Jamison
Storyteller-From Sunset To Sunrise
Suel-On The Groove EP
VA - Emporium Blue-(Thousand and One Nights)-(Mixed by La Fuente and Daniel Sanchez)
VA - Nope is Dope Volume 10-(Mixed by Marc Benjamin Mirwals and David Gravell)
VA-Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol 5
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Petra Deluxe Lounge
VA-Promo Only Urban Radio June
VA-Sultans Lounge
VA-Vanguard 11
Hiyarant-This Is Only A Game
Intergalactic-Area 51
Andreas Kremer - My Drum World
Arkus P - Isabella EP
Barbers - Drink and Smoke
Chase Buch
Clone Kent-Witch Pot EP
Cristiano Balducci - So What
D And V - Jump On The Street EP
Master Jack - Do You Like
Mikh Solvis-Pallesta EP
Stuback-4th Dimension
The Pitcher - The Rising (Last World Anthem 2011)
Tura - Post Atomic Army
VA - A2 Records Unleashed Album Sampler 2
Above And Beyond Feat Richard Bedford-Thing Called Love Incl Sunny Lax Remix
Aquile And TeeB Feat Ton Chief
Ben Preston Feat Max Fredrikson-Glorious 2011 Incl Cliff Coenraad Remix
Function C-Northern Lights
Garetta-Blinded By The Sunset
Johnny Yono-Suspended Dimension
Manuel Juvera-On The Banks EP
Paul Vinitsky Pres Alien Feat Ruma-Two Worlds
Taleamus-Sunrise In Belgrade

June 11th, 2011

Dub Police
Mimosa-Flux For Life
Nanda-Constant Change
2 Ontrack
Calvin Harris Feat Kelis
DJ Doddo vs Dance Rocker - Al Ritmo Della Dance
Juan Martinez Feat. Anabel Lee-A Story Remenber
Juan Martinez-Hey Little Girl
L A X Feat Michelle Lee-You Got Me-(SI 1012)
Lui Kuper-Vive La Vida-(DDC 095)
Martin Solveig
Sugar Inc Feat. Coco-Guitarra Night
VA-Example And DJ Wire Present The Playlist
VA-Mega Dance Summer Top 100 2011
Black Belt-Deviant Nature
Bop-The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel
Dance Or Die
Eprom-64 Bytes Remixes
Kirlian Camera-Ghloir Ar An Oiche-Limited Edition MCD
Niki And The Dove-The Fox
VA-Eleven Years Cocoon Recordings-Selected Remix Works
VA-Panorama Bar 03-Mixed By Prosumer
Aitor Galan Feat Carlos Ferrara-Love-(DDC 097)
Alex Kenji And Marco Lys
Ben Dj - Freedom Call
Bluestone Vs Skibadee Feat Kyla - Dat Feeling-Promo
Christopher S feat Max Urban - Star
Desusino Boys-Quai Miro
Dinka-Violet (The Remixes)
Donati And Amato - Like An Angel-Promo
Hardwell Vs Chuckie Feat Ambrush - Move It 2 The Drum-Promo
Inusa Dawuda And Impact - All I Want Incl DJ Sign Remix-Promo
Jeff Dougler and Balu
Kw-Detroit To London
Michael Poser-Cooler Than Me-(PURO 012)
Pezzner-Only with Your Eyes
Rendezvous - C-Sharp Incl Carl Cox Remixes-Promo
Sean Finn - No Good For Me Incl Chris Moody Remix-Promo
Sebastijan Golja-Attitude Change
Silent Partner-Hear No Evil Remixes
Sonny Fodera-Tokyo 3
Sophie Ellis
The Allstars feat The Wood - Tonite
VA-5 Years Of Galaktika
VA-Yousef Circus Rework
Liquid Stranger - The Arcane Terrain
Taff - Moon Princess
VA - Electri
VA-Nova Xposure 11
Midimal - The Pursuit Of Happiness
Plankton-Social Psychopath Audiobook
Predators - Radio Telescope
Super Evil-In Evil We Trust
XLR - Xtra Large
Paul Kalkbrenner-Icke Wieder
DJ Toxic
Josh Gabriel Presents-Winter Kills
Oen Baeren - Nauru
Richard Durand Feat Kash - Explode Incl George Acosta Remixes-Promo
Tiesto Presents Allure-Kiss From The Past
VA - Anjunabeats The Early Years 02
VA - Technoclub Vol 36

June 10th, 2011

Benga and Kutz-Transformers - Shake It
Base Hunter-All I Ever Wanted
Carmixer And Save Feat Francy M - Pensiero-(100286 35)
David Guetta Love-DeBT
Dj Bigice and Outffit - Vejo Bonito-(594820 3012596)
Dj Mamu feat Roby - Shining Star-(366158 5921035)
Jan Van Bass-10-All The Right Moves
Marc Lime And K Bastian Feat Ivory-The Music
Megara vs. DJ Lee
Robkay And Level
Sys-K Feat. Ketlin
VA - Dance Top 40 Vol.3 The Best From The Clubs
VA - Tekno 59
Viorika - Voices-(SUN 1110)
Above And Beyond Feat Richard Bedford-Thing Called Love
Ada-Meine Zarten Pfoten
Anti-G-Presents Kentjesz Beatsz
Architect-Upload Select Remix
Blank And Jones-Pura Vida
Flako-The Mesektet
Gable-Cute Horse Cut
Masomenos and Dop-Shaman Academix
Venetian Snares-My So Called Life
Aaron - Competition Underground
Aaron - Competition Underground
Eufeion Vs Tom Revolution-Bass Be Pumping Phreak
Javi Boss and Juanma - Central Eleven
Jody Wisternoff vs Sub-Love-Volume One
Sub-Love-Volume Two
Beyanh-Mr Muzzik
Bright Morningstar And Victoria Mussi
Copyright Feat. Shovell
Darren Bailie And Oscar De La Fuente-Promise Me (4 Oclock)
DJ Mart and DJ Zhukovsky feat. Annie Sollange-Scream My Babe
DJ Tony Star - Knalluh
Domb - Half A Man-(366158 5793090)
Eric Tyrell And Roger Simon Feat. Lana Gordon-Back 2 Ibiza
Fapples-My Pink Phone EP
Giovanni Vernia aka Jonny Groove - Oh Oh Oh-(803337 3265600)
Girl Audio-I Like The Bass
Jean Carles Ferrer and Mikel Vigu feat. Josephine Sweett-House Music
Marco Zardi and Andry J feat Nikasoul - Forever-(FKJ 08217)
Mark Reeve-Daybreak On Mars EP
Matt Star-The Mighty Yam
Miami Natives-Feel Good
Nico Lahs-Clouded Vision EP
Olene Kadar Feat. D-Low-Baby Keep It Up (Incl. Ian Pooley Remix)
Oscar L and Coqui Selection-To Say To You
Puga-Clap Ya
Ron Flatter-Growth Rings-(402585 8061726)
Roulito-The Remixes
Ryan Housewell Feat Alec Sun Drea-Cant Stop Aboutblank And KLC Mixes
Saeed Younan-What Was
Sami Wentz-Cest La Vie
Saratoga Express
Sebastian Weikum-Good Morning Risk Of Pain Remix
Silvano Da Silva-Turbo Funk
Simone Pisapia feat Jonathan La Lokura - Movida-(DFC 1524)
Sonny Wharton and K-Klass-Rush Hour
Steven Spassov-MP Tan
Submission DJ and Javier Elipe-Funky Beat
Swedish House Mafia-Save The World (The Remixes)
Teflon Dons-Deeper Shades Loves Teflon Dons
The Timewriter-King Of Calm EP
Tim Deetakt
Tony Jaguar
VA-Ibiza Progressive Tunes 2011
VA-Mediterranean Vibes
VA-Pacha Global Introducing The Nu-Breed II
VA-Pacha Ibiza VIP Vol 5
VA-Technocolor 2
Vicente Belenguer and T. Tommy feat. Patrizze
Weekend Heroes - Supernova (Magitman
Foo Fighters - Back and Forth
Foo Fighters - Back and Forth
Robert Rich-Ylang-DeBT
Snoop Dogg-Malice N Wonderland-DeBT
VA-Best Of 2011 Summer
Josh Feedblack and Giacomo Donati
Mad Maxx - Sonic Architects
Pop Art - Purification-TPDEP001
Principles of Flight - Chaos Opera Remixes
Various Artists - Belos Paradox-NYEP08
Various Artists - Dirty Trancing Vol. 2
Bart Shadow - Did You Try EP
Cari Lekebusch And Joel Mull - Afrormosia
Commuter - Stabb
Damon Jee-Logophilia EP
Daniel Mehlhart Vs. Gabriel Ananda - 3rd Note
DJ Slater Flippers And U-Prag - Virus
D-Nox And Beckers - Distance Sampler
D-Nox and Beckers
Harvey McKay-McGurk Effect EP
Mays And Patrique - Letto Arcane
Min and Mal-All Time At Home
Miro Pajic-The Wizard Window
Mr. Statik-Even Giants Have A Soft Spot
Oliver Schories - Outtake
Tom Hades-Necesito EP
Ton Def-Request Remixes
DJ Amadeus and Benny Maze feat Oros Duet - Feel So Right-(88122 6929128)
Infected Fay - Lullaby-(OMR 22)
Night Ray - Among Angels
Soulcry Vs. DJ Deraven-After Midnight
Susana-Closer The Remixes
VA-Dash Berlin Top 15 June 2011
VA-Worldwide Trance Sounds 2011 Vol 2

June 9th, 2011

DJ Madd and Chris Su-No Respect
Original Sin and Taxman-Penamana EP Part 2
VA-Circus One Album Sampler
Stopper M feat Jimmy Roland
VA - Bloemendaal Beats 2011
VA - Sound and Tuning Vol.5
Amit-9 Times
Amit-9 Times
Critical-Enei ft Eastcolors
4mat-Legacy Trails
A.G.Trio - Everyone With Us
A.G.Trio - Planet Disco
Audiofly-Follow My Liebe
Laid Back - Cocaine Cool Bakerman
7 Citizens
A Phake-Friday Night
A Phake-Friday Night
Alex Lamb Andy Harding Fredrik Sjoo-No Such Thing
Aritz Lacruz and Rafa Baneza-Sweet Dreams
Ben Westbeech-Falling-(DVSR10511CDS)-Retail
Carl Francis
Crazibiza-Planet Groove
Da House Freaks-Da Guitar Groove
Dani Vars
Dario Nunez and Infinity Djs Vs. Sergio Gallegos
Dario Nunez and Jose Am feat. Henry Mendez
Darren Brandon-About Time EP
Dick Ray-On The Move
Dirty Nights-Girl Hold On
Disco FX-Yeah Right
Eddie F
Erik Polder Feat V.Ray-Flying High
Fm Audio Feat Leila K - Open Sesame
Groove Mekanix-Ready 2 Go
Java-Feel So High
John Heckle-The 4th Dimension Ep
Kenny Ground
Lance Desardi-Expressions EP
Los Pastores-Suma Y Sigue Ep
Luca Bear-Strictly Forbidden EP
Lush-District EP
Marcellus Pittman-The Eastside Story
Marie L and BRUK-Minds Gonna Go
Massimiliano Pagliara-Focus For Infinity
Matt Slater
Max Robbers Vs. Tony White-No Good 3000 Incl Djs From Mars Mixes
NDKj and Luigi Rocca-We Will Rock You
Oscar Akagi-El Ritmo 1983
Passive Progressive-Radio Kill
Pevlic Thrust-It Makes Me Horny
Ray Foxx-The Trumpeter
Roman Fluegel And Ricardo Villalobos
Sasse-Feel It EP
Si-Tew-When The Clouds Ran Away
Tamteo-Plug And Play
Tofke and Peker
Tom Flynn-Top Down EP
Traxx Dillaz-Drop Back Baby Watch Me
Traxx Dillaz-Ol Fuct Up
UGLH and Federico Locchi
Va-Abstract Art Vol 1
VA-DJ Session Vol. 12
VA-Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2
VA-Essential Electro House Selection 13
Va-Philpot 50
Wigflip-Scat EP
Federico Aubele-Berlin 13
VA-Absolute Summer Hits
Aesthex - Here I Go
Albert Kraner vs Instigator - Mechanical Spirit
Arnaud Le Texier-Make It Till Monday EP
Astra Teck-Parana Drunkin
Byshop - The Dance
Commix-Satellite Type 2
Digital Abuse - Gate To Hell
Djanny - Your Mind
Domshe - Bateron
KAN-Damned EP
Lo Traxx Vs Lockstyler - The Furious Blaster
Marc Depulse - Lucky Punch EP
Microcheep and Mollo - Bullet Print
Min-When A Nerd Hits The Floor EP
Noisecontrollers - Unite (Official Defqon 1 Anthem 2011)
Phuture Noize - Sleep EP
Pig and Dan-Tears Of A Clown
Q-Sade - Tiktech
Ricky Presta-Retro Dub
Spektre and Miniminds
ST - Popped And Locked
Steve Murano - Three to Five
VA - Do You Understand Me
VA - Ostfunk Berlin 7 Years Birthday Bash
Ciro Visone - Atomic System
Rami Mute-This World
Savas Hastoulakis - Non Addicted
VA-Dusk Till Doorn 2011 Mixed By Sander Van Doorn

June 8th, 2011

Caspa - Fulham 2 Waterloo
TGK 22 and ASFA-Hallucinogen Dub
Von D
Anton Veter-Its All About Space
B-Boy Tronik-Dance 2 My Beat
Blazer-Robotek EP
DJ Hero-The Mile High City Breaks EP
Done-Heiress Of Valentina (Alesso Exlusive Mix)
Example-Changed The Way You Kiss Me-(Promo)
Gigi Cerin DJ feat Lekif And GC-The Summer Is Ok
Limelight - So Pure
Blok One - Mudra EP
Donnie Dubson-Monday is the New Sunday
Katharsys And Forbidden Society-Psychosis Domination
Spective - Yesterdays EP
Adele-Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)
Ghosts Of Paraguay-Who You Become Needing You
Martin Schulte - Treasure
Metronomy-The Bay (Erol Alkans Extended Rework)
Pr Project - My Way
Surgeon-Breaking The Frame
Promo - Spineless Rhythm Flow
Adriano Filippucci-Black Snake
Alex Kenji-Lets Get This Thing Started (Saeed Younan Remix)
Beatgrooverz-Stereo Love
Chasers-Unchain My Heart
Chicks N Fire-Price Tag
Chris Hover-The Chicago Drive Through
D Fine - Dont Let Go
Destan Lee
Dimo And B.Lo
DJ Fist and The Bass Kidz
DJ Vitto
DJ Whitecoat Feat. Jae Elle-How Does It Feel
Fabiani Soriani And Petrillo Project
Filip Jenven feat. Max C-Lifting It Higher
George V and Valeron
Hollen-Mamy Groovy EP
Hypnotic Duo-Only You
Illegal Beat-Hells Paradise
Javi Del Valle and Pedro Silva-Rituals Sundays
Javi Nandez Sergio De La Cruz Victor Valini-Drifting Away
Jetsetta - Count Ten
Jonny Lexxs-Bomb The Bass
Karosa Feat. Kledia-Burning Passion
Kevin Cheung
Lance Desardi-Expressions EP
Linda D.-Il Sole Caldo Dellestate
Marc Van Linden Feat Amanda Wilson-Gotta Let You Go
Mark Simmons
Martin Buez-Dome-(WORK 015)
Max Freegrant-Search the Sun
Peter Pizzutelli
Pierce Fulton-Lucid Dream
Quintino Groovenatics Jaren-World Is Calling
Rene Breitbarth-Tribute 2
Robert DB-Deadly Sins Part 11
Ryan Thompson-Dont Speak
Taylor Franklyn-Electronic Justice
VA-Bonzai Progressive Kult Volume 7
VA-Defected In The House Ibiza 11
VA-Full Authority Vol 1
VA-Laid Compilation
Various Artists-House Collection Vol 2
VA-Summer Party 2011-The Hit Mix
Caparezza-Il Sogno Eretico
Elio E Le Storie Tese-Boris (Il Film)
Take That
VA-Late Night Lounge Barcelona
VA-Transformers Dark Of The Moon - The Album
Vinicio Capossela-Marinai Profeti E Balene
Masaki Nakazawa - High Wolf - Split
Mullet Mohawk - Berghall Vortex
Andrea Roma-El Dream
Brutal Kids
Corvin Burrell-Hope EP
Guido Schneider And Pascal Feos-Zusammen In B Unterwasser Reich And Arm
Heartik-Far From Meltdown
Kalden Bess aka Moh-Next Day EP
Manu Kenton and Nicolas Clays - Exchange Trader
Noisecontrollers-Stella Nova
Perc-My Head is Slowly Exploding
Phuture Noize - Sleep EP
Popof and Jay Lumen-Hmmm Well
The Darkstylerz - The Lycans
TNT A.K.A Technoboy N Tuneboy - First Match 2011
Ukrainian Hardstylerz - Classical Overdose
VA - Surplus Sampler 39
D-Mad Ft. Emma Lock-I Love Indigo
Schodt And Sundriver Feat. Aida Fenhel-Here With Me
Tripleone - 12 Angels

June 7th, 2011

XI-Gamma Rain - Medicate
VA - Best Of Dance 2
VA - Kanikuly 2011
VA - Tanecni Liga 128
VA - Tanecni Liga 129
Ilija Rudman-Calypso (RED017)
Ilija Rudman-What Am I Gonna Do (UTS008)
Ron Basejam-Ron Basejam Remixes (ISM009X)
Benny Benassi
Station 17 - Goldstein Variationen Remixes
The Clairvoyants-Modern Day Slavery
VA-Gabbermex Sampler
DJ Promo - Promo Style 003
AKA AKA and Thalstroem
Angelo Draetta And Alessandro Baldoria
Hed Kandi Glitterarti - Discos Revenge
Ian Pooley-Groove Me
Jon Nedza-Electrotech (CR005)
Mark E-Get Yourself Together (MERC001)
Mark E-Vol 1 Sampler (MERC02)
Mark Reeve-Daybreak on Mars
Mumbai Science
Pierre Deutschmann-Death By Lapdance
Stereo Express-Gypsi Ride
VA - Sunset Sessions Deluxe Vol 2
DJ Premier-Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2
Phuture and Jackmaster Hater-Acid Trax
Snoop Dogg-Boom (Feat T-Pain)-(Promo CDS)
VA - Sea Of Silence Vol 12
Ace Ventura And Captain Hook - The Jolly Roger
A Guy Called Gerald and System 7
Barem-Blue (Digital Version)
DJ Thera - Live Hard Now
Funk Dvoid-Shadowchaser (Remixes)
Kostya Run
Minicoolboyz-Lost In Lodz Remixes
Samuel L Session-Four To The Floor Remixed Part 1
VA - Summer Sampler 1
Johan Curtain-Tail Tone
Nick Sparkle
Rave Channel-Song For You
Taras Bazeev And Maxim Yurin-Above The Earth EP
Taras Bazeev
VA-JOOF Anthology Volume 4

June 6th, 2011

Bias Gurley
Jamie XX - Far Nearer Beat For
Machinedrum-Sacred Frequency
Starkey-Space Traitor Vol. 2
Synkro And Indigo - Guidance Reflection
Baymont Bross and Keemerah and Bree Fenton - Star
GBX and MKM - Taxi to Brazil EP (Part 2)
Quadrat Beat Feat. Kyla - Back in the Game
Outlandish Feat. Providers
Pulsedriver And The Fource-Cant Help Myself
The Storm-Lost In The Fire (Kato Remix)
78 Edits-Been A Long Time EP
Buzz Compass-No More Hits 12
Incarnations-Meet Me At Midnight
Majestys Pleasure-Majestys Pleasure Vol 2
The Players Association-Turn The Music Up
Blockhe4d And Cabbie-Santa Cruz Dive
Brookes Brothers-Brookes Brothers
Noisia And Phace-Program Regurgitate
Project 7 - Free Falling
Bang Elektronika-Aktivierung-Limited Edition
Giovanni Salva - Latin House
Hudson Mohawke-Thunder Bay
Matias Aguayo-I Dont Smoke EP
Mux Mool-Drum EP 2
NaRick-Suburban Industrial Landscape
Robotiko Rejekto-Umsturz Jetzt-Limited Edition
Slugabed-Moonbeam Rider EP
Static Electric - Requiem Fine Day
The Ebertbrothers - Susten Pass
VA-Exteme Suendenfall Vol.11
You Killing Me - Hallelujah
Audio Warfare - Audio Warfare EP
Dan Edge - The Return EP
Dan Edge - The Return EP
The Sickest Squad
VA-Thumpa Presents Die Another Day
Alex Gray feat Ann Bailey - Smalltown Boy
Alexandra Stan - Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)-(UL 2886)
Andi Muller
Andrian Toper-3 Tune EP
Buddha Jr-Have A Nice Day
Carlos M-I Feel
Cristian Parisi-I Am A Woman
Dashka-Snake Charmer
David Guetta and Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj - Where Them Girls At (Remixes)
Dub Dummies
Funkagenda and Adam K
Gennadiy Adamenko - Wings
John Dahlback-Are You Nervous
John Digweed And Nick Muir-30 Northeast
Julio Peris-Its Coming
Matt Minimal-Frozen Perspective
Mattia Cunico And Martin Morning-Duuud Outside Its Better
Nicky Romero
Qualiass-Anger Me Sweet
Raul De La Orza-What You Say
Sebo K-Mr. Duke
Sone Silver-Free At Last
Tai Davis-Love Of House
Threesixty Dirty Harris-Brass Haus
VA - Illusion The Taurus Edition
VA-Need 2 Soul Vol 01-(N2SCD001)
William A-Alpha Incl Josh Gabriel Remix
Yves V-Stardust Eclipse
Aqua-How R U Doin (Remixes)
Metaform-The Electric Mist
AJ Battuta - Jealous MF Alarma
Bruno Pronsato-Lovers Do
D-Block and S-Te-Fan Ft. MC Villain - The Magical Mystery
Francesco Zeta - Superstyle
Frenkie V - Rimshot EP
Kill Brothers - Combat Area
Lisboa-X - Falling
Marcus Worgull-Long Way - Coppa
Orifice - Dark Heart EP
Oyaebu - Ferret
Proteus - Try Harder
Scott Attrill - Meet The Beat
ShockForce - Rock It
Toxic - Root Down
Trance Generator Presents Manon - Its Time
Ukrainian Hardstylerz feat Brian Sid - We Are Your Speakerz Judgement Day
VA - Derby Motivations EP
VA - The Final Chapter
VA-Mama Simba
3rd Planet-UFO Here Valente
Alex Frolov-Say Goodbye See You Again
Cold Blue-Lucidity Sanguinity
DJ Feel vs Matisse
Greg Downey - Sunrise
Grube and Hovsepian
Luca Antolini-Control Your Body 2011
Masif Djs-Ready Or Not 2010
Shy Brothers - Solace
Sly One Vs Jurrane-Open Roads Everything To Me
Steve Allen And Shaun Williams
Steve Hill Vs MDA And Spherical-My Lovin 2010
Steve Hill Vs Technikal-I Have A Dream
Tom Colontonio
Tritonal feat Jeza-I Can Breathe

June 5th, 2011

Starkey-Space Traitor EP Vol. 1
Unknown Vs. Biggie Smalls-Hypnotize (Dubstep Refix)
Anton Veter-The Moment of My Life
Baymont Bross and Raynpro-Twisted Metal
Madmind-Masses Control EP
ALBA feat Beverlee - Power Of Love 2K10-(0206076 A45)
Jekyll Vs DJ Factory-Love Mission
Nessel Neil-Me And You (10028709)
VA - Beat Hits Vol.53
VA - Deep Dance 133
VA-Best Italian Dance (BID01)
VA-DJ Promotion Mymusic Staff 02
VA-DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol.09-(Promo CDR)
VA-DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol.10-(Promo CDR)
VA-DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol.11-(Promo CDR)
VA-DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol.12-(Promo CDR)
VA-DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol.13-(Promo CDR)
VA-DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol.14-(Promo CDR)
Drifta and Dean Case - Sway EP
Syncopix - Private Collection Part 1
VA-Ingredients Records Presents Recipe Book Volume 1
Youngman and Crissy Criss-Kick Snare VIP Mixes
Above And Beyond-Group Therapy
Andreas Gehm-U Dont Love Me Anymore EP
Bok Bok-Southside EP
Digitalism-I Club You Dude
DJ Kayowa-The Sound Of E
Electrocore-Electro Expression
Sabiani-Treasure Box
Tom Thiel-Tom Thiel
VA - The Kids Want Electro 2
VA-In Search Of Sunrise 9 India Mixed By Richard Durand
Alex OSN-Random Style
Benn Finn - 4 You
Carolina Marquez - Wicked Wow Incl DJ Chuckie Remixes-Promo
Dionne-Back On The Planet
DJ Salah Feat Isaac - Music-Promo
Dubaa-Smooth Road
EVG - Take Me 2 U Feat. Maria Mioko
Fabio De Venere - One Love-(GRV 00411)
Fawni - Ready When You Are-Promo
Felipe Wrechiski - Black Protocol EP
Flaxo-Retro Cool
Friendly Fires-Live Those Days Tonight
Fusion Six-Bouncy Tent
Kirsty - Set Your Body Free-Promo
Kylie Minogue - Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
Linkwood-From The Vaults Part 1
Nadia Oh-Taking Over The Dancefloor
Orlando B-Future Resist EP
Paolo Driver-Black Rise
Reset-Love And Revolution - Calypsoul
Roman Rauch
Session Victim-Right From Wrong
Shockolody - Rock In My Bed-Promo
Spirit Tag-Get Your Time
Timothy Allan Vs Loverush UK Feat Pryme - Beat Of Zen 2k11-Promo
Tom Ruijg-Nothing But Love
Ugroza-Indian Treasure
VA - Ministry Of Sound Chilled House Session 2 Promo
VA-Clips And Space (Mixed By Giom)
VA-Dan Ghenacias Sound Of The City
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 279
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 280
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 281
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 282
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 271
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 272
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 273
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 274
VA-From The Vaults-The Definitive Sound Of Prescription Records
VA-Pacha Summer 2011
Hardfloor - 20 Two Decades Of Hardfloor
VA - Time to Relax
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 95
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 149
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
B-Front and Digital Punk - For The Girls Panic Attack
D-Block and S-Te-Fan Ft. MC Villain - The Magical Mystery
Disco Bum-I Like
Imperfect Machines - Bacterium Anemone
In2ition-My Dutch Guitar
Lee Mac-Mac EP
Maxdal-Work In Progress
Minitronix - Spectator
Pradera - This Moment
The Phrenetic Project-Lost In A 303
VA-Hardstyle Classic Volume 5
Alkatraz And Taylor Feat Jennifer Hershman-Elation Incl Jonas Steur Remix
Audien-Selective Hearing
Bastian Salbart - With Me
Flashtech-Cloud City
Haris C
Ian Source-Distance EP
Iversoon And Alex Daf-Pure Magic EP
Jeremy Sky And Malek-White Dream
Mansel Scheffel-Destiny Sunrise Dreamscape
Marco Bragadin Feat Aedo - Hymn-(NZG 104)
Michael Elliot-Lyria Sun 2 Gold EP
Mike Koglin vs. Genix - Helion
Noctiva-Divine Intervention
Oceanic-Horizon Way
Richard Durand Feat Ellie Lawson - Wide Awake-Promo
Sa.Vee.Oh - Oh You Rock
Tenishia And Ruben De Ronde-Story Of Life
Tigran Oganezov - Boomerang Hoover
Trance Arts Feat Lisa Rose-Crossing The Borders Incl Luke Terry Remix
VA-Dark Collabs EP Vol 3
Wezz Devall - Future Tomorrow

June 4th, 2011

Camo and Krooked-All Fall Down (feat. Shaz Sparks)
Kastle-Time Traveller EP
Kingdom And Girl Unit-Ride It Every Time
SBTRKT-Ready Set Loop
Lucy G - Crazy For You-(366158 5905349)
Usher-More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix)-(Promo CDS)
VA - Best Of Italo Dance 2011
VA-Beatbox 11
VA-Dance Classics Vol. 39 And 40
E-Dward - The Journey-(EXP 020)
DJ Wednesday - Afrika (Original Mix)
Future Signal and Proktah-World Of Sound What Is It
Kelle and Juha - Sapphire EP
Kitech-The Chemical Industry EP
Moon Wiring Club-Somewhere A Fox Is Getting Married
Agnes - Got That Music In My Mind EP-(HUDD 035)
Andy Broker-Excuse Me
Bukaddor and Fishbeck
Cabin Fever - Cabin Fever Trax Vol. 17-(RKDS 017)
Damien Boss Ft. MC Placenta Smoka-The Sounds Of Acid
Deejay House Project - Komodo 2011 EP-(OTB 165)
Deep Troubles
Deep Troubles-Renew The Old
DJ Danny P-Turn Up the Bass-(BTB 00004)
Fabry Pandolfo-My Ocean
Frost-Plastic City
G-Rillo-Furled EP
Hannes Bruniic - Djs and Pills-(BRC 272011B)
Herva-Skin EP
Kool Vibe - Catchin The Vibe E.P
Matrey Hidan-Alice Essentia
Max Millan-20 Hz
Moonshakerz feat Kaya Jones - Waiting For Saturday-(MIE 8053264540173)
Nishin Verdiano And Johnny Muse-Elevate Me
Paul Francini-As Yet
Rene De La Mone - Baby Do You Know-(366158 5368144)
Saleem Razvi-Progressive Funk
Sezer Uysal-Alone In The Crowd
Simon From Deep Divas feat Goody - Disco Dancer-(RES 004)
Stefano Prada and Purple Project - Funkytown-(366158 5849025)
Sub Scooping Music-WMC11 Sampler
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World-Promo
The DEMUSE-Storm Energy
The Om-It Takes So Long
We Love 90 - Red Alert-(MIE 8033993896260)
Lady GaGa-Born This Way-(JP Bonus Track)
Andy Todd - Mjt Sniffer Dog
Chiller and Lou - Remember
Daniel L - Thirty Seconds Left
Exploit - Staburst
Hoodzie - Meditation
Jeroen Search
Jeroen Search
Jimmy The Sound Feat Delfromad - Te Quiero Puta
Lady Raw - Angel Of My Soul
Pierre Deutschmann - Chaisin Skirt
Alex O Rion-The Bigger Room
Dart Rayne And Yura Moonlight
DJ Yorrin-Where Are You Now (for Rebecca)-(PAD 012)
Ice Upon Fire-Hit My Brain Again
Matt Eray-4 Days
Matt Skyer Pres JMS
Orjan Nilsen-In My Opinion
Ticklish - Blurred Morning
VA - In Search Of Sunrise 9 India Mixed By Richard Durand

June 3rd, 2011

Anstam-Baldwin Carmichael
Blunt Instrument - Simmer Gently - Beans For Pauly
Martyparty - Purple-(MPM 002)
Redinho-Edge Off EP
Citizens of the Empire
Jhonny Dangerously-Give It To Em Chaos In The House
Kid Chameleon
VA-Bottom Heavy
Alirock - Roll The Dice-(SPK 045)
Anady And Grey Feat. N.D.A.-Walking In Memphis
Andy Whitby MDA And Spherical-Anthem EP
Basslovers United-Forever Is Over
Candycore - Always On My Mind-(100281 10)
Cascada-San Francisco
Clubhunter - Super Lover-(100281 12)
Deelectro Meets Brandox-Head Over Heels
Discoduck - Dont Stop Loving-(100281 08)
Dj Matrix - La Tipica Ragazza Italiana
Dj Power - Inside Me-(366158 5906322)
Dj Samuel Kimko - Baila Baila-(HIT 026)
D-Tune-Burn It Up 2K11
Excessive Clubbers-Stay With Me
Inna-Disco Rocker
Italobrothers-Cryin In The Rain
Kris Mclachlan And Costa Pantazis
L and L-Come in 2 My Life
M.U.T.E.-She Loves Me
Steve Buzz
VA - 538 Dance Smash 2011 Vol 3
VA - Mega Dance Top 100 Summer 2011
VA - Millennium The Next Generation Vol 11
VA-On the Floor Compilation
Blue Motion-Stay Forever Album Sampler 2
Cooh-Helmet Silver Spoon
Dub Phizix-Out There EP
VA-Hood Of Horror
VA-Recipe Book Volume One Part 1
Calvin Harris Feat. Kelis
Calvin Harris Feat. Kelis-Bounce (Remixes)
Carlo Galliani and Daniele Ravaioli and PC and DJ Oliver-Waiting EP
Housemeister-Music Is Awesome
Only Jack Jones-You Need Help
Tolga Fidan-Were Strangers Now
VA-Adventures In Dubstep And Beyond Vol. 2
VA-Beatbox EP
ZZT-Zzafrika (Remixes)
Art Of Fighters - Gods Fury
Entity and Nuclear Device - Pi Greco Part 2
Raggedy Andy - Totally Wicked
Squaresoundz-No Turning Back EP
Technikore And Mark Slammer-Like A Star
Thunder-Back On Tracks Part II
Alexandra Damiani - Te Quiero-(MVCD 068)
Andrea Paci Vs Romano and Donati
Ante Perry Tube and Berger-Ever Nerver
Asino Di Medico - Get This Place-(Land of Confusion 2011 Anthem)
Basslovers United-Forever Is Over
Biggi - So Excited
Bini and Martini Feat. Romina Johnson-Dancing with You (Part 1)
Bini and Martini Feat. Romina Johnson-Dancing with You (Part 2)
Boxer and Forbes
Dataworx-Invasion Pandemic
Disco Dice Feat. Paula P.Cay-Ooops Up
DJ Flower-Jamaican Love
Domjuan Feat KJ - Get Up
Double Space - Saxfloor-(MVCD 067)
D-Wayne Ft Dan Thony - Turn Your Love Around
Esteban Galo vs Vincenzo Callea - Vucciria (In Little Italy) (The Remixes)-(MIE 8033993896253)
Girasole and Asco Feat Adam Clay
Jen-Dance Dance Dance
John Barber-Midnight Souls EP
John Laurant - Pretty Woman
Jon Thomas-Dick 2 Ride
Jose Souza-Camarera Remixes
King Junior-Suspicious Minds
Kriss Evans-Evil Story
Luca Bacchetti Guti-Esa Nena Quiere EP
Manyus And Mario Guida - One More Time
Marc Canova Feat Jason Mcknight - Only You-(366158 5837299)
Mario Ochoa-Bad EP
Microphunk And Houseriders-Close Your Eyes
Molella and Supafly Inc
Mono-Kilt of Africa EP
Mosquito Motor-Break it
Nosotros Feat. Raul Paz
Paolo Aliberti Feat Carl-Born to Fly
Phlegmatic Dogs-Texas Cow Boy
Pink Fluid-Noise in Da House
Pound Boys-K Pasa
Quintin vs Calle and Cruz - Ranked
Rico Bernasconi Feat Lori Glori-Oh No No
Sicily Project
Striker-Leave Me
Toby Stuff And Dany C.-Only One
Truelove-Rock The Casbah
Uone and Shades Of Gray-Some Like It Hot
VA-DJ Player Collection 04
VA-House Club Selection 49
VA-Ibiza 11
Valentin-Ostbahnhof 8am
Wadsworth-Lime And Pink EP
Yousef-Raveline Mix Sessions 034
Antiscarp Warriors - Barbara EP
Shakira Feat. Pitbull
Tony Cook-The Rap Bw Whats On Your Mind-7 Inch Vinyl
Uchu - Shamen Funk
Day.Din - Copy Kills EP
Infinity - Control Group
Scooterbaba - Lost In Pasila
The Sebastians - Seitseman
Various Artists - Reboot Part1
Various Artists - Tour De Trance
B-Tox - B-Tox and Friends EP 1
Busho-Music First
DJ Cristiao-Mambo EP
DJ Manatane - Ghettomaniac EP
Iori - Lapis EP
Jason Grey-Abyss EP
Jessey Claid - My Pump EP
La Fuente-Bang Bang
Martin Books-L Touati
Reset Robot-Go Back
VA-Emporium Black
VA-Emporium Black
Digital Deejay - Hold Your Hands-(404021 7004503)
Future Disciple-Submerged EP 1
Kyau and Albert-15 Years Part Two
Noizy Boiz Vs Log One
Russian Device-Attraction EP
VA - Maximum Trance Classics
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 June 2011
VA-Soundpiercing Collected Vol 1

June 2nd, 2011

Cheri Moon - One More Crazy Summer-(PREMIER 1426
DJ Absinth - Dancehallqueen
Franz Tornado and The Knights Of The Squared Table - Lanceloto Play My Koto
Global Deejays and Niels Van Gogh - Bring It Back-taken from Superstar
Lindsey Right-Secret Lover Incl Cc.K Meets Blunatix Remixes
Saccao-Paraskevi-(SYS 7035)
United Passion - Rebirth
VA-Prodj Cv Pres. Sona La Dipu Djs On Tour Vol. 01-(842595 394892)
Fantastic Man-Plastic Fantastic EP
VA-Todd Terje Re Edits Vol 5
B4sstee - The Answer
Borderline-The Way I Feel EP
Michel Banabila-The Latest Research From The Departament Of Electrical Engineering
Tolga Fidan-Were Strangers Now
VA-Dig Deep - World Keeps Turning
Blurix - High Roller
Frazzbass Vs Exagon-Brain Explosion EP
Komprex-Outrage Respect
Prototype Hardcore-Distorted Reality
Subversion-Printer Dead EP
Alex Guerrero Feat Ruby Rubbs
Alex Sayz Feat. Nadia Ali-Free to Go
Ancelada-Plastic Girl
Andre Harris Feat. Andrew Pascale-Unbreak Your Heart
Andrea Bertolini and Vanshock
Austin Leeds
Carlo Lucca Feat Diane Morgan-Spirit Of The Night
Carlos Navarro And T Tommy Feat Patrizze
Dale Howard-Wastin Time EP
David Serra And Esteban Aracil-Finally Rework
Dj Villain-A Dream Come True
Dovie Cote (in Blublackness)-East of the Sun
Dragon and Jontron-Slap Back
Daybehavior-Silent Dawn
Evan Virgan-Beginin Back To 80s
Ferencz Hidalgo And Ivan Marquez-The Urban Project
Frank Lk And Jose Ponce
Frankox-Piano Madness EP
Get Far and Dab-In The Shadow
Gunnar Stiller - Tiagos Destiny
Gunnar Stiller - Tiagos Destiny
Hanna Hais-Kimayo-(ATA 1541)
Housepussies-Zora In Red
ICS - Brain Damage
Igor Voevodin-Bion 3
Infinite Boys Feat Thando K-Crazy Love-(INF MAY01)
Jae Vynel Feat Scott Wozniak
Jason Cheiron-From the Lands Below
Jaybee Feat Sandman-Please Dont Go Incl Rene De La Mone Mixes
Jerzpeach Aka OJ Pepsi-Baby Powder and Whistles
Jeycee-Rhythm Takes My Life
Joey Negro Pres Akabu-Life is So Strange EP
Jonathan Varela-You Make Me Feel
Junior White and Francesco Raimondo Feat Noelle-Its My Life
Kevin Knapp-Like This
Kort-Tomorrow (Copyright and Kort Edit)
Lake People - Clockhands
Lefunken Feat Stephanie Renee-Knowing (2011 Remixes)
Lewie Day James What - Nofitstate Sampler
Lisa Millett-Closer (Mixes)
Logiztik Sounds And Luxor Traum-Le Plus Important
Louca - Home
Marc Vedo
Marlon D-Trust the Drum
Marvin Zeyss-Next To You EP
Michael Procter
Micky More-Straight to the Moon EP
Mijail and Soultwister-Fly Higher
Mijail And Soultwister-Fly Higher
Mijal Feat Patrizze
Nightrhymes Feat Natasha Watts-Shake Your Body
Nikola Gala John Dimas and Gummihz-Oasy - Get it
Oliver Moldan And DJ Chus-U Got 2 Have It
Oscar P and Marcus Pearson-Lovely Day
Paul Tee-Those Days
Proviant Audio-Real Love Tastes Like This
Q Boyz Pres.-Italian Cake Ep
Quintino And Apster-Music Oh
Quintino And Apster-Music Oh (The Remixes)
Ramon Tapia-Talk to Me
Raul Yepes And Jossi-Wild Dance
Ray Mendez-Take Control
Roberto Sansixto Feat Mou
Rocco and C. Robert Walker-Hard Time for Lovers-(GOGO 041)
Rodriguez Jr.-Orinoco and Omicron-(SSOH B2F 14)
Shyam-Illusions EP
Siso K Feat. Tumi
Solomon Wolfson Feat. Tony Mccree-Solomon Says
Souldynamic-Sample Madness EP 1
Stephan Luke-Body Talk
Sunloverz-Bam Bam Bam
Sydney Blu and Jquintel-The Lockout
Thugfucker - Disco Gnome
VA - 5 Years 8bit (Part 1)
VA-Electro House Alarm Vol.9
VA-Klopfkompilation 3
VA-More Or Less EP
VA-Pacha Ibiza Chillout Classics
Xavi Carrique And Anna Tortosa Feat Starhoney-Its So Beautiful
Entheogenic - Gaia Sophia
Kylie Minogue-Aphrodite - Les Folies-(Tour Edition)
Pete Lawrence and Tom Middleton-The Big Chill Enchanted 01 (DJ Mix)-(PMID D11042)
VA-Hitbreaker Vol. 3
Eight Sin-Science Of Dance
Etic - Reverse Engineering
Nerso - Exploration Of Infinity
Protoactive-Sacred Mirrors
Synsoniq-Turn Live EP
VA - Party People
Bassbottle - Bass In A Bottle EP
Boy Record And HardPerales Meets Audioscourge - I Wanna F ck U
Camiel Daamen-Plastix EP
David Durango-Random Pleasure
David Scaloni-Groovin EP
D-Sens - Oscillator
Jim Noizer - Love Me and Hate Me
Jules And Moss-La Marouflette
Lee J Malcolm - Oh Yeah
Marco Bailey And Tom Hades - The Pure
MGMX-Dancefloor Master EP
Mri-Back Chat EP
Pex L - Believe In You
Pex L - Feelings
Pex L - In The Airwaves
Pex L - Inversion
Rampa And Re.You - Feet
Raul Mezcolanza And Killians-Push Up EP
Sasha Carassi
Sebrok And Tassilo - Red Baron
Sian - Are You Reading This
St Jean - Bogota
Sterling Moss-Streaker EP
Tom Dazing And Gols
Tuomas Rantanen - Symmetry EP
Umek-Responding to Dynamic
VA - Sound Shifting Versatility (CD1 Body)
VA - Techno Top 100 Vol.15
VA-Forty Four EP
Wildstylez - Into The Light
Zadig - P8
DJ Jaromir
Masif Djs-Why Does My Heart (Feel So Bad) (Steve Hill Vs Technikal Mix)
S Dee Vs Toxic-The Family (Steve Hill Vs Hardforze Mix)
Solo and Tiff Lacey Pres Seagate-Remain In Light
Steve Hill Luca Antolini And Andrea Montorsi-I Need Your Loving
Steve Hill Technikal And Jt Stanhope
Steve Hill Vs Adrenalin Dept-Faith In Me
Steve Hill Vs MDA And Spherical-Gotta Have Hope
Steve Hill Vs Technikal Feat. Whizzkid-Ready 4 This
Steve Hill Vs Technikal-Come With Me 2010
Steve Hill Vs Technikal-R U Ready
Steve Hill Vs Technikal-Technique Part 2
VA-Armin Van Buuren Presents Armind Vol 7

June 1st, 2011

Blawan-Getting Me Down
Falty DL-Mean Streets Part One
Forbidden Society Counterstrike Katharsys - Forbidden Society Recordings 002
Forbidden Society - Forbidden Society Recordings Limited 001
Forbidden Society and Current Value - Control Birth Cycle
Gancher And Ruin-Larum (ft Triamer) Avanger
Integral-DKay and Intoxicated
Katharsys - Symbiosis
Katharsys and Forbidden Society Machine Code - ID Run and Hide
True Bass
Avicii-The Singles
Barbara Panther-Barbara Panther
Depeche Mode-Remixes 2 81
Drop Top And Figure-We Are Warriors
Love Motel-We Are You
Paul Kalkbrenner-Icke Wieder
VA-Elektro Berlin Vol.6
Alex Jones-Goldsmiths Row EP
Ali Payami-Pickup Truck
Balthazar And Dandi And Ugo And Jackrock-Bulgaro Business
Ben DJ-Music Of Life
Chavo Chamsine
Davide Squillace And Matthias Tanzmann-Circoloco At DC10 Ibiza The Next Level B2B
Dino B-Dream On Talkin
Dirtyloud Ft Sirreal
DJ Fist Pres. The Bass Kidz
DJ Ortzy
EDIT-Paris Poesie
Famebeat Project And Moonnight-Together In The Sky
Firebeatz-Where Brooklyn At Wise Up
Frost-Made In Ghetto
Gianni Amoroso-Solitude Walk EP
Hacker Boys
Housequake-Out Of The Dark The Remixes
Inxec and Mark Chambers-Sports EP
Ipe Nunes
Issi Noho-Leau Mirror
Javier Gonzalez and Los Pastores-Pata De Cabra
Jocelyn Mathieu And UPZ Aka Avi Elman-All Out
Joshua Grey And Berniex-Rue Delectrique
Limelight-Dreamer 2011 Incl Driver And Face Mixes
Mango-Citylanes Airplanes
Mark Knight And Funkagenda-Antidote Incl Sonny Wharton Remix
Oren Bi-Same Old Room EP
Paulo Gomes-Blessed Is The Man
Renso Salvatore-Waking Up The Devi
Roland Vee
Safka And Digital Elements-Stupid Lucky Bastard
Salt and Fire - The Beauty
Sean B-Magnetic Core
Sebastian Krieg And Strobe-Twist In My Sobriety
Subb-An-Off The Walls
Tino Da Lounge-Static Curve
Tom Mountain
VA-House 2011
VA-Ibiza White Experience
VA-Maxima FM Compilation Volumen 12
Various Artist-Essential Grooves Vol 5
Various Artist-Reload Cutz4
VA-Tech 8 Shared
Linkin Park-Iridescent-(Promo CDS)
VA - Absence Of Gravity
VA-Promo Only Mainstream Radio June
VA-The Dome Vol.58
Omegahertz - Valsamon
VA - Chaotic Harmony
Azari And III-Hungry For The Power
Imperfect Hope-Revival EP
Indecent Noise
Martin Everson And B.Prime-Northern Lights EP
Mike Danis-Myanmar Incl Nuera Remix

May 31st, 2011

SST-Stepping Through Shadows
George Fitzgerald vs Amel Larrieux-Tell Me (Dubstep Refix)
Daniele Meo - Adesso Balla-(IRD 050)
DCX-Fallen Angel
Johan Agebjorn and Ercola feat Queen Of Hearts - The Last Day Of Summer
Secret-Starlight Moonlight
Unknown Artist-Its A Better Than Good
FD-Stack and Sent Down
Original Sin-You Love It EP
Phuzion-dRamatic and dbAudio
V Recordings-Artificial Intelligence
VA-Astral Transmissions EP
Various Artists-Hospitality Festival Drum and Bass
CFCF-The River
Cosmic Metal Mother-Zen Locomotive
Formalin-My Fetish
Imaginary Forces-Filth Columnist
VA-Fabriclive 57 Jackmaster
Art Of Fighters - Nirvana Of Noise (Official Dominator 2011 Anthem)
4Frame-Ive Been Framed EP
6th Borough Project Night In The Borough
Benoit And Sergio-Let Me Count The Ways
Billy The Klit-Dont Be Shy
Brian Benson-Badbox Body Chocolate
CVO-Mighty Real Groove
Deas and Lubica
Djungl-Kitchen Portal EP
Donato Dozzy-In Bed
Elec Pt.1-The Truth EP
Festina Lente
GNP Tauro-Foxy Mountain EP
Hitsafe-Acid Dreams EP
Hyline and Jaybeetrax
Jamez and Soulboy-Fridge EP
John Swing and EMG-Relative 003
Juergen Junker and Lowtec-Laid 11
Lonely C And Baby Prince-Not So Lonely EP
Onegov-Nude Photo Voyeur
Ryo Murakami-Monophonic EP
SCSI-9 - Sunny Side Up EP
Tiger And Woods-Gin Nation
Timmy and Tommy Pres. Full Tilt
VA-Deeper Tech
VA-Rhythm Kings
VA-Strictly 4 Djs Vol.2
VA-Strictly 4 Djs Vol.3
VA-Underground Dance EP
Vinalog-Relative 002
Vincenzo-Wherever I Lay My Head
Phaxe-Train Boogie
Alan K-Acoustic Therapy EP
Angelground-Nanobots Overdose
BCR Boys
Emphatizer-Clock EP
Geck-O - Dancing Machine
Jeff Mills-Something In The Sky Part 7
Jeffry Pheterson EP
John Aharon-Girls Fight EP
Karpe-DM - Monstertraxx Labs
Karpe-DM - This Is For You
Kretipleti-Kontaminationen EP
Life Express-Directors Cut EP
Lucas Keizer
Lucretio-Range Gate EP
Marco Effe - Contraction
Mic-E - In The Galaxy
Topstyle Mc
VA - Escape from Reality Album Sampler 02
VA-61 Center Returning Vol 3
Kiholm-Fragile 2011
Rene Ablaze Feat. Avalona-United To The World
Sied Van Riel And Radion 6-Radiator Remixes
The Airstatic-Never Be
Trey Ennce-Vanila Unobtainium

May 30th, 2011

Mr Mitch-The Advocate E.P
Photek-U.F.O. and Rings Around Saturn Remixes
Starclubbers feat Dot Comma - Hotel California
Stella Mwangi - Lookie Lookie
VA-100 Lekkerste Zomerhits In De Mix 2011
Commix-Double Double
London Elektricity ft Elsa Esmeralda-Meteorites Remixes
Micromakine - Invaders EP
Woods and Tone - My City EP
Blown Doors - Hunted Creatures - Split
Hardfloor-You Know The Score
Preston Flex-Cold Love EP
VA - We Love Electro VII
VA-Electrik Records Digital EP Volume 1
16 Bit Lolitas And Glowfield-Calling New York 6 OClock DAVI Remixes
Afrolectric-Music in the Bush-(ESA 22213)
Aleksey Ecko-Energetic Star-(CDRL 069)
Alisio Delgado
Andrea Casula And Tony Anatone
Andrey Subbotin
Andy Notalez
Arthur Deep-Extravert Introvert
C Puma vs B Players - The Drones Electrique (Swedish House Mafia Mix)-(DRONES1)-Onesided Bootleg Vinyl
Caio Coppini
Chantola-If All That Glitter Is Gold
Chris Montana and Chris Bekker-TrIBIZA 2011
Dutch House Dealerz-Another Day (Official Vlaardingen Festival 2011 Anthem)
Eloi Comes-Gods Love Remixes
Forest-Nature Vibes
Gitech-Hakuna Matata EP
Glimpse-Work that Body
Infusion-Love And Imitation Incl Luis Junior Remix
Jon Fitz V Da Guy Feat Catherine Cassidy-Ready to Drop
Lissat and Voltaxx - Ohanoa
Lock N Load - Blow Ya Mind 2011-(NWI 695CDS)
Loops-La Familia EP
Matheo Velez-Day EP
Max Zotti feat Carlprit - Im A Starchild
Naem Speed-Gently Caress
Nino Bua-The Valley
Paul Keeley
Pee4tee feat Emmanuela - La Musica Tremenda
Ray Okpara-Abellio EP
Remy Kruyer-Sudden Dept
The Pimp-Everyday Popes City Manoo
Tim Switch-Simple Noise
Vadim Dreamer-Trailblazer EP
X-Press 2 Feat Doll-This Is War
Hokkaido-Sigh For The Beauty
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
Andres Gil-Away Now EP
Banging DJs - Fukushima
Ben Lb
Daniele Mondello And Express Viviana - The Flight
Dominik Vaillant - Octagon Shock
Fedde Le Grand
Forest People
Frog and the Flow - Diva
G-Man-The Dukes
Headhunterz - From Within The Message Is Hardstyle
Johan Cyber-Down Under and Natural Funk
Jon The Baptist and DJ Chuck-E Ft. MC Shocker - The Greatest Show On Earth
Koen Groeneveld
Louie Cut-Sassy Girl EP
Main Suspect - Prophecy Is Here
Paolo Kighine-Patchwork Trax Part. 2-(MIN004)-Retail-MAPHiA
Perfect Stranger-Slope EP
Psyko Punkz And Coone - The Words
Resoe and Mikkel Metal-The Copenhagen Split EP
Roy RosenfelD-My Bubble
TNT A.K.A. Technoboy N Tuneboy - The Album
TNT A.K.A. Technoboy N Tuneboy - The Album
Two Dude And Sinisa Lukic-Dream EP
Two Dude And Sinisa Lukic-Dream EP
VA-Hardstyle Top 100 Best Ever
VA-Soma20 Phase Four
Vessel and El Kid
Adam Kancerski-Liquid The Tribute
Adam Szabo
After Meridian and Dave Costa-Blur-(IJI 010)
Alex ORion-The Bigger Room
Allure Feat JES-Show Me The Way
Aly And Fila Feat Sue McLaren-Still Incl Solarstone Remix
BT-These Re-Imagined Machines
Dimension-Mystic Falls
Elfsong-Eta Carinae
Erick Strong
Gareth Emery Feat Lucy Saunders-Fight The Sunrise
Haze-Gifton Island
John OCallaghan-Centurion EP
Juventa-Gone With The Wind
Luca Antolini Presents Sky Rider - Dreams Of Energy Waves Of Pleasure
M and A - Mighty World
Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy-So Caught Up
Michael And Levan And Stiven Rivic-Alfa Engine
Michael Jay Parker-Down Under
Mike EFEX Pres Emtech
Orjan Nilsen Feat Neev Kennedy-Anywhere But Here
Public Domain Soundsystem - Separate Your Senses Incl. Deepack Remix
Ransom-My Dance
Roger Shah feat. Moya Brennan-Morning Star
Ruby and Tony-Up and Down
Simon Patterson-F16 Nick Callaghan And Will Atkinson Remix
VA - High Contrast Presents Ibiza 2011
VA-Music En Route Second Selection
Vertruda-Night Highway Happiness

May 29th, 2011

Solace One-Too Far West
Humorous Norwegian Disco Alias - I Work Out (Scream and Shout)
VA - Dance und Fox Megamix Vol.8
VA - Gartenfeten Mix Vol.5
VA-La Compiltation Du Cybermix Vol 2
Alessandro Brivio-Associazioni Poro
BJ Nilsen and Stilluppsteypa-Big Shadow Montana
Dirty Vegas-Electric Love-(WEB)-(Bonus Track)
eLan - Bleep Bloop Brmmp EP
Fabio Orsi - Stand Before Me Oh My Soul
Moby-Destroyed-(WEB)-(Bonus Track)
Siriusmo eLan - Dancing Monkey Fly High
VA - Avanti Digital 03
Adham Zahran - Revolver
Alex Vayter - One Way
Andy Duguid
Bruno Verdugo - Touch it
Cosmo Nuts - Crazy Love
Harry Chestwig The DJ From The Farm - Komm Sei So Lieb
VA - Clubbhouse
Wally Stryk-Kullche EP
Acrylite - No Brainer
Adam Beyer And Alan Fitzpatrick-Human Reason Simple Maze
Hypnotic Duo
Javier Viudez-Heart Of Oak EP
Kanio-Clickety Click EP
Petar Dundov - Tenth Plateau
Pincode - Coffein EP
Rafael Crispim - Free Soul
Robotman-Do Da Doo Remixes
Stop Thinking-Sudden Impulse EP
Therabyte Allstars-Collaboration E.P
Thomas Duca - What I Feel
VA - Emporium Black
Zany and Ran-D Ft. Nikkita - Son Of Torture
Accendo-Caldera EP
Addictive Glance-Quintessential EP
Ahmed Romel-Only For You Incl Arctic Moon Remix
Con Phillips
Dj Resound Feat Jenny - Rule My World-(M2DR 027)
Fast Distance Feat Stine Grove-Another Life
Future Disciple-Total Recall
John Dopping
Kristian Black And Andrey Subbotin-But For Ever
Lee Osborne
Mark Leanings
Renvo-Blue Shift Red Shift
Richard Sander
Robbie Van Doe-Autumn So Long
Setrise Feat Yana Kay
Sou Kanai-Never Give In
Space Rockerz-Jet Packin Incl Phynn Remix
Taras Bazeev
Tomac-We Make One
Twothirds and Mealor-The Dreambook
Vitodito And Luca Lombardi

May 28th, 2011

Digital Mystikz-Urban Ethics
Egyptrixx-The Only Way Up EP
Kromestar-Bonafied Hustlahz
Melodik-Melodik Remixed
Pearson Sound
Ritcha-My Name
S-X Vs Ramadaman-Woooo Glut
Terravita-Nail In The Coffin
VA-MOS The Mash Up Mix Bass Mixed By The Cut Up Boys
Wave Mechanics-Pivot and Switch EP
Abdomen Burst - Karkelure
Hot Noizes - Music for the Masses
Kid Digital-Bangin Machine EP
Killreall - Burma
Soundflux and Jason Godfrey-BBE003 EP
Andy Jay Powell-Shake It - Start Our Love
Discoduck Feat Dj Hyo - Run Again-(100275 11)
DJ Bovoli feat Gianluca Conca - Welcome To My Heart-(IRD 048)
East Coast Masif-Whos That Chick (Immerze Remix)
Giuseppe Sessini and Cherry - In Your Eyes
Tronix DJ And Dominik Speed-Makes Me Wonder (Club Edition)
VA-Dance Parade La Primavera Compilation 2011
VA-Tonterias Las Justas Vol.3
VA-Tribalismo Compilation Vol 16
Wender feat Gino Lo Spazzino - Alpaca
Cooks R-Coin Planet
dRamatic and dbAudio-Life Console
Mark System-The Hold It EP
Subwave-Rain Dance
The Qemists
VA-Mixmag Presents-Shy FX Summer Shakedown
Andyage-Dot at EP
DJ Love Feat. Geechie Suede of Camp Lo - Zigga Zigga
Slyme Tech-Leg Breaker
The Dancefloor Outlaws-Disco Message
VA - Sea Of Love 2011
VA-Radio Lunatica 22 Galactic Dreams
Coone - The Challenge (Evil Activities Remix)
VA - Drum and Hate 2
Adam Nics
Alex Guesta Feat. Raphael-Music Is Love
Alex Niggemann
Army of the Universe - Lovedead EP
Bart Miranda-Missing Remixes
Blue Haze-How To Escape Yourself EP Part 2
Danny J. Lewis-Call His Name Dawn Rising
Darryl Dbonneau And Tony Lebron
Frost-House Roulette
Hezi Rachmani-Sinay Beach
Javi Acevedo And David Mata-Sound Of The Brass
Lea Dobricic-In Between
Luca P-School Life
Michael Cassette-Crocketts Theme
Mitch Major-Feel Love
Mixx Vibes Session 2-Mixx Vibes Session 2
Morphnkrs and Teslakrash
Nikita Great
Polyfonik and Pedro M-Little Miami
Pupo Pantskhava
QUALIASS-Anger Me Sweet
Realmode-Long Rhode Back EP
Red Carpet feat. Marcus Schossow-Alright 2011
Rob Mello vs Skipson-The Mel Skipson Project
Roberto Sansixto and Julio Garcia-Fucking Folla
Sean McCaff-Split Instructions
Soul Element Feat. Sheree Hicks-Mr DJ
Terror Dactel-Jelly Fish
The Tortoise-Gonna Be
VA - Nassau Beach Club Ibiza 2011
VA-Deep House Part 3 by Harley and Muscle
VA-Modern Beat Digital Summer Compilation
VA-Moreno Twilight
VA-Purple Music Inc - the Master Collection Vol 8
Joe Tex-Singles As and Bs Vol.1 (1964
VA-Nova Xposure 11
Douglas Greed-Hurt And Love EP
Gary Beck-Egoist EP
Greg Notill - Cathartic Method EP
Marco Bars - Alcohol Test EP
Michael Schwarz-Ganimed EP
Moerbeck and Subjected-Vault Series 6
VA - Fresh Beats The Album
VA - Scantraxx Radioshow 10 Sampler
VA - Scantraxx Radioshow 7 Sampler
VA - Scantraxx Radioshow 8 Sampler
VA - Scantraxx Radioshow 9 Sampler
Alex Kunnari
Alexandr Shishkov - Effect of Life
Alexshapes and Chrisphere - Halcyon Transit
Bardalimov - Dont Forget About it
DJ Any - You Make Me Shine
DJ Dima June - Barracuda
D-Tane - Plasma
Evgeny Shagalov - Breath the Life
Fly Beats - Take Over Control
Galaxy - To the Sky
Lucas Moor - Nefertum
Scot Project - T (Techem)
Sebastian Weikum - Adem
Sliders - Lets Go Back
Til and Still - Only the Love on Will Rescue
Tom Creek - Nala
Wade Bennett - Jigsaw EP
Yarali Kurzaev - Orgasm Impulses

May 27th, 2011

VA-Rinse 14 Youngsta
VA-Promo Only Rhythm Radio May
VA-Viva Club Rotation Vol.49
I Gotika feat Noemi - Tutto Cambiera-(100275 88)
Jack Brontes-Never Close Your Eyes
Manu Gz And Marcos Magan-Clavado En Un Bar (MX
Mark Ashely-Cinderellas Heart (MX
Robert M And Dirty Rush-Super Bomb
Sheby - Your Song-(100275 68)
Two Ontrack Feat. Anabel Lee-Running (MX
VA-Dance Chart 30
Valdi And J.Martinez Feat. Neon-La Gente Quiere Fiesta (MX
Victor Ark feat Dya - Crazy-(100275 86)
Body and Soul-Shipwrecked EP Part 2
Inneractive-Spirit vs Friske
Bubble Beatz-No Sleep
DZA-Five-Finger Remixes
Exile and Free the Robots-LA Series 10
Jean Michel Jarre-Essentials and Rarities
Krystal System-Nuclear-2CD-Limited Edition
Lady Gaga-Judas (the Remixes)
Mo Kolours-EP1 Drum Talking
Siva Six-The Twin Moons-2CD-Limited Edition
Six Times Zero-Stuffed Animals Never Think Of Suicide
TOKiMONSTA-Creature Dreams EP
VA-Alfa Matrix Recovered Vol.2 - A Tribute To Depeche Mode
VA-LateNightTales Mixed By Trentemoeller
Bruno From Ibiza
DJ Antoine
DJ Romain And Danny Krivit-Phillys Groove
Funky Chicos-Girls In Love
Gene Hunt And Ron Hardy - Throwback 87 (HHYR10)
Heartik-Keep on
James Kameran-House Musique
Jan Hendez-Sheen EP
Kerri Chandler And Christopher Mccray-Heaven (Incl Mixes)
Krestovsky-A Look at Time
Los Bandidos-Ta Bueno
Mademoiselle Luna - Want You To Be Mine (Radio Versions)
Martin Solveig Feat Kele-Ready 2 Go Incl Hardwell Remix
Maurizio Vitiello-Green House
Merlin Milles and Sigi Di Collini - Feels Like Fire
Raul Blanco
Shaun Baker Pres. Raw N Holgerson-Love Dis Sound
VA - Gene Hunt-Chicago Dance Tracks Part 1 (RH115
VA - Gene Hunt-Chicago Dance Tracks Part 2 (RH115
VA-The Jazz House Independent 7th Issue
George Smallwood and Marshmellow Band 4 You
VA - Goa Beach Vol. 16
Anderson T - T Dimension
Hans Bouffmyhre-Brain Disease EP
Hans Bouffmyhre-Self Punishment EP
High Voltage and B-Front - Everything Starts
Maxdal-Crazy Boys
Phil Kieran-Carrousel EP
VA-Rusted Box Remixes - 1.99
Marco V - Rock The Boat (Pleasure Island 2011 Theme)
Markus Schulz-Do You Dream The Remixes Extended Versions
VA-Armada Top 15 June 2011
VA-Markus Schulz Pres Prague 11 Full Versions Vol 2
VA-Trance Mini Mix 005 2011

May 26th, 2011

VA - DJ Megamix Vol.4
Blastromen-Robot Aggression
Dreissk-The Finding
Hardfloor-4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward
Isis Signum feat Lethargy-The Future Is Not Digital
Winterlight-Hope Dies Last
Gisbo Feat. Remix-Go Completely Nutz
Roughsketch - Its Showtime
VA-The Ultimate S3RL EP
A Minor-Night Lights
Abby J
Afterman Feat Sunnie G-Feel My Mind
Baaz - Only But Lately EP
Black Jazz Consortium - Electric Blues
Conrad S
Daniel Solar-Dirtiest Clean EP
Derek Dunbar-Disco Revival EP
Dirty Secretz
Fausto Emiliano-Dont Need to Hide
Fred P - The Incredible Adventures Of Captain P
GF36 - Reeperbahn Reeperbahn (Incl. Finger and Kadel Remix)
John Oudo And The Sound Feat. Selina Campbell-Gettin Over You
Kryder-Repeat-(HAR 053)
Noelle-Love Is The Message
Project 99-Take A BOOM
Tiago Faisao-Middle Land
VA - Deephouse Megamix Vol.2
VA-5 Years Of Lazy Days Sampler-(LZD020)
Victor Magan - Love Is A Gamble (Sak Noel Remix)-(MX 2129)
Zion H-Go With The Flow
Incognito Feat Chaka Khan and Mario Biondi - Lowdown (LC01666)-Promo CDS-DJ Classics
VA-100 Urban
Various Artists - Deep Space-(NUEP010)
Abstract Ballet
Alejandro Trebor-27 Avenue
Alex Davis - Dope Girlz EP
Alex Di Stefano-Shai EP
Andrew K-The Doppler Effect
Azeon - Immersive Release The Stars
Bas Mooy-Mosaic of Sleepless Nights EP
Christian Cambas Vs PHNTM-Window Pain
Cristian D and Jonny Mad - Kickin Off An Era
DJ Mark Morris
Hans Bouffmyhre-Life of Noise EP (Remixes)
Knobs-This Reality EP
Kwartz-Social Erosion
Lazy M-Crows Are Talking
Phil Kieran-Free Yourself
Redshape-In Trust We Space
Sasha Carassi-Genetik EP
Sasha Carassi-Phisys EP
Textural Being-High Speed Travel
Alex Robert
Dela Red-Away My Heart
Jose Amnesia-No Regrets
Jose Amnesia-No Regrets
Kiva feat Lady Nalan - My Star-(TMCR 035)
Lunar Motion-Deep Blue
Marks White-Across The Sky
Ronnie Pacitti-Phaze One
VA - Trancemaster 7003
VA-Future Trance Vol.56
VA-Trance Mania Worldwide Vol 7

May 25th, 2011

Kik vs Vitaly Beskrovny
Alien Cut and Dino Brown feat Josy - Stop and Replay-(803407 7240993)
Dj Rares feat Rella Roxx - My Way-(100269 94)
DJ Solovey feat Natalie Voice - Love Is-(PRCD 018)
Remute - Hail Bell
VA - Fantasy Dance Hits Vol 16
VA-NOW Dance Spring Part 2
VA-Radioplay Dance Express 919D
Amon Tobin
Bibio-K Is For Kelson
Hyper-The Panic
Venetian Snares-Cubist Reggae EP
Ganar And Dimension-Summer Jam
Hellsystem - The Doctor EP
VA - Intents Festival 2011 Hardcore Edition
Alain Ho-Remember The Future
David Oniani
Deep Summer-The Lady In Night
Duo Innovativa vs. Battiato und G-Punkt - M.O.E.S.E.N. (The Remixes)
El Fabiiani-Exotic Cocktail
Festina Lente-Feel It
Following Light
Gianni Coletti Vs Musique Boutique-Mas Que Nada
Human Life-In It Together
Inspired Souls And Germaq
Nick Humphrey-Vibrant Curiosity EP
Paulo Gomes-Hymn For An Angel
Promiseland-Wrong-(366158 5855675)
SQL - Commander Keen
Uppfade-Someday We
VA-House Summerlove 2011
VA-Jesse Saunders Presents Chilled And Unbroken (Vol Too)
Victoria-Go Go Song
Peter Visti-Love Is The Key
VA-Radioplay Urban Express 919Y
CN and Chrono-Mr Dick Tracy
Cybered - Sawdust EP (SMR030)
Edoardo Spolaore-Slow Motion EP
Joachim Pastor-Nailcutter EP
Joe Maker-Loop The Gap
Jules And Moss-Point Virgule EP
London Fm-Bells EP
Manu Kenton - Monster Beats EP
Max Sabatini And Alex B
Nino Sebelic - Birth Of New Life
Noisecontrollers - Big Bang
Ukrainian Hardstylerz - Pure Seduction
VA - Intents Festival 2011 Hardstyle Edition
WpX - Everyday Heroes EP

May 24th, 2011

Kaba And Obscene Frequenzy-Dance Time EP
Andra-Something New
Daydream-In The Night (MX
Erika Albero-I Dont Wanna (MX
Jennifer Lopez-Im Into You
Jitealo-El Animal (MX 2172)
Julio Posadas And Paco Pil-Control Policial
Ken Laszlo-Tonight 2011 (MX
Steve Benny-Fusion In Love-Promo CDS
VA-Fresh Hits Vol.2
Valdi And J.Martinez Feat. Danny Ulman-Love Forever (MX
VA-Saxobeat Compilation
Night Plane-Str8 2 Ur Heart
Powell-Densui EP
Radiohead - The King Of Limbs
Robot Koch-Death Star Droid
VA-Burntprogress Presents VA 2.1
Chantola And Heinrich Kantholz-Klang EP
David Guetta feat. Snoop Dogg - Sweat (David Guetta and Afrojack Dub Mix)
Havana Funk Feat Samy P and El Conde and Zelma Davis-Move Your Hips
Huxley-Lose Not Loose
J.K. Vs the Angry Kids-Go on 2011
Luke Silver Vs Jesse Spalding-Forever Tango
Mattyas Feat Kristina S-Secret Love
Michael Calfan Feat Kaye Styles-Ching Choing
Monoman-Street Walker
Morris Corti and Eugenio Lamedica-Party with Me
Neon Jung Cant Leave It Alone - Too Many Facets
Tale Of Us-Dark Son EP
VA-Durst Digital Volume 1
VA-Toolroom Records Presents Ibiza 2011 Vol 1
Mind Over Midi-Components (7-Diam.)-Ltd. Ed
VA-Blank and Jones Present So8os (So Eighties) Vol.05
Psychonaut - Free
VA - Goa Vol. 39
Bageera-Hairline Fracture EP
Bekeschus-Firefly Remix EP
Do Shock Booze-Flora And Fauna EP
Egal 3
Gonzales-Knight Moves
Jamore Landson-Stone Candy
MIN3R-Lifestyle EP
MIN3R-Lifestyle EP
Patrik Carrera
Rocco Caine-Cronrun EP
Standard Fair-Little Helpers 19
VA-A2 Records Unleashed
VA-Supreme Selections
Beamrider-Grey Clouds
Jack Heaven-Fallen But Not Broken Follow Us
Lee Osborne-Facelift Flex
Myk Bee And Blue Tente-Beyond Tomorrow
TranceEye-Wrong Turn

May 23rd, 2011

Matt-U-Watchin U EP
Samiyam-Sam Bakers Album
VA-Dee Jay Party Vol. 58
Italoamigos feat Elix England - Quello Che Vorrei-(366158 5892489)
Jk Vs. The Angry Kids-Go On (8290001143)
United Dance Allstars - Help 4 Japan
VA - Italo vs Hands Up 2 (Extended Versions)
VA Club Promo Only June Part 1
VA Club Promo Only June Part 2
VA Club Promo Only June Part 3
VA Club Promo Only June Part 4
VA Club Promo Only June Part 5
VA Club Promo Only June Part 6
VA Club Promo Only June Part 7
VA Club Promo Only June Part 8 (Extended Special Mixes Vol. 3)
Computerartist - Disorder
Drastik Measures And Eski B-Scatter Positive Vibes
Kolombo-Waiting For
Sub Mass and The Chiller-Napalm EP
Torn-Motion Feel
Black Devil Disco Club - Circus
Black Devil Disco Club Feat. Nancy Sinatra - To Ardent EP
Halp-Gazziliaan Yeers
Kangding Ray
Korn Feat. Skrillex-Get Up
VA - 2x5 Movement 3 Fast (REICH2X5001)
Kutski - Blacked Out (Accelarator Remix)
1200 Junkie - Under Bump
Aerotek-Star-Crossed EP
Afrojack and R3hab - Prutataaa
Alex OSN-In The Night
Altura And Royal Flavour Ft S La Rock
Anthony Tell And JJ Mullor
Ash Paine-Feeling House Fever
Azuni-Soulship EP
Basto - Live Tonight (Gregorys Theme)-(RISE 539)
Denis Solomon
DJ T. Feat. James Teej
Dub Resort-Golden Nights
Emerik-Leads Me
Erik and Fiedel - Dex
Fedde Le Grand Sultan and Ned Shepard Feat. Mitch Crown-Running Incl. Festival Mix
Ferry Corsten-Feel It Remixes
Filterheadz-Everything Explained
Guy Gerber-Hate Love
House Master Generals-Touch The Lights
Ilker Yildiz-Groovy Midnight
Jaunmy R
Joachim J
Jonasclean-Sometimes You Feel Like
Juno Fernandez Feat Katrina Noorbergen-Hear Me Incl John Dahlback Remix
Krueger And Leu-Swingin Africa
Louis Proud-Interview With Da Vinci
Luca Fregonese feat Sterling Void - Its All Right 2011
Matrick-Rainbow In My Head
Matteo Marini-Six Tematic EP
Mell Tierra-Epic EP
Misha Chernov
Mr Y Sab
Nishin Verdiano-Tap N Play
Poupon-Full Time Lovin
Rational Youth-City Of Night
Re-Fuge and CJ Stone-Night N Day
Remerc-Whistles in the Wind
Riki Elle-Davanzale Rules
Rodney Hunter - Balkan Ska
Rone-So So So EP
Roy Gilles-Running in the Same Directions
Ruede Hagelstein-Whos Me
Savoy-Free Agent
Sidney Samson - Filter
Slap In The Bass - Egypt
Spencer and Hill-Cant Stop the World
Spencer Lee-Kicking Your Brass
Stan Kolev and Luis Ponce
Traggor Ft Vikky Carrot-Para El DJ
Trim The Fat-Black Fly EP
VA - Take Care Baby
VA-Best Of Minimal 2011
VA-Chill Moscow-(366158 5820819)
VA-Nervous Rewind 2010-(091012 219368)
VA-Reload Cutz3
VA-Soma Coma 5
VA-Surfing Chillhouse
Nicholas Krgovich - It Never Was You-(ELV 024)
VA - Tom Novy Chillin At Ocean Drive Ibiza Hotel Vol 2
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 919U
Aiwax and Hern-Armagedon-(AVOINE02)-Repress Vinyl
Bass Bandits - Negative
Boss Axis-Casino EP
Bri Giordano-Pushing In Wrong Way
Extrawelt - Vorsprung Durch Hektik
Florian Meindl-Take The Train EP
Manu Kenton and Nicolas Clays - Mr Monk Full Duplex
Nick Warren - Balance 018
Orman Bitch - Preisboxer EP
Pig And Dan-Lost Within
Q-ic - Dance Mania EP
Rickie Deane And Danny Lilwall-Spears And Warpaint EP02
VA - Scantraxx Sampler 1
VA - Scantraxx Sampler 2
Zentiments - Deep Inside
Aerofoil-Caress 2 Impress EP
Aerofoil-Caress 2 Impress EP
Alucard-Deep In The Darkness Porchweed
Aura Feat Pheel - Heavy Session 2k11 Incl Alex M.O.R.P.H Vs Woody Van Eyden Remix-Promo
Dan Apicella-Writers Of Influence Incl M.I.K.E. Remix
DJ Feel Feat Melissa Loretta-4 U 2 C
DJ Feel Feat Melissa Loretta-4 U 2 C
Fher Vizzuett
JOOP-Closer To Zero Stronger
Jordan Suckley - 23
Kris Day
Marlo Ft. Jano - The Island
Paulina Steel
Running Man-Eastern Sun
Saint X Feat Sandel-Fight On
VA-Black Hole Radio May 2011
VA-Ibiza Summer Trance 2011
Vol Deeman - Magnetica

May 22nd, 2011

Backdraft and Fox - Pon A Knife Edge
Flashtech - Granulated
Nero-Guilt Radio Edit
Mix and Dorp-Blues Plus Beat
Shvona Lavette - Drop Dead-(LUN 002)
VA - Club 66 Edition 7
VA - Italo vs Hands Up 5 (Extended Versions)-(100273 46)
VA - Magic Mix Vol.25
BTK - Things I Do (DMND001)
DJ Abel-Highly Addictive
Boy George - Ordinary Alien (DC004)
Dusty Tonez - Steady as She Breaks
VA - Get Your Boogie Down
Washed Out-Eyes Be Closed
2 Stupid Gods-In The Dziurka
2 Stupid Gods-In The Dziurka
2GP-The Razor-EP
Andy Woldman-A New Different Game WEB
Andy Woldman-A New Different Game-DiRFiX
Brendan Croskerry - Radio Love Song The Remixes
Cagdas Altinok And Serkan Akbiyik-Blue Way
County Dye-Buonasera Signorina
Crusade-It Makes Us Happy
DTX-Far Too Many
Eric Global-Changes In My Life
Experimental Feelings-Illusion WEB
Experimental Feelings-Illusion-DiRFiX
Felipe Pulido - Salonica
Fizzy Deejay - Rolling In The Deep
Fussy Boy-Gold Remixes
Gabriel Slick-I Got To House You
Goshandkanov-What Your Dreams About
Hazy Meadow-Passing by
Inspired Souls And Germaq
Mademoiselle Luna and Miss Autumn Leaves-Move Up and Down-(Promo CDS)
Oliver Lang - When Tealeaf Found His Trumpet
Pte-Left Groove
Save The Robot-Red City
Soul Conspiration-Red Square
VA-Koan In The Corridir Bau
Victor Maximiliano - Seriously Deep EP
WSP And Hector Herrero
Cosmic Tone vs. Tripical - Half Moon Festival
Crystal Distortion-Labrat Re-Editions 01-(LR01)-Repress Vinyl
D-Mind - Red Death
Meteorica - Loud And Low
Minimosa And Onetram-Portrait EP
Robert Guerrero-Nevilles Haze
Thomas Calcatelli-Minimal Drops
Toucan-Fuzzy Disc On Time
VA-100 Techno Tracks
VA-I Love Techno 2010 (Mixed By Steve Aoki)
Chris De Seed-Gecon Funky Fever
Daniel Kandi-Soul Searchin Piece Of Me
Francesco Sambero-Dont Speak WEB
Francesco Sambero-Dont Speak-DiRFiX
Klauss Goulart-Miles Ahead
Klauss Goulart-Miles Ahead
Ruslan Device - Blizzard on Eve

May 21st, 2011

Gemmy Know
Troublegum-This Is The Law
Azuro feat Elly - Ti Amo-(ZD 180)
Javi Reina And Rousseau Feat. Sandra Criado-Feel The Vibe (8100000537)
Julian B - Inside To Outside (Remix)-(366158 5674320)
Critical-Code 3
Paradox-Ramifications LP Sampler
Propz And Rowney-Blackout Have Fi Get It
Subtitles-Ulterior Motive
Aeroplane - My Enemy
Surgeon-Breaking the Frame
The Girl And The Robot-Silence Borderline
Vato Gonzalez (Ft Foreign Beggars)-Badman Riddim (Jump)-Promo
A Lisa - Shine Incl Whelan And Di Scala Remixes-Promo
Alex Bizzaroanda.Tee-Oh Money
Alex Ricardo-La Vida Tribal
Alexander Miguel
Andrea Tigli Feat Serena-Touch Your Soul
Angel Stoxx-Pizza Boobs And Movies
Beat Ballistick-Smile Because You Are A Man
Craig Hamilton-Back To The Grind EP
Cristian Tomas
David Estebal Feat Amrick Channa-The Moment
DJ Sarmek-Funky Crazy
Flecker-Anytime Is Party Time
Gianni Coletti Vs Musique Boutique-Like A Virgin
Guru Josh Project - Love Of Life-Promo
Hamzus-Devil Loves Devil
J. Majik And Wickaman Feat Dee Freer - In Pieces-Promo
Javid Senerano
Joe Fisher And Adrian Hour
Junkie Wife - Gotta Move On-Promo
Lanvary-Pi Ape
M E D O-Back To The Land Of Rave
Malukstudio-Charge Device
Mario Takov
Matt And Kim - Cameras-Promo
Matt Saunders
Mike Allen-Pray For Love
Nishin Verdiano-Fast And Fucked
No-Cooking Goose
Paolo Driver-Lisa Dance EP
Phil Weeks-All Day Every Day (Remixes)
Pitbull Feat T-Pain - Hey Baby Incl Sidney Samson Remix-Promo
Robert DB
Sav Audio
Simon X
Simone Cattaneo And Alex Gardini Feat. Regina-We Will Rock You
Smak-Stereo Sushi EP
Soulfactory - Like Your Superstar
Synthetic Junkie-Falling-(RED5 017)
The House Brothers-El Baile Del Tango Argentino
Theelement-Who Are Ya
Tobias Kongerter-My Dirty Secrets
Trevor Vichas-Super Chief EP
Universal Solution
Universal Solution
VA - Nachtschicht Vol.41
VA-Clubbin 2011 Vol 2
VA-Raveline Mix Session By DJ T
Zervos P-Where I Belong
Ishq - Skyspaces
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-Vanguard 11
Electro Sun - Higher Than Ever
Alex Delia And Nihil Young-Raveolution LP Part One
DJ Tourist and Dr. Poky - Russian In Paris
Filthy Rich-I Need You (Remixes)
Jules And Moss
Lex Gorrie-Candy Kane EP
Rainer Weichhold
Roman Gertz-Nordic Star EP
Wave Form
Sux and Sav-Rise The Way
T-Forces - Outside Of Life
VA - Loverush Digital Miami Dancefloor Destroyers EP-Promo
VA-Rielism (Mixed By Sied Van Riel)

May 20th, 2011

Bingo Players-Cry (Just A Little)
Domyp feat Francy M - Bum Bum Love-(100273 44)
Italobrothers - Cryin In The Rain-(ZD 196)
Kinteba Deejay-The Cyclone Of Caraibes (EUP
Steve Murano-Passion (Twenty Eleven) (TB 094)
VA-Harder Volumen 3 (HDR 002
Alex Gaudino Ft Kelly Rowland-What A Feeling-PROMO CDS
DJ Fresh-Louder-PROMO
Shadybrain-Cause 4 Concern
Skyweep M25 and Mage-Light Of Day (Remix)
Avicii-Penguin-PROMO CDS
GusGus-Arabian Horse
Madame O And Ihre Kopffilm Bande-Hexkraut-CDR-Limited Edition
Time Takers-She Blows-PROMO CDS
Wolfgang Gartner-Illamerica-PROMO CDS
Entity and Nuclear Device - Pi Greco Part 1
Mob And Spyro-Lose Control
Squaresoundz and Porphyria - No Limits EP
6th Borough Project- Night In The Borough
Alan M-Techtonic-(RES 002)
Boris Rush
Brooklyn Bounce feat King Chronic and Miss L - Cold Rock A Party-(404021 7004442)
Deadmau5-Raise Your Weapon (Remixes)
Ferris Verdi Ft Ldm
Katy Perry - Last Friday Night Incl Sidney Samson Mixes-Promo
Leif-So Long EP
Markus Homm - Summit
Midland - Through Motion
Nicholas-All Night Long
Nima Gorji - They Dont Dig It Yet
Paul C-Brother EP
Redondo-My Love
Reggie Dokes-Once Again
Roy Davis Jr Ft. J. Noize and Kaye Fox-Enjoy The Ride (James Talk and Ridney Remix)
Skream - Where You Should Be Incl Laidback Luke Remix-Promo
Stefano Prada feat Sidney King - You Can Do Magic (Part 2)
Sultan And Ned Shepard Feat Nadia Ali - Call My Name Incl Max Graham Remixes-Promo
The Timewriter
VA - Sneakerz Muzik Spring Selection 2011
VA-House Mini Mix 004 2011
VA-Johan Gielen Global Sessions Spring 2011
Electro Sun - Higher than Ever
Static Flow - Subconscious Safari
Various Artists - ET Phone Home
Acti - Il Mondo E Mio (2011 Remixes)
Blunted Dummies-House For All (Remixes)
David Amo and Julio Navas-Music on
Dosem - Believe
Ganez The Terrible-The Box
Hertz-Funkster EP
Mihai Popoviciu - The Unexpected Truth
Quantic Spectroscopy-Cyanide Diffusions EP
Simone De Caro-The Stunning Pain
Vince Watson - Pressure
Worda and Aniss Hypnoise-Freaky Ending
Shane Halcon
VA - Armada Trance Vol 12
VA-Dash Berlin Top 15 May 2011
VA-Tribal Tech Essentials

May 19th, 2011

Champion-Motherboard EP
Kopud-Broken Piano
Kromestar-Colourful Vibrations
Adam Faz-Evil Circuitry
CJ Boleg and Agroprom-Darkness. the Album
Davip-Brick Mixes
Deakaluka-Dirty Breaks EP 019
Deekline and Ed Solo-Blow Out (DJ Fixx and Ill DJ Chris B Remix)
DJ Johnny Cage
Jurassik and Codec-Hit Dat
Somsay-Goverment Lies
The Reptiles
VA-Album Reedit
VA-Drop it Dirty EP
Galore - Logic Fragments-(PTPOR 0091
VA - Vicious Cuts
VA-Beatbox 11
Bullion-You Drive Me To Plastic
Chad Valley-Equatorial Ultravox-(Promo EP)
Anon-Laff Ur Ass Off
Defekt-Arc Angel
Haze And Destiny-Raw 2011
JD-Game Over
Pipe Dream - Zero Tolerance
Sash Dee-I Miss U (Steven Davidson Remix)
VA-Masters Of Hardcore - Statement Of Disorder Limited Giftbox Edition
AKA aka and Thalstroem - Springtide
Alexander Fog-Plastika Venice To Berlin
Alexandra Stan-Get Back (ASAP)
Andrew Whitwell
Anniela-My Confession Remixes
Atesh K.-Bass On Purpose
Butch-Ice Cream
Coqui Selection-Planet Fonk
Dany Cohiba-Miami Synchro
Dirty Culture-Its A Freak in Me
DJ Monxa and Scott Mendez Geisha In Berling
DJ Monxa-EL 28
DJ Pepo and Lerene feat. Lerene-Bleeding Love
DJ Swss
HECTOR DJ (Feat Nico Collu)-Italy Dance
Hoxton Whores-Give Up Give In
Joachim Garraud Feat. Poet Name Life-We Are The Future EP II
Julian Perez-Troops In The Hood
Kimble K
Klubbheads-Klubbhopping The Remixes
Lola Feat. Ruby-Thinking of You
Luca Marano-Sci Fi
Manuel Araneda-Plato Tipico EP
Marcos Rodriguez Feat. Estela Martin-Devotion-(LPM 018)
Micky Slim Feat Emma Hewitt
Moonbeam Feat Avis Vox-Hate Is The Killer Incl Arty Remix
Nadia Ali Starkillers and Alex Kenji-Pressure (The Remixes)
Nick Terranova and Dima K-Sax Fifth Avenue
Phandora - Ruby Rain-(AD 027)
Promise Land
Quincy Sean Vs Seaside Clubbers
Ralph Daily - Grasshopper
Rene Amesz-Get Together
Silver Shower-Early Fever EP
Soda Avenue-Bull Shift
Stereo Touch - Stereo-(MIE 8053264540067)
Tech Diva-Day Of Day
Tuccillo-Disco En Paradiso
VA-Hapiness Is Easy EP
VA-Viva Presents House Summer Love 2011
VA - Apartment Lounge
Krama - Across The Sea
Aaron and Pascal-Hidden Place EP (SCUR003)
Alexis Tyrel-Blastfromthepast (Part 002)
B-Front - Thousand and One Nights (Emporium Anthem 2011 )
B-Front-Thousand And One Nights (Emporium Anthem 2011)
Bleak-Isolated Bold (SD003)
Doctor Traxx - FairyLand
Eric Tarlouf-Takedem Ou Tadoor (Part 2)
Killaheadz - Juno EP
Scooter-The Only One
The Architect - Unfold
Nektarios Mees Kirsty Hawkshaw And Jan Johnston-Invisible Walls
Project Purity-Inertia Eternus

May 18th, 2011

Cardopusher-Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up
Lando Kal-Further Time Out
Roska-Error Code Abrupt
SBTRKT-Living Like I Do
Skream-Where You Should Be Feat. Sam Frank
Chorale - Sama Tunne-(643003 5300266)
Chase and Status ft Delilah
Fourward-Episodes Album Sampler 2
Machine Code Vs Katharsys And Forbidden Society
Metalheadz-J Majik and Wickaman
Morphy vs Phuture-T-Suspension Dub Crown Ether
Blanck Mass-Blanck Mass
Eskmo-We Got More Moving Glowstream
John Talabot-Families EP
Thee Vaporizer vs Yvat-Twoo Cereal Kyllers-(ACE101 FLOP0004)
VA-Club Oddstream
VA-Minimal Baby III
Alex Guerrero-Get Dirty
Arsenalfx And Brandnew Feat Josephine-You Get Me High
Avrosse-B O M B
Baramuda and Deex-Veganist Treehugger
Blacktron-So Sexy
Dario Nunez G-Martin and Alex Barroso feat. Vanessa Klein-We Belong
David Amo Julio Navas-Music On
David Amo and Julio Navas and Joan Reyes Bite
Dirty Super Car-Get A Grip
EDX-Angry Heart
El Sam and Dave Droid
Fran Lk and Sam The J-The Curse Of Anubis
IN5UM-Tranceport Digital Release
J Solv-Timer - Depth Of Field
Jason Rivas-Puente De Piedra
Kevin Ayala and Sebas Marin
Lucenzo Feat. Big Ali-Vem Dancar Kuduro (Remixes)
Max Bragantini Aka Max B-Samba Reggae
Paul Rodner-Move EP
Pedro Henriques-Little Pills
Rico Martinez And Pablo Ros
Robert DB-Deadly Sins
Ron Reeser and Dan Saenz-Dont Stop Rockin
Sehsson-The Fog
Stole Popovic-Mini Dancer
The Wombats-Techno Fan (Afrojack Remix)
Third Party
VA - Guenta K Episode 1
VA-MOS Chillout Guide Vol. 1 Mixed by Sound of Arrow
Blue Lunar Monkey - Here and Now
Cydelix - Preparing The Next Generation
Lady Gaga-Born This Way-(Special Edition)
Planet Underground-ZERkleinerungsMAschine Feindehnungsmessgeraet
VA-Pop Ambient 2011-DeBT
Azax Vs Bliss - Round 2
Aimee-Water EP
Alexander Fog-House In South Bitch
DJ Dextro-Freedom In My Dreams
MGMX-Never Back Down
Omega Drive-Astalavista Baby Ep
Pavelow - Beautiful and Rich
Tony Kairom-Invasion Of The Cyborg EP Special Edition Pt 1
VA - Surplus Sampler 38

May 17th, 2011

Basement Freaks-Bombing the Jayams
Bare and Datsik-King Kong
Body and Soul-Shipwrecked EP Part 1
Dose-Reason Being - Helpless
Double O-The Love Of Jah EP
Futurebound and Matrix-Worldwide Album Sampler
Misanthrop-Sidereal - Latitude
Rusko-Everyday - Lick The Lizard
VA-Nothing Lasts Forever - Carnage
VA-Secret-Loki Remix - Psych
VA-Shackles - Indus Valley
Vicious Circle and Jubei
Home Video-The Automatic Process
VA-Fabriclive 57 Mixed by Jackmaster
21Street-We Removed Mountains EP
Basto-Gregorys Theme (Incl Remixes)
BT-These Re-Imagined Machines
Danny Freakazoid and Strobe-Circus of Love-(BADR 108D)
Danny Greggorio-Danny Greggorio
Dead Pixel
Djn Project Feat. Eman-Open Your Eyes
Francesco Diaz and Jeff Rock
JB Vries-Running Wild
Magnifik-This Single Man
Matt King And Emok
Miguel Martinez Ft Bellam Shine
Milamdo-Why Me
Prok and Fitch-The Tribe
Raul Case-Dale Que Toma
Robert Solva
Sven Roesch
The Kickstarts-Work Work
Naphta-Jungle Republic
Rebel MC and Top Cat-Original Ses Serial Killaz Remixes
Britney Spears-Femme Fatale (Instrumentals)
Mary J Blige-Someone To Love Me (Naked) (Feat Diddy And Lil Wayne)-(Promo CDS)
VA-Promo Only Urban Radio May
VA-Top 40 No. 175 April 2011
Artifakt2-Triad Pt.1
Helber Gun-First Contact EP
Orca-Bedtime Stories
Phibian Vs Antispin-Dangerstrips EP
Rigel - Spaceware
VA - Solar Waves 2
VA-Remixes EP
Zion Linguist
Jurek Przezdziecki-Biscuit Symphony
Phunk Investigation
Sian-Purple Bang
The Advent and Industrialyzer-Midnight Revolution
Tom Hades-Inside The Cave
Trentemoller-Shades Of Marble Remixes
Uberto-Mental Derangement EP
Wavolizer - Amnesia
Andy Raeside
Dee Kuul-Hold Tight Respiration
Ferrit-Galaxy Cerera
Ferrit-Megapolis May Day
Helion Tide-Wind Walking
Jonas Hornblad
Luca De Maas-The Golden Gates
Mindflower-City Of Shadows EP
Nick Callaghan and Will Atkinson - Let Go
Nivaya-For Natalie
Roman Sokolovsky And Loona-To Your Site
Terra Ferma-Dont Be Afraid
Vitodito And Soulforge-Live For Now EP
Xetro-Rough Spheres

May 16th, 2011

Ballistiq Beats-Yardman Riddim
Cookie Monsta-Me Want Cookie
Joker Ft. Jessie Ware-The Vision (Breath In)
Lil Silva-The Patience EP
Maurice Donovan
NastyNasty-No Names
P Money And Blacks-Boo You
The Brookes Brothers Ft. Johnny Osbourne-In Your Eyes-(BBK042)-Promo Vinyl
Daniel Haaksman
Arkett Spyndl Feat JZA-Digital-(STE 076)
Guilliano Vs Anita Meyer-Why Tell Me Why
Mystic Sweeteners - Sweet Music (Radio Edition)-(366158 5619734)
Radames - Forever-(366158 5653042)
Lenzman and Treez Feat. Jo
Various Artists-Enforcers Volume 15 and 16
Art Bleek-Supplied Artwork
Gilat-The Sun (The Remixes)
Jamie Woon-Lady Luck
Major 1
Mark E-Stone Breaker
Poborsk-Bad Cycles
Scape One-Potent Mutagen EP
Tom Slake
VA - DJmag Presents Produzentenschmiede
Akira and Fiend-Fast and Akkurad-London Iz (HKV012)
Al Storm Feat Malaya-Its Over 2011
DJ Mad Dog - A Night Of Madness
Double Dutch
Dougal And Gammer-Hard As Fuck Domination
D-Passion - Different Frequencies
D-Passion - Different Frequencies
Forbidden Society and Delta 9-Who is Behind the Mask (MASK05)
Sei2ure and Bioxeed-Engines for Industrial Applications (SHED008)
System Overload - Darkest Times (Harmony Of Hardcore 2011 Anthem)
VA-System Feedback EP (MOUTH04)
Ac3-Impulsive-(RU 7747)
Adam K Feat Naan-Wake Up (Remixes)
Adam Vegys-Forced Entry
Antonio Olivieri
Aphreme-Special Way
Bingo Players and Nicky Romero - Sliced
Black Jean-Rain Maker EP
Braille-The Year 3000
Brian Benson And Michael Gull-23 Children
Bsc Feat Jessi Colasante-You and Me
Bsharry Feat. Moka-Get On Down
Carmen Rodgers-Its Me and Never Again (Salah Ananse Mixes)
Cerrone - Look For Love-(MAL 311041)
Colin Sales and S.U.Z.Y.-Cest La Vie
Cool Million Feat. Jeniqua-Making Love
Cool Million Feat. Leroy Burgess-Cool To Make A Million
Cool Million Feat. Leroy Burgess-Cool To Make A Million
Da Capo Feat. Lyrik Shoxen-Be Mine
Dajae-Dont You Want My Love (Bobby and Steve and Michael Hughes Rmxs)
Dale Howard-Hard To Find EP
Distant People Feat Chappell-If We All Can (Reelsoul Mixes)
DJ Feevos Feat Harriet Summer-Gold Coast Ep
Djane Turrach-Spirit Of The Night
Djn Project Feat. Drea Dnur
Doomwork-La Nuit Dansante
Funkerman-Crash Test
Gabriel Slick-Body Shaker
Gregor Tresher-Lights From The Inside
Gur Hekim
Hector-What The Hec
Jeremy Hills-Let The Love In EP (Incl. Gregori Klosman Remix)
Jerome Isma-Ae and Weekend Heroes-A Monster In My Closet
Jin Choi And Daso
Kris Vigel
Luke PN-We Love Rox City
Manon-Que Cara E Essa
Mark Mendes and Mike Jacinto-Tokyo 207
Melanie Morena feat. Andy P. - How We Gonna Live
Mic Newman-The Fidelity And Casualty EP
Noze Feat. Riva Starr-Dring Dring
Oliver Cheatham Project-Get Down Saturday Night Incl Sunrider Remix
Peter JD-San Francisco Deep EP
Pitto-Objects In A Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Pitto-Objects In A Mirror Are Closer Then They Appear
PROFF-Interstellar Steps
Re-Zone And Zmey Love One Life One Fate
Roce-Roce E.P
Sharam Jey Pres Soundz Fresh-Straight Up
Sharam Jey-Shake Your
Shlomi Aber-Chicago Days Detroit Nights The Remixes Vol. 1
Talstrasse 3-5-Willma Techno Club Mixes
Uncle B.-Kling Klang Incl House Rockerz Remix
VA - DJmag Presents People Of The Night Mixed by AN21
VA-Moscow Fashion District
VA-Pocket Rockets Mixed And Compiled By Roberto Del Burgo
Ziggy Kinder-Favela Talking
Grand Mothers Funck Feat Akil The MC-The Proud Egyptian
Shakira-Rabiosa (Club Junkies Club )
VA - Ease Division 4
VA-Bossa Trancelations
VA-Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides OST
Prism-Arrival EP
The Commercial Hippies-Retakes 01
VA - Anarchpsy
VA-Numbs Seven Eleven EP
Borngraber and Struever
Chris Chambers-You Make Me Feel 70s
Daniele Mondello And Express Viviana - Hardstyle Creation EP
D-Block and S-Te-Fan Ft. Zatox - Madhouse
George Privatti-Heroic Pintour
KOBAYA-Best Of David Moleon Remixes
Marco Bailey-Faint Hope
Outstrip-In My Head
Ozgur Can And Sia Yaraghi-Den Maler
Prefix And Density - Warning EP
Rich Jones-Depth Charge
Roger Martinez-Together All Done
The Prophet - Window Of Time Really Dont Care
The Prophet-Window Of Time Really Dont Care
Thomas Will-Tiempos Alarmantes
VA - Diverse EP Part 1
VA - Fusion 100 Anniversary
Vamper - Night Strange Reaction
VA-Phunknation 001
Addictive Glance-Distant Streams
Andy Blueman-Time To Rest 2011
Avernus-Sirya Incl Mike Foyle Remix
Chasing Dreams
Dakota-Sleepwalkers Sinners (The Remixes)
Dave Leyrock
Dennis Sheperd
DJ Ives M and DJ T.H.-Light Years Away
Eddie Hallett-Divisions-(DINFW 004)
Erick Strong
Faruk Sabanci And Ken Loi-Eastern Thrace
Genix-Cut Above
Luca Antolini - Mastermind (Extended Mix)
Mark Dior-New Eden EP
Nds and Blue - Lost Memories-(STE 072)
Sa.Vee.Oh.-Electro Bass
Sa.Vee.Oh.-Nohacker.Exe (Phil York and Dark by Design Remix)
Steve Brian
Store N Forward
Suncatcher And Mihai M Pres Starshifters
Sunny Lax-Always Remixes
Ummet Ozcan-Insignia Liquid Vision Respray
VA-Forevermore Vol 8

May 15th, 2011

Carlos Sastre-Giving Steps
DJ Cast
DJ Happy Vibes Feat. Jazzmin
DJ Samuel Kimko - Like It-(HIT 019)
DJ Sanny J feat Los Tiburones - Shake Boom-(MIE 8019991873953)
Drillheadz feat. Dani B - I Want You
European Gold-Euronation (S2L005)
Ira Atari-Back To Zero
Ira Atari-Dont Wanna Miss You
Jose Ponce And DJ Cast-Roll And Rock
Jose Ponce And Rafa Nandez-Agua No
VA - Deejays Favourites Vol.3
C-Sonix-Adrenaline EP
Dakosa-Blood Moon
DJ Panik and DJ Yox-An Error Has Occurred
DJ Panik and DJ Yox
Dub Peddla-Black Magic
Paul Blackout-All You MFS
St Joseph-Platzhirsch Limited 14
Deka 187 - The Fall Of Mankind
Flyin And Sparky Feat Charm-You Mean The World To Me (Joey Riot Remix)
Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat Incl Kenny Hayes Mix-Promo
Alexis-Keep On Falling
Andres Florez-World House
Anthony Tell And JJ Mullor
Azur Odobasic-Pay Attention
Bezsedda-Viva Freedom (YAR094)
Block And Crown Feat. Soozy Q-Walk Out On Me
Chris Gee-Foock Boock
Copyright-Im All Yours (826194220396)
Dan More Feat Moonwash-Dancing The Night (CD001)
Davide Bisbal-Jumping Skills
Denis Cleans
DJ Neil-No Stick To The Water
Duet Delony Djs-House Music For Night
El Brujo-Mesmerized (3661585860068)
Ell-Er-Overheating EP
Enviado Vida And Albert Sipov-La Nieve
Fabrid-Locked Up
Francko Belagio-Cest Paris
Garnomala-Didgeridaa (0237AS)
Gelabert-We Come Back
Gifted Minds-Green Pastures
Hanafox-Falling E P
Hot Bananas Feat. Corey Andrew-Dog Catcher (Run Run Run)
Hypster - The Neon Uprising
Ippolo-Time (GLR005)
Jack Walker-Springhouse Lake (0243AS)
Jose Ogalla DJ-Disco Trumpet
Kenny Leaven-Head In Clouds EP
Mabaan Soul and Phiorio-La Linea Del Metro EP-(THM 008)
Marco Belz-Play It Dirty
Mark Castley-Fridge It
Misty-Salva Nos
Moitan-Hard Fight
Mono Mode-The Tube EP
NO ID-Sex Sells EP
Patrick Seeker Pres. South Killah-Strings Of Love
Patrick Seeker-Euro Winter Music
Patrick Seeker-I Say Shut Up
Patrick Seeker-Xtreme EP
Rick Silva
Scarlat Alin-New Sound Generation
Seb Legrand-Deja Vu
Senores Funkees
SL Curtiz
Sober Systemandigor Zaharov
Sonic Touch-Mas Fuerte
Soundskeeperwilly-The Mood Lift
Sylvain Sturn
Thand-Salute The Cito
Tidy Boys And BK - All Alone
VA - Houselove Vol 2 (The Best Of House and Electro Tunes)
VA - Sound Shifting Versatility (Mixed By Paul Hazendonk)
VA-BNR Vol. 1
VA-Luxure And House
VA-Seleccion House
White Zone
Azax Vs Bliss-Round 2
Circuit Breakers-Overload EP
Duncan-Misty Mountains
Soon Vs Dum Telescop-Tekno Got-(FLYING AGARIC 05)
4D-Stargen EP
Alexx Wolfe-Chin Stroker
Collision-Past Present Future
Deto And Gleam-511 Kev EP
Deto And Gleam-Observation From The Center
Emmanuel Top-Assemblage (ET007)
Keja And Kan10-Les Murs Ont Des Oreilles EP
Konstantin Yoodza-Smasher EP
Martin TC-In Situ EP
Ripperton-The Panther
VA-Fusion 100 Anniversary
Alex Boboc
Alex Flip-Prisoner M1
Dr Willis
Fausto Fanizza And Thomas Schwartz
Mark Burton
Paul Miller Vs Ronald De Foe-Music En Route 3rd EP
Russo-Rufus I.P
Souhail Semlali-Legenday Temple

May 14th, 2011

Kontext-Kontext (IME026)
P Money
VA-116 And Rising (HesCD001)
DJ Roxx - Here We Go Again Incl Megara Vs DJ Lee Rmx
Jason Born
Jellytouch - Ooh La La-(100262 89)
Lord Kossity - Sexy Boom Boom
Reea - Pleasure Boy-(100265 93)
Sergio Project - Mi Amor-(100269 16)
VA - Digital Dance 03 11-(100270 93)
VA - Prater Dome Vol.4
VA-Dance Burlesque
VA-Lets Dance Volume 11 - Primavera 2011
VA-M2O Club Chart Vol.5
VA-Radioplay Dance Express 918D
Pollyester-Earthly Powers
L 33 - Accelerator EP
L 33 - Mad World
Andy Stott-Passed Me By
Breo-The Beat Goes Boom EP
David Starfire-Bollyhood Bass Remixes Vol 2
Gosub-Night Malach
Mesak-Cycle Of 12
Metacomplex-Polymer Matrix
Mokira-Time Axis Manipulation Pt. 2
Murcof-La Sangre Iluminada
Nicolas Estany-Third Eye Of Child
Parov Stelar - La Fete
Robert Cosmic-Wait The Process EP
SynthetiXXX-Magia De Cuatro
VA-Secret Files
Vetrix-Sun Oblique
Zombie Nation - Chickflick EP
Al Storm Feat Amy-Surrender (Clubland Mix)
Al Storm
VA-NSR Presents Future Hardcore
Agaric And Walker Barnard - Chases Dream
Alex Mind Games and Michael Pato-Veg Out
Alexander Kowalski and Jake The Rapper-Whats the point
Alexandra Stan-Mr. Saxobeat Incl Bodybangers Remix
Andy La Toggo-Wunderbar (Wie Du Heute Tanzt)
Antoine Montana And Miami-Hit The Road Jack 3000
Bass N Whomps-Crash The Disco
Dark Society - Feeling Love
David Anders
Diamond Dealer-The One
Diego Sanchez - Ritz-(EV 063)
Dimo and Groove-Midnight Jazz
Edu Imbernon and Triumph
Enzo Siragusa - Sagamore
Famebeat Project-Mirrors Of The Soul
Gregorythme - Brainstorming Some More
Kamal A. Laaguidi Like That
Magnetic Brothers-Flame Of Your Eyes
Malente vs. Azzido Da Bass-Hunting EP
Martinez-The Paradigm Shift Remixes Pt.1
Metabolic-Bass Rape
Neptun 505-Oblivion Ocean
Nicodemus-Show Me EP
Raaban And Evana
Sasch BBC And Caspar-Ruler EP
Someone Else-Little Helpers 18
Stanny Abram-Its Like That
Stanny Abram-Monkey Train
Stefano Prada feat Sidney King - You Can Do Magic (Part 1)
Theelement-Screem For Daddy
VA-Kasi Jams Sounds Of South African Township House
VA-Kerri Chandler The Remixes-(CHAMPDL1040)
VA-Love Box Vol 2
VA-Montreux Sundance House 2011-By Igor Blaska
VA-Slip N Slide Classics Volume 1-(SNSCLA01D)
VA-Streetparade 2011-Official Sounds 2011-Night Beats
VA-Winter Party 2011-The Hit Mix
Vincenzo-Wherever I Lay My Head
Voodoo And Serano-No Sleep Incl CJ Stone Remix
Barry White
Chilling Matenda - Electronic Soul
Lady GaGa-The Edge Of Glory-(Promo CDS)
Quincy Jones-The Great World of-the Studio and Live Sessions
Sergio Mendes-Celebration A Musical Journey
VA-Radioplay Urban Express 918Y
Earthling and Touch Tone - The Sneak-(NBRDGEP12)
Hummingbird - Facture Edition One Hummingbird Remixes
Angy Kore
Arne Weinberg-Integrity Constraint Part 1
Arne Weinberg-Integrity Constraint Part 2
Conrad Van Orton-Oil On Canvas EP
Davoodi And Bestien - Puffin Bluntz Dirty Bitch
Dog-OFF-No Smoking
Eugene-The Seller Of Fear
Fabio Scalabroni
Microworld-Time Before Techno
Mystery - Front 2 Back
Nacim LaDJ-Comrade Brezjnev
Rob Belleville-Sounds Of Introspection
Siasia-Nebula Remixes Part 3
Tony Mafia-Break It
VA-Nervous Nitelife Presents Luetzenkirchen
Farhad Mahdavi
Kirill Ivanov
Kirill Ivanov-Trip Manifest
Mory Kante Vs Loverush UK-Yeke Yeke 2011 Mark Sherrys Acid Burst Remix
VA - 10 Years Aqualoop Records

May 13th, 2011

Desfazbast-Radar Defence
Alex Teddy And Dance Rocker feat Alessia - Tutta La Notte-(100272 33)
Club Madness-Party Rock Anthem Incl Krommerz Remix
Clubhunter Feat Miani - L Amour Toujours-(100272 44)
DJ Klubbingman Feat. Beatrix Delgado-Are U Ready
R.I.O.-Miss Sunshine
Serenity And Spyer Feat. Tevin-Rokk The Floor Incl Empyre One Remix
Modulations-Vicious Circle and Jubei
SGN LTD-Technicolour and Komatic
Chrissy Murderbot-Womens Studies
Fabio Orsi - Wo Ist Behle
Sonik Foundry-Parish Of Redemption
Ruffneck and Miss Twilight - Lonely Manifesto Of Unfolding Analysis
Tones - Raw Techno Power
6th Borough Project Night In The Borought Part 2
A.C.N. 976
Alex Guesta feat David Goncalves - Audiolove-(805896 4900661)
Alex Martini Feat. A. Brown-My Heart
Alexandra Damiani feat John Biancale - It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane-(MVCD 065)
Alexandra Stan-Mr. Saxobeat
Alfoa-Secret Room
Anthony Jimenez And Orion Musik And Anthony Jimenez-Ketanina And La Llamada
Audioplayerz-No Gravity
Benny Carbone
Chiro-Riviera-(HC 007)
Chris Avantgarde and Eric Chase feat. Postman Marv - What Do You Want
Danny Dope feat Hayley - Everyday Is Gonna Be All Right-(MIE 8053264540135)
David Sulihvan Dani Carrera-This Is The Sound
Deepside System-Natural Sound
Demark and Manna vs Mind Electric feat Max C - Wild Out-(803407 7240986)
Dirty Dansk - Song Of A Bitch
Dr H
Emil Lanne-Rhode Trip
Fabio Macor
Fantastic Flowers-Spring EP
Flame and Flavor-Jadore EP
Franco Cinelli-Planet Dub EP
Gerd-Time And Space
Gmc vs Simone Farina - Pa Pa Pa-(LINK 105
Houseshaker and DJ Nico feat. Alexander - So In Love
iiO Feat. Nadia Ali-Itll Be Like-(MREC 047)
James Woods-D T N Y
Jose And Manolo Ribera-Burning Up
Jus Jack-Clap Your Hands
Kain-Say Goodbye
Keo Minatti
Libex feat Elvis Domingos - Balacando
Lluis Ribalta-Nice And Slow
Marco Petralia feat. Zsuzsa - When Will I Be Famous 2011
Mattyas feat Kristina S - Secret Love-(MIE 8014090063908)
Michael Mind Project Feat. Sean Kingston-Ready Ar Not
Moby-The Day Remixes
Money-G-Du Bist Nicht Du
Morgan King and Max Julien-Building a Dream
Now Machines-The Final Beat
Pitto-Where My Soul Is Now
Pleasurekraft - Carny
Stefy De Cicco and Rene Posani - Colonial-(MVCD 064)
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World
Sydney Young-Lost In Philly EP
Syke N Sugarstarr feat. Cosmo Klein - No Satisfaction
TAI-Big Bass Drum
Takaki Matsuda-Be Strong (Pray For Japan)
Kate Bush-Directors Cut (Collectors Edition)
Quincy Jones-The Birth of A Band-Complete Edition
VA-Motown Around The World (The Classic Singles)
Vision Talk - Unlike
Artifact303 - Back To Space
Christopher Gruening and H kim-Conser EP
Christopher Gruening and H kim-Maerd EP
Fuzzion-Evolution EP
Opsy-Psychological Remix Structure Taken From Ectima Pills EP
VA - Disco Meat Market
Andrea Viniolla-Hard To Believe
Bezsedda-Minimum Coup
Brian NRG-The Rebellious EP
Deerockaz - Testphase
Digital Punk-Escape From Reality
DJ Zealot And Ben Passion - Past Present Future
Fabrice Torricella-Open Your Mind
Lethal MG - My Friends Remix
Mauro Norti
Mr Gil-Forever This
Sandru-Argentina Ep
The Dealerzz - EP 01
VA - Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection 2011 Volume 2
VA-Explosive Car Tuning 25
VA-Uncanny Valley
Miss Moonlight
Ng Rezonance
VA - Trance The Ultimate Collection 2011 Volume 2
VA-A State Of Trance Radio Top 15 May 2011
VA-Armada Top 15 May 2011

May 12th, 2011

Dub and Run-No Limit To Your Love Some Of The Lights
Funkystepz-Face Off EP
Silkie-City Limits Vol. 1.6
VA-Club Sounds Vol.57
Anticappella-Baby Today
DJ Klubbingman Feat. Beatrix Delgado - Are U Ready
VA - Italo Planet Compilation 01
VA-Club Miami 2011
DJ Panik and DJ Yox-The Battle Continues
Dub Peddla-Jig Saw
Shufunk and Heavy Hittahz-End Game
Cemetary-Small Secrets Vol 3
Lexy And K-Paul - Psycho
Romantic Couch-My House Is Ur House
Teddybears-Devils Music
Zomby-Natalias Song
49ers Feat. Ann Marie Smith-Everything-(MR 0967
Aki Bergen-Black And Light
Alex Zelenka
Aroy Dee-Beauty And Life
Burnski-Sometimes Takes Longer
Cosmic Cowboys
David Jach and Sonntagskind-Trompedar EP
DBN and Matty Menck feat. Rosie Henshaw - Redemption
Dem Slackers-Lets Go EP
DJ Phono-Theres Confetti In My Shoe
DJ Sneak-Fallin Beats EP
DJ Supu-Mambo Italiano
Energy 52-Cafe Del Mar The Ricardo Villalobos Remixes
En-Tropic-Everybody Is Talking About The Good Old Days EP
Fudge Fingas-Now About How
Incognet-Summer Memories Autumn Feelings
Jah Sound-Sex Control
Jamie D-From The Back Beat
John Diloo And Dimi Wilson-The Wiiloo Project EP
Jose M. and Tacoman-Tom Collins (Remixes)
Koen Lebens-Thats the Way
Maksim Dark-Feel Da Beat
Marcus In Dub-Dub Tales
Marcus In Dub-Dub Tales
Mord Fustang - Super Meat Freeze
Mord Fustang - The Electric Dream
Nhar - Megumi Bluedrop
Patlac-Shadowlights EP
Ping Trace-A Forest
Project Orange Feat Andre Espeut And Moodyman-Bass Cowboy EP
R.I.O. - Sunshine
Robbie Rivera
Silvernoise-Money-(MIE 7640138325557)
St. Maarten-Pony Express
Sweetohm-Feeling Good
The Flying Mustards-Disco Volante
Twin Pack - Pullover Luigi Rocca Remix
Twin Pack - Pullover Manuel De La Mare Remix
VA-Clapz II Dogz EP
VA-Kontor House Of House Volume 12
VA-Munich Disco Tech Volume 11
Al Di Meola-Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody
Alexi Delano - The Acid Sessions Vol 4 (ADLTD07)
Koan - The Fables Of Belovodye
VA - Sunlounge Sessions Vol 1
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 918U
VA-Randb Hipshakers Vol 2 Scratch That Itch
Bengel and Bosch
Benjamin Brunn-Hello Ammmerika EP
Francesco Grant - Organic (AFULAB12)
Future Beat Alliance-Grey Summer Regurgitate
GhostSound - Internal Abilities
JDX - Its Showtime (Magic City 2011 Anthem)
Lowkey And Kardinal - Bump Race (AFULAB06)
Matt Star
Reel By Real-20 Years Surkit
Secret Cinema
Sleeparchive-Ronan Point
VA-Dairmount Presents Perspectives 05 Part 1
Wildstylez-Back 2 Basics
Air Night
Amentic feat Minette Fourie-Close To You
CJ Peeton
Daniel Szabo-Budapest At The Break Of Day
Dimension-Coral Reef
Duderstadt Feat Hannah Ray-Painted Red
Jaden Merrick
M Box And Ciara Newell-Easy To Love Remixes
Mario Piu-Dedicated (Remix)-(MR 1233
Matsun-Hidden Dream
NandR Project-Night Shining
Priority One-Low Winter Sun
Ross Anderson And Nick Rowland
Sebastian Montano-Beyond The Stars
Trane And Divinevox-Silent Sea
Vadim Soloviev Feat Susie Ledge-Chasing Clouds
VA-Maxximum Trance Tunez 5
Vex Way Runaway
William Daniel-Type R

May 11th, 2011

LV And Joshua Idehen-Routes-(LDN022)-OMA
Royal-T-Orangeade VIP
Ruckspin Feat. J Sparrow
Stagga-The Warm Air Room
Ben Dj-Smile-Promo CDR
Gabry Ponte and Djs From Mars and Bellani and Spada - Que Pasa-(803407 7240979)
Groovecult - Midnight Dream-(ALL 048)
Ruby Feat Juan Magan-Get High (843536 170028)
The Glam Vs Coolio And Snoop Dogg Night In La (Gangsta Walk) (MIE 8053264540159)
VA-Hitarbeiter.De No.7 (Volume 1)
VA-Oceanlight Productions-Promo CDR
VA-Pro FM The Hit Factory
VA-Ultra Music (MIDEM)-Sampler CDR
Bad Habit-Hombre Pacifica
Dispatch-Skeptical and Dub Phizix
Metalheadz Platinum-Sinistarr ft Redeyes
VA-Hardware XV-15 Years Of Renegade Hardware
Various Artists-Evolution EP Series 2
VA-Transit One Limited Edition
DJ Cooler-Retro Disco
Grouper - A I A Alien Observer
Grouper - A I A Dream Loss
Hovatron-Hovatron EP
VA-Murder Channel Compilation
DJ Mutante-Im A Hotshot Robot
Aniss Hypnoise-Sex Music
Arno Cost - Lise
Audiojazz Feat Yvonne Gage-My Freedom
DJ Sulli-U Are Not Alone-(AA006) USF
Enrico Chirchiello and Luca Donofrio-Made In Room-(100271 03)
Harry Hearing-No Choice Space Trip
Juan Magan And Marcos Rodriguez-No Dare Un Paso Atras (76249)
Matt Star-2nd Note
Michael And Levan Feat Stiven Rivic-Sounds Are Deeply On Surface
Sergio Parrado-La Morilla
Sleazemaster-Sensation City EP
Stephen Beaupre-Its Glamour When You Have It
Tim Trip-Avant Garde-(BB 004)
VA-Miami Noize 2011
Static Flow-Subconscious Safari Music Technology
Bernie Allen-Her Photographs (SYS7017)
Digital Punk - Escape From Reality
Energy 52-Cafe Del Mar (The Ricardo Villalobos Remixes) (FCD03)
Gave - 500
Jay Lumen-Say Yes
OBI - Hard Journey
Sergio Fernandez
First State feat Sarah Howells-Skies On Fire
Running Man
Taras Bazeev and Andrew Stets - Abstract Distance

May 10th, 2011

23Hz and Numaestro-Zumo Fantasmas
2methylBulbe1ol-King EP
Cloud vs Natural Marcus-Mighty Eye Ball Rays
Duncan Powell-Pushin Incl FaltyDL Remix
JKenzo vs LD-Conqueror Derailment
LD vs Sully-Green Ranger Give Me Up (LD Remix)
LV feat Errol Bellot-Dont Judge
Nostalgia-The Hero
Obsidian-City of Dreams
Ramadanman-Revenue Incl Untold Remix
Rusko-William H Tonkers Roma
Twisted vs Sully-Contact Give Me Up
5dolls-Club Remix Time To Play
Ben Townsend and Future Resonance-Camel Toe
Brunitz-Rising Moon
Carlos Jean-Dont Be Confused-(885686 712702)
Carlos Jean-Lead The Way (885686 712696)
Exential Feat. D.D. Klein-Little Love-(MR 0172
M.U.T.E.-Clap on Top of Me
VA-80s Revolution Italo Disco Vol 2
Dominik Eulberg - Diorama
Dominik Eulberg - Diorama
FFF-20.000 Hardcore Members Cant Be Wrong
Gang Gang Dance-Eye Contact
Hexadeci-Alone In The Dark EP
Isotroph-Eclosion-Retail EP
Jason Forrest-The Everything
Mollono.Bass - My Hidden Playground
Moogulator vs Enzym-Split EP
Rioteer-Gabberism and The Subcultural Behavior Pattern Trap
Aiton-Moving Forward (ENREC052)
Andy Farley And Frank Farrel-Glorious (CUBE013)
AnGy KoRe and Gymmy J-Eighty Sound Now
Aquarell - Roots and Culture
Arkadiusz S-Yes Im Not (GMA003)
Bernardo Pfeifer-Rustling (DLR000032)
C2U-Lost In Tokyo (GHR225)
Ciaran Osborne-In Control (ER008)
Desaparecidos Feat Big Ali-Go Crazy
Dzeta N Basile-My Education Ep
Furrr and Hazendonk - Burning EP
Hector Couto-1993 Calacimbre Remixed
Jaz Von D - Reload
Kylian Mash feat. Akon and Malone Glasses - Club Certified Incl Dimaro Remix
Laselva-Lets Rock
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen-Calamity Voyage
Maxxa-Wicked Ways
Mitch Lopez-Black Woman EP
Morgan Cardinale and Sunpads Vs Bianca Lindgren-In the Club
Sasha Alazy-In My Mind D.O.O.P Remixes
Scary Allan Crow Feat Max Zanotti-Comes the Rain
Sezer Uysal and Ana Herrero-The Memory Of Ali Inzel
Soundprank-Captivated Solid Ground
Starski-Sunstruck EP
Swanky Tunes
The Sleeping Cell-Long Life
Till Von Sein and Aera-Lafayette Dynamite Dunk
Tom Hangs and Shermanology-Blessed (Avicii Edit)
VA-Best Works
VA-David Jones Back to Disco EP
Vertigo-The Joker
Barry Manilow
Booker T Jones-The Road From Memphis
Mo Horizons-Mo Horizons And The Banana Soundsystem
Loopstep-Optimus Fault EP
Magnus-Signal Strength
Ovnimoon - Magnetic Portal
Anton L
Elyptik Trevors - Birds
Teka B - Teka B EP
Toby Shark
ASYS-Bassturbation (Remixes)
Magic Sound - Catharis
Sean Tyas
Terra Ferma-The Adventures Of
VA-Anjunabeats Spring Collection 03

May 9th, 2011

Dubsidia-Pasta with Ganja
Haack-Fading Below
Kosheen Djs-Absolute Zero EP
Open Cluster-Grotto Travel Without Moving
Refracture-Hate on this EP
The Reptiles-Storm Wind
Ayleen-Time After Time The 2012 Mixes-(W2M 131
Handsup Playerz - Liebe Und Freundschaft Incl Trance Forces Rmx
VA-Cantaditas Deluxe Vol. 2
VA-Wild Nights 2011
DJ Panik DJ Yox and M-Rode-Pandora Close Your Eyes
Arnaud Rebotini-All You Need Is Techno
Arnaud Rebotini-Someone Gave Me Religion (The Lost Tape Sessions Live For Tsugi 41)
Autechre-EPS 1991
Gesaffelstein and The Hacker-Errance - Crainte EP
Deathmachine-Dark Energy
Outblast - Bassleader (Official Bassleader Anthem 2011)
Alessandro Diga-Stilte Voor De Storm
Alex Gaudino-Miami Penthouse
Alexis Jordan-Good Girl (Incl. Freemasons and Kim Fai Remixes)
Apster and Bassjackers - Brougham Contour
Argy-Daze To Come EP
Artemono-Macro Minimal
Avicii-Malo-(RISE 528)
Batu Celik-Another Me-(STRRLD016) EP
Biskvit-Busters E.P
Blue Amazon-Re Unite
Blufeld-Moonbeams Kiss The Sea Special
Catz N Dogz And Martin Dawson-No Nights
Chris Manura-Smohalla EP
Cors-By All Means
Cosmic Cowboys
Cut Copy-Zonoscope Bonus Remixes CD
Dakatronic-So Sexy
Daniel Donnelly
David Anders-Street Racer
David Jones vs Will Gold Feat. Guido Lembo-Swing Time
David Pher-Aint Nobody Guitarra Sin Cuerdas
David Temessi-Devotions EP
Daviddance You
Denis Sender-Take Me Away
Dex Haer
DJ Souns
Dr. Bounce
Flex-Nostri Diem
Frangellico-Crepusculo EP
Gabriel Ananda-Live Series Vol 1
Gedevaan-This Side That Side
Guille Placencia
Ismail Lhamidi-Montreal Sunset
Jamie Jones Hot Natured And Lee Foss-Forward Motion
Jon Kong and Cris Aidy-Kinetic Technique EP
Joonas Hahmo-I Like Chopin
Josh Newson and Jay Ronko-We Are Naive Love Excels
Joshua Iz-The Sweetness EP
Kenneth G
Love Automatic-Organ Donor
Martijn-Brooklyn EP
Matt Caseli and Danny Freakazoid-Raise Your Hands
Max Bett
MazterKidz-Hi Bit
Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight Incl DJ Chuckie Remix
Nadia Ali
Nelson-Shes So Lonely
Nelson-Shes So Lonely The Remixes
Nick Pheomotion
Nick Warren-Buenos Aires
Niels van Gogh and Daniel Strauss - San Francisco
Nightrunner-Big Boys Dont Cry (MN006)
Ovi M-Rise Up
P and P Project-Keep On Moving
Patrice Baumel-Vapour Remixes
Quenum-Bubble Gum EP
Redondo-Pop Off-(SPDEEP 075)
Schyzo-Heavy Machines
Scot Project Pres Supermusique-Do You Want Me
Simon Baker-No Pressure
Sinjun-Steel Rising EP
Stomach Basher-Is This Happening To Me
Subb-an And Adam Shelton-Feels So Real
The Soulfellaz-Chase The Sun
Timmy Regisford-At The Club
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs-Prehistory II
TWIST3D-Nebula Space
VA - Big City Beats Club Edition Vol 5
VA - Tiger Records Presents Ibiza Weapons 2011
VA-3 Is Not A Crowd
VA-Analog Aquarium (By Rick Wilhite)
VA-Music From Mathematics-Selector Series One
VA-Panorama Bar 03
Zhenya Rev
Cascada - San Francisco
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
Alex Bau
Andrea Montorsi - Now
Daniela Stickroth-The Slot Painted Girl
Daniela Stickroth-The Slot Remix Edition
DJ RDC - Something For Your Mind
DJ Thera - Tunnel Vision
Eddy Jay
G Mat-The Stranger
Gabari-Acid Rules
Hardstyle Criminals - Sound Of Destruction
Kutski Vs BRK3 - L4MP
Maikas-Cumulo Modular
Manu Kenton and Nicolas Clays - Get The Funk Cacao-(KEN005)
Seuil-Ultra Vision
Tactic Tech
VA - Reverze Call Of The Visionary (The 2011 Live Registration)
VA-Resampled Part 2
W4CKO And Cartesis ft Casaya - Forgotten Dreams
Audien-People Do Not Change
Broning - Never Give Up
C And D Project-Let There Be Light
CJ Prometey And Vitaly Beskrovny-Blood And Fire
Deep Feat Di-Feel Alive
Derban4ik-New Dream
D-Mad-I Come To Her
Double Stingray Feat Isabella Lokosek
Estiva-Next Level
Fedor Burov-From Russia With Love
Green And Falkner-Ceylan Incl Antillas And Dankann Remix
Hakan Ludvigson Ft. Tiff Lacey - Trust
Jamie Drummond - Solitude
Lee Haslam-The Future 2011
MEM - Illumination
Michael Badal and Avtar Araie
Ron van den Beuken and Crossedeyes - Shotproof
SHato and Paul Rockseek
Sunsvision-Rainy Moments
Trilateral Commission
VA-Rielism Mixed By Sied Van Riel

May 8th, 2011

Terror Danjah-Air Bubble (Remixes)
Bibos Crew
Curtis B and Houserocka
Alex Gaudino Featuring Kelly Rowland-What A Feeling-(Promo)
Clayfacer-Pure Seduction
Dan Dyson-Cookie Crisp
Darius And Finlay Vs Tibration-Shes A Freak
Helen G-Heaving Heart
Hoodzie-Tone It Down
Psycho Keaton-Hell Night 2011
Saphira - Tik Tok
Sarah C
Sturdy Kitz-I Cant Help Myself
Stylus and Audiojunkie-Ill Try Again
The Rollers-So Mis Taken
The Shade-The Vanishing Light
Tantrum Desire
Sporty-O and Krafty Kuts-Lets Ride
The Grizzl And J Phlip - Bakupgrl (KGV001)
VA - Hardcore United III
Danny Jay-Let It Roll
Darubuntu Jackers-Da Catz
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus 2011 Eric Prydz Remix
Digitalchord-Cover My Mask EP
Djosepi and Alex Pinana
Dub Fundation
Francesco Altavilla-I Know Baby EP
Funky Monkeys UA-Freedom Orchestra
Gabriel Slick-Feel My Saxo EP
Javi Rodenas-Humming Allowed EP
Jay Barron
Jay Montes-Cherry Popper
Juanmy.R-7th Questions EP
Julio Leal-Voodoo 2.0
Life Express-Wistful Idiot
Mario Ochoa-Take Off
Mory Kante Vs Loverush UK-Yeke Yeke 2011-Promo
Nic Nytro-On and On
Nick Galea feat. Amba Shepherd-In My Life
Pascal Morais-El Ritmo Sudaca EP
Rick Silva-Party On Cocaine
Selim-Oriental Knights EP
Sergey Experience
Smootrab-Housexy EP
Stefan Roman-Jump Left
Tamteo-Calling You EP
VA-Hot Waves Volume One
Visham Ess
Vlada Asanin-You Not Alone
Jennifer Lopez-Love-(Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks)
Mindex - The Neverland
VA-Bombay Beats Vol. 2
VA-Nova Xposure 11
Kabayun - Journeys
Lightsphere - Oneness
Psykovsky - Na Ve Ka
Subsistence - The Condition Of Existence
Taliesin - Three Times Three
51db-Mind Reading EP
Calderone Inc. - Take My Breath
Eigenes Rezept-Monsters EP
Ideal Flow-Hides In The Phonograph EP
Ingredientus-Vision Asia
Jonathan Berman and America Villasenor-Everybody Lies
Klinika-Daddy Grass
Lo Traxx - I Think My Life
Omega Drive-Boss EP
Scope DJ - Into the Capital (Official Bassleader Anthem 2011)
Spark Taberner-Circuit EP
Twilight Forces Ft. MC Tha Watcher - My Sound
VA - Breathe Indoctrination
VA - Furious Bass 2011 (Including Unmixed Full Tracks and Full Mix CD)
Alonick feat Dmitry Love
Grube and Hovsepian - Pressure
Mat Zo - Superman
Tigran Oganezov - Raptor

May 7th, 2011

Darq E Freaker
Halo Nova-The Last Vampire
Obsidian Feat. Meliss FX-Far From Home
Dalan Party and Mabra - Join Us EP-(DPM BJU)
Igor Colonna feat I Dinamic - Viva Las Vegas (2010 Dance Remix)-(366158 5587910)
Sandee feat DJ Global Byte - Somewhere Over The Rainbow-(366158 5793847)
Slow Brothers - Lento Contento (Premium Edition)-(HIT 024)
VA - Musica Maranza Vol 7
VA - Musica Maranza Vol 8-(366158 5611530)
VA-Gabry Ponte presents Dance and Love Vol.4
Xana - Esta Es Mi Fiesta-(100269 53)
Icicle-Under The Ice
Josh One
Grimes And dEon
Hiroshi Watanabe-Sync Positive
Mohini Geisweiller-Event Horizon-(Edition Speciale)
Ryan York
Serafim Tsotsonis-Beautiful People
VA-Here Comes The Sunset Vol 4 Compiled By Jose Padilla
A.C.K. and Simon Point feat. Laurie - A Little Longer Incl Tom Geiss Dub
Ariel Perazzoli-Dado Vuelta Estas
Boxer and Forbes-Leave It Alone
D. Turk And Doc Link - No Good For Me
Dario Nunez feat. Ray Isaac-Four To The Floor Julian The Angel Remix
Dean Kenny
Dick Ray feat. Baby Noel-Beautiful Monster
Dick Ray-Casmi Worries
Dionne-The Xchange
Discofamily - Aint Got That Swing Lissat and Voltaxx Remix
DJ Quicksilver vs. Phatt Noize - Peter Gunn Theme
DJ Quicksilver vs. Phatt Noize - Peter Gunn Theme
Dominique Costa and Jobani
Drumma-La Calle
Edgar Aguirre and DJ Neil feat. Alex Duarte-The Trumphet
Edoardo Hahnel
Faksikas and Dlayna-Take Me There
Francesco Cofano Alex And Chris (Feat Shatti) - Take It Or Leave It
Frowin Von Boyen and Munich House Mafia - Chordelia
Hever Jara and Kevin Ayala
Hugo Goys
Jhoan Sanchez-Lindo Picaflor
JP Chronic And Matt Misery - Get Busy
Klartraum-Push Yourself EP
Lee Coombs Featuring Katherine Ellis - Shiver
Ligalize-Summer Groove
Lloyd Trimmer-My Love
Locombia-A Week In Miami (Chriss Vargas Remix)
Luca Masi-Street Revolution
Mascu-I Need Love
Michael Gray Danism and Rae-You Will Remember
Michael Pato and Radu F-Dont Let Go EP
Mollono.Bass - My Hidden Playground EP Part 2
Nadja Lind Paul Loraine-Making A Difference
Nadja Lind
Nadja Lind-Sunspots EP
Nic Ford-Roll The Drums
Nikola Gala-The Beginning EP
Patrick Alavi - Power
Prok and Fitch-Cabala The Remixes
Rafha Madrid and Daniel Carrasco feat. Sonya-Rumbo Ibiza
Rene Breitbarth-Soul Computer
Ritmo Playaz - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Robin Masters Orchestra Feat. Desney Bailey - Dance With The Moon
Rohann-Bakku Shan
Sandy Rivera and Yasmeen
Scott Ferguson - Irrational Thinking EP
Soul Collectors-Burning Up
Soul De Marin-Low Lands-(DBD011)
Sven Jaeger-La Tierra
The Shapeshifters And Shermanology - Waiting For You
VA - My Friends
VA-Kay Rush Presents Unlimited XI
VA-Nervine Collection Vol.9
VA-Stephane Pompougnac - Night and Day
Wayne and Woods-Weemce EP
Will Jax-Mixed Bag-(DBD012)
Fab Samperi-Power Bossa
VA-Papeete Beach Lounge Volume 6
Multiphase - Material World
Florian Casper-Roots Freedom And Magic EP
Gleb Alexeev-Vesna EP
Karas-This is Ciderpunk
Nacim LaDJ-Give It To Me
Philip Arruda-1 2 3 EP
T-OnikZ - Is It Weapon
Jetride - Rise Up
Marc Addam and Dj Seto
Mark Olney-Deepmoon Academy Vol. 1
Reticulum-A Test Of Time
Ricky Fobis-Rewind-CLO08105
Shaun Ansari - Dream Culture-(UV 015)
Sneijder-Onto Tomorrow Facelift
Tartarus and Marcia Juell-Save My Heart
Wavepushers-Situations (Relieved)

May 6th, 2011

Africa Hitech-93 Million Miles
Alter Form-Fiend The Sign
Alter Form-Supernatural Condition Gremlin
Original Source-Wompette Spool
DJ Gollum Feat. Akustikrausch-Benzin Im Blut
Groove Coverage-Angeline (Remix EP)
Miani - Su Di Noi-(100269 85)
Overdrive Division-Crazy Incl Brooklyn Bounce S-Style Remix
Prezer DJ - Nothing On Earth Stays Forever
Tss Proyect feat Keidy - Scape Of This Love-(100265 72)
6th Borough Project Night In The Borough Part 1
Crystal Castles-Crystal Castles II (Big Day Out Edition)-2CD-DeBT
Crystal Castles-Crystal Castles-DeBT
Daft Punk-Alive 2007-Japanese Edition-2CD-DeBT
Daft Punk-Daft Club-DeBT
Daft Punk-Discovery-DeBT
Daft Punk-Homework-1997-DeBT
Daft Punk-Human After All Remixes-DeBT
Daft Punk-TRON Legacy (Special Edition)-OST-2CD-DeBT
Owl City-Ocean Eyes (Deluxe Edition)-2CD-DeBT
VA-Electropop 6
VA-World Wide Electronics-Volume One
Zynic-Fire Walk With Me-Limited Edition
4 Grooves - Your Lies
Acosta Wink-I Like This
Alex Mind-Sunscream EP
Alexandr Frost-What Is Love l Cat Walk EP
Alexis Cabrera-Can You Do it
Andrew Soul-Talk with Your Soul
Andy Broker Reve
Bass Dump-Come True
Christophe Jourdan-Show Me How To
Damn Stupid-Goodbye Girl
Danny Freakazoid and Strobe - Troia
Darren Bailie and Sway - Amnesia
Denis Sender-Denis Sender
Deve and Matizz feat Blackshark vs Kimmy Paris
DOM-Legume EP
Fairmont-Velora EP
Granez-Synthetic Beats EP
Green Velvet - Harmageddon Pleasurekraft Remix
Hamzus-Take This
Ivan Zharov-My Passion EP
Josean Pardo and J. Mirgi-Too Many Times
Jules And Moss-Smooth Mouse EP
Kev Obrien-Solo Yet So High
Marc Korn Feat. Natasha Anderson-Fairytale Of Yesterday
Matt Flores-Water On The Moon
Moby - The Day Incl Eddie Thoneick Remix
Nishin Verdiano-Fast And Fucked
Orehov-Im Different
Outart-Keep Moving
Stefano Prada - Words 2011
Sultan and Ned Shepard feat Nadia Ali - Call My Name
Sven Tasnadi-Petit Four
System And Berry Cake-I Found Love
TiL and STILL-This Is An Illusion
Tin Man
VA - Combined Vol. 1
VA - Dance Religion Chapter 6-(BR 055369
VA - Spinnin Records Presents House Essentials Part 6
VA-Black Label 78 Art Remix EP2
VA-Dance Hits 2x1 2011 Edition
VA-High Pressure Days Phil Weeks Remixes
Vik Shefi And Gad Oz-Progressive Sun
VA-Radioplay Urban Express 917Y
Andrea Frisina-Las Tunas
Coarsection Ft. Kona Black - Infect Yourself
Dany BPM - Frequence
Djanny - I Like It
Djebali-He4t It
Dominik Eulberg-Raveline Mix Sessions 033
Hardstyle Connectors - Headstrike
J.T.S. - Pussy Shake It The Real Life
Psyko Punkz-Psyko Soldier Left With The Wrong
Psyko Punkz-Psyko Soldier Left With The Wrong
Rainer Weichhold-Clap Tone
Sebastien Leger
Technasia-Central Remixed Part 2
Tiger Stripes-Snake Charmer
VA - Bassleader 2011 Compilation
VA - Coone Presents The Challenge Sampler 01
VA - Coone Presents The Challenge Sampler 02
VA - Coone Presents The Challenge Sampler 03
VA-11 Years Cocoon Recordings Mixed By Patrick Kunkel
VA-Monique Musique Various Artists 08
Ally Brown - Cranked-(MLXL 14)
Andrey Nova-Sun In The Winter EP
Artificial Dreamer-Childproof PowerNap
Changer-Golden Gates
Cream Sound-Make Me Lake Inside
Dezarate and Michel Manzano - Soul Is In The Air
Distant Keys-Another Place
Heart Of Stone
Leibo - Phantomania-(SLINKY 120D)
Macro Sound
O B M-Energetic Time
Rospy-Lust For Love EP
Running Man-Shine Incl Estiva Remix
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 May 2011
VA-United Destination 2011 (Mixed By Dash Berlin)
Vertigo - Mister Sandman (Bom Bom)

May 5th, 2011

Jahcoozi-Barefoot Wanderer (Remixes Part 2)
DJ Yoda - DJ Yoda and Friends EP
KIXAR - Good To Go
Ricchi E Poveri - Mamma Maria (Remix 2011)-(366158 5754978)
VA-Musica Para Clases De Spinning
VA-Musica Para Clases De Spinning 2
Moleman - Threshold EP
The Heels Of Love Ft. Max Essa-Chain Gang (NANG048)
VA-Bottin Discoursive Diversions (NANG028)
VA-Nang Presents The Array Volume 2 Sampler (NANG041)
Young Montana
Agent Matteo-The Remixes
Alexis Tyrel - New Tradition
Blas Marin Feat Kelly Fox-I Just Died In Your Arms
Blas Marin-Durum Drums
Chacho D Vega-I Can Feel It
Charly Sheen-Dirty House Bastards
Chrizz Luvly-Amen Raveadelic
Clockwork-Its You Again EP
Dark Arps - B52-(ST 014)
David Del Olmo-Isawair-(100273 16)
Denis A
Dick Ray Feat Patrizze-World Of Love
Donjr-Long Time
Elettro Latino - Besame
Flug-Black One
Gandg-Beautiful Day
Gregorythme-No Time No Space
Humandrone-Yellow E.P. (WPH YELLOW)
Jose Del Barrio And Blas Marin-Magic Piano
Juanmy R
Mac Zimms-My Feelings
Marius Mathias-Actie Verplaatst
Martin Aquino-No Nibbling EP
Mijail And Soultwister-Carte Blanche
Mohrr-Dirty Feet
Monaque-ID 2011
Mr Samtrax
Oskar Akagy-El Ritmo 1983
Pest CTRL-Spanish Fly Fishing
Peter Gregory-Im Coming Return Time
Philip Arruda-Bustin A Wiig Witch Curse
Pierpaolo Fiore-BACK TO HOUSE 80
Pizzaman-Sex On The Streets
Rikki Ketchers And Ilya Vetrov-Dew Drop
Robert Mint
Sergio Navarro-Guns And Girls
Tarbeat-Bunker Remixes 2
The Henchmen And Tiff Lacey-As We Ride
Various Artist-Signal Connected-(TAU 034)
Maiia - Sacred Knowledge Of Ancient Civilizations
Sophie Ellis-Bextor-Make A Scene
VA-Radioplay Pop Express 917P
Polyphonia - Beyond the Ocean of Time
Detonation Gang Feat Tibu K - Get Ready For The Bang
Elliott Dodge-Unity Digital Version
Hugsnotdrugs-The Moral Minimal
Jackson White-Wrong Out
James Braun And Dan M-Hardache EP
Louie Cut - Agent Minimal
Low-E ft Kevin Kaos - Hard
Marc Ullrich - Arcade
Noisecontrollers - Give It Up
Splice-Den Andra Farden (FARDEN 002)
Vainqueur-Ranges (SV 07)
A.R.D.I.-Wrong Turn
Adham Ashraf-Blue Moon
Alx Project
Alx Project
August Vila
Cj Peeton-Thoughts Of The Past
Francesco Sambero
Maksim Palmaxs-High Voltage
Running Man And Lence-Never Look Back
Terra Ferma-Turtle Crossing
Thomas Kelle-Mars Needs Lovers
Timmy And Tommy Feat Leila-Perfect Motion
Tritonal-Piercing The Quiet
VA - Tunnel Trance Force Vol.57
VA - Tunnel Trance Force Vol.57
VA-Electronic Architecture 2 (Mixed by Solarstone)
Vicky Devine And Nick Larson-Lunar Love

May 4th, 2011

Starkey Ft. Merky Ace And Kozzie
Colombo-Exposed EP Part 1
Alex Teddy and DJ Niky feat Marko T - Questa Storia
Andy Rain feat Sheby - Happy To Be With You-(OTB 148)
Badboys Brothers - La Mia Canzone DAmore-(FR 000026)
Breeze - Hold My Hand (BEAZE 008394)
Candycore - Youre Mine-(100259 06)
Dream Rider - Be My Day-(100263 51)
Fleeticer - Back To Life (643004 1210023)
JOAA - Summer Rain (ZD 184)
Luca Noise - Way Of Life Vol 2-(MIE 8019991873335)
Ricchi E Poveri - Sara Perche Ti Amo (Remix 2011)-(366158 5754985)
Ryeland - Wake Up (RYDEM 003)
Special Juize - Im On Fire-(SUN 1109)
TM-Joy - Colours Of Love-(100264 16)
Tobix - Please Dont Go (Crazy Mix)-(366158 5835646)
VA - Italian Style FM Compilation
VA - Slow Dance Compilation-(IRD 033)
Vader Abraham en De Mosselman - De Engel
Yasmin - Kiss Kiss-(366158 5754800)
Suzie Morning-Your Clearance EP-(CRAB 454)
Alek Stark-Lights In The Horizon-(TRAJECTORY 1005)
AS1-Solar Lifestyle EP-(TRAJECTORY 1004)
Slugabed-Moonbeam Rider EP-(Promo EP)
The Exaltics-Irresistible-(TRAJECTORY 1008)
Address Unknown-Glitch-(IF 013)
Aggressor And Ivan Nikusev Feat Arctic Night
Alex Gaudino Feat. Kelly Rowland-What A Feeling
Alvaro And Punish - Cubata
Andy Noize-If Sunrise
Answer42-Dew Point Clorofilla
Antrack-Big Daddy-(VENT 091)
Baggi Begovic - Disco Tech EP
Carl Tricks - 8090
Dada Life-Fight Club Is Closed (The Remixes)
Darwin and Backwall - Getafix
David Tort-Jack It Up
DJ Ceratti And Juan Pablo Graziano-Infinite Resonance
DKS - Sing With A Swing
DKS - Sing With A Swing Richtberg and Wojkowski Remix
Eelke Kleijn-Monkey Movin
Erick Morillo and Eddie Thoneick feat. Shwanee Taylor - Live Your Life
Excess-Shore Points
Expert Medicine-Chase Remixes Part 2
Felice and Dr. No - Soulfly
Geler and Sasha Flash-Where No Shadows EP-(IR 165)
Grum - Through The Night
Grum - Through The Night Remixes
Hankat - Be The First
Harry Choo Choo Romero - Tambores
Houseshaker and DJ Nico feat. Alexander - Music
Johnny Loves House-Party Network EP-(JLH 006)
Ki Mi-Sun Beach And She
M.A.Z.7-In Search Of You EP
Markus Frost-No Ordinary Street
Matrick-Erotic Cafe
Matt Whittet And Techstar
Max Millan Feat. Stefani Scovolo-Men Prefer Blondies 2k11
Mehmet Akar-Do It Again
Nick Sole
Paul Panait - Love Game
Paul Panait - Love Game (The Remixes Part 1)
Peet Van Thees - Just Walk Away
Sergey Post
Tensnake - Coma Cat Mark Knight Remix
The Angus-Paralell Turns E.P
Tristan Garner and Gregori Klosman - Bounce
VA - DBN Loves
VA-Sofias EP
Xison-In My Head
XLF-Cut Off-(ACREC 004)
Nemesis - Gigaherz
Select Project - Rimana
VA - Gaiascension
VA - Only The Music
A Balter-Walla Rubiks Cube
Catatonic Overload - Make Raw Not War Part 1
Dani Sbert-Haarp EP
DJ Psyclone-Day N Night
Electric Db
Jeff Keenan-Truffle Shuffle EP
Jesse Hutton and Alakai - System Overload
Kosheen Djs
Luna Vs. E-Force - 5th Element
Ronald-V - Harderz (100 Percent Remixed)
VA - Mixmag Presents Radio Slave Slave To The Rhythm
Abendstern Rigel-El Quinto Sol
Alan Wyse Feat Carrie-Diamond Kiss Incl Ronald De Foe Remix
Bardalimov-For A Moment
Brett Wood-Direct Drive Incl Rene Ablaze Remix
DJ Crystal-Out of Town
Marcia Juell-Calling Incl Mark Norman Remix
Second Way - Black Heart-(100260 24)
Soul And Senses-Realize EP
Soul Scream-Soul Flight-(VD 015)
VA-Global Trance UK (Compiled And Mixed By Sly One Vs Jurrane)

May 3rd, 2011

Enterpryse-Shogun LP Part 2
Manu Twister-Can You Imagine EP
Stac-Turn That Light Out The Remixes Vol 2
Dance 4 Life United-Dance 4 Life Tonight
Dj Daxel - Punti Di Vista
Ferry Corsten-Feel It Incl Radio Edit
Fred Lilla Vs Blumenkraft
I Gotika and Favara DJ - Io Cambiero-(100232 69)
M Pokora-Finally Found Ya (5099909539150)
Martin Solveig feat. Kele-Ready 2 Go
Platine Stereophonique-No Guarantees Money Back (NW10123)
Slow Brothers - Lento Contento Ma Non Troppo-(HITB 010)
VA - Digital Dance 01 11-(100245 58)
VA - Italo Dance Charts
VA - Italo vs Hands Up 4 (Extended Versions)-(100241 47)
VA - Musica Maranza Vol 9 The Best Of Italian Dance-(366158 5701323)
Ven Uto - Midnight Girl-(370059 3700109)
Dynamic Stab
Kimble - The Dust Off Volume 2 (OKLTD002B)
VA-Bangs And Works Vol. 1 (A Chicago Footwork Compilation)
Virgin Fang - Skidder And Bloodclat (VF002)
Mekanika - No Music EP
Radium and Randy-Hard Feeling EP
A Balter And Eitan Reiter-Second Chance Sunny Afternoon
Add Vintage Ft Vercce-Let Me Go
Alessio Tofani - Ocean-(IRD 039)
Alex Torn-Mother Oasis E.P
Amin Orf-Dont Let Me Go
Boemklatsch-Think Big
Bra Zil
Capodaglio and Caruso and Valenziano Feat Adam Clay-Wonderful You
Contras Feat Joan Kolova-La Luna
Danny Freakazoid And Matt Caseli-Long Legs Running
Dave Martins-Deep Runner
Daviddance-Dancefloor Pressure
DJ Jeroenski-Crack House and Black Mamba
Felix Leiter-Only You
George West-Sine Timore-(HC 006)
Giuseppe Consiglio vs Skyller - Seek Divine-(MIE 8019991683101)
Gregor Salto Ft Laurrhie
Housemade-Move Your Ass
Italian Gang Star-Buonasera Signorina Remix 2k11
Jabocca-Pasion Loca
James Hannan-Midnight Tribe
JD Miller
Joeski-Dont Stop
Luca Sala and Valerio M - The Only One EP
Marsbeing And Matvey Emerson-Come Again
Mike Delgado
My Digital Enemy-Fallen Angel
Nari and Milani and Cristian Marchi feat Shena - Take Me To The Stars
Norman Zube And Patrick Mark-Azoo (2011) Khameo
OK Corral-Hypnotic Consortium
Paul Bart-Spanish Scene
Polevschikov-Mirror Of The Soul
Rick Silva
Romeo Blanco
Sarp Yilmaz-Jazz Gone Bad
Science Drop-Cry Out And Dance
Solarity-Marsh Corvette Tapepack
VA-Best Of Guesthouse Music Vol 3
Zuril-Plastic World
Patrick Doyle
Control Zeds-Digital Phatness
Orion Signs Vs Pyro-Symbols Of Anubis
Phaxe-Unknown Language
Anthony Shake Shakir - Frictionalism 1994 Remixes Part 1 (RH
Axel Karakasis-Go Round
David DP-Rodando EP
Grad U-Sunset.Sunrise LP (NM038)
Kirk Degiorgio And Ian Obrien-Promenade Eleven (ART-NR 2)
Mollono.Bass - My Hidden Playground Part 3 (ACKERRECORDS22
Ron Costa-Grin Aber
Simon2-Birdface (KITT011)
Stasis And Allstars - Old Skool Reunion (PPD3)
The Boo Kings - Love (WPSM003RED)
Air Night-Last Way EP
Ally Brown And Laura May Feat Emma Carmichael
DJ Jon Doe-Drastic Comedown
P.A.F.F.-Marvel EP
VA-Armada Presents The Ibiza Soundtrack 2011

May 2nd, 2011

La Roux-In For The Kill (Sharaz Remix)
Axia Summer - Mr Saxo Beat
Dani DM Pres. DJ Ruiz Feat. Sarah-Dont You Know
David Guetta-Where Them Girls At
Deejay Stella - Partizione Mentale-(IRD 036)
DJ Maxwell - Trust No One Vol 2-(803248 4060012)
DJ Ness X-Love Intensity
Edoardo Valente vs Doma - Mi Vendo (2011 Remix)
Gesso feat Maya - Fly Away WEB
Giuseppe Sessini - Plastik (The Remixes)-(IRD 040)
Juliet vs Romeos - Baby Boy
Mario Fargetta - La Domenica-(SAI 2062)
Micheal Castaldo - Larcobaleno (Over The Rainbow Dance Remixes)
Rawanne - Missing You-(100269 17)
Roman DJ Feat. Aisha Bordas-Without Crying
SISTAR 19-Ma Boy
Svenstrup Og Vendelboe Feat. Nadia Malm-Dybt Vand
Tri-Star - Dancing In Maharaja-(HRG 197)
USO-Skru Op
VA - DJ Z At Work Vol 1
VA - Italo vs Hands Up 3 (Extended Versions)-(100205 69)
VA - Planeta Mix Hits Vol 4-(100264 93)
VA - Ultimix Vol.166
VA - Ultimix Vol.167
VA - Ultimix Vol.168
VA - X-Mix Dance Series 141
VA - X-Mix Dance Series 142
VA-Beatbox 11
VA-ClubDJ Vol 3 Unmixed CDJ Format
VA-Dance Solution EP Vol. 1
Valerio M - Mad World-(PTR 002)
VA-Musica Para Clases De Aerobic 2010
VA-Musica Para Clases De Step 2010
VA-Time 96 (the Best Dance Tracks Volume 1996)-(TIMEDIG 120CD)
Interface-Voodoo Science EP
Invisible Conga People-In A Hole
Bexxie-The Sky Is Falling
Death By Drums-Death Ride EP
Keeno-The View
Mr.Foul-Deepest Secret Cruella
Triad-NU12 050 Triad
VA-100 Percent Pure Dubstep Mixed By DJ Hatcha
VA-Last March EP
ASC-Ambitronic EP
ASC-Symbol 1
Ben Benjamin-For Long Drives and Temporary Diversions
Circle Traps-Circle Traps EP
Diegors-Sacandose Uno
Extra Life-Ripped Heart
Jesuon-Comically Tribal EP
Morphosis-What Have We Learned
Morphosis-What Have We Learned Remixes Part 1
Pantha Du Prince-XI Versions Of Black Noise-(RTRADDA613)
Samoyed-Always From This Point
Taylor Deupree
Time Light Curve and Headnoaks-Magnetite-(AC 05)
VA-Echocord Jubilee Compilation
Atomik V. And Lobotomy Inc.-Follow Me
Atomik V.-First Album
Cross-B And Raul Lokura Pres. DJ Fires-Blue Fire
DJ KBO-Digital Tracks EP
DJ Trakma-Pump That Beat
Flavi J-Control The Music
Javi Aznar And MC Rave-Criminal 3
Javi Energy Feat. Da Rook Mc-The Beat Down
Jump Trackz-Bad Boy (Remixes)
The Joker-First Meeting
Toni M-Rockbucks-(BIT 70175)
Victor Ronda-Medicina-(BIT 70176)
2SHAKE-Beautiful Snow
3ky Lab Code-Who Cares
Abby J
Addex-Moments In Timeless Strings (Remixes)
Addison Groove-Its Got Me
Afrojack and Quintino - Selecta
Aldo Cadiz
Art Department-The Drawing Board-(CRMCD014)
Audiopilot-Chasing The Future
Carlos Sanchez-Meanwhile I Hope
Christian Bonori and Fabrizio Ferrari
Citizen 42-Sound In A Vacuum EP
Com Truise
Daniel Messa
Daniel Messa-King Of House
Darlyn Vlys-A Week Alone
Dave Garcia and Alex Neza-Brake Again
Dave Garcia-Fresh Guitar
Dave Van Baker and Angel JL feat. Josephine Sweet
David Cuello-Jimmy Shake and Bomba EP
Dirk Von Lowtzow-Tod In Theben
Ed Davenport-More Red Lights EP
Erik Loz-Body Shine
Glender-Made In Portugal EP
Groove Grinderz-Feel It Deep
J. Mirgi Edu Castillo-Spring Love
James Teej-Fundamental Remixed
Josh-Lost Vibe
Juan Ramirez
Julien Fuentes-Chincha Remixes
Julio Leal Daniel Aguayo Sonia Milan-World Of Dreams
Julio Leal and Freddy Lopez feat. Patrizze
Julio Leal
Justin Berkovi
Kanedubstep-Seizure EP
Kim English-Treat Me Right Carlos Fauvrelle Mixes
Micah The Violinist and Oliver Schmitz-We Came To Party EP
Mijail-Chocolate Mambo
Moti Brothers
Nick Fisher
Ofak-Alonissos Island
Oliver Schmitz-Balance EP
Ralph Good
Ramorae-Raise Your Hands
Re-Zone-8 Bit Symphony
Richard Dinsdale-What I Do
Roman Hope Feat Dany Oghia-Music Box
Ronn Sono Josh Newson Jay Ronko
Roxtaz feat. Latte-Black Samba
Scott Grooves Feat Parliament Funkadelic-Mothership Reconnection Remixes
Sean Miller-Cmon Thats It
Shuval-F ck
SickIndividuals-The Funky House Anthem
Sidney Charles-Soul Dialog EP
Simmons and Blanc-State Of Emergency (Dino Lenny 5AM Mix)
Sunner Soul And Deep Maker-Logical Rythm
T. Tommy and Vicente Belenguer-Touch Me
T. Tommy-Take Me
The Drunk Team-Rocked It
VA-Get Outta My Face (Dub Mixes)
VA-Girls On Top
VA-Murmur Remixes Vol 1
Beastie Boys-Hot Sauce Committee Part Two-(JP Bonus Track)
Beyonce-Run The World (Girls)
Biogenesis-Land Of The Looming Lattitude
Indra-Ahead Only
Sub6-Aint No Disco EP
Suria-Side Effect
Switch-More Power EP
System Nipel
Achim Maerz - Channel 04 (FDFRAW1)
Ada-Me And The Three
Alexi Delano and Ambivalent-Brooklyn Weekdays Digital Version
Beeswax-End Up
Cari Lekebusch-Third Eye Vision
Christian Fischer - Stairlight Remixes (STATIK35)
Cyrus Strictly-Fact or Fiction
Daniel Stefanik - Transmediale (STATIK34)
Daniele Mondello - Overdrive EP
Fatal Inc - Kritikal EP (2011 Remixes)
FDF and Phidias - Black Secret 12 (FDFRAW2)
Hypnos - From The Beginning (NDMLEP012)
John Tejada-Unstable Condition
Joris Voorn Rejected And Edwin Oosterwal-For The People Remixes
Kate Simko-Mind On You
Kodex - Endless Summer EP
Markus Suckut-Monad VI
Mechanisms Industries-Antikythera Mechanism
Roderick Fox
Sascha Rydell - Marmonner (FW018)
Spektre and Subfractal-Ram Raid
SP-X-Field Lines Never End EP
Terence Fixmer and Claudio PRC-Planetary Phase
The Hellsaserz Presents E Razer-Techno Paradise
Thomas Schaeben - Busted (MUSUN15)
Unknown Artist - Knowone 006 (KNOWONE006)
Anemosphere and Nostalgraph-Ling Child
Ben Gold
Cosmithex-Sound Of Silence The Portal
Digital Dropouts-Here We Are
Dr Willis
Groove Coverage
Klauss Goulart-Turbulence Let Your Scars Dance
Luke Terry feat. Helen Sylk
Markus Schulz and Jochen Miller
Masoud Feat Hannah Ray-Here We Go Skyward
MDX-Drive Out Incl Marc Simz Remix
Pre-Fader - No Fear-(100255 90)
Right Face-Deep Impression
Simon Patterson
Vegar-Arctic Adventure Viola

May 1st, 2011

Snipaz-Getup Riddim EP
Tremourz-More Sex Please EP
Unsub-Afterglow EP
Alex Trackone
Bangboy-Verdammt Lang Her Club Mixes
Candid-Rolling In The Deep
Junior Caldera Ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor-Cant Fight This Feeling Remixes
Partytrooperz Feat. Il Caesar-Silencio 2011
Spice Club-Yeah 3X
VA - IDP Compilation-(IRD 046)
VA-Pete Tong And Riva Starr Present Future Underground
Counterstrike-When Worlds Collide Mindfuck
Current Value and Gein-Guerilla Files Volume 1
Lisa Lashes-High Vision Incl Artento Divini Remix
Taylor And Close
Time Light Curve and Headnoaks-Magnetite-(AC 05)
Chemical Noize - Lost In Love
Fonty DJ
Alex Gray Feat. Ann Bailey-Smalltown Boy
Barry Coleman-We Told You So
Bryce Feat. Carlprit-Dance With Me All Mixes
Cassey Doreen-Girls Just Want To Have Fun All Mixes
Dario Nunez and J. Glass feat. Bobkomyns-Con La Mano Levantada
Dave Smith-Dolinka Ep-(DSD036) EP
David Folkebrant-Rising EP
DJ Sanny J and Daniele - En Tanga-(MIE 019991683149)
Ducks On Dope
Jake Chec
La Pena-La Pena 008
Lunatics Of Sound
Makarti And Alzo-Big Valomer
Marc Reason-Lambada 2K11
Marco V
Mike Syntec-BM Ese
Monolock And Alex M
Monolock And Alex M-I Know What I Do
Plastik Bass
Sam Wills
Suneil S-Step To This
Tango And Cash-Freak Me Out Incl Re-Fuge And CJ Stone Remix
Truelove - Get Down
VA-4 To The Floor
VA-Japanease A 120 Track Electronic Dance Music Project For Japan Part 2
VA-Japanease A 120 Track Electronic Dance Music Project For Japan Part 3
VA-Reekinstructions Album Sampler Part One
Vlada Asanin-Tallarines EP
Walkabeat-Bring That Beat Back
Wexxel And Sae
VA-Euro Xclusive 11
VA-The Balkanian Club Night 2
VA-Vanguard 11
6th Floor-Spiral Staircase EP
Animalis-Infinite Movement EP
Xerox vs. Volcano-Terminator EP
A-lusion And Unifite - Sound Of Pryme (Official Pryme Anthem 2011)
Da Morty - All the Ladys Wake Up Call
Feyser-Deep Peet
Kodex-Endless Summer EP
Namito and Gennaro Mastrantonio-Triggering Hope
Octavio Tshelebi
VA-Japanease A 120 Track Electronic Dance Music Project For Japan Part 1
Akku-Planet Of Trance
Alex Larichev Feat Holly Prothman-The Same Way Incl Luigi Lusini Remix
Alex Larichev Feat Holly Prothman-The Same Way
Ayumi Hamasaki-Ayu-Mi-X 7 Presents Ayu Trance 4 Instrumental Mixes
Calgar C - Decade
DJ Nash-Life Is Not A Dream
DJ Sam - Next Station
DJ Snowman - Falling Lights
Ernesto Vs Bastian-The Incredible Apollo Flight 101
Gedevaan-P X01
Irealight - Sweet Feelings
Jared Asher - Stardust
Paulo Gomes

April 30th, 2011

Romanowski-The Instigator Bw Sol Cumbia-7 Inch Vinyl
Boney M.-Barbra Streisand (Goes Club)
Rihanna-S And M (Remixes)-(Promo)
Absolom - The 90s-(100262 50)
DJ Fait-Dont You Wanna Know I Gotta Let You Go
DJ Niels-Dance With The Zombies (CORECDIG 009)
Head Hornys And DJ Miguel Serna Presentan Virtual-No Confussion (No More 2) (VTL
Jesus Martin And Bea Schulenberg-Tell Me Youll Stay
Mad Flush - For All Lovers-(MMR305) Incl Overdrive Division Rmx
Raul Platero And Rafa Marco And Joel Munoz Pres. Denon DJ-Always 2011
VA - Oh Oh Tirol Hits-(Inclu Megamix)
VA-Glove Money
Abort Retry Fail-The Demonoid EP
Anex Ample
Ananda Project-Falling For You
Arnaud Rebotini-Someone Gave Me Religion-(BSR003CD)-Advance CD
Collin Gorman Weiland - Price Of Leather
Djedjotronic-Bugle - Tetris
Kreayshawn-Bumpin Bumpin
Omid 16B-The At Night EP
Pan Sancho
Timid Boy-Bandits and Dangerous Animals
Tropic Of Cancer - The Sorrow Of Two Blooms
VA-Elektronica Vol 20
Broken Rules - Bounce Factory
DJ Ezteq-A Word Unsaid
Razor Edge - Iron Mixed With Clay
Re-Style - Get Asskicked
The Doctor and Darren Hotchkiss - Play The Game
Aitor Galan And Paco Banaclocha-Meditation 2011
Clubstone-Touch Me Now
Daniel Slam Feat Pit Bailay
Deluna And Mike Serr-5 Hour Sunday
DJ Kharma-ResuRection Incl Antillas And Dankann Remix
Godlike Music Port-Lift Me Up Incl Money G Remix
Groovadelik-You And Me
John Rico And Rafa Marco Feat. Veronika Bows And Josh Bratman-Wii Party Song
Lookback-Musika-LOVEREC 008
Max Freegrant
Mucky Pups Aka M.In And Jonas-Tuesday At The Discothequa EP
Pitch And Patch-Itsy Bitsy Incl Aboutblank And KLC Remix
Soulfire-Echo Effect
VA-Suburbia Unmixed Vol 17
Congo Natty-Under Mi Sensi
VA-Final Fantasy IV And The After Years Sounds Plus
Animatronica-3 D
Audiosex - Cyclic Law Of Death
Creten - Dynomaniac
VA - Goa 2011 Vol. 2
Amazed - Amazed EP
Avio-Live At Black 2011
Bestien - What We Breath for
Boris Brejcha-Sugar Baby
Carte Blanche-Black Billionaires (The Remixes)
Egostereo-Sex Pistols
Marco Dassi-Boston Monkey
Santos-Dirty Scotch EP
Tropic Of Cancer - Be Brave
Aesthetic Minds-Dozen-(ENREC 050)
Chris Grabiec And Christina Nicola
Ilya Makovecky-April Rain
J. Mas And David S.-Fame 2010
Lence-Lifted Nature
Marc Addam And DJ Seto Pres Trance4mation-Maybe You
Orsenite-Somewhere Nowhere EP
Peter Sawland-The Time EP
Sebastian Weikum-Oblivion-(45B 1103)
Tony Sky-Air Wind
Tradeus-127 131
VA-New Beginnings
VA-Trance 2thousand11

April 29th, 2011

Adalberto And Fatjack - Acidicted House Party (ACIDICTED00)
Volta Cab - Introducing (TS01)
Danny Costta And Robert Fassano - Out Of My Love-(100269 13)
Gina T - Little Butterfly
Groove Coverage
Hoxygen Feat Krystal Em - La Chanson Fatal-(100263 52)
VA-Radioplay Dance Express 916D
Matrix and Futurebound-Worldwide 001 Sampler
DJ Tim Healey - Podcast 002 Promo Mix
Hesius Dome - Travel Bug
Paul Elstak-The Best Of
Andy Himself-Filthy Waat
ATFC-Dazzle EP
Autodeep-Seeking Closure
Baccano and Matt Steve-No Make Up Guilty
Barrio Latino-Samba Mulata feat. Gege
Billy The Klit and Dani L. Mebius - Kniftig
Brad Goldfinger-The Grind
Collective Machine-Holly Story EP
Conga Squad-Vino Rosso
Dan Berkson - Anything For You And Secrets (CRM074)
David Gtronic-Overload-(LOV 079)
Daviddance-S E X O
Distant Keys-Desire To Life
Dj Metzker Viktoria feat. Mitch Crown-So Amazing
Echonomist-Thats It EP
Electrik Gloss And DJ Osh
Emil Persson
Fedya Lutkovski-Sun In The Sky
Frankox and Giancarlo Grattarola
Gustavo Bravetti
Henrik B-Acid Rocker
Hollen-Lock Unlock
Horatio And Freakme - Born In 1931 (QS003)
Hy2rogen-Release The Kraken
Incartey - Wide Road
Julio Bashmore-Father Father
Kid Massive
Kronstadt Impulse-Move Your Feet
Morgana-The Miracle of Love-(MR 0176
Nacho Penades
Oliver Deutschmann-Celebrate Love
Oliver Gil
Ooft-Deep Wading
Paul Ritch-Circus EP
Robag Wruhme-Thora Vukk
Robag Wruhme-Thora Vukk
Slow and Newland-Being in Love
Soul Factory-Freak On
Tom Fall-Voices Incl Dezza Remix
Umami-Conquer The Night
VA - House The Deluxe Session 3.0
VA - Real Retro House Classix Top 100 Volume 4
VA-Kinjo Spring Sampler
VA-Proghouse 2011 Vol 2
Transfarmers - The Blaze Battle EP
Beastie Boys-Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Bongomatik - Bongomatik
VA - Lenny Ibizarre-Psycho Navigator
VA-Radioplay Urban Express 916Y
Alphaverb - Realization Of A Dream
Claire Ripley And Zeitgeist-Guru EP
Crowdkillers-El Nido EP
D-Block and S-Te-Fan - The Remixes Part 2
Egal 3-The Remixes
G Style Brothers - Momentz
Goose-Synrise Remix
Jerome Sydenham
Kaoss - Another Love EP
Mindcrusher - Step On Stage
Mollono.Bass - My Hidden Playground Part 1 (ACKERRECORDS22
Mollono.Bass - My Hidden Playground Part 2 (ACKERRECORDS22
Paul Mac-Odd Things EP
Phon.o-Slavemode Abbey Road
Robag Wruhme-Thora Vukk
Scalameriya And Dfndr-Hadron Collider EP
Seedy Jazz and Eeemus-Bangin Acid
VA-Panorama Bar 03
VA-Souvenir Presents In The City
ATB-Distant Earth Deluxe Version
Demi Yorth
DJ WAD-Sea Gull
Jon OBir And Sonic Element-Let Go
Ryan Signett - Tesla
The Flyers and Mike Sonar-Because I Wish To Vertigo
VA-A State Of Trance Radio Top 15 March And April 2011
VA-Dash Berlin Top 15 April 2011
VA-Musical Madness 3 Mixed By Marcel Woods
VA-Musical Madness 3 Mixed By Marcel Woods
VA-Trance World Vol 12

April 28th, 2011

Hunter Vaughan - Ragnarok
VA-Ministry Of Sound The Annual Spring 2011
DJ Val - Never Ever
I Gotika - Komputer Melody-(100266 07)
Kenn Bailey - Forever (Feat. Wendy D Lewis)
Other Ego - On The Floor
VA-Mega Dance Top 50 2011
J-Cut And Kolt Siewerts-The Flute Tune (Soulpride Remix)
Sean Ray And Rob Nutek-Simulation Sensation
Switch Technique-Falling Believers Decadence
VA - Balance 018 Mixed By Nick Warren
VA Fabric 57 Mixed By Agoria
Rotterdam Terror Corps And DJ Paul Elstak - Demonic State-(MRV145H)-SRG
Rotterdam Terror Corps vs Paul Elstak - Demonic State
ATB feat. Jansoon
Christina Chatfield - Finite
Corduroy Mavericks-Hot Off The Griddle Ep
COX Feat Kika Willcox-Music Never Stop
Derek Marin - Blow Away
Deyan Zlatinoff - The Deepah
Djosepi-In Requiem (Lacrimosa)
FNZ-What Makes You Feel Better
Juice T-Love U for Life
M One-Fly Away-(100274 91)
Milan and Phoenix-Carnival Circus
Mutiny - Swimming With Sharks
Portfolio-Birds Of Paradise
SHOW-B - Came Down In Time
Siopis - Stinky Socks
VA - Alien Nation Vol. 2 - Djs from Mars Remix Compilation
VA - The Sound Of Outside The Box
Wattie Green-Bottle Of Justice EP
Jennifer Lopez
Sounds From The Ground-The Maze
VA-Radioplay Pop Express 916P
Day Dream - Playground
Funk Truck - Live The Moment
Andreas Henneberg - Tenses
Arkaine - Voice Of Desire
B Twinz - Sunshine EP
Coone - The Challenge
Harry Axt - Domination
Jonas Sella-Ankle Swing EP
JTS and Scar - I Will Find You
Luke Spellbound - Existence
Magitman And Brisker - Sofa Surfing
Marc Antona-Not The Fool EP
Remy Maurin And Pierre Delort - Zombie Disco Cat
Splatter And Memnok - Horus
Tom Eirh-Gaze-(FRD016)-PROMO EP
Trevor Benz - Chicago Connexion
Unknown - Hard Techno Is Like That
VA - Hardstyle Megamix Vol.10
Adrial Torres-Salt Lake City Republic EP
ATB - Distant Earth
Atlantic Drift-Diving Faces 2011
Gulcin Golgem Kilic-A Tears Of Trance
Imperfect Hope
John Waver
Mert Tolay-Parnassus Neverdva EP
Moonshade Feat Bate
Paul Oakenfold
Ray Tian And Jake Desilva-2 Can Play That
Ronny K-Uplift Vs Classic EP

April 27th, 2011

Jamie Woon
After School
Art Of Hot
Audiofly-Follow My Liebe
Blue Connection-Touch the Sky-(MR 0247
More-Are U Ready-(MR 1038
VA-DJ Promotion Mymusic Staff 01
VA-Mega Hits 2011
Depeche Mode-Puppets (Roeyksopp Remix)
Enabl.ed-Modules Fail
Fleck ESC-Transmission EP
Axe Gabba Murda Mob-UK Hardcore - Chapter 01
The Viper - Wasting Away
VA-Hardcore Killers - The Second Horror File
VA-Supersonic Hardcore - File 2
Abian Saavedra-Mi Tambor
Aki Bergen - Black And Light
Biskvit-Broken Clock
CJ Art-Too Dark To Play
Coimbra-Another Star
Dennis Seclane-I Just Came 2 Dance-100242 22
Depthide-Way To Second Shore
Expanded People Believe In Love EP-CWV 026
Gala - Freed from Desire 2011 (15th Anniversary) Incl Klaas Rmx
Hankesz-Your Friends
Jorge Vasco-From Heart EP
Main Room-Dirty Scratch-(MLN0017)-PROMO EP
Michele Calogiuri
Olderic and Alex Piccini-Mister Postman
Sergey Oblomov
Stanny Abram-Good To Me
Stanny Abram-Perfect Love
Steve Breeze and Miroslav Petkovic
Sun Purple-Digital Lies
The Renegade Of Amstrad
Todd Terry-You Can Do It
Troxler-Bugcharmer EP
VA - DJ Charts Austria Vol 6
VA-Deep House Session 1
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 268
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 269
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mixes 270
VA-Lounge Candelas
VA-Pass the Kouchie and Ganja Smoking
Sade-The Ultimate Collection
Usher-Raymond V. Raymond-DeBT
VA-Absolute Acoustic
VA-Buddha Bar Vol.13 (By Ravin And David Visan)
VA-Scream 4 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
DJ Tonio-Get the Funk
Manu Kenton and Nicolas Clays - Liberty Avalanche
Mathias-The Drummer
Quantec-Imaginary Flight
Stephan Strube - Cherry Moon EP
Thomas Lizzara - Wunderzunder EP
Thomas Lizzara and Oliver Tatsch - Zampern EP
VA - Furious Bass 2011
VA - Ostfunk Spring Compilation
Wildstylez - Huh
009 Sound System - 009 Sound System
009 Sound System - The Hits
VA-A State Of Trance 500
VA-Coldharbour Selections Part 26

April 26th, 2011

SRC-Silly Crush Sex On The Beach
Noisia-Gutterpump (Pixel Fist Remix)
Italoproducerz - Happiness (SOS)-(100265 10)
Magic Box-This is Better
Access Denied and Jellyfish - Carukia Barnesi and After The Sunset
Lost Sequence and Codeshaper-Spice Market
Nranges and Uberman
BT-These Humble Machines
David Guetta Ft Kid Cudi-Memories-Retail CDS-R
Guy J-1000 Words
Al Bizzare-Fresh Scream
Aldo Cadiz And Francisco Allendes-Esa Nena EP
Alex Beautifun - White Horse
Alex Piccini-It Take Two
Alex Stadler feat. Beatrice Thomas - Get Loose Incl Philippe Lemot Remix
Andrew Philippov-Day And Night
Audio Jacker-You Got It
Biskvit-Old Cassette
Carlos Gallardo And Michele Mccain-Make A Friend (2000008236)
Carlos Silva Feat. Nelson Freitas And Eddy Parker-Mystery (8100000525)
Carlos Stefano-Impulse-In Motion
Christian Cambas VS. PHNTM
Christopher Wilde feat. Lu Chase - Bitter Sweet Feelings
Claude Solis-Wednesday Fair
Consistent-Higher Feel
Deep Fog Feat Iqcha-Drifting Away
DJ Kone And Marc Palacios Feat. Sol Lopez-Beat Knocks (2000008345)
Emerik-Without Memories
Francesco Diaz-Al-(WMB 021)
Greg Gold-Art Of Mind
Jay West-For Your Soul
Jonny Calypso and Commander Tom - Homeless
Josh Newson and Jay Ronko - Keta
Jozhy K and Angel-No More Cry
Juan Pacifico Feat. C. Robert Walker-Gimme Your Love
Lenny Soprano-Shift Shift
Loui Fernandez-La Danza Vudu
Magic Box-Sorry Marin-(L 73
Manik and Dtox-Luminous-(MEL 004)
Matias Chilano
Matt Keyl-London Street
Matteo Monero Girl And Two Dogs
Max Vertigo-Dreams With The Sunbeams
Mell Tierra
Michael Dierks - Fori Das Reh Incl Philippe Lemot Remix
Mono-Poly-Colorblind EP
Niko Jimenez
Oliver Meadow vs. Miss Thunderpussy and Betty Ford - Disco 2011
Paul Shout-Rock The Disco
Quardo Rossi-Beautiful Stars
Revirtam - Pop Corn
Roger Sanchez and Far East Movement Ft. Kanobby-2gether (Matt IQ Remix)
Russell G - Rush
Sam Bylett-I Will Love You
Sovve Feat Devize
Splash feat Nick Austin - Adagio For Strings (Main Bundle)
Stuart Vs. Firebeatz-Free Let it Be
Thomchris Feat. Nikoll-Never Gonna Change
Tigerskin-So Much Love And Magic
Tim Royko - DB
Tim Royko - Lost
Trilogy - Good Vibrations 2K11
VA - Flamingo Beats Miami 2011
VA-D.Ramirez and Friends Vol 1
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 276
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 277
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 278
Wolfgang Gartner feat. Will I Am - Forever
Yariv E - Wrong Keys
Youri Donatz and Franky Rizardo - Guitarra
Miguel Bose-Cardio Tour
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 94
Nok-New Order
Electric Rescue-Apaches Dance
Valy - Funk Me Im Famous
2nd Phase
Addictive Glance-Desire-(TRDIG 11006)
Asteria-Es Vedra
BT-These Humble Machines
Claudia Cazacu
Dlc-If Only (ROCKA 009DTRAX)
Fei-Fei-Mosh Pit
George Harrold-Pamlico Sound EP
Gi U And The Editor-Feel The Love (ANR 015)
Lee Miller
Leon Bolier-Cape Town
Marc Simz Vs Aerofoil 2011
Rotation-Tzara Cyclone
Splash feat Nick Austin - Adagio For Strings (Hard Dance Bundle)
Steve Allen And Mr Careful
Stoneface And Terminal-Time To Wait
VA-J00F DJ Sessions Volume 2 Mixed By John 00 Fleming
Vibe Shock-Autumn Vibe-(DTR 079)

April 25th, 2011

0425 Bass
Appleblim And October-NY Fizzzzz
Dub Terminator and High Frequency-Soul Island Volume 1
Basic Connection-Faithless-(MIE 8022567002022)
Carolina Marquez-Contatcto-(MIE 8033993891418)
DJ Hyo - Burning Up
DJ Hyo - Kiss me
DJ Hyo - You Are My Everything
Eduardo Morris Feat Samud-Sexy Girl (MB019)
Ekow Feat Snoop Dogg And Kylian Mash-Closer Ekow (3661585857860)
More-Im Ready for the Glory-(MR 1054
New School Crew-Gernade (CBR003)
Ray Burnz-Push The Devotion (10026022)
Said Dulevic-Flipper (CMG26)
The Aston Shuffle-Seventeen Past Midnight
VA - Hits 2011 Vol. 2
VA - Play Dance 9
Lynx-Dirty Red EP-(DETAIL005D)-OMA
Marcus Intalex
Gesaffelstein-Conspiracy Pt.1
Prefuse 73-The Only She Chapters
4roggie-Blade Runner EP
A.W.S-Forward In The Future
Ame and Amampondo-Ku Kanjani EP
Arthur Keen
Bassjackers - Mush Mush
Bobby Deep-Roll Up
Boney M.-Barbra Streisand (Goes Club)
BT Feat Rob Dickinson-Always Incl Andy Moor Remix
Chiaki-Dancingkokirikobushi (RTHS
Coqui Selection - Never Land
Dan Berkson-Anything For You
Dany Cohiba-The Future Sound If Chicago
Dimitris Athanasiou-Beautiful Life
Doi-Oing-Good Feeling
Fady Ferraye And Dj Tim-The Mad Philosopher
Fast Eddie - Believe N Sex (Part 2)
Fedde Le Grand vs. Sultan and Ned Shepard feat. Mitch Crown - Running
Frank Martiniq-Golden Dusk Scott Grooves Remixes
Gramophonedzie And Joey Negro Feat. Shea Soul-No Sugar
Houseriders-Place Des Arts EP
Igor Jadranin-Unstoppable Hamster EP
James Young-Get Up
Jesse Perez-Sally Says Woah More Party Less Bullshit
Juliano Lopez-Rebirth EP
Laid Back-Cocaine Cool
Leon Klein-Give Yourself to Me-(MIE 8033993894563)
Maher Daniel And Matthew Dekay
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen-Another Dimension
Nico Purman-Visions EP
Oliver S-Doin Ya Thang EP
Patrick Chardronnet-Champions Selection
Pele-Be Real EP
Ricardo Miranda
Robert Owens-Ill Be Your Friend
Roman Fluegel-Desperate Housemen EP
Roman Flugel-Desperate Housemen EP
Sander Van Doorn
Stiggsen And Freedarich-Brennerpass The Remixes
Tausend-Sun EP
Tevo Howard
The Presence-Wanna Be the One-(MIE 8033993894549)
Tony Jaguar and Andy Simon-Passion Electrique
Twosides-Think About Me
VA-Drum Mode Deep House Volume 01
VA-From Deep To House
VA-Sensual Lounge Vol 2
VA-The Best Of Chillhouse 1
Whomadewho-Knee Deep
Brainquake - The Worst
Outback - Insanity First And Last
W4cko Ft Fatal Inc - Expressions 2011 Mixes
Gala-Tough Love EP
Maytree-The Maytree
Aerospace-Re Entry Remixes
Benny Rodrigues-I Like Acid EP
DJ Drops - Looks Like Money EP
Express Viviana - Make Your Life
Guy J-1000 Words
Jason Keeble-The Core EP
Leghau-Insomniak EP
Maetrik-The Breech
Miro Pajic-Distance 2
Noise Invasion - The Discovery Of New Worlds
Trance Generator Meets DJ Code Red - Oldskool EP
VA-Greatest Hits Remixes EP
Vamper - Dreams Light O
VA-Resampled Part 1
A.r.d.i. Feat Irena Love
Chris Baker-Nothing Else Matters
Conor McMullan-Before Sunrise EP
Dart Rayne-Arctic Sunrise Omniscience EP
Fafaq - The Step
Gregory Esayan-Falling In A Dream
Jective - Frozen
Josh Gabriel Pres Winter Kills-Hot As Hades
LTN-Forbidden Zone
Lunar System - Given
Michael Hutchison
Michael Jay Parker-Electric Avenue Rampage
Miko Minded - Pattaya
Nolita-Seven Seas
Oldfix-Oceans EP
Perfect Vision-Endless Dreams
Randy Boyer-Brain Dysfunction Monster
Running Man-Desert Rain Music Matters
Semireal-Hybrid Dream Self Explanatory
Sequentia-Flashback Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day
Sergio Garcia-Somebody Told Me Ridin Solo Desires
Solar Energy-Phoenix Detroit
Steve Brian and Noel Gitman - Luna System
Turn And The Breaking Clouds-Dreams Will Never Change
VA-10 Years Vandit EP 2
VA-Electronic Architecture 2 Mixed By Solarstone
Yuri Kay-Running Back Inspired By A True Story

April 24th, 2011

Bibos Crew-Dangerous Passenger
Quadrat Beat
Telstar-Black Magic LP
Dirty Vegas-Electric Love-(Special Edition)
Peabird-Not Jazz
Affi Koman-Blood From A Stone
CEVs-Keep It Rollin
Crookers - Bust Em Up EP
Da Sunlounge-Beg N Steal
Dabruck and Klein feat. Stella Atar - Heartbeat
Dj Sneak-Essential Sneak Vol 4
Eric S Feat Martha Jean-You Are Somebody
In-Grid - Vive Le Swing The Russian Remixes
J. Velarde and Luque feat. Giovanna - Play This Song 2011
Jeron Savio - Bounce For Me
Manufactured Superstars-Angry Circus Drummer Drums
Marcella - Cellabduction
Marco Zardi - Let Me Believe
Mr. Pink-Bau Bau
Nathan G and Giom-World Go Round (Part 2)
Peter K and Andrew M - Love On Me (WHP2730)
Peter K and Andrew M vs. Flaxen Beats - Get Enough
Phil Fuldner - Where Will You Go
Simple Jack-Heaven N Hell
Sofa Tunes-Feel Remixes
Steven Lee and Granite feat. Zander Bleck - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
VA - House Top 200 Vol.2
We Are Mars - Eyes (Watching You)
VA-Ministry Of Sound Funk Soul Classics
Audiogenetic - Solarise U Know What I Want
Christian Burkhardt-Bass Horse
Danny Ocean-Music Quest
Nitrouz - Turn Up The Volume
Tesla-Scream and Shoot
Toneshifterz and Bioweapon - Dead Of The Night
VA - Dropitt EP
VA-Subcult 12 EP9
A And Z-New Dawn
Arma Aden-August Wave EP
Erotic Dream - Interpret Reality EP
Excess-New York In Grey
Iversoon And Alex Daf-Back From Ibiza
Jay FM-Airborn EP
Nathan Profitt
Reneek-Amafeel The Remixes
Setrise And Matthew Nagle-Nailed It

April 23rd, 2011

G Extraction Breaks-Distortion B Project
Whistle - Battle of the Remixers Vol. 1 Just Buggin
Aladino-Stay with Me
Humanize-Take Me to Your Heart
Kina-7 Days
London Elektricity - Yikes Special Edition
London Elektricity
Flying Lotus-Cosmogramma-DeBT
Mollono.Bass-My Hidden Playground EP Part 1
Abroad Prince-Palladium-(100258 48)
Addex-The Cooler EP
Alberto Salo-Asi Seran Los Dias
Anthony Ross-Funky (Like It Like It)
Bernie Allen-Bitch EP
Charlie Hearnshaw-Charlie Hearnshaw Gets Peng
Chubby Dubz - Takin It Back EP
Criminal Vibes
Daniel Dubb And Sean Miller
Dehasse-In Da House
Dennys Festa - Hey If You Want It-(805896 4900722)
Dj Ino-City Of Zombies and Ninjas
Funkin Matt
Funkin Matt-You Bring Me Joy
Garett and Ojelay-Get Off My Horn
Ivan Pica
Jacek Sienkiewicz-Magic Mountain
Jeroenski - Crack House Black Mamba
Jerzzey Boy - Lost Cuts Pt.1
Jetro-Rely On You EP
Jimpster-Alsace And Lorraine Remixes
Johnny K
Jordan Rivera feat. Spoonface - Keep On Holding Incl Firebeatz Remix
Luke Marsh-Fluid Ep
Macnit-Macnit Ibiza Whistle
Manuel De La Mare Julio Navas And David Amo
Metronomy - The Look Incl Fred Falke Remix-Promo
Olav Basoski-New Day
Pitch and Patch - Itsy Bitsy
Rene Bourgeois-Mein Berlin EP
Robbie Rivera and Pink Fluid - Dance-(SD 0230)
S.M.A.L.L.-Fat Sundaze
Sander Kleinenberg-The Fruit
Sean Biddle-Nuthin But A Party
Selda-Lift Your Hands Up
Sem Thomasson Feat Rama-More Than Words
Sergio Fernandez and Mark Reeve - Mafia Wars Xybots
Sidney Samson - Blasted
Stereo Palma-Cada Vez
Stiva Carlberg-No Nor Never EP
Syke N Sugarstarr-No Satisfaction
The Mafia Sauce Killers-LSD EP
The Rurals feat Lady Bird-Now and Then
The Sound Of Arrows - Nova 2011 Incl DJ Tiesto Remix-Promo CDS
TV Rock-Beatboxer (The Remixes)
Twin Pack-Pullover Dub Mix
VA-Collected Works 5
VA-CR2 Underground Vol 7
VA-Jazzy Dreams EP
VA-Two Years EP
Vince Fierro-All The Faces EP
Zodiac Free Arts Club-Floating World
Zombie Disco Squad-Pinky and The Brain EP
Maschine - Maschine
Rihanna Feat. Britney Spears-S and M (Remix)
Shambala Networks - Memories From The Uterus
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 916U
Amber D - D Day
Markus Suckut-Semantics EP
Milton Bustamante-Signal Interconnect
Samuel Dan-Moonglasses EP
TV Victor-The Ways Of The Bodies And Timeless Deceleration
VA-Black 2011 (Mixed By The Prophet And Neophyte)
Wyrus And Prude Polly-Duelo De Bongo
Global Defence-Summer Love
MiracleBlue-New Eyes
VA-Reactivate 10-Mixed By Blu Peter

April 22nd, 2011

Beatloafe-Citizens Rights
Boxcutter-The Dissolve
Scott Garcia-Phuture Cutz EP
Home Alone-Remix EP Part 2
Qdup Foundation-Bombstrikes Vol 6 (FREE TRACKS)
Club House and D. Morales-Deep in My Heart (Rmx)-(MR 0947
Organ Donors - Jagged Edge
VA-The Real Sound Of Chicago
Amon Tobin
Holy Ghost-Holy Ghost
Jam City-Magic Drops
Jam City-Magic Drops
VA-A Witch House And Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks-CDR-Limited Edition
VA-Fabric 57 Agoria
Andrea Bertolini feat Miss Motif - Teardrop-(BTW 001)
Anthony Nicholson Pres Jrod Indigo
Aphrodisiax Feat Tiger S-Killing Time (Part 1)
Audiojazz and Diamondancer-Welcome Home (Africa)
Black Coffee Feat. Thiwe-Crazy (Manoo and Francois A. and Charles Webster Mixes)
Bobby and Steve Pres. Wyen Solo
Byron Foxx-Back It On Up
Carl Louis and Martin Danielle-Little EP
Combined-Cant Be Sure
Crowdpleaser And St Plomb-Sorciere Doctoresse-(3EEP2011 03)
Darlyn Vlys-BeenTouchedSeries 01
Dave Allison-Brooklyns Groove
DCA - Piano Sound
Dirty Culture-For Just A Minute EP
Diva Down Entertainment Feat Susu Bobien-Praise Always (The Remixes)
Drop The Lime-Sex Sax (Bart B More Remix)
Ende-Breathing-(TAU 034)
Fuzion Feat Kenny Bobien-Im Free (Lefunken and Cdock Remixes)-(FUZ 023)
Groovebox - Back To The Old School
Hitfinders-We Own Da Klubb
Jamiroquai-Cosmic Girl 2006
Jamiroquai-Space Cowboy 2006
Julius Papp and Mr. V-Chicago Tribute
K Lavander-Bells and Things-EP
Kraak And Smaak-Electric Hustle
Kuniyuki Takahashi-Dancing In The Naked City
Le Juan-Good to Me
Louk-Happy Days
Luis Radio and Raffa Scoccia Feat. Su Su Bobien
Mangesto Feat Isaac-Fly with Me
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen-Machu Picchu
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen-Machu Picchu
Markoboko-Long Way Down
Michael Ferragosto - 7 Citizens - Keep House In Your Mind - Watsons Party Seven
Ne- K-The Night
Nhar Van Hai-Stories Part 3
Owen Jay And Melchior Sultana-Distant Dream
Papo Sanchez-Aguas Pura (Terry Hunter and Sir Piers and Ed Funk Mixes)
Proluctors-Rain of Roses
Sandy Spady-Door is Open
Sarp Yilmaz-This Is For You EP
Simon Sheppard-No One Else EP
Snikoplas-Ckeck This House-(TAU 034)
Steal Vybe Feat Alexis Simmons-Is it Possible (Rocco Mixes)
The House Inspectors-Get You Alone
Tom East and Klasan - Invictus
Tony Lionni-Lost Souls EP
Tracey Thorn-You Are A Lover EP
VA - Alien Nation Vol 2 (Djs From Mars Remix Compilation)
VA - Amazone Project Vol.2 (Mixed by Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano)
VA-House Masters Blaze
VA-Mixed Feelings Vol 2
VA-Progressive Tunes Vol 7
VA-Sacred Rhythm Music And Cosmic Arts West Addition
VA-Strictly 4 Djs Vol. 3
VA-Trax Re
Wil Milton and Rodney Carter Intr Eric Scott-Not on My Time
Woods and Luyo Feat. Marica-Night Train (Incl. Ray Paxon Mix)
Zare-Big Band Theory
Tube - The Remixes
2 Brothers Of Hardstyle - Creaturez
Atmozfears - Adrenaline
Cesar D Constanzzo-Mind Controller
Dany BPM - Frequence
Felix Bernhardt-Feier Pipi
Helos Van Damage - A Bit Vague A Bit Hard EP
Illuminatorz And Art Of Punk - We Are One
Joe Maker-Minimal Happiness
Mr Punani ft DJ Mystery and MC Chucky - Smoking MF
Mr Punani Ft DJ Mystery and MC Chucky - Smoking MF
Outlander - Great Dreams EP
Outlander - Great Dreams EP
Owiny Sigoma Band
Shahrokh And Strecker-Hard Drive
Slackers Projec-Freedom Is Invisible
Technasia-Central Remixed Part 1
VA - Coone Presents The Challenge
Andy Moor Vs M.I.K.E-Spirits Pulse
Arron Jones and Criostasis - For A Queen
Bellatrax and Sylvia Tosun - World Keeps Turning (Alex MORPH and Chriss Ortega Remix)
DJ Any - On The Seashore
Kevin Byrne-Deep Within My Soul
MIKE Presents Plastic Boy-Plastic Infusion
VA - D.Trance 54
W And W-AK-47 Phantom

April 21st, 2011

Addison Groove-This Is It
Box Clever
Julio Bashmore Ft. Javeon Mccarthy-Father Father
Lime Dubs-Jade and Matt U
Respiration-Salt Breaks EP
Stanton Warriors Feat. Ruby Goe and Hollywood Holt-Get Up
Trukers-Beyond Place
Dony ft Elena Gheorghe-Hot Girls-Single WEB
Fugative-Bad Girl-Promo
Orange Caramel-Bangkok City
VA-Absolute Dance Spring 2011
VA Club Promo Only May Part 10
VA Club Promo Only May Part 1
VA Club Promo Only May Part 2
VA Club Promo Only May Part 3
VA Club Promo Only May Part 4
VA Club Promo Only May Part 5
VA Club Promo Only May Part 6
VA Club Promo Only May Part 7
VA Club Promo Only May Part 8
VA Club Promo Only May Part 9
VA-Hot Parade Spring 2011
Critical-S P Y and Kasra
Fokuz Limited-Future Signal vs Proktah
Fresh-Future Jungle EP
Ingredients-Dub Phizix
S.P.Y. and Kasra-Surface Control
The Tripodz
Ekoplekz-Fountain Square EP
Four Tet-There Is Love In You-DeBT
Funkystepz and Lily Mckenzie-For U-Promo CDR
Jai Paul
Alchemist Project-Brasil Brasil
Alchemist Project-Next Day
Aron Scott-Korea Olympe
Bastian Van Shield-The Empire
Chris Lattner And Enzo Siragusa-Jazz Fusic EP
Demir And Seymen-Rising High
Digitaline-Up and Down My Spine
DJ Villain-Night Angel EP
Finger Und Kadel
Ianick and Alex Minerva
Jerome Zambino-Dreams For New York
Jose Lasden-Radiogenic Part 1-EP
Julien Loreto-Make Me Feel
KS Project
Levon Atayan-Hey
Malukstudio-Charge Device
Monkey Bros-White Trip
Natasha Kurnikova-Uomo Dove Sei
Outwork-Black Rain
Paco Maroto-Back To The House
Plastik Funk and Dave Kurtis-Together (Remix)
Salaz-Trips into Sounds
Sebastian Krieg-Buenos Aires
Steffen Deux-Touch Down
Tha Vill-More than Friends (Ft Kele Le Roc)-Promo
Tina More - Touch Me (The Remixes)-(GRV 001 11)
VA - Deejays Favourites Vol 4 (Online Edition)
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 323 - the House Jam Part 82
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 325 - the Italian House - Swing Vol.2
VA-Grand Slam 2011 Vol 2
VA-Pioneer DJ Vol. 06
Jannick Schou - Against A Backdrop Of Blue Hills They Were As Beautiful As A Lullaby
Citizen Kain And Phuture Traxx-Matador EP
Dakpa-Darkness EP
Drive D and Gosvha
Fely B-Monster Monkey EP
Future Impact - Acid Erosion
In-Phase - Unraveling of Dreams EP
Monkey Biznizz - Raise Your Hands
Olliver Mach-Gypsy Whistle
Philipp Straub
Piemont-Sand Hills (Part One)
Pirupa And Squeeze DJ
Sabe-Tema EP
Sherman Drich-Ad1c7o EP
VA-Jimmy Savard Pres Goodfellas
VA-Monique Musique Various Artists 06
Wally Stryk-Rulmew Llao
Wollion-You Got
Artento Divini Presents DTC-Lift Off Step Energy Flash
Christian Drost-Easy Life
Experiential And Alex Collings
Menno De Jong-Turtle Paradise
Nordic Ray-Summer Breeze
Ruslan Device-To Melt Ice Sunrise Light Change To The Best
Timur Shafiev Feat Dasha-Thank You

April 20th, 2011

Kyle Brylin-S And M (NW10122)
The Ting Tings - Hands Dance Mixes-Promo
VA-ClubDJ Vol 2 Unmixed CDJ Format
VA-Disco Discharge Cruising The Beats
Basement Freaks - Something Freaky (JAL104)
Estocastic0 - Iniciacion Al Metodo Estocastic0 (MND12)
Mystery Artist - Gwane Mone (CON003)
Pablo Pellegrini - Tomrrow
Rimeroni Vumani - Sugar Booger (MAG005)
Scape One-Altered Carbon
Sero-Interception System
The Freek Macheen-Ice Cold
UNKLE-Only The Lonely
Uusi Fantasia-Top Ten
VA-What A Fine Mess We Made
Versalife-Night Time Activities Part 1
Alex Gray and Silvio Carrano feat Miss Tia - Deep Inside (The Remixes)-(GRV 00311)
Alex Guesta-So Much Love to Give
Alex Van Alff and Errol Reid-In My House
Arias and Arno Cost ft. Michael Feiner-The Days To Come
ARMA25-Inoru 302 (ARM001)
Black Notes on White-I Need the Groove Now
BONETTI-Bamako (IF009)
Carl Kennedy and Tommy Trash Feat Rosie Henshaw
Cicada - Fast Cars Incl Sebjack Remixes-Promo
Clubworxx-Music Is Our Religion
Connen Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love-Promo
CRAM-My Mojo (CR024)
Danilo Schneider
Dave Storm - Airlounge-Promo
DJ ALO-Brain Bomb (3661585844556)
DJ TULIS (10027272)
DOLT DISH-Extatic State (ZO2011010D)
Don Diablo Feat Dragonette - Animale-Promo
Erica Jayne - One Hot Pleasure-Promo
Evren Ulusoy-Chord Interrupted EP
Felguk - All Night Long (Darth and Vader Mix)
Francois Dubois-Back 2 Raw
Frankie Pep
George Acosta
Ghosts Of Venice Feat. Errol Reid-Without You-(732183 921963)
Haji And Emanuel
Hard Rock Sofa Vs Swanky Tunes - Thank You Labyrinth-Promo CDS
Headman Feat Dieter Meier - Gimme-Promo
Inna - Sun Is Up-Promo
Jairo Delli And TATO RUIZ-The Wallop (SXS030)
Jason Chance and Michelle Weeks - Looking Forward-(MIE 8033993895959)
Jason Rivas-The Puppet Master
Jeremy Sylvester-Got Soul
John Manning and Matt Silver-Pikadeli Shindig
Jorge Montia and Muzikfabrik-Out Of Control
Kimberly Caldwell - Desperate Girls And Stupid Boys Incl Djs From Mars Remixes-Promo
Kris Vigel-Road Of Life (Part 2 of 2)
Leventina-Soul Arena
Lucas Reyes and DJ Fist-Fucking Good
Manu LJ - Dance All Night-(OFF 085)
Migthyfools - World Tour-Promo
Negin - Unexpected-Promo
Patrizio Mattei And Andrea Rango
Radio Killer-Lonely Heart
Ridney - Good Shout
Rockstroh - Wolke 7-Promo
Sariah - All About Sex Incl STFU Mix-Promo
Sasha Veter - I Miss You
Saverio Celestri And Tausend-Can Be House EP
Scarlette Fever - Black And White-Promo
Sirens - Stillettos-Promo
Skepta - Amnesia-Promo
Spada-Cielo EP
Sylvia Tosun and DV-World Keeps Turning (Remixes)
The Banger Bros - Beep Beep Boom Incl Jean Claude Ades Remix-Promo
The Winning Triplet Ft Angie Brown-Gold Moon
Tim Deluxe and Mat Playford-Back To The Rocket EP
Tim Mason - The Moment (Manderas Secret Radio Edit)
Utku S. and Garen-Mother Fucker
VA - Citrusonic Mixshow Sampler Winter 2011-Promo CD
VA - Loverush Digital Winter Sampler 2011-Promo
Virtu - Letting Go
Wow and Flute-This Goes Out
Ceephax Acid Crew - The Unstoppable Phax Machine (030EP003)
VA-Pop Number 1s
Alex Delia And Nihil Young-Revert Volume 1
Alex Gori-Oh Babyes
Alka Rex-Maslo EP
Edo Pietrogrande
Eelke Kleijn-Untold Remixes Part 1
Elisha Grey-Come Together
Francesco Zappala-When Child Was A Child
Joseph Petrin
Jules And Moss-Kwanita EP
Max Freegrant (3661585743767)
Michael Vall-Report Back On Nature Special EP
NDKj-Raw Song
Niko Jimenez-The Swirl Night Lights
Noisecontrollers - Gimme Love
Patrizio Mattei
Ray Costa-Rainy Days Part 1
Reynold vs. Davros - The Leisure Hive (FRAG001)
Steve Parker-Get Systematic
Stu Hirst-Thinking Of You Pt 1
VA - Theracords Allstars Collaboration EP Part 2
VA-Time Axis Manipulation Part I
A.W.E.R.S.-A.W.E.R.S. EP
Cozmoz-Trapped EP
Craig Bradley-Amber Sky
Danny Chen-Yoru Oceanside
Daviper-In Another World EP
Erik Hakansson-August Longing For
Ferry Corsten-Right Of Way (Deluxe Edition)
Marco JS-Over Here Over There
Mike Demirele
Namek-Misterious Ways
Paul Morrell Feat Mutya Buena - Give Me Love Incl Fabio Stein Remix-Promo
Thomas Shore-Deliverance Extended Views
Trent McDermott-Life Is Such
VA - Energy Mastermix Vol. 3
VA-Rene Ablaze Pres Spring Sessions 2011
VA-Super Trance 2011
Vitodito And Soulforge Feat Daniela Bove-Pastel Twilight

April 19th, 2011

Ramadanman-The Woon
Tony Junior and Nicolas Nox-You Aint Seen Nothin Yet
Voodoo Browne - Low Budget Raver
Gatto Fritto-Gatto Fritto
Boddika - 2727
Aitor Galan-Your Pumpin
Atomix-Get On Your Feet
Beats Inc-Run To You
Bingo Players - Cry (Just A Little)
Bodytalk-Visions Of Love
Chernecky-Sweet Moments
Christopher Bleckmann-Obolus EP
Christopher Bleckmann-Obolus EP
Cisko Brothers Vs. Flabby Feat. Carla Boni-Mambo Italiano
Corduroy Mavericks-Funk Luggage-(DBD013)
Dana Bergquist And Peder G
Disfunktional Djs-That Groove-(GHR 199)
Domino Feat. Piper
Echonomist Feat Jannicke-Days Turning into Nights
Emerson Todd-Kia Kaha
Exercise One-Fantasy Camp
Guido Schneider Meets Jens Bond-Bob And Curly
Hibrid-She Is 21st Century
Housebangerz-Freaky Bitch EP-(DO 048D)
Jeremy Arnold-Mamasita-(366158 5812463)
Jordan Rivera Fraction Of Me
Kaiserdisco-City Of Kings EP
Manu Riga-Time In Between
Maria-Acredita (Believe)
Martin Solveig feat. Kele-Ready 2 Go
Maurice Donovan - Babeh
Michael Myers Pres Esc
Nicky Romero - Play N Stop
Oz Romita-Midnight Run EP
Pherox-The Panthers Walk EP
Phil Weeks and Dan Ghenacia-First Step
Rekreation-Along Those Lines
Sick Individuals-The Funky House Anthem
Spirit Catcher-Partners In Crime Vinyl Edition 2
Sunju Hargun-Breakfast In Chicago EP
Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa - Feedback
The Cruzaders-Los Incas
Ticon And Weekend Heroes
Tom Demac-Indulge And Lunge EP
Uzless N Feat. Gabriella Trussi - Mucho Mas
VA - Solid Sounds Sampler
VA - Solid Sounds Sampler
Victor Calderone-Pleasure Grip
Vizar-Vera From The Moon
Wildboyz-Touching A Stranger
Worst Friends-Billiards With A Midget
X Vera-Arxen (Original Mix)
X Vera-La Tlayuda
Yes Wizard-Elephant And Castle-(366158 5759560)
Britney Spears - Till The World Ends
Lady Gaga
Radiohead-Supercollider The Butcher
Phaxe-Mr Bogart EP
Shyisma-Virus EP
Aril Brikha-Forever Frost
Blue Heart - I Just Start
Brian Sanhaji-Sudden Violence
Eduardo Dalirio-Tu Sabes
Harvey Mckay
HD Substance
Jesper Dahlback-Interpersonal Relationship
Maetrik-Push Me Popof Remix
Marco Zenker-Blue Air EP
Moonbeam Pres Mondstrahl-Dark Face 3D Punk
Oliver Koletzki-Der Muckenschwarm
Steffi Feat. Virginia
Avalona-Forgotten Paradise
Digital X
DJ Cyglas-Sweet Lies-(100265 78)
DJ Spacetek-Cubicle-(UO 011)
Erick Strong
Jeff Cober-Clear Form Floodball
John Dreamer-Night Flight
Matt Laws-Kick Ass-(DLAR 071)
MoodFreak-Never Close Enough Incl Mike Shiver Remix
The Madison Pres Paper Plane-We Believe
Ummet Ozcan
Ville Lope-The Big League

April 18th, 2011

James Bernard-Serenity (PSM10DB08)
Rocco-Everytime Incl Cck Meets Rocco Remix
VA-Radioplay Dance Express 915D
Dimitri From Stoke On Trent Presents-The Nice One Innit
Ilya Santana
Tribute-We Love Dreams-(TRIBUTE04)-Onesided Vinyl
VA-Love X Love Are You Going With Me Koko Edits
VA-Sunflower For Real Onur Engin Edits
Volta Cab-Why You Come Back Here EP
Abstract Elements vs Hexer-Apathetic Vibe The Bomb
Paranoid Society vs Dejaru-White Lies Blackmask
VA-Collaboration Part 3
Aquarius Heaven-7 Days
Bo Savio - In Re Ipsa
Funk Masters ft Cliffke - Compleet Banaan
Jesus Campo - The Beginnings
Koichi Sato - Tribal Swing EP
The Outside Agency-The Solution Wait Your Turn
VA-Chilean Pop
Hardproviderz Meets Hart Sergeri - Rhythm Of The Night
Carlo-99 Crondall Court EP
Daft Punk VS Stardust-The Mashup-(DP2K11)-Onesided Bootleg Vinyl
DJ Simi-Hood and Out
Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey-Dojo Mentality EP
Hamdi Ryder
Hardwell - Encoded
Human Echoes - Delectable House Works
James Hunter
Le Vinyl-Get Up
Le Vinyl-Get Up
Matt Lange - Rift
Methodrone - Slow It Down
Mijail-Santo Domingo
Ouiwack-Jungle Wars EP
Paul Belmondo-Speaker-(100264 40)
Pedro Cazanova Invites Andrea - Selfish Love
Robot Needs Oil-Without You
Roy Rosenfeld-Pimpin in Sanaa
Tune Brothers - 15
VA-Leaders Of The New School Presents Filthy Rich
VA-Stolen Soul Music vol.1
Von Georgi
Nostalgia 77-The Sleepwalking Society
Side Liner - Dream Stealers
VA-Radioplay Urban Express 915Y
4orce DJ - Mind Splinter
Alejo Loaiza
Analog and Rushnosh - I Like It
Andre Ramos-We Are You EP
Axel Karakasis
Chaos and Freestyle feat. Frikshon MC - One Vision
Curley-Odd Sins EP-(CURLEY MUSIC 05)
Eri2-Fracture Clinic
Frankyeffe-Black Box
G1 And Twizted - Trick Or Treat
Gusgus-Magnified Love
Markus Homm And Hermannstadt Collective-Midnight Fun
Metroplex 9E-Ive Lost My Heart
The Mindhackerz - Mind Control
The Mindhackerz - We Are the Mindhackerz
The Revialz - Pillcontrolla
VA - Subsonic Muzik Sampler 08
Andrew Rayel
Andy Tau
Falcon-Zero Gravity Horizons
Ferry Corsten - Feel It
FKN Feat Jahala-Why 2011 Remixes
Luca Antolini - Mastermind
Maxi Dead-When The Moon Covers The Sun EP
Mike Koglin and Corderoy - Metronomic
Miroslav Vrlik-Solar Elements Mountain Wind
POL-The Last Thing Figasa Night
Sanya Shelest And Dima Revert-Forward Only
TBC And NandR Project-Flying Bird
Tritonal Feat Meredith Call-Broken Down Part 2
VA-Black Hole Recordings Presents Superheroes Of Trance Part 2
VA-Digitally Enhanced Volume Four Mixed By Will Holland
VA-Uplifting Diamonds 01

April 17th, 2011

Deakaluka-Dirty Breaks EP 016
Dirty And Acid-Rock The Disco Funkology
Electrux-Alignment Total Eclipse
DJ Klubbingman feat. Beatrix Delgado - Are You Ready
Eva-Not My Daddy (Feat Gucci Mane)-(Promo)
VA - Beat Mix Vol.29
Jeekoos - Pillbox and The Concept
Flying Lotus-Cosmogramma Alt Takes
Andy Notalez-Coronga EP
Andy Woldman-You Desappear Without A Kiss
Black Spider-Heart Of The Sun (Remix)
Blacktron-Room 001
Calabria-P1 Make My Day
Cavin Viviano
Dac Keince and Eddy Romero-Brujas EP
Daniel Castillo Feat. Evelin - Yo Soy (Exclusive Mix 2011)
Danny Nightingale
Diego Ruiz-With Me
DJ Dank-Step Right Up
Fast Eddie-Believe N Sex
Federico Scavo-Keep Rock
Guille Placencia-La Jungla
Jason Herd feat. The Bleachworks-Its Ok
Javi Nandez and Sergio De La Cruz-I Wanna Want You
Jin Choi-Youve Done Me Wrong
Joan Reyes-Freakbuster EP
Jordan Rivera-El Encuentro
Joy Orbison-Wade In Jels
Kosheen DJs-Home From Home
Logiztik Sounds and Luxor Traum
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen-The Island
Matteo Marini - Stuntman
Mic Newman-Live East Die Young
Mirko Okrim-El Moichano
Paco Maroto-All Nice and Bright
R3hab - The Bottle Song
Reepr-Speed Up
Resumo-Music Makes You Move
Sebastian Heda-Look Back
Sergi Moreno-Sweet Melody
Topspin and Dmit Kitz-77th Street Slant
VA-Benefit Compilation For Japan
VA-House Grooves Vol. 2
VA-Miami Disco 2011
VA-Only Tech House
VA-Progressive Midnight Vol. 2
VA-The Art Of House Vol.2 Presented By Bouq
Veerus and Maxie Devine-1976 Funky Weekend
Wally Lopez - Welcome Home
Warner Powers And Michael Paterson-Red Room
Zumas And Sol Noir-Dang Dang
Detektor Meets Mode Seven - All I Want
VA-Radioplay Pop Express 915P
Abyss And Judge - Get It Right
Alessandro Baldoria-Lion Gogo EP
Diego Quintero and Miniboom-La Tercera Dimension
DJ Ded - Pussy Flanger
DJ Nighthunter And Dkaito - Armageddon Anthem 2011
Format C
Jerome Sydenham-Natural Spray
Ran-D Ft. B-Front - Rebirth Anthem 2011
Solead-Pole Dance
Soundcreators - You Took My Love Time To Be
VA - Activa DJ Team Vol 2 Pure Hardstyle
VA - Active DJ Team Vol 2 Pure Hardstyle
3rd Planet-Planet Rock
Adrien Aubrun And Francois Dennig-8 Bit Saved My Life
Arty And Mat Zo
George Acosta Feat Kate Walsh-Nite Time
Gosh-Nova Andrew Benson Remix
Jochen Miller
Krzysztof Chochlow Pres Clockwood-The Godfather
Lee Haslam-Get A Grip
Marcus Gauntlett And Matt Paynter-Heat Control
Solarstone-Big Wheel
Talla 2XLC and Robert Burian
Tom Colontonio-Reflection Incl Heatbeat Remix
Type 41
Webster Vs Baker

April 16th, 2011

VA-Back And 4th (HFCD005)
Antares And NDS Vs Tom E-Ride On A Meteorite
Heartbreak Feat Charne - Lovebomb
Smooth and NC-17 and Nusense
Subterra-DrumAndBassArena Mix
Fabric-A Sort Of Radiance
Hollywood Kill-The Other Side of Midnight
Im Not A Band - Trainthoughts
Jonny Trunk-Study Series 06 Animation and Interpretation
Loop Guru-Loopus Interruptus (Forgotten Treasures and Lost Artifacts)
Matthias Reiling-Das Gespenst von Altona
Mim Suleiman
Pop Electronique
VA-Light Sound Dark Presents After The Void
Agent Greg feat. Terri B - Time Wont Wait Incl Tim Royko Mixes
Antranig - Back Tat Up
Arma25 - Snaky (Shake It Down)
Ashraf Mansour-Shields-(TAU 034)
BK Duke Feat Nina Hall-All The Girls
Boogie Pimps feat. Darryl Pandy - Knocking
Chris Mozio And Nikko Z. - Monotony
Darragh Casey-Long Way Home
Dennis Cartier - Bitches Out There (Robert Abigail Remix)
Depeche Mode-Personal Jesus 2011
DJ Henri Lamar-Torrids Love
DJ PP - The House Of Love
DJ PP - The House Of Love Koen Groeneveld Remix
DJ Soldier-Boogie EP
Edward G feat. Maribel Troncoso - Tambore
Freaky Disco - The Nutcracker
Funkwerkstatt - Funkenflug
H2Luxx-Into The Sky Night Shudder
Joachim Garraud feat. Poet Name Life - We Are The Future
Joachim Garraud vs. Dabruck and Klein feat. DJ Roland Clark - Stop EP
Jon Gray-Sexy And Happy EP
Kevin Miller - Cayman Incl Tom Buster Remix
Koer-Bug Killer Ep
Lee Curtiss - Candy
Luca M - Old Times EP
Luca M - Old Times EP
Nightloverz-100 Pour 100 Tunes Swedish House
Nightloverz-Night Sky Trinity
Paolo Trovato-Ode To Berlin EP
Plastik Funk vs. Dave Kurtis - Together
Sascha Braemer
Sofa Tunes - Feel
Sofa Tunes - Old Skool
Sonic C and Digital Lab - Drunk Skunk Incl Joachim Garraud Remix
Tom Buster - Fast Lane
Tommy Love And Paula Bencini
VA - Bday Bash
VA-Love forever EP
Vicente Lara - Get Outta My Way
Victor Del Guio - House Music Lovers Everybody Dance
Will Gold
Zumo - All Night Long
Mac Dre And Johnny Cash-Romp In Peace-Thizz In Peace
Sofa Surfers-Blindside Remix EP
VA-Colombia 45
VA-Play That Beat Mr. Raja (Selected Oddities From The Tamil Film Industry 1984
Clockstoppers - Dein Nomos
Riktam And Bansi - Constructor
Wizack Twizack - IV
Chris Finke-Moofish EP
Daniel Dexter
DJ Fox - Take Me Higher
Jim Veesat - Strange Impulse EP
Solid Snake - Techno And Trumpets
Terrakroma - Mirage
Zany and The Beholder - Again We Will Rise Act Of Rage
Criostasis-Close Your Eyes And Fly
D.I.P Nick Off-Serenity Sparkles
Derick Prez
Ian Buff
Joseph Fischer
Traxxx And Franky Faith-The Unknow

April 15th, 2011

Defemate - Spectrum
Kode9 And The Spaceape-Black Sun
Crystal Lake-Party Doesnt Stop
Crystal Lake-Party Doesnt Stop
Dancefloor Warning-Spin Me Around
Jan Wayne Feat Fab-Run To You
Klaas-Our Own Way Incl Tht And Ced Tecknoboy Bootleg Mix
Manian-Welcome To The Club
Mel W.-Stripper Girl
Ravebass Feat. Miria-Castles In The Sky
Scooter-Friends Turbo-Retail CDS
Supahit-Everything About You
VA-Molella Presenta M90
Dextems - Berserk EP
Philthkids - Liquore Store EP
Vtech - Bollywood Bastard
Blutengel-Ueber Den Horizont-Limited Edition
John Foxx and the Maths
Mad EP-Beat Downs and Down Beats
TakTikz - Drop That Beat
Tone Addix - Own The Club
VA-Kinetik Festival-Volume Four
Wumpscut-Schrekk Und Grauss
Rephex - Sweat Dreams
Andrew M and Peter K - From Disco To Disco Slicerboys Mix
Andrew M and Peter K - Get On Up Slicerboys Mix
Dominik Vaillant - Stomach Crunching
Falko Niestolik and BK Duke feat. Nina Hall - Explore
Jet Project-What We Need
John Ming-The Art Of Electronica EP
Leonardo Carioti and Vincent-Stand Up
Malcolm Funktion
Nick Cambell - Brick Scrap-Promo
Patch Park-Not My Best Behaviour
Poncho Warwick-Sneaky People
Robert Fulton Meets Manuel Deep-You Need What
The Chips-Only You
The Palatinates - Stay
Tim Royko Keemo Cosmo Klein-Beautiful Lie
VA - DBN Loves
VA-Best of Limbo Vol 1
VA-DJ Set Special Session Vol. 6
VA-Freude Am Tanzen 5zig
VA-Smilax at Popkomm
Vicente Garcia - Kumbalae
Atrium Animae-Dies Irae
DJ 3rror
Lodos-Death Of A Butterfly EP
Take That-Kidz-(276 456
VA-Eurovision Song Contest Duesseldorf 2011
Alexander Kowalski And Jake The Rapper - What Is The Point
Amplifierz - Natural Science
Ansuz And Kromatik-Dimensions The Remixes
Elektrodrei-Memories Les Dance
Hollen-Barbarian EP
Luca Morris-Lamu EP (Part One)
Mario Ochoa-Darkest Days
OBI - Today You Die-(OBI 2011
Schaeufler and Zovsky - The Village
Scooter-Friends Turbo
Sinc And Matteo Spedicati-La Premiere Danseuse
Stephen Donaldson-Wise Investment EP
Tedd Patterson-Grooveline EP
The Glitz - Remixed
The Vision - Hit The Dirt EP
VA-Blindness Vol 1
VA-Techno 2011 Vol 2
Vril-V5 V6 V7
Adryann-Good Morning Sunshine Xelush Remix
AGAMA-Symbiosis (RQR007)
Arjona-Cold Water
D-H Project-Outside World
Edu Nrg-Return Flight
Freed-Flying In The Sky EP
Gran Vitaly
Jay P - This Earth
Klaas - Our Own Way (THT and Ced Tecknoboy Bootleg Mixes)
Light Source And Powerms Feat V Ray
Matt Watering
Mike Demirele-Black And White
Morphile-Prism EP
Ryan Mendoza-Holding On
UCast-Revenge The Madison Mix
VA-Trance Mini Mix 004 2011

April 14th, 2011

Shogun Audio
Kate Ryan - Lovelife
VA - BOUTIQUE Club and Lounge Hits
Crazy Penis-A Nice Hot Edit With (PAPD14GEN)
The Revenge-Forever In Their Debt Remixes (HOMETAPING04)
Cooh-Are You There Express
Liquid V-Mr Joseph
Masheen-Frozen Nature Reversal
Total Science and S P Y-Ghostriders EP
Utah Jazz-Quincy-QUI001-BOOTLEG
Dissid-Hipnambule Project
Mike Oldfield
VA-Soiree Speciale 90s
Yello-Touch Yello-Limited Edition
Aaron Adley-Hold My Hand (FSR60)
Alex Metric and Steve Angello-Open Your Eyes-Promo
Andreea Balan-Trippin-Promo
Andrey Sher - Melody Of Heart
BNZO-Push for House
Britney Spears-Till the World Ends (Club Remixes)-Promo
Britney Spears-Till The World Ends (Club Remixes Radio Edits)-Promo
Britney Spears-Till The World Ends-Promo
Buck-After Need
Carola-No More Tears-Promo
Catmer-Tictac-(100271 05)
D.O.N.S. and Shahin Feat Seany B-Rollin Deep-Promo
Danny Dove and Ben Preston Feat Susie Ledge-Falling-Promo
DJ Rob E - Sun City Sensation and Catchy
Dr Who - The Future
Gary Beck Feat. Ann Peebles-Hands in Mine
Harry Hearing-No Choice Electronically Trip
Helena Paparizou Vs Supermarkets-Baby Its Over-Promo CDS
Impact Vs Moving Elements-Today-Promo CDS
Inna-Sun Is Up-Promo
Jay Sean Feat Lil Wayne-Hit The Lights-Promo
Jiff - Cobra-Promo
Jim X Prods - Renegade Master
John Dahlback Feat. Elodie
Kim Jofferey and DJ Brice-Rock The Dancefloor
Manuel De La Mare-Talamanca-Promo
Manyus Ft Eclissi Di Soul-House Of Love Lady-Promo CDR
Marc Mysterio Feat Karl Wolf and Jamie Sparks-All Wrong-Promo
Marcus Maison-Dragons Tail
Mc Flipside - Coated Candy-Promo
Nelson - Shes So Loney (The Remixes)
Niels Van Gogh Vs Voltaxx-Bomb The Bass-Promo
Nifty-Nifty Beats-(JAXX044)-Promo
Pedro Arenas-Emotions EP
Ramires - Evil Laugh (Joel Fletcher amd Ton Def Remix)
Rico Bernasconi Vs Sasha Dith-Bollywood-Promo
Sandy Rivera and Yasmeen-Love Part 2
Shuval-F ck
Swingfly-Me and My Drum-Promo
The House Keepers Feat. Camille Jones-Better Forget
The Nycer - Losing Control-Promo
The Shapeshifters and Shermanology-Waiting for You
Thomas Langner
Todd Terje-An Anthology Weighed And Measured
Todd Terje
VA - Topselection Volume 13
VA-DJ Set Special Session Vol. 9
VA-Sony Music Promo Sampler April
VA-Universal Promo Sampler April
VA-Vintage Vol 3 Hidden Gems
Beastie Boys-Make Some Noise-(Promo CDS)
Dagostino Foxx Jansen-A Secret Life
Kate Bush-Deeper Understanding-(Promo CDS)
Mop Mop-Ritual Of The Savage
VA-Hitzone 57
Axel Karakasis-Barricade EP
Carlo Lio-Elita EP
Dejan Galic
Djulz-Fofoca EP
Dome Patrol-The Cutting Edge
Electric Rescue-Give Me Poison
Gabriel Dor and Bordoy-Infected Rhythm
Hertz and Subway Baby-Rejoice EP
Hollen-Booster EP
Instigator - Outer Vision
Joris Voorn-Incident (Miyagi)
Josh and Wesz - G
London Fm-The Side EP
Marco Bailey-Purple Haze
Marco Faraone And Arado-Raw Way EP
Mario Massaro-Past Present Future
MiniCoolBoyz-Feel My Drums Remixes
Pierre Deutschmann-Westhafen EP
Psycatron-People In Glass Houses
Re.You And Rampa-Our Thing EP
Riccardo Ferri-Supernova EP Remixes
Robert Babicz-Nektar EP
RPO And Presslaboys-Remix Works
Sascha Muller
VA-Nothing Is Worth The Hype 2
Wehbba-Dirty Pictures
WireTap-Stimulation Locker EP
AEDEN-Days Like No Others (10026234)
Aviron - Human Progress
Bryan Kearney And Snatam Kaur-Ong Namo
Hekmat Khavarian
VA-Handz Up For Trance No 10
VA-Trance Fusion Vol 4

April 13th, 2011

VA-ClubDJ Unmixed CDJ Format
Los Charlys Orchestra-Rio Chico S Sunset (IMAGDIGI012)
Current Value ft Snow-Shy Flame
The Teknoist-Trainwreck Magnetism
Caribou-Swim Remixes-(SLANG754617)-Promo CD
Egyptrixx-Bible Eyes-(Night Slugs)
Gorillaz-The Fall
Greie Gut Fraktion-Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt
Gudrun Gut-In Pieces
Kinky Base Rider - Funk on Fire Orange Sunset-(Promo CDR)
Raffertie-Not Asleep Not Awake
VA-4 Women No Cry Vol 3
Infamity And Hardcreator Feat MC Da Hustla - Harder Dan Je Hebben Kan
Tensor And Re-Direction - Fear And Hate
Alex Metric and Steve Angello feat. Ian Brown - Open Your Eyes
Andy Book
Andy Farley Vs BASE GRAFFITI-Lose Your Ragga
Andy La Toggo - El Ritmo
Atnarko And Romano Arcaini Feat Dessy-Never Go Away Feat. Dessy
Audio Soul Project-Hip Shake Heartache
Beaumont Stanford-Tecsoul Remixes Part 1
Blusoul-Eat Dust
Breeze And Quadrat
Britney Spears - Till The World Ends The Club Mixes
Britney Spears - Till The World Ends The Radio Mixes
Britney Spears - Till The World Ends The UK Mixes
Chris Lake and Nelski
Dee Mac-Melodic Moments EP
Deepgroove-Devils Corner
Deepgroove-Devils Corner
Dura-Eyes On The Prize
Funkerman - La Sirena Smoking Blue
Guy Robin Feat Shaun Antony-Walk Away
Jamie Funk-Astonville Project EP
Jaytech-Paradox Djembe
Josh Milan-Your Body
Kim Fai-Zen Nano
King P-The King World EP
Kyas-The Groove
Li-Polymer-Morning Clouds EP
Manuel Baccano And Vincent Vega-Be Yourself
Marcooz And Gudowski
Marcus Maison and Will Dragen-Dont Play This
Mars Needs Lovers-Twin Brothers
Menu Feat. Kele B-Grow Again
Michael De Kooker-My Little Music Box Dear Daisy
Moby - The Day Funkerman Mixes
Ozgur Ozkan-Slow Motion
Pirahnahead Feat. Abby B
Rhenalt-The Gods (Todd Terry Mixes)
Richard Davis
Roland Clark Feat. Dawn Mcclain-Let Me Be Me
Sia-Clap Your Hands (Diplo Remix)
Sonny Wharton-Showtime EP
Soul Element Feat. Peven Everett-How Bad I Want Ya (the Remixes)
Spooky-Deep Space
Spooky-Deep Space
Tune Brothers and Corey Andrew - Into The Fire
VA - Kontor House of House Volume 7 Romanian Edition
VA-Body Language Vol. 10 Mixed By M.A.N.D.Y
VA-Vanguard 11-02-(Promo CD)
Rocky-Largetto Remixes
Silicon Sound-Reshape EP
VA - Ajna
VA - Informator
VA - Spun Cycle
Zyce And Flegma - 8 Cell
Axel Karakasis
BCR Boys
Deepchild-Talk To Me
Digital Punk - Album Sampler 1
Dualtec-Bad Touch EP
H.O.S.H.-Tour De Fonque
Jordan Peak Jams EP
Lo Traxx-Hard Melody
Lo Traxx
Martin Buttrich-Full Clip Remix
Mr Bizz And Sascha Sonido-Mr Bizz Vs Sonido
Pierre Deutschmann-Westhafen EP
VA-Group Of Connected Heads Volume 2
Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers - Stardust
Active Limbic System
Avermax-Around The Sun EP
Beauty And The Beast-Kick Ass
BK-Wah Wah
Dave Owens And John Geary-Green K
Emil Dresden-Caspian Sea
Gary O Connor And Jojo-Wheres The Hoover
Lucy Fur DJ Elle And Tom Parr
Matt Capitani-Snow Dogs
Physical Phase-Alpha Beat
Radion 6
Ross Homson-Mutt Strut
Tango And Kevsey D

April 12th, 2011

James Blake-James Blake (Atlas02CD)
Kryptic Minds-Cant Sleep (BlackBox011)
Pinch And Loefah And Roska - Broken And Paranormal Activity (TEC048)
DJ Rebel ft Jessy - Think About The Way 2011
Philip D ft TLB - Over You
Tiesto and Hardwell-Zero 76 Incl Radio Edit
VA-Beatbox 11-01-(Promo CD)
VA-DJ Selection 324 Dance Invasion 80
Jason Lev and Cedric-Be Thankful Call Us Cool (TIL7001)
Jason Lev and Cedric-Tied Up Praise (TIL7003)
Survival and Paul T-Go Back - Rationale
The Chosen-Adversity - the Mole
Arnaud Rebotini-Personal Dictator
Bondage Fairies
Brain Machine-Alpha Beta Gamma (THR003)
Daybehavior-Its A Game
Instramental-Resolution 653
Joe Drive-RD-2452 (Mathematics 048)
Kerrier District-Kerrier District 3 (Sosr009)
Marco M. Bernd-Palas EP (Ehrenfels 001)
Session View-Royal Road (Env 3)
VA-Hybrid Series Part 2
Aaron Ross-Defected in the House (Incl Shapeshifters Guestmix)
Adler Finn
Alex B Feat Janet Gray-Taking Over
Andy and Mckenzie-Black Lib
Cosmic Kids-Reginalds Groove
DJ Pupos and Mr Moog Feat Miss Mone-Armonia De Cafe
Guido Nemola
Harley And Muscle-XV Anniversary No Compromise
Jay Shepard and Matthew Burton-Retrofit 5 (RETROFIT5)
Jeff Bennett
Kosmorama-City In The Sky
K-S.H.E-Routes Not Roots
Lee Guthrie
Magnetic Brothers-Pretty Night
Mandroid-Oh My God Its Alive
Mark Castley-Purple London
Mats Mattara Vs Peruz-The Final Countdown
Mike Laveaux-Escape-(100264 45)
Moti Brothers
Mr Raoul K-Introducing My World
Re.You-Our Thing EP
Rico Bernasconi Vs Vaya Con Dios-Nah Neh Nah
Rills-Everything Changed
Samuele Sartini Feat Amanda Wilson-Back Again
Scott James-Lucky Stars
Simon Beeston
Thierry Tomas-Invisible People
= Files Untested.. NO SFV Present =
Tim Mills-Giant Gnats
VA-Freerange Color Series Violet 08
VA-Freerange Records Colour Series Violet 08
VA-Mutants Presents John Dahlback And Albin Myers
VA-Remixes V1
VA-Three Years of Emotions
Vince Moogin-Play Dem Vibes
Zemtsov-TV Cake
Eleusyn-Carbon EP
Orzels Machine-Academic EP
Patchbay And Ital-Why The Universe Exists
Pop Art-Dark Side EP
Principles Of Flight And Phonic Request-Panzer Fabrik EP
Principles Of Flight-Sputnik EP
Rabdom L-The Katalyst EP
Rubix Qube-Saturate EP
Sick Addiction-Writers Block EP
The Clones-Elektro Rush
VA-Digital Breed Volume 1
VA-Digital Breed Volume 2
VA-Feldgrau EP
Alex Bau-Physical Music
Beat Maniacs-The Cube EP
Bma - No Live Without Music
Dariush Gee - Its Not Over EP
DJ Schinkel Feat Vortex - Dream 1 Ultimate Destruction
Dog Tag - Maximum
Edanticonf-Winter Morning (Eclipse005)
Gesloten Crikel-Moustache Techno Series 001
Meatrik-Crush On Me
Omega Drive-Gripa EP
RifRaf-Philosophy (TOK015)
Rolando Vallice-The 2nd Argument
Sandwell District-Feed Forward Test Session (SDLPLIVE1)
Subjected-Vault Series 5.0 (VAULT005)
Uman Hrdtec - Tripping
VA-Historia Y Violencia 5 (HV005)
Airplay 47
Antonio Next-Has Begun
Awakenas-Far Away EP
Beta Phase-Innocent World
DJ Feel And Matisse And Sadko-A Day To Remember Remixes
DJ Hashish-Heading North The Sandcastle
Fortuna And Casus-White Russian Black Russian
George Acosta Feat Fisher-True Love Remixes
Gosh Kanov
Jacob Van Hage
Jan De Jong-Choose Life
Jordan Suckley Feat NASA
Kostya Veter-Moving Man Ad Astra Remixes
Marcus Schossow And Thomas Sagstad
Mark Richardson - Something For The DJ Part One EP
Miikka Leinonen
Paul Ercossa
Paw Luk - Smitherens Bliss
Redstar-The Surface
Rene Ablaze Meets Fischer And Miethig Feat Stine Grove-Destination Daylight
Sebastian Weikum
Sied Van Riel Feat Nicola McKenna-Stealing Time Incl Aly And Fila Remix
The Orange
TM Project
Urry Fefelove And Abramasi
VA-Sander Van Doorn Identity Essentials (Part 12)
VA-Smu(Th) Presents IDoze

April 11th, 2011

Skittles-TIP-I-CAL-LY EP
Raul Platero And Rafa Marco And Joel Munoz-Always 2011 (DDC 055)
Stephanie Ohara-Forever (100261 59)
Commercial Suicide-Ill Skillz and S P Y
Ill Skillz and S.P.Y-This is Why EP
2raumwohnung-Lasso Remixe 2-2 (ITS 35 2)
Emika-Count Backwards
Idle AM-These Feelings
Art Department And Seth Troxler-Living The Life
Aubrey Richards-HighLine EP
Brando Morales and Lophius Rec - La Musha
Chris Brown and Benny Benassi-Beautiful People
Cyrus Strictly-Fact or Fiction
David Folkebrant-Rising EP
David Garcia and High Spies Ft Sarah Tancer-All Here Now
Dubphone And Oliviu
E-Cox Ft Kika Willcox
Fabiani Soriani And Petrillo Project
Ferreck Dawn
Festland-Welt Verbrennt Remixes
Gregor Salto And Florian T Feat Chappell-Please Me
Guti-Patio De Juegos-(DESOLATCD004)-Retail CD
Hades 2-The Horsemen-(SSM 0193D)
How-E-Crispy Headroom
Johan Dresser and Juan Ddd - Levan Polkka
Kanedubstep-Seizure EP
Matan Caspi-Dream Machine
Matt Mclarrie-Low Flying Poultry
Matt Prehn Feat Marcia Alves-Innsomniac Oasis
Matteo Monero Girl And Two Dogs
Mirco Violi and Domy-Woodstock EP-(GLK17)
Moby-The Day
Mory Kante-Yeke Yeke 201
Quenum-Boomerang EP-(CLPR006)
Rafael Kakudo
The Chosen Two-Trickbetrueger EP
Tim Deluxe-Let the Beats Roll (Sonny Wharton Remix)
Uplifters-Technicality-(DVR 036)
VA-Black Hole Recordings Presents NU Rave Part 2
VA-Live At Robert Johnson Volume 7 Mixed By ATA
VA Extraction Live At Robert Johnson Vol 7
Vincenzo-To Hume EP
Xto Feat Lucy Clarke-Give Your Heart (INR 019)
Youandewan-Youandme On My Mind
Britney Spears-Femme Fatale-(JP Bonus Track)
VA-Milchbar Seaside Season 3 Compiled by Blank and Jones
VA - Firestarter-(Promo CDR)
VA - Parvatrip 2
Alexi Delano And Tony Rohr-Creepy EP
Butane and Andras Toth-Futures EP-(ALPHA019)
Denis Horvat-Lost Fuse
DJ Sodeyama-Abyss-(ARPA002)
Francesco Tristano-Idiosynkrasia Remixes EP-(IF2030)
Jamy Wing-Need You EP-(PIEK004)
Jason Fernandes
Kenton Slash Demon
Kevin Over
Lady Tom - Gipsy On The Road Darkness Of Mind
Lone-Echolocations EP
Louer-Wabi Sabi EP-(NM006)
Maetrik-Crush On Me
Sasha Carassi
Tadeo-The Sound Of Circunbalation-(CTD101)
The Bushmen-Guided by the Beat-(SHMT 008)
VA-Echocord Jubilee Compilation
Ziel100-Off Time-(PERMANENT005LP)
7 Baltic-Heart Of Sun Inscape
Adam Kancerski
Addictive Glance
Andrea Montorsi Feat. Diana J
Bobina And Betsie Larkin-You Belong To Me Remixes
Chantola-This is 1986-(CLR 006)
D Flected-Vulnerable Sensitivity EP
Dash Berlin Feat Emma Hewitt-Disarm Yourself Incl Filo And Peri Remix
DJ Cyber-By My Side
DJ Psyclone-Its Mad
Dmitry Bessonov
EDU-Lithuania Chasing Stars EP
Filip Konecny-On The Waves
Garry Heaney
Gary Proud-Invincible Supernatural
Gery Rydell
Groove Coverage
Impulsive Drive-Blue Skies
Jon Hawk Last Chance
Jonas Hornblad
Kamil Esten-Touch Me
Kyau and Albert - 15 Years Part One
Lesko And Lorentzen-Catch That Moment
Markob27-The Impact EP
Markus Schulz Ft. Sir Adrian - Away
Marvin Lawson-London Skyline-(EML 211)
Oza-Small Planet
Red Eye-Sky EP
Reii-Ghostly Sea EP
Ross Anderson-Cygnus-(VCDR 013)
SlaviX-Moonlight Shadow
The Madison Pres Paper Plane-Inna Change The World
Will Holland Feat Jeza-Start Again Part 2
Xpective Sense-Double Life

April 10th, 2011

Julio Bashmore-Batty Knee Dance EP
Chris T Feat. Pat Davis-I Wanna
VA-Bravo Hits Wiosna 2011
Bubble Club-The Goddess
Nit Grit-Nit Grit
Shogun Audio
Chipocrite-Hit and Run
Hollywood Kill-Crime of Passion
Bassbutcherz - Smoke It
Force 9 - 6 Crazy Days
Aggressor-Arctic Sky
Alex Beautifun-White Horse
Barry Coleman-We Told You So
Dave Smith-Dolinka Ep
DJ Carl Meah-The Heat Ray
Gilat-The Sun
Konstantin Yoodza
Mastro J Feat. Lizzy B-Feel The Heat
Matrick-Treats And Threats-(LUPSREC 047)
Not Okay
Nuelle-DJ Boy
The Nycer Feat. Deeci-Nasty Girl-(Promo)
Tom Snare Feat. Nieggman
VA - We Love Club
VA-DJ Set Special Session Vol 10
Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull-On The Floor (Incl. Spanish Version)-(Promo)
VA-Boglewaltz We Came for the Music
Dutch Master - 5 AM (Kodex Remix)
Jay Denham-Illustrate EP
Matt John-Indi Go Lake The Other Side
Mental Crush And Hard Techno Maffia - Pump The Rock EP
Stuback - Whistle Soundwave
TJR and DJ Gant-Man-Juke it EP
Bassman De La Ray-NOXIMA (DOSE 011)
John O Callaghan and Betsie Larkin - Save This Moment
Lee Osborne - Questions
Pasha Efies
Shy Brothers - Blind Love
Tenishia - The Ones We Left Behind
Tigran Oganezov - Peach Hit Ya

April 9th, 2011

Chrissy Murderbot-Bussin Down
Debruit-Sis Supriz EP
Quadrat Beat-Bring Back the Bass
Stanton Warriors-The Warriors
Babybooster - Luckystar
VA-DJ Player Vol 12
VA-The Best 80 S Dance Remixes Mash Up Mix By Hugo Tabaco
Stopmakingme-Rattle EP
Aqualibrium - 808-(SUBT 013)
Arttu Aka Lump-Fear Diluted
Audio Werner-Can You Scratch
Bryce-Dance With Me
Central Avenue Feat Andrea Love
Erick Morillo and Eddie Thoneick Feat. Shawnee Taylor-Live Your Life Incl Abel The Kid Remix-(Promo)
Federico Luchetti-Mamas Party
Francesco Castelli and Paolo Lofre Feat. Alicia Wilkson-Bang Bang
Gary N-Lights and Sound
J Solv-Depth of Field
Javi Mula Feat. Re-Leese-Leese-Jet Set-(Promo CDS)
Kerri Chandler-Ozone EP
La-Chris Feat. Marlon Bertzbach - Shine on
Louie Austen and Remute-Der Kreislauf EP
Matt Star
Mild Bang - Deeper
Mixmag Presents Felix Da Housecat - Son Of Analogue
Move D - Hydrophonics EP
Owen Jay And Melchior Sultana - Way Of Life
Riktam And Bansi - Timeless
Rio Padice
Roberto Palmero and Hector Couto
Safka and Digital Elements-Stupid Lucky Bastard
Snoretex-Strange Aeons
Stage Van H and Chris Mozio
Stefano Fay Vs Andrea Valo-La Seduction
Tansy - Skydiving-(100244 64)
Theo Parrish - Isoul8 And Mark De Clive-Lowe-Stop Bajon
VA-DJ Set Special Session Vol 11
VA-I Love Ego Step Six
VA-The Tribal Side Of House Vol. 4
Wildboyz-Touching A Stranger-(Promo CDS)
Sade-The Moon and The Sky-Remix CDS
VA-Monte Carlo Nights New Classics Vol 5
Etic - Technical Reasons
Alex Picone
Butane And Ryan Crosson-Little Helpers 17
Goldfish And Der Dulz
Jill Bellac - Night Owl
Mark Livella-Believe It
Mauro Picotto - Manipulator
Mikehouse And Ivan Miranda
Mikel E And Soulrack-El Empotreitor EP
Mr Punani - Back 2 Basic
Mystery - Together (Dj Vortex Remix)
Mystery - Together (Zero Sanity Remix)
Olderic - Yesterday Affair
Reimut Van Bonn - Maserung Schwerpunkt
Rocco Caine-Unterbauer EP
Santos-Dirty Scotch EP
Sek And Bodj-Acid Talks
The Hacker - The Only One
Umek-Robot Audience
Adam Lester-Silver Lining
Ashley Wallbridge-Moonlight Sonata Liquid
Dan Evo-The Rebirth Joseph Fischer Remix
Def Digital-Rush EP
DJ Seto And Marc Addam-Sequence From Aspen
John Ridout And Ross Self Feat Lucy Clarke-Never Awake
Kelly Andrew-Nocturne EP
Matt Eray-Avenue EP
Mike Demirele
Paul Maffia
The Love People Vs Tix-Sweet Airs John Ridout Remix
Tom Chee-Der Boost-(OS 0003)

April 8th, 2011

Muted-Black and White EP
Outersect-Fool Overture In Dubstep
Dream Dance Alliance
Lock N Load-Blow Ya Mind Hands Up Hardstyle Edition
Lock N Load-Blow Ya Mind 2011 Main Bundle
L-Siska-We Want To Dance
VA-Dance Beat Winter Grooves
VA-Dance Classics Vol 37 And 38
Wooferman-Liar-(100262 86)
CJ Weaver-Alone EP
Landscapers-Down The Drain EP
Switch Technique
Members Of Mayday
Alexi Delano-Colorclash 3
Ben Coda and Matan Caspi-All Day 6am EP
Christopher Rau-How Are You EP
Dani Sbert-Area 51
Dave Pagani Feat Leean-Be Alone-(SUN1108)-Retail
Dejay Cease Feat D Buttaphly-Love4soul Theme
DJ Falk-Boogie Man
Dynamic Stereo Sound Vibe
Emanuel Kosh-Time Problem Remixes
Florian Tyack and Funkbrainer
Franzis D-Route 66 Incl DJ Mix By Simon Firth
Greg Cerrone-The Moon
Heckler and Koch-Auf Wiedersehen
James Talk and Ridney Ft. Max C For Me
Jon Rundell-Jack Me Thugs
Julien Sandre And Markus Homm-Tour De Carpathia EP-(BRISE016)-Retail
Kid Massive Ft. Yota Want You 2011 Remixes EP
Lex Wolf
Little Junkies and Barannicoff-Nothing Special EP
Mason-They Are Among Us
Mike Allen-Open Your Eyes
Mo Bass-Green Moment
Nail And Needle-Black Cat EP-(NWI707CDS)-Retail
Paola Peroni - Heart And Soul
Paul Cutie Silvano Del Gado-Red Moon
Paul Richard And Daniel Chord-Massive In Miami-(MOL101)-Retail
Ron Costa-Housey Marmite
Solu Music feat. KimBlee-Fade (Garrett And Ojelay 2011 Official Mix)
Tanja La Croix-House Kiss
Technical Lovers-Shanghai Nights Casual Sex
The Drapers-Yakety Yak
VA - Essential Netswork Tunes Volume 5
VA - Strictly Miami Mixed By Avicii
VA-Big City Beats 14
VA-Ugly House Sensation 2011-Mixed by DJ Whiteside
Yan Lhert-Tevolution-(PGR118)
Yo Yo Yo Somaca - Bunga Bunga-(G1000)-Promo CDR
Yves Larock and Tony Sylla-Pan Pan
Cabeiri - Inner Thoughts
Cosmos Vibration - Unknown Universe
Jelly Headz - One Way Ticket
Niko S Echo - Head On
A-Drive - Bitches Of Holland
Alex Aglieri - Black Powder
Danny Dewills-Gumdrop EP
Don Santos
Eric Tarlouf-Takedem Ou Tadoor (Part 1)
Justy-Devilish Road
Michael Nielebock and Leevey - What You Think
Tony Rohr
VA-Forward To The Past
Bluntseixal Feat. Anthya
Julius Sencor Feat Stine Grove-Wait For You
Markus Schulz-Do You Dream (The Remixes)
Oen Bearen And Pillow-Not To Give An Inch
The Thrillseekers-Song For Sendai
VA - Digitally Enhanced Volume Four Mixed By Will Holland
VA-Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 April 2011

April 7th, 2011

VA-Scion CD Sampler V .30 SMOG
Nneka-Heartbeat EP
VA - Dream Dance Vol 59
VA - Mayday 2011-Twenty Young
Counterstrike-When Worlds Collide Mindfuck
Freestyle-She Left Me
Icicle-Under The Ice EP
Limewax-Empfindsamer Stil-(LB008LP)-2x12 Vinyl
VA-Drum and Bass Arena Evolution (Mixed and Unmixed)
Jacques Greene-Another Girl
Squeaky Lobster and Lapti - Amai 24-(VLEK 02)
Wideband Network-The Machine
Alex Piccini And Jean Bressan-Darwin EP
Amloop-Caminhando E Cantando
Aphrodisiax-My Getaway
Cosmin TRG-A Universal Crush
End Of Tape-Tape Jam EP
Hermanez-Go Get It
Jeff Bennett
Jephte Guillaume Presents AK-Shining Your Way (Incl. DJ Spen Remix)
JT Donaldson and Fred Everything-5 Years Of Lazy Days (Ian Pooley Remixes)
Kalero-Makondo EP Remixed
Lars of Italy-Chat Noir
Leonardo Gonnelli-When You Lose
Levi Whalen - High Power
Manoo and Francois A Ft Dyanna Fearon-Crying for Love
Mike Okay-Analog Cheese
Pablo Fierro-Guaya Coco EP
Paso Doble Ft Amera Light-My World
Phonique Feat Louie Austen Endless Love
Reelsoul-Quiet Place
Richard Earnshaw-Cry Me A River (Remixes)
Roger Martinez-Nebulae EP
Sander Kleinenberg-The Healer
Slox and Feshtin-The Beginning EP
Solomun-Daddys Jam
Stephanie Cooke and Diephuis Ft Han Litz-Beautiful Life
Stereo Republic-Long Night EP
VA - Belgian House Mafia Sampler 025
VA - Knights Of The Playboy Mansion Mixed By Dimitri From Paris And Bob Sinclar
VA-Beat Therapy Vol. 1
VA-Hot House Session 2
Dzihan And Kamien - Lost And Found
Andrea Casula
Andrew Stets - Darker than Darkness
Cee Lo Green-Fuck You (Bart B More Mix)
Conforce-State Of Mind
DC Salas-E.V.O.L. EP
DJ KUST-Progressionisme 2011 Vol 1
Eddy Morenas - Scander
Felix Neumann-Royal EP
Fler-Airmax Muzik 2
Simone De Caro-The Line Of The Thuderbolt
VA - Hardstyle Crime Zone Vol.3
Wave Form-Wild Life EP
Dan Viaz-Cycling Universe
Eximision - Universe
Mell Tierra - All the Love
Osvaldo Nugroho Feat Marcie-Silent Night
Poshout-From The Heaven To The Earth
Ruthless-Couch Raver
S.T.E.R.N-White Sands
Sun State-Lux In Tenebris
The Third Man - Velvet Overdrive
VA-Monster Tunes Miami 2011
Vantarez Feat Ed Collain-Reveal A Secret

April 6th, 2011

Dj Nate-Da Trak Genious
Wedge-Phonics Traces
DJ Ross Feat Sushy-U Got the Love
VA-Goldbrain Dj The Dance Factory
VA-La Doudingue
VA-Radioplay Dance Express 914D
Hospital-London Elektricity
Innerground-DJ Marky and Makoto ft S P Y
Bright Primate-The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry
Slimmy-Beatsound Loverboy Remixes
VA - Surplus Sampler 36
VA - Surplus Sampler 37
When Saints Go Machine-Fail Forever
Andre Lodemann-Dont Panic EP
Astrit Kurtaim and Matthew Brown Feat Kitty Blond-Remember Me
Bah Samba-Have You Got Your Bootz on and Everybody Get Up
Beaten Soul Feat Selina Campbell-Im Not Ashamed
Bestien - What We Breath for
Blackfeel Wite
Bliss Feat Masmin-Jungle Voyage
Boys at Work-Ill Be There
Christian Hornbostel-Activated-(R5Y 001)
David Herrero and Mark Ferrer-The Cradle of Life
Diego Broggio and Castaman-Get Up and Dance
Diego Ray-Disco Train
Dinky-Take Me Polvo
DJ Eako and Angie Brown-Lose Control
DJ Fopp-Tribute-(R5B 001)
DJ Serge Negri Ft. Anise
Edu Imbernon And Triumph-Playing With The Past
Falko Richtberg And Sebastian Wojkowski-King Size EP
Flo Rida Feat Akon-Who Dat Girl
Four the the Floor-Nqanqa Speaks
Hagenaar and Albrecht - Wont Let You Down (Albin Myers Remix)
Joe Berte and Nextlevel Feat Axer-Love the Night
Jose Carretas Ft Diviniti-Life in A Box
Julian Sanza-Destination Moon
Julius the Mad Thinker Feat Desla Night Part 1
Kato-Discolized 2.0
Mark Reeve-Essential EP
Matthew Dear-Slowdance EP
Michael Calfan-Black Rave
Michael Calfan-Black Rave
NiCe7-Spring EP
Oddvar-The Cup
Of Norway-Karpathian Thirst The Bleeding
Rene Amesz-Its Like That
Sergio Fernandez
Sonny Fodera-Cold Cuts
Stereo Republic-Long Night EP
The Glitz
Tim Mason - The Moment
Timo Maas-Kick 1 Kick 3 Remixes
Tom Trago
VA-A Kind Of Kling Klong Volume 3
VA-Brown Eyed Boyz Easter Sampler
VA-Club Life Volume One Las Vegas (Mixed By Tiesto)
VA-Moodmusic Essentials 095
Cocoon Saphron
Lil B-Angels Exodus
VA-Radioplay Urban Express 914Y
GeKo - Corrupted Symphony
Cut Copy-Need You Can Carl Craig Remix
Da Fresh-White Pants EP
Dani Casarano
French Government-Disco Sauvage EP
Frontliner-The Call Of The Visionary (Official Reverze Anthem)
Kid Rascal - Damn Right EP
Max Cooper-Metaphysical EP
Mic-E - Age Of Freedom 2011 Remixes
Roberto-Pantomime Horse
VA - Theracords Allstars Collaboration EP Part 1
VA-Werkschau EP 2
Vladimir Corbin And Peddy-Sinner City
Andrew StetS-Magic Sound Is Like You
DJ Nemora-Serence Life
Jason Grey-Exhale EP
Kris Day-White Magic
Lange Presents LNG-Harmony Will Kick You In The Ass
Lisaya Feat Guido Staps
Mark Van Rijswijk-When The Time Comes Waiting For You Stay For Tonight
Tim Besamusca-Artic Fox The Animal EP
Vadim Xorosh-Early Spring

April 5th, 2011

Antiserum Ill Esha 12th Planet-Zephyr Purple and God
Daega Sound-11c Outpost (FTHM12001)
E-Type-Back 2 Life Incl Ultra Djs Remix
Lemongrass-Sans Souci
Rania-Teddy Riley The First Expansion In Asia
VA - Beat Hits Vol.52
VA - Dancefloor Megamix Vol.7
VA - Deep Dance 132
Rufige Kru Alex Reece-Terminator Pulp Fiction Remixes
Drift Diving (HCS998)
Ascii.Disko-Black Orchid From Airlines To Lifelines
C.C.D.M.-7 Inches Of Doom
Deepchord Presents Echospace-Liumin-(LOVE064)
Franck Kartell-Apollo Missions EP
Kode9 and The Spaceape-Otherman Love Is The Drug
Kwality-Candlelight EP
Red Rails-Red Rails
Rushhour-Moogie (Srv
Synchronoise-We Come From Earth
Takter-Starkstrom Organist
Tudor Acid-The Wrong Side Of Day Part 05
Vector Lovers-Electrospective-(SOMADA089)
16 Bit Lolitas Presents Bug Report-Low Density
2 Faced Funks
Adham And Hisham Zahran-Purple Sunday EP
Alan Nimmo-Filthy Rich
Alex Xiasou-Night Blush
Aphreme and Thabz Soulstar
Azee Project
Dave Manuel
D-Eye-Summer Fall Of The Leaves
Domsko-Hard Yards
Evren Ulusoy And Sezer Uysal-At Night Remixes EP
Gabriel Batz-Breezes EP
Haroun Omar
Jquintel-Denver Snow and Rain
Kevin Vega-Is Always Watching
Kolya And Matuya Feat Ely-Love Again
LD-10 - Earthworks
Le Vinyl-Bamboo EP
Manuel De La Mare And Paul Thomas-Circle Of Life
Marvin Zeyss-State Of Mind
Menini and Viani-Black Koffee
Miro Pajic-Lonely Alien
Miss Jools
Phil Kieran
Rubberteeth-Hustler EP-BIR 005
Scott Williams
Sebastian Garuti-Look At Me
Soundmodul And Moffous-Everybody Likes Autumn
Spacelight-Happy Days-366158 5739869
Spektre-Get Together-(CRAFT 049)
Stephen J Kroos-Micrsh EP
Technique and Yaroslove-Velo City
The Alchemyst
T-Pe3-Tales Of Wonders
VA - House Megamix 2011.1
Valeria Croft-Back To Back
VA-Over Rated Funk
VA-Summer Trip
Virgo Four
Yogi and Husky-Take Me Away EP-(RSR 007)
Kronic - Protohype
Suns Of Arqa - Stranger Music
VA-Radioplay Pop Express 914P
Electric Universe - Higher Modes
Optiloop-Destination Unknown EP
Space Tribe - Continuum
Albert Kraner and Buchecha - Stories and Beats EP
Baby Red Torres-Stillers Reprise (CF001)
Cisco Ferreira-T.R.I.N.I.T.Y. Remixed
Dinky-Take Me
Foiled Torsos-Waiting At The Gate EP
Geler And Sasha Flash
Hertzman-Meditation EP
Lorenzo Dianni
Pariah and DJ Wreka - Altered Towers
Reimut Van Bonn-Maserung - Schwerpunkt (TELRAE 005)
Reinhold And Riley-Bubeshko Apartment 1A
Shifted-Reach (SZ02)
Stanley Ross-Suiting Bells
Tommy Four Seven
Unknown-Analogue Solutions 001 (ANALOG001)
VA - Men to Action EP
Adrenaline Dept. Meets Venetica
Chris Cockerill And James Barron-In Velvet
Eddie G-Class A Steam Darkness To Light EP
Fher Vizzuett-Power Of Christ
Inglide-Catch The Rainbow
Ivan Vorontsov-When Black Meets Red EP
Kerrzo And Hutch-Sea Disco
Leibo-Digital Elevation
Mark Sherry Feat Sharone-I Will Find You Incl Sied Van Riel Remix
Myk Bee-Always Waiting
Noise Band-Let Me Be
Pete Silver-Belo Horizonte
Peter Sawland-Rush Hour EP
Ronski Speed And MQue-To Be Loved
Sean Cronin Presents The Hallucination Effect - The Vale Of Tears
Stephen Kirkwood
Ultimate-Other Side
VA-Anjunabeats Worldwide 03 Mixed By Arty And Daniel Kandi

April 4th, 2011

Clueless-Torrid Affairs
Emalkay-Fabrication Massive
P Jam-Anger Management
Peverelist-Dance Til The Police Come Fundamentals
Teeza-Bounce EP
4minute-4minutes Left
Swankie DJ and Kashi - Lets Get On It
VA-Fun Radio Dancefloor Spring 2011
A Dominant Species
AMC-Motion To Define EP
Axiom-Paradigm Shift
Nether-True Believer
SPL-Soul Container Fist
VA-Before The Summer EP
VA-Freeze Frame Con Artist
VA-Surround Sound Remixes Pt 1
Beatbully-Kosmisk Regn
Gyratory System-New Harmony (Single)
Kid A Agoria-Heart Beating Remixes EP
Urban Love-Destroy The Silence The Hard Side
VA-Back And 4th
VA-Museum of Future Sound 3
When Saints Go Machine-Fail Forever
Evil Activities and Endymion - Broken
VA-Masters Of Hardcore Chapter XXXI - Statement Of Disorder
Alex Kenji Vs Federico Scavo-Get Funky WEB
Amit Shoham-My Favorite Things (the Remixes)
Andre Lodemann-Dont Panic EP
Axwell-Heart Is King
Bottin-Discocracy Revisited
Crazy P-Presents Mts Vol.1
Franklin De Costa-Queen of Mars
Jason Chance-Swizzle Sticks
Kit Da Funk-Afro Funk
Korablove-Splash Forward EP
Late Night Alumni-Empty Streets
Mark Graham-Melasoma EP
Mark Reeve-Essential EP
Max Gueli-Sprinkled Melody Back To Space
P.A.F.F. vs Daner
Sasse-Perc EP
Sean Miller and Daniel Dubb
Spencer And Hill-Less Go
Stefano Menegatti and Andrea Ferrini-Hidalgo Blanco
Tom Trago
Tony Zampa-Calabria Piano Club
VA - Sneakerz Muzik Selection 2011 Volume 1
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 272
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 273
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 274
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 275
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 264
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 265
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 266
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 267
Yogi and Husky-Bass Drums Harmony EP
Cocoon Saphron
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 91
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 145
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 146
VA-Radioplay Euro Express 914U
Vasco Rossi-Vivere O Niente
Arnaud Le Texier
Aron Setha - Green Energy
Bass Fly-Bongs And Clongs
Bass Modulators - Music Is My Life Keep On Rockin
Kinetico - Best Of GroundGroove Vol. 1
Kinetico - Best Of GroundGroove Vol. 2
Lo Traxx-Liberty Land
Pitt Larsen
Pulserz - Put Me On Your Tracklist
Pulserz and Secret Unity - Our Galaxy
The Prophet-Pitch Black (Official Black 2011 Anthem)
The R3bels - Music to Us Pattern 2
VA-Escape From Reality Album Sampler 001
Vissmut - Musical Contrast EP
Wildstylez And Noisecontrollers-A Different Story
Zenteka - Because I Love You EP
Addictive Glance-Unchanged EP
Alex Coollook And Aris Grammenos
Angel Ace-3 AM
Birchy-Old Skool EP Part 1
Cressida Pres Callisto
Der Mystik Feat Tiff Lacey-Watching The World R3MIXED
DJ Geri-Water Ripple
Ico-And Than It Was Nothing Limelight
Jason Van Wyk and Audien
Liquid Vision
Mark Eteson
Markus Schulz-Do You Dream The Remixes
Matt Bukovski
Ross Anderson
Sande-Shallow Shores I Feel
Simmons and Blanc-State Of Emergency
Sonic Element
Stonevalley-Meditation Twilight
Tellur-What You Think
Tritonal feat Meredith Call-Broken Down (Part 1)
VA-A State of Trance Mixed by Armin Van Buuren-(ARDI 2072)
VA-Club Life Volume One Las Vegas (Mixed By Tiesto)
Vincent De Jager-In Boundless Light

April 3rd, 2011

Kid Adrift-Oxytocin (Cyantific Remix)-(ISLAND FREE001)
VA-MOS Addicted To Bass 2011 Mixed By The Wideboys
100Me-Raw Sweet Part 1
VA-Die Ultimative Chartshow (Dance Hits Der 90er) (Aral Edition)
VA-Hot Party Spring 2011
VA-Springdance 2011 Megamix Top 100
VA-Ultimate Floorfillers A Decade On The Dancefloor 2000 2010
Bodi Bill
Cloaks-Desolate Turves
Ira Atari
Sorgenkint-Acid and Breaks
The Dirty Bass and Seryljo - The Dutch
Alex Guesta Feat. David Goncalves-On Fire
Alex Verano and Jim Marlaud - Make Me Real
Brooklyn Bounce and Maurizio Gubellini-Bass Beats And 5 5econds-(Promo)
Carmen Consoli vs. Restylers-AAA Cercasi (Incl. Molella Remix)-(Promo)
Carolina Marquez-Wicked Wow
Chris Lake-Secrets In The Dark
C-side-You Can Get Down
Daft Punk-Tron Legacy Reconfigured OST
Daniel Bortz-The One
Deep Divas-Turn Up The Bass-(Promo)
Deep Technique-Euphorie EP
DJ Ody-C Feat. Andy Pollo-Bien Machin-(Promo)
Dr. Shiver Kim Covington
Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Australian Remixes)
Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris and DJ Frank E-Tonight Im Fuckin You - Tonight Im Lovin You
Fabio Massimino and Salvo Germany-Printing Kontrol-(Promo)
Geremy Barrios-56 Vueltas De Tuerca
Halbro-Prizma EP
Jack Walker
Jared Dietch and Mitch LJ Feat. Christina Lauren-Get Away Part 2 (Incl. James Talk Remixes)-(Promo)
Jhon Rush-Get Plugged
Jules and Moss-Fuck Maty
Julius Beat And Eddy Karmona-Real Life
Marko Nastic-Unforgotten Mornings Remixes
Mats Mattara Feat. RockMan-Opera-(Promo)
Mindifferent-Rhythm is Love-(Promo)
Nail and Needle-Arsenico (Incl. Gigi De Martino Remix)-(Promo)
Nicola Zucchi
Olav Basoski-New Day (Incl Redroche Remix)
Paolo Mojo-All Night All Right
Phil Jay-I Love U-(Promo)
R.I.O.-Like I Love You (Incl. Raf Marchesini Remix)
Ray Charles Vs Gary Caos-Jack Hits The Road-(Promo)
Rene Breitbarth-Space Trax
Rick Pier Oneil - Back To The Darkness
Romanthony-B 2 Nite (Incl G Bonds Vocal Mix)
Rosie Romero And Kyfu
Russel G
Spencer and Hill-2 Kisses Of You (Incl. Olav Basoski Remix)-(Promo)
Stars On 45-45 (Incl Mark and Shark Re-edit Of Olav Basoski Remix)
The BeatThiefs Feat Abigail Bailey
The Scumfrog Feat Davey La-All Go Down
The Wizard Brian Coxx Feat. Ladybird-What Have You Done For House-(Promo CDS)
Tom Fall-All This Time Stillness
VA-Checktime Collection Vol. 1
VA-DJ Selection Vol. 321 - Progressive House Part. 8
VA-DJ Station Vol. 4
VA-Emotive House Vol 4
VA-Toolroom Records Selector Series 5 Koen Groeneveld
Yan Ihert
Biagio Antonacci Feat. Club Dogo-Ubbidir-(Promo CDS)
G ExtractioN Breaks - DistortioN G Break
VA-Vanguard 11-01-(Promo CD)(Trackfix)
Double Click - Pinball
Etic - Itrance
Etic - Replugged Part 3
Power Source-Sparks EP
Sideform-Santo Daime
Timeless - One Vision
Twelve Sessions-The New Era EP
Vacuum Stalkers - Non-Perspective Stuff
Alessio Mereu-Magic Key
Derek And Oliviu-Wheels EP
Duro And Nitrouz-Crazy Music
Duro vs Nitrouz - Crazy Music (Toneshifterz Remix)
Florin H-Things That Never Happened EP
Lo Traxx-I Made A Dream
Massimo Vivona - Best Of Massimo Vivona Vol. 1
Massimo Vivona - Best Of Massimo Vivona Vol. 2
Noisecontrollers - Marlboro Man (The Pitcher Re
Nout-La Vache Folle Guerit De Tout 3
Zenteka - Because I Love You E.P
Alex Flip-Love More Strongly
Cagan Nazlioglu Feat Hysteria-All Around You Incl Paul Miller Vs Ronald De Foe Remix
Chris Schweizer-Salame Para La Picadita
Chris Turner-Todays Tomorrow
Christian Drost-Dreams About You Incl Luke Terry Remix
Daniel Ocean-Above The Sky EP
David Barnes-Noodler Charlie The Fisher
Dean Newton
George Acosta-Visions Behind Expressions
Infrasonic-Endless Coliseum Ivalo
Joey V
John Waver
Leon Bolier And Joop
M.A.Z.7-Crystals EP
Mike Mikhjian And John Caza-The Girl From Copacabana
Philippe El Sisi
Raneem-Out Of Nowhere
Richard Durand-Robotic Real Deal
Ruby And Tony
Sun State-Horizons EP
VA-Anjunabeats Worldwide 03 Sampler
VA-Spring Sampler

April 2nd, 2011

Bambounou-Animism EP
Breton-Counter Balance EP
D.O.K-Golden Axe
J Sweet And Alias-Marxalias E.P
Lowtec-Wonderkid Looser
Shawn Davis and Scarletti-Leave it Alone (Biometrix Remix)
VA-Broken Paranormal Activity
A Crisis of Sound-Dirty Youth EP
DJ Hero and Whiskey Pete and Oh Shit-Sound Clash
Elastic Fish-Chutzpah of this Day
Exodous-Evil Key
Maxine and Dubwise-Let It Flow
Mekon-Phattys Lunchbox
Mekon-Welcome To Tackletown
Parallax Breakz
Refracture-Free Man
Rings of Saturn
Run Riot-The Life Rockin to the Massive
Wardian-New Chip
Yacek and Plus Five-Hands Up
Magic System-Toute Kale 2011
Mayomi-How Can I Get by
Mr. Spliffy-Pass The Dutchie
Pandora BX Cant Get Enough
VA-TMF Dance 2011
Sebastian - Embody (Kavinsky Remix)
B-Tek - Changes
Forbidden Society-Attack The Beautiful Despised
Innovix - Illusive Presence
Meth and Allied-Repulsive Isomer
Seismix - Seismix EP
The Sect-The Beyond Fear
VA - Dubsapiens EP
Blitzeis-F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.-(EBR 009)
Boddika-You Tell Me Breezin
Breaking News-Las Vegas
Fleck ESC-Electro Space Cookie
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma-Love Is A Stream
Machinefabriek-Apollo-3inch CDR
Panda Bear-Surfers Hymn
Taron-Trekka-Lo-Fi Autumn
Time Warp 2011 - Laserkraft 3D Live
VA-DJ-Kicks Mixed By Wolf and Lamb vs Soul Clap
VA-100X Hardcore II
Akcent - Love Stoned Incl Eric Chase Remix
Alex Kenji Vs Federico Scavo-Get Funky WEB
Booka Shade
Bruno Mars The Way You Are (Jaime Garcia Personal Mix)-Promo CDR
Clubraiders - Move Your Hands Up (Again)
Crazy Penis - A Nice Hot Edit With
DJ Analyzer Vs Cary August-The Launch 2k11
Franksen And Tom Wax - Full House
Frederik Olufsen and Marc Remillard Feat. Dee - Mother Sucker
Hiro - Neptune EP
Inna - Sun Is Up-(276 347 5)
Kit Da Funk-Afro Funk
Laanga feat Kevin Kelly - Here Before-(426019 3010828)
Love Tribe-Stand Up
Manuel De La Mare and Julio Navas and David Amo - Mediterraneo
Maria Rowe
Mark E
Melanie Marshall-Love Is The Power
Michealia Rowe-Tender Love and Care
Moodymanc-Tsuba Colours 07
Mowgli - La Lokomotiva Questione Di Feeling
Mr. Gee-Party Mood
Mr President-4 On The Floor
MSD Ft. Gina D
My Mom Said I Am A Freak-Freak Me
Nadastrom - Theo
Newton-Dont Worry
Novena - Houdini-Promo
Ooberfuse - Flicker-Promo
Plastic Funk Feat Dave Kurtis
Pteradactil Disco-Big Ass Biscuit
Redondo-U Know Y
SCB - Loss - Futureunknown
Spektrfreks - All Night Long-Promo
Spencer And Hill-Less Go
Sticky K - Prince Of Persia
Theo Beck - Shag Wagon
Time Warp 2011 - Sasch BBC Live
Time Warp 2011 - Steffen Baumann Live
VA-Best of House 2010-The Hit Mix Part 3
VA-Uncanny Valley
Blue Cafe
Falco-Falco 3 25th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition)
VA-Euro Xclusive 11-01-(Promo CD)
Ovnimoon - Geometric Poetry Remixes
Alex Kraus-Loco Latina
Andres Gil-La Feromona Remixes 2011
Endless-Area EP
Ion Ludwig-BB TT
Kinetico - Best Of GroundGroove Vol. 1
Kinetico - Best Of GroundGroove Vol. 2
Ted Dettman-Minimal Mind
Tony Kairom
Tony Rohr - Slowburn Remixes
Actuate-Souls Of The Energon
Alexander One-Take Away The Pain EP
Dihan-Euphoria Soul Song
DJ Michael Angello-Man Must Explore
Factor Diesel-La Voice
Johan Curtain
John O Callaghan
Max Go And Chris Lawr Feat Cami Bradley
Rafal Sentiel-Balearic Sun EP
Ronski Speed Presents Sun Decade Feat. Emma Lock-U Got Me
Sunset Bar-Astronomia EP
VA-Best of Trance 2010-The Hit Mix Part 3
VA-Tranceportation Vol III Compiled By AVSR

April 1st, 2011

Afrojack - Replica
Bryce Feat. Carlprit - Dance with Me-Promo
Commercial Bitches-Children Of The World
Muslim Disco Club-Dance Infidel Dance
Crank-Hoodlum and Wickaman
Bodi Bill
Class B Band-Movie T
GaBLe-CuTe HoRSe CuT
Ladytron-Best Of 00-10-Deluxe Edition
Parralox-I Sing The Body Electric-EP-Limited Edition
Parralox-Metropolism-Limited Edition
Project Pitchfork-First Anthology
System 7
Teeloo-Habitant EP
Tied and Tickled Trio and Billy Hart-La Place Demon
VA-A Story A Drawing And Fifteen Songs Compiled By Eva Theotokatou
VA-Social Experiment 002 Mixed By Soul Clap
Vato Gonzales Ft Foreign Beggars-Badman Riddim Jump Remix-PROMO CDS
VA-Xylitol Music Played By Other People Volume 1
VA-Xylitol Music Played By Other People Volume 2
Angerfist And Tieum - Just Know Shitty Rave
VA - Disorder Master Pack
Alex Costa-Back On
Anya-Beautiful World
Boomtown Feat Rob Money-Clip Clap (Ur Handz)
Brisby And Jingles-Fantasy Girl
Christian P-Luna EP
Christopher S
Gregor Salto
Jacob Henry-Cloak and Dagger
Javi Murdok
Jerome Isma-Ae And Daniel Portman Feat Max C-Flashing Lights
Kevax-Can U Feel It
Le Rock And Roxs-I Want You
Maceo Plex-Life Index-(CRMCD012)-Retail CD
Marco Carola-Play It Loud-(MINUS106CD)-Retail CD
Milk N Sugar Vs Via Con Dias-Hey Nah Nah Nah 7th Heaven Mixes-PROMO CDS
September-Resuscitate Me
Stefano Esposito-Acid Groove EP
Tom Clark-Pressure Points-(HIGHGRADE082CD)-Retail CD
Trentemoeller-Shades Of Marble Remixes
VA - De Maxx Long Player 20 (All Time Classixx Edition)
VA-Andre And Gildas Presentent Kitsune Parisien-(KITSUNECDA034)-Retail CD
VA-Attention EP Vol.5
VA-Attention EP Vol 5 DJ Edition
VA-House Mini Mix 003 2011
VA-Remake Musique 8
VA-Streetparade 2011-Official House Compilation-Warm Up
VA-Sunshine House 2011.1
VA-Two Years Bouq.Family Remix EP
Yasmin-Finish Line Freemasons Remixes-PROMO CDS
VA-Nova Xposure 11-01-(Promo CD)
VA-Rare Soul Heaven
A-Brothers - Center Left EP
Crucial Value - Hero
D-Block And S-Te-Fan - Rockin Ur Mind
Eric Sneo - Dark Matter EP
Mioxam and Evan Burke-Tunnel Series 01-(PARADIGMA020D)
Orlando Voorn - Unpredictable Love
Patrick DSP - Techknowledgy EP
S-Factor - Nostalgia
Skudge-Phantom-(SKUDGELP01)-2x12 Vinyl
VA - Detuned EP
VA - Quadrado EP
VA-Minimal Club Affairs Vol.3
Anna Star And Progressence-Never Close Your Eyes
Ayon - Spectral
DJ - Skorpy - Another World
Dr Willis-Pressure Point
Ferrit-Super Star
FRONT-Burning Oxygen
Hydrocore - Snowball
Jake Shanahan Feat Marcie-Dont Stop
Rangga Electroscope-An Overtune Into The Future EP
Remaster - Forever
Vanity in Mind - Radiance

March 31st, 2011

VA-ERG Music Canada Nu Dance Traxx Vol 204
V Recordings
3dit-Robot Strategy
Alex James-The Theory of Democracy
Burial-Street Halo EP
Hecq vs Exillon-Spheres Of Fury
Justice-Civilization-Promo CDS
Wumpscut-DJ Dwarf Eleven
Acido-What We Like
Adam Rickfors-Push The Tempo-Promo
Agaric-Who Made Up The Rules-(OVM90112)-Retail CD
Alberto Carotta
Andrea Roma and Mark Denken-Great Khali
Cut Copy-Need You Now-Promo
David Lynch-Good Day Today-(SBESTC96)-Retail CD
DJ Meg Feat Timati-Party Animal-Promo
Eric Saade-Popular-Promo CDS
Festina Lente-Sittin In The Sun
Gabry Ponte Feat Maya Days-Sexy Dj (In Da Club)-Promo
Jesse Rose-Sleep Less (Remixes)
Katy Perry-E.T.-Promo
Lady Gaga-Born This Way-Promo
Lostra and Jeanm-Bagass Us
Matt Prehn and Marcia Alves-Innsomniac Oasis
Maxxa-So What So Deep
Mikael Weermets Feat Errol Reid and David Puentez-Time-Promo
Nando Giner and Deep Josh-Chika EP
Piroth-Piroth Remixed
Pitbull Feat Ne-Yo Afrojack and Nayer-Give Me Everything-Promo CDS
Pitbull-Bon Bon-Promo CDS
Plastik Funk-Everybody Dance Now 2011-Promo
Radio Killer-Lonely Heart-Promo
Simon Baker-Traces-(VIS120CD)-Retail CD
Stars On 45-45-Promo
Stefan K (KI)-First Step EP
Sven Weisemann
Techmann-Deep Waters
The Japanese Popstars-Song For Lisa-Promo
Tikos Groove Feat Gosha-I Dont Know What To Do-Promo
Tim Royko Feat Kediva-Dreamer-Promo
Tove Styrke-High And Low-Promo
A-Ha - Ending On A High Note-The Final Concert
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol.24
VA-Sucker Punch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) OST
VA-Parvatrip 2
David Keno And Jaxson-Silver Palm
Djanny - Da Place
Jajox - Feel Thiz Musik
Jamie Anderson And Deepgroove-13 Machines (The Remixes)
Lo Traxx-Music Player
Max Bett-Kidding Remixes EP
Niklas Paus-First EP
Sergio Fernandez And Ismael Rivas
VA-Domination Overdrive
Wickedsquad-Wicked Vinyl 07
Chris Cockerill-The Fast Lane
Dee Lite-The Cure
Dj Sakin - Between Us
Eskay-Push It Down
Frank Waanders
Hazem Beltagui-Joyful Sadness
Katy Rutkovski-Polar Lights
Mark Mestres
Matt Laws-Proffesional Window
Morth Project
Phase One Feat Juha V-The Night
Ricardo Luiagi And Alvin Dorsey-No Code
Sanglare-Burning Bridges
Stu Patchitt-Never Forgotten
The Nightraiders-Ocean Skies
VA - DJ Networx Vol.48
VA-Trance Universe Vol 5
Wavecontrol-Silence In The Dark

March 30th, 2011

Aquatic Family Affair-(DOUBT 000)
VA - Club DJ Exclusive Vol 5
Brioski Feat Superfine-Show Biz-Electric Fling 3
Four Tet BW Caribou
ADJ-Fawlty Mekanizms
ADJ-Hand Of Mysteries
An Astronaut-An Astronaut
Das Muster-Unbekannte Kraefte
Other Aspect-Lost Generation
Psyche-The Hiding Place
Selena Gomez and The Scene-A Year Without Rain-CDR-Limited Edition
The Subs - Decontrol
VA-Mad as A Box of Frogs
VA-Peers Volume 1
D-Spirit - Twisted Souls
Javi Boss and DJ Juanma - Central Eleven
Adam Port And Ruede Hagelstein-Corrosive Love
Clara Sofie and Rune RK-Naar Tiden Gaar Baglaens (Remixes)
Dapayk Solo - Let Go
DBN - All My Life
D-Wayne-IDentity-(MIN 078)
Jimpster-Alsace And Lorraine Remixes
John Lagora-Kill Mount Top
Kid Culture
Klipar-Imperial March
Marvin Belton-Love Will Find A Way
Rene Rodrigezz - House Rider
Sozonov Feat Kate Prive-Mechanical Bitch
The Teachers feat. Linda Newman - Let The Music Play
Threesixty and Dirty Harris
Magnetik - Portraits
Alex Deep-You Knew
Amir-Vernissage Four
Flavio Etcheto-Solaz (Kum022)-EP VINYL
Lo Traxx
Marco Zenker-Blu Air (Ilian008)-EP VINYL
Mikel-Crazy Trump EP
Nil by Mouth-Fibula (Surubasp003)-EP VINYL
Pro G Project-Moog Story
Various Artists-When We Were 20 (Left20)
3AM - Nessaja
Absence And Heartbeat-For You
Brian Flinn
Bryan Kearney Pres Karney
Dave Wright-Broken Sword
Digital Machine-Dying Star
Elias B
Nianaro-Life Is Short
Rebecca Saforia
Richard Sander Pres Rising Sun-Across The Sea
Shaun Williams Feat Gareth Ickle-Take Me Back
Sophie Sugar and Tom Colontonio
Ticon-I Love You Who Are You
Tydi feat Brianna Holan-Never Go Back

March 29th, 2011

Favorite Star - Atzin
Groove City - Teenage Dream
Issy feat. David Goncalves-You And Me
Katy B-Broken Record
Lady Gaga-Born This Way (The Remixes Pt.2)
Lynnsha-Besoin De Ton Love
VA-Dance Nation The Hits
VA-Radioplay Dance Express 913D
Deathmachine-Dark Energy They Hunt Us
The Radiocheck-Over-(NFB 042)
Depeche Mode-Martyr-Retail CDS-R
Afrojack-Doing It Right
Alexander Faint
Beats and Groove
Beckwith-The Subway EP
Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go - Cinema
Bingo Players-Lame Brained (Stefano Noferini Remix)
Carra and Rudari Feat Sam Wood-Music in Me
Cristiano Vinvi Feat Dot Comma-Check this Out
Dab Feat Sushy-Wrong and Right
Dada Life-Fight Club Is Closed
Deetron and Ripperton-Depth Frame
D-Unity-Box Shaped Room
H.O.S.H.-Remix Session 07
H.O.S.H.-Remix Session 07
Kevlar Feat Lisa Jane-Sweet Memories The Rain
Koen Groeneveld-Turbulence In 1981
Lamuh Feat Walter Benedetti-I Ride Where I Like
Manuel De La Mare and Luigi Rocca-Ghetto Heaven
Onur Ozman-Helvetica EP
Rio Padice
Roni Be-Vida 024
Steve Marrocco-Africa Sundown
Tom Reason-Two Elements
VA-Silk Way 4
Waxfood-The High Line EP
Zoe Xenia-You Got Me Started EP
Zoo Brazil-Modular EP
The Wellnes Sounds-Feng Sui
VA-Radioplay Urban Express 913Y
VA-The Breaks 15th Anniversary Crystal Edition
Avalon Feat Sinerider-Session Two EP
Major 7-Heavy Doses EP
Major7-Coming Up
The Commercial Hippies-The Retakes 02
VA - Goa Trance Vol. 15
A Balter And Eitan Reiter-Happy Fat Kids Behind Bars
Ambassador Inc - The Downside EP
Da Fresh And Blackfeel Wite-Angel (Remixes)
Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search-Karakter EP
Forward Strategy Group-Network Infrastructure EP
GHL-Slow Good
Lo Traxx
Lo Traxx-DJ Drop That Bomb
Lo Traxx-Get Down To This
Marco Dl
Riccardo Ferri-Supernova EP
Alan Nimmo and Stuart McLellan-Full Frontal
Allende-Cold And Broken
Black N White-Activar EP
DJ TH - Sophie Young
DJ Wad-Children of Exode-(PGR 030)
Garrido And Skehan-Miami At Midnight The Remixes
Garry Heaney
J Khobb-Let Me Take You Summer Eyes